Sunday, July 10, 2011

BERSIH death

Takziah to the family of the deceased. I hope this death will teach all of us something today, not just a passing mention in an intro to a story glorifying the success of yesterday's political event. See link to Malaysian Insider story here. I stumbled onto the story after re-reading about the death of a man in a G20 demonstration in London back in 2009. Unlike arwah Baharuddin Ahmad, Mr Ian Tomlinson was not taking part in the demonstration at all.


  1. I hope this death with stop Rocky spinning.

  2. This death is unfortunate. And it would be even more so if/when others try to capitalise on it... especially in trying to place the blame on the authorities in the hope that this can be converted into anger and hatred.

    As it is, there are already those doing so on Twitter; trying to equate it with the death of the man who had burned himself in Tunisia and whose death had started the anger and demonstrations. The death here is so much different, and it is regrettable that some people can stoop to be so cheap and desperate.

  3. Anonymous4:06 am

    damn it this bersih people . jew loving, muslim hating, communist molotov cocktail throwing dumbasses.

    oh what? there was no molotov coctail throwing, communist taking over the country and new jewish prime minister today?

    just traffic jam caused by the cops? If there were no cops there won't even be any traffic congestion , just a peaceful rally?

    oh okay.

    damn it BERSIH ppl!!


  4. Anonymous5:42 am

    I can see the vultures coming to this arwah's grave to claim him as a political martyr ...

  5. Mat Sabo7:07 am

    And the police who hit Mr Ian Tomlinson goes on trial
    Wonder if it will be the same in Malaysia...

  6. Anonymous8:10 am

    Al Fatihah

    Well lets hope Ambiga will take care of this family, look after the kids education etc. till they come of age?

    Selangor govt RM200K, AS in TBH case?

    And that AMBIGA will ensure all those injured be compensated accordingly.

    Cannot imagine had the PDRM not done what they did, how many more lives?

    No need to spin..
    Sudah diduga ini pasti akan berlaku!


  7. Mustapha Ong8:20 am

    Al-Fatihah. May I join all of you in offering my heartfelt condolence for the unfortunate death of arwah Baharudin Ahmad, the late husband of PKR Wanita Chief Setiawangsa during the "kotor" demonstration yesterday.

    Today, I take this opportunity to congratulate PDRM for being cool and had succeeded to control the rowdy demonstrators systematically. I believe there were no other serious untoward incidents with the exception of the above death and some minor injuries as reported by the media. All those arrested were also orderly transported to the Semarak Police Depot for official identification and questioning. They were being treated well with humanity and decency. They were also allowed to do their prayers and were also given finger food and refreshments. Bravo PDRM for the good work!

    I believe PDRM's new approach and their security strategies in controlling the rowdy demonstration effectively should be openly complimented. Congratulations to IGP and his men and we are proud of your strong commitment to maintain absolute security during the opposition staged anti-government demonstrations.As law abiding Malaysians we had to tolerate the massive traffic jams as part of the security control strategy and it was worth the share of our effort to ensure that the nation is save in the hands of PDRM without military interference. I was also caught in the long traffic jam on the road from Port Dickson to Kuala Lumpur yesterday afternoon. It took me more than 8 hours to drive from PD to Damansara and had to pass through 9 police road blocks!

    As law abiding citizens we should all condemn the opposition parties led by Anwar Ibrahim, some PAS and DAP leaders and the Bersih organiser, especially Ambiga and her anti-government NGOs. Yes, we all know that the planned rally was not about the 8 points raised by them in order to reform the electoral system, but a show of force to overthrow the BN government.

    Last but not least, I wish to appeal to the wisdom of prime minister Najib to convene a Royal Commission with the view to improve and rectify the shortcomings in our electoral roll and voting system in accordance to UN Charter. SPR is short of expert manpower to review the SOP of our election system. The RC should consists of foreign experts as well as prominent government and respected opposition members.


  8. Anonymous9:08 am

    Semuanya bodoh taking part

  9. Anonymous9:32 am

    I hope Monsterball will follow suit.

    And Mustapha Ong too, preferably in a tragic accident, for bearing an asshole Omar Ong as a son that is now wrecking Malaysia.

  10. Anonymous9:43 am

    and the leader of majority Malay Muslim PAS marchers is an indian who supports MURTAD

  11. Anonymous9:45 am

    okay party's over, time to CLEAN-up

    assess damages from loss of earnings, disruptions to daily lives, trauma suffered etc, etc

    ambiga can pay coz she's got foreign sugar daddies

  12. Anonymous10:00 am

    Dear monsterball,

    What is actually wrong with you. Rocky reported his point of view and you said its all spinning.

    I read harakah and it is worst than spinning! Its pure lies.

    If you disagree, dont read rocky blog.

  13. Anonymous10:01 am

    Tahniah PDRM !!!!!!

  14. Anonymous10:03 am

    Kalau pkr sure tak mati shahid

  15. Should it not due to the police provocation and allowed the demostration to go peacefully at stadium merdeka. This could had been avoided. Shame on you malaysian police and especially shame on you najib for being so coward to face the rakyat!!

  16. Anonymous10:33 am

    Kalau tengok video tak ramai Cina dan India supported BERSIH? Where have all the he hehe hehehe gone to? If like dat wan, dats se mean, they aloso don't like these demo !

    Saw ON VIDEO mainly PAS and Keadilan supporters shouting for REFORMASI, UNDUR NAJIB bla bla why?

    BERSIH demo like dat wan lor?

    Suasana macam kat Afganistan, with the SHOUTS OF "Allah Hu Ahbar" and Taliban screaming protestors?

    Breakdown of Figures and percent please Rocky!


  17. Anonymous10:44 am

    How I wish it was monsterball who died. This monsterball doesn't deserve to breath the fresh air of peaceful Malaysia. Bang! Bullseye! A bullet just went through monserball's numbskull.


  18. Anonymous10:55 am

    Talqin untuk Baharudin Ahmad:

    Engkau mati memperjuangkan masa depan seorang individu. Yang ketika engkau sedang dicabut nyawa, individu ini sedang bersantai, dan makan dan minum, di dalam bilik sebuah hotel mewah.

    Maka apa bila ditanya "Ma Rabbuka?", maka jawab lah "Allah Tuhan ku, bukan Anwar Ibrahim atau Ambiga".

    Al-Fatihah untuk engkau.

  19. Anonymous10:56 am

    "fell during scuffle with police"

    Sounds like heart attack to me. But will be 'paraded' as political matyr nontheless.

  20. Anonymous11:10 am

    I almost choked on my roti canai this morning when I saw a picture of the protesters who were arrested yesterday stuffing their face with food courtesy of the PDRM at the holding area.
    The very bastards that threw things and jeered and taunted the police were being fed buffet style by the very same police?!!!

    Tak malu betul b***sat2 negara ni. So what did Ambiga and her cronies had? Steak? Fish and Chips? These people are surely the most kutuk of all people in Malaysia. I never had any respect for them and now I never will. Disgusting hypocrites.

    The tax payers paid for those food, right. I paid for that food didn't I?
    Well, I hope they all had major diarrhea today. Amin

  21. S. Gan, editor.11:26 am

    Dear Rocky:

    You need to make a correction.

    The death occurred as a result of the deceased person being shelled with tear gas by the police and the deceased getting caught in the cloud. The deceased also had a respiratory ailment.

    See the story in the news, right here.

    There is even a video circulating showing this incident.

    The cause has been identified as police aggression.

    The deceased family is currently considering taking legal action against the police.

    I would also like to remind you that over the past few years, there has been not one, but almost 20 deaths of young trainees because of the Barisan Nasional government's National Service Programme (Khidmat Negara) for post-Form 5 students.

    This is a far more horrific situation for which the government is directly accountable.

    Kindly take note of this.

    Thank you.

