Tuesday, June 21, 2011

For the sake of the taxi drivers, please Ambiga call off the yellow walk!

LATEST: Poll manipulated, says the Star. 
Kit Siang and Malaysiakini are going to town with the results of a poll on Bersih conducted by the Star, which is a pro-Government paper. The results purportedly found that more than 99 per cent of the respondents said YES, the Bersih walk should be allowed! (See my posting at the bottom of this page). The Government has said the Bersih walk on July 9 will be an unlawful event as no permit will be issued.

The Star says it suspects the poll has been manipulated. Pro-Bersih main kotor, an editor sms-ed me a while ago.

Original article 

Petekma: Bersih rally a nuisance. Trust Bernama to interview taxi drivers, H E R E. Err, actually, the national news agency spoke to just ONE taxi driver but the article said it conducted a survey among cabbies and found that they are generally against the July 9 rally. Bernama did talk to the deputy president association of taxi/limousine drivers and operators' association or Petekma, which represents some 25,000 taxi drivers/operators in the Klang Valley, although the article failed to mention it.
Proposed solution for Ambiga: Order the 100,000 protesters to go to the Bersih walk by cab!

There's another suggestion in an email chat group I'm involved in that Ambiga, Ibrahim Ali and Khairy tell their protesters to bring along a broom each and help sweep the city's roads and sidewalks clean while they do their walk..

The Star, meanwhile, is said to have brought down an online poll it was conducting after purportedly more than 99 per cent respondents said YES to whether the Bersih walk should be allowed to take place! Malaysiakini has a screenshot of it and Kit Siang is going to town with it.

Betul ke, bro Wong Chun Wai?


  1. Salam. Bro, the taxi drivers should drive their taxis into those illegal demonstrators. ha ha ha

  2. for the sake of malaysian the walk shd go on

  3. inoato, which malaysian u mean?

  4. Anonymous8:50 pm

    kalau paper cina tu paer cina la jugak perangai dia..

  5. Anonymous9:17 pm

    The panic is so obvious....good u assholes deserve to panic..

  6. Anonymous9:34 pm


  7. Anonymous9:38 pm


  8. Anonymous9:38 pm

    the walk should go on in front of inoato house

  9. 99% Malaysians support the walk.
    Let that so call People's PM defy 99% Malaysians.
    Suddenly all UMNO B SONTOLOYOS in this blog are so quiet..no croaking...no bragging.

  10. Attan...For the sake of Malaysians...have the guts to walk for freedom and a clean government.
    You meam UMNO B can sack you doing the right thing?
    What kind of a boss is that?

  11. Anonymous9:51 pm

    basically The Star is an idiot to even pose that kind of question. Otak letak kat lutut ka Chun Wai????!!!

  12. Ayah Man10:06 pm

    If permit is not issued by the police, the walk is unlawful and illegal.It creates public disorder.
    Over 425 police reports have been made against BERSIH's planned walk on 9th July. What more do the police want in order to warrant the banning such walk?.
    Is it still not clear that Ambiga can be charged as an accessory for working and cooperating traitorrously with a group of trouble makers.
    Anwar had confidently stated that he could ask Ambiga to call off the walk provided Najib gave an assurance that PRU 13 would be bersih.
    It appears that Anwar is the boss and Ambiga is subservient to him. It is interesting to see how people like Ambiga can extend an unquestionable
    allegiance to an opposition leader like Anwar whose credibility is mysteriously doubtful.

  13. Anonymous11:04 pm


  14. Anonymous11:05 pm

    ban wake up. he's instigating taxi drivers to kill people

  15. Please Tan Sri IGP make preventive arrest now starting from Ambiga and the rest of the Bersih ringleaders out to make the streets of Kuala Lumpur a danger to us ordinary folks who just want to have a normal weekend with our families.

  16. anyone wanna buy brooms?

  17. Anonymous11:47 pm

    Illegal demonstrators can easily be transformed into genuine marchers or people's rally once the police permit the event to go on and control traffic in an orderly manner. BN can score points if they allow the event to proceed. Doesn't the BN government realise that it is so passe to bully participants of rallies like BERSIH's?

    sri hartamas

  18. Anonymous11:47 pm

    Illegal demonstrators can easily be transformed into genuine marchers or people's rally once the police permit the event to go on and control traffic in an orderly manner. BN can score points if they allow the event to proceed. Doesn't the BN government realise that it is so passe to bully participants of rallies like BERSIH's?

    sri hartamas

  19. Anonymous12:50 am

    Upside of irrationality is to walk the talk lah. Taxi driver pain now ok, long term every one will be happy2

  20. Anonymous12:50 am

    Aci a/p Aney cara hidup budaya, adat dan Agama berkasta pun tak tau nak BERSIHkan,

    Yanadey Aci, Ingapore?.

    Go and help your sedara dulu ler;


  21. The cab drivers oso walking wat, on that day.

  22. Hey, I thought you'd love to retrace your own footsteps of 10 Nov. 2007. That time you supported it. Or was it that on that date you were on another rally that had some other objective?

  23. Anonymous3:40 am

    A peaceful march is one of the most basic human right. Power to the people!!! Bersih 2.0 must go on! Cheers!

