Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jacob's, not Rosmah's, diamond ring

The RM24 million question, answered! The latest posting by Apanama is a mighty pooper for those who were - and still are - hoping that the mysterious, blue and very pricey (RM24 million!) diamond right did belong, no matter how improbable, to the First Lady.
Damn this dampener Firdaus aka Apanama! Spoiler habis!

Happened that last night I met Rosmah Mansor during the dinner thrown by Malaysians residing in the UK for her husband, the Prime Minister. She had a ring on but it defintely didn't look RM24 million to me, so I asked her where the RM24 million ring was, half imagining her answering (in that fashion made famous by Anwar Ibrahim during his still unravelled Omega mystery): 'My hubby is keeping it for me'.


'I wish', came the answer.

Very few people believe for a moment that Rosmah had bought a RM24 million diamond ring. She has to be stupid to do that and declare to the Malaysian customs! And secondly the credibility of her accusers have gone from gutter to sewer levels, to quote Gordon Brown in the British scandal.

So when I read Apanama's tweet this morning, I felt proud that someone has taken the trouble to do a bit of investigative journalism on the affair. I am sure we all want to know who the VVIP is, whether she is local or foreign, and things like that but the main thing is, that particular diamond ring is no longer in the country.

In fact, the ring is back to its rightful owner -- Jacob

Who is Jacob? Read Apanama's TRAILING THE DIAMOND RING ... IN N OUT!


  1. Anonymous10:09 pm

    luv u dato. pastinya kat 'sana' u kan dpt syafaat dr salah sorang dr tiga ni. satu dr Lord Reid takpun dr Najib takpun dari Rosmah...

  2. Anonymous10:46 pm

    Rocky, nampak lu banyak rapat-rapat dengan Rosmah... caya sama lu lah !!


  3. Anonymous11:47 pm

    I bet someone at Jacob's can verify that, don't you think so?

    Whoever can get a statutory declaration first will sure get some brownie points.

    Let the game begin again.

  4. bro,
    she is mean you dont know that?

  5. Anonymous12:18 am

    Errr Datuk Rocky...

    "the regional agent for Jacob & Co did use Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor's name (it says 'inspection by') on the Customs declaration form."

    "a private exhibition by Jacob & Co's regional agent did take place in a private residence of a VVIP in Kuala Lumpur"

    You don't have to be a genius to deduce that this was a 'shopping visit' (or 'inspection') with the intent if not the consideration to buy the ring.

    This 'private exhibition' is clearly just a euphemism for a 'test-drive'.

    Which beg's the question, where does a prime minister's wife get that sort of disposable income?

    C'mon Rocky. See the forest for the trees. Wag the dog. Stop selling out.

  6. Anonymous12:25 am

    lawak la bang..berminggu duk pening2, camni jer yg apco boleh tolong 'tutup'..?sejak bila Datin Rosmah jadi duta Jacob's..?


  7. Anonymous2:12 am

    You seem to bump into Najib and Co quite a lot. In and outside of the country. Kebetulan.....

  8. Anonymous2:28 am

    As far as i know these pembangkang ppl - especially PAS ppl - won't give a damn s*it about this relevation because they are so so so f*cked up.

    Mereka ini semuanya memang bodoh-bodoh belaka. Dicucuk hidung sentiasa. Semua berita daripada portal pembangkang ditelan bulat-bulat tanpa usul periksa.

    Inilah akibatnya terlalu taksub mahu masuk ke heaven. Fitnah sana sini tapi mengaku true Muslim. Apa punya manusia ini. Otak letak di lutut pemimpin. Stupid.

    Itu cikgu PKR lagi stupid. Reka cerita seperti pelajar Tahun Satu. Wasting time. Bloody Fool.


  9. Anonymous4:23 am

    The PM's future son-in-law's mom, a Kazakh beauty famous for her features which are as alluring as her business acumen is sharp, is a renowned trader in superprecious stones.

    And she has been a guest of the Malaysian PM and wife, to prepare for their kids' engagement, which happened recently (and which was also the subject of great jealousy).

    I suggest you look at that direction. If anyone has that kind of connection with Jacob and Co, it could be the alluring Kazakh during one of her sojourns here. (Whcih explains why the PM's wife's name was used, if indeed that was true).

    And I suggest the PM's officers get in touch with Jacob and Co, and politely and officially ask them to confirm this and also the fact that the stone is back safely in their possession. Tricky but that might just do the trick!

    Alternatively, get the Anti-Corruption agency to start a probe, especially since there is a police report.

    The truth is there, waiting to be uncovered.

    All the best, Malaysia.

