Wednesday, June 08, 2011

YB, ask the students if they think the scholarships are a "political gimmick"

YB stands for Yang Bingai. Sometimes.. Like when DAP Asseblyman for Sungkai, YB A. Sivanesan describes as "a political gimmick" the scholarships the 1MDB is giving to 500 students to further their studies in local varsities. Sivanesan proves yet again that there are as many morons among politicians from "this side" as there are from "the other side". Instead of thanking the Almighty for showing the authorities the way to help pay the varsity education of the 500 students who failed to qualify for PSD scholarships despite scoring 8As in the SPM exam,  this YB calls it "an attempt by the government to fish for votes in the coming general election". Whether they are from BN or Pakatan Rakyat, politicians like Sivanesan should not be allowed to go further in their political career if we want this country to progress.

The 500 students who will benefit from the 1MDB scholarships will be grateful, I'm sure, not to any political party or politicians, but grateful to be Malaysians a land with great opportunities. These stiudents are not by-products of a political gimmick, they are beneficiaries of our success as a nation, and on them we rest our hopes for a better future.  

As for 1MDB, syabas for coming to the students' rescue. But we all know giving scholarships is not 1MDB's raison detre. The corporation's success will not be determined by giving out 500 or even 5000 scholarships  but some of us are of the view that since the students are probably its best investment decision to date,  the 1MDB might as well make the scholarships a permanent fixture. 


kluangman said...

Ke arah Negara Kebajingan.

eddy said...

Any YB who sees any Scholarship for students as a political tool/gimmick of the ruling Gomen, should be called "Yang Bodoh", Yang Bingai is too good for such a person.

anak dia tak dpt la tu said...

YB punya anak tak dapat tu. biasa la keling kan. klu dpt kat anak dia, sampai chennai pun dia puji PM

Anonymous said...

Alliance then BN ruled Malaysia for the last 50 years not because they are the best of Govt.s but simply because the opposition always have more morons in their line up.
It had always been..'the party with less morons wins'

Ayah Man said...

Statement by Sivanesan that schlorships by Malaysian government are a " polical gimmick" does not help groom society to be greatful and decent.
I see him unfit for moral duties. He talks nonsence and unbefitting the position he holds. Instead of promoting Malaysia Bolih, he propogates Malaysia Malang.

1 Malaysia Dungu Berhad said...

Dear Rocky,

"IMDB's success will not be determined by giving out 500 or even 5000 scholarships but some of us are of the view that since the students are probably its best investment decision to date...."

Is that typo error or "some of us" are of the view that 1MDB has been nothing but another useless Najib's invention?

Anonymous said...

Dei Brew,
You wrote ".....politicians like Sivanesan should not be allowed to go further in their political career if we want this country to progress"

How about master spinners like you who sell their souls for a sen ? Should you be allowed to go further in journalism (spinning) if we want this country to progress ?
How about the Apanama's bald headed son's statement about revealing IPP agreements to MP's
only ? Should he be allowed to go further ?

I dare you to publish this comment becoz I trust you are an anak jantan like me.


Anonymous said...

Wah....itu BN banyak kuat ah....itu perempuan gemuk sapu 1MDB punya duit, lepas tu, 1MDB masih ada duit kasi itu pelajar ah ? Itu scholarship bukan political gimmick - dia itu satu cover-up supaya Nazri dan pegawai2 PSD dapat sembunyi de belakang 1MDB....

Saya nak tanya Latuk Locky - itu duit 1MDB benar2 siapa punya duit ?


Anonymous said...

itm graduate's intellectual capacity

Jason said...

anak dia tak dapat kot bro, memang la dia menyalak.

Apocryphalist said...

Hannah Geoh goes to New York: A Parody. Part I:

Scene 1: North Central Bronx Hospital, New York

Hannah Geoh: Sir, I would like to register my newborn child please.

Officer: Very well. Name please?

Hannah Geoh: My little boy's or mine?

Officer: Yours first, please.

Hannah Geoh: Hannah Montessori MacGruger

Officer: B..b..bbut in your passport here it says "Geoh Mei Lin"

Hannah Geoh: So? What's in a name? I've changed it.

Officer: Oh Ok then. What about your child. What's his name?

Hannah Geoh: Kerson Ackson Jackson MacGruger.