  24. no need to ask... the bersih protesters will use cabs, LRT, KTM Komuter as they will come to KL by public transport...

    and as in bersih 2007, Unit Amal will pick up sampah after the walk.. no need to bring the brooms... we are not like Khir Toyo with his broom award....

    and to add to that... Bersih protesters need to eat and drink as well as buying surveniors and buy something to take back home (there is a SOGO, metrojaya, parkson sales on that day too)... more business oppurtunity for penjaja kecil.. except if the PDRM had put tear gas and water cannon water into their foods/merchandises....

  25. Anti-LIMDynasty6:48 am

    I just don't get it.

    The Opposition MPs rejected a motion to discuss the Bersih's demand in Parliament - where the lawmakers have the power to decide.

    Bersih refuses to discuss with EC, yet they claimed to have met EC and the so-called negotiation fell through.

    Bersih never made any appointment with His Majesty, the Yang Dipertuan Agong to hand over the memorandum.

    Bersih never even applied for a permit from the authority, yet they claimed to have been victimized by the latter.

    Bersih could have chosen any stadium in Selangor or Penang which could easily cater for more than 300 thousands attendants (including the field), but still prefer to take it to the streets.

    Bersih claimed to be independent of political parties, yet their members are made of political leaders (obviously from opposition).

    Bersih 1.0 claimed to be a non-political gathering, but the leaders of the opposition took the stage with their government-bashing rhetoric. How can this new one be any different?

    Seriously, what are the things done by the EC considered to be unfair? I bet 99% of the street protesters couldn't name a single one 'WITHOUT' any proof.

  26. Anonymous8:38 am

    Bro, Jangan nak tipu orang tiap tiap hari.Kebanyakan org jenis you ini memang celaka, Bepuluh demonstrasi di selangor telah di lakukankan olih rakyat yg tahu akan hak mereka. Belum ada yg mampus, Tak ada yg komplen ekonomi mereka tergugat. Malah mendapat kerjasama pihak berkuasa lagi. Kali ini hak kami pulak. Kenapa kecoh. Janagn jadi hipokrit.

  27. Hye, I'm Firdaus =) Dato, just want you to know, my colleague didn't interview only ONE taxi driver as stated in your article. She met few taxi drivers in Klang Valley.

    Please Dato, kesian la sikit. :p

  28. Anonymous9:29 am

    i think the walk should go on but in bukit bintang area for the sake of kit siang.
    and brickfields area for the sake of ambiga.
    but as the world knows it, ambiga don't have balls, limkitsiang only has one ass hole, they called it asshole.

  29. Bersih walk is no no no...

    But I agree, if ambiga and mat sabu want to run together2, until both of them collapse bcoz of heart attack.

  30. Anonymous10:31 am

    Yet another example of something free, and supposedly beneficial, being abused for the benefit of a few (or maybe a few thousand). What else is new..


  31. Anonymous10:43 am

    Whether or not the Bersih rally goes on, Perkasa succeeds in their quest or Anwar gets his "clean" elections, I will never be convinced to vote for Pakatan Rakyat.
    So all this nonsense is lost on me and my 80+ family members and friends. We cannot be bothered, couldn't care less.
    I wish all Bersih walkers all the best that weekend and hope to see you guys on TV being showered with chemical water by the FRU (bless them!).
    Don't expect sympathy or financial help from us non Bersih supporters if you land in jail or the ISA. Excuse me if I turn a blind eye when your wife and family comes on TV pleading for help and food because their only means of support is in jail. Open your mouth a bit to ask for help, we'll whack you left and right and leave you high and dry.
    In short we'll just mind our own business and to hell with yours.
    Sendiri buat pasal sendiri tanggung.

  32. Dear Firdaus,
    My apologies to your colleague. I'm sure she spoke to several cabbies but the article should have quoted more than just one. If only one taxi driver is going to be quoted, it would have been more logical to highlight Petekma since it represents so many taxi drivers. But then again the article didn't say how big Petekma was. Tu basic tau.
    Still, it was an interesting piece!

  33. Dear Old Fart,
    I would love to walk. I have walked with many.parties for many causes, some of which I narrated in my posting. If someone can guarantee Bersih walk will not be hijacked by Anwar and gang, i would join the fun.
    But that was their assurance for Bersih 2007.

  34. Anonymous11:27 am

    Since this PARIAH AMBIGA cause hardship for all city folks by organising the demontration. I suggest we all demontrate in front of her house and office. SHE GIVES US PROBLEMS WE SHOULD GIVE HER AND FAMILY PROBLEMS. LET US DEMO IN FRONT OF HOUSE AND OFFICE. LETS SUGGEST A DATE.


  35. Anonymous11:32 am

    The issue here is Bersih vs SPR.

    Why is Perkasa, Pekida, Kimma, UMNO, BN etc so against reforms wanted by Bersih for the good of the next general election to be acknowledged as legitimate not only in the eyes of its own citizens but also by the world?

    Is SPR a govt dept, GLC, a wing of Perkasa, UMNO, BN etc?

    What's wrong with adopting the points raised by Bersih? Does it take away anyone's rights in the Constitutions?

    Why the sudden fear and panic when the SPR is being attacked by Bersih? Is there realy something to hide which cannot be made known?

    Or is the agenda by some parties to make use of SPR to cheat in the next election the real intention? We don't even know who is going to win yet in the next general election or do any of you know already?