  10. Anonymous6:56 am

    This is the quality of Leaders PR has.

    M A L U N Y A

    he hehe hehehe

  11. Anonymous8:39 am

    Anon of 12.18 AM gave us some inkling of what might have happened and Anon of 4.23 AM could be giving an idea of why that happened.
    Yes especially when you say it as a private exhibition for a VVIP. Lucky thing the VVIP had the presence of mind not to buy the ring otherwise the nation would have lost 24 M in whatever domination.
    Pak Tua

  12. Anonymous9:16 am

    Hahahahaahha ... u berani tanya Rosmah my foot!
    Kalau nak spin dan nak membohong tu biar lah betul.
    Bangang punya orang.
    If you want to be stupid then keep it to yourself la brother.
    Ini macam punya orang pun ada!

  13. Anonymous10:00 am

    Dear Anonymous...Err Datuk Rocky....

    From your writing, you seemed to be an intelligen person, but you had ignored the fundamental point - NO PURCHASE WAS MADE.

    An intent to purchaae does constitute an act of purchasing. You had also erred in assuming that the intent to purchase the specific ring originated for Rosmah. Could it be pure and simple an intent to sell on the part of Jacob & Co. The intent to view was probably for something a lot less highly priced.

    Just basd on the fact that Rosmah did not purchase the ring alone, I think many including you owe her an apology.

    Be a man, apologise and move on. Most of all be clever.

    Adait Aman

    An intent

  14. Anonymous10:57 am

    Anon 4:23 AM

    Go check if your longkang needs cleaning.Today Sunday la..


  15. Anonymous11:15 am

    Baik-Baik Rocky....!!!!

    Lu dekat sama Rosmah,,,make sure your kaki busok put extra PARFUM!!!!
    else PENGSAN Big MAMA!!!!

    Tak kira lah DIA beli or tidak,, THE FAct is THE SILENT MAJORITY hates NAJIB,,,Rosie,,,,,and BN Group!!!


  16. Anonymous11:46 am

    dato pun dah start jadi pencacai careful...old cacaiman rais anak yatim will wallop you if he knows that you intend to take his position to be the pencacai tegar...

    cheers brewinggggg...

  17. Anonymous11:57 am

    The truth is, it is very, very hard to justify things with blind idiots. They already pre-choose what they want to believe; and what they don't want. So leave them alone. :-)

    Keluar gambar video Lelaki X bersenggama dengan pelacur, para idiots ini mempersoalkan macam-macam.

    Tapi bila keluar satu paparan gambar jpeg tentang cincin RM24j Datin R, mereka terus percaya bulat-bulat.

    Mereka langsung tidak persoalkan: logikkah Datin R beli cincin RM24 juta pakai courier biasa-biasa? Main hantar-hantar begitu saja.

    Tapi mereka persoalkan: logikkah Lelaki X main pelacur di tempat-tempat begitu? Kalau mau main pun, carilah tempat yang sangat rahsia. Lelaki X bukan bodoh.

    Why people simply assume that Lelaki X is clever with good common sense; and Datin R is not? Datin R and Lelaki X graduated from the same local university. Datin R got a degree with honours (second upper). Lelaki X got a general degree (GD). Not even third class!

    If someone is stupid with no common sense - it should be Lelaki X. Not Datin R.


  18. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Rocky, Almost 200,000 Malaysians want this murdereous couple to get lost once and for all.
    I feel sorry for you...wonder know what is a leech ?
    Go explain the word to your daughter...and tell her leeches are dangerous bloodsuckers.

    Lady Gajah is well known for her extravagant ways....go ask Mumtaz Jaffar...she will tell you of Lady Gajah's overseas purchases especially at Galleries Laffayate (Paris)
    Publish this I dare you.

    Anti Spin

  19. Anonymous1:49 pm

    Why are you defending Rosmah? Oh wait......

  20. Anonymous2:08 pm

    I bet you anuwar and his jewish goons has put this as PLAN B if ever BERSIH failed. This showed, more than ever that
    1. BERSIH is actually gone.
    2. Anuwar popularity down the drain
    3. RPK money or salary cannot support his lifestyle in Ostolia.
    4. the anuwar video and anuwar trial are becoming to an end.
    5. DAP has lost popularity to chinese majority and using Anuwar and RPK to divide the malay, AGAIN.

    last but not least, you noticed they spread the news in english. this is to ensure that PAS lebai and PKR cows will not be able to read in english, only listen to 'free ceramahs" of the story.

  21. "the regional agent for Jacob & Co did use Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor's name....on the Customs declaration form."


