Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kini vs Tony, featuring Susan Loone, Helen Ang and a bit of Marina M

It all started when Lilian Chan wrote on Twitter on June 29:
 I think all Christians shud march for all the persecution they had done to us and our Lord.

MKini unleashes Loone on Tony
Lilian Chan may be your typical housewife, but she is also part of Lim Guan Eng's communications outfit, according to records, and if that's true whatever she says in public domain will be and should be subject to scrutiny, like it or not. Tony Yew, in KL, did not know Lilian Chan but came across her tweet and must have felt very strongly against it. Being a peace-loving Christian and a staunch Malaysian, he lodged a police report against the author of the tweet. 

Some people openly supported him, others condemned Tony. Malaysiakini, the not-pro-(BN)government news portal, has now unleashed Susan Loone, whose tunes I remember oh so well. (Those who founded the National Alliance of Bloggers or All-Blogs in 2007 after the defamation suit against me and (now MP) Jeff Ooi would also remember Mr Loone oh so well).
Read Tony's Malaysiakini and Susan Loone.

Malaysiakini's interest in Tony Yew may go beyond the Lilian Chan's issue. Tony on July 27 had written the probing article Follow the Money, which seems to be a start to a series on who & what Malaysiakini really is. Can't blame anyone who suspects that Malaysiakini had sent Loone after Yew because of what Yew has written about the news portal.
Tony's piece on Malaysiakini may have rattled some

So where does Helen Ang come in? 

On her own blog Reboot Your Thinking (finally!)*, Helen posts Chan Lilian in trouble over her Christianity actually (July 29). Her article has gotten a lot of flak from DAP cybertroopers as she attempts to interpret some of Lilian Chan's boss's thoughts on Christian/Buddhists vs Malay/Muslims. 

Ah, thanks Helen, I can see Guan Eng clearly now!

* Helen Ang was guest-writing on other people's blogs before this. You may remember her July 2008 no-holds-barred take on Marina Mahathir at Haris Ibrahim's blog h e r e

p.s. There's a police report against Lilian Chan and the cops must investigate. I mean, I'd like to know if Chan's boss Guan Eng had anything to do with the tweet. But I am of the opinion that seizing our laptops and computers - and keeping them for good - to assist with the investigation is total bullshit. The police and the MCMC must return the laptop or computer intact as soon as they are done with it.  Please respect the people's property.  


  1. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Lillian Chan, Susan Loone, Marina Mahathir, Haris, Mkini, all so irrelevant. So much irrelevance in this country.

  2. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Tony Yew,

    Do not worry. We are all behind you. Tell us what to do. Financial Help? Legal? Or would you like that we pool down our resources, gather some facts and points and share them with you? Anything at all Bro.

    And this has nothing to do with UMNO or BN or whatever. You see true-blue patriots irrespective or malay or chinese or indians becoming fodder for the semi-communistic, underworld-embracing pigs, we should all be there to help out.

    We will mobilize our cybertroopers to hit at this Loony lady until she wont be able to know what hit her! I mean digitally speaking laa!

    Warrior 419 of 4096

  3. Anonymous5:51 pm

    Tony yew grow up

  4. Homophobic6:06 pm

    I can't comment on Tony's page because I don't have a Google or OpenID account.

    Funny that there are so many Malaysian netizens whose minds are deeply corrupted and polluted by politics that they have no more brain cells worth to live and think.

    While Tony's intention only known to him and the almighty God (whatever you may call Him), isn't it's basic 101 that it is Tony's blog? He can write what he wants (within the law, of course) - heck, he can even write about poops and killer dogs and strawberries and what-do-you-care stuff.

    But, no. Some morons chose to chastise him for what he preaches - which is peace. If he writes things that against Opposition's interest, you label him Najib's dog. If he writes things by criticising BN's policies, you adulate him and regard him as a brave man who speak against oppression, a lion-heart that fits a warrior etc.

    And some even criticise him for not making police report against Ibrahim Ali! This is the biggest joke - why should you care about some wannabe politician whose moronic views only to put himself in the headlines? It's easy to see why Tony distance himself from that man Ibrahim - to not share the wrong spotlight. To these people I would say, "Why don't you make a police report against your parents, because they gave birth to you, who grew up only to be a moron?'". Harsh, but true.

    Come on, these so called "I'm-holier-than-thou-because-I-joined-BERSIH-and-supports-Malaysiakini" attitude just highlight your level of mentality. Third class, that is.

    It's time to grow up and embrace differences. Otherwise, our country is doomed if populated by people like you guys.

  5. Anonymous8:15 pm

    I am naming my pet snake Tony yew

  6. Anonymous9:34 pm

    things are getting really complicated nowadays... OMG!

