Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Kiasus have just insulted you!

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So, what are you going to do about it, yb Zahid?
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Our Defence Minister said in Parliament to a question by YB KJ that our airspace had been repeatedly violated by the Singaporeans. 2508 times since 2008! But now they are saying that YB Zahid Hamidi talked cock. They are not just flatly denying it. The way I read it is they are implying that we don't know how to read the radar.
"Where fligths did not exist ... non-Singaporean commercial aircraft flying over Malaysia ACCORDING to international air traffic, rules and regulations ..".
How lah, YB? This is SERIOUS.


  1. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Serious indeed... Kiasu at its best!

    Apa lagi Doctor Zahid? Takkan diam jek?

  2. Anonymous12:28 pm

    we don't know what we are talking about once again......famous excuse of being misquoted will come out again lah.......what is happening to us rocky?

  3. Mazlan12:41 pm

    Well our MINDEF folks not that smart. These are the same guys that can have 2 bloody great jet engines walk out the door to 'South America' and only figure out they are missing 2 years later........

  4. Looks like Mindef is another of the incompetent ministry. Or is it a ploy to spend momeny to upgrade the radar system? Cannot tell the different between incompetence and greed.

  5. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Is Malaysia so incompetent that it cannot tell the difference commercial flights and foreign warplanes? Can we trust Mindef to defend to the country? Or even worse, will they shoot down the wrong plane one day?

  6. Salam. Next time they pass across Malaysian borders again, shoot the motherfuckers down!

    Then we can claim we accidentally shoot them, thinking that they are big birds.

  7. Anonymous1:52 pm

    they insult because we malaysians are stoooooopid

  8. Anonymous2:07 pm

    Ooooo....Zahid is busy counting UMNO's money, where got time to refute the Singaporeans ? If he takes up a case against them through international arbitration, we will lose - again. Jaguh kampung can't compete against Harvard and Princeton graduates lah....


  9. Aiseyman bro..

    This is not just a slap on the face by the Kiasuans (new terminology!) but also a hard kick at the most painful part, if you know what I mean..


    Hesmel Faznee Faisal.

  10. Anonymous3:35 pm

    Remember this when we were 5 years old! You did...I did did too...I did not did three...I did not did 2,000 + ...I did not. Anyone remember how it end to it lah. Sometimes it will go on for weeks.

    I don't know what to think lah...why out of the blue we realised we been violated 2,000+ times. Remember the infamous "Batu Putih' incident where we were embarassed and have eggs all over our faces. Since that day we have been waiting impatiently(until own neck grew long) for our southern neigbour to make one tiny little mis-step so we can splatter their kiasu faces with rotten eggs. According to our strategic information intelligence, this moment we all have been waiting for occured 2,000+ times.

    Ask yourself, who's telling the truth? Why wait until been violated 2000+ times before raising the fire alarm? If it's not true, why is the issue highlighted? Is it to rally us to fight a common enemy and at the same time forget our problems in our own backyard? (sounds similar the "communist" story up North..doesn't it?)

    Makes no sense lah....what the heck is going on??? Someone, please enlighten us not so smart people.

  11. assalamualaikum datuk,

    as usual these ultra-kiasu's will deny everything just to show that they are innocent.. well, we know how pathetic they are because what they have done'd is simply wrong according to the international law.. let says, if an American F-15 from Alaska accidentally crossing the Russian Siberia airspace via the Bering Sea then the Russkies have all the right's to shoot the Yankee's F-15 using her Sukhoi's and SAM's..

    what about us?? we also have the right to shoot their warplane down as these intrusion's can be considered as an act of war!.. these have happen's for years and it isn't an accident. Not only using their F-16s is crossing our airspace but also their Israeli made UAV with capable of spying quietly upon us!!.. last time i heard in Temasek Review before the last Singapore GE, there was one commentator who was telling M'sian airforce to just shoot the damn plane down..

    if our defense minister really have the gut's to do so, then we should need to waste the money to buy target drones.. our Fulcrum and Flanker can shoot their israeli made drones for sure.. this is how we gonna thanks the singapore government in return of our water supply!!

  12. Salam Dato Rocky,

    YB Zahid Hmidi will never say anything until it is too late.

    One day, the said intruder crashed in JB. Co-incidently Zahid also in JB .

    But YB Zahid smply will say 'I did't see it. Do you?

    By then you wil understand what is the mening of Y.B.

    Wait till the time.....

  13. Just shoot those aircrafts that violate our air space.
    Then the Singapore Govt will admit their violation of our air space.
    Enough is enough.
    Time to get tough.
    No more talk ????????

