Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The portal that's going to bring down Najib Razak

Mr Mole of Wind in the Willows
The MOLE. Jakarta blogger Unspun asked me about the portal I'm working on (going live 16/9, Malaysia Day, if Allah wills it) and how I plan to take down a waking Prime Minister with it. He's cut-and-pasted my answers in The Cat, The Rock(y), and The Premier ...

A word of thanks to journalist Uppercaise, new-kid-on-the-blog Cat Out of The Bag (who has a new posting on the mysterious Alies Anor, by the way) and Tun Faisal's troopers for giving the coming portal a great publicity.As usual, you guys/girls give me too much credit.

Now, my former teacher, Anak si-Hamid, is going to make me stand on the chair for sharing with you this mail she sent me when discussing the subject of The Mole ...

Hello Din,  
As for the MOLE - which version are you thinking of?
1. a spot on the face' often ugly.
2. a scientific measurement of molecules - a unit of measurement 6.02 x 10 to the 23rd - used to calculate how many atoms are in a molecule. It's good because it's big enough to use, as atoms are too small
3. an undesirable female, not to be confused with MOLL.
4.  cannabis resin and tobacco mixed in a grinder  (NOW WE'RE TALKING) - can give you a whopping headache though.
5.short for Moleman, a computer nerd who hardly comes out of his hole.
6. an animal that lives underground (some similarities with you here) - but this animal is short-sighted/blind. It is small and furry, good at destroying gardens.
7.a spy and an informer .  One who gathers information.  Is this why you chose MOLE?  I prefer a ferret because it goes for the jugular - but I know you cannot operate like this, like Miss Hamid.
8. Mr Mole and Mr Ratty in 'Wind in the Willows" by Kenneth Grahame were the good guys trying to save the stupid and self-obsessive and self-destructive Mr Toad.  Shamsul could be Ratty and the Malays in general could be Mr Toad.


  1. You imagine if Pendidikan Moral comes up with this question. What is a MOLE?

  2. Perjuangan Yang Belum Selesai ....

  3. Anonymous4:56 pm

    Rm 1.4billion untuk 500,000 membasmi kemiskinan or duit rasuah Election!!.

    Malaysia ni penuh dengan orang miskin!!!??? Sialan betul!!

    90% definately goes to the Malay, memang DASAR Melayu Subsidy!!!

    Bangsat! Bangsat!!!


  4. "5.short for Moleman, a computer nerd who hardly comes out of his hole."

    --- Yeah, that was me in Mukim Kangkong, 17040 Pasir Mas, Kelantan; spending long hours behind the laptop 30 days a month (and sleeping on the floor beside the desk). All those enthralling things to learn about technology, the internet; and all those RSS feeds from blogs and news sites... almost totally ignoring the community I was living in.

    Then I came to know of an extraordinary woman from Kota Damansara, and it's now a much more different life.

  5. Anonymous5:52 pm

    Woi Rocky, Harussani Zakaria sudah mula tibai Najib, bila hang nak mula ?


  6. i'mthe PUSSY5:54 pm

    that cat out the bag is one person who is very very scared of you. he says "don't insult my intellgience" -- haha...when he can get his posting on you so skewed..where got intelligence. mostly misinformation. and english pun tak berapa bagus...podah!

  7. BIGCAT6:11 pm

    Nak basmi kemiskinan pun kena tuduh rasuah. Nasib engko la Najib. Kalau dah 90 peratus rakyat Malaysia yang miskin tu Melayu nak buat macammana, kena lah bantu. Takkan tu pun salah. Yang letak nama lancap2 tu aku mintak maaflah, nak maki engkau aku kena tangguhkan sebab aku puasa ni. Cukuplah sekadar aku nak kata rasanya mak engkau masa nak terberanakan engkau dia kena rogol dengan babi. Sebab tu perangai dan pemikiran engkau macam babi. Begitulah adanya.

    PS. Rocky, aku nak contribute kat project baru engkau ni macam mana? Hari tu si Firdaus ada cerita sikit tapi engko tau lah dia tu, lambat buat follow-up.

  8. As a matter of fact Mr Bru ... you are the one who gave Tun Faisal too much undeserved credit when you mentioned his name in your highly acclaimed blog. That sucker is actually nothing ... can't even tie his shoes without Princess Hishamuddin ...

  9. Anonymous6:14 pm

    Special branch - ape name

  10. Anonymous6:36 pm

    Dato' Bru,

    If you notice, Anon 4.56pm has used derogatory words and also the vulgar word "Lancap". How did it get printed? Otherwise, your forum will be no different with others.


