Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Walk, shall we Malaysians?

pic courtesy of Apanama's Clean Stop or ..

The last time I "walked" was in February last year, against some Aussie MPs who wanted Malaysia to stop the process of justice in this country. These MPs said the Saiful vs Anwar trial was a conspiracy, undemocratic, an injustice. Those who walked with us included KJ, the BN Youth chief, and Kamalanathan, who would go on to become an MP two months later, defeating PKR's giant Zaid Ibrahim in the battle for Hulu Selangor.

It was a small, peaceful protest.

Not what the organisers of BERSIH have in mind. The political party PAS alone has committed 100,000 bodies for this pro-democracy, formerly apolitical walk.*

Khairy and Kamalanathan should join forces again and match BERSIH, body for body, stride for stride. Let us have a healthy, peaceful contest of who can bring more supporters, make more noise, and leave the least litter. In the name of democracy, let's walk together.

* (I took part in the Bersih walk of Nov 2007 against the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi administration (also known as the Yellow march because everyone wore yellow in the hope that the Agong would be with us in spirit), which saw 40,000 or so protesters according to some estimates, where we were told no politicians would be involved but at the end, of course, Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang, among others, appeared out of nowhere to steal all the credit. It was the start of a campaign that would end with the March 2008 general election).


  1. Anonymous12:28 pm

    walk for what???

    u call yourself a journalist!

  2. Hey, Bro, wouldn't it be nice to relive Nov 10 2007? Remember meeting up with me in Central Market after the FRU had started spraying the crowd in Jalan Tun Perak? From there I guess you might have then headed towards the Istana....well, when I was headed there bumped into you again near Klang Bus Station going the other way. We all felt good. I know that. ...Err..unless of course you were feigning of course.

    In any case, why do you make it sound that 100,000 or even 200,000 people gathering on the streets of kuala Lumpur would not be peaceful? Isn't it true that only when the Perkasa/Pembela and UMNO blokes gather without police permits even that they become boisterous, threatening, want to start up a jihad maybe and do all of that? Whereas, in a Bersih rally we all actually hug and hands on each other's shoulder march together. You want to see real 1 Malaysia, that is where you see it, and not the manufactured type that you might be accustomed to. And you know what, when the PAS guys go "Allahu Akhbar", it is not even frightening.

    So how about it bro? Wnat to reminisce?

  3. Err, Bro you said "(I took part in the Bersih walk of Nov 2007 against the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi administration)

    Was it not a walk for fair elections? I thought that is what Bersih is all about!! Unless you know different!! I certainly was not there doing a Hindraf walk or anti-Badawi walk.

  4. Anonymous2:02 pm

    At least dulu dulu Gandhi walk to the beach to make salt,

    So any similar plans about this walk?

    Sekadar nak shout2 buat sakit tekak ajer! Hujan panas satni semua balik demam! Kalo tak hujan pon kena simbah air FRU..buang masa ler!



  5. Pro-Democracy2:18 pm

    It is clear that this former president of Blog House has sold out to the establishment in return for a nice cushy position in the MSM (Malaymail). Why should rocky not support democracy but inciting a "counter-walk" to show what? Anti-democracy march?

  6. In 2007 you and yours friends and many others marched in peaceful protest because they did not like AAB's Government. That was their inalienable right.

    Today, many, millions, feel that Najib's Govt is not right for 1 Malaysia and want to march peacefully in protest. That too is their inalienable right!

    The only difference is it was 40,000 in 2007 and now, 100,000.

    So, where's the problem? Only KJ and Kamal (2 greenhorns in 2007) can march and protest peacefully?

    Nah, if the police keep a healthy distance, and don't provoke a confrontation by bringing in water cannons and pepper spray, everything will proceed smoothly!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Humna race

  7. Anonymous4:31 pm

    Bro Rocky :

    Salam. Moga2 anda segera dapat hidayah dari Ilahi.Maseh tidak nampak kepincangan atau enggan melihat?

    Ape agak ilmu2an yang akan anda turunkan pada anak2 / cucu anda? Wang dan kemewahan harian melebihi segala gala dalm kehidupan yang agak temporal ini....? Tafakur sejenak.

    Namun saya tetap doakan kesejahteraan saudara, dengan harapan saudara cepat membuka mata, sebelum mata kita semua di tutup selama lama nya.

    Wang dan kemewahan pasti tidak akan berkekalan. Hanya good values pasti.

    Tafakur Sejenak.

    24 May 2011

  8. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Y are you making it a war? It's not meant to be....and if PAS wants to send their army, it's their prerogative. It's still a walk with non-PAS members as well.

    You're the one politicising it... PAS members are citizens too and it's their constitutional right to walk just as it was yours. You might wanna think before shooting it off the next time.

  9. Anonymous7:59 pm


    Just outsource this job to Perkasa surely can match up again Bersih 2.0 Forces. In 2008 everyone wanna get rid of Pak Lah administration. But Bersih 2.0 its all about everyone wanna get rid of corrupt and blatantly ignorent goverment.


  10. Anonymous8:41 am

    Yeah, go ahead and cause further inconvenience for other taxpayers who want to use the same roads for their bread and butter. They will love the demonstrators dearly for it.

    For a change, why not do it at Kota Bharu, Alor Setar, Komtar or Shah Alam? Surely the folks out there would love to see a standstill in traffic too. It is after all a question of fairness.


  11. Charles F Moreira5:13 pm

    I have no issue with calling for free and fair elections but how about free and fair economic policies which do not burden the rakyat, as the subsidy cuts will do.

    How about poverty eradication and so on.

    This is what these middle-class NGOs don't demand, which is why I get tired with them.

    These middle-class people are already comfortably well-off, so have time to yell about freedom, free press, free speech while sipping their RM10 lattes.

  12. Go walk in the park la. Dont cause traffic jams in town. All you'll get will be curses not sympathy. As for PAS, go do something that will lift Kelantan economy.

  13. BIGCAT11:31 am

    Hari ini dia orang nak demo sebab lawan BN. Besok bila BN dah tumbang dan geng dia orang dah berkuasa, Pas pun nak demo lagi sebab DAP tak bagi buat negara Islam. DAP pun counter demo juga nak pertahan sekular. PKR pun buat juga demo sebab Anwar Ibrahim tak dapat jadi PM (Lim Guan Eng yang jadi PM sebab DAP paling banyak kerusi kat Parliament berbanding PAS dengan PKR). Tak habis-habis la jawabnya demo-demo ni. Jadi lah Malaysia Darul-Demo.

  14. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Besok bila BN dah tumbang dan geng dia orang dah berkuasa, Pas tak perlu berdemo lagi utk buat negara Islam , hanya perlu berbaring atas jalan supaya Karpal Singh DAP dapat gelek mereka dengan "wheelcha" dan diikuti oleh LKS dgn kereta kebal ala2 aksi Tiannemen..terus mampus geng turban lollipops..

    Bodoh macam kaldai..unta jauh lebih pandai dari juak2 PAS ni..

    p/s: i'm back..

    :D muhahahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-