Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spanking the monkeys in TBH's Inquiry

“The lawyers representing them should have advised them against the withdrawal but it appears they did not act in the best interest of their clients."
- Associate Professor Dr Johan Shamsuddin of the Faculty of Law (University of Malaya) on the decision by the Teoh Beng Hock family to withdraw from participating in the RCI (just before the Selangor government also pulled out)

WATCH OUT, MONKEYS! Malaysia's early bloggers include one Dave Avran of Spanking DA Monkey, a gila-gila writer who poked fun at anything that could be spanked to bring a smile and laughter to his readers, yours truly included. These days, Dave Avran seems more circumspect. His latest posting on the "drama" preceding the Teoh Beng Hock's Royal Commission of Inquiry reflects the concern of a growing number of Malaysians about where it's really going
"Hopefully, the drama will cease and the RCI be allowed to do its job. It’s got the mandate from the King and it has to deliver answers to the public and media, to you and to me by April 2011.
Expect more spanking from this veteran blogger. Read his appetizer here.


  1. Hmmm..just wondering whose interest the family lawyer is representing, really?

  2. What happened to the "JUSTICE for TBH" , has it now been changed to Politics for TBH?
    The DAP goons should be ashamed of themselves and the brand of cheap politics they play.
    Being trained lawyers who are deemed to the best in their field, its a big blow to their credibility and that of lawyer/politicians in general.
    Whose interest is in your heart when you appear in the RCI?
    Listen to your heart and don't commit suicide if at all conscience reaches you.

  3. The findings and recommendations actions of TWO previous RCI's - ICPMC and Lingamgate - have been completely ignored by Najib and his (wooden) Cabinet, especially Home Minister Kerismidin, thus badly insulting our King.

    Nazri has given lame excuses in Parliament that they are still looking for witnesses in Lingamgate even though witnesses at the RCI tore to shreds an ex-CJ's and Lingam's credibility.

    Now Najib goes one further in flouting sensible tradition and appoints a sitting judge to lead the TBH RCI, assisted by the AG's office. How can such asinine actions give the Rakyat the confidence PM Najib is acting in the best interest of justice?

    It may well be that Justice James Foong will do a good job, but that's not what's being questioned. The independence of the RCI must be established at its inception to secure public confidence. In its absence, anyone would do what TBH's family did - walk away from the RCI beacuse it shows a possible manipulating hand from PM Najib who only expanded the scope of the RCI after much public pressure.

    Therefore, TBH's family's actions are neither politically motivated or manipulated nor are they attempts at insulting the RCI and our King; It's quite the opposite. It's sensible action! You don't associate yourself with a planned whitewash!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  4. Anonymous3:48 pm

    MalaysianInsider sekarang sudah ada auto delete dari pekomen-pekomen yang dia tidak suka. Kalau dulu mungkin komen itu dibaca dulu dan ditentukan sama ada akan di delete atau tidak. Tetapi sekarang terus di delete. Untuk sebuah parti yang katanya inginkan kebebasan bersuara, ia adalah satu tidakan yang hipokrit. Sorrylah rocky, meluahkan perasaan disini sebab komen aku kat MI sudah kena "auto delete", tiada peluang lagi bersuara di sana. Kebebasan bersuara hanya jika sedap didengar oleh telinga mereka. Jika di baca komen di MI, kebanyakkan sebelah pihak saja yang ada, manakan tidak, yang tidak suka didengar sudah kena "auto delete".


  5. Anonymous4:10 pm

  6. Anonymous7:46 pm

    rocky... justice must prevail, the political influence here is a must as of others too in Malaysia...

  7. Anonymous8:57 pm

    bad lawyers giving bad advice. what more do they want?

  8. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Are you really a human when you wrote this piece? Sometimes I do wonder

  9. Salam Datuk,

    Judge/Chairman must recuse,
    PRPC/TBH RCI Withdrawal symptoms.

    Lo(u)yar tactics.

  10. Anonymous10:56 am

    Aiyah! This Professsor must be half-past six( favourite quote from your hero Tun M)!

