Friday, August 26, 2011

Tajudin's RM200 mil (?) suit against the Malaysian Insider

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Original posting:- While I may sometimes scowl at the way The Malaysian Insider politicizes news to suit its agenda, I cringe when I hear that former MAS boss Tajudin Ramli is going after the news portal in a multi-million ringgit defamation suit. Yes, the Tan Sri has a right to seek legal redress if the editors of TMI have done him wrong and purposely won't right it, but RM200 million - the amount I heard the Tan Sri has put on TMI's head - is sinful.

Jahabar, MI editor
If they have to sue newspapers, people should do it because they want to set the record straight, not for vendetta, glory or money for none of that will come their way. TMI could be out to kill anything or anyone linked to Mahathir, Daim and now Najib-Muhyiddin, but then we have known that already. If I were Tajudin, I'd start to get worried if the Insider writes good, rosy or sexy stuff about him or makes him up to look as good as their heroes Anwar Ibrahim or Ambiga ...

The mega lawsuit posting in Big Dog's H E R E.


  1. Anonymous6:45 am

    Where is PAS MP's comment on Lynas in MI. Still thinking what to write?

  2. Anonymous8:04 am

    why not RM200 mil? if fuckatan can sue government-related bodies with similar amount, why can't any government-related do the same?

  3. In the last 3 or 4 years, 100 m is common for libel. Now, rm200 is reasonable. Memfitnah itu lebih teruk dari membunuh.

  4. Anonymous8:50 am

    On this one, I differ bru. U see I would love to see Tajuddin get his 200 million grand and some more!

    Basically, TMI is a cyberrag worth less than a farthing with a corp of shameless wankers masquerading as journalists. In fact, Jahabar in that mug shot looks more like Aladdin's clown or a Pak Pandirian village idiot than a newsman. With their unethical shitty spins and amorally shittier journos, MI would have been torched in places like China or have had their mercenary spinners' brains blasted to smithereens in Afghanistan for their unique brand of gutter swill posturing as journalism. MI is nothing more than gutter garbage, a total waste of cyberspace and pixels that peddles asinine shit for the stupid idiots, uneducated morons, the mindless zombies and other sundry slimepoops, douchebags and lowlifes of society.

    It is time it is taken down a peg or two for its Chingkie fueled anti-Malay, Muslim drivel that parades as erudite commentaries or factual news. It is the ultimate arsehole, an arsepit teeming with the toxic mix of rock solid unadulterated constipated shit floating in a watery stew of diarhoeic scum ventilated by noxious gases. Yeah, a hellhole in which vermins like Mata Juling pigfaced Mohd Asri, the utterly ugly butch looking spayed bitch, Ambiga, shameless poltical whores like Wan Azizah and Nurul Izzah and their ilk, the pugnosed Kerbau mat Sabu and many others of their kind are hobnosed with and deified by cheapskate scumbags and douchebags, a tramp brigade of wanked out losers, mindfucked faggots and arse dildoed slimepoops strutting as informed reporters and critical commentators of the local sopo scene. Journos - my cock!

    Saya doakan Tan Sri take this bunch of hapless scounderels to the cleaners and get them bleached bone dry of moolah so that this bloody, fucking piece of cyber shit is forever buried from the view of civilised society. That would be just desserts for diabolical Kalis who wish to reap hay after sowing strife.

    The cause of my ire? Folks, you be the judge in Part 2

    Warrior 231

  5. Anonymous9:49 am

    Biasalah permainan Orang KAYA,,,kasi SAMAN Court Dalam!!! Ada menang,,,,Tak menang,,,,kemudian kasi cerita!!!

    Hari Raya ada 3-4 hari lagi,,pekerja SWASTA can feel the pinch,,terutama SYARIKAT MELAYU coz TAHUN ni no BONUSES,,!!!!

    Nasib baik ada ABANG ALONG,,Pokok sudah bagi,,BUNGA kasi BAYAR!!!!

    Hari Raya ni,,,jangan LUPA pergi Masjid,,,kita saksikan betapa ramai nya PATI meriahkan suasana di MASJID.


