Friday, June 17, 2011

Another PKFZ?

The late Captain Yusof, who ran the blog The Ancient Mariner, never claimed to be a prophet but his posting Another PKFZ In the Making now feels like an epic Nostradamus prediction. The shit has hit the fan down south. The Singapore Business Times reported on Wednesday (read here) that Asian Petroleum Hub Sdn Bhd, which runs the RM1.4 billion Asian Petroluem Hub (APH) in Johor, has fallen under receivership. A trail of sub contractors are facing bankruptcy and if some RM 2 billion is not pumped into the project, at least two state-linked public listed banks will be forced to make hundreds of million ringgit in writedowns. 

If they had listened to the Captain and  taken action then, perhaps today APH won't be facing a complete nervous breakdown and Malaysia wouldn't be a laughing stock in Singapore.


  1. Hi Rockybru, thanks for keeping the spirit of Capt Yusof Ahmad aka ancient mariner ALIVE n KICKING.

    I ambollowing this post -- endless rouds of tehttari' in Furong on meK! Bling thy kakis-carkeys:)

  2. Anonymous12:29 pm

    Buat apolah Tun Lah masa dia memerintah bagi projek nih kat Arab KIC dan Arab Seaport yang tak sebulu dan sekata..Nampak gaya kami Taxpayer kena bailout CIMB...

    Pok Niksu
    Kg Rail Keretapi
    Golden Sand

  3. There is a tendency to politicise issues these days. Even in the classification of race for newborns. This is really dissapointing.

    However, in a busines deal what's important is the business model, the parties involved in it and the returns that can be derived from it. No doubt the parties involved do have some political leanings but this is unavoidable in this beautiful country called Malaysia.

    But I believe, the model is strong and the returns that can be derived from it, highly positive.

    What's happening now is probably parties and characters jockying for position. No doubt these issues will be resolved soon.It's just a matter of who gets the most out of the deal. How I wish I had a hand in it too.

  4. Singapura1:12 pm

    Bru (Brew?)
    '....... a laughing stock in Singapore.'
    - As usual yr screwed up belief.
    Maybe in yr press circles but not with man in the street. Pls reserved YR low self esteemed among yr (Sporean?) peers to yrself.
    We are more concerned with our own livelihood than laughing at other's predicament.
    Contrary to what you're trying to potray all this while, Malaysia(ns) are our fellow brethren. Not so sure abt u though {u packed when the going gets tough ; ) }
    Instead of diverting attention to yr bogeyman (in this case, Spore), you should help yr masters to win the masses (GE13 coming). No need to spell out what to do, you pandai spin kan

  5. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Wah, I read that the world's richest Malay has a role in this project that he has won the patrol boat contract, the APC contract, the Pos Malaysia controlling stake, the digitisation proposal for RTM, the RM 6.5 billion expansion of the Tg Bin IPP, the privatisation of Penang Port.....wah, the world's richest Malay sure getting richer.

    The only problem is that he is not even Malay. His roots come from Yemen, and we endow him with all the major contracts at our disposal.

    Me thinks that the world's richest Malay will be asked to bail out KIC lah...


  6. Anonymous2:37 pm

    melayu cannotlah

  7. Skilgannon10664:18 pm

    Malaysia "a laughing stock in Singapore"? Where have we heard this before, eh?

    Perhaps antiwhatever, Perwira, bigdog et al will be able to whip off their defensive blinkers and ride to the rescue of KIC, Trek Perintis and CIMB?

    Jokes aside, who is behind Trek Perintis? The Singapore Biz Times report said that it is linked to Umno. How?

    What criteria did CIMB use to approve a loan in excess of RM1 billion for the APH project? And why did it decide now to pull the plug and put the project into receivership?

    On whose watch was the APH project awarded to KIC? How did Trek Perintis come into the picture with a reported 10 per cent stake in the project? And why did the Cabinet apparently decide to give Seaport Terminal a piece of the action?

    So many questions, Rocky!~

    And today, the Singapore Biz Times reported that the EPF is investing a reported S$640 million (RM1.56 billion) for a 20 per cent stake in a Guocoland (Tan Sri Quek Leng Chan) mixed-use project worth S$3.2 billion in Singapore's Tanjong Pagar area.

    Obviously the EPF is of the opinion that investing in Singapore's office/hotel/retail real estate market is better, more profitable and safer than, say, bailing out the Asian Petroleum Hub!

    Now, will Petronas be called upon to do "national service" again vis-a-vis the APH?????? Or Khazanah????

  8. Anonymous4:32 pm

    I bet more mega projects in South Johor will follow suit. It was initiated by Pak Lah and the Level 4 boys, and now we are witnesing the RESULTS! More taxpayers money wasted for nothing! Pui!

  9. Anonymous4:37 pm


    Please check out statement by MB Johor about APH in Business Times Malaysia on 14 May 2011. Ghani Othman is nothing but a BIG LIAR!

    MB: Asia Petroleum Hub still on
    Published: 2011/05/14

    KUALA LUMPUR: Two years past its initial completion date, the RM1.4 billion Asia Petroleum Hub (APH) project is still in the process of being implemented.

    Work on the project was initially to be completed in 2009.

    Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman said the KIC Group-led APH project, along with the Dialog Group Bhd's RM5 billion Tanjung Bin terminal project located near the area, is still under implementation despite some delays.

    "The delays were caused by the need to find new investors and land lease issues, among others," he said on the sidelines of an announcement by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak on Petronas' new US$20 billion (RM60 billion) refinery and petrochemicals integrated development project.

    Abdul Ghani said details of the Tanjung Bin project had not been finalised. For APH, the project is still on despite the delays.

    It is learnt that financing is also an issue for the APH project. The situation is further aggravated by delays, which are likely to have ballooned the costs from its initial estimates.

    The shareholding structure of APH also remains a mystery.

    While a report in 2009 claimed the Cabinet had assigned 35 per cent of APH to MMC Corp Bhd's subsidiary, Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP), it is unclear if the change actually took place.