    Surely she must have been aware of the implications. It's her duty to protect the good name and integrity of the office of the Malaysian Prime Minister and not embroil it in controversies.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  22. Anonymous2:31 pm

    Dah agak dah,ramai dah jadi penipu tegar sekarang ni.dari harga yang di amplify ke usd tu pun dah tau dah niat nak fitnah dah terang dgn fakta lagi pun 100% diorang tak mau terima.aku senang je,cikgu ka,ustaz ka,kalau dah confirm buat fitnah,aku tak undi dah lagi next time,tak mau aku jadi subahat...

  23. Datuk Rocky2...the Greeks warned us about tyrants bearing ad hominem attacks....

    It must be really hot out there, cos the worms are really wriggling....

  24. Anonymous3:43 pm usual. Macam biasalah, tak tipu dan tak fitnah bukan pembangkang namanya.

    Sebenarnya memang ada kriteria utk jadi pembangkanh. Kalau kita kali fitnah dan kaki tipu memang boleh join mereka.

    Ulamak dikalangan pembangkang pun biasa menipu...apatah lagi ahli lain.

    Tengok jelah harakah, malaysiakini... Semuanya kaki tipu dan fitnah.

    Dah kantoi pasal altantuya, buat fitnah pasal fesyen, dah kantoi pasal fesyen...buat fitnah pasal cincin pulak....

    You can't fool everybody everytime...

  25. Anonymous4:05 pm

    maybe somebody's mother in law wants to purchase something which is not taxable in Malaysia on Malaysian soil?????????

  26. Anonymous6:36 pm

    They just won't stop at anything, would they? They must find an equaliser for the missing Omega watch.

    What will they think of next? A plot of land on the moon?


  27. Anonymous7:00 pm

    You & apanama shouldn't drink & write...

  28. The Customs declaration form also says the shipment was CIF. So, who in M'sia paid the insurance of about RM 750,000K?

    The whole things look suspicious. It would have been much, much cheaper for potential M'sian buyers to fly to New York, view the diamond ring and return.

    Rosmah has a lot of explaining to do!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  29. A private VVIP showing. I mean, is this a tupperware party or what? Does it mean that if the ring was sold, the so-called patron and 'inspector' of the ring, which is Rosmah Mansor, would get a commission from Jacob & Co?" Tian told Malaysia Chronicle."If not, then why is she going out of her way to help them sell the ring, does she have shares in Jacob & Co, is she getting some sort of benefit. I think these are very valid questions that she and the PM should answer. Neither she or Najib should make use of their position to make monetary gain for themselves and if they have done so, have they declared tax on that income?"he further added.

  30. Anonymous8:43 pm

    Haiya rosmah is not corrupt and Najib don't consume alcohol. Btw I'm from MARS

  31. these pro-pkr bloggers are definite mati-pucuk and real dayus writers when they resorted to attacking someone's wife hahaha

  32. Anonymous9:39 pm

    If you go by APANAMA explaination, it raises more red flags...???????

  33. Anonymous10:15 pm


    Please comment on Bersih receiving funds from NDI and OSI.

    I hope at least one or two of your readers have read "Confessions of an Economic Hitman". It is finally bearing fruit here. This opposition leader of ours has been prying our country open for a free-for-all foreign economic buyout ever since the '97 crash. Now he just might get it.

    And his supporters, holy shit, I can only assume they PREFER that foreigners own and run this country ("better than some kampung assholes"), or they are completely clueless to it ("this is our land, Hang Tuah said we will never lose it").

    I cry for my country. On the one hand, we have a blind and increasingly lost government, on the other hand, we have a far more dangerous demon and his laknats trying to sell us to the bigger devils. God help us all.

    At least you are being strong. I am aware of some of your more incognito efforts and I applaud you.

  34. Anonymous10:46 pm

    Why is it prove that it- was brought in for a private exhibition?

    The docs show it was brought in and perhaps taken out - but it does not prove that it was for a private exhibition? Anyways if Altantunya's record can be erased- i guess the customs can easily create a new doc to shoe that the ring was 'exported' to singapore.

    Malca-Amit an agent of Jacob & Co in Malaysia?

    Did Mr.Firdaus actually call them to find out?

    Diamonds are exempt from tax?

    I dont want to go further - what freaking investigative journalism?

    Give a call to Jacob & Co + Malaysian Customs!


  35. Anonymous11:13 pm

    suruh bard saman rosmah. yg rosmah tipu pasal cincin. or maybe report polis...