  6. Salam Datuk,

    If TMI cannot substantiate what it reported as fact, then it should make an apology and retract the report.

    It is a direct accusation and the report is still there.

    Since it's hip these past few days for apologies, Kompas and especially Sadiq of TMI refers, it should not pose any problem.

    TS can accept with token compensation for vindication.

    Then again if TMI is adamant and stands by the report, TS has every right to seek redress.

    The sum sought though excessive, can be donated to charity, if TS wins the case of course.

    This will be a lesson and deterrent for reckless reporting by any media.

    Thank you

  7. Anonymous11:13 am

    RM200 mil is not a sinful amount la Rocky .. MI made their bed, now .. they have to f**k in it la. Serves them good for writing nothing but trash. Who knows Tajudin might be donating the amount to could never tell his intention, no?

  8. Anonymous11:29 am

    Tajuddin's right to sue MI. Yes! The amount is astronomical. But can't blame him as DSAI started the trend. Recalled Tun Mahathir's statement years ago that Malaysia will soon be like USA. Already here. Hmm. Notice that Mahathir has never sued anyone. His approach is to respond head on to the accusations.

  9. testing12:16 pm


  10. BIGCAT12:32 pm

    Chey, tadi aku tulis panjang-panjang wiped out pulak.
    Saja Rocky, nak bagi tau yang aku tak setuju engko bising-bising tak suka orang saman orang. Suka hati dia orang la nak saman berapa billion pun. Lawyer-lawyer third class honours dan general degree Bar Council tu pun nak makan juga, nak pakai kereta mewah dan rumah besar. Baru lah orang kata kerja lawyer ada style dan berwibawa macam Ambiga tu. Cuma aku mushkil Tajuddin tu nilai maruah dia RM200 juta ke? Aku rasa tak da la mahal macam tu. Anwar yang saman sana sini RM100 juta tu pun aku rasa ada overpriced la. Apa-apa hal aku nak tahniah kat Jahabar kawan lama aku sebab dah capai status kena saman ratusan juta ringgit. Kira mak bapak boleh bangga tu.

  11. Anonymous3:03 pm


    Compared to the potential loss of support and votes due to the slanders put out by this Jahangir Khan (or whoever laa), the lawsuit is peanuts. Way to go, Tajuddin! And this time make it happen really good, really fast and really true.

    One can never teach lessons enough to these slanderers extraordinaire. If not kalu, fitnah fitnah, apologise. Fitnah fitnah, apologise.
    And when you look around you suddenly realize that the country's been sold to the pendatang commies oredi.

    Your veiled threat to "write rosy, sexy stories" about him will not fare well too, Rocky. But then, give me 200 million as a result of me winning the lawsuit, and you can write anything you want about me. Tak cukup info kalu, I even will give you details up to the bedsheet levels.

    Oh by the way I think I have a theory of how Saiful's sperm landed onto his own arsehole. He probably had, after a session or two of karipap, ask for some seat either in Bintulu or Pantai Dalam, to which our scofflaw replied, "Pantai Dalam? Go fuck yourself la!"

    To which he did. The rest, as they say, is history.

    Marking Bagpie

  12. Princess Leia4:08 pm

    someone shuld sue Jahabar for looking so much like Jabba the Hut.

  13. warrior and bigcat,
    in my reply to the tan sri's sms response to my posting this subuh, i wished him luck and said i hoped he wins the lawsuit. the insider writes about tajudin as if it had a grudge against the man and that is not right and not professional.

    but is jahabar or malaysian insider's reputation worth rm200 million? macam kau cakap lah big cat, sekarang ni dia yang dapat berbangga kena saman rm200 juta. macam rais saman blogger sharpshooter rm1 juta, satu sen pun dia tak dapat.

  14. Anonymous6:23 pm

    If I were Tajul al-Din, I would saman for, say like 200,000 or something, rather than 200 million. Why? Even though lesser amount, we want to get at where it really hurts. I mean, 200 million impossible for Jahangir Khan there to cough up laa. But 200,000 kalu, bagi MI rasa the pinch, kasi terberak sikit, and biaq depa punya electricity bill tak terbayar for 2, 3 months. Who knows? They may end up selling a PC or two. Then we can see Jahangir Khan start coming to work in Honda Cup.

