Monday, July 25, 2011

Oslo: Why it's not a good idea to assume ..


When it comes to acts of terror, you don't jump to conclusions. The people behind each act could be your timid neighbor or classmate, and it could be your right-wing, church-going blue eyes, or an Aryan who hates other Whites, or your favorite bearded and turban-ed Moslem.

Great thing our Foreign Ministry DID NOT jump to conclusions in its immediate response and condolence message. (And contrary to seasoned journo Bujai's assumption or assertion, our Foreign Minister did not fail to react to the Oslo killings; he had despatched an immediate condolence note to the government and people of Norway).

For a good old-fashioned journo analysis, read Azmi Anshar's THE BLIND SPOT IN TERRORISM


  1. Anonymous2:52 pm

    Bujai memang mangkok lah buaat assertion dan assumption. Bes laah kalu Bujai stick to $ Rais Yatim $ only.

  2. Anonymous3:14 pm

    No Hope... Terrorism is Brand for certain religion!

  3. Anonymous3:23 pm

    I've read many stories since the tragedy and I haven't seen in any of them information on the victims (other than they are very young) such as their nationalities & ethnicity.

    Maybe it's still classified.

    We all know that if the gunman is Muslim, the newspapers will list down EVERY single (positive) detail on the victims they can get, even if the victims include Muslims as well. Of course, it gets worse if the victims are non-Muslims.

    Now, since the killer is non-Muslim, he's just a 'bad man'. Had he been a Muslim, he'll be referred to as 'Muslim Terrorist'!

    - AZLAN.

  4. Anonymous4:25 pm

    I hope the PDRM keep surveillance on the the NeoCon Christians elites in the DAP to prevent copycat of Norway's tragedy in Malaysia...

    Prof Awe Kecik

  5. Anonymous5:17 pm

    Are you referring to the Govt.?

    It's also not a good idea to always use the excuses and say it's Communist or Christian or Illuminatti or Free Mason or some foreign inspired plot whenever BN feels threatened.

    Perhaps you thought it has always been that way to think and that's why you come out with this?

    What rubbish journalism is this?

  6. Anonymous5:22 pm

    Who would have ever imagined,

    Once being a member/committee of the Law Council, now stands accused as a serial KILLER - robbed, torture, killed, burnt and destroying all traces of his clients?

    And to witness -

    Aci AMBIGA, a mere old Indian female Lawyer; go against the Police, Menteri, PM, Agung and the majority of Rakyat's wishes.

    Anything is possible Rocky.


  7. Anonymous6:31 pm

    This is the same kind of nutcase piece of shit that Chingkie christian extremists in Malaysia are funding and training surreptiously. Their sudden interest in local politics, their partiality to issues guised as "human rights"; 'electoral reform" ; "transparency" "accountability" (which, in actuality, these cheating, buttfucking, shitslurping whoreboys and slutbitches pay lip service to) is just a cover for them to snoop under the radar in order to herald a Chingkie-Christian takeover of MALAYsia and its eventual capitulation to the likes of Israel and the Vatican ( a big mistake by the naive Najib who has innocously let in a wolf into the manger). Mark my words, this is part of the Christian crusade against the MalayMuslims. Who was at the forefront of Lina Joy's murtading but Christo bastards and their johnsucking pseudo-Malay lackeys. Who was instrumental behind Bersih but the selfsame cross-worshipping fiends and their twatlicking pseudo-Malay balacis? Who instigated and continue to fuel the Kalimah Allah issue but some crucified hippie worshipping and wine sipping fuckboys and sluts backed by their imanless, cockless spineless pseudo-Malay ball-lickers. Now I aint instigating or twisting anything here but speaking with facts as they are. Pray tell me the religious backgrounds of these scounderels Ron liu, Nga and Ngeh, Teresa, Guano, Betty, Look See Fuck, Hannah, Tony P, J.Ooi etc etc : all fuckedup socalled eveangelising Christo bastards. Or for that matter check out the backgrounds those Sarawak Chingk scums and you will unearth more crosses and Easter eggs there than on some goddamn friar neck or in some Christo bunny's tummy (ROFL).