  22. Anonymous11:31 am

    Saya, seperti sdra Mustapha Ong, ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kpd PDRM kerana berjaya mengawal keselamatan. Tahniah dan Syabas.
    Ada orang yg kecam polis tapi ramai lagi yg berterima kasih. Itu lah hidup berdemokrasi.


  23. Anonymous11:44 am

    Ha ha. Crocodile tears. No Mus, you may not join all of us.

  24. Death is inevitable and let us die as a true muslim. Now, dying in such so called 'Bersih' demo let made some exampls:-
    Child A- My father died in an accident. A lorry hit his car
    Child B- A robber shot my father when he try to help a snatch thief victim. He died on the spot
    Child C;- My father drowned at port dickson while saving a young boy from drowning. The boy survived.
    Child D-My father died of a hearth attacked while he was taking us to watched Forun Perdana at Masjid Shah alam
    Child E:- My father died in 1998 reformasi demo for AI. He died as a Hero but now AI is burden with another Liwat case and the video. Did my father die of nothing?
    Child F- My father died when he attended the illegal Bersih Demo, what matter me is Ambiga have promised to the King no Demo. Did my father died as a hero for the people or died for Ambiga ambitious? Will Ambiga prayes reach my father soul? Wallahualam. Inaliilahiroziun.

  25. Anti-Pakatan Rakyat11:46 am

    Matthias Chang, Tun Mahathir's political secretary, has issued this statement to be distributed by all. Major, major blow for UMNO/BN:

    "Given Bersih 2.0, if the election is held this year, I am willing to put my reputation on the line as a former political secretary to the fourth Prime Minister (Tun Mahathir Mohammad), that Barisan Nasional will never be able to reclaim the 2/3rd majority in Parliament as well as the four state governments controlled by the Opposition coalition. The Prime Minister will be ousted within six months from date of the election.

    "Thirdly, why did the Barisan Nasional government allow the Perkasa provocateurs to hijack the stage to mount their ill-conceived fascist-like reaction to Bersih, followed by the immature UMNO Youth’s belated bravado?

    Fourthly, why did the Prime Minister, after agreeing to allow Bersih to congregate in a stadium, not follow through with that magnanimous decision by directing the police to grant the relevant permits, but flip-flopped and allowed the security apparatus to take complete charge?

    Fifthly, what made the Barisan Nasional propaganda machinery think that by locking down the entire city since Friday evening, there will be a blowback – anger and opposition by the grass-roots – against the organisers of the Bersih 2.0 demonstration, and not against Barisan Nasional for their high-handed action?"

  26. Good morning Datuk,

    Condolences to the family of the bereaved.

    What's next?

    1. Police report
    2. Coroner's inquest
    3. RCi

    Another round of Govt bashing. BERSIH mission accomplished for the intended reason.

    Thank you

  27. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Yes< alfatihah, may the soul of arwah live peacefully (in grave) to meet the almighty allah and di kalangan orang orang beriman. Oh ambiga, oh anwarrrr, oh hadi oh nik aziz (give your fatwa), oh oh oh all of u pkr, dap and pas peoples pls do donate your money and cited quran everyday for arwah which i don't think so that,s what going to happened as what Ibrahim Libya,s family have gone through!!! But my thought is another Royal Commission Inquest? Poooorah lah u all BERSIH People. U all like shit!!!

  28. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Yes< alfatihah, may the soul of arwah live peacefully (in grave) to meet the almighty allah and di kalangan orang orang beriman. Oh ambiga, oh anwarrrr, oh hadi oh nik aziz (give your fatwa), oh oh oh all of u pkr, dap and pas peoples pls do donate your money and cited quran everyday for arwah which i don't think so that,s what going to happened as what Ibrahim Libya,s family have gone through!!! But my thought is another Royal Commission Inquest? Poooorah lah u all BERSIH People. U all like shit!!!

  29. Anonymous12:34 pm

    u can how tak malu those arrested BERSIH people enjoying food at Pulapol where the betrayal should be handcuffed. What is this man!!!!! After this words will spread around saying aaah next time boleh buat lagi maaa. Malaysian Police Force is very kind nowadays. They criminals indeed. How much damaged they have done to the peoples and especially contaminated Kuala Lumpur Street? Business have been hampered and losses is million!!! baruah!!!!

  30. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Blame bersih ?

    We say, fcuk najis & his beer- guzzling cousin.

  31. Kian Ye1:32 pm

    DEEPEST CONDOLENCES but this fella brought DEATH to himself.

    Siapa suruh lagak HERO bila tak boleh tahan panas, kan???

    Lain kali duduk kat rumah aje (Ooppss sorry...dah mati mana ada lain kali)

  32. Rocky, I walked despite having an open heart surgery done in Mar 2011. Each of us marched knowing that deep down, there is a possiblity of us being beaten up, even die due to one reason or another.
    The man dies unfortunately encountered heart failure (if I understand correctly) which will not have happened if the authorities let us march peacefully.
    On your part, if you are not prepared to do what's good for your country, at least try not to spin. Just SHUTUP!

  33. Alfatihah.

    Let this be a lesson, if you have a bad heart, don't go for any demo, best spend as much time with the family as you can. At the end family is all that matters.

  34. Anonymous2:27 pm

    pandi kutty rocky, sometimes people have to sacrifice to achieve the means

  35. arman shah~2:33 pm

    This is it. The end of UMNO and the police.

    The family of the dead person has spoken.

    Lawsuits imminent against the brutal police and government.

    Check it out:

  36. Anonymous3:41 pm


    Imagine what would have happened had the Home Ministry acceded to their request to use Stadium Merdeka? The authority can help designate parking areas, traffic routes etc without having to resort to jom-susahkan-rakyat-biar-orang-marah tactic.

    That way kita semua can listen to what they have to say and decide nak sokong ke tidak. A lot of tax payers money can be saved. A precious life would have been saved.


  37. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Takziah to the family too.

    The winner is the SPR!

    Everyone got fooled!

    SPR get to maintain their jobs and makan gaji buta every month and lepak until next election and get big bonuses every time.

    Any more questions to SPR wil be tai chi to others fault everytime, all the time and forever.

    How to join SPR ah! The most powderful and easy money job in Malaysia Bolehland!

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  39. Anonymous7:09 pm

    Monsterball is sooooo angry because they can't do an Egypt or Yemen in peaceloving Malaysia. Good job Najib and BN. Enough la monsterball Rocky is not at fault here, don't be such a LOSER. Go crawl under a rock or something ha ha hah hah....


  40. Aiya Bro, is this all that you can find to put your red mark on the Bersih 2 Rally yesterday? Hey, a little pathetic, don't you think?

    But you must agree you'd rather have been with the demonstrators on the road, ya? Truly Malaysian. Without having to give APCO or anyone else RM70 million to create. Simply brilliant eh.

  41. Anon @ 4.06,

    If you are sick, go see a doctor. If you are cuckoo, you need a psychiatrist.

    But since you are stupid, I can't help you. No cure.

  42. Itulah padah taking part in illegal rallies. Ambiga, PKR, DAP, PAS and friends will have to answer for that. THere were enough warnings from the authorities but yet you people encouraged people like the late Baharudin to push ahead for your own self interests. Kepada Pengikut PAS, tolonglah jangan dipergunakan lagi oleh DAP. Mereka tidak kelihatan dalam rally tu. PAS yang dapat nama buruk.

  43. if only Ambiga stick to her word: no demo on street, we go to stadium(not stadium merdeka u idiots, its too small). If only Ambiga accept MB Khalid offer of stadium S.A. There wont b any traffic jam in kl~ no tear gas~ anwar wont be admitted into hospital with possiblity to miss his case the 13/7~ also maybe also allahyarham dint die~ well maybe tuhan punya kuasa. All this maybe only could happen if Ambiga jz stick her words~

  44. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Good advice from Mathias Chang to Najib

    "I have been informed that some of the Prime Minister’s close advisers on strategy are so-called experts on “Blue Ocean Strategy”, the essence of which is to “make the competition irrelevant and creating uncontested market place”.