    All rational Malaysians with any intelect will know that the best legal mind in the country is Mr Karpal Singh.

    That is to say ;'Singh is King!'

  11. Anonymous11:07 am

    troubled minds wants to know
    - who are the monkeys?
    - in what ways the monkeys are spanked?
    - how do you spank 'em in an inquiry.
    - is TBH inquiry more like a circus, and if it does, who got paid and who is paying
    - monkeys = beruk. I do search of the word "beruk" and guess who is the real monkey?
    - are they white monkeys,tanned monkeys or black monkeys
    - why are all the monkeys hair curly? National Geographic said that monkey have straight hairs and only curly at certain parts of the body.

    these question(s) have been troubling me so far. ohhh..mirror mirror on the wall, who is the monkey got spanked on this beautiful land?

  12. Anonymous5:34 pm

    The mother carrying TBH's photo and the sister wailing in public looked so fake to me...

    The end..


  13. Anonymous7:16 pm

    who said that Karpal has the best legal mind in this country must be a moron. Putar alam boleh la....


  14. Anonymous8:45 pm

    Best legal mind? Or best in putau alam?

  15. Anonymous9:23 pm

    Baca your PENDAPAT tak ubah MACAM baca UTUSAN paper,,,,,elok buat kesat TAIK,,!!!!!


  16. Bekah PAH9:48 pm

    anon 10.56 AM

    "All rational Malaysians with any intelect (sic) will know that the best legal mind in the country is Mr Karpal Singh."

    If that's the measure, I would rather be called irrational without any intellect.

    Singh, the best legal mind? Yup after saying Anwar mesti bertaubat and he believes Anwar is a sodomite, turn around and defend Anwar. Yeah, I forgot, Singh likes to turn around. The other round is better for Singh.

  17. Anonymous10:38 pm

    By agreeing to the RCI, what was once gossiped could now well turn to be a forceful investigation, namely:

    (i) Ronnie Liu's panicky search for TBH's handphone, in so much as breaking down the door of the hospital morgue to get it.

    (ii) The suicide note, once popularly thought to be a hoax but more and more becoming a serious piece of evidence.

    (iii) The late-hour shouting match in Chinese language overheard by Janitor, thought to be between deceased and that Tan Boon fella.

    (iv) Deeper investigations into what was spilled by TBH to the MACC regarding wrongdoings and gangsterisms permeating the DAP, thereby asserting more and more strongly that the party that would be mostly disadvantaged by whistleblower TBH's death is the government.

    (iv) More and more assertive factuals pointing that TBH's fall had nothing to do with any foulplay on the part of MACC and if there ever was, it would strongly point to the DAP and concerned parties.

    The rest are cosmetics, and, as can be seen by that Pundek fella's rantings and ravings, it would be best to pull in some other unrelated issues and phenomena to strengthen points and rally support. Kejap Najib lah. Then Lingam lah. Kerismudin lah. How about Egypt's revolution deyy. Itu tadak masuk sama ini TBH case kaaa Rajoo?

    Talking of support, a most pitiable party would be TBH's immediate family, in particular his "wife that never was" and his DAP-infested sister. For how could they, in all manner of sensibilities, be impartial and open to possibilities of what happened, when allllllllwaaaayysss wherever they go, whichever corner they turn and whatever actions they take, Ronnie Liu and co-horts are allllwaaaysss there --- as if establishing the fact that "See? We are always with you wherever you go. How can we be the guilty party? Those damn MACC Malayus are the culprits maaaa...".

    I remember a Doonesbury cartoon once where O.J. Simpson knocked on the door of a neighbour and upon opening it and seeing the Juice there, the neighbour pointed a finger and shouted, "MURDERER!!!!"

    O.J. simply turned round, fazed, and equally exclaimed, "Where???".

    I told you. That Gobind Singh fellow already look like Johnny Cochran.

    Without the glasses, that is.

    Mallot's Bane

  18. Anonymous7:38 am

    It's as simple as ABC.

