Monday, August 22, 2011

Abang Din gunning for the No 1 seat!?

Muhyiddin? If Najib Razak's people start believing in talk that his deputy is conspiring to bring down their boss, then my dear Prime Minister is in greater danger than I thought. There is no Muhyiddin-Ku Li-Anwar Ibrahim troika and there is no Mahathir-Muhyiddin-Mukhriz troika. What we have is an attempt to drive a wedge between the No 1 and No 2. And what we have is a PM who is in need to have all his men and women do the jobs they are supposed to do so that he can do his, and so that this nation can get going again.

The same applies to the Deputy Prime Minister's people.


  1. Anonymous5:12 am

    Looks like Barking Magpie cant hold his liquor and hallucinating from cigarette ...

  2. Anonymous9:07 am

    come on lah! fuckatan is in the weakest state at this moment. let us not fight each other now. don't waste time. if PR rule this country, islam and malay will be gone! so, pak din pls think carefully! ok?

  3. Bedul9:24 am

    Seronok ya you all tengok orang bergaduh. Memfitnahkan orang.
    Tak kisahlah kalau figment of imagination.
    Biak pilah kalau you all tipu. Syok kan jadi batu api.
    Lagi best kalau melagakan pemimpin, ya tak.
    Abang Najib dan Abang Din tak lah bodoh nak makan umpan cacing kecik, ya kan?

  4. If what you said is true then everything is fine and dandy for all mentioned and involved.

  5. Siapa pun jadi jadi Presiden Umno agenda Melayu/bumiputra wajib diutamakan,islam wajib diagungkan, bahasa melayu wajib dimertabatkan dalam keadaan apa sekali pun.Kalau dia tidak boleh lakukan itu gantikan sahaja dengan orang lain yang sanggup melaksanaknnya.Tak kisahlah sesiapa. Kalau Najib rasa dia tidak melakukan itu waspadalah..zaman umno memilih pemimpin berdasarkan keturunan dan diktator dengan undi subsidi dan sebagainya patut berakhir...kalaulah parti ini hendak terus hidup..

  6. BIGCAT10:48 am

    Rocky, I wish it's not true, but all indications pointed that Najib's appeasement policies such as 1Malaysia are causing a lot of unhappiness among the Malay grassroots. They are a lot of people who wanted to throw support behind Najib but were disgusted with these policies which saw those who are loyal to BN being marginalized while those who had been disloyal being rewarded in a futile attempt to get their support. For a more precise opinion, ask your friend Firdaus of Apanama on why he decided to leave NST.

  7. Anonymous10:52 am

    Kami, ketua-ketua UMNO di peringkat cawangan sudah naik fed-up dengan terlalu banyak politiking.

    Saya setuju. Untuk penyokong2 No. 1dan No. 2 saya merayu supaya buatlah kerja yang berfaedah. Jangan nak fikir tentang diri sendiri sahaja. Fikir juga negara yang perlukan pemimpin yang dapat fokus kepada kerja bagi memimpin negara.

  8. Anonymous10:53 am

    Only time will tell... Mari kita tengok, siapa yang kena

  9. am I reading Mahabharata?

  10. Anonymous11:01 am

    Abang Din says I am Malay first, and Malaysian second, to hell with your 1Malaysia slogan. Abang Din says I know English education is good for the future, but I want to make sure whatever I do in the short term helps me get to No.1 - so future be damned. Abang Din also says I got support from Perkasa, so don't play play with me.


  11. Anonymous11:01 am

    Dear rocky, my name is Hardev, and i am not cat out of bag. Yes it is true, I have recently gone for writing classes, so that I will be able to write as well as you and shamsul. Rocky, I would hardly want to drive a wedge between the PM and his deputy. FYI, when Anwar Ibrahim was the DPM, I was also very close to him, without betraying Dr M. Likewise, when Badawi was the PM, I was also close to him, though not at the early stage.. You see Rocky, for me the person is not important, but the institution is. Some people might interpret this as a lack of backbone, and an attempt to solely look out for my own interest. That is not true, I am a patriot. My loyalty is to whoever is in power here in Malaysia. Unlike, others of my kind, I have zero interest in Khalistan. Thank you, Rocky, and Salam satu Malaysia. I would like to end this letter with what I started with Bismillah.


  12. Anonymous11:33 am

    Cat out of bag wat do u mean by this : I am the civil servant in Putrajaya, the consultant in PMO, the fly on the wall everywhere…you did not really think I would tell you who I am right?.

