Monday, November 07, 2011

A new party again, Ku?

It's been brewing for some time, talk that Ku Li would leave Umno and lead - once again - a political entity that could give him one final shot at the very elusive premiership of the country. Blogger Apanama thinks this is going to happen tomorrow, at a press conference the Kelantan prince has called. If this turns to be true, the run-up to the 13th general election will be even more interesting. Ku Li has been very open about his ambitions even though he is way past 70 and his peak. Pakatan Rakyat is also said to be looking at Ku Li to lead the coalitiom in the event Anwar Ibrahim has to go to jail for his sodomy charges.

Let's wait. Meantime, check out Apanaama's posting Finally Ku Li?


Anonymous said...

Ku Li says "Enough is enough". The rakyat says "Enough is enough". Only UMNO says "We still don't have enough".


Anonymous said...

Ku Li will win his Gua Musang parliamentary constituency under whatever ticket hands down. Whether he can get a shot at the premier post is another question. But one shouldn't question his age because there are those in the top hierarchy in UMNO/BN are still in their adolescent stage - yet to grow up.

Anonymous said...

As long as najib is kicked out and it's ok for me.

Anonymous said...

Ku Li tolong jangan ambik hati ya..

Malaysia truly need a young leader, internet 15years only, technology going so fast, our generation dah technology savy.. we need to move forward.. not backward please!

Please step aside for the new generation to lead their country, the future is theirs..


Bedul said...

Too little, too late. But I wish him the best in his last foray to be PM.
I guess Sakmongkol and side-kick Aspan Alias will be in his team.
What I fear his entry will cut the BN votes, thus giving PKR the edge.
If he can trounce PKR I am in full support.

Anonymous said...

when ku li is younger they say he is too ambitious now they are saying he is too old...mahathir retired at 80 and many others can contribute at theit 70's with humility and honesty ...kuli can contribute a good 10 years if given a chance....

Anonymous said...

the more the merrier...ku li has contributed in his early days, only mahathir exclude him, pak lah and najib also exclude ku li , so what is wrong if he want to do it his own way...this is democracy

Anonymous said...

Bodoh la Ku Li kalau dIa buat benda ni.dah penghujung dah perjalanan politik dia.sepatut nya fikir camana nak tinggalkan politik gracefully so that people will remember you well.jgn jadi mcm kitol or tun dol.kesian.

jebat said...

Salam dato' rocky,

Syabasy ku li. Cuma hati-hati jangan salah langkah !!

Malaysia perlukan pemimpin yang baersih dan kelihatan bersih !!

Pemimpih yg berjiwa rakyat dan menjaga kepentingan rakyat !!

Pemimpian yang tidak memilih kroninya sahaja.

Berjuanglah hingga ke akhir hayat
Muga berjaya !!!!

Anonymous said...

what is strange is that when royalty goes into politics, we can call him/her stupid and no one will take action, but if he/she doesnt, and remains part of the royal family, and if we call them stupid, ppl get angry.....funny Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

its democracy let see who can brings benefits to the rakyat as the whole. DS Najib?BN --- only good at spending our money in the wrong way.

Anyone canoffer himself as a leader? With Allah willing, Ku Li can be the saviour.

Anonymous said...

kubur dah panggil...baru nak terhegeh2 ..buat preparation menghadap Tuhan lagi bagus lah Ku Li...good for you...good for everybody...besides...what else can you offer to the young generation Boss??

drMpower said...

this is one hell of a card
but whose card it is still we dont know
it could be pkr's or it could be ku li himself but i guess ku li, if this venture turns out to be a successful one, will only gain less

he is not going to live forever. of course by adat i meant. because God's Power no one knows

malaysia needs younger, more dynamic leaders. ku li isnt in any category of that.

CHI8 said...




Anonymous said...

It is better to let KuLI lead the PR in stead of Anwar. BN is not a good choice anymore especially the UMNO when you see how they waste the rakyat money like water to fatten their own wallet. UMNo is beyond repair and they need to be booted out for at least one term for the cleansing process. MCA, MIC and GERAKAN are all irrelevant anymore beside being the dog for UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Confederate State of Gua the Kingdom of Blind, One Eye Jack is the King.....

Pak Su Lah Menguap
Kg. Padang Lemput

CHI8 said...




kutupariah said...

Yo bro,

U aware of the ethnic cleansing in The Malay Mail? The new paper lay out sucks.

maae said...

He..he..Ku Li kata dah...masih lagi setia dengan Umno. Tak payah parti baru, kalau tidak lama dah...dia tubuhkan parti sendiri...