    After the fiasco on 9th July 2011, may I suggest to the Prime Minister and the entire Barisan Nasional leadership that their first priority is to dump these political wannabes who are totally devoid of any knowledge and experience of the political realities on the ground."

    PENDEK kata, Rakyat dah tak takut and are very, very pissed. They want blood.


  45. Anonymous10:19 pm

    I've no sympathy to this running dog of the Devil Advocate.May the dogs from hell pissed on his grave..

    Ibrahim Kati

  46. beh tahan11:04 pm

    monsterball,Rocky might only consider to change if PR took over Putrajaya.You know why?Because his current steady free flow of meals and expensive self-maintenance is highly depended on BN'courtesy.Let it be.

  47. Anonymous11:06 pm

    Part 1

    So it was some peaceful arsefucking fest, eh? What can you expect when an arsehungry mob with unwashed arses, like their Chingkie pimps and paramours, converge ala the Malaysian homo and lesbo version of Woodstock to buttfuck each other into thinking they are there for a noble cause. These shithole drillers in their orgasmic frenzy reckoned the streets of KL were Sodom and Gomorrah for their arse-a-thon. Well, they reckoned dead wrong and got buttfucked literally and figuratively and ended up with shitsplattered faces. No matter how hard their Hindu whoregirl priestess twists her syphillis chancred tongue, no matter how ingeniously their quadsexual rumshagging throatramming, chingkie cocksuckling and chingkie slut cuntwhoring A(nus)whore the Extraordinaire spins, no matter how stupidly their brainvacuumed arsehungry and cuntstarved clitaddict of a pimpboy, Nikki Azeeeeeeeeez waffles, the undeniable reality is that they got themselves buttfucked big time. Lets analyse the casualty list in the shitholers ward:

    Literal Casualties

    1. the sting of chemical laced water and the lingering effects of teargas to endure for a few days more. I would have preffered the police had used live ammo, tasers and corrosive acid on these bastards and positioned snipers on rooftops to pick off the ringleading faggots who pondanishly melded into their mob. Sadly that will have to wait until a REAL man takes over at the Home Ministry from the wishy washy vacillitating emasculated effete dumbarse in control (is (s)he really???) now.

    2. The buttwhoring ringleaders and their coterie of wankedup, lying bastards have blood on their hands which they have to wash ala Lady Macbeth in all their waking hours and all their nightly sleepwalks. And lest they try to wash their guilt off at the fount of public sympathy, be reminded that this was an illegally constituted march, the consequences of participation in, was sufficinetly notified beforehand. So 15-20k arsewhores, u better man or woman up for a change and live the consequence of your actions. But I doubt u lot have any courage to own up given that all your lives have been a litany of unmitigated disasters and selffucking deceptions of blaming others for your personally handwrought fuckups, losers!!

    Warrior 231

  48. Ketahuilah! Sesungguhnya wali-wali Allah, tidak ada kebimbangan (dari sesuatu yang tidak baik) terhadap mereka, dan mereka pula tidak akan berdukacita.

  49. Anonymous11:56 pm

    Part Two

    3. This death was sheer collateral damage, the end result of wilful defiance. It was akin to marching into the known with eyes wide open. No commiserations are due for vermin and slimepoop underlings of Kaffirs attempting to foment an insurrection against a legally constituted Malay Muslim government In fact, it is legitimate to slaughter such buttfuckers and arsewhores in defense of the realm.

    Symbolic Casualties

    1. The myth that this was a rainbow coalition marching as vanguards of truth is skewed forever by the fiery charcoals of Truth in the reality's barbecue pit. Just stroll here and enjoy the snapshot by a disinterested party:

    Spot any yellow skinned slit eyed pondans in the crowd. Except for the odd mounds of charcoal. The majority as in ISA 2009,are light skinned or sawo matang Malai lembus. The cucuk hidung, ikut telunjuk failures in life who are out for a Saturday arsefuck fest to liven up their dull puny existence for a few coins thrown their way by their Chingkie pimps and Ambigauze douchebag. No these maruahless Malai lembus will not march against an infidel temple in the heart of Muslimland or against the type of street justice meted out to two Malay boys for torching a Christoscum church but not leveled against two surau-defiling Chingkie pigs!. No they wont march for no alcohol sales in Shah Alam but will roll
    on the road obediently against a Malay/Muslim ruler to Nge-Ngar's bidding in Kuala Kangsar. These are the new age cockless, clitshrunk, buttfucked and mouthraped Malai Lembu 'jihadis' turored by kaffirloving and Kaffirfearing pondans like Hardy Awang, Nikki Azeeeeeez and A(nus)whore to be mandoored by chakkili thaioli pundek Sreenivasan's ejaculate at the behest of the Lim taikos. Welcome to the new muhibbah of kerjasama featuring Chingkie hegemony, Pariyan supervision and Malay labour, with the first invisble, the second barely distingishable from the dark and the third blasely shameless in the public eye. That there were hardly a 1000 Chingkie pigs and Hindulen toodydrunks around should be obvious to all but the most moronic of Malays by now but I doubt these Malai lembus know or care!!!

    Warrior 231

  50. Tak payah heboh lah pasal kematian kawan yang ini. Itu pilihan dia. Badan tak sihat,sakit jantung mungkin tapi semangat membangkang berkobar-kobar menyertai perhimpunan. Sebagai Islam kita sedekahkan fatihah ada nya.

    Polis sudah melakukan tugasan terbaik. Jika tidak di kawal kemungkinan KL akan bermandi darah. Ada ini pilihan kita? Malaysia semua lengkap, apa lagi yang kurang?

    Kenapa tidak fikirkan berjuta-juta lagi hati dan jiwa rakyat yang cintakan keamanan dan kedamaian?Ini lah penduduk Malaysia yang SEBENAR!

    Mana penyokong2 cina dalam BERSIH? Semua jenis BULLSHIT! melayu pas morons je yang jadi mangsa....

    Mohon kesedaran pada Hj Hadi Awang.

  51. Anonymous2:01 am

    Melayu yang imut bersih bodoh ikut telunjuk keling...ambiga kalau duduk india belum tentu dapat pegi sekolah

  52. Anonymous3:08 am

    Part 3
    2. In any buttfuck bachanalia organised by these scum, numbers matter to justify the act. It is sort of ROI tabulating to find out whether the amount of hot air expended has been vindicated by the turnout. It has become standard church liturgy to trundle out the numbers first as soon as the arsefucks and clitlicks are over. So we have hastily organised PCs to vomit out a gargantuan number, truth be damned. For aint the resident marionette a tonguetwisting, cuntdry, clitshriveled chakiliyan pundek whore whose tradition and genes demand lying is in keeping with being a Lieyar. So pony up 100000 first and signal the underlings to revise it, downwards like some US-FED revised GDP figure, until it hits bottoms-up at 50K to make it realistic. Folks, dont be fooled, for this 50K is the lowest possible figure to save face as agreed to beforehand by the ringleaders for anything less would be a disaster. But Truth couldnt be bothered,least of all, by an ugly slob of potbellied blubber squashed into an illfitting yellow-T with a horrible hairdo framing its pig mien and answering to a name sounding like a cross between a bee and a cigar. And as Truth spring to the fore, Miss Lies stuffs her sagged titties and even saggier ego into a soaked T and flits away unnoticed.

    The actual figures, being a bit charitable, would be about 20K going by consistent mention in the following links:

    although far fewer numbers are stated elesehwre as in the Daily Telegraph and drycunty Aunty Ambi’s Hindu rag in India.

