Sunday, January 01, 2012

RPK's nail on Anwar Ibrahim's coffin

New Sunday Times, Jan 1 2012
The response from Anwaristas (a term RPK said he coined back in 98) is diarrhea.

Original posting
Bumped into Mr B, a political operative you might know at Bangsar Vill
age this morning. He had a copy of NST and an array of Tamil newspapers on his table at Starbucks, and I had just bought my NST and Utusan Malaysia from the Grocers'. We ordered coffee and talked about (what else?) the front page story: RPK calling Anwar Ibrahim irrelevant and saying things like "In Malaysia, you can't be a PM and a gay at the same time".

"What's up with RPK, you think they paid him?" Mr B asked me.

I said that's what they (the other "they") had said of RPK when in 2006 he was rendering his services to Dr Mahathir Mohamad when the former PM was being demonized by Kalimullah Hassan and other aides of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. I remember helping Zorro organised a meeting for a group of bloggers with Anwar at his office in PJ late that year. When someone (Big Dog, if I'm not mistaken) asked about his parting of ways with RPK, Anwar nonchalantly spoke of some people who thought he had stashed away tonnes of money after Dr M had sacked him and now that he was out of jail, released by Pak Lah, were hounding him for their share. Go figure what Anwar was trying to say about RPK! But politicians are like that, just before PRU12, Anwar and RPK patched up and the latter left Dr Mahathir to campaign for Pakatan Rakyat in the March 2008 general election.

And now RPK is saying these things about Anwar in BN-friendly newspapers. Under normal circumstances, it would have been an eye-opener but with the judgement of Anwar's sodomy trial due in just over a week, the interview RPK gave and published on the same day by NST, Berita Harian and Utusan Malayia is sensational.

Mr B thought (and I agreed with him) that it was one more nail in Anwar's coffin.

Excerpts from RPK's interview with NST h e r e.
Dan dari Utusan Malaysia di s i n i.


  1. Anonymous5:30 pm

    "Raja Petra stressed that politics in Malaysia needed to move beyond national leaders like Anwar or even PM Datuk Seri Najib Razak and more on structure and ideas."

    Bravo, RPK at his best. That is why I love this man.

    Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.
    Once we address the vital few, the trival many will fix itself.

    I posted above comment above in MI and I got voted down 65.

    "An old man was right when he said
    Many readers of Malaysia-Today and Malaysiakini are a very irrational lot. They just do not want to face up to facts or realities. I notice that each time a comment is made negatively about Anwar or DAP, no matter how valid it is, you sure see BIG MINUSES in the scoreboard!"

    Malaysians are still stuck in 3rd world mentality!

    Confuseus aka Former Bersih 1.0 (which was hijacked by Anuwar and the gang in 2007) Steering Committee.

  2. Anonymous7:39 pm

    The operative word in the interview is "honey trap." Ini bukan perkara baru, menteri Singapore dah sebut awal di Wikileaks. Video China doll sama2 cerita kecuali itu pelakon. Jerat di sediakan, "musang" rela masuk. Orang tidak boleh di perdayakan - muslihat Si Chameleon.

    So this time, no kudos to RPK.

    Termasuk DSAI atau tidak dalam politik Malaysia, yang mustahak adalah negera tanpa korupsi dan makan percuma. Diutamakan harmoni serta muhibbah sama kaum.


  3. Anonymous7:50 pm

    RPK pun nak cari makan juga macam you Rock!

  4. Happy new year Rocky.

    I agree anwar is irrelevant.

    Soldier of fortune RPk IS ALSO IRRELEVANT.

    A corrupt party called Umno is also IRRELEVANT because THE MALAYS TAK CAYA UMNO LAGI.

    I pray that in 2012 GOD will protect my beautiful country called MALAYSIA.

  5. Happy new year Rocky.

    I agree anwar is irrelevant.

    Soldier of fortune RPk IS ALSO IRRELEVANT.

