Sunday, May 22, 2011


WORDS FROM THE DEAD ON LIVING offers great advice for anyone who wish to live a long and healthy life. Not surprisingly, moderation tops the list of things to do and to be. And moderate is something most of us are not.

Thanks, Doc.

p.s. Najib Razak was telling Oxford about another kind of moderation the other day: Moderate Islam. It is not a new concept; Dr Mahathir has been an advocate. Which is why in this country attempts at being not-so-moderate, ie Al-Maunah, JI, Al-Arqam and even Ayah Pin, have been quashed early and decisively. People forget that, sometimes.


  1. Anonymous4:08 pm


    and now dap goons playing with fire trying to split west Malaysia from east Malaysia

    thru the religion card

    extremists must be ISAed

  2. FeastoftheGoat4:12 pm

    So "Moderate" Islam seeks to quash any challenge to orthodoxy, instead of tolerating them?

    Moderate indeed.

  3. Anonymous7:32 pm

    And you, being an avid reader of Utusan (you even declared that it is the only paper that you buy and read nowadays) can vouch that it is moderate?


  4. Anonymous7:55 pm

    again, UMNO wants to sell ISLAM by using the word MODERATION. PAS has been moderate in all its action. PAS moderation in islam has been well received by non-muslim. Only UMNO thinks other way. moderation has been and always been and has long been preached by PAS. pls don't plagiarize our ideas and took them as your own.
    CameOn UMNO. let's go back to ISLAM. your affiliation with MCA and MIC is proven to be the KUFUR way!

  5. Yes, and as moderates we perpetuate Pembela, Perkasa, Utusan Malaysia, Ketuanan whatever whatever....

  6. adakah surat khabar mat salleh di Eropah dan Amerika Utara mewar-warkan ucapan najib sebagai tokoh moderate islam. atau hanya surat khabar utusan malysia atau NST saja yang syok sendiri. janganlah kita sampai menghina diri kita sendiri ke tingkat yang begitu rendah hanya semata untuk untuk memasuki rumah putih.

  7. Old Fart,

    Hindraf! I was hoping you would mention Hindraf, too. We both know that our extremists are not confined to one race or religion.

    But, nah, you must have "walked" with Hindraf back then.

    I did not walk with Hindraf when you and many of those I know walked with Hindraf. Extremists are extremists, and I can smell them.

    If Perkasa turns our to be half as extreme as Hindraf, I would go after them myself.

  8. Anonymous11:46 pm

    anon @ 7:55 PM believes that PAS is moderate?

    Wait til the islamic state comes ito being - hudud laws, no khalwat, no takebeer, no gambling, no prostitution, no nightclubs ...........

  9. Anonymous1:14 am

    Former president of Islamic Da’wah Foundation Malaysia (Yadim), Datuk Nakhaie Ahmad, said treatment of non-Muslims must be based on the social contract agreed and pointed out that the government has been too gracious to the community.

    Apa lancau moderation?????
    Btws change ur pic. U look like the devil himself..

  10. Salam Bro,

    1.I do acknowledge what you mean by posting the picture...kudos bro!

    2.I wonder, either it's a true moderate or a false one. Or cross over.

    3.Is there any orthodox Islam and modern Islam? I guess, all by self- expression. And who 'chops' Islam as extremists, islamophobia and so on ? Some nuisance commentators here also said that...

    4.I know that Islam is always moderate all the time. Al Quran is here and there to anybody.

    5.We, humans(?) are always blind and deaf at all the time.

  11. Anon 11:46 PM

    But that is the definition of moderate, or baseline, Islam (exception being no khalwat. It is against sharia laws to spy upon other people's private matters). Extremist Islam would be those who are bombing in the name of God or whatsoever.

  12. Bru, I have practiced and still practicing what the good doctor have been saying for a long while now......moderation and laughter and listening and to be sincere is my way of life and for this matter I have been downsizing people that I believe are not of the above characters!

