Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ampun, Pak Najib .. (?)

Updated, 22 Aug 3am: RPK writes: Yes, Rocky, my friend, I will certainly apologise if I had erred. But ... 
Actually, Pet, when I said some bloggers owe Najib an apology in this posting and in Making mistakes, and Correcting them, I had this good Christian in mind ... For he has clearly erred!

Original article

Malaysiakini article on Kompas apology 

Indonesian newspaper apologizes to PM over lies and fabrication, says KJ. And they should, too, if they had lied and fabricated. The Malaysian Insider said sorry to Najib Razak just the other day.

Some bloggers should learn how ... Making mistakes, correcting them.


  1. Anonymous7:03 pm

    KJ the ooportunist.

    No matter how you try to polish Najib, your days are numbered KJ.

  2. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Najib, in the early stage of sodomy II against Anwar Ibrahim, you denied you knew Saiful. The young man then admitted in the court later that he had met up with you. Just a few weeks ago, you said that elections in this country had been fair and open. You then announced, a few days later, that the gov''t would set up a PSC on electoral reform. What about the RM 77 million of taxpayers' money that you spent on APCO ? What about the RM 57 million of taxpayers' money you spent on FBC just to enhance your personal image overseas ? And now you denied that Rosmah bought the US$24m ring.

  3. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Their 'AMPUN' should be placed on the same page, occupying and SAME space and running same number of days in same paper the 'BOHONG' articles were written.

    Ini sudah kes mencemarkan maruah seorang pemimpin dari Negara lain bah! Bukan perkara kecil bong!

    Ngok bisa SOROK2, Nanti Jacob saman juga gimana bong? Sekadar tweet aja kok tak manis bah!

    Sila betulkan.


  4. Anonymous7:25 pm


    Do you expect the Apek Zorro to say sorry?. Don't hope for that coz he is like Karpal "Over his dead body".

  5. Anonymous8:16 pm

    ada seekor beruk itam,sedang menangguk di air yang keruh...ehehehe

  6. Anonymous12:22 am

    ade orang nak jadi mentori bosar negri sembilan

  7. Anonymous1:52 am

    is this true, Dato R?

  8. Bedul9:13 am

    Bila pulak BABI nak apologize?
    Dengarnya dia yang menyebar fitnah ke negara serumpunnya semasa melawat ke sana.
    Bisa di atur Pak. Beres. Pungli nya gimana?

  9. Anonymous11:33 am

    Apologizing is a virtue but then swearing is 'la mode'

  10. Anonymous1:17 pm

    The Apek Zorro should proved himself as a true believer of Christianity first to show good example before putting the words of Gospel such as Psalm, 109:8 by confirming himself to be a true believer with this confirmation test as prescribe by the BIBLE in

    MARK, 16: verses 17-18

    "These signs will accompany those who have believed: in My name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues; they will pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover".

    So, let us review the test, will Zorro, Hannah Yeoh, Theresa Kok, Pastor Ho, Archbishop Pakiam dare take this challenge? Fear factor: Christianity ?? :

    Test #1: Cast out demon with Christ name.
    - Sure pass if you can swear like a drunkard fat-o-bastard that scare the shit out of any demons. That is what the Americans do in Hollywood movies. Holy %$@@*^#% Jesus Christ!

    Test #2: Speak new tongues (foreign languages)
    - Oklah.. passed, the old-bastard Zorro speak reasonably good English and Malay passed at Grade E apart from his snake & biawak tongues.

    Test #3: Pick up serpents
    - Start finding a viper or king cobra today.. if you're afraid of the poisonous snake, go find a keling and hit him, and pick him up.. passed test. We can close eyes and take that as a about hitting the biggest serpent (Pakiam)? err..for suggestion only..LOL!

    Test #4: Drink deadly poison
    - I'm anxiously waiting for Zorro bastard to passed this one.. will this spells a good riddance of fake hypocrite, false believer and a bastard swine-o-chingkie?

    Come on..prove yourself to us Zorro..prove yourself to the words of Gospel o' true believer.. lol!

    Test #5: Heal sick people with hand.
    - The only thing that Zorro can heal with hand is his flaccid puny dick with a handjob..dream of becoming a handjob doctor? Malaysia Boleh!

    but of coz lah..prior to passing test #4 first lorr..... muhahahahaha..ROTFLMAO!

    So, true Christian believers..PLEASE SHOW US THE SIGNS!!!

    let see how they handle this one coming from their own Bible..


    p/s: Zorro, if you cannot show us all the signs of a true Christian believer, then you shall have this special sign bestowed upon you:


    :D muhahahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  11. BIGCAT1:06 am

    Engko ni rajin la Rocky, orang-orang sewel macam RPK dengan Bernard Khoo tu pun engko layan. Bernard Khoo tu kan kes racist kronik sampai sakit jiwa merapu tak tentu arah. RPK tu pulak kaki belit yang dah terjerut leher sendiri sampai jadi sasau. Tapi ya lah, its a free country. Suka hati engko lah Rocky nak layan siapa pun. Janji engko bahagia. Salute.

  12. Anonymous2:08 am

    so now you are anti christian?

  13. EasyBig4:27 am

    Kudos to KJ. Just abt the only winneable candidate UMNO/BN has. Middle ground is where no UMNO warlord dare threads.