    Whether it is the higher or lower number as the benchmark, the major casualty is the pseudo-Malay opposition’s credibility for even with all the roadblocks and arrests and that wacko “yellow” shirt illegal edict, one would have expected a minimum 50K given the empty 350K PAS involvement boast by that stupid Chingkie cocksuckling braggart and apologist M. Saboooo. It is even more embarrassing that Bukit Jalil could draw 80K in the recent Kelantan/Trengganu FA cup clash. This brings us to question the actual level of support as with the large Kelantanese diaspora and KL’s proximity to Fuckatan controlled Selangor, one would expected that 50K, nay even 100k, would be a lark in the dark. But the fact that it didn’t even sniff 30k, validates the obvious. The vast majority of Malays, like their fellow Sarawakian Pribumis, have figured out that they would rather keep their maruah than rather be shameless Chingkie cocksucklers and Hindu minions like An(us)whore, Nikki or Hardy nor be led by a gargoyle worshipping chancre-cunted pigface like ‘Biga..
    And that, like the recent by-elections’ results and the Sarawak state polls, portends the mass slaughter of PAS and PKR at the next national hustings, a cold hard fact that must have An(us)whore, Nikki, M. Saboo, kaffir Khalid the Gaza pondan and whole ringleading hasuting lot shitting and pissing in their pants from now on.

    Warrior 231

  53. Anonymous8:45 am

    Fat bugger : "no police brutality as there are no physical contact"

    ??? But with the vids all over in U Tube ?

    Like dat oso want to lied? What la... sampai bila dia mau stop lying ?

  54. Anonymous9:57 am

    As a PAS/PIS supporter, he was promised of Heaven by Nik Aziz.

    So, lets be happy for him. He is in Heaven.

    Everybody wants to go to Heven, but nobody wants to die - Bon Dylan.

    Mat Bonk

  55. Bro, I know it must be a little uncomfortable. You'd rather not have to dwell on it. But you see, she not only takes part in Bersih, she now also writes about it too in her blog. And she sings praises!! Well, I am one of your constant readers and really really would like to know your spin on Marina Mahathir's sojourn and support for Bersih that you so demonise!!

  56. Anonymous11:21 am


    Politics of death?
    "Elsewhere a gathering of some 150-200 UMNO Youth members, orchestrated by its chief Khairy Jamaludin perhaps to get a share of the limelight...
    But more importantly, it has claimed its first martyr."
    -- Harakahdaily, 10 Julai 2011.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah

  57. Anonymous11:29 am

    The way i see it he obviously provoking the police by walking slowly..anyway, may he rest in peace may God bless him..

  58. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Hardly 48 hours have elapsed and the pathetic desperadoes of Kotor 2.0 infamy are milking every last drop of public opinion for whatever its worth.

    I am talking about the hagiography of one Annie, the so dubbed "Lady of Liberty". For LOL, this nature spayed post menopausal cuntdry clitshorn Chingkie bitch must be some goddamn Alzheimer brained amnesiac dressed up in yellow garb and trotted out by her Chingkie handlers as a muhibbah show pony of the mass buttfuck fest. This goddamn wooly brained nutcase probably must have been fooled by failing eyesight and a sinkholed brain into thinking that yellow is the new black for Chingkie mourning rites, u know the type during which chingk bastards display mock grief while trailing a hen-house shaped paper contraption containing the carcass of some fuckedup chingkie stiff.

    I fell on the floor laughing when two Malay butchs were photographed washing off chemical excrement from the old sod's soaked clothes. Probably they were wangling for a free fuck or they were probably drawn to the mounds of a pair of sodden titties peeking, in a last futile stand of defiance, through her soaked clothes. Woi, Amoy, once they are sagged they remain so and no matter how hard they try they are not gonna augment ur looks one iota. And by the looks of it, u look horrible, close cropped salt and pepper locks, a furrowed, wrinkly mien, freckled pigskin, slit eyes and a body fit to be a communal washplank. To top it all, you tried to be sexy with that colored bra peeking through that cheap translucent T-shirt ambiga conned you of your money off....hahahahahaha. And what Chingkie chingchong gibberish you were yodeling about as you raised a skeletal fist of defiance for the benefit of them photohounds. Reveling in your 15-minute whoreholian fame, weren't you, kaniniamah, chouchibai!!. Its you and your filthy kind that are the main cause of problems in Malaysia and if I had my way, you lot would be in bodybags dumped in the Spratlys as fish food.

    You can thank ur lucky stars the cops let you off scotfree for a bullet in the back of ur goddamn head would be a waste to the exchequer. And dint your fucked up whorehouse and pimp-den opium smoking ancestors teach you not to steal public propoerty for I have this nagging feeling that the unfortunate stalk your are toting about came from some Bandaraya planted shrub in the vicinity. And if that hunch is correct, it aptly sums up what a bunch of immoral, fuckedup, lying slimeballish thieves and sluts you all are!!

    Warrior 231

  59. Funky Lady Siti12:10 pm

    Datuk Rocky,

    Marina Mahathir has joined the Bersih 2.0 march.

    She is no more on your side. She criticizes you in her blog for making use of the BERSIH death for your political ends!

    That's totally sweet eh?

    Readers, check out Marina's wonderful writing on this here.

  60. Anonymous12:46 pm

    mati mengejut sbb sakit jantung sbb nak tgk demo..

  61. Anonymous1:10 pm

    ya, ya, ya...

    those rally on sat are all blardy assholes!

    so you must also be saying a. samad said is the biggest moron to be hood-winked by ambiga & the oppositions, ya?

    but we also know why, when he lambasted those pariah 'cari makan' editors...

  62. Anonymous2:04 pm

    No police brutality...

    Wonder what fucking lies he going to tell the Vatican...

    Either he is damn good spinner or the pope is a bloody idiot.

  63. malaysian government tried to buy ambika by giving her a datukship...not everyone can be bought

  64. I am going to keep Malaysiakini alive by subscribing..thanks to your garbage

  65. you are a coward...i am no longer commenting under Anonymous but rather coming out in the open. People like u will someday face the consequences of the shit you are an asshole

  66. Watch ur leader...what a clown

  67. mat sabo,

    mind telling me if any of the police hit anyone during your stupid rally (which im sure u didnt even go, since u sound like one of those supportfromhomewhilesippingmycoffee type of asshole)?

    if got, show evidence, and dont tell me manhandling is equal to hitting, its not the same.

    tear gas and water blasting was expected, sapa soh tak buat kat stadium lain. taktik je ni, the govt told u a permit wouldve been issued if it was done in a stadium under the opposition rule.

    but nooooo, u bastards decided that hey, lets provoke the govt, and if they bring in the riot police, we can just spin the story into another "boohoo i live in a country that doesnt support freedom of expression"

    damn hypocrites dont belong in this country, ur not tthe only taxpayer, asshole

  68. Anonymous5:17 pm


    Are u still human? why are you still spinning the news?

    Please see yourself the final moments of baharuddin ahmad.

    It is a sad day for the Rakyat.

  69. Anonymous5:40 pm

    "The wind could have blown smoke from tear gas into the compound, claims a minister after a visit to the hospital today..."

    LOL !!! blamed the wind pulak !!!

    This fuck-faced marderfarker think all malaysians are stupid ke!

  70. Anonymous5:51 pm

    Bring Back Dr Mahathir. He is the only one who can save the country NOWWWW!!!

  71. Anonymous5:53 pm


    we damn proud of you & enjoy this vids...

  72. Anonymous5:58 pm

    hu, hu...

    babi watch ? whats that ?

    yeehar !

    mine is a RM24.4m diamond ring !!!

  73. Anonymous6:06 pm

    Mustapha ong...

    read our lips...


  74. Anonymous6:13 pm

    Najib said today: street demonstration is not our way. May I add: Breaking promises is...OUR WAY. There wont't be any street demonstration like on Saturday if Najib had honoured his words. Anyway, despite very, very heavy cordon, 60,000 people still braved themselves to the scene. Imagine if stadium is allowed. This is what the govt feared the most.

    Bersih wants SPR to improve themselves. Why the Govt so scared. It only proves (not that we need any) that SPR is not impartial.

    yellow warrior

  75. Bumi Boy6:25 pm

    His wife thinks he died a jihadist.
    Methink she should have asked her husband to stay in due to his heart problem.
    Don't bullshit about scuffle with the police.