  13. vinnan9:07 am

    Anon 11:46 PM1.

    Is khalwat good for your sons and daughters? Perhaps your wife and female relatives can get into the khalwat act too. Good wholesome fun being the sexes is no good?

    2. Is drinking till you fall on the ground good? When your sons crash their cars dead drunk killing themselves and causing mayhem is that good for religious freedom? By the way two decades of PAS rule in Kelantan has not resulted in an alcohol ban. Where we see this alcohol ban are actually in strong UMNO areas of Selangor.

    3. Is gambling away your hard earned money for the illusion of becoming wealthy good? By the way this so-called legal gambling companies are the biggest contributor to UMNO's war chest.

    4. Would you want your wife, daughter or any of your female relatives to become prostitutes? Do you want your sons visiting these prostitutes?

    5. What do you think the girls in the nightclubs do with their customers? Perhaps your young daughter should start with being a 'waitress' in the Karaoke lounges first then she can become a real 'pro' in the nightclubs.

    All religions have good things in them, it is time you open your eyes.

  14. Anonymous9:11 am

    If Moderation is the trend to go nowdays, then everyone should "bikin saperti cakap" and ensure that those promoting/walking towards "chaos" is dealt with accordingly.
    Even "all-media" who incite directly or (by posting blogs of others who incite) which create tension on the population/society should be dealt with swiftly.

  15. Skilgannon10669:13 am

    Pak Rocky

    "...if Perkasa turns our (sic) to be half as extreme as Hindraf, I would go after them myself".

    Really, ah?

    What about Ibrahim Ali's threat to mount a "Crusade" against Christians in Malaysia? I didn't see any forthright condemnations of such remarks from you or the other pro-Umno bloggers out there.

    Double standards? Like Hindraf and the DAP are fair game, but Perkasa and Utusan Malaysia and those with a similar mindset are somehow "sacrosanct" and immune from criticisms and sanctions?

    Spare us the doubletalk!

  16. Anonymous10:10 am

    Islam is already moderate. That's why you could find term wasatiyyah.

  17. Anonymous10:40 am

    You must walk the talk not just talk the talk. You are well on your way to becoming a grade a hypocrite with such postings when your next one implicitly supports perkasa or utusan. Seriuously, what pipe are u smoking from?

  18. Anonymous10:50 am

    Another sickening joke by ball licking Latuk.

  19. funny la anon 7.55, pas moderation has been well received by non-muslims? since when? is it since pas sold their long-life political agenda of islamic state to dap? that's a good one..

    what kind of moderation are public cursing and apostating fellow muslim?

    fyi, pas pretended to be moderate simply to win votes of non-muslim and spitting the sky by befriending racist dap after apostating umno for their entire life for partnering with mca and mic.

  20. Anonymous11:28 am


    No one force you to buy UTUSAN, so why all the noises?

    If you don't read how you know what is written inside..

    Or you ebelidei PEEPING or? Haiyaaa, lu olang beli bisibodi wan like that!



  21. Anonymous11:43 am

    Old Fart,

    why your eyes like that wan?..

    How many Chinese Associations in Malaysia today you got count or not?

    Go check their memberships list, got Malay name listed inside or not?
    Dough wan to include Arwah Khir's lompat celop "claimed Malay" son Okay.

    Last time PNB Saham this and that were opened for BUMI's only and when opened for non-BUMIs, the shares were snapped up like goreng pisang.

    So now you aloso teringgin want to join PERKASA oloso or? is that what all the noise about?


  22. Anonymous1:17 pm

    I was jogging in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam last weekend...elite Malays' enclave...I saw China man walking the dog...NOT A SINGLE MALAY PROTEST...perhaps Bukit Jelutong is full to brim with PAS and PKR sleepers......