  7. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Nothing new in history.

    Judas is everywhere for a few gold coins.

    And Malaysia has just seen recently 2 Judas in action.

  8. Anonymous10:48 pm

    Who cares about DAP and Msiakini. They bunch of losers....

    Itu milaka mali punya ah beng aaa manyak kali sulah kantoi lorrr

  9. Anonymous11:26 pm

    Power to Tony Yew!!

  10. Much is being made of who Lillian works for while scurillous bloggers of suspect motives try to make an association with Lim Guan Eng, Chief Minister of Penang.

    Equally it would be useful AND interesting to know who Tony Yew works for and who pays his salary.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  11. Did Tony claimed that he accidentally found the tweet? Across the million tweets and a privacy setting that is made personal, Tony said that he just saw it?

    We know your relationship with Tony and with government as well. Please ROcky, your pretense is quite appalling.

  12. Anonymous12:43 am

    Helen Ang: "Chinese, Indians are UNCOMPETITIVE useless buggers, implies DAP"

    So which is it then? Is the DAP-led government of Penang neglecting the Malays or neglecting the Chinese? Can Umno and MCA please agree on this? Can we also hear whether MIC agrees with HINDRAF that it is actually the Indian Hindus who are the ones being neglected or does MIC want to contradict HINDRAF and declare that the Indian Hindus are being well looked after and are very happy, thank you very much?

    Yes, we wonder why UMNO/Utusan/Perkasa saying DAP is sidelining Malays in favor of Chinese while MCA/Star/Helen Ang is saying opposite (sidelining Chinese in favor of Malay). Can be consistent or not?

    Warrior 2649 of 2635823

  13. Anonymous3:27 am

    For starters, this is how the so-called Malaysian Tahrir Square Bersih caper will eventually pan out:


    As Observer sagaciously pointed out three posts ago non-partisan proponents of BN's overthrow should seriously contemplate the fact that the Malaysian Tahrir Square being ostensibly peopled by selfstyled Islamist modernists and democratic liberals is in actuality an agglomeration of Muslim and Christian deviationist and heretical extremists masquerading as enlightened reformists. When the moment comes, the charade will dissipate and the real fangs of the so-called liberal wolf will bare itself as evident in the above instance in Egypt. Then who is to say that my postulation of social anarchy along racial and religious sectarian divides will not materialise. Guess Marina and her bourgeois friends will have many peaceful strolls through the Malaysian socio-political landscape then.

    Only the stupid would be self-delusional enough to be in denial of this emerging reality.
    And Marina is obviously reveling in that delusion thus affirming her stupidity and naivete in supporting people like Anwhore Ambiga, Lilian, Sabu, et al The Malaysian governments cockless dropping of the Commie charges against the PSM, the absence of any action against Ambiga Sreenivasan and her coterie of selfserving bastards and the leniency shown against the heretical Wahabbi sect will only embolden extremists from the Chrsitian, Muslim and Communist lunatic fringe to up the ante. It also implicitly suggests that the government has capitulated to political anarchists and is willing to sacrifice public order and peace for the sake of spinelessly "populist" measures. Maybe Najib is blasely unaware of the repurcussions but what Hisham and Najib's close confidantes are doing is tunneling a sinkhole under his premiership so that the najib era will be speedily swallowed by history. Talk about Trojans........hahahahahaha. What a stupid donkey Najib is turning out to be!!

    Warrior 231

  14. Anonymous4:12 am

    Does anyone know where Tony yew live?

  15. Danny Lo7:26 am

    Read this letter and it will show why Tony's police reporting is despicable; shred to pieces all the juxtaposes of Helen Ang; and RockyBru is out doing what he did best again: spinning.

    From Twitter Help Cenrer:

    There is no way you could just happened to bump into a protected tweet. It is not on public domain, it can only be seen by those granted access, it cannot be retweeted as claim by Tony Yew, and it cannot even be searched.

    Lilian's tweet is protected and can easily be verify by searching the hashtag #yewdas on twitter.

  16. Anonymous9:11 am

    Anonymous 8:15 - And my pet pig, Susan Loone!

    Anonymous 9:42 - I know what you mean, Bro. But what can be said about Guan Eng and Kit Siang that haven't been said before? And the Judas comparison: oh you are too kind!

    One-Race Pundek:-- Let's see now. There's a 50% probability that Tony Yew works for the government, and 50% probability he works for government haters. But there's a 100% probability that the Chan lady works for government haters. How fare we if pitched against such truth-scenario as opposed to 50-50% guess? And oh yes, who do YOU work for, pundek bhai?