  76. Anonymous8:14 pm

    watching the video.....i have no words to describe what the police did. police supposed to protect people? yet they just watch the man die? the govt and police is responsible. if pro govt bloggers are human beings with heart, they'd know deep that this police action is wrong. i know my vote will not go to the BN. More and more citizens will watch the video and they too know what is right and what is wrong. BN was simply wrong on 709. its a day to remember!

  77. Anonymous8:40 pm

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we have the latest Darwinian Award winner in Malaysia!!!

    58 years old taxi driver who was diabetic and had high blood pressure... and yet he went to the rally...


    I don't even want him to be my taxi driver...

  78. On my visit to Kualalumpur, I saw a clipping about your blog in one of the newspapers dated 28th June 2011. Ihe newspaper was 'star'. I am impressed by what you post daily on your blog.

  79. Anonymous9:09 pm

    al fatihah... RIP my dear bersih!

  80. Anonymous10:12 pm

    To all you poor folks who think the BN Govt is right
    Have a good look at this video showing how Baharuddin Ahmad was treated before he died

  81. Anonymous11:54 pm

    Al Fatehah to arwah and Malaysians! I have been living in Manila,Jakarta and Bangkok and I'll tell you, we Malaysians are way much better condition than them even long after their so called people power and all those never ending marchers and demos. We are not there yet, but going there sooner than we expected, thanks to these stupid people.

  82. dear srikanth siva,

    am sorry to read such angry words from you but am happy that you have decided to unmask yourself and stop commenting as "Anonymous" on my blog. it is brave of you, indeed, but even if you continue to pose comments under anonymity, i will not call you a coward.

    as for malaysiakini, congrats for having decided to subscribe to it. prem and steven are dear friends and i am glad that i have something to do with their latest gain. but dont give me too much credit lah, dont subscribe because you think that would spite me. (btw, i am a malaysiakini subscriber, too,hehe. and i subscribe to malaysiakini as it helps me keep in touch with all sides).

    all the best.

  83. dear old fart,
    thank you for alerting me about marina mahathir. i am happy that she is happy about getting involved with Bersih 2.0, really! (assuming that she did not participate in Bersih 2007)i would say that she has wisened up with her decision to take part and to write a glowing review about Bersih 2011. it is the reverse for me: i wisened up after taking part in 2007 and decided not to walk on july 9.

    Marina used to be whacked unfairly by people who hate dr mahathir and love anwar. they put her down because of who her dad is and what her dad had done to anwar. now they praise marina for her stand on bersih. i suspect some of them are excited not so much because of who she is but because of who her father is!

    before you accuse me of trying to be funny, let me tell you that i met the grand statesman ie marina's daddy recently and i can tell you that dr m did not disagree with everything his daughter wrote about bersih.

    betcha even marina does not know that. because many of us forget that when he was pm, mahathir allowed anwar to start the reformasi movement and organise massive street rallies.

  84. Sayang Bangsa7:04 am

    Just ignore the rabid Bersih people here. They started the demo and pin blame on the police when there's tragedy.
    The old achi should pay compensation to the dead man. His family should file a suit to demand it.
    Have you wondered why that sodomy king is so "accident-prone". More of his own making of course.
    Out of the the thousands, he was the one who got hurt. I just cant believe so-called hero really got hit.
    Oi Uncle Nuar,don't cry wolf too many times. Acting on U-tube as though he's dying after demanding a CT scan.
    Even my three-year old knows it's auta. "Papa, darah dia macam tomato sauce."
    Haha, inncoent kids are discerning.

  85. Sure bro. The father cannot disagree with the daughter because he knows that there is nothing that he says in support of Perkasa, that he can honestly support. For all the seeming support that he gives by being patron to Perkasa, he surely is not in any hurry to invite Ib Ali to a family dinner is he?

    In any case, if you think Bersih 1 or for that matter Bersih 2 is about support for Anwar or PR, I am afraid you might be dead wrong there. It is not like as if Anwar or PR are necessarily going to get my support. But so long as BN and your UMNO friends behave patronisingly with me and think they will go far by having me submit to fear, just because they now hold power and authority, then they will remain my enemy. And I believe this is what Marina is saying as well is she? Their condescending and patronising was is what she has been on about all these years and I would dare opine that to most who walked on 907 it would have been a walk of redemption. A sensation you would have experienced on 101107. Except you felt that PR and Anwar gaining from it somehow spoilt it for you. Maybe true. But as I said, to many, it may not even have been about clean and fair elections. After all we cannot expect BN to surrender the goose that lays its golden egg do we. But it was more about fear. The shedding of fear. The ability to stand up and say no to power and authority. Legal or not is not the issue. After all legality has to be questioned. Just because Hisham says so, does not make something illegal. Of course you take all his condescending and patronising ways and his lies and threats as nothing more than necessary for the masses. And you of course don't see yourself as part of those masses.

    Tell you what, remember the Kartika case? Just before she was expected to go before the Sultan of Pahang, Hisham, out of the blues, came up with having had three women from KL, I believe, caned at the Kajang prison for Sharia offences. My contention has been, that that was a blatant lie. No one got caned. He did it just to help the Sultan with a precedent so that he wouldn't see Kartika's caning as precedent setting. But the Sultan did not take his bait. As I said, its just been my contention. No one really knows for a fact that 3 women got caned. And no one else also has repeated Hisham's claim. But then again you are in that spot where even if you knew it was only a ruse it would not be for you to say so as well.

    Hey, sorry for being such an inconvenient friend la!!

  86. ok thanks for being diplomatic...

  87. Anonymous8:22 am

    Why the hell were you in the middle of the road demonstration when you have such serious health conditions? Mencari nahas, this is what it was to me. Then blame the police for it. Idiots, I tell you. It is not for the greater good, it was never about a cleaner elections more like reformasi 2.0, anwar still have to answer for shoving his dick inside saiful's butt, no memorandum was sent to the king even when cia agent ambiga met him beforehand, so what was that all about? This idiot should've stayed home, instead of dying on the streets, running from the police. To all that had been treated in pulapol, we saw you in the papers, eating catered food and shit, you fuckers should say thank you publicly as much as you've protested. Kata nak fair kan?

  88. Anonymous9:10 am

    Sebagai insan hayatilah dengan akal dan budi clip ni:

  89. Anonymous9:20 am

    Old Fart 10:33

    She is only PM’s daughter,

    on National security issues MrBond reports direct to PM, not to DPM, Finance Minister, Menteri Dlm Negeri or even to the IGP,

    and definitely no way, even to Mathias Chang and not ever to MARINA.


    BTW, if MrBond wants to know where your mum is right now, he needs to just flick his fingers...... tudia, mak you duk tengah chop garlic kat dapur heheh?

    Come on la you people,
    UMNO and all the Sultans (dulu the Portugese, Dutch, China. Siam, Hindu bla bla) faced the Brits, Japs, Communist, Sukarno, May 13 bla bla bla bla

    Belajar tabik hormat la, lu olang ingat gitu KOMAN sekali ker?

    Bersih is just poor old AMBIGA trying to justify her Award!

    he hehe hehehe


  90. Anonymous9:47 am

    Rocky, today you are on the UMNO's payroll so you speak with fork tongue. Your day will come Rocky think about it carefully for we do not know what lies tomorrow.

  91. Anonymous10:01 am


    uneducated still got hope
    born stupid aiyah lost cause

    The irony of BERSIH is that the supporters are mostly Muslim Malays. But one leader is an EX-CONVICT for corruption, abuse of power and sodomy. The other is a Hindu pro-MURTAD openly praised by USA (guantanamo bay fame and WMD Iraq brand).

    One leader swore never to team-up with kafirs and the other perform sponsored haji (halal?).

    and the newly crowned OKU was khalwat actor of room 121

    where got hope for BERSIH??

  92. Fareez10:32 am

    Rocky Bru

    Best thing is, Marina Mahathir hentam you indirectly for spinning this Bersih Death story.