    A corrupt party called Umno is also IRRELEVANT because THE MALAYS TAK CAYA UMNO LAGI.

    I pray that in 2012 GOD will protect my beautiful country called MALAYSIA.

  6. Anonymous8:11 pm

    woi Rocky, chance sudah mari... cepat sikit kasi upload 'Anwar One Night in Bangkok'... abis kali ni Anwar !!! Rocky akan jadi kaya-raya, Rocky the numero-uno in bringing down Anwar Ibrahim forever !!

    hidup Rocky !!

  7. Anonymous8:31 pm


  8. Anonymous8:40 pm

    Mamat SIAL murtad ni jangan dilayan!

    Forever talk cock!!! BN propoganda MEDIA da ibaratkan mamat ni TUHAN!

    Apa dia cakap and predicted semua nya BETUL!!!

    In this instance ANWAR for sure kena JAIL!!

    Tapi yang bestnya MELAYU dengan MELAYU tetap ada DIFFERENCES!


  9. The latesst RPK interview is a coup de grace on:

    1. Anwar's ambition to become PM of Malaysia
    2. PKR, the party that was formed to make Anwar PM even if it means breaking the wall of the prison.

  10. UMNO has gone to a new low! Before they used Anwar look-a-like for the sex video and now, another look-a-like of RPK. We must call that Thai lady to have a look at the video, sure tipu.

    Ini tipu semata-mata! RPK's wife can prove that she was with him when the video was made. Johari Abdul, come on, man..... buat lagi satu video to prove this one is fake.

  11. Rockybru, I beg to differ wit' your post's title, instead more apt: "The nail is on RPK's own coffin!"
    COS this guy has been changing like the weather, you see that in MCLM's sidekick Haris Ibrahim too. First they say the are a 3rd force, not taking part in GE; later they say No, we want to nominate candidates to contest under PR component parties without getting prior sanction from PAS, DAP and PKR.

    To me, the NST has "copulated" the once-esteemed blogger -- I wonder how much is the price? Higher than Yee Mee Foong the crippled who collapsed the PR state government in Perak?

  12. Anonymous11:53 pm

    Send my regards to Mr. B.

    Please tell Bala that he is a scum.

  13. wok leh budu12:16 am

    well the thing is, we have to look at it both ways.... on the one hand we put a microscope on Anwar's sexual activities but conveniently forget najib's?

    have we forgotten port dickson? or the original SD by PI bala where he claimed najib liked to do it backdoor to altantuya ? and this is worse as she was c4ed into the bargain!

    If god were to strike dead parlimatarians with sexual depravities and misconducts i won't be surprised if our parliament will be more than half empty....

  14. Anonymous3:35 am

    hahaha...ade juga lagi org nak dengar ke temberang dia ni?ni mesti dah run out of bekalan kat sana tu,paymaster pun nak kena simpan dah, kena cari punca baru le pulak...
    Lato Locky Mountain Countly Load.

  15. sad sad spectacle of a loser.

  16. Anonymous11:31 am

    Knowing him, he said what the country need is a new & progressive leader but it's ...

    NOT Anwar & neither all the nincompoop from umno.

    And u still read nst ? Old habits huh? Just so so like your idol.. cakap tak serupa bikin... hahaha

  17. TR,

    tepat sekali 'diutamakan harmoni dan muhibah (se)sama kaum'

    tp negara kita semakin relatif kurang harmoni sejak pemecatan DSAI

  18. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Anon 7:50 ;lol betul.

    RPK got major weakness....he is alone in a foreign country. The only time he gets attention is when he makes noise, a controversial one that is.

    He wants to come back. Has RPK done any damage? I dont think so.

    Rosmah, shahrizat etc are news makers and burden to the current administration.

  19. Anonymous1:00 pm

    anon 7.50pm,

    at least rpk makan duit,, ko tu makan taik anwar...