Officer: Well, see now. MacGruger is the name of a clan in Scotland. See, I am from Scotland originally, you see. And way I see it, I don't think your child is anywhere NEAR Scottish. What with the slitty eyes and all. Unless of course ... where is the father, Madam?

James Maximillian Thumbusamy: I yam right here. You have any problem?

Officer: Oh Sorry sir, I didn't realize you were .... I mean, I thought you were our Janitor. I mean, no offense sir. But I was thinking of getting acquainted with another clansman here. So you are, of course, Mr MacGruger?

James Maximillian Thumbusamy: No ay yam James. Ay mean, yes. Well okay sometimes Ay go by that name. Ay mean ---Vee all do sometimes, don't vee?

Officer: Well this is all very confusing. This could take hours. But never mind. So what is the ethnicity of the child that I may write down in this form here?

Hannah Geoh: American.

Officer: No no, I mean ethnicity. You know, like Chinese, or African American, or Indian, Or Inuit. you know? Race.

Hannah Geoh: American! American! Haven't you heard of 1America? We are Americans you know. There are no races or ethnic backgrounds. Haven't you heard what some DPP in the Blogs say? We are all one race. The Human race.

Officer: I know I know but here in this form I have got to be specific. "American" is not a race. It's not a valid anthropological classification. I MUST put something. Tell you what. Why don't we go via the father's ethnicity. And you are, I guess, Indian, are you not sir? So why don't I just put "Indian" here in this form.

Hannah Geoh: Chit! Bawah punya standard! Oh sorry honey darling. I dont mean that. Hey officer, why dont you just put American huh?

Officer: I can't. I have to put something. Well okay I will just put "Chinese" here if you don't mind...

Hannah Geoh: Ok you can. But we are not happy about it. In fact, this is really, truly against the spirit of 1America.


Apocryphalist said...

Hannah Geoh goes to New York: A Parody. Part II

Scene 2, 6 years Later, South Bronx Department of Education

Education Officer: Madam Geoh, I understand that you are fighting for a school that teaches your mother tongue here in Bronx. I am sorry, madam. In America we do not have allowance for education systems which do not conform to the national aspiration of unity and Americanism.

Hannah Geoh: Americanism? Americanism? Hey, we are Chinese, you know. You can shove your Americanism up your American ass. I have GOT to preserve the identity of my race and my ethnicity. We the chinese are a proud people with thousands of years of civilization behind us and my son must not lose touch of his race and his language.

Education Officer: Then why dont you just ship him China and get his education there?

Hannah Geoh: Hey are you people racist or something? Besides, in China where got Manhattan Delicatessen and Playboy channel? So whatever it is, please get one Vernaucular school or us, if not I will shout rape!


Debbie does Dallas said...

Superb satire,

By the way, "Hannah Yeoh Goes to New York" sounds like a porn movie title....

Anonymous said...

Its a political gimmick!
Why would u do something when shit happen already. They knew about this long ago and yet every year the same damn problem.
So YB is correct!

Skilgannon1066 said...

Apoc 2:29 PM

Which probably explains why many schools in the US are teaching Mandarin as a second language, in addition to Spanish!

The point of your posts are unclear. Are you advocating Malaysians to study Bahasa Malaysia (Malay for the lesser-informed amongst us) and English, BM and Mandarin, BM and Tamil or just BM alone? Or any combination thereof?

Gotta be specific, bro, instead of hiding behind allegories and parables!

Anonymous said...

Kalau guna taxpayer fund to set up a strategic development company wholly own by the Goverment...tak payah cerita banyak-banyak la. Tu duit you and I. Our taxpayer money jugak la yang bagi pelajar tu. Nak berterima kasih kepada siapa? Kerajaan? Or to you and I?

Masalah kerajaan kita orang ni, dia ingat taxpayer fund tu, piggy bank dia orang. Bila derma sikit, memekik melolong. Sedangkan tu duit rakyat. Memang patut duit tu digunakan untuk kebaikkan and kebajikan rakyat.

So YB tu cakap memang partially betul. Gimmick la...sampai kena keluar akhbar.

Anonymous said...

The YB's of Sivanesan's standard are the Yang Bengap, Yang Bahalol, Yang Biul, Yang Bengong, Yang Bangang, Yang BiaDAP, Yang Busuk and of coz Yang Berdosa.


Anonymous said...

Orang yang komplen banyak sangat ni terdiri daripada orang yang 'Tidak Tahu Bersyukur'.