    Under this arrangement, Seaport Terminal (Johore) Sdn Bhd, MMC's largest shareholder, was expected to transfer its stake to PTP, while Trek Perintis Sdn Bhd's stake was reduced to 15 per cent from 20 per cent, and Johor royalty-controlled Teori Selatan Sdn Bhd's stake cut to 10 per cent from 20 per cent. KIC Group was to keep its 40 per cent stake in the project.

    In April 2010, KIC group executive chairman and chief executive officer Abdul Rashid Mohamad Isa Al-Qadiry had said that APH would be completed by the third quarter of 2011.

    At the time, he said work on the project was 60 per cent completed.

    However, a recent aerial view of the project site showed little signs of activity on the 40ha reclaimed land site

    Read more: MB: Asia Petroleum Hub still on

  10. Anonymous4:38 pm

    From BERSIH,cekap N AMANAH - u see PKFZ N TNB -IPP> NOW its KOTOR , TIPU n CURI malaysia- YEN YEN FACEBOOK. whats wrong in this rich nation. a nation in crisis

  11. Anonymous4:49 pm

    Nampak gaya projek di Wilayah Pembangunan Iskandar (WPI) yang di bangga-banggakan oleh Khazanah dan IRDA sudah menunjukkan tanda-tanda awal tipu muslihat mereka yang tidak mendatangkan faedah kepada Rakyat Johor malah akan menambahkan masalah kepada pendudut setempat. Walaupun berbilion telah dilaburkan oleh Kerajaan Pusat sejak projek itu diperkenalkan pada tahun 2006, masih ramai (terutamanya rakyat tempatan) yang meragui misi utama projek WPI ini. Apakah nasib Asia Petroleum Hub akan menjadi titik permulaan kehancuran projek MPI?

  12. Anonymous5:37 pm

    The Ancient Mariner knew then why did all the gobemern people dont even know now?????

  13. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Currently, APH is majority-controlled by KIC Oil and Gas, a private terminal operator, while a small (10 per cent) interest is held by Trek Perintis, a private company believed to be linked to the United Malays National Organisation (Umno)

  14. Anonymous5:50 pm

    The executives said as at end-2010, APH's cumulative capital expenditure (including capitalised interest) amounted to slightly over RM1.4 billion. But they maintained that 64 per cent of the project's work had been completed and said they were mystified as to why CIMB had pulled the plug.

    CIMB officials could not be immediately contacted for comment but people familiar with the bank said that it had given APH time to repay its debt but the firm could not come up with other investors to help fund the development.

    About a month ago, CIMB placed the firm under a receiver, Malaysian accounting firm BBDO-Binder. The agency's head, Gan Ah Tee, declined comment .

  15. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Sejak bila perancangan Kerajaan BN meets requirement?????

    Melayu mana BOLE wat Business????

    Apa jadi dengan SPORTS COMPLEX di section 5 WANGSA MAJU,,!!!?

    Apa jadi dengan PROJECT di PEKELILING Flats!!!!????

    HOT-HOT CHICKEN shit!!!!???

    Siapa makan TAIK!!!!


  16. Anonymous6:11 pm

    Since somebody mentioned WPI, cant hold this back anymore.
    Sometime back b4 WPI is famously mentioned, there's Danga Bay. Downpayment for properties like condos n bungalow were put down. Then the WPI were mentioned n the greedy developr realising they cud make more money, offered to buy over frm the property buyers with slightly higher $ than what they paid. Some gave in but not all. We're still waiting for the promised Danga Bay condos n bungalows as agreed.
    Seriously the Malaysian government are not protecting the interest of the investors. Can we really blame EPF for the 20% stake in Spore ?

  17. Anonymous8:05 pm

    $58 billion loss

    The state-owned investment company’s (Temasek Holdings) assets were valued at S$127 billion ($85 billion), down from S$185 billion at the end of March last year.

    Senior Minister of State for Finance, Lim Hwee Hua

  18. Anonymous8:08 pm

    We are certainly not happy with the negative wealth added in March last year, as well as March this year,” says Ho Ching.

    SINGAPORE, July 29 – Singapore state investor Temasek said on Wednesday its portfolio had fallen by S$40 billion as of end-March 2009 from a year ago.

    “In our Temasek Review last year, we reported an annual value-at-risk of almost S$40 billion last March. This meant a 16 percent probability for our portfolio value to drop more than S$40 billion by March this year. Indeed, it has turned out to be so, and more,” CEO Ho Ching said in a speech.

    Temasek had S$185 billion in assets as of end-March 2008, which fell to S$127 billion as of November 2008. Ho did not give the exact portfolio level.

    This was the first public comment by Ho, also the wife of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, after Temasek said last week that Charles “Chip” Goodyear will not become CEO due to differences over strategy.

    Ho said Temasek would continue to look at internal and external candidates for her replacement.

    - Reuters.

  19. Anonymous8:13 pm

    The National Kidney Foundation Singapore scandal, also known as the NKF saga, NKF scandal, or NKF controversy, was a July 2005 scandal involving National Kidney Foundation Singapore (NKF) following the collapse of a defamation trial which it brought against Susan Long and Singapore Press Holdings (SPH).

    This caused a massive backlash and fallout of donors to the charity, and subsequently resulted in the resignation of Chief Executive Officer T.T Durai and its board of directors.

    Allegations surrounding the scandal included the false declarations on how long NKF's reserves could last, its number of patients, installation of a golden tap in Durai's private office suite, his salary, use of company cars and first-class air travel.

    Former NKF patron Tan Choo Leng, wife of Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, sparked further outrage when she remarked that T.T Durai's pay of "S$600,000 a year is peanuts".

  20. Anonymous8:13 pm

    what's new in malaysia....and there will be more because the malaysian view of morality is restricted to sex!...he he he

  21. Anonymous8:17 pm

    Duo allegedly cheat SLA of $11.8m By Sujin Thomas

    Duo allegedly cheat SLA of $11.8m

    TWO officers of the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) are suspected of conspiring to cheat the authority of about $11.8 million, the SLA and the Ministry of Law said in a joint statement yesterday.

