Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Some brown men's hero

Courtesy AIDC

Malott. For the goals that he continues to help his political friends from the Pakatan Rakyat score against the Malaysian government, John R. Malott, who is more effective now than he ever was as ambassador of the US to Malaysia in 1995-98, should be appointed the chief striker for the Opposition.

His "open letter" to PM Najib, for example, is fast being turned into a handbook that every PR player must know by heart (and post on his blog). Pro-Umno Blogger Big Dog thinks the Opposition is politically bankrupt for fielding Malott, but one can also see how practical these guys are. Like Singapore: if you don;t have the players, import them. Malott may be a little flabby and old to make his own home team, but over here his dribbling skills can still impress the native players and his set-pieces do produce the desired goals. And you can see he's enjoying it, basking in the Third World sunshine.

But if Malott's really that good, he should be writing to his own President, Mr Barrack Obama, and use his vast experience to help the White House with the ways of running the country and managing its economy and finance, especially the mounting debts.

How much is it that your country owe, Mr Malott?

And for the free and fair elections that you think Malaysia needed, perhaps Malott has forgotten the improprieties and the mess that the 2000 US presidential election created. How bersih was that election of yours, Mr Malott? Because of that incident, George Bush Jr became President of the USA and we all paid for your mistake. Some, in fact many in the Muslim world during America's War on Terror, paid with their lives. 

Since you are in love with the indelible ink, dear Malott, why not make it mandatory for the US and the other advanced countries to use it?

And while you're happily attacking the Malaysian government for hanging on to the Internal Security Act, Mr Malott, could you please tell us what you think of your own Patriot Act? You for it? Against it? It does not matter to me whether you support or oppose it, but will you tell your people back home and that President of yours to get rid of the Patriot Act? Many foreigners have been detained under that Act. 

Now that would be really something, Mr Malott, if you can just do that.  

But of course you can't do it. Or you won't. When it's your own kind and country, you close your eyes and your mind to the wrongs and wrongdoings. Or you try to justify them.

In any case, who'd listen to John R. Malott back home, huh?

Thats' right ... Nobody.

Here in Malaysia, you are Malott, that former ambassador from the US.Here, there are still brown men who idolize you, ape whatever you say and kiss the ground you walk. 

Here and perhaps nowhere else.

p.s. I hope Information Minister Rais Yatim, is not overly impressed with Mr Malott. In his letter's 4 demands, he used RTM and Bernama to illustrate just how corrupt UMNO was supposed to be. These two media organisations are under your Ministry, so please do defend them. Don't go after bloggers only.


  1. nstman4:26 am

    Mr Mallot is a true honorary Malaysian. He is admired by all the people in Malaysia, except Umno sycophants. Need I say more? We love you, Mr Mallot, pse continue to expose the lies propagated by Umno leaders.

  2. Where else our Ambassadors overseas insult their own people!
    (Jamaluddin Najis)

  3. Mustapha Ong5:59 am

    Bru...I have waited for a long time to see this photo where Mallot and his GF were GUSTO OF HORROR AND SOME BROWN MEN'S HERO!

    This CIA spy plays the double agent and sorry to say that whenever he opens his big mouth, it stinks with belacan minus the cabai. Yah some brown men like Anwar and his cronies like him including some of our Ambassadors.

    You would recall that he had said that he couldn't remember me!I got some emails and smses from some of our Ambassadors and officers to testify that I did meet him in US as well as when he was in Kuala Lumpur. I also met him in Hong Kong once in the late 90s.

    Anyway, I am not the least bothered either if he still remembers me as Anwar's cronies will know of our relations. Just ask Azmin Ali and Khalid Jaafar and they have a lot of juicy stories to tell all of us.


    As I have said earlier in my posting in MC, John Mallot only represents himself and his voice is not heard except by Anwar and company. Now even LKS and Tok Guru do not mention about this fellow who is the brown man's old pall bearer.

    I agreed with you that Rais Yatim should counter what John said about RTM and BERNAMA.I am awaiting Ambassador J.J. to say something about this friend of his, specially his stinking letter to prime minister Najib. John thinks that Najib still hold him in respect and probably waiting for his response.

    A real double agent who couldn't even clean his own backyard in America but nosy in his spin in order to discredit our leaders and Malaysia, when US is now economically bankrupt.

    I believe he owes Anwar and his family some favour as he was looking after Anwar's kids back in WDC. Nurul would tell us the story when they were in studying in the US.

  4. Malaysia will become another Tunisia, Egypt and Libya if there are Malaysians who are willing to be puppets and gave space to notorious mat saleh like this pseudo 'free election preacher'. Anyone in his country knows him?

    He should be preaching that UN must be a truly democratic organization - strip the veto power; World Bank is not monopolised by americans and IMF by europeans. His fellow country men won't be listening to him coz he has no credibility! Then why is he being entertained here?

    His first and second suggestions are outdated; his third - is his country doing it? Any developed democratic country practising it? His fourth - what about TV Selangor?

