Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Dear John

"Your doubt is understandable as irregularities do happen in your democracy. All you have to do is look at the “phantom” voters in Chicago that put John Kennedy in the White House in 1960 and the questionable “butterfly ballots” in Florida that helped put George W. Bush in the White House in 2000." - Dear Ambassador Malott by fansofnajib, Aug 2
Open letter to John R Malott. Did Din Merican-Anwar Ibrahim's good friend think all Malaysians are as passive and in awe of his big mouth? If he did, I'm sorry for him. Malott was US envoy to Malaysia 13 long years ago; we Malaysians don't live in trees anymore-lah, John (although some of your friends must have given the impression that we still do!). 

Still, I must thank Malott for provoking the birth of the new blog, fansofnajib who was just @fansofnajib before that.

The open letter to Malott answered, one by one, all FOUR demands he'd made in his open letter to PM Najib on behalf of his friends.

Read fansofnajib's debut posting, h e r e.


  1. Hehe. At least here we have freedom to protect our democracy from being raped by buggers posing as Holy Mollies.

  2. Anonymous11:47 am

    Dear John, how about a Datin Seri Rosmah fan club? We all look up to her. She is the best PM's wife ever .

    Hidop Tan Sri Muhyiddin , wira Melayu, bakal PM Malaysia.

  3. Rocky

    As you know, that Malott fella wrote many articles in AWSJ.
    I suggest you, Mustapha Ong, Big Dog and journo pals like Nuraina, Kadir Jasin and Mad Talib etc sit down together and write a letter of reply to AWSJ.
    Show that we are a force to contend with.
    The more signatures the letter carries, the better it is to say that we are proud and concerned citizens.
    They have to publish it since it is to counter Mallot's carte-blance denigrating Najib and Malaysia.
    Don't wait for Rais or Wisma Putra to do it.
    Please I beg you. Am angry with Din Merican for portraying Malott's words as the gospel truth.

  4. Anonymous12:19 pm

    ' support his transformation ideas & initiatives '

    wtf, the fat bugger got no balls to defend his so-called 1malaysia...

    kah! kah! kah!

  5. Anonymous12:53 pm

    I agree with Hidop Tan Sri Muhyiddin, pls have a Rosmah fan club, and can have links like Yaccob the diamond man, the Jho Low corner, Mongolian stu recipe, handbags that cost more than a low cost house, call me first lady pleez, Why kampong makciks love me, let's bring Shah Rukh Khan and give him land in Melaka, How to sell a pack of Maggie mee, uncooked for RM100 and, even overweight ladies with bluff hair loves shoes. This is what I call a blog that rocks!!!!!.

    D j Bujai

  6. Anonymous2:53 pm

    Hidup Tan Sri Muhyiddin

  7. Anonymous3:12 pm

    "EC head Abdul Aziz Yusof says the cases exposed yesterday could be due to technical negligence in the NRD."

    ok, now blame the computer pulak?

    when hired monkey, u gets peanut jobs! LOL !

  8. "Am angry with Din Merican for portraying Malott's words as the gospel truth." Bedul

    Din Merican carries Malott's opinion verbatim on his blog. He does not say it is the gospel truth any more than Rocky or Big Dog by reporting it on their blogs.

    Malott's is just 1 opinion among millions. Or are you saying it should be censored here? Or that only Malaysians in this world have the right to write adverse opinion pieces about Singapore, Burma, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Israel, UK, USA, Russia, N.Korea, Oz and all countries?

    We can interfere in the internal affairs of all countries as and when we like, but M'sia should be exempt from return fire? By what right or international law?

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  9. BIGCAT4:49 pm

    Pakatan cybertroopers r posing as Muhyiddin's supporters here hoping to cause a rift between Najib n his deputy. Dah desperate sangat la tu. Orang Umno memang ramai yang tak berapa pandai tapi trick macam ni dah basi. Try a different trick, can or not?

  10. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Well malott, since you believe in freedom of speech, how's that open letter to counter your lies and spin

    The silent majority of Malaysians are wise to your antics and they are more vocal now

  11. Anonymous7:34 pm

    Dear big cat, I think the hidop tan Sri Muhyiddin has been seen in rocky's blog and umno linked blogs for more than 16 months. I doubt it's PR, but an internal thing. Gua pun stuju Tan Sri Muhyiddin memang layak jadi PM.