    Former SLA deputy director Koh Seah Wee, 40 - who is already facing 237 counts of cheating - was charged with an additional 12 counts yesterday.

    He is currently remanded in custody.

    Koh and his colleague, Christopher Lim Chai Meng, 37, used to work in SLA's Technology and Infrastructure Department (TID). The pair are believed to have used various business entities to render false invoices for fictitious IT-maintenance services and goods that were not delivered.

    The SLA and Ministry of Law said that cash and assets worth about $10 million have already been "located and secured" from the duo.

    The pair's alleged transactions took place between January 2008 and March this year.

  22. Anonymous8:31 pm

    The Hotel Properties Limited episode that sparked off a political storm in Singapore in 1996 has been buried alive by the PAP. But its ghost will continue to haunt those involved.

    It all started when the Stock Exchange of Singapore (SES) censured a publicly listed property development company called Hotel Property Ltd (HPL) for not seeking shareholders' approval for the sale of some of its condominium developments at a discount price.

    Dr Lee Suan Yew, Lee Kuan Yew's younger brother, was on the board of directors of the company. He had purchased a unit in a condominium project developed by HPL called Nassim Jade.

    Shareholders of HPL had been grumbling about the way business was conducted in the company especially when it came to dealings with the Lee family. Many of the shareholders were waiting to buy units at the said project. When the launch of the property never came to pass, the shareholders saw red and demanded an explanation.

    The stock exchange authorities quickly announced that HPL had breached regulations. One day later, Lee Kuan Yew and his son, Lee Hsien Loong, publicly revealed that they too had bought HPL condominiums. The story made headlines and started tongues wagging. The story was then traced back to one Ong Beng Seng, a property tycoon in Singapore, and Managing Director of HPL.

  23. Anonymous8:34 pm

    Tan Kia Gan, then Minister for National Development, was investigated in August 1966 for attempting to help his close businessman friend Lim Tjin Hauw and his son William Lim to clinch the sale of Boeing aircraft to Malaysian Airways. He also acted as an intermediary for his brother-in-law in the sale of a tin mine to Lim. For this, he was given 70,000 shares worth $1 each. As the witnesses did not want to implicate him, Tan Kia Gan was administratively stripped of all his public appointments by the Government.

  24. Anonymous8:35 pm

    Wee Toon Boon, then Minster of State for Environment, was charged for corruption involving $839,023 in April 1975. Investigation revealed that Wee was involved with a developer Lauw Tjin Ho, then Chairman of Lauw and Sons Pte Ltd. He used his ministerial status to make representation to civil servants on behalf of Lauw. In return, he was rewarded with a bunglow, worth $532,000, galvanised roofing for his home worth $3,500, free air tickets for him and his family to Indonesia and bank overdrafts totalling $300,000 to speculate in shares. He was convicted and sentenced to 4 1/2 years' imprisonment and ordered to pay a penalty of $7,023. His jail sentence was reduced to 18 months after he successfully appealed against one of the 5 charges.

  25. Anonymous8:35 pm

    Teh Cheang Wan, then Minister for National Development, was investigated in 1986 for accepting 2 bribes totalling $1 million from Hock Tat Development Pte Ltd and Ho Yeow Koon of Keck Seng Pte Ltd in 1981 and 1982 respectively. Hock Tat Development had paid Teh a gratification of $500,000 after he helped the company to retain a piece of land that was earmarked for acquisition by the Government. Ho Yeow Koon had also given a gratification of $500,000 to Teh for helping to buy over a piece of State land for private development. Teh committed suicide before he could be formally charged in court. He maintained till the end that he was innocent.

  26. Anonymous8:40 pm

    Devan Nair a/l Chengara Veetil, also known as C. V. Devan Nair

    On March 28, 1985, President Nair resigned in unclear circumstances. Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew stated in Parliament that Nair resigned to get treatment for alcoholism, a charge Nair hotly denied.

    According to Nair's counterclaim, he resigned under pressure when their political views came into conflict and Lee threatened to seek a motion in parliament to oust him as president.

    Nair also alleged that he was fed drugs to make him appear disoriented, and rumours were spread about his personal life in an attempt to discredit him. In 1999, an article about the case in the Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail resulted in a libel suit by Lee. The suit was thrown out of court after Nair's counterclaim.

  27. Anonymous8:44 pm

    Former armed forces scholar (part of a small elite) Eng Heng Chiaw, 46, was hauled into court last week to answer charges related to a helicopter bribery scandal.

    Eng was alleged to have offered S$500,000 to a Singaporean defence
    ministry official for details of a rival bid for the contract being
    sought by the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company.

    The contract was for six naval helicopters, which the Singapore
    government eventually awarded to America's Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.

    The trial was held behind closed doors. The project was classified and subject to the Official Secrets Act.

    Last year, a top army officer, Lt Col Ong Beng Leong, was found guilty of accepting false quotations from a contractor for work in training areas.

  28. Anonymous8:46 pm

    In the largest cheating case in history, Chia Teck Leng, former
    finance manager of Asia Pacific Breweries, was jailed last May for 42 years. He pleaded guilty to cheating four banks out of S$117mil.

    Other big headline investigations into possible fraud or insider
    trading were launched into these listed companies:

    Singapore's Accord Customer Care Solutions,
    Citiraya Industries,
    Informatics Holdings,
    Auston International,
    Leong Hin Holdings and
    Greatronics Ltd.

  29. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Singapore is still trying to limit damage from the biggest scandal since rogue British trader Nick Leeson felled Barings bank, ordering an inquiry into a S$550mil derivatives loss by a Chinese company.

    Singapore's white-collar crime unit is investigating China Aviation Oil (Singapore) Corp, which supplies a third of China's jet fuel, after it disclosed the losses caused by bad bets on oil prices.

    The disclosure highlights a lack of transparency at some China-related companies listed here. Many Singaporeans were burned as the shares plummeted.