  36. Salam bro,

    tunjuk bukti lah apa pun, kaum ni bukan reti bahasa pun...pandai peletok.macam mana pun tetap nak peletok.tanya c.bad apa peletok...

    ingat benda bernilai macam ni macam beli ikan kat pasar je ke? dah tu insuran pun sama bingai nak lepas senang2 je...(suruh diorang cari insuran mana ..dah tentu sahih)

    sifu dia ajar buat kerja tipu, anak murid pun tentu jadi bodoh semacam je..

    veli,veli 'bad' oe !

  37. Anonymous1:58 am

    i know Dato Rocky, but you are a journalist, so care to find out why Jacob removed FLOM details from their page ? While the diamond was not reported there but the the Zebra crossing diamond bangles did appeared there. You know how much that thing cost ?

    Make sure publish this ok ?

    -No Name-

  38. Anonymous2:03 am

    Oh Btw, Jacob could have removed it but Google still kept the cache for some time. Of course its gone now but then wanna publish this comment too?
    Maybe next time you "accidentally" bumped on her could ask on it ok ?

    -no name-

  39. Rocky said he never ban any commentators.
    My few messages seem to be banned by him.
    Rocky is showing his true colour.
    Please confirm I am banned...Rocky.
    No big surprise.
    We have known each other for few years.
    I never change.
    You keep changing and twisting.
    Before BERSIH 2 and are getting more and more unbelievable.
    This is not cari makan.
    This is showing you are taking sides....when you were not like this.looking for all vote you be the so call.. "All Blog President".
    You are one hell of a cunning man.
    Now be a man...confirm I am banned from your blog.
    PERWIRA will be so happy.
    Freddie Kevin talk big.same warning to me over and over again...showing his limited IQ as a braggart with no Ibrahim Ali.
    Over to you...ROCKY!!

  40. mat felda7:44 am

    ya la tu bro...diamond tu dibawa masuk oleh pak Jacob JKKK Felda Kemahang untuk dipamirkan kapada isteri isteri peneroka, malangnya tak der yang mampu beli sebab harga kelapasawit yang dibayar kilang Felda menurun (kena tipu).
    Pak Jacob terpaksa bawak balik semula diamond tu ke US.

    lawak sakan kat london broo!!!

  41. Skilgannon10668:46 am

    Anon 10:15 PM

    If we were to echo your idiotic mantras, then we should be telling the PM, MIDA etc not to go about inviting foreigners to invest in Malaysia!

    Gotta be consistent with the messages we put out, bro!

    But then the "idiots, assholes etc" can take on the responsibility of growing the Malaysian economy and providing good jobs (not make-work civil service hacks!) for young Malaysians graduating in droves from local universities, polytechnics and MARA institutes.

    Simple enough, yah?

  42. His silence and put out my comment says it all.
    This Rocky got style!!

  43. Anonymous9:34 am

    Last time Chef Ramsey came to cook for PM and wife,lucky they did not churn up stories, something like;

    """Chef Ramsey applying for job as cook in Rosmah's kitchen!""

    Just a glance at the custom's statement, full of flaws.. yang tak pi sekolah saja tak nampak! CLOWNS!

    he hehe hehehe

  44. Anonymous9:40 am

    The `dungus' (oppositions) will only beleive what they want to beleive.

    Truth is no longer exists in their dictionary.

  45. Anonymous10:17 am

    Lu bodoh2kan org la bro. Semua dokumen tu tak susah nk buat. Altantuya punya rekod pun boleh erase - apa heran? Lu tak abis2 jadi penjilat!

  46. Anonymous11:54 am


    Haiyaa.. which FOlEYNERS??

    For centuries, never invite aloso they flow in non-stop to Malaysia wan lor.

    Some even peleeten as students, play riding horse in bed, steal Omega watches foleigner aloso got!

    Last time you glenpader aloso come to Tanah Melayu, this land aloso foleign to them, ata betut ker?

    So many wan cannot count! Which foleyners you talk here?

    he hehe hehehe

  47. Skilgannon10661:02 pm

    Hey, perwira

    Gordon Ramsey a celebrity chef?? More of a foul-mouthed celebrity-seeker with aspirations to TV stardom!

    Not unlike certain politicians in this neck of the woods!

    Now, let's see the likes of Wolfgang Puck or Nobu what's-his-name being invited to cook for the PM and his circle.

    If they are not willing to make the trek to Malaysia, there's always their restaurants in the casino city down south......

  48. Mustapha Ong3:54 pm

    Hi Bro,

    Thanks for your update in London in Rocky's Bru. Got your sms as about 2am when I was about to sleep lah.After our conversation, I couldn't sleep until subuh.