    Amoker 12:25: "Across the million tweets and a privacy setting that is made personal, Tony said that he just saw it?". Nope. The treacherous, treasonous call-for-arms and invitation-for-crusade-and-holy-war terroristic tweet had been in display in the web several days before. Rocky was the last to show it, and Tony Yew certainly wasn't the first. Which part of THAT was it that you intended to spin?

    Anonymous 12:43: "Yes, we wonder why UMNO/Utusan/Perkasa saying DAP is sidelining Malays in favor of Chinese while MCA/Star/Helen Ang is saying opposite (sidelining Chinese in favor of Malay). Can be consistent or not?"

    Sure. Simple one. UMNO/UtusanMalaysia/Perkasa says DAP UMNO sidelining Malays in favour of Chinese is TRUE, looking at how Guan Eng is slowwwwwwwwly eroding malay presence by building chinese colleges in balik Pulau, and fixing a bottom-line exorbitant pricing for houses in Penang so that Malays can sloowwwwwwwwly be removed from said Island.

    Helen Ang saying that Chinese been sidelined in favour of malays is also true WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF THE GREEDY, GLUTTONOUS DAP CHINESE psyche: That is, they want MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE and MORE and nothing is enough for them.

    See folks? Whenever I stop chewing my sireh leaves and concentrate on things, the qualms of these tamak folks are soooo easy to demolish and their lies get seen sooooo very easily. And I haven't even begun to THINK yet.

    Now where's that Pinang Nut and kapor paste.

    Warrior 2635822 of 2635823

  17. Anonymous9:40 am

    Aiya! this Fcuking Tony Tiew goes a long way.....Ask his friends if he has any good one Standing!They used their Xristian name as a rouse and he has been conning you bloggers a used vinyl record and bang you on the top and flip side...You get the drift...
    like amoker [12.25am] said too good to be true...This coward motherfcuker is trying to be a hatchet man but cannot do it right...

  18. Badut Nasional11:03 am

    My vote was long decided long ago before this tweet! I too will convince my fellow brothers and sisters... Tony Yew, chew on this!!!

  19. Those were fun years11:31 am


    Looks like Malaysiakini has unleashed the "Loony Tune" blogger on you.

    Remembered when she went loony some years back.

    She dedicate more than 50 postings on Altantunya and Najib.

    But no worry, Tony, after more than 50 postings, there was nothing worthy and admissable in court.

    Only proves she is of no substance and main wayang.

    No wonder PKN didn't allow her run for election and after her Bangkok stinct, she is only a reporter of a compulsively lying news portal.

    She is nothing to worry about.

    For the fun of it, let's play spot Susan Loone spin, Tony

  20. Anonymous11:42 am

    How much were you paid to be the new President of the Malaysian New Media or something association?

    Whose money is it? Rakyat again to prop you up and your fellow bloghouse committee members?

    How disgusting!

  21. Salam Datuk,

    Wishing you a happy bulan berpuasa.

    Thank you

  22. Anonymous1:08 pm

    this fofo loony toon is fcuking racist just like that mofo jeffer ooi - "i care for my kind ......". i just hate visiting their blogs.

    these culprits are just sickos, wait till next pru, we'll send him back to shah alam from jelutong!

  23. Anonymous1:37 pm

    She was blogging , she was just saying what's in her mind, and what the hell is wrong with having a peaceful march ?

    Same, what the hell is wrong with Bersih and other Hindraf movements ?

    UMNO bloggers or whatever racist Ibrahim said were being published everywhere, dun tell me you did not come across any of those ~ yet chose to made a police report against Chan's note ? What is wrong with Chan's remark ? Did she asked Malaysian to hate each other ? Did she asked Christian to fight against Muslim or Buddhism ? No ! Then what is wrong ?

    My guess is, you are only trying to use this as an opportunity to create fears among the mushrooming anti BN bloggers. Shame on you !

  24. Anonymous1:52 pm

    Tony Yew's replies to Susan Loone of Malaysiakini is a heap of trash/lies, here's why:

    1. Why make police report?
    I am a peace loving Malaysian. I made the report after my request for her to retract her tweet on 'getting christians to march for persecution against the lord' was ignored.

    **Lillian tweeted back asking you for more info, you did not respond.
    By writing that she "ignored" your request, you told a lie

    2.What u got against Lilian ?
    I have nothing against her until her tweet. Incitement using the Catholic faith as an excuse is one thing I will not stand by as a Catholic.

    **You are being wishy washy, using your Catholic faith as a cover up. You never explain what is incitement. By whose standards? By what section of the Malaysian Law ? You mislead and misrepresent. Maybe you are simply ignorant of the Law. You are thus foolhardy and untrusworthy

    3.How u r the secretary of Blog House (an organisation set up to support bloggers) yet go after another blogger?
    This has nothing to do with Blog House.