    It is pretty obvious that the Christos have weasled into mainstream politics unnnoticed (the same modus operandi in 1947 and 1969 if you have read history well) and are making a stab for power with the aid of their Malay arsewhore fiends and slutbitches bearing names like An(us)whore Abraham, Azizah Ishmael, Nicky Aziz Nick Mat(twat) , Hardy Awank(er), Issah An(us)whore, Karl Cuntwhore Samad, Mathew (used)Twatshafter Samboo, Husham Cockjuicer Mussan and the rest of the cocksuckling ilk who are in it for pinklipped arseholes, wormy chingkieslut twats, stacks of Agongs and some timber, sandmining concessions etc. The mainstream star is another rag under which these Christo rightwing whorepiss skulk under, Just read between the lines or even plainly the stuff in the last 2 sunday editions and you will get my drift.

    The ultimate aim of these son of bitches and twathocking whores is to turn MalayMuslims into delusional, brainvacuumed sheep forever anticipating some goddamn hocus-pocus rapture and devilish
    2nd coming while mored economically and politically under total Christo Chingkie hegemony.Only the united will and steadfastness of the Muslim Melayu Bermaruah stand in the way......

    Warrior 231

  8. How come er Bro, I was expecting your spin on this. But you see this guy at best can but rely on what ever it is that he believes, Christian or otherwise. But one thing he will find difficult to say, that his motivation was derived from the teachings or the writings in the New Testament which might have compelled him!! He may be a terrorist. But a Christian terrorist? You have got to have quite a twisted mind to think that.

  9. Old Fart,

    Google "Christian terrorist". See what you get. Those twisted minds!

    Prof Awe Kechik.

    Yes, definitely the PDRM must. This country is multi-religious and extremists are there in every religion. And then there is freedom to express in this country. Recently, ahead of Najib's meeting with the Pope, 365 Malaysian Catholics wrote to the Pope to ask him not to meet the PM. No, of course it is their right to do so but it does give every peace-loving citizen in this country food for thought.

  10. Anonymous8:55 pm

    Read this guys manifesto. The link is here

    Note he only hates ISLAM, he doesnt
    hate Hindus or Buddhist or Jews. Some day somewhere in the White Lands, there will emerge a Leader who shares this mans beleif. This leader will use Nuclear Weopens on Muslim Countries to eliminate Muslims just like Hitler eliminated the Jews. In those terrible times, there will be no hope except in the Lord Jesus Christ.

  11. Anonymous8:57 pm

    Perwira and Warrior - are your balls as big as your words? I seriously doubt it consider the general disposition of you people....

    Rocky - have you considered just why people always assume ? Dig your head out of your paymasters ass and maybe you'll understand

  12. Anonymous9:00 pm

    Better be careful, the way Warrior 231 expresses himself/herself/itself sounds like one of those terrorist nut jobs.

  13. Anonymous10:08 pm

    Warrior 231,
    You sez it likes it is

  14. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Now thats what we call a true terrorist. Christian terrorist at best. Single handedly blown buildings and mass shooting ppl on an island. Just look at the possibilities if they banded together. Crucial time for Muslims. For the time will come upon us. Bet they will be more of his kind that will answer his crusade call. Just watch out.

  15. Skilgannon106610:26 pm

    Heh, heh - the warrior is waxing wroth, again.

    It's a pity that his puerile prose is like him - going nowhere. Or is it to hell in a handbasket, pardon the mixed metaphors?

    So, what are you saying - that the PM shouldn't have met the Pope in the Vatican? That Malaysia should not have agreed to diplomatic ties with the Holy See? Or that the PM shouldn't have introduced Rosmah to the Pope? In the presence of Archbishop Murphy Pakiam too!

    Seems to me that the ultra right-wing Christian fanatics in Europe and the US have a lot in common with the ultra right-wing elements that infest the likes of Perkasa and the more arcane fringes of Umno. One hates all things Islam, the other hates all things Christian. And they both have a common adversary - the Jews and Zionism.

    So, if these wackos in Europe are deemed to be terrorists, then shouldn't the wackos in Malaysia be tagged likewise?

    So no one can cry foul if the likes of Ibrahim Ali and his fellow travellers land up on some blacklists in the US and Europe. Or can they?

    Perhaps that's what Raja Nazrin was alluding to when he said that rulers should not be shielded from the truth.

