Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A slip, or something more sinister, Kompas?

The "strange apology" by a respected newspaper
Ring their bell. Indonesians are very proud of their new-found freedom of the Press. Therefore, Kompas' apology to Najib Razak and family injures that pride, and injures it badly, not least because Kompas is (was?) "the most respected newspaper in the land ... has the highest circulation ... is very conservative and very careful about what it writes, so much so that sometimes its readers have to wade through lots of ho-ing and humming just to get at the meat of a story".

Worse still for the proud Indonesian is the not knowing if it was a screw-up or a cover up on the part of Kompas journalists, or something more sinister involving others.

When I chanced upon YB Khairy's twitter on the Kompas apology, he taunting Anwar Ibrahim's supporters for their silence on the matter, I quickly contacted blogger Unspun, a former colleague at the Star in PJ from another time, to check if it was true. Ong alerted me of his posting yesterday, As always, he sums it up nicely, calling Kompas' apology "a strange apology".

What's really bizarre, though, is the decision by the Kompas' editors to publish the Aug 4 article in the first place.

If this had happened in New Straits Times, heads would have been on the chopping block. But in Indonesia where we believed there was Press freedom, they are all  "left wondering how it came about that the most respected publication in the country could have fumbled so badly, apologized so strangely and what sort of checks and balances it exercises to ensure that people are not the victims of misreporting?"

Read the entire Kompas' strange apology to Malaysian PM Najib Razak

The interview with Najib Razak


  1. Anonymous6:03 am

    Laporan dari pihak Intel mereka mengatakan berita mengenai CINCIN adalah satu operasi misinformasi dari DSAI yang tidak boleh lagi dipertahankan kerana mereka kini sudah tahu pembekal maklumat tersebut akan masuk ke Sg Buloh dan akan menjadi liabiliti kepada mereka.Maka cepat cepat mereka mengubah laluan sokongan supaya suasana public Diplomacy antara Malindo menjadi normal.

  2. Rasputin Beliong7:08 am

    Mana mohon maafnya? Terselit di celah-celah interview tentang hal lain. Aku nampak macam lepas batuk di tangga. Tak sincere langsung. Strange bin hairan.

  3. Charles F Moreira9:30 am

    Nah! Nothing to wonder about.

    As you should know, editorial screening is never airtight and once in a shile something slips past.

    Of course, when the shit hits the fan, the paper has to apologises.

    BTW. Reme Ahmad mentioned the lower income group in Indonesia saying that things were better under Soeharto.

    I guess democracy, free speech and press freedom aren't that much fun on an empty stomach.

    India is a model of democracy and freedom in Asia but more people there have a mobile phone than they have access to a toilet. Note "access to"

    Also, corruption and civil service inefficiency is still rampant, despite Westminster-style democracy, free speech, free press, etc.

  4. Bedul9:45 am

    It was a deliberate slip (sic).Kompas has lost its moral compass!
    Siapa lagilah master puppet siaran Kompas tu klau tak si anu-- tu.
    Orang tu dan kuncunya Bard tu mati hidup balik takkan apologize.
    Dialah bawa mulut ke luar negeri, memburukkan pemimpin dan negara kita.
    Tapi nak juga menjadi PM kita walaupun sehari. Traitor of the highest order. Shameless.
    Semalam bekas orang dia cakap di TV3, diamond tu ditempah oleh future in-law PM, Maira.
    So why must our PM and wife be made guilty by association.
    Wah si Jin (oops Din) Merekakan (oops Merican) dan kuncu-kuncunya senyap sunyi ya.
    Blog dia asyik mengampu dan memuji-memuja Indonesia dan Singa-pork kononnya terbaik dari segi ekonomi, politik tak rasuah dan press freedom. Says who??
    I am just tired of us(people like Rais)forever kow-towing to Indonesia like they are big brother.
    Bendera demo and maid abuse etc always Mr Burning Bridge is being conciliatory and an apologist.
    Kita adakan program serumpun lah, panggil journalist dia orang datang sinilah dan mengadakan berbagai program siri on TV to please the Indons in the spirit of setiakawan.
    We should put a stop to this.
    Adakah Indonesia lebih maju daripada kita jika ramai warganya menjadi babu dan pemanjat bangunan?
    Tak gunalah bangga dengan status G-20 kalau orang anda melarat dan terpaksa cari makan di luar negara.

  5. Anonymous10:04 am

    A TS who attended the Daughter's kenduri gave a low down of the ceremony esp the gifts to the family which include canary yellow diamondss, 4 Merc and a Bentley. Somebody asked 'How come they are so rich?' The TS laughingly replied, 'Probably some Russian Mafia connection.'

    And this was weeks before the Kompas story.

