Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lynas lies: Fuziah wasn't alone

Anti-Lynas endorsement from the Big Boss
"Clearly BN in its pursuit for blind profits is willing to put aside environmental concerns and place the health and safety of the people at risk ... First it is Pahang and now Perak, rare earths plants spraig up unhindered without proper and full consultation with the people of its possible high risk impact. Only PR-ruled states have taken a firm and uncompromising stand against rare-earth refineries and mines." - Lim Guan Eng, DAP, Apr 2011
"The Malaysian Bar strongly urges the Government to take all necessary steps to halt Lynas, and to protect its people and enviroment." - Lim Chee Wee, president of Bar Council Party (Lawyers want Lynas out of Malaysia, Malaysian Insider, 
"... Rare earth industry will destroy the lives of people, wreck the environment and leave behind a trail of poison that will linger for billions of years.
Why is the government putting economic gains above the lives of the people?Have our lives become so cheap that the government wants to go ahead with a deadly industry?" - Haris Ibrahim, president of the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement
"We don't want to be guinea pigs. This means the governmetn will only take action after the fact. Once we have leukemia how will they address that?" - Andansura Rabu, chairman of the Badan Bertindak Anti Rare Earth Refineries
Were they misled themselves, or did they collude to mislead the people of Malaysia? If they did, why? Because they are against anything and everything that the government does as long as the government is BN? If so, they should never again pretend to behave as if they care about the people. And in view of the confession of a nuclear scientist who is a Member of Parliament, who could not stand the lies anymore, (Pas MP defends Lynas, the Star 25 August) these people ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Limited impact: Only 2000-odd misled?

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  1. Anonymous3:46 pm

    I don't know why you say they should be ashamed of themselves. They are concerned about what this plant may or may not do.

    I think it is best to refer to the IAEA report. Go read it. It says the report is based on the 40% of the plant already built. It does not cover the next phase for licensing by the AELB.

    Is it safe? Is it unsafe? I don't know. But I sure wouldn't want to live long term in close proximity to such a plant.

    How about you?


  2. Salam Datuk,

    Bought, bought. That MP was bought. By the millions. No, no by the billions.

    Everything that will have a familiar ring.

    Sheesh, I can hear it already.

    Thank you

  3. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Note that the PAS MP is talking about the plant. Yes, the plant may be world class but the overriding concern here is the waste. That is the real danger. Please don't spin this as the livelihood of the Kuantan people are at stake.

    Collateral Damage

  4. Anonymous5:13 pm

    It doesn't matter if a PAS MP of even if Anwar Ibrahim says it's safe. If it is safe, pls ask Najib to move in rite next to the plant

  5. Anonymous5:35 pm

    While I'm not defending nor against the plant or any rare earth plant, I have a feeling that most people have no idea what 'rare earth' is. I'm sorry if I'm wrong.

    Anyway, the June 2011 issue of the National Geographic magazine has a very nice (and as always, informative) 10-page story on rare earth - its why,where,when,what,who,how,etc.. I highly recommend it.

    P.S. Ironically, they're not 'rare'. They're scattered around us! ;)

    - Azlan.

  6. Steadyboy5:39 pm

    Putting aside all political differences and agendas, hand to heart, ask yourself this question, would anyone wants (or willing) to live next to this Lynas plant?

    Obviosuly it's always very easy to accuse this and that plus to put up sorts of defenses, but please have a conscious, would you allow your children and family members to stay next door to the Lynas plant?

    Be fair not only to yourself, but to others as well.

  7. Anonymous6:36 pm

    ahh.. rocky
    i can see now how many will sent their comments in defending Fuziah.

    DAP - D' Agent Provocateur.

  8. Anonymous7:12 pm

    Alhamdulillah! Now we have another opposition MP with conscience who stood up against all odds. It is better late than never. Follow blindly is not part of nation building.