    In managing the country, especially its economy, DS Najib is a much more better leader as compared to that of Obama, Sarkozy, Brown, Cameron, etc. Compare their respective records. Be proud of our leader.

    Lets fight our won battle on our own strengths.

    Terima kasih for giving me your space.

  5. Malaysia will become another Tunisia, Egypt and Libya if there are Malaysians who are willing to be puppets and gave space to notorious mat saleh like this pseudo 'free election preacher'. Anyone in his country knows him?

    He should be preaching that UN must be a truly democratic organization - strip the veto power; World Bank is not monopolised by americans and IMF by europeans. His fellow country men won't be listening to him coz he has no credibility! Then why is he being entertained here?

    His first and second suggestions are outdated; his third - is his country doing it? Any developed democratic country practising it? His fourth - what about TV Selangor?

    In managing the country, especially its economy, DS Najib is a much more better leader as compared to that of Obama, Sarkozy, Brown, Cameron, etc. Compare their respective records. Be proud of our leader.

    Lets fight our won battle on our own strengths.

    Terima kasih for giving me your space.

  6. nstman another brownie licking arse**** of the expired American techocrat wannabe Malaysian politician.

    Srikanth, I am sorry that Malay UMNO bred such idiot as JJ, but then Indian MIC did no better, don't you think? Semi Value asides, I think there's another new one in the making in the corridors of power of MIC?

  7. Anonymous7:56 am

    The more Anwar and DAPigs use these people and these people use them... the more patriotic Malays will be.

    But forget Anwar, even if the opposition wins, he's never gonna be PM anyway. He's a lose, lose situation. The DAPigs are just using him. It's getting clearer every passing second that you DAPigs are just using our fellow Malay brothers and sisters be it in PAS or PKR or the masses to rally behind you DAPigs so that you can be in power.

    And the intrusion of foreign backing simply confirms that you DAPigs are are bloody ungrateful communist immigrants ever since your kind step on this Malay land and you will always will be. If we Malays hate most is foreigners meddling in our affairs. Don't think you DAPigs know that right? Cause you are one of them.

    We the real patriotic MALAYsians will defend this land for whatever it takes. As we have always done for centuries.

    There's a Malay saying that goes, "How bad we squabble with each other, we will always get back together".

    It's getting clearer now, and you DAPigs have lost the plot in your quest power.


  8. Anonymous8:03 am

    I loled at both comments, especially the first one, it is so funny because sometimes some people more prefer the word 'Umno' instead majority of malay.. nice try mate..

  9. Anonymous8:34 am

    Hisham KDN should have gave a warning to this old & flabby Mat Salleh to stay out of Malaysian racial politics.


  10. Anonymous9:17 am

    Our Ambassador spends time pinching women's backsides. Their Ambassador spends time telling the truth. The truth hurts, doesn't it ?


  11. Anonymous9:36 am

    Wahh... suddenly Mallot become hero ???

    admired by all people in Malaysia ??? haha.. so delusional.

    Some people can't even think !

  12. Anonymous10:08 am


    After 54 years of independence we can still see people worshiping this expired Uncle Sam's "errant boy". Spineless creature all of them, still need the "orang putih" to be their mouthpiece and for protection. They are willing to be colonised again by them.

    Malott, the expired Uncle Sam's "errant-boy" has past his prime. His stay in Malaysia is a very short one. For only 3 years he acted as if he knew this country very well. During his tour of duty in Malaysia, he was very friendly with none other than Anwar Ibrahim, the future PM of Malaysia at the time. Anwar's misfortune is a great loss to Malott, who has big dreams for himself when/if Anwar became PM.

    Malott now, is a nobody even in his own USA. But he still have high hopes of becoming an important person again... no matter where, even in a foreign land. His only bet to realise his dreams is Anwar. Malott can continue to dream... but it may turn out to be a nightmare for him.


  13. Anonymous10:08 am

    Malott is persona non grata in Malaysian affairs. This ' hati buta kafir' want to teach Muslim Malays? Those who agree with malott can take one way ticket out of Malaysia, dismantle what ever they built, take with them.

  14. Anonymous10:48 am

    Am I bothered with Mallot's criticism? Heck no! Old newspaper. He is merely parroting Anwar. Kesian.

  15. Patriot10:53 am

    To nstman , anyone who is against the good of all Malaysians, is true Malaysian. The 'anyone' would include conmans,liars,homosexuals,omegaman,

  16. bugis Johor10:53 am

    Mr Mallot was born in Ipoh ehh?
    **With a big smile**

  17. rocky oh rocky....:-) gua caya lu!

  18. Add post to Rocky's Bru Classics!

  19. Anonymous11:20 am

    in case he forgets, remind him of Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, Iraq WMD, 911, virtual Palestinian State, Osama assasination

    boy oh boy - a classic case of DOUBLE STANDARDS

  20. Anonymous11:25 am


  21. Kalinda11:43 am

    Poor things! Some so-called Malaysians are so hungry for recognition- even crumbs from this broken record, Mallot will do. A nobody in the U.S. trying to be a somebody here. Just like his buddy Anwar, he kept quiet when he was ambassador and enjoying the perks of his position. Taking the high ground and so self righteous when you no longer have your fancy position. You and Anwar are two peas in a pod alright.