  30. Anonymous8:50 pm

    High time serious audit, thorough and even detailed investigations be carried out.
    If I may, I'd like to suggest similar checks and scrutiny be made on TNB, Telecom, Socso, Unclaimed Fund, Bandaraya just to name a few and many2 more agencies and Instituions.
    Jangan tunggu lama2.

  31. Why do fools always rush in where Angels fear to tread?

  32. Anonymous8:56 pm

    Asia Times
    May 2, 2007

    By Bill Guerin

    INDONESIA and Singapore last Friday, Apr 27, sealed a bilateral extradition pact, opening the way for Jakarta to apprehend and try the many wayward business people and bankers who allegedly stole untold billions of dollars' worth of assets from the country and parked them in Singapore in the wake of the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis.

    Successive Indonesian administrations have been stymied in their pursuit of footloose white-collar criminals, many of whom Jakarta contends have fled and taken refuge in neighboring Singapore. Singapore has long denied the charges and refused to sign the extradition treaty unless Indonesia agreed to a concomitant defense treaty, which will expand on the previous Military Training Area bilateral arrangement that began in 1995 and ran through 2003.

  33. Anonymous9:04 pm

    Top cops in CPIB probe

    By Vivien Chan

    GRAFT-busters have launched a corruption probe involving some top cops, The New Paper on Sunday has learnt.

    Sources said officers from the Corrupt Practices Investigations Bureau (CPIB) have called up five senior police officers for interviews.

    Those who have given their statements include heads of investigation of police divisions, a Neighbourhood Police Centre commanding officer and the director of a police department.

  34. Anonymous9:06 pm

    Big-scale probes are rare.

    The last reported corruption case involving a number of senior officers was the Ah Long San case in 1999.

    Loan-shark king Chua Tiong Tiong, better known as Ah Long San, was sentenced to 10 years' jail in 2001.

    He did not go to jail alone. Ten police officers joined him. Among them were an assistant superintendent and three inspectors.

    His case was complicated. Investigations began as far back as 1995, and his court case spanned three years - from 1999 to 2001.

    More recently, former Deputy Superintendent Kelvin Choo Yew Beng, 38, was jailed six months in March this year for getting a woman to take the rap for a friend caught for a traffic offence.

    Choo resigned in June 2008.

    Last December, a police officer was sentenced to 14 months' jail for abusing the police database to retrieve the confidential particulars of three people.

    Sylvester Marian, 45, then an inspector, used the police computer system 10 times to run unauthorised checks on the addresses and criminal records of three people for personal gain, over six months in 2005.

    The offences were uncovered by accident during a 2006 probe by the CPIB over allegations that Marian, who joined the force in 1988, had accepted a bribe.

    In July 2008, Daniel James Lim, a senior police station inspector, was fined $2,000 for engaging in trade and other employment without permission.

    Not only did he manage the business of a pub in Katong, he lent money to a drinking friend, at exorbitant loan shark interest rates.

    In 2004, four police officers were arrested for accepting bribes from operators of illegal gaming machines.

    They were from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and three other police divisions.

    The operation was one of the most hush-hush probes since the arrest of Ah Long San.

  35. Anonymous9:09 pm

    Top Singapore school principal in trouble By Bryna Sim

    THE principal of one of Singapore's top 50 secondary schools was a hit with his students - but unpopular with some of his teachers.

    The friction between teachers and principal has led to allegations of bullying, corruption, coercion and fraud.

    The Ministry of Education (MOE) is looking into the case. And the principal has been relieved of his post.

    "The former principal has been given a new assignment in the MOE HQ in the interim," said an MOE spokesman.

    The allegations against him by staff are still being investigated. The charges were discussed in a closed-door session with teachers last Tuesday afternoon.

    Teachers were also told that the principal was being investigated for "fraud, corruption, bullying and coercion".

    The principal had been head of the school since December 2006. Before assuming his post at the school in the east, he was vice-principal of another secondary school, in the north. He was a science teacher at a top girls' school earlier.

  36. Anonymous9:10 pm

    Check out Curi-Curi Wang Malaysia FB page, last count, almost one million Likes. Going to hit 1.8 million by mid-day tomorrow cos every second the counter keeps changing.
    N the comments r out of this world bro..

  37. Anonymous9:11 pm

    Indonesia wants a bunch of elusive bankers who took part in an astounding heist of more than US$13.5 billion looted from the Indonesian central bank’s recapitalization lifeline to 48 ailing banks during the 1997-1998 Asian financial crisis.

    The matter is an embarrassment to Singapore to say the least. It is safe to say that no country in Asia is more jealous of its reputation for incorruptibility, grimly built and guarded by its 83-year-old founder and “minister mentor,” Lee Kuan Yew over more than five decades.

  38. Anonymous9:20 pm

    SINGAPORE: The Anglo-Chinese Schools Board of Governors says its investigations have determined that Dr Ong Teck Chin, a former principal of ACS(Independent), has conducted himself "in an inappropriate manner".

    It said investigations and deliberations were conducted following a complaint against Dr Ong but did not specify what the complaint was.

    The board added that Dr Ong's conduct has "fallen short of the standards expected of a principal".

    In a statement, the Board said Dr Ong regrets his actions and has apologised.

  39. Anonymous9:47 pm


    Bandar Seri Begawan. The deceased younger sister of Her Majesty Raja
    Isteri Pengiram Anak Hajah Saleha, was the victim of overcharging by
    prominent surgeon Dr Susan Lim, an article from the Singaporean daily
    Straits Times reported.

    According to the Feb. 24th issue of the newspapers, Dr Lim was
    treating the late Penjiram Anak Hajah Damit since 2001 up till her
    death in 2007 which was caused by breast cancer.

    The report said a specialist who was not named, treated the deceased
    and sent a bill for $400 which Dr Lim bumped up to $211,000 when
    she billed the Brunei High Commission. In another instance, another unnamed doctor charged $500 but Dr Lim once again raised the price to $93,500.

  40. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Why no Malaysia newspaper wrote about this RM1.4bn APH's fucked up venture? Too scared of UMNOpukis is it?