    **Why nothing to do with Blog House ? Blog House is set up to look after the interest & independence of Malaysian Blogs & New Media. As Secretary how can you say this has nothing to do with Blog House? Another blatant lie !

    4.How can Blog House be a credible representative of the new media as proposed by the media council if it appears (perception is everything) to be intolerant of free speech?
    Again nothing to do with Blog House. Funny she mentioned about tolerance and free speech. Does the Chief Minister tolerate staff members who incite in the name of religion? Free speech is sharing thoughts, not incitement.

    **What has your police report against Lillian Chan anything to do with the Chief Minister ? You are intentionally clouding the issue. Your mind is either muddled up or you are being evasive. Your last sentence here "free speech is sharing thoughts, not incitement" appears incoherent to the question posed

    5.Do you regret the problem you seem to have caused (especially that Lilian's iMac has been siezed)
    Its not my concern whether the police want to confiscate her equipment. As it happened before to people I kbow, I wouldn't want to wish it on others. I am more interested to know that people who threaten the peace of the nation do not cause any more damage they have already done.

    **You seem to imply/slander that Lillian has done damage to the peace of the nation, how so you din elaborate. You could be sued soon for slander or making a false report, so beware

    6.Isn't 'thinking' allowed in Malaysia? Chan Lilian said her tweets was merely her thoughts.
    Do you honestly think that? Thinking not allowed in Malaysia? If its her thoughts, then I am sure the AG will not charge her, so no problem.

    **Why be so presumptive and bring in the AG ? Another example of your incorrigible evasiveness and lack of coherence

    7.Whats your brief take on Allah issue, do you think this not a form of persecution on Christians in Malaysia?
    More important for the bishop to answer that question. My appointment with him did not materialise. It does seem that there are quarters bent on making this an issue though it was never one to me. Tuhan, God, Jesus works fine for me. In Malaysia (and being bilingual in Malay and English, Arabic does nothing for me)

    **U push problem to the Bishop. The Allah problem is never a problem to you you say, so are you saying if something is not a problem to you, everybody should just shut up ? Then again why suddenly so responsible so conscientious and so worried that Lillian Chan's tweets will incite the people ?

    I have proven in my analysis to Tony's 7 responses above that his Police Report against Lillian has a secret(hidden) agenda and has nothing to do with the peace of the nation, and that by and large Tony Yew is a serial liar !

    Lucky Zorro you are no more with him !

    NLChan aka NHChan13

  25. "And oh yes, who do YOU work for?"Warrior 2635822 of 2635823.

    For myself. Have done so for many, many years.

    And you, racist scumbag? Gaji Buta on Govt handouts? 67% probability.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  26. Bedul4:49 pm

    Helen Ang kangkang, Susan the looney, Tony eweeeee should all be shipped to their original homeland -Tongsan.
    Malaysia will be a better place without them.

  27. "Let's see now. There's a 50% probability that Tony Yew works for the government, and 50% probability he works for government haters." Warrior 2635822 of 2635823

    Shows how pathetically uninformed you are.

    Anyone who is even a average blogger and has mixed around knows exactly who employs and pays TY and with what agenda in mind. Just ask folks at Blog House.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

  28. Sally5:54 pm

    Datuk Tony Yew....hmmmm...sounds good!

  29. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Warrior - can you crawl back into the dark hole? You wasted sperm

  30. Didnt know the christians in malaysia are as lunatic and delusional as the muslims in terms of "oh everyones out to get us" and "if ur against our mainstream belief/ideas then ur not part of our faith"

    Oh Religion, u dawg u! U managed to screw everyone! (pun intended)

  31. Anonymous9:26 pm

    UMNO says Malay in Penang is being oppressed (read: Umno Kelas F konterekter)

    MCA say Chinese in Penang is being oppressed because some Chinese (read: MCA alibaba konterektor) didn't get projek

    LOL, Utusan, Khairi and Pekasam sure buat bising at MCA for contradicting the UMNO Official Stance. Maybe not Brahim Ali... he is MIA since his MIA on July 9

  32. Warrior 2635822 of 2635823 wrote:

    "UMMNO/UtusanMalaysia/Perkasa says DAP UMNO sidelining Malays in favour of Chinese is TRUE, looking at how Guan Eng is slowwwwwwwwly eroding malay presence by building chinese colleges in balik Pulau, and fixing a bottom-line exorbitant pricing for houses in Penang so that Malays can sloowwwwwwwwly be removed from said Island."