    They simply want to throw a spanner in the works for political mileage.

    Now they will go around shouting injustice blablabla.

    The walkout is just an excuse to create another ruckus, the political slogan and symbol of so called justice bearers.

    By the way, how come the last person to see TBH alive and gave such contradictory statements was not grilled?


  19. Anonymous11:10 am

    Anon 10.56am,

    Best legal mind or best 'auta' mind?

  20. Anonymous1:41 pm

    What are those monkeys really want? They want justice for TBH what about justice to the Rakyat? Really wasting the Rakyat's money and time.

  21. Kalinda3:08 pm

    Honestly? Ive gone from sympathetic to irritated with this TBH case. Enough is enough.Even the family members are giving Oscar winning performances now. They asked for the RCI and now they're walking out? Do we need this? I'm bored....

  22. Anonymous4:32 pm

    It's quite sad to see the comments from Donplaypuks. As usual, with pro-opposition people, they can't see the forest for the trees.

    As was mentioned in the RCI, there is legal precedence for a sitting judge to head the commission. Lord Laws of the UK have done it before. There is nothing wrong with James Foong leading the commission.

    As for his statement that the PM only expanded RCI powers after much public pressure, while this is true, there was no need for him to do that. In actual fact, RCIs (or rather CIs, since there are, in fact, no such things as RCIs in Malaysia) don't have the powers of investigation. RCI members are not police or any security agency and so do not have power to investigate. That the PM asked the King's permission to include cause of death in the RCI's terms, therefore, is a first.

    DPP's opening argument that the previous RCIs' recommendations are being ignored should have nothing to do with the present one. So they are being ignored. Does this mean we stop having RCIs altogether? Why call for the RCI into the TBH case then?

    The same goes for the Teoh family. Why call for the RCI then walk out? Even if you are upset, why throw away the chance of speaking your piece?

    This is obviously a ploy by Karpal and Son for political mileage. There can be no other reason. I fear the Teoh family is being led astray.

    I do agree, however, with Karpal that the RCI should be suspended until after the High Court appeal for a revision of the Coroner's Inquiry is decided. However, this is probably not the decision the the RCI can make. I believe the PM should call a halt, with the King's permission of course, to proceedings until such a time.

    Still, this is no reason for the family to walk out. The RCI will continue, and as I said earlier, the family has lost the opportunity to say their piece.

    And before DPP and other pro-opposition people out there start saying I am a "typical pro-BN loser" or something to that effect, let me say I am not. I prefer to vote my conscious, which means I vote for the best candidate, and not party, as far as possible.


  23. Anonymous12:27 am

    Someone died. You've long lost any sense of decency rocky, but courtesy too?
    Perwira, I think you are fake. I think you are a small man with small balls hiding behind a big name.

  24. Anonymous9:03 am

    Hello PUNDEK, kalau dah tak suka baca blog nie atau Utusan, kenapa baca? Bodoh punya PUNDEK. Kau baca Harakah lebih baik, lepas tu buat kesat TAIK Nik Najis.

    Kalau komen begini kepada pihak pembangkang, awal2 lagi dah kena delete. Mana yang dicakapkan kebebasan bersuara?


  25. Bunnies10:31 am

    Please la.. for those who think that the lawyers for TBH's family didnt act in their interest.. Please la!!! Be fair la.. cant you people see the circus set up of this Royal Commission?

    If I am TBH's family member, I too will walk out of this RC!

  26. Anonymous1:28 pm

    People are not naive. As if sitting judges or serving officers cannot be intimidated in a kangaroo court?
    If the family can see the direction the inquiry is going and also how the AG is pushing for a retrial, might as well give up and walk away!

  27. Anon 4.32 pm

    Well commented.

    I am in agreement with almost all of your views.

    But lets visit the AG application for revision of the CI verdict to the High Court scenario.

    1) The High Court upholds the CI Open Verdict

    The RCI is significant. New evidence cannot be discounted,in the RCI, to effect the Open Verdict.

