Monday, October 17, 2011

Wassup with Guan Eng?

I've taken the following excerpts from Malaysiakini. Lim Guan Eng, I'm sure, won's sue Malaysiakini, so he can't sue me without suing Malaysiakini. The Penang Chief Minister is challenging Umno to publish the "VVIP molester son" story in "Umno's papers" and the same time threatening to sue Umno if it does that. Why doesn't Guan Eng just flatly deny it, just like he denied speaking ill of Johor recently? Why the drama and the threats? After all, the blog that "broke" the story didn't even name anyone. Doesn't Guan Eng realize that his antics are making people wonder? - Bru

Courtesy of Malaysiakini, which is not the official mouthpiece of DAP: 
Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has declined to answer allegations in pro-Umno blogs that a VVIP's son was involved in a case of outraging the modesty of his female schoolmate. 
Lim, who is DAP national secretary-general, has challenged Umno instead to publish the allegations in “their newspapers”. 
“Let Umno publish the news first, then you will see what I will do,” said Lim during a press conference in Penang today. 
“What happens now is they make allegations, then I reply (baling batu, sembunyi tangan). Why should I reply to them every time?” he asked. 
Lim said he has better things to do then to reply to each and every allegation or speculation against him. 
Earlier, when contacted, Lim's wife, Betty Chew, also declined to comment, saying, “Please ask CM about it”. 
The Penang media fraternity was abuzz today with news of a VVIP's son who has allegedly been caught for alleged sexual harassment of a female schoolmate. 
The unsubstantiated allegations are going viral among pro-Umno bloggers, and that the identity of the VVIP has been speculated to be that of Lim. 
It was claimed that his 16-year-old son had been recently transferred from a Chinese school, Heng Ee, to the well-known St Xavier's Institution recently due to alleged disciplinary problems. 
However, the school has denied the allegation, saying there was no truth in the rumours. 
The issue was first higlighted in a pro-Umno blog where the blogger Dr MiM - who blogs at novandri.blogspot - said that many had already speculated about the identity of the boy. 
He added that pro-opposition bloggers are “biting their fingers” because the VVIP is not from BN but from “their own species”. 
“If you are wondering who is this VVIP from Penang - he knows calculation and mathematics that he is able to calculate (set a price) at RM100,000 for each breast groped by his son?” quipped the blogger. 
'Transfer carried out according to procedure' 
Meanwhile, a source from Heng Ee school said Lim's son had indeed been transferred to another school but that the process was carried out according to proper procedure. 
He denied allegations that the boy was moved to St Xavier's Institution due to disciplinary problems, as alleged. 
“He was a prefect and has done quite well in the academic field. We did not want him to leave. Even his parents did not want him to leave but he preferred to study in another school,” said the reliable source, who requested anonymity. 
The source said he was quite surprised to hear about the allegations in the blog. 
The blog has published a photo of the girl, but the source denied that it was the individual allegedly involved.

p.s. Guan Eng hasn't been having a good week. Recently, in Segamat, they told him to "berambus" ...


  1. Anonymous9:48 pm

    Who is 'lempar baling batu sembunyi tangan' all this while mr LGE?that's what 'karma'is all about!!Mana mau lari..HAHAHA...!!!


  2. BatuApi9:58 pm


    DAP supporters tak percaya. They are convinced the pro-Umno bloggers are lying.

    They want proof -- when it suits them.

    A bunch of blind supporters.


  3. 1. Lets see now, "He was a prefect and has done quite well in the academic field. We did not want him to leave. Even his parents did not want him to leave but he preferred to study in another school,” said the reliable source, who requested anonymity"

    So what exactly made this almost perfect, prefect student leave the school. Very fishy story this, and everyone knows that a fish rots from the head.

    2. I can only assume that this does not involve any BN VVIP's son or else all hell will break loose from the Pakatan Camp.

    The story that broke from DrMiM's blog smacks of sexual harassment, corruption, and abuse of power to cover up a wrong doing. I hope somebody with evidence make a police report and let the police investigate no need to go to the "UMNO" papers.

  4. drMpower11:11 pm

    why can he and betty say NO?




    LA' (arabic)

    instead he was threatening about suing this and that. what for to sue umno?

    the answer by betty made this whole episode more intriguing. why cant she just say NO?

    now this u want as a leader?

    forget it.