    Go arrest or ISA whoever is leading the march but I am quite sure even without those leaders whether politicians or not ain't going to stop those from believing and marching in support of a free and fair elections.

  36. First Rocky said he did BERSIH 1 protesting Dollah....when the walk was for a clean and fair elections and getting rid of corruptions.
    As these two reasons are the pillar stones of keDAILan...DAP and PAS..and they rightfully lead the walk...for PR represents the same objectives as BERSIH objectives.
    Why make a fuss out of nothng of something?
    I bet you...had it be Najib walking and lead....Rocky have nothing to say.
    Rocky values his job and his bosses are Najib and Mahathir.
    So don't walk for the sake of your family and rice bowl.
    Just stop trying to be a snake and twist things...too many times.

  37. One day he addresses me "Dear Monsterball"...now "Dear Old Fart"
    Come on Rocky...you are not that young yourself.
    From one old fart to another..lets walk together ....not for Anwar...not for LKS...but for a BERSIH government.
    Why all the fuss?
    You forgot...you are supposed to be "All Blog" President.
    Even defunct...such a President do not choose sides in politics.
    Get it very very very clear!!!
    Most Malaysians do not choose sides...but if all sounds like keDAILan or DAP or PAS members...it is your guilty conscience pricking you.
    Come on..walk with me and we both wlll say a prayer or two ..to your daughter...and young Malaysians.

  38. Anonymous12:06 pm

    Why don't they start a Bersih Marathon? Quite a number of overweight supporters there. Ambiga is a bit on the heavy side. Ibrahim Ali could use some exercise too.

    I hope they warm up before the walk. How many kilometers are they planning to cover? Has DBKL issue temp license for hawkers to sell food and drinks?

    Take the public transport if you need to head to KL on that day.

    No sweat.


  39. Anonymous12:07 pm

    99% Chinese readers support Bersih, or so it is to be made to be believed. Some signed multiply, of course, or get their sons and daughters and alzheimer uncles or menopause aunties to sign as well. But that is no matter. What matters is that the ones who sign do so within the comforts of their air-conditioned rooms, just fresh from some Bak-Kut Teh evening or Tai Chi exercises.

    But will they do it THEMSELVES? Actually go to rallies? Nooooo. For THAT they will have to depend on some Malay Lembus from PKR and PAS. You know, the ones who baring-baring atas jalan obstructing Sultans' cars. The ones who are more than just glad to be chased by the Police, be hosed down with some yellow acidic water.

    Will the chinese apeks undergo the same clashes with the Police? Will the Bangsar accountant-cum-DAP life member withstand the cemetis of the FRUs? Will the IT executive who seemingly support the gomen ouwardly (for the sake of gomen grants) but writes poison-pen blogs in Cyberjaya welcome the acidic water hoses of the Police?

    I really don't know, but are cows reptiles? Is Mars a moon? Is Elizabeth Wong a virgin?

    I agree with some people here. Let's give the bejesus of a permit for them and turn the bedevil loose on their wish for anarchy and trouble-making. But you know where we should hold the rally?

    1. In Petaling Street.
    2. In Sekinchan
    3. In Jalan Kuchai Lama
    4. In Brickfields
    5. In Batu Road.

    No? Not fair?
    Don't want to disturb Chinese peace and Chinese property and Chinese prosperity?

    Then I do a better one here.
    Let's do it at the following places:-

    1. Kg. Baru
    2. Kg. Datuk Keramat
    3. Bangi
    4. Banting.
    5. Ibrahim Ali's kampung. (Why not? You guys are so gung-ho at demonising him)

    And let's see how THOSE people there react.

    Still No also?

    Then Chinese-based Star, why don't you do the following: Go and redo your polls and ask the people ON WHOSE PREMISES AND BUSINESS CENTERS they wish to hold the rallies.

    You know, the hawkers of Mesjid India. The street sellers of Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. And heck, the Rolex-Ciplak peddlers of Petaling Street. The Bak Kut Teh proprietors of Jalan Pasar. The Water Chestnut roasters of Pudu.

    See now, Uncle Lim Kit Siang is trying to hijack the "Rakyat Malaysia" terminology when he tries to instill the impression that "All Rakyat Malaysia" is FOR the illegal assembly whence, in actual fact, only a miniscule really do so ... and even the click-button yes-sayers are actually "moral supporters" who, when the real time comes, really prefer to sit at home and watch the events unfolding within the confines of their peaceful abodes and let the Malay Lembus do the dirty work themselves.

    Malaysia's REAL peace comes as soon as these Malay Lembus realize the extent to where they have been used.

    Marking Bagpie

  40. Anonymous12:39 pm

    You'll never walk alone.....

    and there will be many of us - malays, Indians, Chinese - walking hand in hand on that day just to send a message to government that we need clean elections, and not like the recent Sarawak elections, where cheques promised to voters even bounced after getting elected. Just a message, Bru, cos the government just doesn't listen. They are too busy stealing.....


  41. Anonymous12:45 pm

    if that fat bugger can jalan-jalan here & there...

    why others kenot walk ke?

  42. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Arlo bodoh ! bos lu always walk here, walk there with all his ball lickers & causing blardy nuisance to the public...

    He got permit or nought ?

  43. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Wong Chun Wai is under pressure from Chua Soi Lek. He chickened out.

