Monday, October 17, 2011

New media bosses

Jalil, Sharil, Zainul, Azlan, Su... Latest chatter is of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, the body that regulates our cyberspace, getting a new chairman. The new boss is none other than Mohamed Sharil Tarmizi (pic), an industry pioneer who's had flings with the likes of Khazanah boss Azman Mokhtar and MAS new COO Rashdan Yusof aka Danny during their Bina Fikir days and who should have been MCMC boss much earlier than this, if the Minister involved had been more savvy.

MCMC boss

Sharil's appointment follows a rather exciting week for the Malaysian media, old and new alike.

Jalil, NSTP group managing editor
It started with the "unexpected" shake-up at the New Straits Times Press with the arrival at Jalan Riong last Friday of Jalil Hamid as Group Managing Editor of the NSTP. He replaced Zainul Ariffin and will oversee the operations of the group's three newspapers: NST, Berita Harian and Harian Metro. Jalil met with desk heads and editors just before noon today to inform them of his mission.
Azlan, replaces Anthony

Anthony Bujang, made NSTP
bottomline look dashing again

Zainul: Going over to Media Prima's e world

MalaysiaKini, the leading news portal, and the Malay Mail, the oldest KL newspaper, also grabbed headlines last week. Kini editor Steven Gan confirmed talks between the pro-Opposition portal with the Malay Mail, largely seen as a pro-Government paper even though it is not a political rag. Gan said the talks were on "a simple content arrangement".

Gan confirms talks with Malay Mail
Malaysiakini has filed a judicial review against a Home Ministry decision not to allow it a printing permit. The Ministry summoned two Malay Mail editors last Friday over reports that the newspaper planned to print several pages of Malaysiakini stories on a daily basis.

So, Who's Su...? 


Anonymous said...

Shahril ni cerdik, orang saja yang tidak pedulikan dia. Amokh tahu anak didiknya seorang yang bijak.

Anonymous said...

kroni nor mohd yakob juga.

AyahPin said...

Is that Jalil Hamid is the one with the song, "Ayam...bermacam ayam..."

nstman said...

I was told Jalil met senior editors on Friday to inform them of his suicide mission. His mission is to resurrect NST, which is believed to have dropped to below 60,000, and dropping as I am writing. Good, NST needs more suicide bombers like Jalil. Good luck Jalil.

Anonymous said...


You may like to know what happened today at the meeting. I was not there but my moles told me that Jalil pissed the nst people by condemning nst as 'intelligent but not credible'.

He wants to go big online.

Nst, he says, should put their exclusives online.

Asked how this move can protect print, he, allegedly, said 'make sure the rest have nothing to follow up on'.

Also special mention of your former paper, the malay mail. Jalil focused quite a bit on the mail going nationwide.

He said he will bring in people if he sees the need to. That may entail pinching from rivals.

Or from news portals like Malaysian Insider. Noticed how Jahabar and Leslie Lau have been heaping praises on Jalil even before the dude has done anything yet?

He he.

Anonymous said...

semua orang ni 'dead wood' lah... Malaysian reject kind of quality !!

Srikandi said...

Er...isn't this the Jalil who had to resign from Bernama because of a court case about a "fabricated story" involving Shahrir Samad back in the late 80s? Before he joined Reuters?

But then again...Jalil? Jalil who?

The Shark said...

The powers-that-be must really HATE NST....or they just don't care.

And this whats-his-name can work magic on NST?

Anonymous said...

Jalil can fly with his ears

Apanama said...


Anonymous said...

both jahabar and leslie could continue licking mullah's shoes till kingdom come, no one is going to trouble them with other professional work. sorry dude

I like to yell. said...


I like to yell again said...



Anonymous said...

jalil... ho ho ho

first meeting oledi talk nst got no credibility.

first meeting already talk his mission to make sure bn win big.

first meeting oledi talk want penang to suffer.

first day, jalil oledi jump into the lokang.

see... they all the same.. first day oledi jump..

ho ho ho

Anonymous said...



you shud not carry comments which run down jalil.

give him a chance to prove himself

Anonymous said...

it was terence fernandez yelling in the office.nades must have taught him well. that guy cant live without nades, rode on him for a long time and now even behaves like him.

MM said...

Its just like re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

The ship is holed, dead in the water and sinking like a stone. So instead of gaining credibility they put Najib's crony in there and shuffle the other losers around.
Result - even more incredibility and before long there won't be a sign of the NST.....

Podah said...

TerenceFnandez Terence Fernandez

@premesh I'll be sure to channel their creativity into their work!
25 Oct

TerenceFnandez Terence Fernandez

@shahuldawood Yes. My "adoring" public

25 Oct

TerenceFnandez Terence Fernandez

Having a good laugh reading about me in hate blogs! These fellows really have lots of time on their hands. Perhaps not given enough work!


Jalil's nanny said...

Dei Podah,

Subject about NSTP. No one cares about Malay Mail.

And no one certainly cares about that douche bag you mentioned.

stick to the topic la!

sedih said...

Podah relevent as situation in Malay Mail getting bad 2 worst

The new indian bosses like dictator. make people cry. they dun like you, the fired you.

is this 1malaysia?

owners keep quiet pretend like nothing happen.