Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rais wins court case but ...

... but not public opinion online. Just pop in to lowyat.net, which is probably the country's largest online forum, and just listen to what Netizens are talking about with regards to Information Minister Rais Yatim's win against a previously unknown blogger, Din Sharpshooter, over a posting early this year on the Minister's alleged rape of an Indonesian maid.

First, someone in lowyat put up this story about 10am:

And then the reactions poured in ..

I have not read a single comment congratulating the Minister. In fact, all these new postings can be libelous, come to think of it. Is Rais going to go after each and every one of them? Will the court keep on awarding RM300k to the Minister for every case he wins, now that it's been established that his reputation costs that much?

Din Sharpshooter is not likely going to be able to pay up. So it is likely that he will have to allow them to declare him a bankrupt. Poor blogger, indeed. But once bankrupt, they say, you have nothing more to lose. We have seen a couple of individuals who, after their descend into financial bankruptcy, rise to a different kind of, er, stardom. They become less afraid of the consequences. Din Sharpshooter may become another 'star' or he may just disappear, hands in his head, shamed. If that is the case, serve him right, some may say. And if the other scenario turns out to be the case, serve Rais right.

The Minister has another case pending in court, against a Sabahkini editor, over the same maid rape allegation.


  1. so if our minister gonna after all this blogger, he better hope none of them from his area~ else he might jz as well forget about nx ge.

  2. Anonymous1:16 pm

    He was blatantly accused of raping his maid and this was proven to be lies. The accuser refused to make a public apology when offered to do so.
    Don't blame the Minister. I will sue too.

  3. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Hi Bro Rock,

    Any UMNO Mafia and their related gangs will always win in court no matter what. They can also change the court's stance if there are any chances that they have to appear as witness or what not.

    FYI, I only keep close on court cases involving corporate cases. Ada kabel boleh menang ma.

    - have to stay discreet -

  4. Anonymous2:18 pm

    If u guys think Losmah din buy it, then de rape also din happen la!

    Amno people where got do all these thing wan...

    They die-die oso for bangsa, negara & ugama, u know?

  5. dear rocky, I do not understand what you are trying to imply. Are you saying that its ok to make libelous statement against a person and the other party has got no wright to get justice. If that is the case you and those who gave the stupid statement must be a confused lot.

  6. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Have a happy final term as a minister, Anak yatim.

  7. Anonymous4:12 pm

    Do you also want to see the cOmments on Bersih from low yat?

  8. Bro, i remember reading in your blog that you also accused Rais of the same. Why the PKR chap and not you?

  9. forum at lowyat.net is hardly a neutral place to hold an acid test on a person's reputation. especially if he is a minister in the Malaysian government. throw in any national issues in this forum and you will see the "public opinion" sway to one clear biasness of thought. DS Rais Yatim has been vindicated in the court of law, the same court of law which gave sharpshooter the chance to defend his case. but in the end, he lost because there was no merit in his allegations.

  10. Anonymous5:59 pm

    someone is watching this blog too, be carefull ah

  11. Anonymous6:25 pm

    Let me be the first to congratulate the Minister for the court ruling in his favor.

    I always believe, that we are all free to express our opinions and beliefs. But it must be done responsibly. Stay away from lies and unsubstantiated accusations. Ini lah padah nye.

    I guess that is Rais' objective anyways.

    Adait Aman

  12. Anonymous6:25 pm

    they way i look at it is this...this is not about a case to correct public opinion...its a case against libellous reporting....blogs have a right to write their opinions but same time must validate the story prior to writing and publishing it...why is it that bloggers keep on feeling that they are right all the time to write about anything even though libellous? i think just like mainstream media, bloggers too have a duty to be ethical in their writings.

  13. Anonymous8:40 pm

    entri yang cuba untuk menagih simpati sambil menegakkan benang yang basah...hahahha..jgn takot dato..lu punya kes nnt crita la..low yat .net tuh bebudak dap byk kat sana, xpayah laa...

  14. Dear amoker,

    Why the PKR chap and not me?

    Well, could it be because he is a PKR chap and I am not?

    Or perhaps I did not in my postings accuse Rais Yatim as the Cabinet Minister who had raped a maid!

    Your verdict!

  15. Dear Anons who think that Din Sharpshooter deserves it and that Rais Yatim had the right to sue bloggers who accused him of rape.

    Yes, sure. I do not condone fabrication by anyone. I believe that bloggers should stick to the truth and when in doubt, they should check their facts or leave them out. Just like journos do.

    And if they make an accusation that they can't substantiate, they have to face the consequences.

    But Rais Yatim is not just a Cabinet minister, he is the Minister in charge of bloggers. Minister of Information is in charge of bloggers. As someone in public office, he is open to abuse, criticisms, accusations, and all sorts of nonsense.