  16. Warrior 231
    i guess you are one of delusional wanker influence by mainstream media to utter such hatred to us Chingkie. You are no better than any arsewhore that u mentioned on your comments .

  17. Anonymous12:13 am

    Well, we can never win can we? Even when they massacre their own, they blame it on the Muslims. It's because of the Muslims that he brutally murdered all those young people - can you believe it?

    Anyway, old fart is old fart. Gas dah naik kepala pak. Mana boleh pikir cara lain lagi? Muzik lama juga dimainkan. Just look at all the old comments and you'll see the pattern.

  18. Charles F Moreira3:55 am

    "I've read many stories since the tragedy and I haven't seen in any of them information on the victims (other than they are very young) such as their nationalities & ethnicity."

    Yes, there is no mention of their ethnicity but from pictures, I can see there are whites and some Turkic or Arab looking people too.

    Also, the Labour Party youth group had just passed a resolution in support of the Palestinians and had called upon their government to boycott Israel.

    Stephen Lendman in Chicago writes in his blog.

    "Earlier in July, Norway's Dagbladet newspaper quoted Labour Party-affiliated Workers Youth League (AUF) leader Eskil Pedersen saying:

    The "time has come for more drastic measures against Israel, and (he) wants the Foreign Minister to impose an economic boycott against the country," adding:

    "The peace process goes nowhere, and though the whole world expects Israel to comply, they do not. We in the Labour Youth will have a unilateral economic embargo of Israel from the Norwegian side."

    Norway also decided to stop bombing Libya and the youth at the retreat had called on Norway to recognise the Palestinian state.


    "On March 29, 2011, EuropeNews headlined, "Norway: Socialist Left Party to Vote on Motion Calling for Bombing Israel if it Acts against Hamas in Gaza," saying:..."

    "Former Finance Minister, now Education Minister Kristin Halvorsen's Socialist Left Party (SV), (part of Norway's three party ruling coalition with the Centre Party and the Labour Party) supports a measure supporting military action against Israel if it attacks Hamas. Part of its statement said"

    The culprit is said to be a right wing extremist who is anti immigrant and especially anti-Muslim and indeed yes, there are many far right wing groups in Europe and North America which are especially anti-Muslim.

    However, there could be more behind it than meets the eye. Some speculate that it could be a Mossad false flag operation, made to look like a far right attack.

    For example:-

    The killer's love for Israel

    Stephen Lendman's article

    Webster Tarplay on the false-flag posibility

    At the end of the day one must ask, who benefits - i.e. qui bono?

    To be more well-informed, people should stop reading mainstream media, whether western or Malaysian and fully turn to alternative media.

    Refer to for lots more links to alternative views on this and other issues.

  19. Charles F Moreira4:23 am

    More informative links on the Norway murders.

    By Gilad Atzmon, an anti-Zionist Israeli resident in the UK

    While Joseph Klein's article in Neo-Con David Horowitz's website Front Page is anti-Muslim, he reveals a lot of reasons why the Zionists would want to attack Norway and especially its Labour Party youth wing.

    I hope this helps bring the incident into a clearer perspective.

  20. Charles F Moreira5:07 am

    Ina rather long and complex article, Veterans Today magazine gives lots of related info about the Norway incident, including opinion that the so called "car bomb" which damaged the vast government building complex could not have enough power to do the damage which it did. The power of the bomb is estimated to be equivalent to 10 tons of TNT, a military grade explosive and 10 tons could not have fit into the boot of a car.

    Rather, the explosives could have been planed in the sewer below the building.

    Also a rather eerie coincidence:-

    “The attack in Oslo also came 65 years to the very day after the Israeli Irgun blew up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem”…Eileen Fleming

    Veterans Today also suspects it's a joint Israeli and Libyan initiative, since Israel has the car bomb technology and Libya has recently said it will carry out attacks in Europe.

    Also that Gaddafi is not as anti-Israel as he makes oout to his people.

    However, I don't think Libya would want to attack Norway since it had pulled out from the Nato attacks on Libya and the youth who were attacked were strongly pro-Palestine.

    Anyway, here's the article:-

  21. Anonymous7:41 am

    K A R M A...
    Just about anything is possible.