  22. Slyguy11:51 am

    nstman 4.26am

    "lies propagated by UMNO"...cant you be a bit more original? That phrase sounds sooo yesterday. Just like your idol Mallot...."we love you Mr Mallot...." Hahahahahah! Could anyone sound more pathethic?? Dont you have anything better to do during your sahur than to kiss this guy's flabby ass ?

  23. Kudos, bro Rocky. I salute you.
    It's time someone stand up against that melalut Malott.
    He very patronising towards our country, our PM and our Malay institutions.
    Never had anything good to say about us. Trying to be a new imperialist towards us.
    He failed to see the bad in his nation for example the debt crisis. He is what Malays said say gajah di seberang laut nampak, kuman di sebelah mata tak nampak.
    That guy has an agenda to make King Sodomy our PM.
    Sorrylah Malott, that will never happen, try as you might.
    Only Mat Salleh kissers like Din Merican, prof kangkung who proudly calls himself liberal believes you.
    That old man will regard as gospel truth anything that comes from the whites.
    Shameless Malott. And you are a career diplomat at that.
    We don't owe you anything but you had fun working in peaceful Malaysia once upon a time.
    P.S. I tried posting a comment against Malott in Din's blog. Of course he deleted it.
    He will not publish anything against PKR. Only his pak turuts who post nonsense are allowed in his blog.

  24. Anonymous12:55 pm


  25. BIGCAT1:11 pm

    Brown men n women with slave mentality yang Malcom X cakap dulu tu contohnya macam nstman dgn srikanth siva tu la. Kalau pergi negara asal dia orang ni biasalah kita tengok kaum dia org ni menyembah-nyembah tourists org putih. Padahal Mat Salleh tu kat negara dia setakat kerja sapu sampah je. Kat Malaysia ni pun dia org la yg lebih-lebih bangga kalau bergelar anglophile. Melayu macam ni pun ramai juga. Kalau sebut org putih je sikit punya hormat. Nama pun kalau boleh nak yang iras-iras orang putih juga. Bagi glamer. Jati diri Melayu tak main la. Tak fasionable. Yg perasan liberal ni jenis yg macam ni la. Kalau yg whitemen worshippers dari kaum nstman dgn srikanth siva tu jgn cerita lah. Bontot org putih tu kalau kurap pun dia kata cantik dan kalau boleh nak dicium sekali. Apa lah bodohnya dia orang ni. Orang putih tu tak de la hebat mana. Kamu yg jiwa dan minda masih terjajah lagi tu yg buat dia org macam bagus. Sedarlah. Jangan jadi lembu.

  26. Anonymous1:12 pm

    Rocky, read what you just posted, especially the last paragraph about Rais Yatim and how the MSM's and national TVs were owned by the ruling government. Tell us what's your opinion on the issue of "conflict of interest" for the ruling goverment to own national newspapers and TV channels, which happens to be the main source of information dissemination to most Malaysian. And analysize the kind of news and messages these so called government owned information channels have been pounded into the rakyat day-in and day out for umteen years.

    To most right minded Malaysian, they called these "propagandas"

  27. Anon 1.12,

    You must have Googled BBC and read this, no? If you missed it, read again. It seems that the BBC needs a licence to operate and it needs a licence from the Government! Blimey!

    And that Sinn Fein ban, mmm, not part of propaganda(S)?

    Just because your friend Malott says it is so, you don't have to agree blindly. We brown men and gals are no longer stoopid, mate.

    Now, pls read. There's more at BBC wikipedia:

    The BBC operates under a Royal Charter,[5] with the current Charter having come into effect on 1 January 2007 and running until 31 December 2016.[28] The Royal Charter is reviewed every 10 years.
    The 2007 Charter specifies that the mission of the Corporation is to "inform, educate and entertain". It states that the Corporation exists to serve the public interest and to promote its public purposes: sustaining citizenship and civil society, promoting education and learning, stimulating creativity and cultural excellence, representing the UK, its nations, regions and communities, bringing the UK to the world and the world to the UK, helping to deliver to the public the benefit of emerging communications technologies and services, and taking a leading role in the switchover to digital television.
    This Charter also created the largest change in the governance of the Corporation since its inception. It abolished the sometimes controversial governing body, the Board of Governors, and replaced it with the BBC Trust and a formalised Executive Board.
    Under the Royal Charter, the BBC must obtain a licence from the Home Secretary.[6] This license is accompanied by an agreement which sets the terms and conditions under which BBC is allowed to broadcast.[6] It was under this Licence and Agreement (and the Broadcasting Act 1981) that the Sinn Féin broadcast ban from 1988 to 1994 was implemented.[29][30]

  28. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Steady Rocky! Go Rocky go!! Go Go Go!

