Thursday, June 16, 2011

No to Bashir, but some of us welcomed Blair ...

Updated, 17 June 530pm: Bashir's absence not related to ICC, says Sudan envoy.

"If ICC is really for justice why don't they investigate the very well documented war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine...we believe most African countries share our opinion on this."

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"Do you think a man who has been issued a warrant of arrest will come to Malaysia?" - Anifah Aman, Foreign Minister of Malaysia. [Anifah in favor of continued engagement with Sudan by Bernama]

Someone had to set the record straight. Quite a few Malaysians had jumped the gun after a wire agency reported that Omar al-Bashir, the Sudanese President on an international tribunal's "Wanted" list, would be coming to Malaysia for the Langkawi International Dialogue. I know some of them, too, and feel very embarrassed for them.
But a war criminal did come to Malaysia not too long ago. He is Tony Blair, the former UK Prime Minister, who together with George Bush Jr told the Americans, the Britons and the rest of the world about the existence of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq and used this as an excuse to attack the country, murdered thousands of Iraqis, and hang their President. As it turned out, there was no WMD in Iraq to start with.

Read Who's Bringing in the war criminal into our home? I don't remember these few Malaysians protesting Blair's visit to Sunway.


  1. Anonymous9:15 pm

    is it because he is black ? so if they r white and did a massive lie .. then its ok ?

  2. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Er, was there a warrant of arrest issued for Tony Blair ? Oh, I forgot, the warrant of arrest was issued by Mamakthir personally....

    Latuk Locky should be brave enough to arrest Blair then.


  3. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Those Malaysians are bedazzled by the "omputeh-ness" of Tony Blair. On the other hand, Omar has been rediculed by the omputeh, therefore he MUST be evil.
    Banyak sangat jakun omputeh kat sini. Dari Ambiga ke Hannah CHong-Cheng-Cheng.


  4. nstman4:35 am

    Excuse me, Blair comes from the most civilised country in the world. Bashir comes from a terrorist nation which desecrates the basic principles of human values. There is no comparison.

  5. Anonymous7:57 am

    Biasa la rocky.
    itu kan ANUwar punya geng. Blair cakap belit mcm Anuwar.
    Blair war criminal. sebab banyak taruk orang sampai mati. especially iraqi people.
    Anuwar criminal, sebab banyak taruk orang gak sampai terbaring. especially budak melayu.
    Pelik orang Pakatan Rakyat. Itu blair mass murderer dia org tak pulak bising.
    itu la namanya lidah biawak dan ular.
    sedihnya, ramai pulak yg suka. maybe terutama lelaki melayu.

  6. Anonymous10:16 am

    Blair did not give orders like that Bashir guy!Bashir did it to his people who was against him and man! he was RUTHLESS!Thats the difference ROCKY , UK residents is free free from such tyrants!
    Blair was more civilised thats all!Saddam asked for it 'cause he lied to the world and bragged he has WMD.The whites brook no nonsence believed him , so he got whacked kau kau!.Please dont patronise us like this Bashier guy is a saint or is it he is your muslim brother?refer to your history on the Irag wAR.

  7. Anonymous10:53 am

    Another commendable statement by DS Anifah.
    After having previuos Foreign Ministers who are close to being inept, DS Anifah will draw back the respect Malaysia once enjoyed among the South and 3rd World majority.
    As for Nazri? Just look after the chairs in Parliment will you?


  8. Anonymous12:06 pm

    i can't recall when the ICJ issued an arrest warrant for Tony Blair. Can someone enlighten me?


  9. Anonymous12:36 pm

    When was Blair or G. Bush also wanted as a war criminal by the ICC?
    Just interested to know.

  10. Anonymous12:38 pm

    This is what i replied in Din Merican's blog pertaining to the same issue:

    Why do we bother to bark aloud about Bashir and Mugabe’s sins? What about Blair, Bush … who instead of bringing lasting peace and stability in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan…put them into more troubles? What about leaders of NATO who have no business to meddle in the domestic affair of a sovereign nation currently facing an internal revolt that doesn’t affect the sovereignty of their lands? Do they have legitimate grounds to do so? If you think you wanna condemn these African dictators, please do not also forget to condemn those war criminals who think that life of those in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are cheap…. Those pariahs from the so call first world nations must also be condemned to stop the widespread of terrorism! So let’s not just jaga tepi kain seseorang sahaja while the kains of those with clear dirts are ignored. I choose to disagree with you Din.


  11. Skilgannon10664:23 pm

    Yah, but Tony Blair was not formally accused of genocide, was he? Nor was an arrest warrant issued for him!

    I wonder what will happen if "they" decide to go after Mugabe?" With what Gadaffi is facing now, I think that tinpot dictators everywhere will be running scared.

  12. Anonymous6:26 pm

    Well Blair and Bush in the most civilised way only gave the command that exterminated 300,000 Iraqis.
    You can't call the genocide can't you.
    Anyway the thousands who died are brown skinned Arab and Muslims. So what's the big deal?
    Is that it.. Skillgannon.. nstman..anonymous 10:16??


  13. Anonymous12:10 pm

    What about our infamous so called leaders who propagate racism? Who instigated riots to propagate their own perverted interest?
    Mad dogs who swear to fight and die by the sword if their racist ideas (most of the time threaren to spill blood for no apparent reason or causes)? etc etc etc....last but not least, our MSM and irresponsible bloggers whom writes (if you can call this writing)about some "self fantasize issues" to instigate racial tension?
    What to do with these bunch of irresponsible, self serving racist trouble rousers? Can't deny them entry to Malaysia, they are firmly entrenched in our beloved country disguised as people's representatives.

    Special mention: Waht to do with this old fella who, a long time ago, manage to convince a large groupb of people that they are genetically stupid to justify racist policies and convinced the "stupid gene" group that all others owe them a living(crutches.This idea is not even original. Some low life with a dark patch between his nose and mouth in the '30s propagate the same sick reasoning to start one of the worst horrific event in human history.

    What to do ahhhh????

  14. Anonymous8:20 pm

    just like how u are embarrased for ur friends....sometimes we are embarrased by you (actually, many times lately)

  15. Skilgannon10661:12 pm

    wak 6:26 PM

    Slobodan Milosevic, deceased
    Radovan Karadzic
    Ratko Mladic

    Remember the "butchers of Kosovo"?

    Who brought them to justice?

    Not Malaysia!

    Not the OIC!!