    Wee Choo Keong

  9. BIGCAT8:21 pm

    Aku ni duduk Kuantan lama juga la. Family pun masih kat sana. Tempatnya bersih dan teratur. Tak ada isu apa sangat pun. Fuziah tu aku kenal lah. Bukannya cerdik sangat. MP PKR Indra Mahkota tu pun blur blur juga. Dah tak da modal dia org henjut la isu Lynas ni. Adnan Yaakob tu memang la imej gangster tapi hati dia baik. Aku confident dia tak kan nak rosakkan Pahang tu. Lagi pun IAEA dah kata OK. Tak kan lah Umno boleh rasuah IAEA. Kan tak logik tu. Nak kecoh lain tak da isu, tu yg dia org henjut juga. Yang kecoh lebih ni sebenarnya DAP. Biasa lah, PKR dgn Pas ikut je walau pun nampak dia org bodoh macam lembu je.

  10. Anonymous8:41 pm

    bro rocky,
    saya adalah salah seorang yg terawal membantah kehadiran lynas di kuantan. Saya juga ada meyertai kumpulan penduduk yg berdialog dengan pihak berkenaan. Akan tetapi saya juga orang yg terawal meninggalkan kumpulan tersebut dan ianya kerana berdasarkan prinsip. Ini kerana kumpulan tersebut secara terang terangan telah meyimpang dari matalamat asal iaitu "to save Kuantan".
    Apabila isu ini dipolitikkan oleh pihak pihak tertentu, ianyan mejadi jelek dan memalukan. Contohnya kumpulan penentang yg menubuhkan "group" di facebook. Tiada isu yg konkrit diutarakan tetapi hanya menyerang peribadi seseorang..

    sungguh memalukan.. sebenarnya penduduk Kuantan adalah lebih bijak dari mereka mereka itu dalam menentukan nasib mereka sendiri...

    Air Putih, Kuantan

  11. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Are any of you pro Lynas fuckers staying within a 50km radius? Rocky - shut the fuck up and move there... Do you have the balls big enough as your mouth?

  12. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Kudos, we have here a politician with a conscience. Syabas, Dr Rosli Che Mat for daring to cross party line.
    May we see more politicians of Dr Rosli's calibre.

    The political situation in this country is so poisonous. All they do is blame their opposing party. Come on, there must be issues in which we can come together irrespective of party flag.

    Politicians, especially the opposition, need to realise that your job is simply not to oppose for opposing sake.

    Wake up, PR. You may feel you've got the numbers (because you've got the noise volume). But you still haven't entirely convinced ordinary people like me that you are offering an alternative. So don't be so confident.


  13. Freddie Kevin,

    And they think we are not anti-Lynas because we live so far from it. How lame. Even if we go with such logic, it's lame. Lynas is so close to Pekan, the PM's Constituecy. Why would he expose his supporters and relatives to the project if it was so dangerous?

    I think the real reason Pakatan Rakyat is against the project is the wealth it would bring to the people in the area. Voters angry with the BN goverment are more likely to vote for the likes of Fuziah.

  14. Anonymous6:14 am

    You can see hypocrisy here. They campaign against the use handphones, computers or tvs first before this campaign.

  15. Anonymous6:16 am

    I have written what have been said by Dr. Che Rosli and Prof Ahmad Termizi way back in June (

    The issue here is not technical but political. Yes, somebody want to paint the federal and state government of Pahang as insensitive to the safety of the people of Pahang. Well, good luck PKR/DAP/PAS.


  16. Anonymous6:43 am

    I believe a lot of chinaman chemical factories for more dangerous than the lynas plant around. What to do, popularity & power first, then the people opps.. go to hell with the people

  17. Am I supposed to believe that oppo leader/ alleged sodomite/alleged porn star/ former PM designate Anwar Ibrahim to yield so much influence that he can convince the Malaysian Medical Association, the Bar Council, MCLM and many others to make a stand against Lynas?

    The way I see it, Anwar or no Anwar, safe or unsafe, the people of Kuantan has made up their minds
    LYNAS MUST GO!!!!!

