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NFC: Finally, KJ can take a breather ...

Read Jai's Between Fidlot and Pakatan Rakyat's Jenglots (living dead)

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Taking the bull by its horns. Ah, so it was a loan and not a grant! Read ".. the bull claims better stop" [NST, 18 Nov]. That is a relevant point and would have changed the way a lot of people perceive the National Feedlot Company. And in this country perception is all important. The truth will always prevail, but only later. Sometimes much later.

Question is, has Salleh Ismail waited too long to respond to be accusations levelled at his wife, YB Shahrizat Jalil, and his children (all 3 kids were brought into NFC to help him run the company)? Some people think so. I am a believer that it's better late than never. Of course the longer you wait the harder it is to convince people.

But now that the NFC has come out to engage its critics head on, the process of establishing be truth can start in earnest. Salleh said the NFC is looking at legal action possibilities against some Rafizi and Saifudin. That is to be expected. We can expect the authorities to start grilling Salleh and the NFC. For example, the decision to use the soft loan to buy those condos. Is it legitimate or does it contravene with the terms and conditions of the loan and the contract? If it contravenes, does it fall under CBT or something more serious?

I'd rather not speculate. The investigation into NFC shouldn't take long. The facts are there, all audited. In fact, it was the Auditor-General who drew our attention to the state of affairs in the NFC. It would be silly to suggest that Najib Razak would try to sweep under the carpet what he, in the first place, allowed to surface in public domain.

p.s As for the title of this posting, it has to be placed on record that YB Khairy Jamaluddin has been at the forefront in defending the NFC, ie Shahrizat and family. There's good and bad to this. On the upside, we see an Umno Youth chief who is willing and able to defend a fellow Umno leader. The downside is, he's turned this completely into a political circus. Some even said he's got vested interest in KFC. On her part, Shahrizat didn't help matters when she told reporters the other day that there were people out to bring down Wanita Umno by taking her down. When the pro-Opposition news portal committed that terrible misreporting (something about her kids deserving the project when what she said was "her family didn't deserve the attacks"), she should have asked for an apology. It would have helped with perception.


  1. Anonymous6:03 pm

    kesian KJ kan, nak kena defend diri sendiri dan rakan2 umno juga. Tapi nasib baik ada dia tolong defend k.ijat...salleh budu baru bangun dari slumber kot....ish dia ni dulu boss teknologi park gak kan??

  2. yang berharap6:07 pm

    eh datuk rocky boleh jadi gerentor tak? saya nak pinjam soft loan dari gomen, dah tua umah sendiri pun tak mampu beli lagi. tolong ya datuk, u ada title mesti senang dapat loan i ;)

  3. Anonymous6:24 pm

    No comment about this gov proj NFL being run as a family business?

    While your comment about LKS running DAP like his family business still ringing in my ears....


  4. Bro Rocky,we should ask Salleh how he can get surplus drawdown and invest in the condo. 12.5% is ok but overseas fund managers can do about 20%pa. But since when did the government ask him to do real estate investment?
    We lost 5 state the public are no longer forgiving like during Dr M era.

  5. Skilgannon10666:51 pm

    Again, the government getting into what should be done by the private sector.

    It is the whole subsidy mentality gone out of control.

    The government has created a monster that it can't control, and, in the process, created a dependency state of mind amongst Malaysians.

    No subsidies and price controls? Sudah habis lah! How to survive?

    What about the old-fashioned way of working hard, reskilling the workforce and increasing productivity, thereby providing a solid foundation for real wage increases instead of mandated government handouts and surprise bonuses?

    What happens when the kitty runs dry (a la Ireland, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy etc)?

  6. Zarul Shahrin7:00 pm

    "Some even said he's got vested interest in KFC"

    KFC or NFC?

  7. Anonymous7:01 pm

    "...For example, the decision to use the soft loan to buy those condos. Is it legitimate or does it contravene with the terms and conditions of the loan and the contract? If it contravenes, does it fall under CBT or something more serious?..."

    if it not contravene with the T&C, the minister and all those high level officers who approved the soft loan should be held accountable for negligence. how come you soft-loaned people's money to a minister's husband on the pretext of cattle rearing but allow him to do anythings with the money??!!

    if buying condo's and rent it out can give you 20% yield, then borrow from bank lah! dont la misuse people money. kalau macam tu aku pun nak bela kambing, buat loan dari gov, then beli rumah. jiran sebelah kanan aku nak bela kucing, nak buat loan dgn gov jugak, duit loan tu dia nak beli ferrari.

    rocky, tak payah lah nak defend this family. last time bela ayam, taik, bagi ikan makan. this time siape yg makan taik lembu tu?

