Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Civil Servants and DAP

Malaysia's civil servants: Bloated, lazy and too big?
"Tony Pua is reeling over his proposal to cut the number of civil servants. He said they were costing the nation too much and he implied that there were too many deadwood among them. [Read Civil Servants, DAP wants to cut your jobs! by Parochial Sarawakian]. If I was a civil servant, I would not feel very civil towards Pua. Who the hell does this greenhorn think he is? But I am not a civil servant. Yet, I still feel upset. I can understand Cuepacs' reaction, why they think Pua was insulting them and that it's a cheap publicity move. Do I think Pua's statement racist, as "chauvinist" Shahrir Samad allegedly made him out to be? Of course not, he is from DAP and everyone but the DAP is racist. The fact remains that the majority of civil servants are Bumiputeras and Melayus, so Pua's grand plan will affect the Samads more than the Puas out there."

I had just finished writing the above paragraph when this young man, a researcher by profession, came by to say hello. We had "met" in cyberspace before but not in real life. I told him what I was writing about. I offered him coffee, which he politely declined, but he offered me his views:

"Our civil service is too big? In the first place, who are we comparing ourselves with? In Singapore, it seems, the civil service does not include the army, the police or even the teachers. If Malaysia is to exclude these professions from its definition of civil service, Malaysia would instantly be left with only 500,000 civil servants. Is that small enough for Pua? If it is, then all we need to do is adjust the definition of civil servants to exclude our policemen and policewomen, our soldiers and our teachers. Most of these 500,000 are support staff. Gaji kecik. The top ones, the ones drawing the big salaries, aren't many. There are only about 50 civil servants who are in the CEO category (but they get nothing like the CEOs in the private sector get, not by far). Unfortunately, mostly Melayus also. Surely YB Tony Pua is sensitive about that."

That was what he said, in a nutshell. Betul ke? Is our civil service really so bloated? Are civil servants in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines (the ones Pua reportedly cited) better and more effective than our civil servants?

I am sure there is always room for improvement, but this applies not only to our civil servants and I am sure Pua will agree with me. Right now, he is reeling.You can tell when he admits (or, rather, claims) that the PM has also made a similar proposal in his Budget 2012 speech tabled last month in Parliament. 
“When Najib says it (measures to cut civil service), everything is good, but when Tony Pua says it, he is a racist,” he quipped. [quoted from Malaysiakini, Is PM anti-Melayu, too?]
Does that mean Pua was admitting to copying Najib Razak's proposal? It sure sounds that way but we alI remember the claim made by Anwar Ibrahim that it Najib Razak had copied the Pakatan Rakyat's shadow budget!

When it stinks/stings, no politician wants to own up. Most will pass the buck.











  2. Anonymous10:29 pm

    just like you ignore the stink from the feedlot too...he he he

  3. Very true indeed,Datuk Rocky. The Malaysian Constitution stipulates public services as:
    (a) the armed forces;
    (b) the judicial and legal service;
    (c) the general public service of the Federation;
    (d) the police force;
    (e) the railway service;
    (f) the joint public services mentioned in Article 133;
    (g) the public service of each State; and
    (h) the education service.
    So, if we minus teachers, armies and policemen (about 800k), then we could assume the number of public services stand at about 500k. In reality, the balance 500k also includes the federal and the state statutory bodies.


  4. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Tony Pua is the idiot that claimed LCS is an OPV.

    That is just one but many examples of how stupid and twisted this over rated PAP trained and groomed new leader of DAP.

    The Chinese newspaper were clamouring him as the genius, wunderboy, and Chinese's Khairy when he announced his entry into DAP.

    All were hiding one fact. This guy was a near bankrupt. His company, not qualified to list in KL, got listed in Singapore and run into losses. It's shares nose dived and had to get Genting to bailed out the duped investors.

    Can everyone stopped giving this wannabee publicity!!!