    Norway is one of the Nato's members and has had the leading position in formation of the Nato. It has also contributed to Nato's military mission in Libya.

    ........19TH Jun 2011 - TRIPOLI, Libya — Libya's government said NATO warplanes struck a residential neighborhood in the capital Sunday and killed nine civilians, including two children. Hours later, NATO confirmed one of its airstrikes went astray.

    .......25TH July 2011 - At least 91 people were killed in deadly attacks in Oslo, Norway, one of the most peaceful north European countries on Friday.


  22. Anonymous10:20 am

    Terrorists come from various angles.
    There is no only from one orgin thing.
    However what is important for all on earth is that moderates are praised and given encouragement to produce more moderates from all aspects so that the world will be a better place for the next generations.
    Every moderate of whatever ilk should produce MORE moderates in thinking so that we are accountable to GOD on that day.

    sama sama

  23. Anonymous10:36 am

    Warrior 231,

    You are quite out of line. Even judging by your standard.


  24. Anonymous10:39 am

    Old fart,

    Be a good sport. Heed bru's suggestion. Tell us what you find.


  25. Anonymous11:46 am

    Some other news that people WISHED were true, but found out otherwise later on, after which the slow and gradual hushing and non-mentioning exercises come into place:-

    Portrayed Truth: Mat Sabu was rammed by Police Car
    Real Truth: Mat Sabu hit Road Divider and fell
    Consequence: Effort to demonise PDRM hit snag

    Portrayed Truth: MACC killed Teoh Beng Huat
    Real Truth: TBH committed suicide, due to guilt conscience over shady DAP dealings
    Consequence: Effort to demonise MACC came to halt.

    Portrayed Truth: Suhardi died, due to "Police Brutality"
    Real Truth: Suhardi hale and hearty, despite vigorous acting lessons
    Consequence: Suhardi now spending sleepless nights

    Portrayed Truth: Government Ketuk-Ketampied Chinese Girl
    Real Truth: Ketuk-Ketampi girl was Malay, suspected of carrying drugs
    Consequence: Effort to demonise Malaysian Government to RPC by Theresa Kok put on hold.

    Portrayed Truth: Rosmah C4'ed Altantuya
    Real Truth: Rosmah C4'ed Anak Yatim. [Charity, Care, Charm, Courtesy]
    Consequence: Effort to demonise Rosmah postponed

    Portrayed Truth: Penang Government Help Malays
    Real Truth: Penang Government slowly creating conditions and situations that erode the presence of malay communities all over the Island. [Read: Halau!]
    Consequence: No consequence. Just that the pace is too slow.

    Portrayed Truth: "All Malaysians" are very sadistic to Indonesian maids.
    Real Truth: Not "all" Malaysians. Only those who don't take wudhu' or circumcise.
    Consequence: Effort to "share" bad image with general Malaysians, thereby absolving blame, affected, but coming up.

    Portrayed Truth: Actor in Video is NOT Anwar.
    Real Truth: Actor is!
    Consequence: Now becoming more difficut to get China Doll. And Eskay's not here too.

    Portrayed Truth: September 16th will be day when Malaysians get a brand new government.
    Real Truth: Nothing happened on Sept 16th, except Pooji gave birth to 6 kittens
    Consequence: Did I say Sept 16th of 2010? Did I? Did I? [Overheard in Segambut]

    Portrayed Truth: Police Brutal in 907.
    Real Truth: Two Words: Beriyani Gam!
    Consequence: "Next time, we bring our own Nasi Goreng, and get from them pesky policemen just the Sirap Bandung part and nothing else"

    Portrayed Truth: "We have the Omega Watch. Our family is keeping it"
    Real Truth: "We don't"
    Consequence: Fat tummy plus not knowing Eskay; not corroborating one another without the watch. Oh wait. A video is only "besi", why worry? So there!

    Portrayed Truth: "Terrorist Muslims massacred 90 in Norway."
    Real Truth: "Lone Disturbed Anomaly fires into crowd, killing 90"
    Real, Real Truth: Christian Terrorist kills 90. Period.
    Consequence: Effort to continually demonise Muslims fail

    Portrayed Truth: We are bad. All bad.
    Real Truth: Otherwise.
    Consequence: The Skill Maknons, the Chingkie Apeks, the Old Farts, the One-Race Pundeks, now all becoming unhappy.