  8. Now I know what happens when bull shit hits the fan.

  9. Anonymous9:15 pm

    Yes LKS ran Singapore like a family business and took the per capita income of the people from S$400.00 in 1966 to S$ 44,000.00 in 2009.

  10. Salam Bro,

    "the first cut is the deepest" and "sorry seems to be the hardest word"

    Well,PM Najib....

  11. Anonymous3:13 am

    and to the all the tax i had paid had gone where exactly?

    there are idiots and there are NFC. the explanation for buying those condos are a farce. how stupid do we all look?

    when you lie, just getting away with it is half the success. always lie and always have the party you are lying to believes you. then, u are a champion. but the NFC are taking the first option.

    and then shahrizat brings in wanita umno. is that matter in your brain the size of a pea?

    i am fed up that the politicians are doing day-light robbery. how do u expect other races to respect the malay when their own leaders are LOOTING and PLUNDERING and getting CAUGHT. if u dont get caught, kudos to you but now you're bringing the malays down with you with negative perceptions and images.

    your 3 kids should just have gotten jobs that paid 1800-2500 shahrizat. just like ME. if results are anything to go by, your 3 kids, your husband have failed. now give me back my money

  12. Anonymous4:44 am

    Alfie: "We lost 5 state the public are no longer forgiving like during Dr M era."

    You hit it on the nail....

  13. Satu lagi projek Najib menghapuskan ekonomi cina, aku rasa, puak DAPigs dah tak boleh tahan, kalau bagi lagi satu penggal kat Najib Tun Razak, memang ekonomi Cina terus dipenggal, satu persatu! ALLAHUAKBAR!

  14. Anonymous7:32 am

    heard rumours that there is a similar scandal involving fisheries and it's directly related to KJ's family... wallahuallam. only time will tell

  15. Anonymous8:03 am

    you must be kidding!!!tak kan go down this low bro!

  16. Anonymous8:25 am

    Rakyat money is Govt money is UMNO money.

    Still don't understand, kah?

    What's the big fuss about?

  17. Anonymous8:40 am

    Dulu jual High Technology Park, lepas tu hampir jual IJN skrg jual lembu pulak....

  18. Anonymous8:43 am

    Laws are meant to be broken.. heheheheh

  19. Anonymous8:51 am

    There is still doubt on the intention of buying the One Menerong condo. Although in biz it is a wise investment, but the "soft loan"from the Government of Malaysia to NFC might restrict the loan for other purposes. SHOULD NFC GOT A "GO AHEAD" FROM THE GOVERNMENT (read Kementerian Kewangan or Khazanah Inc.) before proceeding the purchase of the said condo, the utilisation of the soft loan is considered properly placed.

  20. Anonymous9:24 am

    After all NFC ain't a fodder for the PAKATAN TIGA JAHANAM (DAP, PAS, PKR).

    Sharifah "Bridgit Bardot" Kasmah
    TKC Badge '71

  21. Anonymous9:27 am


    Yes being a Spin Journalist we do expect you to sweep aside the facts and talk about perception...

    Too bad that the guilty party/ties can no longer spin a Yarn over this..

  22. Ellese11:19 am


    We should now focus on selangor subsidiary which is chaired by MB. The AG reported there's hundreds of millions of losses and commented there was no audit and audit committee. AG also said there's no regular board meeting. How come mb can turn a profitable company into losses. Other directors are from state? Just check on AG report on selangor on kdeb.

  23. Anonymous11:29 am

    I am puzzled with the comment made where NFC gets RM57,000 a month in rebates from the developer. What kind of rebate is this? Is it some kind of scheme to get around some restriction where the buyer pays upfront a large amount first so that the maximum loan can be obtained and then the developer refund back the excess funds through rebates? People do that with car loan and housing loan all the time.

  24. Anonymous11:30 am



  25. Anonymous11:36 am

    Anon 9.15pm: Did you miss your medication? LKS is Lim Kit Siang la, idiot!

    Rocky, if we're talking about perception, then to have one whole family running NFC and operating on millions of taxpayer's money is not a good one, IMHO.

    Also, if buying and renting out condos earns it good money, might as well change the company to a real estate-type and use ALL the money to buy properties, before renting/leasing them out.