    Malaysia Boleh!

  6. Anonymous12:05 pm

    najib, why not sue all these fuckatan team yg suka tipu sana sini sampai bankrap? then, duit menang saman tue bulih bayar subsidi beras rakyat miskin. pasti rakyata suka sangat2.

  7. Kompas free?

    Or has it been part of US stage management ever since it founding? We see parallels in Libya. So, why should it now not be an instrument of regime change in Malaysia?

    Has not Najib, like Sukarno, Ghadafi, and Tun Razak before him tried to assert an independent line.

    Find some one without morals and replace Najib.

    My hypothesis. He he!

  8. BIGCAT12:38 pm

    Apa lah engkau tak puas hati sangat kat paper Indonesia tu Rocky? kat Malaysia ni pun suratkhabar jual juadah babi kat orang Islam untuk buka puasa boleh lepas gitu je. Mintak maaf apa patut lepas tu business as usual. Cuba engko seligi sikit Wong Chun Wai tu. Tanya dia berapa heads rolling off the chopping block kat Star hari tu? Kalau supplement editor kena suspended dua tiga hari tu apa nak heran. Gaji jalan juga.

  9. Anonymous8:06 pm

    Najib should do what LKY would have done.

    Sue KOMPAS to kingdom come and then personally distribute the proceeds of the suit to the poor in their capital city, Jakarta.

    Never trust the Javanese!!!!!!


  10. Anonymous9:06 pm

    Are you serious about the bit where heads would roll if this happened in NST ? My toes are laughing already

  11. Anonymous10:13 pm

    If in Malaysia heads would have rolled?? Strange one that, if true Utusan would have lost all of its head by now. Oh, maybe that's because they only slander fellow malaysians and not foreigners.

  12. Anonymous11:49 pm

    As in Malaysia, money can buy anything in Indonesia...

  13. Anonymous12:14 am

    Pak Najib, PM Malaysia itu, orangnya cukup baik, bisa diceritakan dgn apa-apa aja. Bisa maaf kian semua. Teruskan bercerita

  14. Anonymous3:45 am

    USD24 juta agaknya berapa Trillion dalam matawang rupiah bong?

    Kalo Jacob ambil keputusan saman KOMPAS lima kali ganda?

    Dituruti ROSMAH dan,
    bakal bisan Rosmah lagi?

    Berapa keturunan nanti ngok abis2 kena bayar itu wang saman!

    he hehe hehehe

  15. Anonymous7:53 am

    Akhbar KOMPASS and UTUSAN MALAYSIA sama saja dong!!!

    Sialan-sialan belaka,,,,,Usah di baca KORAN itu,,,,hanya layak untuk di kesat BONTOT,,!!!


  16. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Part 1

    When I first read about the Wikileaks cable while in Chicago during my long hiatus from this blogspot in December last year, the wording struck me as odd especially this portion:

    “ONA assessed, and their Singapore counterparts concurred, ‘it was a set-up job and he probably knew that, but walked into it anyway’,” the cable states.


    Now intel agencies refer to technical information as those information gleaned remotely or surreptitiously via eavesdropping technology like this:


    which by the way also has a link to the one below that shows how one can even film the action covertly with the target having no inkling that his presumed secure bee hive is in actuality a honey trap teeming with invisible bugs!


    coming on the heels of which was the Apple furore and this:

    Yes folks, you can remotely activate the remote camera and recorder on the cellphone as I have done while fooling around in my lab ( I am in the electronics line by the way and have worked with INTEL, Western Digital etc on a number of high tech projects including the recent Ivy Bridge and in devising surveillance gadgets)and as attested in reality by the cases mentioned above. We, people in the field, knew it could be technically effected long ago and the spooks having learnt of that have adopted the technology for their intel gathering and I can safely assume Chingkieporean spooks as are their Malaysian counterparts are not far behind on that score. That much I can divulge...........

    Thus when OANA is said to have (quote)“assessed the information”, it means in intelligence jargon as " they reviewed the TECHNICAL data ( conversations, photos, intercepted phone messages/calls etc) and affirmed the veracity of their Chingkieporean counterparts' findings. A sort of reconfirming the obvious if you like.

    By itself this amounts to not much by way of evidence in a court of law but when melded with the circumstantial evidence, it is a bombshell. And pray what is that circumstantial data? Let me elaborate the circumstantial evidence I have foraged for after being alerted by that queer statement in that Wikileak and by this nonchalantly gay disclosure from the dock.

    Warrior 231

  17. Anonymous1:37 pm

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    Let you know a secret here,I was once in Intel and never notice any malakie donkie working as engineers, perhaps as security guards but not in any management or technical post, no way. Your inbreeding mind cannot think in those capacities.

    Warrior 123