  5. Anonymous11:10 pm

    UKcivil service is more than 5 million. However their figure is 500,000 because they don't count the army, the NHS, the teachers and local government staff. If you count all those it's much higher. We have a comprehensive health care system, and free education and these sectors together with the army make up the bulk of the people considered as civil servants. It's silly to just look at numbers while no knowing what they are counting. Countries at different stages of development have different requirements depending on the level of services it provides.

    A Malaysian civil servant and proud of it

  6. Pua and the DAP are chauvinists through and through, lets face it, they think they can run this blessed country better than the Malays can.

    They will attack and continue to attack any Malay dominated institutions at any opportunity that presents its self.

    That is the nature of the beast in DAP.

  7. Anonymous12:02 am

    You are not a civil servant ? Oh dear, we have been victimising you by mistake.


  8. The idea was mooted in the early 2000 by the people in power then, from your own race!

    They had been meaning to trim the size but failed. Non-marketables graduates were a headache but they had to accommodate them in the various sectors on contract basis. That was the beginning.

    You should rethink about Tony, but one thing for sure, Tony did his homework well.

  9. Charles F Moreira1:50 am

    I understand this Pua guy is a neo-liberal, and this statement if his tends to confirm it.

    The DAP used to portray itself as a party for the workers and small people. Well that was in the days of Dr. V David.

    Now it has become neo-liberal after it brought in yuppies like Pua.

  10. tanstaafl2:15 am

    I tried checking Singapore's Public Service site @ and it looks like it DOES include police, civil defence, etc etc. However, it is unclear whether those on National Service are fall under the category of Public Service personnel.

    Could you get clarification from your source on this?

  11. Halas8:19 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Just to share with you news in The Star today about KJ's good friend, Ahmad Zaki Zahid and his good friends are now Board of Directors of Kulim and D Realty. Are they on their way of taking over Johor Corp? What about the 28-year old young ciku, Wan MF (MF as Mother Fucker?) who is also the special officer to MB Johor with no business experience now sitting as BOD of the two Johor Corp's subsidiaries?

    Young blood for Kulim and DRealty boards - The Star (10 Nov 2011)

    PETALING JAYA: Two companies in Johor Corp's (JCorp) stable Kulim (M) Bhd and Damansara Realty Bhd (DRealty) saw the entry of fresh faces on their boards, with Kulim adding four new directors and DRealty, three.

    Three of Kulim's new directors have also been appointed to DRealty board. Plantation giant Kulim's new executive director is Datuk Ahmad Zaki Zahid, 44, the former executive director of Malaysian Resources Corp Bhd who left the property group in October.

    Zaki has had stints at Booz Allen Hamilton and the Securities Commission and was once the special assistant to then prime minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Zaki is now also DRealty managing director.

    Another new face to the board is non-independent and non-executive director Wan Mohd Firdaus Wan Mohd Fuaad, 28, who is currently the special officer to Mentri Besar of Johor.

    The other two appointed to Kulim board are independent and non-executive directors Edward Leung Kok Keong, 44, and Natasha Kamaluddin, 39. Natasha, a management consultant stalwart and current partner and director of Ethos & Co, is the only one of Kulim's four new directors not appointed to DRealty board.

    Leung holds two other directorships in Tebrau Teguh Bhd and ACE Market-listed Asia Bioenergy Technologies Bhd and is a chartered accountant.

    All four board members are relatively young. Insiders said part of the rationale for bringing in the new board members is for them to provide new perspectives and ideas on how to restructure the companies under JCorp.

    State-owned JCorp is an asset-rich and diversified group but is saddled with mounting debt problems. By mid-next year, it will have to settle up to RM3.6bil of its debt obligations. The group has been mulling a number of options on how to use its vast asset base to solve this problem, resulting in the recent sale of oil palm estates and mills to its 53% subsidiary, Kulim, for RM700mil.