    So sad to see you kena hentam from Kak Marina, bro.

  93. Cokelat Muda10:36 am

    Mahathir --- grand statesman?

    Rocky, don't make me throw up my breakfast la.

    Go read up more about Mahathir before talking.

    Mahathir, Bapa Rasuah Malaysia.

    Destroyed the judiciary.

    Started the crony business going in high gear.

    Likes to cause racial hatred.

    He can also 'conveniently forget' about what happened in the Lingam tape scandal.

    Still has not accounted for the RM100 billion of public's money he squandered during his tenure.

    But then again, the Barisan Nasional system is paying you well. I'm sure you won't want to think about all of these icky things ;)

  94. Anonymous10:37 am


    Well... I'm not surprised at all to see Marina Mahathir and daughters joining the Bersih walk last Saturday. It's very, very obvious that the "demonstrasi jalanan" fever is very contagious.

    She must have got the virus from her Indon husband. There in Indonesia, they even want to sweep us Malaysian out of their country.

    She must be feeling very proud right now to have walked in support of Bersih. What with all the praises she received from commenters in her blog. But she failed to realised that these same commenters are the ones who demonised her father. Hypocrite lot all of them.

    I felt pity for her parents, both the honourable Tuns. Tun have said "Melayu mudah lupa". How true and sad. Even her daughter has forgotten how she get where she is today.


  95. Anonymous10:52 am

    Saudara Brew

    Can we not take the name of Ian Tomlison in vain... just to suit your spin.
    This vendors' death was no April Fools' (pardon the pun) joke!
    If anything to be learnt, its the role of citizen journalism, righting a wrong and telling the truth as it is.
    Similar to something like that "speak now, or forever hold your peace".
    Likewise before the locals from both sides of the divide jump the gun, lets allow investigations to take its course, ensuring even the autopsy not be compromised (we saw it happen with Tomlinson!).
    And if need be someone to face the music, then Beatles "Let It Be..." comes to mind.
    If anything, this local died for a cause he felt strongly for, unlike Tomlinson who really was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Requiescat in pace

    Sekadar diPinggiran

  96. To those of you who said you would've walk as well if not for the road blocks and traffic jams please lah stop the bullshit and the spinning.

    We ALL know you guys are just plain lily-livered cowards. Full of bravado behind the computer but in real life penakut nak mampus.
    Sekarang baru ler nak save face konon.
    Even the old aunties and uncles could cross the police line and walked for their beliefs...even though to me it's a lost cause but I have a lot of respect and admiration for them.
    But you "Yellow Banana" cowards really take the cake.
    It's useless trying to explain to us the whys and what ifs. It's like water off a duck's back now. Tak jalan dah. You guys had your chance and blew it, cowardy custards.

    If you can't walk the talk, take a hike. Uk, Australia, Zimbabwe maybe or back to somewhere high up north where pandas don't even want to breed, maybe there they might believe your hot air and bullshit. Anywhere but here.



  98. BIGCAT2:26 pm

    Apa lah bingainya Marina Mahathir tu. Mak Bapak dia susah-susah bagi pelajaran tapi tak boleh pikir dan bezakan yang mana the good cause dan yang mana untuk kena pekuda dajal-dajal yang nak menjahanamkan bangsa dan negara dia. Anak-anak silver spoon lah katakan. Dari kecik sampai ketua tak pernah merasa susah. Liberal konon. Ditakdirkan puak-puak tu berjaya tumbangkan BN, engkau tau lah apa dia orang akan buat kat negara ni dan Tun Mahathir yang dia orang panggil mahafiraun dan sebagainya tu. Tun, aku simpati la kat engkau. Aku rasa aku lagi sayang kat engkau la dari anak engkau yang sorang ni.

  99. stop fighting and get back to work la!

  100. Dear Rocky & Monsterball,

    I am writing in to let you know how dissapointed I am that the Malaysian Insider Administrator has unceremoniously
    barred me from commenting on an absurd article posted on their website.

    The deletion was automatic without having to wait the customary few minutes for approval.I suppose they already recognise my monicker.

    I thought that freedom of speech was alive and kicking on cyberspace. I guess I was wrong.

    Monsterball, what the fuck man!You should at let us know your thoughts on this article.Not your thought on the blogger. At least, Rocky is kind enough to include your comment.

    Also what is thing about the use of the word "scumbag". I've noticed that most commentators like you would use that term to refer to UMNO, BN and anyone against the opposition. You guys should be more imaginative!

  101. Also, Matthias Chang should work on his english. I mean "fifthly". What the fuck! I learn not to use that type of language when I was in Standard 6 man.

  102. Anonymous7:11 pm

    My fellow Malaysians. I join the rest of you in offering prayers and condolences to Allahyarham's family and i pay tribute to him for doing something he believed in. I do not question whether he died in vain or not, his time has come that is all. However i think the BERSIH rally was not necessary.Rational thinking dictates that there is democracy and free and fair election in Malaysia. Our security forces must be commended for keeping the peace, eventhough that is not the picture the BERSIH organisers wants us to see.

  103. Bibhu Prasad Routray: Does Malaysia’s ruling party under under Prime Minister Najib Razak have a death wish?

    It appears to have no hesitation to sacrifice its own goal of bringing economic development for the sake of staying on in power. For how long it manages to do so, is a mere question of time.

  104. syabas besar besar kepada rakyat! tahniah!

    boo pada polis raja di malaysia yang menyebab pemergian arwah dan menyerang himponan aman

    nampaknya ada orang warrior yang berang marah melihat rakyat bangkit.. kah kah kah

    sehingga terkentut terberak dari mulut 3 kali.. kah kah kah

    kah kah kah.. kata diri panglima perang

    kata nak bawak geng silat menyilat buat gocoh

    kata nak bawak senjata

    tapi akhirnya, satu ekor pun tadak

    tapi ada kera jantan besama 499 mat bangla nya kah kah kah

  105. Anonymous10:33 pm

    Iskandar project officials quizzed in graft probe
    New Straits Times
    Tue, Jul 12, 2011

    JOHOR BARU - The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission said yesterday it was conducting a probe into allegations of graft involving a project by Iskandar Malaysia Bhd (IIB).

    MACC investigations director Datuk Mustafar Ali confirmed that several former senior officials were questioned on the project to develop a huge parcel of land in the Nusajaya region of Iskandar Malaysia.

    He declined to elaborate, saying that it was the commission's duty to investigate graft reports and that those who could assist in the investigation would have their statements recorded.

    Sources told the New Straits Times that at least two former top officials of IIB and another one still serving the company were summoned yesterday morning to the MACC headquarters in Putrajaya for questioning.

    The three were believed to be part of the team who spearheaded the project.

    It was reported yesterday that two men, aged 40 and 50, were arrested in connection with the case.

    One of them is said to be a former chief executive officer of an IIB subsidiary while the other is a contractor.

    IIB, formerly known as South Johor Investment Corporation Bhd, was formed in November 2006 as a driver of development for catalyst projects in the Iskandar Malaysia development corridor.

    The company is owned by Khazanah Nasional (60 per cent), the Employees' Provident Fund (20 per cent) and Kumpulan Prasarana Rakyat Johor Bhd (20 per cent).

    In April, an IIB secretary lodged a police report against several former members of the company's senior management team, alleging fraudulent practices.

    At least 40 employees of IIB, including the vice-president and other top officials, had resigned after the previous chief executive officer, Arlida Ariff, completed her contract at the end last year.

  106. Anonymous11:16 pm

    PM gi Vatican City untuk d BAPTISE,,!!!!