  14. As sum1 said, the next time then invide our sky. Jz shoot it down, and pray that it crash inside our border. Then the Singapore cant really denied anything~ but if it crash on the other side then~ OPPSS. Cheers

  15. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Dr Zahid don't just blarr. Singapore talk facts. If you don't know diam saja lah.Another bodek kaki. Desert Anwar and pray to mamakutty to get gaji buta.

  16. But its the season for cock talk and lies from UMNO Ministers. Of course it is one thing to lie to us, Malaysians. After all there are people like you, Rocky, and friends, who even act on these lies. But its quite another when the lie told to Malaysians is about another country, where they don't, and don't have to, give a damn about being nice to our YBs. And now Singapore has basically told our Malayisan Minister who you and your friends support, has been told in his face "stop lying"! And some of your friends don't like it!! Aiya, how la?

  17. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Bro, you quoted it wrong. Where flight "did" exist, not "did not"

  18. Anonymous5:39 pm

    senang saja... next time.. when there is one, shoot down the jet and let see how they respond... can arr Dato Zahid Hamidi?

  19. Anonymous7:01 pm

    This is typical of Spore. Condescending attitude. Dema je le pandai. Ivy league credentials does not an honourable man make. Negara sekangkang kera nak tunjuk aksyen.

    Our reaction pulak senang sangat mengelabah or kecut perut bisu seribu. Tak cukup itu mengalah semedang ( take lah my water cheap-cheap, take lah Pulau Batu Putih, , take lah my underwear. I no need to wear underwear anymore. Biar jadi sakai again as long as Spore happy sebab dia orang big supporter of Iskandar project).

    Boleh blahhhh lah. Mana anak jantan kite.

    YB stand your ground lah. Do your homework. Confirm numbers with the top brass and tell Spore to cease and desist. Why .... Najib has a problem telling off our self-centred neighbour !

    - Tolong jangan jual maruah negara.

  20. Skilgannon10667:26 pm

    While Zahid is mouthing off, the EPF is investing hundreds of millions of ringgit in Singapore.

    And Khazanah and Temasek are co-developing property projects in Singapore and Iskandar Malaysia.

    And new Malaysian defence chiefs continue to make courtesy calls on their Singapore counterparts when, according to reports, all is sweetness and light.

    Heck, Malaysia even sent a delegation to participate in the recent Shangri-la Dialogue in Singapore.

    If I am not mistaken, former Singapore Minister of Defence Teo Chee Hian has made a number of official and unofficial visits to Malaysia. So, was this issue raised then?

    If not, why now?

    Or is Zahid another Mcsleepy?

  21. Anonymous7:41 pm

    I wonder what Skil has to say about this. Probably in the middle of warming up her fingers ready to entertain us with her kiasu looking down my nose at you comments.

    We shiver in anticipation.

  22. Anonymous7:47 pm

    ....Mas Selamat bin Kastari an Indonesian-born Singaporean, was for more than a year Singapore's most-wanted fugitive after escaping from detention on 27 February 2008. The search for him has been described as the largest manhunt ever launched in Singapore....

    Bukan saya cakap ya... petikan dari Wiki.

    They cannot even secure the small prison, cakap ajer besar..

    Berapa km per sq ajer that country, took them 1year to catch?

    he hehe hehehe

  23. Yang Dipertuan Agung,Tuanku Mizan mengurniakan Darjah Panglima Gagah kehormat kepada ketua Angkatan Tentera Singapura, Lef.Jen Desmond Quek di Majlis istiadat Pengurnian darjah Kepahlawanan di Istana Negara, semalam.
    This news was on 24, Oct 2008.
    So the Agung and MINDEF knows what is happening.
    Our leaders and Singapore politicians always pay courtesy call on each other almost on weekly basis.
    So what is encroaching our airspace more than 2000 times !
    Singapore is supplying electricity to TNB after purchasing gas and water from Malaysia.Khazanah buys what Temasek sells.

  24. True enough sooner or later the Govt will self destruct, just watch.

  25. Anonymous8:34 pm

    We Don't want lembik man as Defence Minister.Just put proactive measure by sending Rapier and Jernas anti-aircraft at Kota Tinggi or at Benut area.
    Make it the system auto trigering that any non comercial foreign aircraft intrude into our airspace will activate and log in the missile system. Then only the 'pegawai pemerintah' decide what the best for our country not by the minister.
    This countermeasure will surely tbe best method to do to face on any kiasu mind.

  26. Anonymous9:45 pm

    hallo Minister,

    cakap banyak tarak guna.. shoot on sight la any singaporean air force jets encroach Malaysian air space!
    Ada berani? Berani gertak sama rakyat sendiri saja.