    Defend sikit your UMNO-BN la. Work a bit la to justify that Datukship ur UMNO master gave u.

  29. Dear Srikanth Siva,

    In your anger, you said the other day you were going to unmask and post comments as yourself and no longer as a profile-less Anonymnous.

    Just to let you know, readers get "Profile Not Available" when they click on your name.

    Thought you might like to do something about that. Cheers

  30. Anonymous1:33 pm

    N the wives of our ambassadors r even more intelligent ...Pro-Christians worship Jose Rizal the Malay infidel. (tweeted by the wife of Malaysian envoy to Manila Dr Ibrahim Saad).

    bro, Jose Rizal is a national hero in this region n not only phil, so who dont u write a strong post on Ibrahim saad n his other half-past-six wife...

  31. Anonymous1:53 pm

    Panjangnya cerita Rockybru buat kali ini ...........

  32. OOh, it hurts doesn't it Big Dog when the world reads and listens to what people like John Malott have to say about the evil regime of the Rosemajibs?

    He does not carte blanche condemn M'sia; only the racism, religious bigotry, dictatorial conduct of certain persons in UMNO/BN and flip-flops which are more and worse than those of AAB

    Do, remember that JM served under at least 3 USA Presidents. So, he's no lightweight and does come with better than average credentials.

    He may be flabby, but not overflowingly obese as you. Liposuction didn't work for you? Pot calling the kettle black, hmm?

    But it does not hurt, does it, when the very same brown man you worship uses our hard earned taxpayers' money to to pay overseas bloggers and USA and Israel based PR companies to the tune of hundreds of million of RM to spindoctor to Malaysians. Zionist bloggers who insult Islam?

    Did you condemn that?

    "In any case, who'd listen to John R. Malott back home, huh? Thats' right ... Nobody."

    Here's the height of denial and ignorance. Check out the Washington Post, MI, MC, Facebook and all the local blogs which carry his utterances. Then you'll have a fair idea of his huge fan base.

    And if nobody listens to JM, what are you worried about then? And that's the type of question we can also pose to Rosemajib and the EC, can't we?

    If all is hunky dory with our election system and administration, then why can't they accede to JM's 4-pointer?

    You can pontificate about iniquities in Singapore (especially the Malays and Muslims there), Burma, Thailand, Israel, Bosnia, any country in the world, but everyone must lay off your hallowed home ground? By what law or logic?

    You make nasty comments about every country? Then expect to get walloped back. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. This is not a game for little boys whose goolies have not descended yet!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  33. Anonymous2:01 pm

    with comments like...

    DAPigs ?

    Projek Khinzir Raksasa ?

    Babi Negara ?

    Man... i love this country, its filled with pigs !!!

    kah! kah! kah!

  34. Anonymous2:21 pm

    who is this mallott? the name mallott sounds like a joker to me.

  35. Anonymous2:32 pm


    pls expect we malaysian will not listen to you. simply because u are an american who live to cheat and lie and kill and destroy. full stop.

  36. Anonymous2:39 pm

    he is an arsehole but then again...

    we have a diplomat wife in manila (lets called her ' kepala-butoh) has been going around insulting their national hero.

  37. Skilgannon10662:49 pm

    Yet the gahmen turns to Uncle Sam (or, more precisely, the US Navy's Pacific fleet) when the big bad wankers throw their weight around the South China Sea!

    And the same gahmen goes, cap in hand, to beg US MNCs to come invest in Malaysia and is actively pursuing membership of the Trans-Pacific Partnership FTA!

    These idiots can presume to condemn Mallot and other parties in the US, but buat bodoh when the gahmen puts out the welcome mat for US investments, skills and talent (never mind that they seem to prefer to base themselves in Hong Kong and Singapore)!

    There's nothing to stop Rais, Rocky, bigdog or whoever from commenting on US domestic politics. Heck, they may even be able to get themselves on the Fox channel being interviewed by the likes of Bill O'Reilly or Sean Hannity or Sarah Palin! Or, if they have the intellectual nous, to contribute op-ed pieces to the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times.

    So, what's stopping them from reversing the flow of alleged "bad mouthing" and interference
    in Malaysian domestic politics?

    Surely, the able and eloquent Malaysian Ambassador to the US, and his more than qualified staff, should be able to open the necessary doors in the US? After all, they should have, by now, built up a whole shebang of contacts in the US gahmen, US lawmakers, CEOs, journalists etc, right?

    And the snide shots about Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay are carefully designed to obscure the fact that the Malaysian gahmen was cheering the US on when it went after Al Quaeda and the Taliban, not to mention Iraq when it invaded Kuwait.

    Better refresh your understanding of history and global political realities!

  38. Madman3:30 pm

    Excellent piece Rocky!! This Mallot guy forgot to look at his own backyard before talking about other people's home. What makes it worse is that some few 'brown' and 'yellow' men hail him as their hero. No wonder they cannot escape the siege mentality, thinking that the mat sallehs are the smarter ones, and we, at best, tanam jagung.