Puak yang suka sangat kencing begitu teruja sekali nampak nya.

Ini kata Ku Li yang di kutip dalam berita ye....

Anonymous said...

Fixed retirement age is only for civil servants, a concept too alien for politicians. They call it quits only when god pulls the plug.

Ku Li will do a disservice to other politicians, young and geriatric, if he decides to throw in the towel before the grim reaper comes a-calling.

Any politician who doesn't aspire to scale the summit of political mountains is a person not worthy to be called politicians.

His being 70+ and still creating waves without making much noise speaks volume of the man.

Is there any point to being active in politics only to become divisionaal heads, ketua ranting or party vee-pees?

Anonymous said...

The wisdom of the political mind does not exist anymore within his thinking.Can the next generation internet shares his vision toward the harmony of the nation?


Anonymous said...

Hey Godfather, we have enough of people like you. Ku Li is not leaving. Why dont you leave? LEAVE THIS COUNTRY FOR GOOD.

Jasper Bloodstone said...

Alamak, amboi - this Perwira dude is making like what's-his-name Zuckerberg! Tokking about Internet some more!

By his criteria, KJ, Tony Pua or Nurul Izzah could be the standard bearers for the new-gen tech-savvy politicians that the country needs.

Unlike, say that Ali Rustam guy in Malacca who appears to have thrown in his lot with the anti-gay and lesbian witch hunters. Not cool, abang!

But, then, Zuckerberg is a billionaire. No need for him to go rent-seeking or seeking handouts!

Let's hear it for Harvard dropouts!

Only in the good ole US of A...

VERTIGO said...







Anonymous said...

Ku Li, why not you retire gracefully? Your prime years has passed. I believe your Amanah NGO is a precurser to converting Amanah political party. You are now testing water on your popularity with Amanah. I believe , you could be joining Pakatan Rakyat by bringing Amanah members either as NGO or as a new political party.

Ku Li, you are going to weaken the Malays further by splitting their votes.

Ku Li, don't you have any LOVE for the Malays?

bru said...

Dear Chi8,

National Feelot project? Will come to that, Chi8. So many contradicting numbers and versions, not just between the Minister and the Auditor General but also among the detractors.

I am a believer that we should investigate, establish the truth, separate the fallacies from the facts, and then report or comment.

Just as in the case of the A$60,000 shopping spree that wasn't, there is just too much noise. Rafizi is trying to score political points for himself but is shooting his foot in the process, too.

If I have something to add, I will do a posting on this issue.

In the meantime, we should congratulate the Auditor-General for its cold report. (I say "cold" because that's how all my auditors look at things; they don't give a damn about the nitty-grritty or nuances of the business of spending).

And syabas to Najib's government for not at all trying to sweep these reports under the carpet.

If it's Khalid Ibrahim's government, sure gag order one ...

Skilgannon1066 said...


"nuances of the business of spending".....?

That's a careful (or careless) choice of words from a wordsmith like you.

Just what "nuances" are you talking about here?

Or are you even implying that government spending should be totally transparent, on the straight and narrow and totally above reproach, with clearly defined goals and objectives?

Wah, lau - that's going one better than the redoubtable LKY!

Back to Ku Li's Amanah NGO, why does he feel that the space for honest dissent within Umno has constricted to that significant an extent?

Could it be that the conservatives and ultra-rightists in the party are throwing their weight around, aided and abetted by the NGOs we all know about?

After all, Ku Li is not exactly a persona grata with these NGOs, is he?

Chi8 said...

Sorry typo, it's feedlot.

And yes, the auditor general is my favourite guy in the civil service. Thankless job to some, but invaluable service to this country to me.

Anonymous said...

"Hey Godfather, we have enough of people like you. Ku Li is not leaving. Why dont you leave? LEAVE THIS COUNTRY FOR GOOD."

Anon 10:58 AM

Why should I leave the country ? So that you and your UMNO friends can steal the country blind ? Nah, we are watching......

Anonymous said...

They are using Ku Li to create an illusionary situation of a crack within UMNO

especially in namewee's video

Ku Li will not leave UMNO

Anonymous said...


lky should just retire gracefully

cant even walk steadily - sign from god to exit lah

Skilgannon1066 said...

Anon 8:03 AM

LKY has sensory peripheral neuropathy.

Hasn't affected the quality of his thought processes, though.

Younger Malaysian politicians don't seem to have any thought processes - simply gasak and hope for the best. Applies to both the BN and the Oppo!

Oh, by the way, Rocky - Dubya (aka George W.) is visiting Singapore currently. What was that again that you recently posted about him?