    Yesterday at the YMCA lunch in Kelana Jaya, I was also asked about kak Rosmah's diamond ring which I was not really keen to comment on the stupid question. I thought definitely it was another mischievous spin by those who are anti-Najib, anti-Rosmah and anti-BN government. Anway, I reiterated and asked whether Rosmah who is the wife of PM/Finance Minister will commit such stupid thing to purchase a diamond ring and then go public!!

    Rosmah is not a lowly educated lady and she has her own principle in life being wife of PM. She is the most misunderstood VVIP in Malaysia and the opposition is haunting her all the time. I wish Rosmah will give up and become an ordinary man's wife and not the PM.

    I think Rosmah gave the sarcastic answer to you when she said it rightly that "my husband is keeping it" haha, hehe, hidup 1 MALAYSIA.

    Today was another good day for me as I had attended the last rites of the late Dr. Lo Lo who passed away last night. I was late and couldn't make it to the family house in Keramat due to the crazy traffic jam near the market. However, I managed to join hundreds of her friends and relatives at the Tanah Perkuburan Islam Keramat.

    I met many of my friends from PKR, PAS and DAP, including Marfuz, Dr.Nizar, Azmin Ali, Tian Chua and Dr. Wan Azizah. However,I didn't see anyone from UMNO/BN and most probably they were afraid of their own shadow!!I was curious that when I was talking to Tian Chua and Dr. Nizar, two chaps got closed to us and snapped our photos. Maybe they were from SB or some UMNO MIA. I hope they will not spin my name and photo on the net!!!

    We are living in a war zone, nak ziarah kawan yang telah meninggal dunia pun takut kena chop! Only hypocrite aje takut, people like us are politically transparent even if we are not part of Bersih 2.0 or Perkasa. We are the true patriotic Malaysians behind the scene and walk along the corridor of power without fear or favour. Hidup 1Malaysia.

  49. Anonymous4:01 pm

    It is the furor of the people that drove the ring away. Otherwise it will be bought. Power to the people.
    We need more exposure like this.

  50. Anonymous4:18 pm

    OK la.. RM24m celita mayak2 tapi ini celita RM24M tarak mau kongsi ker?

    ......AUCKLAND, April 27 — Ten Malaysians who were part of a tour group to New Zealand were arrested yesterday for trying to smuggle in NZ$10 million (RM24 million) worth of methamphetamine in their shoes yesterday;

    Yuen Fatt Wong, 61,
    Teng-Kim Ooi, 52,
    Eng Hin Ong, 39,
    Ewe Hoe Ong, 40,
    Tan Ah Nya. 51,
    Waihong Leong, 23,
    Sit Mooi En, 29,
    Lian Fong Wong, 53,
    Eng Wan Teoh, 22, and
    Ah Kooi Teoh, 21,

    Sini CELITA RM24m sana celita RM24M.
    Apa hat? mayak kacau la!!

    he hehe hehehe

  51. Am I missing something here or was I ill informed? The ring is worth RM74 million and not RM24million. What is 24 is the ring's worth in USD. i.e USD24million.

    I would love to give fluffy hair the benefit of the doubt but if you had said Dr Siti Hasmah, or Marina Mahathir, or Wan Azizah had bought the ring, I would have instantly said go to hell with you. But if it is Rosmah, whoa, I mean look at her, she can put Leyla of Tunisia to shame with all that accessories protruding from that stump. And thats just by looking at her without looking into other documented evidence.

  52. Anonymous6:01 pm

    she is the 1st lady ! do u buggers understand !

    If she want to buy it or not...
    u stupid buggers think she give a fuck ?

    like dis also u stupid buggers want to debate... nothing else to do ke ?

    kanineh ! u buggers a real bunch of lancheow assholes !

  53. Rocky.. apa lg excuse nak bg utk selamatkan rosmah, bersungguh2 nak defend..btul la kata komen kat atas, nmpak tulisan cm pandai tp bodoh setaraf cm exKM melaka

  54. Anonymous7:27 pm

    OKla conclusion..

    Semua orang jealous teramat sangat dengan Rosmah..


    he hehe hehehe

  55. Rosmah not only have in her possession the RM24million diamond, but she also have in her possession the famous Kohinoor and Hope diamonds, but please do not tell Chegubard or he will expose it!

  56. Anonymous8:00 pm

    So Rosmah is an agent for a Jewish company - I think that is the best case conclusion ...

  57. Anonymous9:05 pm

    I can almost see the listings of the Protocols of the Elders of Kuomintang in the deepest recesses of Gurney Drive or within secret rooms of the Dewan Perniagaan:-

    • Diamond Ring meant for show but managed to be broadcasted as though bought by Rosmah - Check.

    • Baharuddin died of heart failure, but managed to portray Suhardi that died, with complete dramatics on Video sent out in Youtube for all to see - Check..