    No need to handle cow dung, livestock feed, vet services, illnesses, blood & gore...

    - Azlan.

  26. HAHAHA





  27. Anonymous2:00 pm

    Latuk Rocky,

    I pun nak sewakan my rumah pangsa for RM50,000 sebulan.
    GOMEN BN boleh kasi REBATE RM49,500 tak?

    Property Investor

  28. Jasper Bloodstone3:40 pm

    Sheesh...and here am I contemplating buying a condo in One Menerung!

    The attractions of BSC notwithstanding, I may have to rethink my plans.

    And it's not as if I using public funds anyways.

    Back to the NFC imbroglio, just who in the powers-that-be dreamt up this idea of getting involved in the livestock industry?

    Unless it was conceived as a no-brainer way of profiting from a defacto monopoly, using public funds, ostensibly for the benefit of the rakyat.

    But you know what? You can't fool the market or shortchange the workings thereof, no matter how hard you try.

    And there are enough examples of this in Malaysia!

  29. Anonymous4:13 pm

    You talk nuts before.
    Now, you talk bulls.
    I pity you.

  30. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Rocky... why you hated pak lah and his family so much ar ???????????

    what has pak lah done to you ????????

  31. Anonymous9:49 pm

    Legally right, morally wrong.

    This is a loan and it is repayable.

    If NFC defaults in repaying the loans or absconds, then there is reason to shout.

    In the moral sense, jealous sour grapes will simply find reason to shoot.

    So now do you know why a good man does nothing? If Sharizat's husband took the loan and did nothing but gave back the full loan, would PKR have kicked a fuss?


  32. Anonymous12:34 am

    Quote "It would be silly to suggest that Najib Razak would try to sweep under the carpet what he, in the first place, allowed to surface in public domain" unquote.

    Would that mean, there are many coverups, but Najib wanted this particular fiasco to surface?

  33. Anonymous3:36 am

    Keep it up man. Your true colors are so apparent. Your logic is at the level of a 3 year old, but hey, this is Malaysia, so who the fuck cares when you have dumno behind you?

  34. Anonymous10:00 am

    You Said,

    Quote "It would be silly to suggest that Najib Razak would try to sweep under the carpet what he, in the first place, allowed to surface in public domain" unquote.

    You should know by now that PM Najib doesn't know what's coming and going! So, to say that he allowed it to surface is just plain naive...OR Your usual Spin. He doesn't even know what his wife is doing or did!!

    Non Spinner

  35. bukan-salleh-budu12:47 pm

    i think rocky is laughing his balls off. acting like a fucking troll and publishing the irate responses from the idealists.....he got to do the dirty job that make the retarded utusan malaysia looks meek by comparison and i couldn't believe he himself believe the shit he's spinning and hurling to us...this rocky bloke is a clever guy...keep defending the fuckers in UMNO and their cronies and be friendly with rosie and you can keep on buttering your bread bro... some fuckers must do the dirty job for why not you if you can get some thing nice out of it for yourself?

    if there's anything i learn about UMNO...they sure can't produce people like nik aziz...

    but're so bad you need a real good spanking...

  36. Anonymous1:18 pm


    this rocky will more probably spin himself out of getting a spanking,
    he'll be writing about it in his blog

  37. Anonymous1:52 pm

    Buat apa nak kesian KJ? Apa yg berlaku semasa Badullah Badawi jadi PM menyebabkan orang melayu sekarang terpaksa menjadi bangsa yang melukut di tepi gantang kepada orang cina. Si mamat mentah ni berlagak macam dia lah pandai dan akibat nya kita yang merana. Jangan pileh jadi wakil lagi next election!!!

  38. The more Khairy opens his mouth the deeper the hole he digs for anyone he tries to defend!
    If I was Shahrizat and gang the first thing I would do is to tell him to shut the fuck up!

    Bit worried about blogger wanting to spank Rocky... Though I disagree with Rocky the last thing I wanna do is spank him...

  39. hujan panas9:22 pm

    It is look like a lie, talks like a lie,sound like a lie. Chances are, it is a damn lie....

  40. Anonymous2:23 am

    Datuk Rocky

    It baffles me as to why people involved in this cuba menunjukkan seolah2 there's nothing wrong with getting govt's money/ allocation. The money should have been given to perusahaan yang sudah ada dan berdaya maju, bukannya kepada syarikat (yang mungkin) belum wujud, yang pada tahun pertama baru nak belajar macam mana cara beli lembu dari australia! Bila Mohd Salleh kata: "adalah biasa bagi sesebuah syarikat untuk mengalami kerugian pada tahun2 pertama," adakah beliau sedar duit siapa yang digunakannya?

