Friday, June 10, 2011

Lawyer: Glenmarie youths were executed by police

“The report also indicates that Syamil was shot on the forehead at a 45-degree angle ... That can only happen if the boy was kneeling when he was gunned down." - PKR lawyer N. Surendran

IN WHAT IS BY FAR ONE OF THE MOST DAMNING ACCUSATIONS made against the Royal Malaysian Police, lawyer N. Surendran openly challenged the police to prove that the three youths they gunned down last year were not killed execution style by the cops. Surendran said he got copies of the post-mortem report which suggested that the youths were shot dead at close range by the police. The 1968 pix of this brutal police execution of an alleged Vietcong guerilla came to my mind. Scary. What's even more scary is the cops are not responding quickly and firmly to this very serious accusation. 

Surendran made the allegation at a press conference at the PKR headquarters attended by relatives of the youths and several politicians [Read H E R E.] who did not have to be there but that's besides the point, as the point is such a serious accusation, especially coming from a lawyer, must be substantiated. Surendran must lodge a police report and provide proof as soon as possible so that action can be taken as soon as possible.

The PDRM must respond immediately to the allegation. The AG's Chamber need to comment. Home Minister, please speak up, we can't hear you. Keeping mum is NOT an option when you are being accused of harboring killers in uniform!


  1. Utusan Mak Siat2:39 pm

    Plant Hisbiscus, Plant Serai, Plant OpsLalang2,Plant C4, Plant Ganja, Plant Parang, Plant DNA... Malaysia apa pun Boleh!

  2. Anonymous2:45 pm

    Big boss will say, " I would like to warn ...blahblahblah " and then no action taken, as usual hahahhaah...

  3. Anonymous3:55 pm

    This is not the only case....there was this malay janda who survived 5 shots when she was taking a midnight drive with her boyfriends. Later she suffered broken ribs when the policeman kicked her.Nothing happened later...melayu mudah lupa!
    ....Miraculaous Malays. Where in the world can you find a race like the malays?

  4. Anonymous4:09 pm

    ini perkara biasa di negara di mana pemimpinya korup, sudah tentu jawatan jawatan penting di beri kepada mereka yang sejenis (KORUP). cuba munutup kesalahan pegawai adalah ibadah mereka. hanya satu cara sahaja untuk menanangi masalah ini adalah dengan menukar kesemua pemimpin yang ada sekarang dengan pemimpin baru dari parti lain. negara ini milik kita, jangan biarkan mereka merompak khazanah negara

  5. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Anon 3:55 akalau kau nak jadi pukimak rasis, pergi berambus lah ke mana lubang p**i asal mak kau datang

  6. in the UK and other EEC they have an Independent panel that investigates all police related shootings with support from Forensics and Magistrates. This is a buffer for both the public and police - as it can give a proper non-biased account of any police action.
    It keeps the police on their toes and honest and provides some assurance to the public of the integrity of the police.
    When you let police determine whether their own people acted appropriately there is a complete lack of trust in their process.

    Its high time we used these first world processes rather than still act in a cowboy manner.

  7. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Dato' Rocky,

    When your political master failed miserably to address this, morally and rightfully you must abandon your political master. As a muslim you must not condone such a brutal murder of the fellow muslims.

    *Muslim brotherhood.

  8. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Alfateha kepada ketiga pemuda dan juga Ahmad Sarbani.

  9. Anonymous3:29 pm

    aiyoh- why the deafening silence from PERKASA N UTUSAN lah. where are these 2 heros?

  10. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Peguam tak bertanggungjawab dan kempunan nak jadi ahli politik macam ni la perangai dia. Berbohong satu ibadah bagi anak haram serupa ni. . . . Guru dia aljuburi, bapak kepada segala pembohong

  11. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Menteri dalam negeri kita ni tak layak jadi menteri dalam negeri. . . . Itu jawatan untuk JANTAN

  12. Anonymous5:07 pm

    The lawyer must provide the necessary evidence or . . . . . SAYA BERI AMARAN!!!!!!!

  13. Anonymous5:13 pm

    The lawyer must provide the necessary evidence or . . . . . SAYA BERI AMARAN!!!!!!!

  14. Melayu mudah lupa ..... melayu lupa yang mereka di tipu oleh Kerajaan. Senang saja Melayu di tipu oleh Menteri yg tak berpelajaran tinggi ....

    Tak percaya .... klik sini utk lihat gambar duit atas meja hasil sogokan BN

  15. Notamaidkiller8:53 pm

    Utusan Mak siat and Anon 3.55pm

    At least the Malays dont torture or kill their maids as certain people in Malaysia like to do in the spirit of Malaysia Boleh!

  16. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Bateri yg rosak boleh ke dicas?

  17. Menteri Dalam Negeri takde oomph, PDRM tentu minta permission untuk buat counter statement tapi tak dapat lagilah tu, takkan Polis nak minta inquest juga.

    IGP should take the bull by the horn and should have made a counter statement giving their version of events immediately. Forget about the Minister lembik tu.

    Another five virtually unchallenged Press Conference by the PKR macam ini habislah reputation PDRM and the Minister too.

    Patutnya PDRM immediately make a police report and call up this PKR lawyer fellow to have his statement taken, investigate this guylah. How can he be allowed to accuse the police in public of murder??? Apa dah jadi sekarang ini saya pun tak tahulah Bro.

  18. Anonymous2:27 pm

    How can some people in this site seem to be siding the shooters with absolutely no regard to the sufferings of the deceased family members?

    This can happen to you , you know. If you go out on a midnight drive, get stopped by the police, fumble....arousing suspicion, you can end up with bulletholes in your face.

    Then probably lawyer Surenderan will pay your family members a visit and offer to sue the police for free, while bloggers like rocky bru will ridicule you and brand you a parang wielding petty criminal.