Tuesday, August 02, 2011

16 million thanks, my Little Chinese Concoction

It's ambitious, I know, but I feel compelled to start this new blog, Little Chinese Concoction Bru, named after my kampung Ramuan China Kecil. It's a fantastic name.. There are many Ramuans and Soloks in Melaka, and then there is Lubok (China), the town nearest my village. But the new blog is not about Melaka. I want to dedicate it to opinion pieces and editorials churned out daily by the Chinese mainstream media in this country. Translated into Bahasa Indonesia/Melayu, of course. 

16 million unique visitors. I would like to take this opportunity also to thank you, my Dear Readers, for another million on my Stat Counter. 


  1. Gong Xi Datuk! 恭喜 恭喜

  2. Congratulations bro!

  3. Anonymous7:05 pm

    no big deal lah bro.Some things Will get lost in translation. It'll only be fantastic,a real treat and a wonderment if these editorials can actually write fluently in Bahasa to express their ideas and opinions in line with the local lingo and lengang lengok, mental processes. Be careful chinese concoctions can be highly toxic as they are laden with mercury beb. Ko pula sebuk buat kerja depa??

  4. Well congrats Dato XD n gud luck on the new project . Proud to one of those 16m XD

  5. Anonymous8:37 pm

    congrats dato,

    a red volvo with 16,250,000 miles and counting on the meter just zoom past and now a speck ahead. the license plate "TKR TIUB"

    how much did he pay jpj trengganu for that? :)

  6. Anonymous8:37 pm


    That would be a great contribution to the nation's political discourse.

    On another note, and not to bag on too much on my Chinese neighbours, some of my Mat Salleh friends have asked my why Chinese people always talk shit about Malays to the expat community. I'd love to know exactly what their main newspapers are saying. In case I have to refute such allegations :)

  7. Great Rocky. Looking forward to some human interest stories from your kampung. Every town has interesting characters worth writing about.
    I think Little Chinese Brew sounds better.
    After all ramuan is brew in Malay.

  8. Awesome Bro! Congratulations.

  9. Anonymous12:48 am


    cheers to nenek!

  10. Dear Bedul,
    I think I'll take up your brew. Thank you.

  11. Anonymous8:01 am

    Laa, Worghih ruponyo, den asal Solok Duku, Mesejid Tanah. Sebolah abah den Solok Terubok, pun kat Mesejid Tanah, ado la cino kat kampung den, orghang panggil Cino Pio yo, tah idup laie ko dah tak ado, Arwah atuk den pun cino yo, Wo Lasim namonyo, lahir kat Hainan, orghang kato la, mano den tau boto ko tak, bolom lahir laie maso tu.


  12. Congrats bro on this new platform to allow many other voices to be heard. But u can't have a Chinese true brew without a chinese, so I'm here for u-the first Chinese to join in?

  13. Bedul9:38 am

    Thank you. Way to go bro bru.

  14. Anonymous11:55 am

    now we'll see who is the real racist

  15. Andrew Gopal12:24 pm

    Tahniah Datuk. All the best.

  16. Anonymous2:43 pm

    memang tak tinggal dah nama melayu kat negeri si kecil kelemboi tu

  17. Mustapha Ong6:44 am


    It's long overdue and I share your vision to say what should be said about our Chinese BN supporters so that MCA will not be regarded as a political party "without guts or balls" by the English educated Chinese.

    I have been following some of the mainstream Chinese media and I honestly think that some of the tabloids are better focused in highlighting some of the real issues that are being confronted by the Chinese voters. Although we know that the urban Chinese also involved in syndicated gambling of their votes during the polls.

    It is not easy to understand the mentality of the Chinese, especially the urban ones although the rural and kampung Chinese are still supporting BN. The urban Chinese have their own agenda to pressure the BN government with their agenda in pursuance of their education,cultural,citizenship woes and other business issues, whereas the rural Chinese are more concerned about uplifting their livelihood and getting government help in developing better agricultural and marketing facilities for their products. They are not interested what DAP, PKR and PAS could do for them even if they come into power.They are the tru BN loyalists.

    Three cheers to your new playground and hopefully it's not "hangat-hangat tahi ayam aje". Maybe you should change it to "Rocky's bru Cina alternatif".

  18. bro,
    saya dari ramuan china besar..