  5. Anonymous11:13 pm

    do police report lorrrr...let the police siasat.

    if police siasat susah mau 'pakat2' cover line.

    must report to MACC also maaa. ada rm200'000 involved


    -markus lim-

  6. Hah padan muka kau Guan Eng. Tahu langit tinggi rendah.
    Dulu asyik kondemn Rahim Thamby Chik sebagai molestor.
    Sekarang anak kau pulak terlibat. Tulah orang Melayu lama cakap terbalik hantu kera.
    Wah syoklah ini cerita. Your family is not so perfect after all Mr fake straight.
    Of course la that old flip-flop no principle Din Merican will ignore the story.

  7. Anonymous2:09 am


    Attack LGE for Johor crime rate remark: Failed

    Attack LGE for apparent Han Chiang College speech: Failed

    Next, accuse LGE of paying 200k hush money... also fail

    no wonder Utusan, NST, Malay Mail in so bad shape. Now i hear the latter wants to buy news from Mkini instead of using their own reporters.

  8. Anonymous3:58 am

    put it in the newspaper...BERANI KERANA BENAR!!!

  9. Anonymous6:46 am

    Monsterball Lau ren,

    Tu laaa, I kept reminding you to watch your words, being so old yet keep on exciting vulgarities, even teenagers merely 16 to ramas?

    And Namewee... F@#k here and there ebeliwear tak lekang dek sebutan siap with middle finger..

    Eli Wong kangkang and became sensational on international websites..

    he hehe hehehe

    Now who to blame wan like this, VVVIP kids sum more!

  10. If it is true so what? It is happening to other VVVVIPs' families, nobody says anything. So why pinpoint LGE.

  11. Anonymous7:23 am


    boleh percaya ke apek ni?

    last time dia cakap tak cakap apa-ape pasal Johor di Singapura..

    tapi dia kantoi big time bila ada pulak audio recording..

    saya dah anggap beliau "a big liar"

  12. Anonymous8:11 am

    LGE did the right thing for not responding to cheap umno blogger. umno bloggers are well known for their skill of spreading lies and slanders. Why is unmo so scared of putting it up in their utuseks, better still tv 3 suku. Let the entire nation know and another thing, don't used vvip...say it loud and clear LGE. What are you afraid moron!

  13. they don't ask any proves regarding najib and altantuya...

    what is it with pakatan supporter, really.. dumb? idiot?

  14. Anonymous8:26 am

    Hiding behind the skirts of Malaysiakini!!!! My, my, this is so unlike the Bru I know. Wassup with Bru? No ba**s!!!! Mentionlah LGE's name and see what happens next. Maybe LGE won't go after you-not much money to take from you to cover election expenses. See the main stream are quiet, esp. U*****.

  15. Anonymous8:41 am


    I think the main issue here is that its not the disciplinary problem faced by VVIP son. But, the allegation made that RM200k been paid to keep the girl's mouth shut. IF its true, then SPRM should come in to investigate. Malaysiakini do not highlight the payment made (mention of 100k), instead just brush this off as another student disciplinary problem.

  16. Anonymous9:25 am

    If it is true,why don't YOU publish the allegation in full? Surely you are not afraid if the allegation is true?

  17. Skilgannon10669:40 am

    So, children of politicians are fair game now?

    Bladdy sickening!

    Makes me wonder how these people can face themselves and their consciences every morning?

    Oh, wait - they don't have consciences.


  18. Special Brew9:53 am

    Rocky Bru,you no need to fan the fire.Since it was reported already and the school has denied it,so there is no need to bring up this issue again.
    The pro-UMNO brogger has some agenda behind and LGE knows about it but he will not indulge with this blogger but rather he will wait for Utusan(which you know its UMNO mouthpiece),a MSM which hides behind the power and which spreads lies and contributes nothing to racial harmony.
    So Rocky bru,be reasonable!

  19. Anonymous11:09 am

    the story start off as early as this may and claimed that VVIP is BN / UMNO.
    weirdly it turns around to DAP. I guess Nik Aziz mintak bala pada BN has not been favorable with god.
    Khalifah Umar Guang Eng, my ass!!

    since steve jobs (apple) and Denis Ritchie (Unix founder) have been called up by god, maybe nik aziz has to write a simple
    programme when talking to god.

  20. Anonymous11:10 am

    Rocky , you have an agenda to destroy someone? First it was Anwar, now LGE?
    When Pakatan is in power wonder what will you do? Someone is going to make up some stories about you and thats when the fireworks starts....perhaps you will do a Rais Yatim to prove you are innocent!
    Wonder what happen to that Rais case you were dead against him over a "RAPE" you twisted? They said you went on your knees crying like a babe from being sued? Was it true.?.
    Careful you will have to eat humble pie one of these days!