    2) High Court decides either suicide or homicide

    The findings of the RCI will assist either parties in appealing that High Court decision.

    Here is another moot point. If the AG could apply for a revision of the CI verdict, why didn't the TBH family do the same? That is, if it was within their (the TBH family) right to do so.

    Karpal and Co has given the AG action for going ahead of the application, as a reason for withdrawing from the RCI.

    Karpal, by not taking the course of action to revise the CI verdict (as the AG did) and instead demanding the AG action halted, both seem to be inexpedient.

    Simple reason being, the High Court might decide homicide to be the cause of death or conversely determine their next course action, if to the contrary.

    Therefore, the RCI and the application by the AG, running concurrently, is actually to the benefit of TBH family.

    Anyhow, the RCI findings and the High Court decision are not the final legal avenues available to the TBH family.

  28. Anonymous5:57 pm

    One day... I am going to push you down the building.....and your family will be satisfy to conclude that you have SUICIDAL tendency....

  29. Anonymous8:21 pm

    Everything the govt does is wrong. So dont stay here anymore lah. Pack your things and get lost and dont come back. Lousy country so why stay here? get lost. Dont wait anymore. Get lost NOW.

  30. Anonymous11:45 pm

    Anonymous 2:27 AM

    When JF Kennedy was shot, I will always remember how his little son stood by and gave the farewell salute as the coffin was taken away..

    He was then just a small boy, with tiny balls.

    I hope RCI check thoroughly and dig the backgrounds and the ways of life of these people around mendiang TBH, macam ada yang tak kena nih?

    PERWIRA with small balls..

  31. Anonymous3:19 am

    Anonymous 1:28 PM said...

    ...might as well give up and walk away!

    Last 50yrs, many did the same from beyond the shores of Malaya,

    Not confident of the systems in their very own country, many did not walk away instead sneaked in Tongkangs and sailed away...Some even paid the Snakeheads to help them flee...

    So these same breed of people will FOLLOW THE SAME TREND where ever they go. Not confident of the system THIS TIME, in this country pulak, AGAIN, JUST WALK AWAY..

    And their cycle continues and these very people will then self proclaimed themselves of having HUGE BALLS and others having no balls!!

    Eh eh...terbalik pulak



  32. Anonymous9:19 am

    You know what TBH's family want?
    it is not justice but $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$......Najib should just compensate them few millions and I'm sure it will keep their monkey attitude quiet. Justice my ass!!!

  33. Najib says they have politicised the matter.

    Hasn't politicisation been Pakatan's strategy all the time? Why accede to a Royal commission ? Because we didnt do a good job of keeping politics out of the coroner's inquiry?

    Who were those in contact with Teoh before his fall? How true is it that the DAP is a cesspool of gansterism, true to it's PAP lineage?

    Najib could have better countered their moves with '50 Reasons Why TBH Case Was Politicised."

  34. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Looks like TBH family will only be satisfied and accept a finding to their liking. To them anything else is a set up or conspiracy. So why dont they just tell us the verdict they're looking for? And we can just say "ok, have it your way, case closed"- no need for RCI. Why waste public time and money pandering to this family's whim (and their political hangers on)?

  35. Taikotai3:53 pm

    Alloo Latuk Blu,

    Haiiyaa..ini Teoh punya kes bulum silesei lagi ka? Itu semayang antu pun sulah lama silesei maa..Ini manyak selupa Cina cakap "Nang boti nang..kui boti kui". Apasat lia mati satu olang dalam ini Malaysia talak buleh kasi tau ka?? olang mutut-mutut "Nang boti nang..kui boti kui"! Oehlah..wa choww dulu aa..

  36. Anonymous4:10 pm

    Agree. What TBH family wants is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    How long do they want to drag this case? Why not let the soul rest in peace? Berapa kali mau gali itu kubur?

  37. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Freddie Kevin,

    Thank you for pointing that out. I am no lawyer, so it was good to see your opinion. We learn something new everyday eh?