    Orang Sarawak terutamanya di Kuching suka makan corned beef (daging lembu cincang yang diproses dan ditinkan). Sedia untuk dimakan tapi lebih enak kalau digoreng dengan bawang, halia, cili dsb. Masak kari pun sedap, atau dibuat sandwich.

    Sejak kecil, kami makan corned beef berjenama Greatwall dari China, yang ada logo ha-lam alif-lam dalam bulatan. Corned beef Greatwall boleh didapati dengan mudah di mana2 kedai runcit dan supermarket.

    Suatu hari, nak ditakdirkan Tuhan, ketika telah berumur 20-an (sekarang dah hampir 40), saya telah masuk ke sebuah kedai runcit orang Tionghua dan ternampak tin corned beef Greatwall tersusun bersebelahan dengan produk tak halal tapi dari jenama yang sama!

    Saya pulang ke rumah dan memberitahu ahli keluarga mari kita hentikan makan produk ni. Tak lama kemudian, produk tersebut tidak lagi kelihatan di pasaran.

    Bagaikan suatu rahmat, beberapa tahun lepas muncul satu produk corned beef tempatan yang dihasilkan anak sarawak dengan jenama D'Zul. Rasa dan kualitinya memang hebat. Kami yang kini duduk di Semenanjung akan membeli bertin-tin untuk dihadiahkan pada saudara-mara di sini yang rindu lama tak makan corned beef.

    Bagaimanapun, sejak kira2 dua tahun kebelakangan ini, D'Zul tiada lagi di pasaran. Pengeluarnya memberitahu masalah mendapatkan bekalan daging. Daging import dari India, katanya, tidak dibenarkan masuk ke pasaran Sarawak. Kurang jelas apa masalah sebenarnya, kerana daging lembu/kerbau India yang sejuk beku dijual di pasaran terbuka.

    Ironisnya, produk corned beef Greatwall juga telah muncul kembali di pasaran. Harganya amat murah, hanya RM2 lebih, berbanding corned beef dari australia atau brazil yang berharga RM7-RM15 setin. Juga ada tanda halal, walaupun bukan cop rasmi, tapi agaknya kita lebih percaya pada orang putih bila mengatakan sesuatu, jadi pilihan terdekat kalau teringin nak makan corned beef sekarang ialah yang dari barat.

    Jadi, bila terbuka isu NFC ini, timbul di benak saya alangkah baiknya jika peruntukan atau modal itu diberikan kepada pihak yang benar2 terbukti mahir mengendalikannya, bukannya ahli perniagaan yang tak tahu apa nak buat dengan duit berlebihan dan dilaburkan untuk kondo mewah. Sambil berkata, tahun pertama baru belajar nak beli lembu, tahun kedua belajar ternak, tahun ketiga baru mula nak nampak hasil.

    Tak hairanlah isu sebegini jadi senjata mudah/ bola tanggung bagi pembangkang. Apapun penjelasan diberi Shahrizat dan suaminya, tidak ada yang convincing. Tetap nampak tak convincing.

    Lebih2 lagi perkara ini dibangkitkan dalam Laporan Ketua Audit Negara.

    Salah satu prinsip asas auditing berkenaan conflict of interest ialah: bukan setakat ianya tidak berlaku, malah mesti kelihatan (nampak) tidak berlaku.

    Dalam kes NFC, walaupun azalinya mungkin tiada COI, tapi setidaknya ia kelihatan berlaku...


  41. Rakyat11:25 am

    This cowgate fiasco sure redefined the meaning of conflict of interest! Now, a minister's direct family involved in gov projects aren't considered conflict of interest anymore, and neither is any experience nor track record needed when bidding for multi-million RM projects.

    Then agriculture minister Moohyiddin is kinda graciously silent over this whole issue, isn't he?

    And, shouldn't the RM50+k monthly discounts (said to be payable over 2 yrs) on the purchasing price on the condo be deducted from the price, and not counted as rental income?

    According to my not-so-good maths, RM15k monthly rental x 12 months over the final, discounted cost of, say RM5.5m, comes to around 3% per annum of rental returns, which is around the same or even lower than bank FD rate. Yikes!