    Listed companies under JCorp include New Britain Palm Oil Ltd, QSR Brands Bhd and KFC Holdings (M) Bhd.

  12. Skilgannon10669:17 am

    I am curious. Just how does your young friend know who is included in the Singapore civil service and who is not? Can he provide the relevant figures?

    In any case, as you are well aware, the Singapore Armed Forces are made up of a small number of "regulars", with the bulk of the manpower coming from the ranks of the "operationally-ready" National Servicemen. They are treated separately, with a separate budget under the Ministry of Defence, and are not part of the Singapore civil service.

    And it is invidious to say that the great majority of the Ministry Sec-Gens in Malaysia are Malays, as their Permanent Sec counterparts in Singapore are Chinese! There is chapter and verse behind how this transpired, as you are well aware.

  13. Anonymous10:03 am

    THank You PM Haji Najib for the pay raise to the civil servants!Bravo Haji NajibPrime Minister of Malaysia!


  14. Anonymous12:05 pm

    Tony and Nurul are going round town creating problems, what good are they doing for their constituency or the country?
    By cutting down the civil service, there'll be more jobless people around, what are they going to do about it, wonder if the 'bankrupt pea brain' has ever thought about it

  15. Taxpayer12:35 pm

    Last time(before privatisation of public utilities companies like LLN,JBA,Sewage services,etc),these employees are considered civil servants.The privatisation process was meant to reduce the burden of the govt and indirectly reduced the number of civil servants.
    But after privatisation,we saw the huge increase in the civil servants.So what got you to say about this,Mr.Rocky Bru?

  16. WOW let see if any of tp supporter can actually came out with a figure saying that malaysian civil to many compared to others country..

    Please do came out with fact not "oh i think so"

    P/S:when do comparison please make sure you double up or minus up the ratio with malaysian, dont go compare tiny island with big island of course you got large different..come on tp you can do better then this...

  17. Anonymous1:55 pm

    hi rocky,

    forget all these politicians and their vested interest. Today is a sad day when you read in the press the state of the national airline. The last time MAS did well was when the people from the airline were managing the airline.

    Today you have a CEO and a deputy that are not airline people trying to make sense of an industry that they are ill equiped to handle. The CEO is a power man who did well, the deputy CEO is at best a good student at cambridge and ICAEW, come on are we now complete morons, how come we are thinking of rationalisation of KUL/DXB and EK is increasing frequancy and commencing service with the 380. Either we do not know what we are doing or they are so foolish and wasting money.

    Need to come to terms with the fact that we can do things in the closed economic environment of Malaysia, in the international landscape, tak jadi. A consequence of the subsidy philosophy.

    Ok jumpa di Gari.
    time to sleep in the afternoon and hope that when i awake it was all a bad dream. My poor Malaysia.

  18. Anonymous2:23 pm

    Ask that bugger Tony Pua live here in Thailand and deal with the public offices, then he'll know how efficient Malaysia public sectors are .. But if he come here in Thailand for a night to do XXXXXX then he will get the impression that public services here are great !! Fu****ing idiot Chink !!

  19. Anonymous5:48 pm

    where is the COW's Rocky ??

  20. Skilgannon10666:25 pm

    PM says Malaysia must be more ccmpetitive globally.

    So, how, civil servants?

    Competitive or not?

    Can we have less of the "dalam meeting", "pergi minum" and "fail belum proses" syndrome, please?

    And my all-time favourite - "nombor sudah habis. Datang esok".

  21. Dato roacky i am really sick why a person like you cannot come to terms of having a healthy partisan development to our nation. We love Malaysia, both bn and pr also the same. You have to admit there are merits to tony's call. But you chose to just attack attack. So is it that everything that comes from the opposition is filthy and silly and everything thst comes from your darling najip and bn smells like roses? Why is it that all that guan eng does has to be attacked in all angles? You really have to admit that this chap guan eng is really doing a good job in Penang. But why cant you? Guan eng has not done any good? No?Why so biased? Why cant we have constructive discourse in nation building?