    Hhang Nadim

  27. Anonymous9:50 pm

    nampak sangat komen2 yang bodoh....knowing Singapore even if they have violated 1 million times, they wll never admit it....Singapore and Anwar has the same mentality....never, never, never admit.

  28. July 9th might be the impetus for them to strike, only after they instigated the FRU(Read PDRM) to shed blood, on the excuse(same excuse France and Nato attack Lybia

  29. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Maybe Mindef is confused and can't differenciate whether it is commercial airplanes or military planes. Why wait until violated 2000+ then only complain now?

  30. Anonymous10:58 pm

    Obviously the kiasus have their agents and supporters over here. Poor 2nd class wannabees.

    Without even waiting for further development/information they concluded that MINDEF figures is either wrong or the ministry simply dont know what they are talking about.

    Well, apparently the MIN YUEN is still alive and kicking.

  31. Maybe Zahid did talk c---. These so-called leaders have a propensity to do that.

    They also like putting their foot in their mouth.

  32. mohamed11:23 pm

    The kiasu is hiding behind the american skirt. Remove the skirt and you will see this kiasu peeing in the pants.

    The indonesian for one will walk in and take their money out and spit spit these "kiasu" in the face while at it.

    kiasu, my bloody foot.

  33. mohamed11:42 pm

    glassman @ 9:58, this what the chinese hope. The chinese think that singapore chinese is super brave fighter.

    To me the only reason they sneak into malaysian air space because, they dont have enough land mass to fly their jets. they prefer to eject over land than over water...if they have problems.

    Any way I hope the police and ATM do what they have to do and let us see.....the brave kiasu reaction.

  34. MINDEF said they counted over 2000 intrusions of our air space.Singapore said "No,those are NOT ours".So? Haiyaa...both are right lah! It those silly UFOs la.Tell me,has anyone really ever catch an UFO?

  35. Anonymous3:15 am

    Tak payah duk otek2 Malaysians la..

    We don't need anything sophisticated, no need Minister of Defense or Generals, not necessary nak tembak itu ini,

    Water will do the work for us, kasi cirit birit semua pon udah cukup.


  36. peminatrocky5:45 am

    Singapore will never admit that they violated our airspace. Admitting that is a reason for war.

    I know for a fact that we send protest note for every incident of incursion asking for explanation. They always denied.

    Malaysia conducts quiet diplomacy with its neighbours especially Singapore and Indonesia but also with Brunei and Thailand and the Philippines. We handle things in civil manner and in full honesty.

    Maybe it's time to shoot a few falcons down to prove a point...

  37. Anonymous8:18 am

    Yeah Perwira

    who caught Mas Selamat for the kiasu island state???

    jeng jeng jeng, none other than Malaysian Police - Malaysia should have drum rolled their achievement to the red faces of the kiasu politicians earning more than Obama!!

    The singapore govt took so many months and a lot of publicity to catch Mas Selamat. His photos were plastered all over the island.

    and then they forgot to check in on Mas's relatives, can you beat that? and they go boasting like skewedmoron that they are the best the world can offer


    I think the MNCs are realising that the red dot is just hot air and not much substance

  38. Anonymous8:21 am

    strangely while all other countries have mass protests and walks, singapore is pretty QUIET and boring

    ever wonder why??

    Oooops, ambiga do you know that they have the ISA since you praise the govt sky high

    you wanna try the clean walk in singapore eh??

  39. Anonymous9:14 am

    The news from Star June 21 mentioned ,

    “The airspace violations were recorded following the International Court of Justice (ICJ) decision on the sovereignty of Pulau Batu Puteh or Pedra Branca, Middle Rocks and South Ledge,” he said in a written reply to Khairy Jamaluddin (BN-Rembau).

    According to this, the singapore aircraft invaded pulau batu putih which ICJ announced in favour of Singapore.

    Perhaps, the boundary is not updated in our radar system. So the radar guy reported these violation with a note "pulau batu putih".

    So, the Minister also report the same thing "according to STAR" but somewher along the line, "Pulau Batu Putih" is missing. So, now everybody got stir up for nothing.

  40. vinnan10:02 am

    Aiyo!!! Get UMNO-PERKOSA and that MAHAGURU Silat expert to do Singapore inlah. As usual no balls in the face of a resolute enemy who can hit back very hard. Melayu malu with heroes like you 'Ketuanan'heroes who dare not even touch Singapore in the face of gross violation of Malaysian airspace if the violations are indeed real.

  41. Anonymous10:46 am

    Aiyaa! their fighter planes were doing mach 2 and you expect to catch a fly?
    Just that malaysian defense system sleeping lah!
    Maybe let malaysian planes try their airspace for chance? If only they dare or have the balls?