  20. Anonymous3:36 pm

    hmm i can't wait to hear the groans and grunts coming from all PR ass cunts bitches bitching and wailing blaming others for their own shortcomings


  21. Anonymous4:22 pm

    First they spend RM200K to buy over Latuk rocky and now they spend RM20 million to buy over RPK. Rocky is cheap....

  22. Anonymous10:11 pm

    That fler read & apply Sun Tzu & Art of War but all those pro-bn editors & bloggers read & fantasizes about hang tuah & hang li po...

    guess being stupid is not a crime...

    kah! kah! kah!

  23. Anonymous10:15 pm

    rpk rantings & haris exiting mcml... bet the last ringgit who is going to have the last laugh & the loudest.

    one thing for sure... it ain't going be that fat boy.

  24. Anonymous12:01 am

    haiyaa no need RPK to confirm about it .. we already know anwar is an assholes and all PR leader exspecially the corrupt and molest Lim family Dynasty of Dapigs and Anwar family in PKR are bullshit to the core !!!

  25. Badut Nasional11:50 am

    RPK is homesick... fled in a boat and coming home soon on MAS First class!

  26. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Saudara Rocky,

    Saya tidak gembira dengan komen RPK sebab sejauh mana keikhlasannya dalam memberi pendapat tersebut?.

    Memang saya tahu bukan hak kita untuk menilai keikhlasan sesaorang. Tetapi berdasarkan 'sejarahnya' yang membuat saya agak skaptikal dengan kebenaran komennya kali ini.

    Warga Setia

  27. "The nail is on RPK's own coffin" I agree with desiderata.rpk, like ezam, tambichik, chandra belongs to the dustbin of history.Absolutely no credibility at all!What can we say about a coward who ran away from justice after bullshitting about this and that.Also remember his pretension to fast until death!Absolutely no credibility at all!

  28. Anonymous2:27 pm

    There are 3 categories of people here who post their comments on RPK's interview.

    1. Those who never believe RPK ever since he started his blog, on all counts, whether his comments are pro PR/pro Anwar and anti BN or vice versa.

    2. Those who believe everything that he writes pros or contra, and

    3. Those who only believe the good things he writes about PR and Anwar and disbelieve and tear him apart when he writes unfavourable things abou PR and Anwar.

    So,ask yourself, in which category are you ?

  29. Anonymous2:28 pm

    There are 3 categories of people here who post their comments on RPK's interview.

    1. Those who never believe RPK ever since he started his blog, on all counts, whether his comments are pro PR/pro Anwar and anti BN or vice versa.

    2. Those who believe everything that he writes pros or contra, and

    3. Those who only believe the good things he writes about PR and Anwar and disbelieve and tear him apart when he writes unfavourable things abou PR and Anwar.

    So,ask yourself, in which category are you ?

  30. Skilgannon10662:40 pm

    Well, RPK is making his comments from a "safe haven" overseas, whilst Anwar is fighting the "good fight" right here in Malaysia.

    I believe that Dr M did offer Anwar the chance to make a discreet exit and go into political exile overseas when this whole "Buttgate" thingy first cropped up.

    But, apparently, Anwar turned down the Old Man's offer.

    And the rest, as they say, is history......

  31. Menilai apa yg di perkatakan oleh RPK mengenai Anwar ,saya bersetuju dgn nya 100% dan Anwar memang bukan pilihan saya utk menjadi PM.Bagi saya Chua Soi Lek lebih jujur dari Anwar,dan walau pun CSL tidak boleh jadi PM,tapi Anwar boleh jadi pengesat kasut CSL,di situlah sepatutnya tempat Anwar berbanding CSL.

  32. A nail on Anwar's coffin? Rocky, you are such a bad journalist that you are not able to see the situation for what it really is. By far the best analysis of what is happening now is provided by Mahathir's former political secretary, Matthias Chang.

    According to Chang:

    Prior to Raja Petra, there was Ezam Mohd Nor, one-time “loyal supporter” of Anwar. But Anwar survived this fallout and it is Ezam who has now become irrelevant. I believe that Anwar will survive Raja Petra’s attacks and in due course, Raja Petra will also become irrelevant. Raja Petra is a desperate man and we must all be on guard against such a desperado.