    Salleh Telegu

  23. Very Suprise Local UMNO-BN controlled media lack reporting of ATROCITIES of Syrian Army genocide killing own people and Gadaffi Libya Ordering Killing and Raping people in MISRATA,,, These are Islam Muafik Leaders Doing the Things we of Bumi Non Malays CANNOT tolerate....How come Muslim so scare to come out in Malaysia against these ATROCITIES..... If its Isreal or Palestine ...already on the streets in front of USA embassy?? Muslim in Malaysia TOO MODERATE or TOO BIAS?? Or is the media trying to promote their version of Munafik Islam and try to dumb down Malaysian Muslim?? Siapa Hina Islam Sekarang Kat Libya dan Syria?? Jangan ingat Allah Buta dan Pekak!! Amaran to Munafik Islam...other religion/culture will show the way!!

  24. Anonymous4:20 pm

    UMNO has been very moderate. Until some bastards threw stones at the hornets nest. And now you say the malays are racists. Pigs head have been thrown at mosques. And you expect the Malays to keep quiet? Just wait and see.

  25. Anonymous4:58 pm

    Utusan has been moderate long enough. Until one of you bastards threw a pigs head into a mosque. Enough is enough. Now you have to face the consequences.

  26. Malaysia has been a model of moderation, since Najib's dad took decisive steps to join the Non-Aligned Movement, and further strengthened by Dr Mahathir's innovative Look East polcy.

    I though Najib address at Oxford was meant more for Britain and the West who are leading the NATO intervention in Libya and the killing of Obama without trial.

    Not that the point is not valid for the Islamic world. The extremism in Islam is provoked by the West's extremism and are they not claiming to be the leaders of the of world? Shouldn't they be the target of his lesson in moderation?

  27. Anonymous9:36 pm

    PERKASA is the best n most MODERATE. OH PERKASA LAH

  28. Anonymous9:49 pm

    DAP is moderate.

    That statement above is the biggest joke in the world.

    Happy Father, Son, Daughter In Law moderation day!

  29. Bro, But you see, Hindraf are not exactly Hindu extremists are they? Their source of their motivation is not exactly their holy book. They are not exactly on a ketuanan Hindraf or Hindu bandwagon nor are they talking from any self-elevated bigoted trip they might be on. Like claiming be to be one up on another. Hindu extremists would be something like BJP in India. Here they look at themselves as a victimised downtrodden lot who they think they can help by their prodding and whatever else.

    And no. I did not walk with them. And no, I am no supporter of Hindraf either.

    I would go further and suggest that about the only ones who are known to act in a bigoted way and to whom moderation or extremism might apply in this country would be, I am afraid, Christians and Muslims. However, the Christian extremism is usually reserved for viewing only amongst the Christians themselves although some put themselves on show for all to see. But except maybe for rare occasions, they rarely impose themselves on non-Christians. As for Muslims, well you know la.

  30. Taikotai12:57 am

    Alloo Latu Blu!

    Woi..woi..lilek la..apa lu olang gadoh..wa talak paham maa..ini negala manyak sinang cali makan..gadoh kuat talak ..pilang talak..itu sulah kila manyak baik oo..kalu lu olang talak puat olang lamai-lamai pigi dudok sana Indonesia atau India..wa buleh angkat wa punya sidala sana Tiongkok mali sini cali makan..nyangan malah aa..piss no war!!

  31. Anonymous2:06 am

    Fcuk all religion, have a beer & chill...

    That's moderation !

    No? then enlightened me !

  32. Anonymous2:09 am

    Religious Moderation vs Vibrator.

    Which give u an orgasm ?

  33. Moderate Islam protest when Isreal strike Palestine but NOT when Syria Regime Strike and Kills hundred of their own citizens or Libya Gaddafi Strike and Rape their own muslim citizen. Incidently Gadaffi gafe Tun Dr, M a Peace Prize....Wonder if Tun is well enough to give it back?? Or is this the Islam we have in Malaysia....MUNAFIK type?? Malaysian of Non Islam religion should start protest at Syria and Libya Embassy in KL to show their GENOCIDE to their citizen like in Bosnia is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!