  42. Anonymous11:44 am

    We should make a big catapult & use pariah like vinnans and chingkie pigs to shoot over the causeway to Singapore..undetected by radar arsenal..

    If they lodge complain, we just say, "those garbage are not ours.. it's all yours.."

    "go ask them yourself if you don't believe it.."

    The thrown away garbage will proudly claimed that they're Singaporean..

    Stupid Zahid Hamidi, ask the Army to shoot 1st lah..then only talk..2000+ report lah wei, why not even an order for action given since then.. report filing only ka?

    If the plane clearly fall down in our territory, than the pigs can only snort & squek instead of roaring like this.. why make the pig become lion..

    Bodoh punya menteri.

    Anon 8.18am, you nailed that right.. if Cinapore can't even take care of one Mas Selamat escaping their over-bragged tiny red dot city-state, what make the chingkie pigs think that they have the brain to run a real country like Malaysia..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  43. Anonymous11:53 am

    haiya vinnan

    Melayu ada adap dan sopan santun lah tak macam pulau kiasu

    budak hingusan takde cabaran lah - anak abu je - sekali kali Malaysia gertak harry lee cepat cepat talipon obama anak angkat dia

    cuma warna kulit beza sikit ooopps beza banyak

    askar kiasu tu semua paki cermin mata tebal tebal lagipun tak lasak macam rambo Malaysia

    rambo Malaysia gagah berbisa maklumlah dah biasa puasa sebulan tiap tahun

    askar kiasu tu pun dah banyak yg mati akibat hard training - semua lembik banyak makan junk food

    tak suka sukan hanya ada facebook dan internet games aje

    chicken doodle - askar kiasu pun dah siang siang cakap nak cabut lari jika ada perang dgn Malaysia

  44. Anonymous11:57 am

    oh ya vinnan lupa askar kiasu selalu suruh amah dia bawakan haversack army dia

    dia jalan berlenggang main handphone

    amah Indon lebih kuat dan lasak drp askar kiasu

    hai kalau dah boleh kalah dgn amah drp negeri jiran - apalah nak dibanggakan

    kesimpulan: askar kiasu ni pondan agaknye, cuma cakapje besar

  45. Anonymous12:08 pm

    specially for vinnan - a sampling of kiasu leaders thinking

  46. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Zahid thinks he can act like the traffic polis or JPJ..sent you summoms which happens umpteen years ago. But he forget this time he's dealing with jet planes and from another country too. He forget or maybe he do not know every plane has got a log book to record their flight. Dont think you are dealing with ordinary drivers.

  47. Anonymous5:56 pm

    War..? What war? The Kiasus will lost their city in just a blink of eyes.. they don't even have a country to run away..

    10 bombs cannot do much damage to Malaysia compared to just a single cannon mortar exploded in the middle of that 5 million densely populated city just waiting to count casualties as the high rise buildings kneeling to their ground..No need for Malaysia to be so sophisticated like Cinapore when conventional weapons already enough to cause the massive damage.. Jimat kos..

    Wanna push your luck Cinapore?? Don't look on self so high & talk so big lah..think of the reality..

    WE will definitely have the last laugh before your Uncle Sam parade of mega fleet arrive just to do the clean up of pigs carcases..

    Don't be stupid like LKY, the senile-o-mentor think he is on top of his own world..Learn from Israel, they may have the state of the art weapons but shamefully, even the poorly armored Hamas or Palestenian can kick their ass.. and the best part is that Malaysia is not Lebanon or Palestine & S'pore is not even Israel..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  48. Anonymous6:57 pm

    That's the problem with idiots like the pig-faced anti hindraf and ultra chingkies. They don't even realise we lost Batu Putih and the radar operators have not been told to re-demarcate the border. Can't help the stupidity, but then it's inborn and in-bred.


  49. Anonymous7:31 pm

    Singapore is so small that you don't need a big sophisticated bomb to destroy it. Just maybe one atomic bomb, then the whole island will sink. But then, M'sians in Johore will bear the brunt of radiation for generations to come due to this.

  50. Anonymous7:38 pm

    LOL! I guess my rubbish bombardment of pariah & pigs just make a GodPig-faced chingkies feel the heat in his pig ass already..

    I'm not a chingkie & I don't eat pig like you, idiot..the real fact is you are what you eat, no words or force in the universe can change that..

    ..of coz only you bear the resemblence of what you eat..pity you coz you cannot make other look like your stupig & ugly face..cretin to the core..babi bodoh tahap maksima..menghina org lain dengan muka & makanan sendiri..ROTFLMAO! LOL!.. I cannot bear anymore with this stupig chingkie insanity..LOL! ROTFLMAO!