    Hello cat, no wonder the PM is having problems, with idiots like you advising him. What do you mean I am THE civil servant? Dont you mean, you are A civil servant? Unless you are trying to imply you are the chief sec of civil service???

    Btw, only after reading your blog, did I know that PM facing problem with DPM. . . . . . Maybe u tying to make this fight happen.

    Fuck Face

  13. Mazlan11:40 am

    Isn't it the nature of the Number 2 to gun after the Number 1's seat in UMNO? History has a habit of repeating itself...
    Besides 'Din' is not getting younger and his window of opportunity is narrowing.
    As for his constant contradictions of Najib's policies without Najib correcting him shows how powerful he is with UMNO grass roots.
    And you are correct Rocky - Najib's cabinet has so far showed themselves out of sync with his policies and most of them are past their sell by date.
    Like you - I have no idea why people like Rais Yatim are in cabinet especially in such a vital ministry which requires someone tech-savvy and current...

  14. Anonymous11:41 am

    Hidop tan Sri Muhyiddin !!!!!

  15. Bro..

    I'm not quite sure whether to laugh or whine when I read certain blogs who had accused you of trying to create a riff between the PM and the DPM..

    Obviously, this article speaks for itself..

  16. On the dot bro. If those surrounding the PM n DPM 24/7 are so easily rattled by such petty, insignificant rumours ... they should be SACKED! U are not fit to be where you are.

    Thank You.

  17. Anonymous12:22 pm

    bravo Rocky !! your on slaughter on No.1 has just started !!

  18. Anonymous1:06 pm

    It has been on the drawing board of CIA,Shin Bet, Global NeoCon Christians and Global Shiites. It is a plot to Libyanisation of using Civil War to dismantle UMNO. They have no more money to spend on invasion they did to dismantle Baathist Party of Iraq.

    Prof Awe Kecik

  19. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Salah kah kalu bang din, memang layak jadi PM??? Semua di tangan Allah.

  20. Anonymous1:28 pm

    What la, you. Orang lain pun mau kontrak dan projek, le.

    Nak makan semua sendiri ke?

    Sebelum BN tumbang, wang banyak sebagai insuran perlu ada.

    Duit semua tu bukan cop hak milik sesiapa pun.

  21. And if I were to believe Muammar Ghadaffi's spokesman, he is still very much loved and supported by the people of Libya!!

    And when did Din become Abang Din?

    Actually, this reminds me of the Taliban's spokesman as well as Saddam's spokesman before their fall. Why do spokesmen all sound so funny!!

  22. Home Brue2:23 pm

    Looks like PR would win GE 13 by default.

  23. tok.. ahli parlimen datang dari johor ni terkenal lawan boss, osman saad, kalah, pak lah, hanyut, najib.. dia telan je tok..

    rosmah pun masalah jugak.. ada yang kata semasa dia date najib .. dia masih lagi isteri orang.. saya rasa patut juga najib fikir negara ... lebih dari 1 malaysia.. desmond lim pun masalah juga.. menara wawasan mahathir tak suka.. mahathir siapa laan mahathir siapa mati..salam

  24. Mustapha Ong6:10 pm

    Salam Bru,

    I believe there is an attempt to drive a wedge between PM and DPM. However, I think people should open their eyes widely and see for themselves that both Najib and Muhyiddin are working very hard to achieve a common goal toward taking this nation to the next level of development.

    I believe the whole cabinet is working like a team in helping the prime minister's vision in the implementation of all the government's transformation programs. We shall wait for the final results of all the transformation programs that will provide long term benefits to the nation.

    There is no proof that Abang Din is going for the No 1 seat, without going through the process of the UMNO election which is currently being postponed.

  25. Anonymous6:50 pm

    never knew barkingmagpie is so stupid. troika up your ass you moron!


  26. Anonymous9:09 pm


    You think we don't know ha? Malikul Sembab is of course, conniving to be #1. Working hand in hand with Mukhriz, who is being directed by Tun.

    Of course if I were Tun I would totally bypass the middleman. The ticker can give out any moment soon.


  27. Orang Muor9:45 pm

    Hidup Muor!

  28. Anonymous10:45 pm


    1Malaysia TIGAumno!....

    Tiga?.....a) Najib/Isham (team DUA sepupu) b) Moideen/madeyyy/mukhriz (team CEKIK DARAH, 3M) c) Ku Li/dll (team jiwa Merdeka!)