  107. petronasuntukmelayusemua1:09 am

    Kenapakah kontrak Petronas di bagi hanya kepada anak Mahathir dan Shahril Shamsuddin? Adakah pemimpin UMNO mengizinkan anak Mahathir membolot kontrak Petronas sedangkan EPF adalah pemegang saham kedua2 syarikat. Dimanakah Mohzani Mahathir dapt duit berbilion beli saham jika bukan duit EPF. UMNO patut tetapkan Kontrak Petronas sepatutnya hanya untuk anak syarikat PNB supaya ramai Melayu dapat kongsi keuntungan oil and gas.
    Dalam merger anak syarikat ini CIMB atau Nazir Razak untung lagi. Adakah hairan melayu tak peduli UMNO?

    Kenapakah kontrak Petronas di bagi hanya kepada anak Mahathir dan Shahril Shamsuddin? Adakah pemimpin UMNO mengizinkan anak Mahathir membolot kontrak Petronas sedangkan EPF adalah pemegang saham kedua2 syarikat. Dimanakah Mohzani Mahathir dapt duit berbilion beli saham jika bukan duit EPF. UMNO patut tetapkan Undang2 perlu supaya kontrak Petronas sepatutnya hanya untuk anak syarikat PNB supaya ramai Melayu dapat kongsi keuntungan oil and gas.
    Dalam merger anak syarikat ini CIMB atau Nazir Razak untung lagi. Adakah hairan melayu tak peduli UMNO

  108. Died fighting for Ambiga1:12 am

    He died fight for Ambiga the Hindu's cause..hmm

    Which heaven will he go to?

    Or will he be reincarnated

  109. But he stole billions Rocky.
    And what Malaysia is largely due to him laying the foundation to divide and rule and encouraging corruptions.
    Praise him as much as you like...Dr.Mahathir is the dirtiest politician from Malaysia..not counting the fact he is the most corrupted.
    You continue to tell half truths for reasons you know best.Go and watch....digest and conclude why thousands upon thousands defied the government and walked with no fear.
    Again...what Najib is...makes Mahathir very happy secretly.
    Your spinning is getting worst and worst.
    I guess after BERSIH 2 need to do carry Mahathir's balls more openly.

  110. Your balls carrying Mahathir is unbelievable.
    You face is getting thicker and thicker.
    Countless commentators exposed what you are...yet you ignored.
    Your are year marked by Najib to be UMNO B candidate for 13th GE.
    He has no better choices and need all liars and spinners to fight traitors.
    After BERSIH 2....with one still talk go fuck spiders.

  111. al -zarqawi10:12 am

    Sesiapa yang membenci akan perbuatan pemimpinnya (yang maksiat) maka bersabarlah kerana sesungguhnya sesiapa yang keluar menentang pemerintah sejengkal lalu mati, maka dia mati sebagai orang jahilliah”. [al-Bukhari & Muslim]

    The bersih rally wasnt about fair elections, people were chanting reformasi, jatuhkan BN and the khawarij crowd incite the police. Being an ex pas member, I know its bullshit that this khawarij crowd tried to fool the nation by saying they were holding a peaceful demo. The word Peace dont exist in khawarij vocab. Im sorry for his death but it meant nothing on a Islamic point of view. Fucktan can do whatever propoganda to cover line but in truth BERSIH failed.

  112. Anonymous10:18 am

    hari ini dah terbukti...(sy dari awal dah syak terhadap kematian tersebut) kematian tersebut adalah konspirasi oleh IBLIS SUHARDI. gambar sebenar sdr baharudin juga didedahkan,sedang menerima bantuan kecemasan oleh pasukan perubatan kerajaan malaysia yang dicelakakan! Bro bru mesti betulkan persepsi tulisan awal bro bru! TQ.

  113. Anonymous11:51 am

    This martyr died satisfied he did the right thing. He made a difference. What more can you UMNO people say about yourself?

  114. Minyak Man,

    One crucial thing that you should know is that, we are dealing with UMNO, a political party that employs a jewish consultant to maneuver its political course.

    We have read in advance, the consequence of agreeing to hold the rally in Malawati stadium.

    Our beloved Agung fad given his blessings for the rally to be done in a stadium and being an Aung, the stadiums in within the federal territory would be in within his area of jurisdiction.

    By agreeing to Malawati, the Agung's blessing would no longer carry any weight but the Sultan of Selangor would now have to be brought into the picture in spite of Kkalid's invitation. We had foreseen and it was true in fact that the Sultan of selangor did not give his blessing for the rally, stadium or otherwise.

    He had reiterated this and if Bersih had continued in |Malawati, it would be a field day for UMNO to call bersih traitors to the king and this they will definitely do. So Minyak Man, this was a trap made by UMNO and by the will of Allah, the Bersih committee did not fall for it.

  115. Anonymous1:16 pm

    why no chinese go and demo????
    Ans>because they are clever... no profits stuff..dirty job suits well to melayu bodoh,mamak bodoh and india bodoh...hahaha

  116. Dear Rocky...a group senior doctors at the Tung Shin Maternity Hospital blasted Deputy Min of Health and police.
    Do you think these are all liars too...and your Najib and Mahathir....clean as a whistle??
    Why are you so blind?

  117. Anonymous12:01 am

    even your profile, just one paragraph, is riddled with grammatical errors ... hahahahahahahahah

  118. dear devilmaycare,

    sorry to hear that they have banned you from commenting though i don't see why they should, since they allow people more moronic than even Monsterball to be part of their "conversation".

    don't despair. try and leave comments using a new nick.

  119. Anonymous9:29 am

    I think I have found a new phrase...

    "Moron like Monsterball"

    Seriously, I'm amaze on how stupid people can be.

    Monterball, did you have any sort of education ?

  120. Anonymous9:32 am

    Welcome back Warrior 231!

  121. BIGCAT11:29 am

    rocky, got ppl more moronic than this monsterball ka? sure or not?

  122. Anonymous11:34 am

    Woi tiub sucking piece of shit

    Chingkie cocksuckling brainwanked up son of a fuckshit. Who do u think you are? Some goddamn uneducated road pariah whose only joy in life is to walk the streets like a pondan porikee and yodel inanities like a madman.

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    As for that political slut, Marina, her comeuppance will be up by sundown.

    Fuckedup goddamn streetbitch.

    Warrior 231

  123. Monsterball,

    You are one pathethic SOB. Now you believed the doctors are telling the truth because of what? Because the news were on Fuckatan side, let's say all the doctors denies the allegation, will you call them a liar? Moron

  124. @monsterball 10.01

    Datuk had allowed you to comment and everyone is entitled to an opinion.

    The least you could do is be civil.

    You bloody chao hai, kahni nah, chow chi bai, gua bu buei lu kai su mai lu bu suti, pundek, pantat, puki tiang, arse fucked, jeez licking, cock sucking, degenerate bastard.

    And I am being kind.

    Fucking coward hiding behind a pseudo jerking off a Halle Berry fantasy.

    Yours truly
    Freddie Kevin

  125. Anonymous6:41 pm

    ....PM gi Vatican City untuk d BAPTISE,,!!!!

    TDM and Najib

    They go personally there to check on matters re Christianity, In Malaysia want to check with WHO wan ar?


    Sikalang mayak susah mau percaya sama olang lor,anyone can JUST claim to be anyone wan.

    Many years ago an Indian was caught in Australia, using fake documents and practicing as a DOCTOR?.

    Recently in India aloso, an Indian Pilot was caught using fakes documents, wonder bought for how many rupees?

    Wonder how many amongst the lawyers and Doctors in Malaysia using fake documents.

    Monsterball Lau ren,
    can go check those doctors, can or not?

    he hehe hehehe.

  126. TRUTH hurts!!
    That's great.
    Civilized?...go to "Dr.Hsu's Forum" "Lim Kit Siang" "NIAMAH" and see how civilized I can be.
    I am in UMNO B lion's den with no fear.
    Rocky knows me well.