    While I appreciate Hulu Langat MP Dr Rosli in getting our facts right regarding the rare earth plant, the manner in which he spoke is uncalled for

    Last I check, opposition to the Lynas plant is joint Pakatan agenda, not just PKR
    Somebody needs to remind Dr Rosli that his fellow colleague and PAS Pahang chief, Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man has led charge against Lynas n state gov
    Even Pahang MCA and some BN MPs r against it
    Moreover, the fact that he used TV3 as a medium in delivering his explanations is nothin less than fishy

    They say that those who do not remember history r doomed to repeat it
    Well Rocky, u do remember Bukit Merah plant right?
    After nearly 3 decades. conception of many physical and mentally deformed children and billions of ringgit, the clean up is still ongoing

    So Rocky, u'r still just a lowsy salesman sellinh useless products that I ain't going to touch with a ten foot pole, let alone buy

    Though U can convince me by moving next door 2 the plant
    I'll give u 1 year
    If u remain healthy and Pahang is experiencing a windfall, I'll gladly swallow the bitter pill

  18. Anonymous9:49 am


    Saya suka BN tidak terlalu kuat dan PR ada sedikit kekuatan supaya ada check and balance dalam negara. Tapi bila kerja PR untuk bangkang saja, pas tu buat cerita tak betul macam projek lynas ini, pas tu hentam peribadi orang, pas tu senyap bila orang Islam di murtadkan saya pun tak faham PR ini. Apa harapan yang tinggal ialah saya harap rakyat dalam PR13 nanti jangan undi orang macam di Fauziah Salleh dan mereka yang sebahlol macam dia. Tapi terus pilih orang macam sebijak dan ada pendirian macam Dr Rosli. Kalau rakyat buat macam ini baru negara ini punya masa depan yang cerah untuk kita, anak, cucu, cicit yang sudah dan belum lahir di Bumi Malaysia ini.

    Anak Merdeka.

  19. BIGCAT9:55 am

    Anon 9.38
    I'm not actually pro-Lynas, but just anti-stupid Pakatan fuckheads like u. I'm working elsewhere but my wife n two kids r staying at our home in Indera Mahkota Kuantan. Not sure if its within the 50 km radius of the plant, but if my wife n kids r to be affected by some sorts of radioactive shit, I hope they develop into mutants with deadly laser beam from their eyes X-men style n zapped your sorry ass.

  20. Anonymous11:23 am

    It is just another Katak in the making! Wee Choo Keong welcome him with open arms.


  21. Anonymous11:23 am

    "Anonymous said...
    Are any of you pro Lynas fuckers staying within a 50km radius? Rocky - shut the fuck up and move there... Do you have the balls big enough as your mouth?

    9:38 PM"

    Why don't you fuck yourself up BASTARD!

  22. Anonymous1:51 pm

    Latuk Locky:

    "Close to Pekan" ? Hahaha, then why not move it to Pekan to see what the voters would do ? Don't spin for the sake of spinning lah....Gebeng is Kuantan territory, and you know that there's no chance of winning Kuantan.

    Trying to poison the voters in Opposition territory ?


  23. Salam Datuk,

    As expected and predictable.

    Fresh off the enter key. (RSS at 2.21pm)

    "Representatives from local residents’ groups opposed to the plant also told The Malaysian Insider that there was suspicion among their ranks that Che Rosli had been paid off or was being influenced by BN"

    Quote self explains identity of portal porta

    Who else?

  24. Anonymous2:05 am

    Whats all the noise?

    The pig farms are even more TOXIC...

    Fuziah, close down those farms in Malaysia first only then talk!


  25. Whenever convenient, shut down the truth and spread ultimate lies. Never care about any truth becoz it in politics it will not set you free but can shut you down.

  26. Chommmmmmm10:59 pm

    Then for you, all the opposition does is not right kan? Should you also come out from your shell and show the real you..?

  27. Anonymous1:04 pm

    If the plant is safe, why doesn't Lynas build it in Australia? After all it won't have to transport the rare earths (including Thorium)all the way to Kuantan from Australia.

  28. Anonymous5:49 pm

    To anon who doesnt understand why they didnt build it in Australia, it's because it's cheaper to be built here. The Australian government didnt outlaw the plant.