  21. "Earlier, when contacted, Lim's wife, Betty Chew, also declined to comment, saying, “Please ask CM about it”."

    Ask CM!!! ???? Wow!!! Betty dah confirmkan this is a State matter not family matter.

    (Bini aku selalu sebut "Tanyalah Abah dia" kalu ada apa apa isu anak anak aku, tak penah dia sebut "Tanyalah Credit Controller DTT S/B tu" hehehehe)

  22. Anonymous1:49 pm

    'A moment of pleasure - a lifetime of regret'

    Tourists are reminded they can be jailed, fined and caned for little more than touching a woman’s thigh in an inappropriate way, under a heavily publicized ‘One Moment of Pleasure – A Lifetime of Regret’ Singapore government campaign.

    Apek Lim should have also warned the Singaporeans during his last visit;

    "Go to penang, be careful, a boy as young as 16yrs old may any moment appear and squeeze your boobs!"

  23. Anonymous1:57 pm

    Of course the pro-UMNO bloggers are lying. One kid being transferred from a school to another is worthy news ? If there's evidence, charge the kid. I'm sure the pro-UMNO police and the pro-UMNO AG's Chambers won't delay in charging the kid if the kid belongs to a Pakatan leader.

    What's the earth-shattering news, Latuk ? Say something of national interest, like Auditor-General Report being censored....or Felda being raped over and over again.


  24. Anonymous2:24 pm

    Great men talk about ideas, lousy idiots talk about people?

  25. Anonymous2:28 pm

    Wassup with UMNO, dude ? Scared of your own shadows ?

  26. Anonymous2:46 pm

    Only raba by small boy and become big news. That also not substantiated yet.

    What about raba-raba by those famous MPs and ADUNs who are very big boys?

    What aabout kes rogol gadis bawah umur?

    Go to any karaoke and see lots of adults all raba-raba freely. Don't be surprise they include the blogger himself.

  27. Anonymous3:00 pm

    Rockybru, lu ni banyak jahat, budak pon tak mahu kasi lepas !!

    Kalau berani jantan dengan jantan sama LGE !!

  28. Anonymous4:45 pm

    U r a dog shit rocky for your innuendoes on LGE. Shame on u arsehole!!!!





  30. BATUAPI.





  31. “He was a prefect and has done quite well in the academic field. We did not want him to leave. Even his parents did not want him to leave but he preferred to study in another school,” said the reliable source, who requested anonymity.


  32. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Show the proof first la oi. Mana bukti, mana statement dr budak perempuan tu.

    Ni baru nama dia penfitnah. Tak takut dengan tuhan ke? Haish rasa jijik baca blog ni.

    Dia da flatout denied da. So mcm mana?

    Inilah manusia yg hanya pikir nak jatuhkan orang saja. Ingat pada Karma.

  33. CHI and other Anons,

    I am citing the Malaysiakini report because I did not find any of the so-called Umno papers using the story about the VVIP's molesting son. Why Lim Guan Eng decided to think that the VVIP was him was beyond me, and the fact that Malaysiakini was very eager to defend him where nobody (expect some blogs) was accusing him of anything, made me wonder. THere is a saying in Malay, siapa makan cili dialah rasa pedasnya, and I am not sure if this is the case. As a Johor-born Melakan, I am sure the Penang chief minister loves cili.

    I agree with Anon who said that the question also is if RM200k was paid to keep the alleged matter queit.

    If so, the relevant authorities should come in. Even if the VVIP is the Penang Chief Minister!!

    I also am curious, as one commenter is, as to why the Malaysiakini quoted Betty, Lim Guan Eng's wife, at all. The portal has succeeded in making her look/sound silly, indeed.

    "Please ask CM about it" will make one of the Quotable Quotes of the Year. Amir Muhammad should include the line in his next book!

  34. And CHI,

    next time I see you, i will say one word before you can even offer your hand to shake mine.
    And the word is ...


  35. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Dog And Pig

  36. Anonymous7:20 pm

    CHINA - In 1981 the number of offenses carrying a possible death penalty was increased to include theft, bribery, embezzlement, molesting women, gang fighting, drug trafficking, pimping, and teaching criminal methods.

    Wow... molest women also get death penalty...

    This case is SURE going to be very HOT in China!


  37. Anonymous7:28 pm

    You hate Guan Eng so much. Your post at 5.15pm smacks of lies. You say Guan Eng's name is not mentioned. Yet he was asked about it point blank. His wife was also asked about it. Your title for this post mentioned his name. All these took place before he came out with a statement.
    Rocky, are you alright? Be true to yourself or you are 'bru'ed.