    I can see Godpig depression & frustration as a male chingkiepig over the failure of LKY inborn and in-breding program to multiply the number of pigs inside his cinapore kandang babi which forced the senile-o-mentor to import more babi seed from his ancestor self-exiled mainland..

    What to do, just blame it all to your piggy DNA & start chewing your own puny peckers to cover your's all in the chingkiepig genes, nothing a pig can do anything about that..Don't act God..just accept the fact & live like other normal pigs, ok?

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  51. Anonymous8:53 pm

    Just introduce new manpad regiment that have capability to shoot high altitude aircraft. Let they train with theirs portable missile at selat. Tebrau firing range. Sometimes we need put some sort of act of war in our military doctrine. At the same time no kiasu gila are brave enough to fly within the firing, range

  52. vinnan10:27 pm

    To all you Anon 'Ketunan' heroes, kalau ada telor serang sajalah. Tak payah cakap banyak.Kalau tak beranij angan cakap banyak macam pondan.

  53. Anonymous11:02 pm

    Now, is there a need to refer to them as kiasus? Starting off that way, it isn't a surprise to see the hateful comments posted here.

    Back to the issue, this is serious, not so much of it being an insult but the outright denial. Their claims need to be investigated and if found to be false to be strongly refuted.

    If there are really so many intrusions, why have we been only been issuing protest notes? We should have summoned their envoy every month.


  54. Anonymous12:56 am

    Dont worry about Singapore..
    Alahai Vinnan,
    Millions young ones, mostly immigrants, will be busy naik Tongkang kayoh Pulang keNegara asal.. Mainland China, India, Indonesia etc..

    Yang tinggal hanya the ageing citizens (Singapore facing serious problem) trying to pay handsomely foreign "RAMBOs" to come help fight for them.

    Ah, buang masa ajer la.. No wonder Zahid close one eye, we Muslims are taught to respect the elders..

    he hehe hehehe

  55. TaikKucing1:26 am

    tit for tat - make it difficult for cinapore to cross the causeway....

    dont listen to the johor businessmen complaining by repeating the mantras from PAP.. 'bad for business?' so what, do business with Malaysians la...

  56. BIGCAT8:05 am

    Zaid Hamidi ni memang la pekak. Dulu kan dia jadi coffee boy Anwar. Tahap Saiful Bukhari je. Org Umno pulak pekak badak jadikan dia vice president parti pulak. Memang betul pun jet Singapore hari-hari masuk Malaysia. Engko org try la makan seafood kat Pendas, Gelang Patah, dia org selamba je terbang kat atas kepala kita. Yang aku tau org kat situ pun dah malas nak report. Lantak lah. Nak gaduh-gaduh nanti Singaporean tak datang pulak makan seafood. Ni ibarat duk berjiran dgn Cina bela anjing la. Lama-lama dah jadi biasa je anjing tu menyalak. Jiran Cina tu pun tak da la jahat sangat sampai nak berperang dgn dia. Gitu lah lebih kurang.

  57. Anonymous8:51 am

    Boys and girls,

    Sorry to disrupt the hatred frenzy going on,

    The real news is that, from STAR newspaper, the Minister of Defense says that the violation of airspace is after the ICJ award Pulau Batu Putih to Singapore.

    Refer below,

    Why is the Minister report this matter in this manner, I wonder.

    Get it?????

  58. Anonymous9:43 am

    See that pariah Vinnan.. cakap macam berani

    So much of typos..? Typing in such a hurry? Why? Dalam cyberspace pun pelir kecut takut ke? Ke menaip sambil mengetap gigi sampai senak telur..marah sangat & tak mampu fikir lagi..

    Produk SRJKT memang macam tu lah..otak tahi lembu, bodoh! Even Hannah Yeoh, a chingkie openly show her shame feeling to put her son's race as a vinnan..yet pariah like vinnan love so much to eat chingkies' shit or anything pigs stuff..buta ka pariah? Do you think mega-ultraman LKY like pariah like you so much?

    So deserved to be marginlized..tak pernah tengok cermin kah? kah..kah..kah!

    Better we eliminate pariah like you and the pigs alike..destroy all the enemy within ..that should be the 1st move..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  59. Skilgannon10664:56 pm

    Heh, heh - antiwhatever and perwira are frothing at the mouth. With a frustrated sense of powerlessness, What fun!

    Use water as a weapon? Chaps - Dr M tried that. Didn't work. LKY threatened to go to war, all went quiet on the Malaysian front.