    If he thinks that he must sue everyone that throws an unsubstantiated allegation against him, he won't have enough time to do anything else. If he sues one blogger and not the other 100 bloggers who made the same allegation against him, it would seem that he has practiced selective prosecution.

    The first person who named Rais Yatim as the alleged maid raping Minister was Raja Petra Kamaruddin. Why wasn't he charged in court and why didn't Rais lodge a police report against the exiled blogger? As a matter of principle, the Minister should have.

    Instead, Rais picks and chooses. What he has done is seen by some as seeking justice for himself and his family but I see it as selective persecution and an attempt to send shivers on blogosphere's spine.

    Rais has the entire apparatus of the government under him. If that apparatus is useless against upholding his image or good name, that he has to resort to the courts to do that, it does not speak very well for him or the government. Does it?

  16. Anonymous9:30 pm

    I cant understand why Najib still keep this old fool.

    He has not played his role as Minister of Information and Multimedia well.

    Government police is not understood by people. They are confused.

    Rais does not understand his work and keep politicising it to be seen as people champion.

    His has no jurisdiction over Astro's fee but he is played a media game as though he does.

    He told to the public about cabinet will make decision when there was no discussion.

    He has a blady corrup as KSU

  17. tahan saja10:03 pm

    Uncle Bru,i like your true down-to-earth journo kind of proffesionalism.Straight and not bengkok/twisted views like the alleged raped by Rais.But don't trust your maid with him ya?,gurau aje.But uncle Bru,don't la accuse Rais being selective of persecution,nanti kena belasah teruk lagi dari orang2 celaka ni.Tak payah kasi chance kat dia orang ni.I prefer uncle Bru tampil ke ruang ni dan lecture orang2 ni untuk hiburan.'tak tahan'lah orang2ni yang asyik membangkang aje.Ishh..

  18. Anonymous10:58 pm

    I hope he donate his court earning to some non religious charity.. multi-racial, old folks home or any welfare dept. This time he can also choose.


  19. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Lu pun patut kena saman la locky.

  20. Anonymous11:41 pm

    So I guess the blogger Amizudin will have to go back selling roti canai in Bayan Baru, Pg. Such quality bloggers PKR have!

  21. Anonymous11:43 pm

    So I guess the blogger will have to go back to selling roti canai in Bayan Baru, Pg. Such quality people PKR have!

  22. Low-key's brute12:01 am

    I think the old guy should donate the money (if he ever gets it) ...ahem...to the maid in question.

  23. Rocky sure know how to carry Rias Yatim balls now.
    He has an art to accuse and then defend to get the one he accused...leave him alone...for the balls of Mahathir and Najib are happy happy with Rocky.
    This is small matter.
    The QUEEN wore YELLOW!!!
    Why do you think she did that.....ROCKY??????

  24. Mustapha Ong8:42 am

    Hi Bro,

    Good for Dato Seri Rais Yatim as I understand that he will donate his winnings to charity. So no need to criticise this issue as in the final analyst, the settlement was meted by the through the court.

    However having said that, the Minister has certainly lost his head at a recent function when he remarked that "those who are not happy and against the government should resign from their positions." I thought this kind of unwarranted remarks should not have been uttered by the Minister who is also incharge of communication. Being a veteran member of RTM I felt offended by the Minister's remark and certainly not in line with PM's approach to handle those radical public servants who are anti-administration or go against the government due to a number of reasons.

    The government need to know the real issue why the public servants are against the government and not to be in denial and always deemed to be on the side of some senior officials who are only good in currying favours for their bosses and political god fathers.

    The truth should prevail before the situation is being exploited beyond control as the civil service of today is different from the good old days in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

  25. ah pong3:56 pm

    as a minister he must be above reproach in moral standing so, the real question is not if rais raped the maid..but did he or did he not FUCK the maid....

    what do you think locky?

  26. Anonymous6:44 pm

    orang tua macam rais larat ke nak 'anukan' maid yang masih muda tu...tak logik bro

  27. Anonymous7:22 pm

    Rais is doing what he should do. Brought those who talking bad of him to court.

    The nation cannot allowed rumor mongers and kaki fitnah to lead an easy life.

    Syabas Rais...In tis instances i am with this man.

    Being accused as a rapist not small matter.

    For the accuser..you deserved the judgement and hope you repent to Allah if what u accused him of is untrue.


  28. Anonymous9:29 pm


    Tok sami kat wat siam pun pakai kuning.

    Anything to do with "bersih"?

    - Yellow fever

  29. anti-moron9:36 pm

    Monsterball dungu, Yellow is Queen's favourite color. She wore yellow to William's wedding and many other ocassions. Bersih, desperate to show how bersih they were, adopted her favourite color. Now stop making an ass of yourself. We know how dumb you are. No need to prove it, man.