  38. Anonymous7:49 pm

    poor Rocky, u must have had a poor upbringing until u need to get wet when talking abt the opposition. Can't blame u as u were produced as the outcome of an incestous relationship juz like yr kind in Malaysia....haha

  39. Heng Ee boyz8:23 pm


    you son of the gun.

    we know what you did last summer.

    its a matter of time we let the truth loose.

  40. Anonymous8:32 pm

    Pity the girl.
    Are we so inhumane that we have no thought for the girl?

  41. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Stupid blog.... Stupid story mostly lies....

  42. deep throat9:12 pm


    what LGE never realize is that the whole secret ( VVIP son scandal ) was revealed to DAP opponent via a 3rd party by none other than his Penang DAP comrades themselves.

    Remember the close door luncheon speech in Singapore recently ?

    These were part of the plan to kick him out of Penang.

    The reason it was done is the native Penang DAP was so fed up with this Malacca born CM who was acting as if without him, Penang wont fall into DAPs hand.

    Not to mention the bunch of his advisors who are mostly outsiders squatting in Penang.

    This has made the Penang DAP guys become a second class leader in their own turf.

    He was even questioned during one of their meeting why he was rejected by Malacca DAP and he fail to takeover Malacca.

    If you notice of these carefully planned plot, first the speech in Spore and now the VVIP son scandal, the intention was to hit LGE reputation right on the nose and the damage to DAP was minimal.

    Take note also in both cases that except LKS, none of the DAP big gun or Penang DAP went out all out to defend him.

    The Penang DAP is actually brewing from inside and dont be surprise if more cats will be let loose soon.

  43. Anonymous7:46 am

    I give full support to LGE. Sorry for UMNO.

  44. Anonymous9:01 am

    for umno goons, they use sex to bring down others....

    gutter shit heads

  45. Anonymous9:08 am

    because you stoop so low, I am subscribing to msiakini

  46. Anonymous9:45 am

    Lim Guan Eng trying to sound like a victim. Condemned Umno for bullying his son and making the young boy's life hell. Said this is not sporting.

    Aiya, Ah Beng. You do to other politicians' children, can ah?!

    You bully other politicians' wives, is ok ah?!

    You lied about Rosmah, boleh. About Najib's son-in-law, ok. Bully his daughter for your politics, sporting?

    Go to hell Guan Eng. Malaysia does not need venom like you!

  47. Somewhat a while back, when someone's wife was being smeared with lies of a purchase of 27 million dollars ring, the dappiggies was more than happy to facilitate this smear campaign, now, when it is returned in kind, it is wrong? Babi la lu guan eng, hipokrit. Lu attack family orang lain bole, betul ke tak itu belakang kira, orang attack family lu tak bole? Memang hipokrit.

  48. Anonymous10:40 am

    Those who drink whiskey can't possibly worry about the consequences of fitnah.


  49. too many dogs of CM barking in here :@)

  50. Anonymous12:19 pm

    7:46 AM,

    Yes, full support to SPRM on RM100K per tits allegation !!!. If it's true, LGE please berambuss.


  51. Purple Haze12:45 pm

    Whoever the girl is (if there is even a casse), it is certainly not Anya Sun Corke, whose picture was found on a pro-UMNO blogger's site implying that she was the victim.

    Very poor form by these pro-UMNO bloggers.

    Rocky, you should be critical of the misuse of IP by these people.

  52. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Dear Rocky

    You have lost all credibility.

    Thank you and all the pro-umno blogs including Khairy with his Buah Dada twit very much for strengthening LGE and the DAP's h0ld in Penang buy stooping so low as to use a fake picture to attack him thorugh his son

  53. Dadadididudu2:13 pm

    Squel!!!!! DAPigggg!! SquelllllL!!! Oink Oink Oink.

    Thank you Datuk, this post really made my day....

    You successfully provoked DAPiggg to squel like a pack of hungry pigs.

    Anyway DAPig.... "Kenapa gelabah sangat ni?"


  54. my goodness, what have you turn into?

    veteran newsman konon.
    gutter journalist you are!

    do not hide behind mkini when you've got no BALLS!

  55. Mother Theresa6:16 pm

    All u male chauvinistic Malaysians are only rambling about DAP & UMNO & what not. How about the poor gal who has been victimised.I feel so sorry for her - just think abt yr own daughters/niece/cousin.Rocky, how about having a signature campaign for her - "We care for you". It does not matter what color she is. The fact of the matter remains the same.Come on guys have a heart, ya.

