Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lobbyists in LRT project

Taikors & Taikuns ... A Complete Fabrication?

On June 17, the Malaysian Insider reported that the government had bypassed a recommendation by executives of Syarikat Prasarana by awarding an LRT extension contract to Bombardier, one of the three companies involved in the tender. Read Putrajaya overrules Prasarana, takes pricier LRT deal.

DAP's Tony Pua, as usual, jumped the gun and called the tender process "a sham". Read Pua: LRT award shows LRT tender a sham.

Then Singapore Straits Times came up with a report to say that after the Insider report, the government has gotten cold feet and is changing its mind and will award the tender to Colas, the other party in the running (according to Malaysian Insider's sources, Syarikat Prasarana executives had recommended Balfour Beatty, which tendered the lowest price among the three joint venture companies). Read Now Putrajaya hands LRT deal to UK firm ahead of visit.

It looks to me that there's very active lobbying here, either among the three contenders for the project or some people in Prasarana, or both. And they are using newspapers and portals to help their cause. I know that Bombardier is the preferred choice of someone powerful but he does not sit in the committee chaired by the Prime Minister. 
And the project, in actual fact, has NOT been awarded. Expect an announcement later today.


  1. Datuk Rocky,

    I really hope the LRT extension is done properly, we need the extra rail reach to make KL a properly modern city

    Please link to my blog: Not In The News, My latest posting is on how the US is paying to be in debt

  2. Anonymous12:36 pm

    Is Big Mama involved somewhere in this?

  3. Looks like there are factions within factions within Government of PM Rosemajib.

    How can two awards to two different contractors be announced for the same project in the space of a week?

    What's laughable is that the recommendations of the very body set up to advise the EPU/PM's Dept/Govt is being completely ignored in favour of more expensive options!!??

    I suspect that if Rosemajib get's invited by the Govt's of China and India, then the 2 previous awards will be "tarik balik" and 2 new contractors be announced winners!!

    Haven't we seen it all before with China Railway and IRCON of India?

    Malaysia Bolih!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  4. Salam Bro. Don't give this project to the Singaporean Jews.

  5. Anonymous2:53 pm

    PM Najib has created a lot of transformers via transformation process. Now, we have mutants running Putrajaya. Good lucks Malaysia

  6. Anonymous5:34 pm

    Thieves fighting over loot that is diminishing day by day.....


  7. Skilgannon10666:40 am

    "Singaporean JEWS"?

    Jeez - the racial and religious epithets are still flying thick and strong.

    Never mind that Singapore's public transport system is way better than anything in KL/PJ/Greater KL/Klang Valley or in JB/Iskandar or Penang.

    With no allegations of rent seeking, bribery or shady deals under the table.

    Betul, yes?