    Wanna ask the RMAF brass what they think of the RSAF's F-16s and F-15s? Or the Heron 1 UAVs and the Spyder-SR air defence system? At least, they are not so gung-ho. Talk is cheap, lah, for armchair generals!Not for the military top brass who have to show up for FPDA and other stuff.

    Singapore Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen, as reported in the Spore Straits Times today:

    "For Singapore, a strong SAF allows us to act in a measured way".

    He said the RSAF has found no such violations (of Malaysian airspace as alleged by the Malaysian defence ministry) and has told the Malaysians about this.

    "We have offered to exchange the information we have with theirs to help resolve this issue about alleged violations, and they have to get back to us. They still have not gotten back to us."

    Helloo, Zahid - apa ni "they still have not gotten back to us"? Don't you have all the details of the alleged 2,000+ airspace violations at your fingertips? Or are they somewhere in one of Mindef's databases?

    Btw, it was reported that since 2002, Singapore's defence spending has been around 5 per cent of its GDP; in the coming financial year, the defence budget is S$12.08 billion (can spend a lot of money on defence when you don't have the burden of subsidies, price controls, rent seeking etc!).

    And since the US Navy will be deploying 2 of its LCS (Littoral Combat Ships) to Singapore to help patrol the South China Sea, the Singapore Straits and the Straits of Malacca, things should get pretty interesting.

    Hang on, aren't LCSs what Zahid was talking about not so long ago? Soon, you will have the latest US technology at your doorstep!

  60. Anonymous8:13 pm

    joe_mamak@11:02 PM

    the kiasus actually CELEBRATE being kiasus

    no need for you to say kind words on their behalf

    they even have a cartoon character to create a unique culture


  61. Anonymous8:16 pm

    PERWIRA@12:56 AM

    they will soon despatch the old folks to cheaper Johor old folks home

    coz kkaw boon wan (malaysian born) says it easy for their children to visit once in a while

    also the staff in old folks home in red dot were caught ABUSING the paying residents

  62. Anonymous8:18 pm

    Welcome back

    D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

    you've been sorely missed

  63. Anonymous8:21 pm

    vinnan said...
    To all you Anon 'Ketunan' heroes, kalau ada telor serang sajalah. Tak payah cakap banyak.Kalau tak beranij angan cakap banyak macam pondan.

    10:27 PM
    aisehman ...

    vinnan oooi, takkanlah stress sampai ejaan pun banyak salah

    cakap macam hero tamil tapi belum kena apa apa lagi dah KECUT

    pergilah nyanyi sambil berpusing pusing kat pokok ditaman

  64. Seolferwulf9:54 am

    See my remarks!

  65. nzain9:56 am

    Ala vinnan, tak payah lah nak serang S'pore to prove our strength. If there's a war you will be one of the 1st to leave Malaysia, am I right?

    I was passing by the PKR place the night Pemuda Umno had their "quiet" demonstration in front of it and I clearly saw the nons running away scared silly. So why need to go to Spore to shake things up?

    We can do it here. We're not scared. But I'm pretty sure you will be.
    Let us not come to that ok.

  66. Anonymous12:05 pm

    How HUMBLING for many around here
    After all the US all have to run back for US help in light of new developments in the South China Sea,,otherwise Spratly's and a lot more of the sea belongs to China.

    YoursisMine, Mine is Mine.

  67. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Di malaysia, "kaki pukul" pun boleh jadi mentari

  68. Anonymous3:56 am

    Ala Skillyannon+13

    Let the aging citizens there die in peace la..

    All these perang2 talk, kesian sama lia olang la, after their amah all run home, who want to help change their diapers?

    he hehe hehehe

  69. Seolferwulf1:44 pm

    Hey, perwira

    Didn't Dr M & Hamid Albar try to play the water card against Singapore, much like what the late Tunku Abdul Rahman tried to do? Only to retreat when LKY called h
    their bluff!

    Some more Dr M tried to stifle the RSAF by banning it from Malaysian air space. Another exercise in futility 'cos the Singgies lined up flying training facilities in the US, Australia and India. Dr M kena played out big time!

  70. Anonymous4:00 pm

    pigmoron & his split personality sissy twin sillywolf,

    Where did i mention water to fuck S'pore? Water from our FRU toy car is enuff to scare the shit out of our local chingkies to piss in their pants in front of their PC in the warmth of their momma cunts.. we also know how to control our pigs just like LKY..

    With S'pore we use real weapons lah bodoh..

    With just a few continuous rounds of simple conventional Oerlikon 35mm & Bofors 40mm showering the high rise buildings, the 5mil populated city-state will be smoking to their ground way before their part time conscript & old geeks in diapers have the time to fly out their expensive toy planes to bomb Malaysia.. all that have been bragged by the chingkies will be gone into ruins in just a blink of eyes.. those that brag to have the most surely be the one too loose the most too..simple rule of thumb..comprende pigs?