  41. Anonymous12:02 am

    Godfather, 204pm, on this one the rich malay was played out by the powers to be before Najib.
    That rich Malay developed a much bigger project- a port at the same location and he took away business from Singapore. This one was a small and easier project by comparison. It was started by him but he got robbed and muscled out. It failed because as usual it was parties, cigars and bentleys. Go check out. That rich malay is still with his pulled tea with less sugar.

  42. Anonymous12:12 am

    Rock, perhaps you can cover in your blog what Zulkifli Nordin said about the coming BERSIH rally: that Anwar's planning for havoc to ensue that's "worse than May 13"


  43. Anonymous12:33 am

    All these fucking deals are just cunning means to rob Malaysians of their hard-earned money.

    The ball should stop at UMNO...the hopeless racist party

  44. Anonymous5:04 am

    .....Malaysia wouldn't be a laughing stock in Singapore?... Ooops!

    Don't worry, laughter coming from inferior complex souls means nothing..

    I am sure over 2.5billions of Chinese and Indians from China and India, FROM their land of origins, are laughing at them EVERYDAY!

    he hehe hehehehe

  45. PAS dan PKR, lingkup negara10:37 am

    kita kene tengok apa yg anuwar atau nik aziz boleh buat kalau dpt projek ni.
    nik aziz akan pastikan banyak kuil kuil dan tesco di sana kerana KPI dia adalah tesco (yahudi bro!) dan kuil kuil.
    anuwar plak, pasti tak buat apa apa. sebab bila dpt projek adalah duit dia nak pergi US ke, Phuket ke, Turki ke dan besar kemungkinan tambah suami satu lagi.

  46. Anonymous10:56 am

    The rock,
    Many thanks for opening this umno's can of worms......hehehehe!
    Now you really know what this bastards were up too!
    Dig and dig man! then we will see the colours....

  47. Anonymous11:21 am

    The biggest difference between APH and PKFZ is that PKFZ owns the land whereas APH had requested for the lease of the land that was promised by the Govt but was never given. The land still belongs to the Federal Government.

    Without having any rights to the land, the borrowers couldn't have a security over the infrastructure on the land itself. This caused the collapse of the project.

    On allegation of cost over run is correct but need to understand the cause of this. The reality is that the reclaimed island built by the Federal Govt was wrongly constructed before passing the island to APH. APH discovered this only after taking possession of the Island. Studies showed that the Island was sinking and expensive measures had to be carried out to stabilise the island.

  48. BIGCAT11:49 am

    Ini project dulu MB Johor Gani Othman sudah suruh stop tapi Pak Lah dan punahsihat2 dia tak nak dengar kata. Ini lah jadinya.

  49. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Al-Qadiry going to team up with Al-Bukhary ? Wow, these new breed of Melayus are really powerful.....while the poor can't afford to even buy fish in the market anymore.


  50. Anonymous12:34 pm

    Is this another plot to drag another Tun to court as a showcase of fighting corruption?

    Should make it 1Malaysia to complete the picture. Another Tun busy with advising India now.

    To complete the whole picture, you need a biggest Tun to lead the 3 Tuns to court. Maybe that will only happen after GE13.

    That's what I call a mind of a great strategist to consolidate power and perhaps in 5-10 years time we might even see a 2nd Melayu celup (mixed Khazakhtan) be the next PM of Malaysia. Another dynasty is born.


  51. Anonymous12:58 pm

    there is another PKFZ bro... The tasik selatan bus terminal..

  52. Dear Anon who has been posting "laughing stock" articles on Singapore, point taken. Thank you.

  53. BIGCAT said...
    Ini project dulu MB Johor Gani Othman sudah suruh stop tapi Pak Lah dan punahsihat2 dia tak nak dengar kata. Ini lah jadinya.


    Dear BIGCAT,
    A lot can be traced back to that sleepy hollow era. Thanks for the reminder.

  54. Anonymous8:15 pm

    melayu don't do bineslah....just collect tax and spendlah! Why dirty your hands with all this.

  55. Anonymous8:55 pm

    Sapu lagi projek kerajaan bn. Apa yang baru?


  56. Skilgannon106610:11 pm

    Perwira 5:04 AM

    But both India and China have FTAs with Singapore.

    There are hundreds of Indian and Chinese companies that have set up shop in Singapore, many with regional responsibilities.

    And India allows the Singapore Armed Forces to train at Indian facilities and has bilateral military exercises.

    Like that, how?

    Who's laughing at who?

  57. Anonymous12:56 am

    malay people should not venture into business...too risky.If they don't bankrupt and make it, they squeeze the public dry.

    when malay go into bus business....all minibus die, tambang 50sen sudah jadi rm3 sekarang.

    when malay people go into car business.....japanese car last time below 20k, now minimum 80k

    when malay people go into road business, .......every turn there is a toll booth, pay toll more than petrol.

    when malay people go into the power business, my letrik bill go from $30 to $200

    Any business the malay go into, the people lose out.
    i hope malay people don't go into food business, i may not afford to buy food. maybe kena makan babi hari hari.People suffer when malays do business. May Allah close the malay mind so that they never do business and cause people to suffer.

    Let Cina and Keling do business.Melayu duduk rumah kongket. Keling better because they like to sell cheap, like tony fernandez of air asia.If Tony took over proton, he'll sell proton waja at rm 11,999 and still make money. i love the keling.

  58. Bro, I was involved in the reclamation of the then bunker island in PTP. It was planned for PTP to develop as a bunkering terminal.

    When the bunkering was awarded to this little known entity during Pak lah's time as PM, I knew there would be problems, my fears has now materialised.

    We can say and criticise many things about the developer of PTP, etc, but Syed Mokhtar delivers what he is asked to do. At the end of the day he delivers and at the end, it is all that matters.

    The Government should bite the bullet and invite PTP back to clean up the sorry mess created by bad decision making. Call in the SPRM too to see if there any abuse of power in the first award.