  22. Anonymous7:54 pm


    If we tolerated these nonsense from DAP, I am certain one day they will say muslims can no be allowed to take paid leave to go for hajj, as it will affect productivity.

    This is already happening in the private sector which "they" controlled.

  23. Anonymous10:04 pm

    DAP, they complain of Army/Police/ civil staff siding with BN, but when they have any opportunity, they will demonise, humiliate the army, police and other civil servant. Later, they expect civil servant to favor them. If I am a civil servant, the choice is obvious.

  24. Anonymous12:56 am

    no need to cut the size, just replace the dead woods, the corrupted, the inefficient, the unethical and the bad apples regardless of races.
    oop! i guess half of those must be replaced starting from the head of the government.


  25. Anonymous5:06 am

    its becoming harder and harder for u to defend ur masters! poodah

  26. the meleis10:41 am

    The problem with Pakatan Rakyat leaders is they just don't have the capacity to do any research or to verify their fact before they said anything.

    Just look at Mat Sabu :

    Talking cock about praising Mat Indera and devilized the Police.

    This fellas don't know what they talked about...

    Even this Tony Pua racists bastard made 2 major blunders.

    and what is more fascinating,these Fuckatan Riot leaders will quickly deny they say such thing.

    "baling batu,sembunyi tangan"

    these are what these Fuckatan leaders is all about.

  27. Anonymous10:58 am

    Apek2 Aney2 apa susah, tak cukup tenaga kerja,guna PATI.These people employ and pay the PATIs, (traditional ways)..

    Ask Tony fella to go to the ladang2, construction sites, pasar borong, kedai2 makan,or even working in their homes,I amsure most of PATI are working for them.

    Many don't know BM, all direct import from their motherland.

  28. tony pua is just another puppet to brew trouble. in trying to control the sheeps, one must make them fight one another with stupid issues as once they fight, it is easier to come in and exact power. sovereign nations are a thing of the past. tony pua stinks is a vehicle for his masters to come in.

    now guess who wrote that sheep part?

  29. trifling-jester1:42 pm

    is tony pua crazy? if we fire the deadwoods, whos gonna put a roof over their heads? you think these people are gonna survive a day in the real world? stupid pua. does he know how long it took for us to create a pseudo-welfare state by guising monthly payments as 'jobs' these jokers supposedly do

  30. Anonymous2:21 pm

    this kind of story created by tony pua began when he attended "ke mana perginya wang titik peluh kita? beranikan diri untuk bentangkan bajet 2012"

    The seminar held by the DAP also attended Teo Nie Ching and some guys from the party. This news was reported by SinChew Daily News.

    Why was the story only covered by the chinese newspapers? Can't find the same heading in other newspapers, at that time.

    So, those guys from DAP think that all their money goes to the civil servants that are not efficient? Bodoh punya orang! Government also use the money to develop the economy, infrastructure, etc. Never the less, these government servants also pay income tax. No exceptions!

    Not only the DAP guys are stupid, they also, like you said, are so damn racist!

  31. Anonymous4:00 pm

    We should also read Lim Mun Fah, why do we need so many civil servants in Malaysia? From Malayisian Insider....To better appreciate a balance view. Don't we all agreed?

  32. Jasper Bloodstone12:53 pm

    Anon 2:21 PM must be inferiority-complex bound in his paranoia about "racist" attitudes.

    That reeks of hypocrisy, especially from someone, who with his fellow-travellers, has an unholy fondness for playing the "pendatang" card.

    As a citizen and a taxpayer, I have the right to criticise the civil service any fricking way I please! These people think themselves either immune or exempt from criticism, aided and abetted by their unions (who display the ostrich head-in-the-sand syndrome) and their political masters who are si-fus in cynical manipulations.

  33. Anonymous10:53 am

    how about this now?