Thursday, October 27, 2011

Perth, spring

If It sounds like Arab spring, that's because I'm told that there will be a mini Malaysian uprising in this Ausralian city when the Commonwealth heads meet for their once-in-two-years gathering from tomorrow. I have never been to Perth and am looking forward to this city many successful Malaysians, including a former Prime Minister, have made their second - for some, their first- home. Bersih's Ambiga is on a road tour in Australia, where she has spoken of the coming of Malaysia's own "people's power" (which always reminds me of the Philippines). Looks like wherever Najib Razak goes, there will always be Malaysians making themselves heard. The last time the PM was Down Under, Raja Petra Kamaruddin happened to be in the neighbourhood! Malaysia Boleh, indeed!

I will be in Perth for a few days, enjoying the Spring and covering the meeting for The Mole.

Read up why CHOGM is still relevant, here.


  1. Anonymous9:38 am

    Hey Latuk Locky:

    Were you invited to Sleepy Head's mansion in Perth ? It's next door to Patrick Badawi's mansion.


  2. bro,go freemantle for good cheese,margaret river for vineyards,cottesloe for private golf club,burswood for roulette,northbridge for strip clubs,cruise swan river with strippers,they'll do it for free if
    got wine on cruise...mosmon park..ah phone and hence your number)

  3. dah baca JMD bro? Kasik keluar la dlm paper...

  4. Anonymous10:31 pm

    I thought in Australia too they have enough problems of their own with the aborigines (sons of the soils there), then the recent Indians outburst etc..

    How come this Aci want to go there and add more problems... better still ACI, apply and be the citizen there, see how these people are going to tolerate her nonsense there!

    Menyemak otak orang lain whereever these people go..


  5. Eh Dato', these perks comes with the job?
    (Wink wink)

  6. Anonymous12:29 am

    You must do a good job in Perth, as your airfare, accommodation and etc all are funded/taken care by your sponsors who want you there to do rosy stories about Najib's feats/achievements.

    Or else the Mole will come after you - though it is being nurtured by you!


  7. Anonymous1:09 am

    not arab spring lah! pendatang spring is more like it!

    What is the difference between arab spring and this so called spring?
    The arab sring happened in Arabia, by Arabs, for Arabs.
    Malaysian spring? In foreign land, by pendatangs, for pendatangs.

    Where is the jobless youths camping at merdeka square (tahir square) . Not going to happen.. why? because these pendatangs already hold the economic pie. Do you think they want to rock the boat? most of them dont because they are already in the majority milking the bulk of the malaysian economic pie. Only those that want to sapu everything are making noise..

  8. sam/PRAY, it works11:30 am

    You covering the meeting for the mole? Who covers your trip? Get a proper job man.

  9. Skilgannon10661:24 pm

    Heh, heh

    Perwira is at it again!

    Oi, did your application for an Aussie visa get rejected?

    More seriously, what do you have against Ambiga?

    After all, she is not saying anything in Australia that she has not already said in Malaysia.

    Unlike Perwira who chooses to remain anonymous......

  10. Anonymous6:31 pm

    Off topic abit..

    About this accusations by Pure Shitte and JMD on LGE's performance in Penang why no MSM dare taruh him ahh..Peluang keemasan la. whr utusan,nst and star ahhh..cnt be la..or they takut kena taruh