    • Malay girl ketuk-ketampied by Police but managed to portray to whole world, especially to the People’s Republic of China that it was a Chinese girl who was ketuk-ketampied, with the Malay-based Malaysian government being cruel to the Chinese - Check.

    • Rosmah miles away giving speech to orphans but managed to portray her as being there, lighting the C4 fuse and blowing up the Mongolian girl - Check..

    • May 13 started by DAP-PAP-Gerakan-ChinPeng Afficionados but managed to broadcast blame as originating from Tun-Razak-UMNO combination by Kua Kia Siong - Check.

    • Chinese forming majority of millionaires, billionaires and owning a big chunk of Economy of country but managed to portray that the Government is unfair to them, oppressing them, taking their properties by force and they are “suffering” in Malaysia - Check..

    • Convincing that Genocide and massacres of the Indians by the millions happened, and letter sent to Queen - Check.

    • Suing the British Government for 1 Trillion pound sterling for bringing the ancestors of the Indians (where they were comfortable with their life under the caste system there) to Malaysia to become coolies - Check..

    • Murder of TBH by people who got afraid that TBH would reveal too much about their corruptions and connections with the underworld but managed to pin murder/suicide onto MACC instead - Check..

    • Highlight anomalies of government polling results but keep glaring inconsistencies of PKR election ones, especially pointed out by Zaid Ibrahim, out of public’s sight - Check.

    • Highlight Police “brutality” over and over again (though not as brutal as half of what western police do in handling demonstrators) in handling illegal rally but downplay seriousness of Tian Chua’s case in attacking police in well-documented video - Check..

    • Unleash the dppundeks, the monster-sized balls, and other recycled nicks of the saaaaame people into Rocky so as to help carry weights and portray false sense of numbers of opposition-loving crowds - Check..

    • Provide huge orgasmotrons to PAS people by having a few DAPnicks memorize a few Koranic verses and recite them onto their faces - Check.

    • Make sites like RPK and other portals delete 400-500 pro-malay, pro-government comments on a daily basis while allowing government-hating, chingkie-loving comments to go through and again giving a false sense of numbers - Check.

    • Make some young, semi-ripe half-baked commentators to come into Rocky’s site everyday and just say spin, spin, spin irrespective of whether they know the meaning of that word or whether they know what they are talking about - Check.

    List of yet-to-accomplish tasks:-

    • To try as best as possible to demonise very crucial Truth-documenting blogs like Deminegara, JebatMustDie, PureShiite and the various Anwar-Exposing websites. Status: Still pending. Too hard to penetrate: Tried once but got demolished there with tails between our legs.

    • Kill Marking Bagpie just for highlighting this list. Status – Wrong Target: Instead of Marking Bagpie, shot Barking Magpie by mistake. We got confused.

    • Shoot Rocky. Status – still trying. Not yet successful. But we love the man.
    • Kill ourselves. Status: will do, if this pesky Marking Bagpie keep on revealing what we deem secretive.

    Marking Bagpie

  58. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Hello Skilgannon1066,

    I'd like to invite you to read the book I mentioned earlier (Confessions of an Economic Hitman),so that you understand the difference between foreign direct investment and what I am talking about.

    Further, please do your own research on George Soros's Open Society Institute (and also the NDI separately). Dig deep and find the YouTube video where George Soros admits to ENJOYING the fact that OSI promotes anarchy and revolution in host countries. After which, if you still agree to having local revolutionaries take their money, either you don't understand what you read, or you actually WANT what they have to offer.

    Please take my words in the spirit it is given. The people taking this money are playing with a very dangerous fireball. Either they want foreign-funded revolution and the economic sellout that always happens after, or they think they can take the money and still play by their own rules. In which case, I think they will find out too late how powerful these people really are.

  59. Anonymous10:57 pm

    Some dullard still cannot understand the real situation.

    Refer here :

    Proof that the millions of dollar ring OWNED by New York-based Jacob & Co was brought into the country by Jacob & Co's regional agent MALCA-AMIT.


    The Royal Malaysian Customs declaration form below is proof that the millions of dollar ring which was brought into our country was taken OUT of Malaysia on the 20th of April, 2011 - four days after arrival on the 16th of April, 2011.

    IN n OUT!


  61. Rather strange ... how could Rosmah's name get involved in transporting diamonds worth million ... apa pasal itu pokok ada goyang ... angin sulah latang ...

  62. Anonymous11:49 pm

    OMG! Sure you are the President of Bloghouse?

    Tell us who are all the bloggers who voted for you.

    At least can know which bloggers ae the same paid CARMA type.