  39. Anonymous3:49 pm

    Masters of all slavery. Yang satu puak pulak, Coolies and Slaves of all the Masters.

    Kecik2 dulu Srikanth Siva and Godfather and NSTman kena kerah duk kipaih dia to sleep... maalum la, dulu2 takder air conditioning.

    Pak depa kena duk angkut tahi dia guna bucket, maalum la dulu takder flush system.

    Before he dies, he desperately would want to taste those glorious days once again.. Elephants never forget.

    he hehe hehehe

  40. Anonymous3:52 pm

    usa this oso no good, usa that oso no good...

    why the fark collect taxes from gambling and send all those moronic kids to usa to stardee ?

    why lokal u no good, ah?

  41. ...The White Man's Burden revisited???

  42. BIGCAT4:05 pm

    Biarlah rocky, kita pun tau that most of the rabid pakatan dogs the likes of srikanth siva r cowardly pussies. They will only dare to reveal their true identity after they r old n useless like bernard khoo or patrick teo. For now they want to enjoy life n benefits of being in the company of those very same ppl they run down anonymously in the cyberworld. That's the MO pun all these while - open a shop in the Malay kampung, put up a friendly face, n when already rich, kencing atas kepala Melayu tu. Kalau Melayu tak sedar juga, tak tau lah aku nak kata apa.

  43. BIGCAT4:21 pm

    Perasan tak korang, posting rocky kali ni tak ada Melayu pakatan hentam. Aku tunggu juga cybertrooper Pas mencelah. Takut agaknya tercium buntut bekas duta USA, penaja Zionist terbesar dunia. Yg menyampuk ada lah paria-paria Skilganon dgn donplaypuky tu. Utk Melayu Pas dan PKR, engko orang tengok la sendiri macam mana Anwar terpaksa bergantung pada Mat Salleh ni untuk dapatkan sokongan. Engko org ingat Mallot ni pedulik ke nasib agama Islam atau masa depan org Melayu. Guna akal la sedara.

  44. Anonymous4:29 pm

    A prediction had persisted among the DAP Christians NeoCon elites, PAS Shiates elites and PKR Republican Socialist elites that a big fat Yankee Doodle would come to Malaysia to restore Anwar as PM.

    ''''My foot

    Salleh Telegu

  45. Anonymous4:42 pm

    bodoh punya mallet!

  46. Charles5:10 pm

    I'm not a BN supporter but I don't trust the likes of Mallot either.

    What does Mallot have to say about the US war on Iraq & Afghanistan, about Israel's suppression and military violence against the Palestinian people and the people of Gaza, etc?

  47. Seolferwulf5:55 pm

    Heh, heh - methinks that perwira is hankering for lost glories - like those that reigned in the heydays of Sriwijaya and Majapahit or in the Riau archipelago.

    It must be a tremendous let down to wake up to regional and global realities, where your own agenda is subservient to the bigger game that the big wankers and their sidekicks are playing.

    Which is why you see all the angst and frustration emanating from the Malaysian versions of the neocons, ultra conservatives and fascists.

  48. Anonymous6:31 pm

    Of course malaya do not need to import talent. they like to keep it within the family. the malakie donkie (self professed soldier turn farmer, built like a pugilist, but actually a skinnie inbreedie, resultie of an unholie liasonie betwie his mummie and grankie)commented in a previous posting that it will do some intensive familial screwing this ramadan. and I thought ramadan is a holy time.ha! one warning, inbreeding keep your kind stupid and you are already stupid enough. have you notice that you look more like your grankie.

    Warrior 123

  49. wow! few true mallot butt lickers here, arent you?
    and this mallot? ballot? shallot? is he sooooo important that we have to all ears up listening to his stupid remarks?
    government doesnt have to take this bait at all.. the majority have spoken for themselves! shoooh! go away you mallet!!

  50. Skilgannon10668:50 pm

    Note how the doughty warrior cleverly diverts attention from regional and global realities to his own interpretation of events, people and things. Positively Machiavellian, if not Clausewitz or Sun Tzu!

    Pitiful, really. But par for the course for Malaysian-style wannabe analysts and pundits!

    But everytime he and his fellow travellers get whacked on realities, they retreat to their make-believe world of maruah and self-fulfilling destiny where their every wish is a command.

    Dream on, and get your ass whupped big time, as Mallot and his fellow Yanks would say.

  51. Mazlan9:06 pm

    I think we need to put everything in perspective.
    By highlighting this you are actually giving Mallot the avenue to make his views known.
    Where are the counterpoints from our respected international 'friends'? And by that I don't mean people like Mugabe.....

    And I think this Mustapha Ong fella is not exactly the sort to bash Mallot. This is the same fella who made an ass of himself during his time as a 'Malaysian diplomat' in US by trying to get a cab driver to make false accusations against Anwar. We had to pull him out asap when the cab driver made a police report about his antics in the US....
    So our Diplomats takde quality lah!!!