  44. Anonymous1:19 pm

    please stop using the 'sake of malaysian' shit. i do not agree to your stupid walk.


  45. Anonymous1:24 pm

    Bro Rocky,as far as i'm concerned these so call Bersih rally is never 'bersih' in the first place.Just look at the so called leaders,Anwar,Mat Sabu and hordes of other opposition members in the rally.how can they claim it to be for the rakyat?I for one will never agree with any street rally or demonstrations.
    Just look what happened around the world today,Egypt,Syria,Canada and see what happened if the promise of a so called 'peaceful demo' can lead to..better to prevent it now than to suffer the consequences later..


  46. Anonymous1:28 pm

    the star may be right in doing what they did. reasonably substantiated and with valid reasons too. but over at MSN malaysia home page, a similar poll is probably showing a more realistic figures.

  47. Anonymous1:40 pm

    rocky bru and bangsa umno,

    do you mean for the sake of your cronies who own the taxis?


  48. Anonymous3:10 pm

    If Bersih walk can bring the desired result immediately, please go ahead. If if it just to gain political mileage please don't. If it is just to create a mess by disrupting traffic, engage in battles with the riot police, please don't. As it is already, there is too much politics going around and nothing much done to focus on improving the living standard of the people.

  49. Anonymous4:04 pm



    60,000 votes came from ONE single IP address.

    Read this for proof.

    Woiit Uncle Kit Siang!

    So desperate one `aaaa?

    Hehehe. I am not sure who believes in that poll more: the DAPigs or the stupid PAS supporters?

    Tookar Tioob

  50. aiyah..Attan...you can be easily influenced.
    I call you "Attan" out of true friendship. All my datuks...tan sris..big shot police officers...judges simple like me addressing them without titles...as old friends should do.
    You call me ..."Old fart"...firstly making a fool of yourself....as you are not that young too....YET you call Mamak...Tun this Tun that.
    Why not call him a useless big mouth ..synile old fart too?
    "old fart" means an old man good for nothing..except good for farting.
    Are you sure your life's achievments are better than mine?
    See...talking politics ..twisting here .twisting there makes becoming like Ibrahim Ali....good for nothing too.
    The sooner you resign from MM...the better for you....but it may be too late nowe...so let them retire you instead of resigning.
    However...you better get your old personality back.
    I maybe an old fart...to you...but I have the power of love from an 32 year old soul mate still.
    I am getting younger as I grow older.....hahahahahahaahaha
    Walk with me at BERSIH...and I will bring 20 big cigars for both of us to smoke till the end of the walk with hot coffee or whiskey...if you like.
    I don't drink hard stuffs...but I know you can drink like a fish drinking water.

  51. Temuljin4:35 pm

    Street demonstration is not OUR culture and shud never be encouraged.There are ample avenues for effective protest over irregularities and mismanagement by the Govt.Stoking mass emotions of people without proper proof and evidence is an irresponsible act. If you feel there is injustice in the system, channel it to the representatives you voted. The media allows you to. If you hate this country so much as to destroy it's fabric, go and live elsewhere. It is that simple.Please give peace and harmony a chance here. Do not exploit the people for the vested interest of the few losers. GO AWAY !!!

  52. Anonymous5:17 pm

    Thanks Perwira for the Youtube video.

    Gawd, the Untouchable Aci collects shit. Don't all those India Indians know where to pang-sai? No wonder that M'sian Aci is behaving the way she is 'cos the DNA is retarded, full of shit. Shit collector, touch shit, shit brain and shit everywhere. In other words, I repeat, full of shit.

    So, come to MALAYsia and create shit. That goes also for the sus barbatus species from China, the babi brain type. KNN!

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  53. Some friends asked me whether the Bersih Walk will proceed as planned. And what are my thoughts about it. I replied then I do not know. However, the question triggered my curiousity and I now append my thoughts here.

    "Yes, the Walk will take place. Why? Why not! Ambiga and whoever are behind her, including providing the financial support, need to proof to the public that Bersih believes in upholding a clean general election process. It must go ahead because by doing so, they can convince the public that the present general election process is tainted and favours the ruling parties.

    Picture this. Despite the tainted Election process they won 80 over Parliamentary seats and formed four new State Governments in the 2008 general election, just imagine of the 13th General Election, if it is clean....Why, Putrajaya is surely theirs!
    Continue reading at http://www.advertmart.blogspot.com

  54. hi Attan..are you als saying the BERSIH Chief..Ambiga have no guts and let Anwar take over her show?
    Why make so much excuses not to walk...the Big One...the best of the best...BERSIH government.....BERSIH no corruptions... BERSIH 13th GE election.
    Don't you want that?
    Why not you put out a post...teling Najib to join the walk with his Ministers...and I bet you..all Malaysians will tell Anwar to stand aside and let Najib lead.
    Now the excuse is Anwar. Next you will say BERSIH is KOTOR.
    You UMNO B members mostly stinga tiang ...why like that?

  55. Anonymous5:41 pm

    In Kelana Jaya, just bcos one crazy marderfarker want to have a opening do... cause one huge farking jam.

    For the sake of all the LDP users, can't this farker do his farking thing on weekend.

  56. Dear Monsterball,

    My response to "Old Fart" is NOT for you, it is for the gentleman who goes by the nickname Old Fart, an old friend from before March 08, just like you.