  59. Anonymous9:52 am

    Bru (Brew?)
    All the 'laughing stock' articles on Singapore ??????
    Thank you anon for the copy-paste work.
    More like showing the dot transparency even studies has agreed.
    Shabbazzzzzz to yr foot soldiers.
    That proves the CPIB are doing their job, you no journalist n EPF trust in S'pore.
    The joke is on you. Spin lagi lah kasi negeri huru hara

  60. BIGCAT12:31 pm

    engko reply, aku tambah la sikit lagi ya rocky, mula-mula Ghani Othman perasan something fishy about the project was when someone in Iskandar Investment Bhd leaked out an EIA report of the project. Dekat sangat dengan Ramsar site. Tapi budak-budak Pak Lah sudah counter Ghani. Last-last Pak Lah pushed juga project tu. Lepas tu Ghani dig lagi and found more irregularities dan bagi tau Pak Lah. Agaknya Pak Lah tak paham atau ada kepentigan. Dia suruh teruskan juga. Aku harap MACC investigate benda ni dan charge malaun-malaun yg terbabit. Yang ada Tun pun charge sekali. Baru padan muka.

  61. Anonymous9:51 pm

    One of the richest Malay in Malaysia has bought D. Trumph's executive jet. What progress. Hidup Satu Malaysia.

  62. Anonymous11:07 am

    "Dear Anon who has been posting "laughing stock" articles on Singapore, point taken. Thank you." - Rockybru


    Wonder why shitmoron keeping quite on these.. either pretend to be blind or fucking stupig?

    Erect some pecker to refute those will ya? if you really have the size lah..LOL!

    Don't just let the anon laughing and scot-free sodomizing S'pore as laughing stock..shouldn't you be defending your worshipped island?

    p/s: the richest Malay in the world is the Sultan of Brunei..bukan Al-Bukhari lah bodoh..itu pun ada babi bawah tempurung tak tau ke?

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  63. Skilgannon10661:00 pm

    Anti whatever

    Why should I even bother to post on these "laughing stock" spins vis-a-vis Singapore?

    It's in the tale of the tape, dumkopf - which country attracts more FDI and global talent and creates more skilled high-end jobs?

    It's why EPF is investing hundreds of millions in Sing Dollars to acquire a 20% stake in a property development in Singapore that is being undertaken by a company that is in the corporate stable of one the richest Malaysians.

    Or why Tenaga Nasional is buying electricity on a "temporary basis" from a Singapore IPP that is in the corporate stable of another one of the richest Malaysians.

    Back to the APH project in Johor, it seems as if Muhibbah Engineering believes the project can be salvaged by bringing another strategic investor on board. Who, I wonder?

    And does Johor need 2 oil & gas hubs - APH and the recently announced Petronas-fronted project worth RM60 billion or so?

    Big bucks floating around invite a lot of rent seekers! Especially with a GE in the pipeline!

  64. Anonymous1:34 pm

    Which idiot said the Sultan of Brunei is the richest Malay ? Does he consider himself a Malay ? Only a pig-brain would try to deflect attention on the Yemeni.


  65. But Malaysia does not have to do anything for Singaporeans to laugh at. Don't we look comedic? Doesn't the name Malaysia already put on a smile on your face just like Mr Bean does by the very mention of his name?

  66. Utusan Mak Siat4:35 pm

    Tak Cekap, Kurang Bersih dan Tiada Amanah... gejala rasuah BN!

  67. Anonymous4:44 am

    Never knew that there were still stupid brains around. Of course lah SCUM, Sultan Brunei is a Malay, what do u think he is? A Red Indian?

    And he is the richest Malay around.

    Like that also dunno. Damn stupid, and your argument sucks big time.

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  68. Anonymous1:15 pm


    He is not just stupid.. the chingkies worship him as their GodPig.

    Same-o-gene regardless what education level they're from ..tongkang grade genes..just see his brethren Shitmoron.. a real laughing stock.

    "laughing stock" spins vis-a-vis Singapore?" - Shitmoron

    Spins? Is that all you got to refute, eh pigbrain?

    The Anon stated his sources and it happens to come from kandang babi or reputable bodies like Reuters.. have you check that before snorting your words thru your bottom orifice, pig??

    If you simply dismissed all that "laughing stock" with such a stupid zero substance stunts & diversion of the whole topic, it is obvious that you're just confirming that Singapore is actually a big pigsty in the world called 'Singa-eat-pork' where they breed pigbrain chingkies to serve as meat for the big lion .

    (Yo! that kind of piggish manouvre may work well in senile-o-mentor nation but not for the rest of the world.. ada faham?)

    LKY Dynasty is the 'singa'..and guess what, the babi happens to be people like yourself lah shitmoron..just continue to live in your blissful ignorance and perpetuated state of denial..pathetic!


    :D muhahahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  69. Anonymous6:14 am

    Also, brother Anti Whatever, LKY is only a mayor of Singapore. Too small for his ego, hence when the big, egoistical dictator could not be the Supreme Ruler of Malaysia which is of a bigger entity, he became mad and he took his revenge by marginalizing the Malays of S'pore.

    At the same time the DAPpigs, their leftover babis blood brothers are doin' their farkin' tango to create more chaos for Tanah Melayu and Pribumi's North Borneo.

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  70. Skilgannon106610:36 am


    But the Sultan of Brunei is better friends with LKY and Singapore than with Malaysia!

    Some more his currency and Singapore Dollar on par, lah!

    Like that, how?

  71. Skilgannon106610:41 am

    john mcsleepy

    "Malays in Singapore marginalized"?

    Funny that I see Singaporean Malay couples walking hand-in-hand without any "khalwat" police or moral do-gooders dogging their footsteps.

    Or Singaporean Malay undergrads at NUS, NTU or SMU who are comfortably fluent in English, Malay and, increasingly, Mandarin. And who have the GCE O and A level results to back them up.

    When is the last time you spoke to a Singaporean Malay junior college student or an undergrad, eh?

    Marginalized, my foot!

  72. Anonymous4:42 pm

    LKY is only a mayor of Singapore.

    Exactly..! You hit the nail right, bro. Like the question I used to ask:

    "how many states were there in 'Singapore country'?"