  12. Anonymous7:57 pm

    Macam mana punya pusing,,,,ANWAR nama ada juga keluar!!!!!

    U r PERFECT DSAI,!!!!

    Ada dengar CERITA,,,BEKAS-BEKAS CABINET MINISTER era MAMAK hadir X suka kan Najib!!!!!

    Siapa yang kena!!!!!!


  13. Anonymous8:41 pm

    The Americans are reputable bullies and they always pick on weaker nations, trying to create instability upon chosen targets.

    They seem to specialise in patrolling the world, trying to correct others without looking at the mirror.

    All's not that rosy in the U.S of A.

    And when they run into problems, the simply have to drag others into the fray, like a pub brawl.

    Mallot's a has been, expired commodity thats best discarded from the shelf.

    It is best to just ignore recalcitrants on an ego trip as they often end up talking to themselves.


  14. Charlie Oscar2:34 am

    John R Malott and Al-Juburi are Bum-chums!!!
    He cannot help it because of Al-Juburi!!!
    Just have ONLY this to say to John R Malott, BUTT-OFF!!!

  15. Mustapha Ong6:21 am

    One of our bloggers said that John Mallot is entitled to his opinion, even if he is dying to defend his pall bearer Anwar Ibrahim.The stake is high if Anwar ever becomes the next prime minister by hook or by crook after the coming 13th general election.That was the promise made by Anwar to Mallot some 10 years ago.

    As I have said previously, John Mallot only represents his own view as he had expressed this in his letter to prime minister Najib. I do not think that PM will even read his trash which is just a waste of time as John has over reacted to Malaysia's current political situation without any self esteem or conscience.

    Why should we respond to AWSJ when we all know the truth is to defend Anwar and help him to overthrow the BN government by force through street agitations. It's never about Najib, Rosmah or even Mahathir, Muhyideen or Ku Li factor that we are duly concerned. It's about DAP, PKR and PAS themselves who believe that they could overthrow the BN government in the coming 13th GE.

    Many politicians lay it down as a self-evident proposition that no people ought to be free till they are fit to use their freedom. The maxim is worthy of the fool in the old story, who resolved not to go into the water till he had learned to swim.

    The fight for freedom is an endless battle. Its victories are never final, its defeat are never permanent. Each generation must defend its heritage, for each seeming conquest gives rise to new forces that will attempt to substitute fresh means of oppression for the old. There can be no peace in the world of life and growth - every battle the father thought finished will have to be fought anew by their children if they wish to preserve and extend their freedom.

  16. Anonymous10:04 am

    we are all of 1 Race, the Pundek Race

    donplaypuki, kamu ni perasan pandai ke? Tak sedar diri ke? Yang kamu bebal! Buta! Belalai Anwar pun kamu tk nampak!

    Sana sini komen cerita pusing macam dah kenak todi?

    Kalau dah tongong, bangang pulak.

    Duduk Malaysia, tapi apa yg ada kemajuan Malaysia semua tk betul.

    Pi la cari negara mana yg kamu pikir bagus sangat, serba serbi perfect macam mimpi mabuk todi kamu tu.

    Pi la cari negara yang ada 1 race, the pundek race!!

    Cibai la lu!!

    -tukang perati

  17. BIGCAT10:50 am

    Anon 743, kalau ya pun, bersatu lah dulu, lawan musuh yg terang-terang depan mata. Dah menang baru la pikir patut ke Muhyiddin ganti Najib. Sekarang ni tak ada yg lebih penting dari bersatu. Hentikan lah perangai lama Umno yg ashik bertikam sesama sendiri. Keadaan genting untuk org Melayu sekarang ni pun tak kan korang masih tak sedar-sedar lagi. Musuh akan gunakan perbalahan korang tak kan korang tak sedar.

  18. Anonymous1:32 pm

    ok laaa Big Cat!!!

  19. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Let's form a group for AntiMallot instead!

  20. Anonymous1:43 am

    setuju dgn -tukang perati

    dpp ni harus dicampak ke india dimana sistem kasta nya masih dipraktikkan

    biar dia rasa - baru padan muka dpp

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  22. "Cibai la lu!!" -tukang perati

    Don't know how to debate, don't know what or how to write. No sense of decency. What a waste of space. Cibai to you to mate. Hope you fast well.

    "Remember your place on earth you dalit, or else go back to India ....self-delusioned-pariahfied-throne there.. :D muhahahaha"
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    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  23. Anonymous3:43 pm

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