  127. Freddie Kevin...don't make a fool of yourself trying to talk Chinese dialects...mixed you with mumbo jumbo nonsense.
    Poo nia bor chow ceebai.
    Loo hor nan kan.
    Butul sontoloyo ...ini yiow siew.
    ni chetapok..nak cetat pok ...elak.
    Putama....anak sibukau!
    MONSTERBALL fears no one!
    Come one...come with my monster huge ball.
    Kevin...Rocky does not need you to defend him.
    He is 10 times smarter than you...except I am many times smarter than him.
    He knows it...but will not admit it.
    Rocky..calling me a moron is a compliment.

  128. "aloya" ..get it clear ...11 doctors working in the hospital confirmed tear gas was fired near the hospital.
    All details are there in Malaysiakini site.
    If you call me a moron..make sure it is true and make sense.
    If are another Donkey Ibrahim a brain.

  129. Anonymous2:55 pm

    Moron like Monsterball

    That is the highest grade a pigbrain chingkie can achieved after a long fermentation process of piggy grey matter becoming a senile-o-pig..

    A refined product of a pure babibrain chingkie..99.99% idiot, 0.01% Alcohol, 0% intellect substance..a pure pigshit brain.

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  130. Anonymous7:46 pm

    twocartiub is obviously a moron.

    PDRM was SO effective that there was no need for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th lines of defence lah samdol.

    The rakyat who have been inconvenienced and have lost their incomes due to this STUPID march should speak out to condemn these hippies and rioters.

    Better still sue them for loss of income and inconvenience.

  131. Anonymous7:51 pm

    "As for that political slut, Marina, her comeuppance will be up by sundown.

    Fuckedup goddamn streetbitch."

    agree agree and agree ...

  132. Anonymous4:19 am

    Monsterball is a character in DORAEMON Japanese kids series.

    Reason why he took up this name - Dunia kebudak2an dah menjelang for him, in English "Second Childhood".

    Normally this phase, (melayu kata, zaman nyanyok).. the affected tend to reflect their days when they were young, (tu pasai kuat mencarut) just let him be. So, dont poke him, satni terlompat2 lagi tersembur latah dia.

    My poor poor Monsterball (singing to the tune lalala DORA E MON lala)

    he hehe hehehe

  133. Anonymous12:06 am

    Hello Dato Roc,

    No idea why the PDRM would start shooting w/o provocations. It was not as if the Bersih people were throwing rocks or molokov bombs.

    The whole thing is public relation blunder by government before during and after the protest.

    And warrior 231 should take good advice from his no-show master Ibrahim Ali: "Don't talk shit". Literally. If you cannot handle Marina or Twocartiub, its best to remain silent.

  134. Anonymous1:49 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I think you might have mixed up your time line a bit, your wisened up was much later, probably about the time you were commissioned to write the autobiography of Tun Salleh, much after PR formed the 5 state governments and not immediately after the Bersih 2007, in fact I would venture to speculate you actually voted for PR candidates in Perak in 308 (12th GE). I would even speculate the other more important factors wisened you up are your legal suits with the NST's people! As they say 'If you can't beat them, join them!'. Hey, Malay Mail was a poor substitute for NST lah!!!

  135. Anonymous8:43 pm

    anon anon @ 12:06 AM
    says, "If you cannot handle Marina or Twocartiub, its best to remain silent."

    Hhmmmmm and this type of bloke are the ones championing freedom of speech lah, freedom to assemble lah, freedom to sengkelet lah, freedom to tak cebok lah

    P.S. sengkelet is definitely not environment friendly, not to mention necessitating the production of perfume to camouflage the stench

  136. Anonymous8:45 pm

    these clueless marchers should be made to pay compensation for the majority's loss of peace and income

    the masterminds are sipping drinks in the comfort of their aircon rooms

  137. Anonymous4:35 pm

    bro perwira..

    monsterball is not doremon.. he is pukimon..

    but unfortunate for the senile-o-pig.. it can only fantasized to erect his out-of-shelf-life puny pecker that weight more than his microballs..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  138. jurit5:44 pm

    marina didn't walk in Bersih 1, did she?
    so, she walked in bersih 2 to, what? to call for electoral reforms? oh come on, the walk is to overthrow the najib administration adn the BN govt.
    we all want electoral reforms, but the 8-point memo by the opposition does not warrant a Bersih protest.
    We walked the 2007 Bersih to bring down Pak Lah's regime. Plain and simple. becos his regime was bad. with son-in-law, fourth floor boys etc. And the opposition was the UNDERDOG!
    Marina is being propped by the opposition now becos she is the daughter of the former PM they had whacked, crucified, attacked.
    It's good that this daughter of Mahathir walked with them.
    So, Marina should go for deputy presidency of PKR becos she supports this attempt to overthrow the BN government.
    Silly girl! So naive.

    And she had a good time walking.Made friends. No incident.No police brutality.

    Those who clashed with police got the reaction that they should have expected form any police.
    unprovoked? let's see -
    "hear ye hear ye -- you are warned not to cross this line. we have allowed you to walked even though we have said it is illegal. but you cannot cross this line, you know it is our duty to keep the peace.

    "and you crossed the line. you only ran helter-skelter, after we were forced to use tear gas -- after warnings and water cannons did not work.

    "we did warn you".

    takziah to arwah's family. if the police got into a scuffle with arwah, i don't think the police knew he had a heart ailment.

  139. i cant believe the gall of some idiots here. one man died. i'm not calling him a political hero. the truth is he just died. it naturally calls for some decency.

    to all the pro government supporter who actually like the status co. i hope you pockets are being lined enough for you to justify side lining the rest of us wanting free and fair elections to outs Najib, his wife and cronies for ANYBODY else.

    i dont know about you but multimillion ringgit shopping sprees is where i draw the line. F*uck it i pay taxes and a whole lot of it. you don't need to wear it on your wrist - fat b*tch!

  140. Anonymous6:34 pm

    salam rakyat malaysia
    pesan aruah nenek dulu jgn menang bersorak kampung tergadai,jgn mcm anjing menyalak bukit,jgn baling batu sembunyi tangan,jgn suka lihat kuman di seberang gajah depan mata buat tak nampak....pesan nenek ku lagi jgn bakar kelambu sbb marah nyamok seekor,lihat org pakai mata hati dan mata hati perlu di terangi dengan kalimah Allah,mata hati perlu di suluh dgn ayat ayat suci,mata hati perlu di basahi dgn air air sembahyang dan mata hati perlu niat yg BERSIH.Bila kita salahkan org sebab kematian maka berdosalah kerana hanya Allah yg meMATIkan,bila kita kata org tu tak bersih makna nya kita sendiri masih perlu di bersihkan, bila kita mengatakan org itu tak adil makanya kita blm lagi adil dengan diri sendiri.Sebagai HAMBA Allah yg berpegang adakah kita pernah terfikir kenapa tidak buat solat hajat dgn NIAT YG BERSIH ,minta ALLAH tunjukkan yg benar yg BERSIH yg ADIL kerana setiap hamba Allah tahu org yg teraniaya akan di makbulkan doanya.ADAKAH KITA BETUL-BETUL DI LANDASAN YG BETUL?Saya tidak menyokong Najib mahu yg sebaliknya cuma saya rasa kita RAKYAT MALAYSIA lebih-lebih lagi beragama ISLAM sudah terlalu byk di sogokkan benda yg sudah menyimpang dari ajaran YG MAHA ESA kerana dalam ISLAM TIADA KEGANASAN,TIADA TUDUH MENUDUH,HORMAT SESAMA MAHLUK ALLAH,BERANI KERANA BENAR KERANA SIAPA YG BOLEH MENJADI SEPERTI RASULLAH SAW YG MASIH SANGGUP MEMBERI MAKAN PADA ORG TUA YAHUDI YG BUTA WALHAL ORG TUA TERSEBUT LAH YG SELALU MENGHINANYA?Makanya jadi lah seperti negara ARAB yg lain yg kononnya hendak REFORMASI akhirnya menjadi bahan ketawa KAUM YAHUDI ..mereka tidak perlu berusaha utk memusnah org ISLAM KERANA ORG ISLAM SUDAH PUN MUSNAH.