    As for calling me Attan, it's nicer if you were to call me Rocky. Attan is my late father's name. If you don't like "Rocky", you may call me Ahirudin, my real name, but do get the spelling right.

    Re Malay Mail, I am no longer with them. Enjoyed my second tour of duty with the paper, which ended 31 May 2011.

  57. Frogs sometimes try crossing the road and usually get run over by motor vehicles, maybe by a taxi this time.

    This is how the phrase 'mati katak' comes about.

  58. What's with this monsterball? Buta kayu ka itu komen untuk blogger http://oldfart50.blogspot.com/ . A big LOL.

  59. Anonymous6:20 pm

    Why the govt is very afraid of the rally? Simple: they know very well they don't have the people support. They also know they won the election thru cheating. They know without cheating the Federal Govt wud have collapsed in 1999.

    The cost of trying to stop the rally is more than the cost of allowing it. Give them the stadium and let them shout till midnight.

    The hard fact is that they are scared that issues brought up during the rally will influence the rakyat. RTM and mouthpiece newspapers are unable to counter due to credibility problems.

    People will say that if election is not fair how cud 4 states were lost to PR? Read this analogy: Bring Manchester Utd here for a game against Negeri Sembilan team with a Malaysian referee who is likely to be biased. MU will still win by say 5-0. With an impartial referee score wud be 30-0. Conclusion: with impartial SPR most states and Federal govt wud have fallen.

    Bersihkan habis2

  60. Anonymous6:54 pm

    I asked more than 100 youth on bersih using Qualitative Analysis and you know what? 100% of them agreed to walk. So 'Star' 99% is not correct. It is 100% and scary. Now everyone especially those love 'KOTOR' are worries. How? If really a million turn up...

  61. puzzled how anyone, any political party or movement speaking in the name of genuine democracy could oppose or seek to sabotage the successful holding of a peaceful Bersih 2.0 rally for free and fair elections

  62. OK..Rocky...noted and my sincere apology.
    For Malaysian Chinese...the surname..which is indicatring the father's name too..if addressing anyone with his surname..indicates great respect to the one being addressed.
    Never know your contract with MM is over.
    This should make you a free man...serving no one...unless your private business have UMNO B as your most important client.
    Are you always at he Press Club?
    Will love to meet again..one nice day.

  63. Anonymous9:29 pm

    ACI a/p Aney,

    Wrong cause, wrong place..

    She should dedicate her energy, towards this;


    Too ugly to look in the mirror?


  64. Why are those few taxi drivers complaining? Do they have to drive right into the city centre and right into the rally crowd to get a fare? And risk running over some frogs?

    How stupid can they get? We can't always blame the @#$% education system, you know.

  65. Anonymous10:33 pm

    If rally also cannot, u think u can trust the gomen for free elections?

  66. Anonymous10:50 pm

    Lembu PAS & Anjing PKR senantiasa berusaha untuk mendapatkan perhatian Tuan DAP mereka walaupun dihentam dengan rotan dan disembur dengan air. Tapi, biarlah mereka, demi menegakkan batang Anu & War mereka. Biarkan mereka dengan kedunguan dan kebahlolan mereka yang sudah tidak dapat dibayangkan lagi. Kesian.

  67. Tan Ah Kau11:08 pm

    Whatttt !!!! Get rid of corruptions is dap,pkr and pas pillar ???? This must be the funniest joke I've ever heard.

    Bersih walk is only for the dungus people... and that's why the PR people involve with it.

  68. shamshul anuar11:45 pm


    Do we really need another demonstration? Is that really necessary.

    Some features worth mentioning;
    1) It will involve overwhelmingly Malay community. The supporter( or the initiator), the non Malay politicians will not participate.

    2) If it takes place, it will take place in Malay area. Forget about demonstration in Chinese belt like Bukit Bintang .

    I was in KL during the Bersih 1. I brought my children to SOgo, forgetting that there would have been an ugly demonstration there,.

    I was inside SOGO. And to my surprise I saw hundreds of non Malay supporter of BERSIH. They looked onto the street down where Malay protesters were insulting police.

    "Let the Malays do our dirty job", one of them told me, not realising that I am a Malay as I look like Indian( being an Indian Muslim).

    IBRAHIM ALI is right when he accused Ambiga of using Malay community in inciting hatred against Govt.

    As for Mohd Sabu, I pray that he changes. He is what Malay calls "suka memberontak". He protested in UITM until he was sacked.

    He was young then. What is his achievement? Nothing. He does not give good comments on anything.

    He is known as as a clown. He makes his living , peppering his ceramah with Quranic verses and "maki hamun" while soliciting donation. He uses religion to collect money for his personal use.

    As for Ambiga, I can vouch that she does not have a good motive here.

    As for Hishamudin, please resign if you chicken out here.

    As for, Najib, perhap this is time for a new Home minister. Hishamudin is "lembik".

  69. Anonymous8:54 am

    This disguised walk is just a test by the leaders to see how many fools will support them. In short, to guage 'mass stupidity'.

    At least the DAP followers realise this and are not fully supporting it.

    Full support goes to the FRU. Spray them wet, be it Perkasa, KJ or Ambiga, without fear or favour.


  70. Anonymous9:41 am

    STUPID Star or are they?