    Just imagine S'pore like Gaza city & Malaysia is the big-bad Israel throwing fire balls onto the 5mil densely populated kandang babi..Must be such a beautiful scene to watch from the hill top in Tg. Kupang..
    smoking..burn baby, burn...

    p/s: Albert Winsemius, the real father-of-the-red-dot must have forgotten to tell LKY:- never fight war with Malaysia or else risk of loosing everything..LKY sudah nyanyuk mau mati..itu pasal mau buang tebiat..& Zahid PhD kaki 5..sudah2 lah nak cakap kalau tiada tindakan..jgn jd mcm Hishamuddin juga..


    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  71. Seolferwulf7:24 pm

    Anti whatever

    In your dreams, bro!

    Talk about wishful thinking!

    Have u asked the brains at MAF about your scenarios?

    Not to mention the fact that Malaysia is on the US terror watchlist! U think Uncle Sam is going to stand idly by when extremists in Malaysia run amok?

    Or act out their dreams of frustrated impotence?


  72. Seolferwulf7:11 pm

    Hey, perwira & anti snookums. Didn't the Singapore Deputy PM just conclude an official visit to Malaysia where he met the PM, Hishamuddin, Ahmad Zahid and other luminaries?

    Wonder what they discussed?

    And since this chappie was the former Spore Minister for Defence, his discussions with Ahmad Zahid must have been interesting. Maybe they compared notes on radar systems and soldiers using iPads!

    Heh, heh.

  73. Seolferwulf12:48 pm

    Very strange - perwira and anti snookums have gone quiet on this topic? Why, I wonder? Patrolling the back alleys of KL to nab the Bersih unfortunates?

    Or, maybe, they were made aware of comments by RMAF chief Rodzali Daud that the airspace intrusions occurred only near the Pedra Branca area for training purposes.

    Gen Rodzali said RSAF jets had entered Malaysian airspace near the Pedra Branca island 3 to 4 times a day.

    "We know of the violations and we have sent our diplomatic protests accordingly. At our end, the technical committee is still deliberating on the encroachments. No final decision has been made, except for filing diplomatic protests over the invasions," said Gen Rodzali at a briefing for Malaysian media.

    With all due respect to the RMAF chief, it should have been Wisma Putra that did the briefing.

    Backtrack to the ICJ decision that awarded sovereignity over Pedra Branca to Singapore. Did Wisma Putra sit down with the RMAF and Navy brass to discuss the implications for air space and sea boundaries for and around Pedra Branca?

    Because the kiasus down south would have researched all this already.

    Incidentally, is it still the case that air traffic control rights between peninsular Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak still rests with Singapore as per the ICAO?

  74. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Yo! Twin-fellatio-partner-schizophrenic-split-personality-chingkie sillypigs morons..

    "Not to mention the fact that Malaysia is on the US terror watchlist! U think Uncle Sam is going to stand idly by when extremists in Malaysia run amok? "

    - Thank you for confessing that chingkies and chinapore are anything but a big fat loud pigmouth..a real fart gas occupying big volume but with no significant substance.

    Still crybaby and need to hide into Uncle Sam's 'verbal-mighty' only, eh? pathetic.

    A pig-island can't even contain one Mas Selamat yet talking world police detention of the whole Malaysia. Ohhh.. takutnya..hehehehe..

    The pigs are shivering in reality.
    Lucky for chinapore that they're some head honcos of Malaysian Govt that love to talk & talk to entertain cinapore..after all bigmouth is all you start counting the blessing & stop talking from posterior orifice..

    How's my Bofors & Oerlikon candies? Nice eh for a trick-a-treat..? This, I got from RAMD Colonel friend of need to use missile's like hitting bulls-eye at a close range.

    Cinapore or chingkie is not even a real threat..just see the Bersih 2.0..hardly spot any chingkie on the street thought they were the loudest & biggest mouth of all in the blogsphere..what a joke..2 of a kind clowns..same genes maa..pigs will always be pigs when the time come for a real action.

    I reserve my further comment on this military matter..Let the pigs try hard to snouting very loud thinking they will morph like a roaring tiger..Afterall, with all those military toys the pigs already think they can fly..hehehehe...

    Fantasizing themselves as a 'garang' freak lion with fish tail.. it is all just illusion & delusion..

    kah..kah..kah..spare the last laugh with Malaysia..WE just need to remain low profile unlike the pigs.