  52. man on da street9:18 pm

    Kepada sesiapa warganegara Malaysia yang berasa bangga terhadap matsaleh atau pun sesiapa dari negara asing untuk mencampuri dan menunjuk ajar kita cara untuk mentadbir negara kita sendiri I'd say these nasty words to you guys"F@#K your B*&%$y A@#e H@#e! Are you guys saying that the opposition in this country of our are ball less? Need crutches from abroad, mate? I'm sure most of you who commented sounds like educated and been abroad , yes?So what youve got to say about this Mallot guy's country? Sleeping at kaki lima, living on the dole, makan pet food, dont deny the blacks there are given equal treatment. Even their pendatang haram from Mexico n the southern borders are not treated with equally human rights as they preach to us. What about the "Patriot Act"? . Here , some of you fanatics shout at the six commie loving guys for being detained under the what act? Lets implement what the uncle sam did to their citizens. Eaves dropping on your phone conversations, tracking your spendings. Even at the airports ,such humiliation, maybe their officers could "skodeng" too, I support that for once , just to feel what they feel, and maybe to feel what you guys are gonna feel. Mallot has been thinking that we are brown men's having inferior thoughts toward mat sallehs. We are no injuns man, correct that mistake first in your own country then try to dictate us on how to run our country. Uncle sam meddles in almost every country but never succed in everything, am I right? U know why, its because of their propaganda machines which tell blatant lies of them winning every damn wars they are in!In actual fact look at what happens in Iraq, its a mess, fast forward to Afghanistan, a rifle trotting Taliban with no star war weapons, uncle sam lost and pull out disgracefully. Recently , the CIA boss in Pakistan abandoned his post with a lame excuse" sudden sickness which befall him". Thats what you guys are gonna get with these mat sallehs when it dont work out their way. Even hollywood denies our own heroes in that movie, Black Hawk Down, do you guys know that it is we the Malaysian contingent that is rescuing the jokers!

  53. Anonymous9:51 pm


    Quick question just for you?

    Who invented "THE ANGRY BIRDs" game, currently so popular?

    this fella also use PIGS as targets! You tala dapat global message ker?

    Must be cucu cicit Mallot!

    he hehe hehehe

  54. Anonymous10:06 pm


    Lu ciakap apa sini. Obama manyiak penin sikalang, galu2 kepala, tatau mau pusing2 bayar hutang. Sikit taun sulah mau bengkelap.

    Lu sana pigi kasi tolong sama lia sikit, bole ke?

    he hehe hehehe

  55. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Come on Rocky......compare Malaysian propaganda national papers with BBC is like comparing mosquitos leg with elephant leg, like might and day, with regards to fair reporting.

  56. Anonymous11:07 pm

    Wahhh...so many support rocky bru... Where are the PR cybertroopers ?

    Haha..Mallot...who do you think you are fatso ?

  57. Rocky,

    Thats because I used to have a blog that I deleted. I dont know how else to make it visible now.

  58. Anonymous1:43 am

    U are all of 1 Race, the Pundek Race

    -Tukang perati

  59. 1Malaysian6:08 am

    To those saying they are the '1Race' people...do u think the mat salleh's thinks like u...in front of u, he is saying that, to please u,so that u go against your government... behind u...God knows what they think of us...

  60. BIGCAT9:06 am

    Srikanth Siva, next time jangan posting masa mabok. Konon-konon berani mahu letak identiti sendiri. Don't claim to be so brave when u r actually just a pussy. Those hiding behind nics who called rocky names, I wonder how many of u dare to do so in person. Tak berani buat cara tak berani la.

  61. BIGCAT: I usually dont entertain other comments here because they are what they are.

    Letak nama sebenar pun consider hiding ke? Bigcat tu nama u ke?

    Since when real names have to be linked to a profile? It is what it is.

  62. "U are all of 1 Race, the Pundek Race" Anon 1.43

    Heh, heh, heh! Can't respond with anything better, you 40 years of wasted NEP scumbag product?

    "'1Race' people...do u think the mat salleh's thinks like u...in front of u, he is saying that, to please u,so that u go against your government... behind u...God knows what they think of us..." 1 M'sia 6.08

    Oh, you mean only people like you act in pure fashion or understand the mat salleh? What do you think of flip flop Najib and his lying ways? I'n not against democratically elected Govt, only would-be dictators, thieves, plunderers, racists and religious bigots and their shameless wives!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  63. Skilgannon10665:12 pm

    man on da street 9:18 PM

    When a certain big wanker throws his weight around the South China Sea, who are you gonna call?

    The Malaysian Navy? biganjing, antiwhatever, the warrior-wannabe or the perwira dude?

    Nope, when the chips are down, it's Uncle Sam (aka Mallot's country) that has to ride to the rescue to tell that wanker to behave himself!

    Bladdy hell, not shy one. You wanna whack the US, yet whine for your ass to be covered when the chips are down.


    And that's just for starters.....

  64. Temuljin7:05 pm

    Mallot is as significant as the attention he gets by attempting to reply to his comments.
    Regardless of his letters, let us not stoop so low as to give any credit to him.
    He is best ignored as an irresponsible comment of a diplomat.
    Like advertisements, if it gets our attention, it has made it's point.