Dulu diberi kerakyatan ... dia lupa.

Diberi keamanan, kemakmuran dan kebebasan ... dia lupa.

Diberi peluang untuk berjuang, dia lupa hendak menoleh ke belakang - mengimbas kembali sejarah asal usul dia. Manusia apa mereka ini? Dia ingat jika dia masih tinggal di negara asal dari mana keturunan mereka dilahirkan mereka akan dapata ini semua?

Manusia yang lupa sejarah memang manusia yang tidak bersyukur. Orang yang tidak tahu bersyukur, jangan diberi apa-apa pun lagi kerana dia takkan kata ... thank you, thank you.

Manusia yang lupa sejarah adalah manusia yang kurang tamadunnya.

Anonymous said...

Apo the classic!

Craphead said...

anti-spin x godfather = full of crap shit question.
Why not ask yourself ada invest ASB? Ada tanya mana itu duit mari dari mana? Brother anwar u ka?

Anonymous said...

Well, ive personally seen dumb as fuck Tuan's getting scholarships...nothing surprising here. You just have to stop calling people pendatang because if they really leave, then there wont be anyone left to sponsor your property or your tuition fees, Tuans....

Orang Ketiga said...

Glad that these bright students are getting scholarships to further their studies. I support the move to give scholarships to all bright students regardless if their parents are rich or not.

maae said...

Salam Bro,

1.You are right Bro.DAP politicians adore shits. Surely not to the Almighty and positively now, NOT to the Malay leaders.

2.Very pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Bro... how much r they paying u to become a pro BN? or rther pro UMNO...

well, bumis who score less that 8As get to go to overseas but the non-bumis who score 8As or more only get to do matriculation in local universities. What a justice! well, this is what you call 1Malaysia i guess! basically the non-bumis are screwed up!

i've seen lotsa racist people (including the one who uses the "K" in the comment here" i just didn't expect u to be one of them! i used to look upon u back in NST - now ur just one of them...

how on earth... u allow some scounderal to use racist remark in ur own blog and you allowed it graaciously... man! i hope u could sleep well at night!

Anonymous said...

Whats all the noise here?

India gives out scholarships to their Diasporas, the Indians in Malaysia are also welcome to apply. And the Apek corporations too, check % of who received their scholarships...

JPA/IMDB sekangkang kera aloso want to wallop?

And JPA, PLEASE PLEASE make sure all windows are secure, nanti keluaq macam2 cerita lagi, pening...


Anonymous said...

It is scary to read all these racists comments above... I don't know what's happening to Malaysia but it's getting worse everyday... Wake up Malaysians!!!

Anonymous said...

3 malay boys forced to kneel, then shot in the head, melayu tak marah ke?
how come no malay bloggers/buggers make noise? malay lives so cheap ah?

Anonymous said...

see how low some go:

Skilgannon1066 said...

Apoc 2:29 PM

Let me go a bit further - do you honestly believe that fluency in BM is a prerequisite to achieve international competitiveness?

Fluency in BM is not a prerequisite for employment in the likes of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, H-P etc. Or in the likes of Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Stanchart, the IMF, World Bank or the UN.

Inegration, not assimilation? The raison d'etre for scholarships?

Who are we kidding here?

Anonymous said...

A babi already feel the heat and went gilababi with Apocryphalist masterpiece..

Still with typical babi perpetuated state of denial..everybody else understood the concept of ethnicity and citizenship very loud & clear, as if S'pore register all their citizen ethnicity as 'Singaporean'..they even went further segregating the Malay into sub-races like Bugis, Minang, Jawa

In USA, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th & so on languages are only optional unlike the fucking vernacular in Malaysia that is made as the main stream.. as if the American would allowed a set up of Mandarin school in USA..

Do you think the American look so high upon the chingkies which they deemed as an inferior dick size race? Mandarin? what a fucking joke..even the Hongkees fight to resist it..what more with the Americans that god-forbid to be chingkiefied.

Hanna Geoh goes to New York do sound porno enough..LOL!

Only chingkie bitch can get into porno for the tight pussy to be rammed by those big white & black dickies.. chingkie men are only a classic world jokes, cuckolded puny pecker pigs..ROTFLMAO!

Perasan pandai tetapi tetap bodoh macam babi! Thick faced babi will forever remain as's in their blood & can only continue your lie among your babibandar or babihutan kind..not us lah & pathetic.