    That is why it is so dangerous to assume that this attack by Raja Petra will be the end of Anwar and that this will assist Barisan Nasional to triumph in the next General Election. This would be a gross miscalculation and if Barisan Nasional formulates its strategy on these lines, Prime Minister Najib will definitely be a one-term leader.

    Chang continues, and he is absolutely right here:

    If Sodomy I could not kill Anwar, how can Sodomy II and the other stupid pornographic video bury Anwar? Anwar went to jail after Sodomy I and came out even stronger and more resilient. Even if Raja Petra says that it is Anwar in the said pornographic video, is he an expert? As far as the people are concerned, Sodomy II is another episode of gutter politics. This is the bloody reality! They are fed-up and disgusted with the way this has been used against Anwar.

    I was told once by a political leader that after Sodomy I, the country will not tolerate another sodomy trial against any politician as a means to end his political career.

    Finally, Chang notes:

    In my view, the granting of two full-page of Raja Petra’s propaganda in the New Sunday Times  and the Malay mass-media  is a desperate attempt by Barisan Nasional to deflect the attention from the various scandals afflicting the BN to Anwar’s Sodomy II trial.It will not work. In fact what Raja Petra has done in his interview will only harden the entrenched views of those who are going to vote for the Opposition and push the fence-sitters (who  were hitherto  guarding their wallets and  feeding their stomachs) to the arms of the Opposition. There will be a thousand and one ways to use the Raja Petra issue to inflict pain on the BN and it does not require much imagination.

    Do you know what decent apolitical families are saying? They have been saying and continue to say, “How can these people be so cruel to inflict so much pain on Anwar’s family?”You may well consider this view as being superficial and subjective, but can you rid this perception from the people?

    The full text of Chang's post can be found in his website.

  33. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Has anyone diagnosed RPK for a mental disorder. He seems to have a dual personality.

  34. Why so much to do with this fat slob, half breed. Everyday people with no political affiliations never believed what he said from day one.
    What he said in the interview was nothing new. We knew all along Mr Bontoti is irrelevent. Don't need him to tell us that. Only now he is aware. Haha and he regards himself as King Maker. My foot.
    This guy thinks he is doing Najib a favor. No thanks. Najib don't need you.
    He has slew of advisers who know better. Just carry on fcuking your Chinese wife, living on other people's money and swimming in beer.
    We don't need your beer belly talk. Only people like Din, Zorro, Harris, Malik Imtiaz, Bontoti and their gerombolon believed you. Now they are disillusioned. Padan muka.
    Bring him home and jail him with that Nuar bugger.
    He is such a trouble maker like Anu-war and should never have been born.
    Stop getting his opinion. Let him be syok sendiri on his blog and Malaysia Kini.
    Malaysians don't need his advice on which party we want to lead the country.
    We don't need people who are turn-coats and desperate for money and willing to kill his mother to get it.
    Last time he accused Najib and Rosmah of so many things. And now, penniless, he wants to make amends.
    declare him persona grata.
    Just let him die and rot in hell.

  35. Anonymous8:22 am

    And of course the Anwar lovers will now use the usual and predictable SOP : Turn coat, bought over, Umno behind it and yawn yawn zzzzzzzz.


  36. Anonymous10:17 am

    Rocky where got cheap. The man walks around Bangsar Village with a huge cigar in his mouth.

  37. Anonymous11:57 am

    Thumb up to badul

  38. Whats was done by RPK is to show that, INDIVIDUALISTIC WILL NEVER BE LARGER THAN THE PARTY.

    ANWAR cannot be the only HERO in PR. He is just as another normal political leader. He can never be bigger than the whole picture.

    Like Ferguson said, nobody is bigger than the club.

  39. Anonymous12:39 am


  40. Anonymous10:40 am