  71. Anonymous9:54 am

    To call someone by his father's name is an insult according to Malay customs. And to Rocky some more, a courteous blogger with fair mindedness, displaying comments by those who even disagree with him or call him names. The malays have a word for it: Kurang Ajar.

    But what can you expect from people who you expect to have that kind of behaviour?


  72. Anonymous10:19 am

    Here's something to ponder about. How can human beings be so inhumaine? This happened in China.

    The Chinese eat anything and everything, from pigs to dogs to shit to ......Disgusting! No wonder the grey matter is retarded and undeveloped or under developed due to suspicious DNA. Can see from the way some of their cousins or DNA related relatives spew their rubbish here.

    Roasted puppy anyone? LOL

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  73. Anonymous10:33 am

    Bodoh, takde kerja lain, asyik nak buat kecoh je, bersih kepala hotak depa, punggung pun sapu dgn tisue, bersih haprak !

  74. When you fught for freedom...sacrifices must be made by all Malaysians...including taxi drivers.
    Why is Rocky so concern anout K.L taxi drivers.
    Is is because most are supporting UMNO B?
    Why not think of the many water sellers..burgers...nasi lemak..suddenly make great sales they never had it so good before?
    Try harder Rocky.

  75. Actually I should call him "dear Rocky"
    He is a nice guy..harmeless but unreliable...not like Sheih...real thick skinned balls carriers swing from UMNO B to PAS and back to UMNO B.
    You give him small projects..he can dance to any tune you want.

  76. Skilgannon10662:59 pm

    Marking Bagpie is a twit.

    And a coward to boot.

    Let's see how Najib's ETP will bear up when the FRU are beating up on peaceful demonstrators. In these days of social media, u think the PM wants to take the risk of getting on the wrong side of the "big gorillas" out there, just to satisfy the whims and fancies of Ibrahim Ali and the assorted dumkopfs who mindlessly bray his slogans of hate.

  77. chincalok3:22 pm

    Bersih must go on. It's a voice that we are all entitled. It's a voice for a clean and fair election.

    People like rockbru and his umno masters will not want you to go because they do not want a fair and clean election. now THAT's A FACT!

  78. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Let the walk be carry on. What is the problem. Malaysia today people are knowledgeable and know what is tight or wrong. Only the man in blue still living in the old days.

  79. Bro, that is like saying, if it rains I will not walk. We all know Bersih is not PKR and Ambiga is not Anwar. Everyone is invited to walk, including UMNO and you. Anyone can put up a stage and pontificate their virtues. But this is a Bersih show. It is to express certain objectives and points across that is necessary for a clean and fair elections.

    Or maybe, let me ask you another way. Do you think the elections are fair and clean? If you say yes, then don't walk. I will accept that. Don't have to give any other reason like Anwar hijacking it and so on. He has already been told publicly that whether it goes on or not is not a decision for him to make.

    Despite what happened in 2007, it is still regarded as a Bersih initiative.

  80. nstman5:33 pm

    Taxi drivers are illiterate. They only know how to drive. They dont know how to think. Leave them alone.

  81. Labelling oneself 'Bersih' doesn't make one legitimate.

    What clean elections are they fighting for when it has been shown that the Opposition can win and form governments?

    Gaddafi says the world has been turned into a jungle and indeed it has. The NATO powers that couldnt forsee the events in Tunisia and Egypt are trying to achieve regime change through 'controlled discontent' by agent provocateurs.

    But Libya and Malaysia enjoy high living standards and employment (human deveopment index > 75) and will be no pushover.

  82. Anonymous11:51 pm

    Ambiga trying to reincarnate Hindu Fascism in Malaysia by brain washing those PAScist, PKRcist and DAPcist hoodlums.

    Prof Awe Kecik

  83. Salam Bro,

    lepas yam seng, bau kencing mesti hancing. kalau tak basuh, bau terus menusuk tengah otak. boleh jadi biol.

    either way, nobody will tolerate with the smell except to those with no senses of smell and brains.

    kasi 100% bersih

  84. Anonymous7:40 am

    Seems they are planning global wake on the same day eh? Mana ada numbers, yang pi sana mostly PATI status, hari2 asyik duk sembunyi dari immigration kat sana..

    Ini Aci a/p Aney tak sedar diri, silap2 the locals there yang akan belasah geng dia kat sana.Australia baru ajer reda racial clashes dengan kulit sewaktu dengan ACI.


    Apa jadi nanti, kami tunggu tolong tepok tangan padan muka..
    Clap clap..

    he hehe hehehe

  85. Utusan Mak Siat11:35 am

    No more trust those Main(play in inggerisss) Spin Media and Wong Chun Toi lah!

    When the Buying stop, so will the Killing!

  86. Malaysian Chinese are very proud to be called with their father's name.
    No wonder Home Minster behave like that....just the opposite of his father and famous grandfather..Hussien Onn.
    He sold his soul to the Devil to be a minister. Poor Khairy do not know how to carry Najib's balls.
    Look at Tan Siew Sinn and his father...Tan Cheng Lock.
    Look at present MCA crooks.
    Look at Hishamuddin and you will vomit.
    Ignore this big mouth is best.
    hi ROCKY...bila boleh cumpa lagi?
    I mean it....long time no see.
    Better see me soon before Ibrahim Ali clobber me to death.