:D muhahahaha
-anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

Freddie Kevin said...

Salam Datuk,

Since 3/08 the Govt will always be on the back peddle.

I mentioned before that during the Tun MM's time the MSM had always and continously reported the numerous programmes carried out by the Govt thru the various ministries.

Nowadays since Sleepyhead, I do not know (or care) who the ministers are.

There are a lot of blogposts, post-Tun MM, of intrigues to control the NSTP for example, to promote certain political personalities.

The Star, after the 12 GE seems to have gone soft or give priority to the MCA ministries.

Hello MCA, its not working.

The Star needs to get tough and highlight more of the many Govt initiatives, ALL ROUND.

If the opposition and their sycophants condemns the MSM as being one sided, so be it.

No matter what the Govt does, it will always be politicised, by them.

So why bother.

Screw the opposhits.

The Govt must continously keep the rakyat informed thru the MSM.

This will also keep the ministers and their ministries on their toes.

Datuk, you openly state that you had played an important role to get rid of the Sleepyhead.

Many of us wanted him out and did our part in, perhaps, in our own smaller way.

The Govt under Datuk Seri Najib is the better for it.

We are moving forward but being hindered by these opposhits.

Screw them.

We in the alternative media are doing our part and all we can in our support for the Govt and its a damn hard thing to do.

Lets face the facts. The opposhits have the upperhand in the cyber arena.

Because they only have one agenda -topple the BN and the Govt.

Like it or not, the fact is, on our side, some have an ulterior agenda in supporting the Govt.

I am glad that there those like your good self around who will also disclose the Govt shortcomings as well.

By the way, to me Tun Dol is the biggest opposition trojan there will ever be.

Everything points in this direction.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Apo's piece is funny. In one glance it appears that he highlights a racist sentiment, but upon closer scrutiny, one realizes that racism is the very exact thing he parodies and criticizes about. Pegging it onto a real recent happening in Malaysia (someone wanting to register as "Malaysian" rather than chinese, indian, malays etc) exposes how in the name of idioms and slogans ("Malaysian Malaysia?" American race?) certain quarters of the opposition has some closet racism and camouflaged bigotry at play, and that too in the long-term planning.

Triggered by his faulty understanding of the parody, or simply unaware of the recent real-life issue upon which Apo based his piece, this Skillmaknon feller unleashed HIS own inherent racism. And not to be outdone, that anti-hindraf-ultra-chingkie guy too in turn unleashed HIS version of bigotry. And so on ad infinitum.

And it all began when we actually failed to laugh at the humorous innuendos and let racist sentiments get the better of us. But Apo: James Maximillian Thumbusamy? This alone had me rolling on the floor. Adoi don't write anymore. Tak tahan.

Mak Teh

Anonymous said...

All the UMNOputras steal, and then they do the following:

1. Buy properties in London or Melbourne or Perth or Canada;

2. Keep 2nd or 3rd wives in Medan, or Surabaya.

3. Buy fast cars like Bentley and Maserati.

4. Watch rugby or soccer games live in London or Sydney or Johannesburg.

5. Go for F1 races anywhere in the world.

Of course, the country starts to go to its knees, and the stealing gets more and more difficult, now that there is internet, and the "sharing" of the loot becomes more complicated.

UMNO can't simply increase the number of scholarships as there is no budget for it anymore. So they ask 1MDB for money, which was originally the taxpayers money anyway, except that this does not come under the federal deficit.

A good idea, you say ? Stop the stealing - and then I will agree with you it's a good idea.


Utusan Mak Siat said...

Why the suspense then???
Memang Satu Lagi Celekadrama BN...

Debbie Does Dallas said...


You are sooo pathetic.

Everything wrong this world points to UMNO.

So I guess it was UMNO's fault that your parent procreated and gave birth to your pathetic existence as well?

I'm no UMNO member but I know enough not to ever trust closet bigots like you.

Memang bingai and a loser to boot...

Anonymous said...

This are Goverment reactive measures to opposition pressure and MCA/MIC for education assistance.

Scholarships should have been given within a week after the exams results not months after the media highlighted the issue.


Anonymous said...


you hit the jackpot sir !!!

Anonymous said...

:D muhahahaha
-anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

long time no see aaa???

and warrior

where the hell are u????

Skilgannon1066 said...

Wah, lau eh - the antiwhatever has surfaced again.