    And what do I do with the 200K that I get? I'd give it to Persatuan Ibu Tunggal Kelana Jaya or something. Or sponsor Bubur Lambuk Surau al-Falah for 20 Ramadhans. Saham positive keep on coming for the next 20 years also, hoping to upset and tilt the balance from my "Cosy, Sexy" sins of the past, as suggested by Rocky there.

    Every now and then I always come up with something unthinkably fantastic.

    Marking Bagpie.

  15. All I can to say to MI is "what goes round comes round".

    However RM200million is too much. If TR's aim is to set the record straight,then, he should just saman RM1million.

  16. Anonymous6:30 pm


    Again my part 2 will be a case of belakang mari......hahahahahahaha. Whats happeninglah, Bru? need to fix up some holes in your comment section lest Anwar starts planning an assault....(ROTFLMAO) this time armed with a DNA retriever in tow to vacuum up any loose sperm.....hahahahahaha

    Warrior 231

  17. Anonymous7:39 pm

    200 mil is not much, he has to share it with Mahathir, Daim and now Nahib-Muhyiddin.


  18. basic nego skill.... 200 now, later on will come down to 50...

    by the way, while at it, might as well make some profit. wouldnt you?

  19. Anonymous12:43 am


    Its about time someone put a torch to MI and burn the newsportal down! It has been spewing and spinning news against UMNO, Najib, Tun M and Perkasa for quite some time. They deserved to be sued till kingdom come. Lets see the outcome.

  20. Datuk,

    Funny how ppl can conveniently lie about MAS's losses. As a plc, all its annual report is readily available.

    I think Tajudin should also sue Oppositions like Salahuddin Ayub, Saifudin Nasution & the likes of those who perpetuate lies.

    For the same amount of course, in sundry. If politicians like Husam can sue bloggers like RBF, then businessman like TR should also sue rogue politicians.

    This should be the stern warning to new media practitioners. Can your facts over and over again and MOST of ALL, VERIFY!

  21. Anonymous9:51 am

    The price for idiocracy is indeed expensive.

  22. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Yes, there must be legal objectivity.For example, Do u sue a poor man RM200m for what he write? what is the aim? is it to save face or the reputation damage amount to million. This is a question need to be answer.

  23. Agree setting records straight with facts should be the aim.

    But don't ludicrous amounts serve a rhetorical purpose as well, to call attention to the ludicrousness of the claims?

  24. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Can I call you A proUMNO blogger or An UMNO Cybertrooper Datuk?

  25. Anonymous7:33 pm

    Now, let us not forget what Tajudin said in his Affidavit. He said he is only the front and that other people are behind him. Most believe that he is the front for Umno.

    Parts 6 and 7 of his Affidavit says it very clearly: At all material times, I was a nominee and agent of the Government…..

  26. Anonymous said...
    Can I call you A proUMNO blogger or An UMNO Cybertrooper Datuk?
    3:45 PM


    Thanks for asking, Anon. I am not a cybertrooper, not for Umno/BN nor for Pakatan. I am not a member of any of these political parties.

    I cannot be categorized as a pro-Umno blogger, either, as I have hit out at too many targets -- Rais Yatim is just the latest.

    Having said that, however, I am certainly not pro-Pakatan, PKR, PAS or DAP. I will be hitting at more targets from there in the coming days.

    I am pro the truth, though. All the time.