    The MIND!!!

  29. Anonymous10:47 pm

    No smoke, no fire!!!!

    Kuching Besau

  30. Anonymous11:52 pm

    Alrite, go for it bang's about time somebody do something telling our PM that he has failed the malaysians and particulary UMNO. His flip-flop decision on 1malaysia is done more to impress the non malays rather than the malays. Rewarding the losers by giving them ministrial position instead to the winners. Make his cabinet (and supreme councils UMNO members) look unimpressive and uncredible by keeping some incompetent and corrupted ministers with plenty of scandals to begin with from way back Pak Lah's era. Most MPs felt demoralize when Najib put candidates lost in their constituent i.e. Khoo Soo Khoon, Palanievil, Shahrizat, Idris Jala and etc... into his cabinet and cannot shine and respect by people when they already rejected at the general election process. Najib is fond of giving his families and cronies the country's economic wealth especially his snobish wife(FLOM) who think high and mighty and filthy corupted pretending to be PM instead her husband cause a severe damage to Najib's credibiity. Most malays will not forgive his brother destroy the only bumiputra bank in the country which is heart breaking because his brother nizar is not at all a nationalist but a typical capitalist with a chinese mentality doing business. Najib destroy quite abit what his father's build for this nation...he is not like his father who has a strong vision to help the poor malays and bumiputras but Najib give more to the chinese. He give more to UMNO members that is not working hard for the party and reward them instead pay attention to those who is loyal to UMNO and still have a power of infuence as party workers. Najib has no plan. It is time for a NEW PRIME MINISTER (MAHYUDDIN BEST CHOICE) and vote against NAJIB and let him know he is FIRED. Great leader...huh!

  31. Abang Din (together with Ka Peeda) is the one who first buried the knife between AAB's shoulder blades after agreeing in Cabinet to extending AAB's premiership for another year.

    So, like only everybody knows he's been undermining (not that I care two hoots) Rosemajib at every possible turn from Bersih 2.0 to JAIS raid etc.

    But he won't openly challenge Rosemajib, not yet. Because that's the typical way of corrupt cowards, looters and plunderers - the classic old guard UMNO recipe for disaster!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

  32. Anonymous5:36 am

    Najib has been given a chance to perform and he cannot even control his wife.

    The truth is I fully supported Pak Lah when Mahathir was toppled, later I fully supported Najib when Pak Lah toppled , now I fully supported whoever can topple Najib.

    In summary, Pak Lah and Najib failed miserably during their probation period (more than 3 years tak cukup kah) and that is the verdict from us, the knowledge empowered citizens.



    Did you write "Mahathir was toppled"?

    Sleepy kah?

  34. Anonymous6:09 am

    Najib has NOT BEEN FAIR to the MALAYS, so good RIDDANCE TO HIM. Welcome Tas Sri DPM..We need YOU...and support ou ALL THE WAY...

  35. Anonymous8:19 am

    Alahai Bru, not sleepylah but rakyat eventho it took them more than 22 years but they are learning very fast, that is why Pak Lah toppled 6 years , najib 3 -4 years ?, and next 1-3 years if he does not perform.


  36. Anonymous9:01 am

    I dread to think what will happen if Din becomes the next PM. Malaysia will be looted completely in 12 months, after which umNO will collapse and all its politicians, cronies and "barua's" fleeing the country with their ill gotten gains. The country, broke and with no resources will then be left to the rakyat to mend, God save us all...

  37. Anonymous9:53 am

    The DNA of UMNO is getting weaker by its top lousy leaders. This paves way for its final demise as Rakyat will vote them out very soon in coming GE.

  38. Anonymous7:31 pm

    Akibat tekanan daripada masyarakat Cina dan campur tangan MCA, kerajaan akhirnya menarik balik keputusannya sebelum ini untuk mengambil alih sebidang tanah di sekitar Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur untuk projek prasarana My Rapid Transit (MRT) yang bernilai berbilion ringgit.

    Dato Bendehara tunggu ape lagi ??? P A N C O N G!!!

    Allah wuhakbar

  39. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Can you even imagine Abang Din starting every speech with "Salam 1Malaysia, rakyat di dahulukan, kocek saya di utamakan" ?


  40. i wish the number 1 and 2 will not fall prey into this kind of psychological trap....

  41. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Dont worry fellars,Pekan will vote him out this GE(hopefully)Dont worry fellars,Pekan will vote him out this GE(hopefully)