With the usual surfeit of nonsense!

Answer my question, dei - knowledge of BM is a prerequisite for employment with the MNCs?

The same MNCs that Malaysia is courting bigtime?

How pathetic can you get? But that's par for the course, yes?

As for scholarships, amidst all the hue and cry about JPA and 1Malaysia, how many of these scholarship holders have been given places in the world's top 20 universities (as per the the Times and QS rankings)?

Quality not important, izzit?

Anonymous said...

melayu mati kena tembak tak pa (sebab melayu tuan ), tapi itu india sama cina jgn kasi naik, jgn kasi jpa scholarship sampai bila bila.

dei melayu, tak malu kau. Orang india juga yg sdg membantu untuk mencari kebenaran untuk tiga orang melayu yg kena tembak.

Peace Out

Anonymous said...

Maybe more specific and definitely some YB will learn to appreciate better if we changed the term into two catagories;


he hehe hehehe.


Skilgannon1066 said...

Mak Teh 11:53 AM

I am "racist"???

Then the good folks at Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Goldman Sachs etc must all be "racists" for hiring staff on merit instead of looking at their ethnicity/nationality/skin colour/religious affiliation etc.

Oh, and demanding fluency in English (Bahasa Inggeris) as a mandatory pre-requisite.

No demands for fluency in BM here, but I do hear that for China-based staff, fluency in Mandarin is much desired!

Anonymous said...

Dey pundek skilmoron..

Is Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien or babilanguage are prerequisite for employment with the MNCs?

Obviously pigbrain, when you ask question, you always use your asshole to speak.. that is so babibrain reciprocating standard...

Pathetic..? better see your own babiface in the mirror before asking, stupig chingkie..

Only chingkie pig look so high upon their kind.. the gwailoh towering those MNCs are making hell of jokes about chingkiepigs puny peckers..find a good one from the net & enjoy yourself , will least the whole Malaysia know Hannah Yeoh & Eli Wong enjoyed good quality real meat that a chingkiepig can only dream on.. kah..kah..kah! So pathetic..

cingkiepigs.. kote sangat kecik, otak pun kecik, tapi cakap sangat besar.. kah..kah..kah..!

:D muhahahaha
-anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

Anonymous said...

Hello Skilly++13,

Which English are you referring to? Singlish? Well, curious I checked Urban Dictionary to get to know more about you and Chinaporean and Singlish?

Urban Dictionary - Singaporean English!


low self-esteem chinese singaporean who listen purely to chinese pop music, dress inappropriately in town, socially inept, no sense of self concept, following fad trends that come and go.

guys are low class to no class, and girls are high class wannabe that fail miserably. cannot speak proper english at all.

guys in oversize tshirts/cheap polo, jeans and sport shoe/sandals, dress like LKK typical chinaporean guys.

girls in heavy makeup, short skirts, wear scarf but don't even know how to tie a proper scarf like westerners, typical chinaporean girls.

local chineses who fail to pronounce words like three, twelve, lettuce, and speak in singlish accent that sound so typical singaporean.

carry branded bags like louis vuitton but dress fugly, making true high class people laughing at them on the inside....UNQUOTE

Aiyoo, you aloso like that wan or?


Skilgannon1066 said...


To answer your question - no, it is not.

But neither is Malay (or BM). You refuse to acknowledge that?

Heh heh - it must be downright depressing to see who the MNCs and foreign banks are hiring these days!

Even in Malaysia!

Wrap your little peckers around that indisputable fact!

As for PSD/JPA and 1Malaysia scholarships, be so kind as to answer my question as to how many of the awardees got into the world's top 20 universities.

Your buddies at PSD should be able to answer that easily!

Anonymous said...

bro perwira,

Due to their men inherited DNA of puny pigpeckers, the chinaporean can hardly breed and their species is now facing threat of extinction forcing the senile-o-mentor to open up their citizenship to accept raw & uncouth original species from their mainland to maintain their chinaporean hegemony. Well, this has caused ruckus & dissatisfaction among the non-chinaporean citizen.. Read this story

Those new breed of chinaporean can't even speak English..It will eventually become just a commy toilet bowl.

Chinapore is already in a self destruct mode with the influx of those chinaporean inferior class..They should thank LKY that going to bring the island down 6ft. under together with him very soon...they can even start buying boats from now..LOL!

chinaporean can dream on for their future into the pit of no-class.. once the island become chingkified by those species that do not even have civilized brain in the simplest words such as toilet manner, it will only be a matter of time for those gwailoh to desert them.