    I would also like to say that I think people should stop attacking TBH's family. It's not easy to lose a family member, let alone when it is such a sudden thing. It doesn't matter whether it is suicide, murder or just plain death by misadventure.

    What I do believe, however, is that they are being led down the wrong path. They are innocent in this and getting bad advice from people who don't have their true welfare at heart.

    My belief. Anyone else can have their own opinions.


  38. Polis Maya9:49 pm

    Anon 5.57 PM,

    I believe you understand the repercussion of your posting. It's mounting to a death threat. Watch out!

  39. Anonymous12:41 am

    I think we(malaysian/government) are just wasting our time and money handling TBH case..

    Actually, everyone already know the cause of TBH death. Either sucide or was killed.

    Lets talk one by one :

    1) Suicide - there is a possibility because he was under pressure (not under pressure by MACC but by someone.. (I think everyone knows). TBH is a main witness for MACC. He is the one who are going to reaveal the wrong doing of his boss.

    2) He was killed - Do you think who have kill him? MACC? I don't think so because MACC is so eager to know and to get more information from TBH regarding the wrong doing of his boss. So, is it his boss kill him? There is a possibility because he don't want the information that TBH have are given to MACC.

    I just want to ask everyone here,
    If you think MACC or government are responsible for the death of TBH, how you explained that???

  40. Anonymous1:59 pm

    As an alternative view, pls read what Prof Azmi Sharom wrote in the Star today (24 Feb). Then you will appreciate why TBH's family and Selangor govt withdrew. What's the point of taking part in a football competition if you the know the referee is not going to be impartial?

    azmi sorong

  41. Anonymous12:15 am

    TBH family wants blood, they will not satisfied until someone else died. They don't want justice! because if they want justice, they should ask the first question that is motive, what is the motive of MACC to throw TBH if they did? It will not benefit MACC at all. On the other hand, it will benefit DAP if TBH died, since TBH is under investigation for corruption in DAP. The best thing TBH family should do is to get a neutral lawyer to represent them. Karpal as a DAP politician have a political interest in TBH case. The best action TBH family should take is to drop Karpal Singh from representing them.

  42. Anonymous5:44 pm

    azmi sorong

    So TBH family only want referee of their choice? How convenient. Can this right be extended to the rest of the Malaysian public too? Dont waste anymore time on this sickening family.

  43. Anonymous10:20 pm

    If TBH family really care they should just let hin rest in peace abd look after his "baby"

    and oh ... his never married wife

  44. Anonymous1:52 am

    wah senangnye you all kutuk his family. dont worry about impartial referree laa, forget his death and jaga baby laa, stop buat kacau etc etc laa,

    have you lost a son in the same circumstance? if this was a VVIP eg ex-PM's son or something, things would be very different. but why should it be any different? why should anyone tolerate that difference?

    oh, for those that do assume, not everyone who sympathizes with TBHs family is an anwar fan.

    aiyo why so narrow?

  45. Anonymous1:15 pm

    The government is really bending backwards with this case. If this had occured in Singapore lky would say 'case close'. Or any other government.

  46. Anonymous9:19 pm

    To Azmi Sorong,

    Perhaps you should read Prof Azmi Sharom's piece again. He never said there was bias, or as you put it, the referee is not going to be impartial. The crux of the matter is that he said the entire thing should be also seen to be impeccable.

    I see his point there, but I still stand by my point that the family only loses out should they withdraw. Now they don't have any say in the RCI. How does that help them?

    Do they have a right to withdraw? Of course they do. Do they have a reason to withdraw? Sure, if they think they will not get a fair case.

    But do they do themselves any favours by withdrawing? Not at all. Not a damn bit. Because now, they don't have locus standi.

    So it all boils down, again, to the fact that I believe this to be a cheap publicity stunt for their lawyers, who happen to be politicians.

    Prof Azmi, I believe, has written a sound article from a legal standpoint. I fear, however, he does not understand the possible political undertones behind the advice from their lawyers to withdraw.