  65. man on da street9:25 pm

    Skilgannon1066 said..."And that's just for starters....." So bolocks what are you gonna start? To start with, who is that certain big wankers who is going to roam that south china sea? your uncle named sam maybe?Since before the first word war, some dudes from europe used to dominate the tanah melayu. During world war one, none! So during the second world war ,that europeans absconded from the tanah malayu with its tails between its bollock, then came the japs.So after these world wars, who is is that supposedly big wankers, anyone we know who supposedly preaches democracy and go around gun slingging worlwide, your uncle sam , maybe. Cakap tak serupa bikin! Do not intimidate when that uncle of yours preaches peace ,democracy, or whatever that pleases . Tak habih habih nak bodek , nak mengampu, tak dak kaki sendiri kah wei. With your kind of mentality, when you said " Nope, when the chips are down, it's Uncle Sam (aka Mallot's country) that has to ride to the rescue to tell that wanker to behave himself!" I'd wonder you'd got that bollocks to defend this country which you claim you belongs to!

  66. Anonymous11:57 pm


    No need to send pore me..

    I sand Omega Dolls to service them, all peloblums solved. Ebeliwear people do same wan.

    Haiyaaa.. You seem so excited? Cannot wait or?

    he hehe hehehe

  67. Lancelot1:16 am

    This guy's name should spell mallet 'cos that's what he thinks he is: a fat blob of soft tissue on a long handle used for hitting.

    What he'd done was only to defend a friend, also endowed with a long stick with a soft head.

    Because of the soft tissue at the stick's end some fellows actually feel pleasure from its impact, hence their defence of Mal-a-lot.

  68. Datuk,

    Ini saru drama purba wara bernama 'Kelunsung Peluru Pulang Ke Longkang'. (Masa kat padang tembak, peluru di'tendang' kelua senjata jatuh dan gergolek masuk longkang)

    Anwar tak rasa malu ke bila terpaksa panggil kawan-kawan yg sudah hilang 'nilai' dlm persada dunia...atau mana mana persada sekali pun........

    Din Merican ni kan spent-bullet. Cakap dia mana laku lagi. Jadi, macam bidalan Inggeris: only a spent-bullet knows a spent-bullet!

    DPP ni perangai yg buat org ramai menyampah Keling tak pasal pasal!

    Biasalah, rasa empoweredlah tersangat bila boleh jack sikit Mat Salleh. Praktis yg sama masa ada sedara mara dia dulu dapat jadi kerani dalam estet; kira orang kanan Planter!

    Gah gitu!

    Jangan la kita rasa majoriti akan terpengaruh oleh Anwarista reject cam Malott & Din Merican ni ataupun Answarista-johny-cum-lately cam DPP.

    Ini semua spent bullet. Tindakan org terdesak! Orang YANG TERLAMPAU AMAT TERDESAK!

    Dulu masa Sodomi Azizan dulu, nak panggil TDM sebagai saksi. Sekarang ni Sodomi Saiful nak panggil PM Najib & IGP pencen Musa Hassan. Drama sama, skrip sama, karakter sama. Cuma pembawa watak ja terpaksa tukor!


    Lepas tu nak pujuk seorang lagi spent-bullet cam Ku Li lak utk ganti Anwar bila Al-Liwati Wal Zinatul Chinadul ni merengkok dlm penjara, sakit belakang lagi!

  69. Serious Shepherd8:52 am

    Errr... didn't Hishamuddin bring the FBI for a week-long 'alumni' at Mid Valley last year?

  70. Anonymous10:18 am

    The Philippines can use biometrics because their government still have some credibility and their people still have People Power where as in Malaysia it is the opposite. The government of the Philippines know that the people can change them either by the ballot box or the Peoples Power like they did to the previous Dictator Marcos who thought he was invincible.
    Anyway why spent good money that we don't have on the biometric when by just using the indelible is good enough? Afraid of being labeled a third world country? We are indeed a third world country with a third world leadership.

  71. Anonymous1:56 pm

    day by day... mallot and the PR stooges looked stupid.

    ..or , maybe I'm wrong. They are not looked stupid, but they are.

  72. Seolferwulf5:33 pm

    man on da street 9:25 PM

    You wanna think back to the recent ASEAN Foreign Ministers meeting in Indonesia which was also attended by Hillary Clinton and her counterpart from China?

    As I recall, the Malaysian FM was conspicuous by his silence when issues regarding the South China Sea were discussed. Why, ah - a polite deference to Indonesian FM Marty N? Or a studiedly discreet silence, leaving the heavy lifting to the good ole US of A?

    Bladdy heck, shouldn't Wisma Putra be front and centre in defending Malaysia's legitimate interests in the S China Sea when a certain big bruiser is throwing his weight around?

    Simple enough question, yes? Let's have your simple answers with no ifs, buts or maybes.