    Maybe CARMA tak elok, ok, how about Pandikutty.

  63. Anonymous 11.49pm said...
    OMG! Sure you are the President of Bloghouse?


    Dear Anon,
    Ehem ... I am the Adviser not the President of the Blog House Malaysia lah.
    Come back when you're sure you can get the basics right.

  64. Mustapha Ong5:15 am

    Salam bro,

    Good job done in UK. Are you also under the Tuscan sun? They produced the best wine in ITALY but unfortunately no halal wine. Hope you are including in the media group calling on the Pope. It's a milestone in our foreign policy to establish diplomatic relations with the Vatican. In 1973 - 1975 while in the service to the nation based in Rome, I had the opportunity to accompany the late Malaysian Ambassador Tan Sri Wong Pow Nee to call on the Pope in the Vatican City as well as his summer Palace. In fact two of my kids were born in the Vatican Hospital up the hill during the winter, but it seldom snows in Rome, which means much colder in Winter and spring time.

    You all are very lucky as Italy is a shopping paradise and things are much cheaper compared to other EU countries especially during sales. Get to eat the best pizzas, sphagetti, lasagne, herbs and wild mushrooms, seafood and also those self service restaurants with hundreds of yummy dishes and delicacies.Italy's original cappucino and expresso unlike what we have in Malaysia, all adulterated coffee with low grade coffee beans and the taste is not the quite the same.

    It's again mega sales for now until end of August in Malaysia but pensioners like us "mana ada duit nak shopping, I mean duit halal yah" Why do I mean "duit halal" as corruption is still everywhere despite the serious efforts by MACC to curb the money spinning parasite.

    There are more and more gold mines and other dubious ways to camouflage corruptions through abused of power. The list is endless, ada pasar pagi, pasar malam, pasar mingguan, illegal street hawkers and stores owned by legal and illegal foreigners everywhere and most of these are unlicensed. Thousands of massage and reflexology centers and SPA growing like mushroom everywhere and our society is decaying in moral and indecency by the hour.

    I was told at the YMCA luncheon, that the divorce rate now is at four hourly and this new trend among the newly married is indeed worrying to us. Sharizat pun tak boleh buat apa lah, as it is a sign of "kiamat" as prescribed in the Holy Koran.

    Finally, I would like to suggest that all those who wants to blog or comment in the alternative media, should be gentleman and show their guts to identify themselves publicly and not hide under fictitious names or sign off as "Anonymous". What a shame those bullshitters who know how to condemn and criticise others, without moral, conscience and responsibility. The cyberspace is not like on a motor highway where you can hit a person and drive away. Please come out into the open and show your guts if you want to be part of the blogging community in criticising others but afraid to be prosecuted by the authority.

  65. Anonymous7:21 am

    I thought you all pembangkang people esp pas are wise people. whar a stupid fucking you al and shiiit. hello bro kalau 24 mil tak pakai courier lah. Baik terrus pakai.

  66. Thanks for the clarification, D'Rocky...if only APCO would pay you...sorry man...just

    Think our leaders should care less for bling and more bersih.

  67. Datuk R,

    so celar that the opposition machais are bent on defaming, demonising, discrediting the prime minister - of course, through Rosmah.

    It's a typical tactic. yeasr ago, when they wanted to bring down Dr Mahathir, they had all sorts of stories about Dr Siti hasmah. She was a 10 per cent lady, remember?
    Just like Ibu Tien Suharto.

    Now, Rosmah is easy meat for them.

    Nothing she and Najib do will be right.

    Having a prospective son-in-law from a mega wealthy family is a sin and a crime in their eyes.

    They have to bring down Najib and the BN.

    they know Rosmah is not stupid. Macam-lah Wan Azizah to pandai.
    Macam lah Nurul Izzah tu pandai..

    This RM24m diamond story tells me another thing -- that someone in Customs is leaking information to "outsiders".

    They will do what it takes to bring down Najib, and if BN wins, they'll do the same again and again.

    It's what they do -- working damn hard to topple Najib and his government.

  68. ANON 10:57pm:

    They are dullards. they are bastards. operatives. machais of the opposition. they don;t care for the truth -- they will spread lies to achieve their objective.

    the police : so we know there are bad apples ion the police force but these people want to spread the perception ttha the entire police force that is the instrument of the barisan nasional government is corrupt and brutal, just like the government.
    so even if the police takes action against a suspect, any suspect, and if they so much touch him -- this suspect will cry foul, and these bastards will echo and echo...

    MACC -- we all want to fight corruption. But ntohign the MACC does is right..

    and os on and so on...

    so, they don;t care for the truth. the truth will work against them.