    :D muhahahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  75. Skilgannon10664:00 pm

    "reserve comments on this military matter", eh? That's a weaselly cop-out, if I ever saw one!

    Wassamatter, bro - your so-called "expert""suddenly woke up to the realities of modern warfare?

    Ask the strategists at Mindef (I assume you have the security clearances, yo?) about the threat scenarios they have prepared and where they see the challenges coming from.

    Get that, put it down in writing, and let's hassle!

    In the meantime, go read the report (if Rocky would be so kind as to provide the link) in today's Singapore Straits Times (the paper that Utusan Malaysia loves to hate but dare not take on) - "Understanding the airspace allegations".

    In particular, there is reference to Article 39 of UNCLOS (which both Malaysia and Singapore are parties to) and a provision therein that allows for the right of transit passage. In essence, it is legal for RSAF aircraft to fly over Malaysian waters on their way to the South China Sea, so long as they fly continuously and expeditiously on to their destination.

    The report also noted that Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was quite the vocal guy when he was Umno Youth chief in the late 1990s. He "made headlines in July 1997 when he said that RSAF planes had trespassed into Johor airspace 150 times in the past year. In the following months, he went on to call for Malaysians to boycott the Singapore part, for the bilateral water agreements to be terminated, and for RSAF jets to be barred from using Malaysian airspace."

    Quite the visionary, our Ahmad Zahid. And perspicacious, too!

    Of course, we all know how his prognostications vis-a-vis Singapore turned out.

    And this is the guy of unsurpassed intellect who helms Malaysia's defence portfolio! Or, maybe, as some speculate, he has ambitions to be more than Defence Minister (so why not a spot or two of Singapore-bashing to burnish his nationalist credentials, eh?).

  76. Anonymous1:33 pm

    Hey fuckhead sillywolf..

    Let me rephrase again..

    Start counting the blessing of talking and spare us all your rubbish talk..

    "your so-called "expert""suddenly woke up to the realities of modern warfare?

    Tell you what pigbrain.. the moment Malaysia is no longer interested to talk to cinapore, that will be the moment pigbrain like you will woke up to your realities of your neighbour silent..pigs will start shivering & shit to death..

    So keep up with your big harm can be done to this tiger nation..who cares what pig says.. the last laugh is with us.

    Bigmouth is all pigbrainers like you are worth for..have you ever asked cinapore Mindef, pigbrain?

    I bet, they never have a good night sleep thinking how vulnerable the red dot can easy bulls-eye target so congested with pigs...even an aircraft fly by a pig crashing in the middle of cinapore urban can caused more damaged compare to their drop off missile/shit bomb to Malaysia land.. no need for Malaysia to throw everything to waste fighting war with pigs..spare our Jernas or Astros..

    All will be burn in just a nick of time way before they can even cross over the start sleeping with your kiasu nightmare now pigs.. hehehehe...

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  77. Skilgannon10661:17 pm

    Heh, heh - anti snookums has conveniently evaded my questions by smokescreening out of his posterior. Wassamatter, bro - your lessons from the Psych Ops guys didn't work as planned, or you flunked the course?

    Seems to me that the UNCLOS provisions are pretty damn clear. So much so that the Mindef guys gotta run to the A-G's office for a crash course on international law!

    You will note that the illustrious Ahmad Zahid has suddenly gone quiet after making his claims.

    And that the RMAF chief has only muddied the waters by his attempts at "clarification".

    I suppose that the Malaysian and Singapore ministers will be talking about this at the Asean pow-wow in Bali this week. Any bets on how they will "resolve" the situation?

    Meanwhile, investors and investments continue to pour into Kiasuland, undeterred by the sulks and whinings of the deprived up north who are feeling strangely unloved in spite of GTP, ETP and other acronyms being trotted out to court the filty foreign lucre.

    Which only goes to show that you can only fool some people some of the time.......referring, of course, to the latter.

  78. Skilgannon10664:59 pm

    Heh, heh - had to post this little news item (22 July 2011)

    "Malaysia general conferred Singapore's highest military award" (Channel News Asia)

    "The former Malaysian Chief of Defence Forces was conferred Singapore's highest military award, the Darjah Utama Bakti Cemerlang (Tentera), on Wednesday afternoon.

    General Azizan Ariffin received the Distinguished Service Order, Military, from President S R Nathan at the Istana.

    The Ministry of Defence said, under Gen. Azizan's leadership from September 2009 to June this year, professional interactions between the armed forces of Malaysia and Singapore grew in scope and depth."

    Alamak, Ahmad Zahid - like that, how? Lu kena insult, macam orang kata, tapi lu punya Defence Forces Chief boleh dapat pingat dari Tentera Singapura!

    Double standards eh, boss?