  73. man on da street7:24 pm

    Anonynymous said...."The Philippines can use biometrics because their government still have some credibility and their people still have People Power where as in Malaysia it is the opposite. The government of the Philippines know that the people can change them either by the ballot box or the Peoples Power like they did to the previous Dictator Marcos who thought he was invincible......" Yo anon bro ,but can they still solved the ever never ending problems like the so called"Abu Safaf'ssess, or the "so called militants which is still a pain in their ever changing governments arses?, I guess not, do they mate? Thats whats its like being dictated by someone you know you to run a government!Sure from the Marcoses to the Aquinos to their sons ,their daughthers, some fade out actors to same distant cousins , and the lists carries on. Do your homework before you merepek la bro! I would expect you to give some intelligent comments before comparing to some countries other than the Philippines with our country called MALAYSIA. Lets compare economically and the growth of each country. Ptuih to you , nerd! At least we dont export maids and general labour to boost our revenues. What an idiotic fool are you to compare us with that country.Tarantaduka Ulul Gaguyan to you ( In case if you dont know that damning curse in Tagalog _ get your Philipino friends to translate it gor you) Please do your bloody homework.Do not oppose for the sake of opposing. Jikalau nak comment pun , pergi lah sekolah dulu, pastikan anda dah cukup ilmu untuk membandingkan negara orang lain dengan negara MALAYSIA, siut, bahlol!Last words of thoughts, BANGGANG!

  74. Anonymous2:27 am

    yeah dpp

    you should crusade big time against the anti-human rights caste system right

    since you believe so musch in the human race eh

    so how can the untouchables be deprieved of their BASIC human rights, hhmmm

    sigh kalau dah mabok todi inilah akibatnya

  75. Anonymous2:31 am

    hahahahaha skewedmoron

    me thinks you are referring to the red dot being subservient to uncle sam in case abang adek get into a big fight

    poor thing, uncle sam may decide it's not worth coming to red dot's rescue

    - after all, it's just an empty, no rich resource piece of sinking island populated with kiasus topped up with third rate china newly granted citizenships

  76. Anonymous2:39 am

    Okay folks

    when this malott comes on stage - this proves that bersih is now officially bershit

    pity the sponsors for this failed investment

    desperation stage - call on old fren to chip in 2 sen's worth

    what a bunch of pathetic wannabes, supported by broken record cybertroopers with jaded slogans

    yawnnnn super boring

  77. Serious Shepherd8:07 am

    The Filipinos did not start with biometrics. They started with street demos against an unfair election under the Marcos regime, and put a leader who had "no experience in cheating, lying to the public, stealing government money, and killing political opponents."

    Of course Marcos would not implement indelible ink or biometrics, since turtles can't carry ICs and indelible ink would be visible on turtles.

    I remember watching the documentary of Cory where her supporters actually made a long human chain for the passage of a single ballot box.

  78. Anonymous11:44 am

    Your comment on the mediocracy of some diplomats viz their understanding of biometrics and your related reference to use of biometrics in India for their National Census.

    Surely an average mind would be able to tell the difference between the use of Biometrics in a census versus its use in an elections?

  79. Seolferwulf3:36 pm

    man on da street

    You mean Malaysia is not exporting unskilled labour?

    Go stand at the JB end of the Causeway mornings and watch the mass movement of Malaysian-registered motorbikes to Singapore.

    anti whatever

    Your favorite bogey boy, eh - the little red dot? Being a non-claimant in the S China Sea has such a nice ring to it, don't you think?

    Unlike the Wisma Putra dudes and dudettes who still haven't worked out how to deal with the big wanker without a demeaning call for the other big wanker, technically bankrupt though it may be, to get involved?

    Hey, hey - can insult the good ole US of A, but when it comes to saving your ass from the fire, make nice nice and pretty please make port calls at Port Klang!


  80. Salam Datuk,

    I had wanted to comment on the meddler but was in the midst of an article which I have just posted.


    For all those Malott fanboys and girls, I pose this question to the meddler,

    Mr Malott meddler extraordinaire, can you please explain to all Malaysians, whom you care so much about, why you support Ed Royce, an American Congressman shown to be anti-Islamic and a war monger?

    Thank you

  81. Anonymous3:07 pm


    Go advice Mallot go home to USA and help solve HIS COUNTRY'S debt problems la..

    You aloso, fast fast go help, after, all your investments there no value sum more, die wan like dat!

    he hehe hehehe

  82. Skilgannon10666:03 pm

    oi, perwira

    No worries, dude. I checked with my trusty mamak money changer in The Arcade in Singapore's Raffles Place and was told that my US$ and Sing $ are worth RM3.00 and RM2.45 respectively.

    There's a lot of mileage left in them ole dogs yet! The days of a 1-to-1 par are still a long ways off.

    Now to mosey on to see my private bankers at Citi, Julius Baer and Credit Suisse!

    Bwa ha ha.

  83. Anonymous1:52 pm

    Well, well.. ada je org nak sibuk jaga tepi kain org. ada share dgn bontot la tu...