  69. Skilgannon10661:04 pm

    Oi, perwira

    You can snigger all you want, but the fact of the matter is that the PM and the Deputy PM, not to mention Mustapa Mohamed, are out there desperately courting foreigners to come invest in Malaysia.

    Yup, you read that right - FOREIGNERS! Dari Singapore pun boleh, dari negeri Cina dan India pun boleh, dari Amerika Sharikat dan Eropah lagi pun boleh!

    It's hard to be all-noble, virtuous and maruah-spouting when holding out the alms bowl!


  70. Anonymous2:06 pm

    The ring is definitely US$20+ million and NOT RM24 million. It was displayed at Baselworld 2011 in March 2011 at Jacob & Co's showroom. Anthony DeMarco, a jewelry journalist and contributor to clearly reported that the ring in question retails for US$20 million. See:
    Clearly, Rocky and Apanama didn't do what's expected of a journalist/blogger - accuracy in reporting!

  71. 24million diamond rings??
    thats a lot of money...where did they got money??

  72. Seolferwulf7:10 pm

    "The Protocols of The Elders of Kuomintang"? Oh, yah - like the Fables of Ibrahim Ali!

    Strange that the gahmen is pushing the same Kuomintangites to come invest in this fair land of ours, from sea to shining sea....

    Why, ah? Big foreign reserves = Big Dick? And they don't come much bigger than US$3++ trillion (and counting) in foreign reserves.

    Which is why when the Kuomintangites cast their covetous eyes on certain islands in the South China Sea, certain unnamed parties buat bodoh.

    The small bully kena sand kicked in his face by the bigger bully out there.


  73. Sexsi8:40 pm

    oi, bangang -- apa salah di tolong bakal besan dia bawa masuk berlian untuk private viewing????? Kalau dah benci rosmah dan nak jatuhkan najib, apa mereka buat tak betul! Haiya Rocky, these SOBs just cannot accept that you can actually have a conversation with Rosmah... like, who the F do you think you are??? mesti ni Rosmah dan Najib suap you..... To them, kalau orang macam you okay with najib, that means, NAJIB MUST BE PAYING YOU. i mean -- does it occur to them that you actually like Najib, that you do have faith in his administration? that you've known the guy for so god-damn long....AND that you also have known Anwar for god-damn long and had witnessed his shenanigans, including his abuse of power and his psychophantic attitude to the West.

  74. Adviser to Blog House which is a House in name only and the Adviser is proud of the title with no want asking for his advises at all.
    Like representing "All Blog" as President for years when it was not approved.
    Mahathir is also Adviser to Proton that is going bankrupt MAS...need bailing out..god many times.

  75. dragonfly3:36 pm


    you're too kind-lah. Or clever.
    in approving Monsterball's pathetic comments.

    what is he? Frustrated, senile or simply an ass?

  76. Skilgannon10665:13 pm

    perwira 4:18 PM

    International Physics Olympiad 2011, Bangkok.

    Only 1 Gold Medal won by Malaysia. By a certain CHEW WEI.

    Malaysia Boleh!

    International Math Olympiad 2010. Results: China (#1), Russia (#2)...Singapore (#22)...Malaysia (#54).

    Malaysia lagi pun boleh!

  77. Seolferwulf9:43 pm


    All the pro-Umno bloggers out there in the firmament, such as canis gigantis, undiluted effluvia, wot's-his-name etc have run out of excuses for Malaysia Airlines, aka MAS.

    So much so that they are forced to resort to crap arguments to account for MAS's predicament.

    And no amount of advisors is going to make an iota of difference to MAS!

  78. Anonymous6:44 am

    Go and read the Sun online. A malaysian tycoon just splashed 3billion pounds on gold plated yacht.
    I am waiting for PKR, PAS or DAP spin doctors to turn this into another circus.
    You probably heard another tale abt how much water the PM uses monthly. It is RM30K per month. Dunno how many thousands of people stay in the house.

  79. Skilgannon10665:09 pm

    Anon 6:44 AM

    Hmm...a gold plated yacht sounds more in the style of the Chelsea godfather (aka Roman A) or certain murky tycoons from the Middle East.

    I am pretty sure that Larry Ellison wouldn't be involved.

    Or, maybe, it's that J Lho feller - him who's supposed to have bought a super-expensive apartment in New York!

  80. So she's the one who owns the RM24 million diamond ring and yet she has denied it on the last interviews.

  81. Thanks for sharing this article. I really love the way you tell informative stories and yet very entertaining.

  82. Anonymous12:47 pm
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  85. When it was happened? The RM24 Million ring was the most attractive diamond rings I ever heard about.