    Just a city state..that is the ultimate reality.. it is just babi dream of them thinking that they are a country when making their comparison as if they're qualified to be one..

    The babi tongkang even owed everything that they have today to a Dutch named Albert Winsemius..yet they sondol to claim credit for everything. Babi mana ada rasa malu.

    Let us laugh at those tongkang grade pigbrainers..big mouth, small brain, puny pecker.

    Especially the stranded & rejected pigs thinking 'it' is a God & craving to become a babi pulau across the causeway though his knowledge only revolved inside his kandang babi..( how to ever dream to migrate like this? such a pigbrainer)

    Simple general knowledge also don't know.. maybe he think Sultan of Brunei speaks Red Indians or similar piggy language like him..In Brunei, if a babi talk so loud & annoying about Melayu or Bumiputera, the Sultan will make sure the pig is given a big blow kick in the ass flying out into South China Sea, a place deserved for such babi who don't know their place on earth.. Unfortunate that our 1Malaysia leaders gave these kind of babi too much face already..

    You can find similar species in another wannabe 'babi pulau' city-state island northern of Malaysia..the biggest jokes of all would be the babi dream of capturing the biggest pulau in SEA in full violet underwear display- i.e Borneo Island.

    ROTFLMAO! Babi never failed to make WE laugh..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  73. Anonymous1:57 am

    Yo Sillyannon,

    Don't try to preach lah asshole.

    Btw, if S'pore Malays are not marginalised, then how come no Malays in the S'pore Navy, just one or two for token sake in the Airforce? How come Malays aren't in the elite force, they are being used as storekeepers only? What a whale of a time doing NS aye?

    Here, read this, courtesy of the Temasek Review Emeritus.

    Quote - "By Dignity and Pride, May 5, 2011 at 10:36 am

    Who amongst the Malay MPs have truly and courageously spoken up for the Malay community. They are a compliant lot, really pathetic.

    Where are the Malay doctors and lawyers and professionals and businessmen.

    As Ngiam Tong Dow puts it the end results of meritocracy are possibly dictatorship and elitism.

    The Malays don’t figure in meritocracy. They are sidelined. Look at the papers parading the achievers in oversea scholarships, rarely a Malay name. I cringe every time I see the full pages in the papers. Wonder how our Malay PAPies react when they see that. BUT for the sake of harmony and propelling a segment of the community forward can’t you allocate say 5 to 10 scholarship study slots for the top 10 Malays for further studies. The brightest and best qualified 5 to 10. Some tweakings are of course necessary.

    Can’t the govt afford it?

    For the other minority races too, the Indians. The ” weaker” ones in a community or even family need help and a push. The rich are sending their weaker children overseas and they come back as doctors. Some kind of affirmative policy is never bad. Meritocracy if exacting can only backfire.

    But the thing is all this while nobody thinks about this seriously. The Malay leadership apparently dare not talk about it, only a few core leaders decide and this matter is treated as not important. So the dignity of the minority is not important then.

    Some thought must be given to the preservation of harmony and dignity and the question of pride alongside and against the primordial instincts of an individual and the group.

    Is this sensitive matter ever debated at length and depth and understanding amongst the leadership. Or do you allow anybody because of his ingrained narrow mindedness close this subject abruptly. No discussions. He knows best.

    Race issues are sensitive and delicate and must be handled expertly by men with huge hearts and broad minds and vision, and absolute sense of fairplay and justice and who understand history and the human evolution. Unfortunately there are very few around." Unquote

    And you're saying that Malays are not marginalised in S'pore? What about giving jobs only to Chinese? What about using Mandarin as a criteria to get a job when everyone knows that Malays in S'pore study Malay as their mothertongue? After slogging hard in school for donkey years, a Malay cannot even get a good job, due to his skin colour and Mandarin requirement.

    Singapore is a heaven to Chinese diasporas all over the world and at this moment, the DAPpigs are trying to extend it to M'sia, to make this Tanah Melayu become the next heaven state of the Chinese.

    PAPpigs and DAPpigs are two of a kind. Same ideology, same aim.

    And for you Silly, here's my middle finger .....

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  74. Skilgannon10666:50 am

    anti whatever

    Poodah! Is that the best that you can offer?

    Then please instruct the Bursa Malaysia CEO that there is no need for him to make an annual pilgrimage to Singapore to publicise Malaysian companies to Singapore-based investors.

    Or tell the EPF CEO loud and clear that he shouldn't be investing hundreds of millions of ringgit for a 20% stake in a Singapore property development.

    Or tell the Tenaga Nasional CEO that he shouldn't be buying electricity on a "temporary basis" from a Singapore IPP.

    Or tell the CEO of Iskandar Malaysia that he should absolutely stop begging for Singapore investments in the Iskandar corridor.

    Tale of the tape, brudder. You can run, but you can't hide. No matter how many smokescreens you emit from your posterior regions!

    Which is why the Sultan of Brunei and the Brunei Armed Forces are perfectly ok with the SAF training in Brunei. Can't deny that fact of life, can you?

    Back to topic on APH. Why don't you take CIMB to task for daring to foreclose on a project supposedly linked to Umno through Trek Perintis Sdn Bhd?

  75. Anonymous11:01 am

    "But the Sultan of Brunei is better friends with LKY and Singapore than with Malaysia!"

    Better friend? Really?? Whose next? Thailand & Indonesia? Hahahaha...Any substance to prove your claim pigbrain?? I expect better than that when it come from a chingkie pigbrain that dream of buying his artificial intelligence with such an unsubstantiated pathetic verbal snort.. is that your Chinapore class?

    The Sultan of Brunei is far off very close to all the Raja-Raja Melayu in Malaysia more than LKY or any pigs in the world..He came to Malaysia many times more then he step his foot in the pigsty chinapore..So, how do you explain that, pig?

    Do you know how much the Malays in Brunei despise pigs like you..? ever live there or talk to a chingkies living in Brunei?

    What Sultan of Brunei had demonstrate is just a common Malay gesture & hospitality to guest, unlike you uncouth & unrefined chingkie pig manner..We are way civilized unlike you Southern China pigs that were forced to subjugate under foreign civilization of the Jurchen, Tartar , Mongol & Manchus to behave in a decent manner..