  27. Anonymous2:26 am

    Good one Bru. That is what most of us Melayu Bermaruah are precisely hankering after Truth. We are not bothered about the douchebags and slimepoops whose only reason for existence is to spout garbage, spin lies and deform truth’s visage with shameless impunity. We are addicts for facts because we feel for so long society has been shortchanged by farthings of lies minted by unscrupulous fraudsters of gutter politics rather than paid in pounds of truth issued by conscientious exchequers of public trust. We are truth hounds precisely because we know civil society is built by bricks of fact not hays of falsehoods. That is why people like Jahabar and his ilk should cuntfuck, arsetear and mouthrape their mothers for birthing dishonourable scumbags and cowardly slimepoops who will obscure truth for the sake of fake applause. And once done, they should get their fathers to slit their bitches’ throats for carrying the fucktwits (fathers’) wasted sperms in their morally diseased wombs. And the cowardly bastards themselves? They would do no worse than committing sepuku by cutting their balls and puny cocks off and flinging it to Kali’s pariah dogs. Now decent folks, judge whether this comment deserves banning here, especially when posited against the dross and drivel from mindless scums in that thread:

    My rejected comment:

    Now I humbly request Lim Guan Eng to take credit for 2009's -10.8 growth figures and for the expected lower growth rates this year as they were recorded during his watch as well. I remember distinctly a particular teacher of mine remonstrating his peers for fawning over their top scorers when the results slips were delivered but disappearing from view at the sight of the failures. His parting words keep echoing in my ears as I read this article: "Assuming responsibilityt for the failures apart from taking credit for the success is the hallmark of a real man while those who fight only to be seen with their outstanding students are nothing but hypocritical cowards with an eye on the gallery" And that coming from a man of integrity and principles should be little consolation for LGE's ears.

    Maybe Guan Eng should have the cojones too to claim credit for the wrecked finances of the Penang Water Authority (PBA Holdings) which has seen a drastic decline in Profit Before Tax (PBT); Profit After Tax (PAT); EPS and Cash and Cash Equivalents since 2008 under his astute CAT stewardship. Its pretty odd too isnt it that all these "laudable achievements" were attained under a corrupt free administration. Page 24 ( provides a tale of the tape account of LGE's sterling performance in comparison to that of his "bungling and incompetent" predecessor, Koh Tsu Koon.

    Maybe too, the Economist might want to peruse further the growth figures for Penang here (table 1.5):
    before spouting its top off lest it yearns to be regarded as a two-penny shoeshine rag. But in any case, I am already expecting to be crucified as a BN cybertrooper on troll here but then again that doesn't matter in the least for in a socalled Civil Society isnt truth the obnoxious cousin of falsehood and fact the party pooper of illusion?

    Warrior 231
    the Inimitable Soldier of Truth

  28. Anonymous9:10 am

    "Pro the truth" ? Like they say in the movies, you can't handle the truth. You just run when the truth shows up.....Next GE, you will become official anti-government blogger lah....


  29. Skilgannon10669:29 pm

    Heh, heh, the warrior wannabe runs off his mouth again, spewing out drivel, garbage and bottom-licking pond scum.

    Guess what, dude - your nightmare is back in town. Fresh from closing deals and negotiating projects and all refreshed to take on the racist anti-porcines who have lost every cyber debate they have embarked on.

    But, then, mediocrity Is nothing new to these wankers!

  30. Anonymous11:47 pm

    Pandai betul APEK2 ni semua ya. Within 2years can do miracles.

    If only can send them to Somalia and bring progress to these regions.

    Sand all around, they can korek till kingdom cum wan.

    Skillyanon, why not bring your gang there to help develop the place?

    he hehe hehehe

  31. Anonymous10:13 am

    Read. Just Read what Skill Maknon 9:29 there has to say. Read from top to bottom. Again and again. And not only this particular one. Read his previous comments too. And also the others like him.

    Notice something? NO FACTS! NO POINTS!

    Continous, incessant ramblings based on knee-jerk reactions to Warrior (to whom he suspects that he is half an equal) but devoid of anything that can convince you that he has something to say.

    Notice too the canned words he uses--the ones he obtained from some kind of filthy-based thesaurus, knowingly unable to cough up some of his own due to limited vocabulary, not to mention intellect. Recycled phrases that he unthinkingly uses again and again.

    So this is what I suspect: DAP uses him just to be a detour, deterrent from issues real. Not getting from him anything factual, or intellectual, DAP switched his role to that of a digital clown. Not enough to convince, but enough to deter people and portray a vocal front.

    A front that is loud but devoid of substance.