  11. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Mufti Perak Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria mendedahkan, bagi memastikan perpaduan Melayu-Islam, beliau pernah mengingatkan Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak tentang kerajaan yang "lemah, tidak amanah dan rasuah."

  12. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Sorry m off-topic. But i want just want to say this...
    I just watched on tv3.... Two nuclear scientists say lynas is safe. One of the scientists is a PAS MP, Dr Rosli Che Mat.

    Tabik to Dr Rosli for putting his scientific knowledge above that of political calculation.

    Dr rosli's stand puts me (an ordinary raykat, politcally neutral) in bit more positive mood about political developments in our beloved country.
    May Dr Rosli's stand points the way to non-partisan politics. I mean it doesn't matter what flag you are waving, but if you feel an issue is worth your support, do it.
    Alas, our politicians only see an issue thru the eyes of political advantages.


  13. Anonymous2:17 am

    Lancap is masturbate. Onani. How is that vulgar, Moonlighting?

  14. @anon 11:29,

    I totally agree with you. I do hope that MP can forget about politics and do something for the country no matter what flag they are coming from.

    I believe that, playing politics should stop the moment election is over. Once its over, no more politics..

    I'm really dissapointed to read some politicians (mostly from oppositions..) try to associate everything with politic... and quick to blame other political party for any issue.

    sampai, kucing berak pun nak salahkan parti politik.

  15. Mazlan10:47 am

    Irrespective where you really stand re. Najib I don't think a blog ever brings down a PM.....
    Blogs only spark debate and discussion, good or bad. The public decide whether a PM stays or goes depending on how they feel the country is heading and how effectual the PM is in running a country.
    Thus too much conspiracy theories run around re all these blogs...
    can be amusing but thats about it.

  16. Anonymous1:50 pm

    Alamak, Mole ... Mule ... Moola ... they are one and the same.

    Also the name, for many, will allude to ... a portal by any other name will be just as covert, led by the nose and sponsorable ... hehe

    - A Malaysian -

  17. anon 2:17am imagine u were masturbating in front of the public~ imagine how vulgar it would be?

  18. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Big cat - this is for you, fuck off you dumb fuck anal nep cunt. Do you need a translation?

  19. Seriously, when I saw the word Mole my mind went straight to food. GuacaMOLE, great with nachos.
    Sorry Bro,bulan puasa malas pikir pasal politics.

    Selamat Hari Raya maaf zahir batin

  20. why do you wanna take down Najib??

  21. BIGCAT10:13 pm

    Anon 9.43
    Angry? Don't eat too much babi meat la. It can makes u so angry u want to fuck your own mother tau. Ok lah u racist piece of dog shit, have fun n stop being angry angry.

  22. NajibmustGo4:53 pm

    Nak basmi kemiskinan tak cukup 1 atau 2 billion.

    Melayu dah fedup tenguk senarai Forbes 100 terkaya di Malaysia dipenuhi dengan Cina dan India Kristian.

    Lim Goh Tong 40 billion
    Ananda 40 billion
    YTL 10 billion

    Apa bendenya Najib.

    Kenapa UMNO biarkan Cina, India dan Kristian menjadi kaya raya sampai mencapai tahap kelucahan melampau.

    2 billion bahagi 10 million berapa ringgit sorang?

    UMNO patut adakan undang2 had kekayaan yang boleh dipunyai oleh orang2 Cina dan India. Tak lebih dari 500 juta sorang.

    Ini tidak bila nak pilihanraya baru nak basmi kemiskinan.

    Kemiskinan tak boleh dibasmi. Kita nak perkongsian kekayaan minyak, oil palm, getah, frekeunsi radio, air, dan tanah Melayu bersama.

    Bukan hanya kroni pemimpin Mahathri a/l Mohamed atau Dollah Badawi atau adik Najib saja rompak PNB.

    Terbaru Sime Darby dirompak lagi oleh Bakkee dan Cina Singapura sampai 1 billion beli E&O.

    Apahal PNB senang benar Sime Darby bagi duit pada Cina2.

    Najib must go. Malay leaders must be chosen on merits not on past father connections.

  23. tooMuch8:35 pm

    1.5 billion divided by 500,000 thats only 300 each.
    While Tony Fernnades get paid 12 million for bullshtting.

    And Nazir Razak 10 million. See NST on ceo pay.