    I don't know about you guys but it is eerily looking like "ethnic cleansing" by means other than the barrel of a gun.

  33. Anonymous11:30 am

    anon @ 6:09 PM

    eat ur heart out, we LOVE warrior

  34. Anonymous11:31 am

    dpp has just recovered the use of his fingers

  35. Anonymous1:45 am

    Part 1

    It would not do to play the lout especially when you know Muslims the globe over are observing Ramadhan. Be that as it may, the fact that you choose to crawl out of your catacombs at conveniently the right time is no mere coincidence, isn't it? Now if you were to be objective (which you are patently incapable of), you would note that the tweet by Lilian was clearly incendiary when viewed within its proper context:

    1 The content of the tweet itself reeks of instigation to revolt replete in the word "march". Now placing 'march' within the spatial and temporal contexts of that tweet, the implications are clear. Issued roughly ten days before a scheduled "march", the insinuations of that tweet should be obvious even to a mentally deficient twit like your good-self. Pray, what other march is Lilian referring to than the one planned by a political whore at the behest of her arsehunting pimp in the service of his Chingkie paramours.

    2. The wider sociospatial circumstances prevailing at the time that tweet warbled itself over cyberspace should not be ignored too. And pray, what was that? A Malaysia on tenterhooks confronting a meltdown fired by religious and sectarian tumult brought about by a small minority of Christian, Muslim and Socialist/Communist anarchists invoking a non-issue of little or no consequence under the hypocritical and purely "self-ironical" banners of "BERSIH". Viewed from this perspective, the exhortation to Christians to march was clearly instigatory as Lilian was cajoling her fellow Christian extremists to march (probably goaded by her political master lurking behind a veil of nonchalant disinterest*).
    * a faked stance to mask the fact that Chingkie Christian extremists were the brains behind the whole thing.

    3. The circumstantial evidence is overwhelming as to what Lilian was implying at is evident here:
    Aint the article affirms the obvious? BERSIH was vacuumed outta a bunghole into public view by them Christians

    Warrior 231

  36. Anonymous1:53 am

    Part 2
    4. Finally, what persecution is Lilian humourously hinting at? I say humourous cos lilian's use of persecution would have elicited laughter for being a lame attempt at ribaldry had the tweet not been issued in the midst of a volatile situation. Persecution by whom or What? Are permitting the free celebration of Christmas, the bacchanalia-like cavorting during St Anne's feast, the quasi-sexual conviviality coating Lent and Easter and the pseudo-cannibalistic undertones of the Eucharist constitute persecution. Pray, is persecution ala Nero and the Romans or even Pilate and Herod, the order of the day when pop-rock blasts out from packed halls in shophouses where headbanging Charismatics sway their madness in unison. Is it persecution when A hippie obsessed Chrsito freak cult illegally and brazenly expropriates the sacrosanct Logos of a rational, moderate, life affirming and death snactifying religion for all mankind, Christo faggots included. Is it persecution when catechism and inqusition, saturdaynights of bawdy revelry and sundaymorn schools of contrite repentance, caroling and carousing are allowed freely to walk hand in hand down the garden path to hell?

    In all instances, an effete government has been pretty tolerant of a demanding and pushy cult bent on hegemonising religious discourse in a Muslim country. In fact, such has been the tolerance for not only has the holy kalimah of Allah been allowed to besmirched but even the sense of justice and fairplay of Malaysian judiciary been graphically raped to succour the followers of Satan's sacrificial Lamb. Making this up? No, where was Ambiga, Lilian, Haris not to mention the Pakatan political scumbags when two Chingkie boys walk away scot-free after desecrating a Malay surau with beer and hog meat in Sikamat while two Malays boys end up in the slammer for purpotedly torching a church in PJ on evidence as flimsy as Mary's loincloth when Satan in the guise of Joseph shagged her in the manger; a lusty pair of braying donkeys releasing their pent-up sexual angst to seek their orgasmic epiphanies under a Bethlehem eclipse. Heck no, you better not raise that, damn Warrior

    In the end, Lilian, Susan, maybe Marina and ultimately Betty, Teresa , Hanna all boil down to their bones in the simmering pot of public opinion as nothing more than preachy pontificating pariahs of podsnappery. At least, Tony is blessed with some grey matter between them earlobes to comprehend the brouhaha with calm equanimity which says a lot about the political whores-doesn’t it?- for the women have theirs hanging like some hidden shrivelled withered, shrunken piece of filthy chancred zucchini firmly wedged in them dark slimy folds of fat between their cellulite speckled thunder thighs. And you certainly are n good company with them naturespayed whores, DPP!

    Warrior 231