    Way to go, Warrior 231. Please do not unleash yet the remaining drones in the Continuum.

    Warrior 8 of 4096

    (p.s. We in the Warrior Continuum are akin to the MI6. They call their agents by numbers: 001,002,....018 and so on. Each of them having talents unique to their own. 003 was a woman, 006 went rogue etc etc. But just like James Bond, agent 007's life is a bit more colourful, more robust,more suave and more... uh ladies-man like, and therefore, has more to tell.

    So it is with us in the Warrior Continuum. Warriors 3200 to 3770 speak nothing but Swahili, Warriors 147, 148 and 149 have vowed on a life of celibacy, Warrior 488 is our mole in Lim Guan Eng's office and Warrior 577 was ewsponsible to unleash Tellurian forces that resulted in Fukushima and Irene.

    So please do not mind Warrior 231's use of profanity: despite all of us getting the same training and undergoing the same rigorous life-threatening exercises, Warrior 231 is a bit more ... uh... irreverent and raunchy in the use of his language. Which is mighty fine with us, except that none of us other Warriors dare to be anything within 10 feet of him should he be rattled in his dispositions.)

  32. Anonymous4:18 pm

    Dei pundek
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    Sales of pigs must be pretty slow in Chingkiepore so much so that you have had to negotiate with them Indonesian Chingkie black moneysmiths , Filipino Chingkie illegal juteng peddlars and Thai Chingkie conmen not to mention the usual Malaysian chingkie bastard swindlers, pimps and thieves to buy your rustled hogs, petty thief cum pig sty assistant farmhand! That probably constitutes those “sales and negotiations garbage” spouted here to firm up ur teeny weeny puny cock for a public stroking session, filthy chingkie arsewipe + douchebag.

    You hid in them bushes for a week shiiting the daylights away in fear like the typical sus barbatus you are , arsefuckedtwit of a chingkscum. Now you are back after the heat is off and you don’t have to account for them unanswered challenges, pondan!.

    Bet ur countryman,Peter Leong, must be fidgeting in his seat and cringing in shame as he watches you embarrass that blackmoney haunt of urs over and over yet again just when he thought you were dead.

    You are nothing more than a cheapskate stupid slutboy so quit strutting with your false porcine sweat-laced airs like some chingkie samsu fuelled cockaddict. You be better off start living your reality than wanking about in a pompous make believe delusional existence, stupid fellatist of a wasted sperm. Thanks for the laughs anyway...............(folks in unisin, 1,2,3,......hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..ROTFLMAO)

    Warrior 231

  33. Anonymous8:59 pm

    Understandable you are closing shady deals fast for the market is collapsing even as I wrote my last riposte:

    Warrior 231

  34. Anonymous11:26 am

    i'm keen to see what the answer of tajuddin in the court... all this while he claim he is fronting men far not a single name he put forward ....he deserved it...far so long he is playing with the game and making money from our tax money....all this groups of peoples and the current groups even worse than jewish grapping whatever was left behind.

  35. Anonymous11:32 am

    i'm keen to see what the answer of tajuddin in the court... all this while he claim he is fronting men far not a single name he put forward ....he deserved it...far so long he is playing with the game and making money from our tax money....all this groups of peoples and the current groups even worse than jewish grapping whatever was left behind.

  36. Skilgannon10669:06 am

    Heh, warrior.

    Sorry to disappoint you, but this slumskumbledly person ain't gonna roll over and play possum to indulge your fascist rantings.

    Like I said, history will prove who was right and who was wrong.

    Discard the racist antics, because the 1 billion+ Chinkies and Injuns ain't going anywhere either, not to mention the 250 million+ Indons who won't give Malaysia the time of day.

    I don't know if you travel to Jakarta often. If you do, be sure to ask Indon officials, politicians, business people and the hoi polloi exactly what they think of Malaysia.

    Ditto for China, India, the Philippines, Vietnam and Japan.

    Seems to me that all these racist fascists in Malaysia believe that they are God's own little green apples, and then some!

    Just wait until the next recession hits and see the pleas for more handouts and assistance.

    And those are facts, dumkopf!