  34. Anonymous9:27 am

    "If Perkasa turns our to be half as extreme as Hindraf, I would go after them myself."

    you'll go after them the day your paymasters tell you to. pawn

  35. Anonymous12:06 pm

    Utusan beli moderate newspaper.
    Islam beli moderate religion.
    Malays beli moderate race
    Laughter beli moderate medicine..

    Old Fart,
    You apa tau?
    you don't read Utusan,
    you are not a Muslim and
    you are definitely not a Malay

    You only know how to kentut!



  36. Seolferwulf6:31 pm

    Anon 4:28 PM

    Thus speaks the voice of frustrated marginalization. Nothing "moderate" there.

    The same voice will be silent when US Navy ships make calls at Port Klang!

    Berani betul orang ini against the minorities. Tapi, when the real big gorillas are in town, all is wonderfully quiet.

    Big yellow stripes there, boy!

  37. Skilgannon10667:25 pm

    Moderation, eh?

    So, why disperse a demonstration by Shia Muslims?

    Aren't they too entitled to freedom of speech and freedom of religion?

    Score one for secular societies!

  38. Mustapha Ong5:31 pm

    To all those believers and unbelievers alike: GOD created all religions in order to test the faith of our human race from Day One. All religions are moderate in both theory and practice. It is only the extremism in all practitioners that had deviated from the true teachings dawn upon us by God Almighty.

    PM Najib is not only advocating "Islamic Moderation" to the global community but also sending a strong message to our own Islamic extremists, like Ibrahim Ali who has created another barrier between the Muslims and Christians as per expression of his recent media statement.

    I agreed with Minister Hishammuddin that Ibrahim Ali does not represent the Malaysian Muslim community, but at least Ibrahim should have been taken to task by the authority. I hope the minister will respond to this call for immediate action against anyone who take the law into their own hands and incite hatred based on one's religious belief.


  39. moderate=rasional9:35 pm

    Moderation in religion means not believing the literal words of the bible or Koran.

    These are ancient scriptures of ancient tribes in Arab and Jewish land.

    Heaven or hell are contrived by buddhist or hindus alike.

    If the hindus are in power they would banned the slaugther of cows! Can you imagine people praying to a cow. Yes because of extreme poverty a cow is a source of life then.

    And buddhist easily come back in karma chameleon fashion with a sinless existence in sexual matters.

    So scientific thinking not scientology, will debunk many of this ancient arab and jews myths. They have served the Romans and Arabs well.

    They plundered the world in the name of Jesus and Christian Kingdom killing natives american, new zealand and australia not to mention Indians and chinese.

    So be moderate and be rational.

  40. odlfartignoramus6:15 pm

    However, the Christian extremism is usually reserved for viewing only amongst the Christians themselves although some put themselves on show for all to see. But except maybe for rare occasions, they rarely impose themselves on non-Christians. As for Muslims, well you know la.

    10:29 PM

    Old Fart, you obviously dont know your history.

    The Christians rarely imposed themselves on non-Christians haha..muahaha lol you are an ignoramus.

    The Christians burned non believers in europe.

    They belive the King and Queen is from God. The Pope and Monarchy taxed the believers and non believers.

    The Christians killed the native of American, Aztec etc. All in the name of Jesus Christ.

    Man are you dumbo.

    They dont try to impose now because the europeans don t believe the Italians anymore.
    Heaven was in Vaticans hands..hahaha

  41. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Old fart is just an ignomorous pig trapped in his own time warp locked in like the day his forefather arrived here in tongkang trailing the Brits..this pigbrain where know anything about religion they embrace worse when talking about others..they just whore themselves with relegion to scavenge for opportunity from their master.

    Licking the White Christian ass like what his forefather done best..

    What else to expect coming from that dumbo pigbrain..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-