:D muhahahaha
-anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

Skilgannon1066 said...

Yet those same "Chingkie" Singaporeans totally bungkus Malaysia at the ICJ over Pedra Branca!

Remember that episode?

Or when the Chingkie Singaporeans bungkused Mahathir over the water agreements and called his bluff over the "crooked bridge" and the "Points of Agreement"?

Oh, wait - could it be the same Chingkie Singaporeans who called a halt to KTM's operations at the Tanjong Pagar railway station in Singapore and "encouraged" its relocation to Woodlands?

Or maybe those guys who negotiated the split-up of Malaysia-Singapore Airlines into MAS and SIA?

Or those guys who are being desperately courted to please, pretty please, invest in Iskandar Malaysia?

Seems to me that those puny little peckers are doing pretty well. And if currencies are any indication of manhood, then the Singgie Dollar is a rampant stallion whilst the Malaysian Ringgit is suffering from a bad case of "koro"! S$1 = RM2.45 anyone?

Perwira and antiwhatever must be suffering from a bad case of pecker envy!

Or maybe they are just upset over how the Malaysian "brains" have been bungkused by the Singaporean brains.

PSD Scholarships notwithstanding!

Anonymous said...

"To answer your question - no, it is not.

But neither is Malay (or BM). You refuse to acknowledge that?"

LOL! Babibrain.. so, why ask the question in the 1st place?

"Answer my question, dei - knowledge of BM is a prerequisite for employment with the MNCs?"

What refuse? Did i? I thought you're the only pigbrain in state of denial try to portray the chingkipig superiority..but still a babibrain will remain babibrain for the world to laugh..

Stupid question only get another stupid question as a reply and guess who were the last idiot left to answer it all..swallowed all the shit..kah..kah..kah..

Duhh...cuckolded chinaporean pig! Really bodoh..pathetic & easy..ROTFLMAO! :D

For your info babibrain, the main chunk of PSD sponsors are for those students taking A-Level, ADP, NZ Foundation or A-Level Germany..most of them are from the SBP & MRSM..

The majority are in UK & USA. Not in Middle East or Indonesia lah.

So, for you babibrain with babipulau mentality, go figure out yourself how many from those goes in top 20 world universities..

We don't go to Chinapore coz no point to mutate into those dumb-cuckold-zombie-babibrain-chingkizoid with sole living purpose only to worship sinking Lee Dynasty assholes..

Belajar tinggi 10tingkat tetapi tetap bodoh 100tingkat, buat apa..

:D muhahahahaha
-anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

Anonymous said...






Skilgannon1066 said...

Anti whatever

Which universities in the UK & USA? Cambridge, Oxford, LSE, Imperial College, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Stanford, U of Chicago.....?

It would be interesting to see the number of Malaysian students at these universities and the percentage of those on PSD scholarships.

Care to oblige?

And the last time I checked, NUS and NTU are ranked way higher than UM, USM or UTM. Which means a degree from NUS and NTU is more well regarded by employers than degrees from UM, USM or UTM.

Ask the HR chiefs at any MNC or foreign bank in Malaysia!


rhealyn said...

i don't care who offers the scholarship as long as i can go to school and educate myself after that i could do a little thrashing towards this political

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:33 PM,

You can bitch that the Bumiputera have special privilege in Malaysia yada yada bla bla..

But trying to implicate that those going to foreign Universities received similar "special privilege" by the 'mat salleh' or foreign people like what you claimed they're having back home is totally words of an absolute idiot.


Yo bingai, how many Malays specialist in private hospitals have you met? Only 1 out of 10? and if you go to IJM don't forget to send my regard to the non-malay cardiologist.

The real bingai were those unable-to-re-migrate-stranded-pendatang that have big mouth but puny peckers & small brains craving for similar privilege yet thinking they're so far superior but still end up hopelessly diperbodohkan oleh politikus Melayu.. the real ignorance bingai in state of denial.

Just swallow the hard bitter reality.. hehehe..dream on losers.

p/s: shitmoron, don't be a fucking lazy pig, do your homework also, will ya? I thought chingkie don't like to be spoon feed, of coz, you like to sondol your food just like a greedy pig when eating..a well defined nature.

:D muhahahaha
-anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-