    You pig where got any civilization to owe it all to your foreign emperors..tak malu ka mengaku budaya sendiri?

    Melayu memang baik dan beradap dgn tetamu, tak macam lu babi hutan tiada tamadun, masuk rumah orang pun nak buat mcm rumah sendiri..

    Pls don't syiok lebih lah babi..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  76. Skilgannon10663:27 pm

    anti whatever

    Wasn't it Rocky who initially posited the "laughing stock" scenario? Why didn't you go after him, eh?

    Now, to go off topic and address the issue of the bete noire down south (fondly known to anti whatever as "tongkangland").

    I just saw a news report that a certain Malaysian VVIP will be in Singapore on 30 June to pilot the last train out of the Tanjong Pagar railway station before KTM moves its operations in Singapore to the Woodlands Train Checkpoint.

    The scheduled night departure from Tanjong Pagar will be marked by a KTM-organised send-off party attended by officials, guests and station staff.

    You got the bollocks to advise this VVIP that he shouldn't be setting foot in "tongkangland" to commemorate the removal of a vestige of Malaysian "sovereignity" in that citystate? Something that Dr Mahathir procastinated and dilly-dallied on for so many years?

    Or maybe you should be advising all those other assorted Malaysian VVIPs that they, their offspring and their families shouldn't be patronising the glitzy malls and hotels in "tongkangland". Including Marina Bay Sands (alamak, dekat casino, lah. Haram! Tapi makan dalam restoran Wolfgang Puck tu sangat sedap, lah!).

    Why, you can see, but cannot ikut. Sucks, right?


    And now, back to topic.

    APH. So, how, CIMB? RM1.4 billion (or whatever amount thereof was drawn down) sudah gone walkabout? Or are they desperately hoping for white knights and bailouts?

    Johor Corp got money, yes? Can bail out this key project in Johor, pretty please?

  77. Skilgannon10667:23 pm


    Yah, the same Temasek Review that is famous for posting unsigned commentaries and that doesn't have the balls to put names to paper!

    How credible is that?

    There are plenty of Malays in the SAF - Army, Navy and Air Force.

    How many Chinese and Indians are there at senior command levels in the MAF? You wanna list them for me?

    And here's my challenge: when was the last time you talked to a Singaporean Malay junior college?ITE/polytechnic student or undergrad at NUS/SMU/NTU? You met anyone who was willing to pull up stakes and hightail it to Malaysia?

    As for me, I have interviewed plenty of Singaporean Malays for jobs in the telecom and IT sectors. So, please don't preach to me about their supposed shortcomings, but reflect instead on why those same telecom and IT companies are sinking big bucks into the tongkangland citystate!

    Fact of life, tale of the tape! Cannot bullshit one here. Not with the likes of Microsoft, IBM, H-P, Cisco, Apple, Google, Facebook etc.

    Or like my fellow business associates who deal with the likes of Goldman Sachs, UBS, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Merill Lynch, Pimco, Barclays, Citigroup etc. Lot of Singaporean Malays working in these organisations (or didn't you know that)?

  78. Anonymous2:41 am

    Silly, no need to challenge me or whatever. I have relatives in Singapore and I have first hand infos so don't try to act stupid like babi. Enough said.

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  79. Skilgannon10669:33 pm


    U have relatives in Singapore? Are they PMETs or ITE students (your relatives should be be able to tell you what ITE is)?

    Big difference, bro!

  80. Anonymous5:20 am

    Sorry to disappoint you Silly, but they are the RI, VI, NUS, NTU type. One got so fed up, he migrated to Australia. And he is doing well. He says that it is better to be a 3rd class citizen in a foreign country than a 3rd class citizen in his own country.

    PAP wants to make the tiny Malay island into a full Chinkie country, erasing off any Malay influences, history or trace, and of course, they're doing it bit by bit BUT it is so obvious. My poor relatives....

    NEP Singapore style exists and flourishes. And everything is for the Chinkies. KNN! Just check the job adverts lah Silly. So much for meritocracy bullshit. It is not only for those tertiary type to survive but ordinary laymen must also be able to survive whether they're from ITE or any school for that matter. The Malays in Singapore had been short changed a long time ago.

    Now, even toilet cleaners must know Mandarin. Hey, toilets can speak Mandarin meh? KNN!

    At least in M'sia, the government is so transparent in their policies. No surprises or anything. More honest unlike your brethren piggies down south.

    With that Sillyhead, I rest my case here and I am not gonna reply to you anymore.

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  81. Anonymous9:18 am

    Marginalized, my foot! (??)

    Hey pigmoron.. where you got any should be refer as hoof.. the only animal on earth with hoof that do not feed on greens.. it's you lah babi..biological garbage disintegrator..LOL!

    Your short-legged pig feature combine with inferior pigbrain explained the inability of you to see the reality in Cinapore..

    How do you explain this coming from an ex-Singaporean??

    Cinapore discriminate Indians & Malays

    If such thing never exist in Cinapore than there is no such thing as pigs being marginalized in Malaysia..

    Meritocracy is just a wayang Cinapore painted cosmetic hoo-haa..just like the pig with hoof version trying to portray itself as being decent ruminants. Come on lah pig, who were you trying to fool..we are not pigbrain like you lah and we don't eat LKY shit like you do..well, pigs eat everthing, right?

    verbatim et litteratim.. comprende pig?

    Better start chewing your hoof now, pigbrain..

    A pig infected by Cinapore madpig disease with typical prolong symptom of perpetuated state of denial..a true chingkiepig nature. LOL!

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  82. Skilgannon10669:36 pm

    Heh, heh - and yet the EPF invests big bucks in Singapore!

    Sticks in your piddling little otak, doesn't it?

    And ask Malaysian Malays why they make the daily trek to work in Singapore? Wassamatter, gotta work in a tongkangland meritocracy and not in their own homeland?

    Must be the big bucks talking....

    Ask NMY etc.