  56. Jeng Jeng Jeng!8:05 pm

    Molest’ tale: No trace of girl in Penang - freemalaysiatoday

    KUALA LUMPUR: The girl who was allegedly molested by the 16-year-old son of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng had never been to Malaysia, DAP national publicity secretary Tony Pua said today.

    The 21-year-old girl, a former world chess champion, was identified as Anya Corke, a British citizen of mixed parentage. Her father is Scottish and her mother Chinese.

    Pua said she was traced from the images posted on pro-Umno blogs by the DAP headquarters’ IT manager.


    kah kah kah... para-para bloggers UMNO terkantoi... kah kah kah...

    doktor kangkong novandri kena tiuu..
    papagomo kena tiuu... kene lagi? kesian... kah kah kah
    datuk pun kena tiuu... ayoyo... kah kah kah

    woit, ini doktor kangkong novandri dapat pHD kat mana?

    kah kah kah... ini doktor lulusan sintok ke?

    kah kah kah... jual mc kat klinik ke... ?

    kah kah kah... weii, satu mc berapa?

    kalau beli tiga kilo boleh dapat diskaun ke? kah kah kah...

  57. Anonymous10:41 pm

    at least they dont blow up the girl

  58. Anonymous8:21 am

    " least they dont blow up the girl...."


  59. Jack S1:45 pm

    Guilty as speculated. Otherwise why the senseless defence by the PR cyber crooks?

    Own up lah Guan Eng.

    Your son ain't no angel.

  60. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Fucking screwed up DAPigs..

    Now they can kiss their pigass dream of wining more seats in both BN stronghold states like Sarawak & Johor..

    Just to show how arrogant chingkie pigs can morph out to be when come to power..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  61. Anonymous6:32 pm

    200k for such a small tits?

  62. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Komen from Shahrizat agak bodoh dan tolol. Apa ni jangan kacau anak2 bawah umur saja. Mcm ni apply kat anak yg tersebut sajalah skrg. Melayu kalu berpolitik memang kurang otak.Tak layak jadi menteri.
    Yg. anak2 org2 BN kena hentam tapi sudah lebih umur tak termasuk ke?Dia org juga tak main politik.

  63. Anonymous8:45 am

    Bantah GE masuk johor? hahahaaa handicapnya umno ni.... hey...cuba lihat bandar di Johor siapa punya? Bukankah sedarah sewarna dengan GE? Kalu geng umno nak beli Motor atau apa2 barang mana dia orang pergi? Bukankah kekedai waris2 GE di Johor tu. Tak payah buang masa tenaga lah Umno ni, baik pergi perkuat orang Melayu Johor dalam hal2 bisness, education, sosial, religous dll.

    Malulah sikit selepas demo masuk kedai waris GE beli air kotak, air tin. hahhahahaha

    Tok Mok

  64. Skilgannon10669:09 am

    anti dude

    Don't need to, lah. Just watch how the Malaysian gahmen goes all out to make nice with China.....

    Plenty more Chingkie porcines out there, bro.....

    Who, together with the Viets, Koreans, Filipinos, Indons and Indians, will eat your lunch (and your dinner too!).

  65. Anonymous1:37 pm


    at least Malaysia got plenty more than enough to eat.. we even consume the flesh of those chingkie porcines dolls..not halal but hailam...hahaha..

    By the time the Viets, Koreans, Filipinos, Indons and Indians, start eating our lunch, Cinaporean would be long starving to death worst than even the Somalian and will start selling cheap assholes & cuntholes to us to trade for food..

    Mind your 15% Debt gulping GDP deficit lah, pigmoron..

    shoosh.. back to your doomed pigsty pigface..don't spoil our lunch with your filthy existence you lowlife tongkang-grade pigs, the decendants of Middle Kingdom rejects..

    so kesian babi..

    :D muhahahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  66. Skilgannon106610:00 pm

    Aiyoh, anti whatever, kesian sekali for what passes as your intellect.

    Of course, you didn't read the report of the interview that the Johor CPO had with reporters from the Singapore and Malaysian papers where he had to field uncomfortable questions about the crime situation in Johor. See, the Singapore reporters don't pull their punches. Right, Rocky?

    And the question of who gets to eat who's lunch is already more or less settled. If you use Iskandar Malaysia as a benchmark, where their investment promos have to touch on safety and security to assuage the concerns of potential investors.

    You think this is bullshit, ah? I challenge you to sit in on any of the investment promos that the Iskandar folks run regularly in Singapore.

    How come the VVIPs in Johor aned Malaysia don't complain about this, ah?