    Marking Bagpie

  26. Yang banyak cakap kat sini, ingat sajalah komunis tu datang dari kaum mana.
    Janganlah ikut sedap mulut mengata orang Melayu dan islam.
    We still rule okay. Just shut up.

  27. Seolferwulf10:08 pm

    Marking Bagpie

    You again?

    Here's another truth for you - the govt is chasing US$444 billion in investments to achieve developed nation status by 2020.

    The reality - investors prefer to put their money in Indonesia, China, get the picture?

    Maybe the Barking Magpies out there are wailing in grief that the world has abandoned them in spite of determined commitments to affirmative action, quotas and privileges!

    What a freaking tragedy that the ultras are being wanked at their own game.

  28. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Part 1

    Dei Chingkie fuckhead of an apek, the uncircumcised filthy smegmaed prepuced issue of a chancred cunt and a rotting cock, what's your beef with me? You cant take it, eh shitball when I speak the truth.

    Listen real good, you and any other chingkie troll and his pseudo-Malay johnsucker and twatlicker for that matter. My credentials here or elsewhere are impeccable. I speak with facts and I deliver with the same ferocity I would if push comes to shove. Dont ever tangle with me, sons of slutwhores. My prescience is a as precise as my verbal fusillades and my physical salvoes not to mention my deadly gunslinging. Look at the record (u can check out its veracity right here in this blog):

    1. Feb. 2009-September 2009 : my prognosis of the judicial resolution to the Perak imbroglio eventually materialised.

    2. November 2009 and March 2010; my suggestions of GST, reining in of the deficit, reforming the tax structure and other suggestions are only now finally gaining traction (if only Najib listened to me earlier instead of his effete eggheads, he would have had better breathing room)

    3. Throughout 2009. through thick n thin, I was probably the only lone voice in the wilderness stressing that the Malay/Pribumi vote was still firmly in BN's grip and if only pro-Pribumi interests were pursued to reward that loyalty. The electoral byelections since mid 2009vindicated my contention and Sarawak cemented my assertion that the Chingkie scumballs were in open revolt and no nambypamby mollycoddling aint gonna draw back these shitstained hogs. Who saved BN's neck/ Pribumis of course, even cross spotting ones! and therein lies the irony!

    4. I was proven right regarding the flawed credentials of that Thai pornslut in the TBH inquiry. Why I was lynched by a herd of braying pigarselicking donkeys for exposing Zaid in June 2009, only to have the selfsame crowd wolfing back their shit hardly a year or so later when ZI went after An(us)whore's pimpboy.
    There are many other instances where I have been proven more right than wrong and for all I care, I have steadfastly maintained that 2008 was an aberration, not any birth of civil soicety or ideological politics shit as claimed by those hoitty toitty numbskulls from them ivory towers. Rather it was the perfect storm graced by a flight of black swans. In short, Malay angst at the fucktart sleepwalking wanker Dollah coalescing with the upswell of a Chingkie revolt that commenced in Sarawak 2006, a moment in time almost seized by Christo-led Chingkie chauvinists to establish Chingkie political hegemony in MALAYsia.

    I aint a braggart just presciently accurate due to my factual analysis and understanding of prevailing scenarios. Its Allah gift,imposed upon me to humbly share with my brethren.And i aim to do so, to rouse them to the reality confrontying them, that the only way out is to unite as Melayu Bermaruah to retake our land, to reclaim our birthright from the filthy pig hoofed ingrate pendatang Chingkie and his pseudo-Malay cocksucklers. And to my Malay brethren, I say, in a couple of years if this dancing to Chingkie shitstirring continues, you lot will be cross wearing, wine slurping, breadmunching and hymn spouting faggots with deluded notions of Rapture, Satan's Second Cumming and all that other hippie attributable eschatological swill spouted by charcoal black hired hands like Pakiam while his Chingkie masters rape and plunder the land to their girth's content.