  87. Tomorrow I wear yellow and walk around the city...doing window shopping.. as a prelude to 9th BERSIH walk.

  88. Bersih the original happened. It was hijacked at the end of the walk. Out came Anwar, Sivarasa and his goons. The cause was well hidden from those who walked.

    It even had RPK fooling us by telling us shit like the army was sent ' to protect the rakyat' . All bull shit.

    And dont forget, then it was a sleeping administration.

    Ppl like old fart have so much angst growing up in Malaysia that they never wake up to ask of what they got out from the country.

    They talk as if Malaysia owes them a living. Even after democracy had handed 81(i stand corrected here on the numbers) parliamentary seats, they still want more.

    If the election was rigged, would the opposition even get tjat many let alone rule in some states?
    We want opposition, a credible one.not one that keeps inciting the rakyat!!!

    I walked then, but now am not going to be hoodwinked by these extremist terrorist!
    Tony Yew

  89. Anonymous12:32 pm


    ambiga is soooooo SHY hah??


  90. Anonymous12:44 pm


    ambiga keling paria haramjadah tu? dia ni kapir laknat. korang tau tak dia ni jadi alat anjing2 politik untuk musnahkan keutuhan melayu.

  91. Anonymous1:22 pm

    ambiga untouchable and mat sapu jalan can walk hand in hand in front of the demonstrators

    then only then can the rakyat be CONVINCED that they have the missing INTEGRITY in all opposition fellas

  92. Anonymous1:29 pm


    people want to walk walk lah just make sure the aci, tambi, tangaci, ah lian, ah beng, ah soh, apek stay thru the course

    the rakyat do not want to see ONLY Malays walking the BIG talk

    and oh, please walk in front of ambiga's palace, also kit siang's mansion, lim guan eng's castle, anwar's grand villa, etc etc

    we want to see their estate BERSIH ma!!

  93. Anonymous1:31 pm

    anon 6:20 PM is hallucinating peacefully in his bedroom with the laptop while the malai lembus walk the talk for his missing b***s

  94. Bro

    Simple question.

    You marched in 2007 with Bersih to, by your own admission, protest against and topple the Government of Abdullah Badawi.

    I concede that's your inalienable democratic Constitutional right especially since it was planned AND conducted as a peaceful march.

    Had it not been for deliberate provocation from the cops who pulled out water cannons and threatened to bring in tanks, it would have beeen a perfect day.

    So, even if Bersih 09/07/2011 is political, which Ambiga says it's not, how is that wrong?

    Why should you and your supporters who were disenchanted with AAB have certain rights, but those unhappy with Rosemajib and the EC have lesser ones? How does democracy work then in M'sia?

    Ambiga et al have promised a peaceful march. It's Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa who are threatening to resurrect the ghost of May 13th 1969 and talking about violence and burning buildings!

    Why should NOT Kerismudin direct that Bersih should have their march on 07/09/2011 (since they announced it first) and let Perkasa and UMNO Youth have their peaceful march, say the following week, for fairplay?

    If you were really concerned about our taxi drivers and their livelihood, you would not have taken to the streets in 2007, would you? All of us have to make sacrifices now and then for the good of the nation, and that includes taxi drivers and shopkeepers.

    So, let's not practice double standards.

    I am reminded about a news report last year about 1 million muslims taking to the streets without any untoward incidents in hot spot Kashmir in India, while the police kept vigiliance from a fair distance away? M'sians are not mature enough for that?

    I don't buy it and I don't buy Kerismudin, Muhydopeydin or Rosemajib's hogwash!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  95. Dear Donplaypuks,

    I am sure July 9 will be a peaceful walk, just like Bersih 2007 was. I am also sure that Anwar, Kit Siang, Mat Sabu and gang will be waiting at the end of the walk, perhaps at the gates of the Istana, to bask in the glory, run down their enemies, and claim that they have the support of the walkers. That's the bit that I did not bargain for in 2007. Now I know better, that Bersih is not apolitical, and so I opt to stay away, which is my right. But Bersih should be forthright about what it really is.

  96. "I am also sure that Anwar, Kit Siang, Mat Sabu and gang will be waiting at the end of the walk, perhaps at the gates of the Istana, to bask in the glory..."

    Agreed. But if no one could stop them in 2007, how is Ambiga going to, now? Does she have the power to order them about?

    Bersih is apolitical. Also, as I said before, you yourself had political motives for Bersih 2007. Politicians cashing in on it did not and will not render it invalid or irrelevant now.

    So, the best policy is to leave the politicians to their own devices. But the electoral reform issues are as valid now as it was in 2007.

    We still have 1 million citizens who are not allowed to vote while oveseas, even if on official work. No one's happy with the secretive postal vote issue, vote buying and blatant gerrymandering.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  97. Rocky....why keep harping and instigating that Anwar and Lim Kit Siang took advantage over BERSIH 1walk which is totaly not true.
    Have you not heard Anwar and LKS call Najib and all ministers to join in the coming walk?
    Have you not hear Ambiga said he same thing?
    They refused and said all sors of nonsense.
    You admitted BERSIH walk is good...yet you do not dare expose Najib is such a liar and hypocrite..twisting a noble walk into a political issue.
    Why keep making the idiotic excuse that Anwar hijacked the BERSIH I walk which is totally nonsense.
    Why are you also creating something from nothing as an excuse not to walk.
    I recalled you walk BERSIH 1 as so call... "All Blog" president too.
    Come on Rocky...you don't want to walk......please stop trying to fool us with your nonsensical excuses.