    Warrior 231

  29. Anonymous10:42 pm

    Part 2

    As I deal solely in facts and based my contentions on how they pan out, its time u bastard Chingkie pigshit here engage me on that if you dimwit shitstuffed brains can do so! If not, shut the fuck up and quit ejaculating asinine cum after all you are better off using that once a month or once a year cocksquirt in your goddamn squaw' wormy cunt or ulcered mouth or pumping it into your pseudo-Malay trannieboy's arsehole or filthy gob.

    Civil society is not built on trash observations but on informed knowledgeable analysis and you dumbarse lot would be better off seeking that reality rather being wallowed in ur christo-inspired devil's trap. here is some for starters:

    2 And this, google to locate it (though i dont completely agree with that cockhead's other assertions which is debatable):

    The DAP is another kettle of fish. It exists to appropriate another identity – a colonial, Anglicized Christianity which, if they were to say so in private, is superior to Arabian Islam and all other cultures. They have their ketuanan, you see. And their bible is full of passages expressing this kind of ketuanan militancy so that war is merely politics by other means. Power and the spread of Christianity are two hands gripping each other; they are interlocking mechanisms in DAP’s politics today.

    This explains the inquisition-style method they have adopted to get at you and marahku for exposing their underbelly. Backed up by the sympathizer-editors at Malaysian Insider and Malaysiakini, it’s the same method they had used against Hee Yit Foong; to them she is not only a heathen but a political heretic. And all this is carried out while they are still as Opposition. Imagine, therefore, the possibilities and their range of methods at their disposal once they have Putrajaya. You are, as they say, fried.

    Now that will do for starters, fucked up, pigbuttlicking, arsewhoring, twatshafting swineslobs!

    Warrior 231

  30. Anonymous6:42 am

    Anonymous 8:57 PM said...

    ... Rocky - have you considered just why people always assume ? Dig your head out of your paymasters ass and maybe you'll understand

    Waaa, teaching Rocky to dig? Sorry ya.. we dig for oil so you can have cheap petrol and food on your tables..

    Can I assume every part of the world you go, you spend most of your time digging this?


    He hehe hehehe

  31. Anonymous7:19 am


    That Marking Bagpie talked about something else and you konar and talk about something totally unrelated? Is the weight of the truth therein so heavy that you just cannot lift up a finger to counteract, or just that you are too stupid and shoes too big to face these things?

    And I don't see your name in the list of "unhappy people" at the end of MB's postings, so could it be that you are unsatisfed to hav been left out?

    Kah Kah Kah.

    And again: Kah Kah Kah!

    Whoa! Welcome Back Warrior 231! We are not worthy! I agree that the accurate predictions you gave are the result of your very concise and factual analysis. Armed with that, even the cumsucking cunt-twaddling chingkie slutwhores whose only resort to counteracting is via vague pointless mumblings---cannot raise a voice.

    Cumsucking cunt-twaddling chingkie slutwhores [Did I say those right?]. We in the Warrior Team must learn to mantra these Warriorspeak phrases. I already feel I am almost half as good as the original Warrior.

    Warrior 772 of 4096

  32. Anonymous4:26 pm

    "No Hope... Terrorism is Brand for certain religion! (Edi神 3:14 PM)

    So does the branding of PIG to a certain race..No hope for the chingkies for!

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  33. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Cumsucking cunt-twaddling chingkie slutwhores [Did I say those right?]. We in the Warrior Team must learn to mantra these Warriorspeak phrases.

    Bro Warrior 772 of 4096,

    That is called communication protocol with ultra pigbrain pendatang chingkies..there are a few varieties from tuhan babi, babi kentut tua, babi schizophrenia, bebola babi raksasa, apek babi et. al.. the common type would be the typical lowlife worthless anon babis. Whenever you want to shoot pigs, you will surely hit the pigshielding animal protecting those pigs called the pseudo Malays or Malai Lembus..

    It is now the pigs hunting season..let us shoot some wild pigs here..enjoy!

    Next time we can hunt exotic black ultra pariah species also..

    :D muhahahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  34. Skilgannon10667:18 pm

    Warrior xxx

    Bring it on, wanker! Never let it be said that I ducked challenges from lame-brained pseudo-intellectuals who did not get tenure in the US or anywhere else for that matter.

    Debate on facts, eh? Let the games begin!

    Start with the downgrade of Malaysia's foreign currency and local currency ratings, shall we?