  98. Same reason ....same excuses...like twin brothers fromm different mothers.
    OK Tony Yew...Rocky don't walk then.
    Enough of this ckock and bull excuses..
    But when we walk...tnink of BERSIH which means CLEAN that both of you do not support...and don't twist it to something esle.
    It is a walk for BERSIH government...BERSIH tenders..no corruptions.
    All are walking for that and you bring in Anwar to talk cock and bull.
    BN and their supporters are so afraid of Anwar why?

  99. Anonymous3:35 am

    Anon 6:54.

    Oh ya ka? Yesterday when I came back from work and before reaching home, I managed to interview 200 youths and 198 of them answered NO to the walk. Less than your 100% of course but much more in numbers. So how now? My wife, also on her way to work, managed to get 400 persons to say no. So how?

    Hehehe. I am sooooooo tickled by all these vigilant DAP "professional" poll mongers, but not as much as how I pity them. I mean, creating the lies are one thing, but I suspect quite a number of them actually BELIEVE in those lies too, concocting the kind of imagery that they wish is true, and drowned in a false sense of make-believe security.

    Walk? Nah walk lah!

    Marking and Walking Bagpie

  100. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Salam Rocky, we are in a state of denial! Everything is fine kan! People get murdered on the streets, politicians and family owning expensive cars and homes, FDI next to Burma, still hiding 'open tenders' - costs varies from day to day, Government policies flip flop, and so many of us who has power and money says we are fine and should carry on! Justice will prevail and I hope everyone realize this! The world is changing, money can talk but it now has expiry! Yup, BullShit walks and worst, depends on mother load of BS, Might pay a heavy price

  101. Anonymous9:14 pm


    "I am also sure that Anwar, Kit Siang, Mat Sabu and gang will be waiting at the end of the walk, perhaps at the gates of the Istana, to bask in the glory..."

    What is waiting to bask in the glory is sure not a problem for ordinary concerned citizens like us.

    Klang valley recently had "Acid Splasher" maniac prowling the area, and crowds like these may excite them and cause havoc. Just ABOUT ANYTHING MAY HAPPEN..

    These are reasons why persons like me WHO ADORE AND LOVE THIS COUNTRY do not like to see happen.

    Now tell me, are you confident say if 100 becomes the splashers' victim, will ACI a/p or MatSabu give their guarantee that she/he will take care these victims? Get her/him to give their committments in writing!


  102. Anonymous9:22 pm

    Ambiga, the x prez of bar council, a lawyer and yet she knowingly, wilfully with clear intention of going against the law of the land, eventho the police, ministers, pm has repeatedly announce that its an illegal rally. She is the most dangerous person, very hina n memalukan for saying she is a lawyer but keep on breaking law. I hope she will have the worse diarhoea ever on that day.


  103. Anonymous12:52 am

    Batcha @ 9:22 PM

    ambiga is swollen-headed with the award received from Mrs Obama and Hillary Clinton

    so she thinks she has cleansed her DNA from the hindu caste system and she is somehow "purified" to lead the malai lembus

    on a "guaranteed" peaceful walk to create images of protesting Malaysians for international consumption

    If ambiga is pure of heart, have their freedom of expression in a stadium

    free the streets from clueless paid "supporters" who may have been programmed to riot depending on the fees upfront

    the last demo saw Malays not knowing why they are demonstrating

    all they know is that their leaders told them to take a free ride in chartered buses with meals provided and to participate in a mass walk

  104. Anonymous3:57 am

    ambiga has a history of provoking Muslims

  105. Anonymous4:03 am

    Look carefully at ambiga aci's forehead and learn what her forehead says about her

    taken from http://physiognomyinfo.com/search/forehead

    Very small forehead : Mental deficiency.

    Narrow and low forehead : Stubborn and not thinking brain.

    Narrow, low and protruding forehead : To show courage without thinking.

    Narrow and hard forehead : Determination and solidity.

    Low and cambered forehead : A person who can’t decide and move on his/her own.

    Conclusion: stay far far away

  106. Anonymous4:19 am

    Ambiga's eyebrows

    Dense eyebrows : Benevolent and stingy.

    Vertical, flat and fat eyebrows : Cold blooded, cool and tolerant.

    Thick and scattered eyebrows : Aggressive, nervous, characterless and a sorrowful life.

    If eyebrows sharpen at the end : Merciless, coward and a person who tortures to a little person than his/her.

    Long eyebrows : Gossiper, sower of discord.

    If eyebrows curved down at the end : A heart disease.

    If eyebrows has sharp end : Bad character.

  107. Anonymous10:23 am

    The police should act tough on the participants of this illegal walk. If they blatantly disregard the police warning, they must accept the consequences. Act on the leaders of this walk and not on their stupid followers. Shoot them with live bullets if you have to. They deserve them.


  108. Anonymous4:09 pm


  109. Anonymous12:49 am

    Weird... is it just me? or are the roadblocks around JB here are setup to prevent crowds gg for the rally? wow...

  110. Anonymous6:16 pm

    AkuMelayu should live in barbarian countries with barbarian leaders such as zimbabwe (mamak mahathir likes mugabe very much)

    civilised malay