Friday, January 14, 2011

Who's Guan Eng trying to bull??

Contrary to what Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng might think, you can't bullshit all Malaysians all the time.

Read SatD's simple analysis on Penang's REAL economic performance. You'll find a state government that shamelessly tries to take credit from other people's (the Federal government's) hard work, a chief executive who must think that he can fool everyone all the time, and a state that is heading for trouble ...

No shit. Read it H E R E.


  1. yap LGE is rubbish, crap

    Given BN a chance to rule the state I am sure Penang would be a Pearl of Oriental, since they will have the full support from Federal and no sabotage from the administration.

    Given BN a chance to rule the state, Penang people would have enjoyed lot more benefit, growth, more foreign investment....

    If only BN had the chance to rule Penang...

  2. Anonymous1:10 am

    Cakap apa pun kat geng PR ni tak akan bawa kesan, mereka tetap akan angap ini usaha untuk mengotorkan reputasi "tuhan" mereka.

  3. Anonymous3:27 am

    he does not have the look of a CEO, more like apek jual buah buahan ditepi jalan

  4. Jango Ang3:38 am

    Guan Eng is not trying to bullshit. The real bullshiters are Umno arselickers and bloggers. My idol Monsterball will expatiate upon it. We have had enough of Umno lies. We cant take it any more. Understand?

  5. Salam Dato,

    1.Oye!..oye!..oye!.. None other than hypocrisy.

    2.Financial Bulldoze Effects on Sheer Bullshit! Mungkin Dasar Ekonomi Baru dari Tuan LGE.I could not understand more.

    3.In constructions term we call it 'cast-in-situ'.True technical term.
    (Pure Shiite dah tuang konkrit ikut spesifikasi maa...wa bace saje)

    4.Sultan Kedah pun dah murka - lapor bloggers yang ada sahih berita...LGE economic trade in..

  6. Anonymous5:24 am

    People like me from Penang know the truth, we have finally found a true CM and the most competent leader to head our state. If you go to the ground the common people will tell you that just in a few short years they feel the difference what LGE team is able to bring to us which we have been missing under the BN government.

    BN is trying hard to run LGE down, what BN did not know is that the more you try the more we people in Penang hate you.

  7. hi need to join the group out to belittle Lim Guan Eng.
    Najib have no more faith in Gerakan and sending MCA sex man Chua Soi Lek to handle LGE.
    And not one UMNO leaders dare to predict Penang will return to BN by 13th GE.
    So you want to try take votes away from the mighty DAP in Penang?
    It is long overdue and you can bet your last Ringgit..Lim Guan Eng will be Chief Minster of Penang...for a long long time.
    I win RM10..loose RM100 to bet with you..come 13th GE...Penang will still be DAP's.
    Any takers?...first come first serve...while
    "stock" last......hahahahahaha

  8. Anonymous7:05 am

    Who's Guan Eng Trying to bull
    1. the same people Gerakan has been bull "ing"
    2. the same people who like to be bull "ed" by different political party. Penang voters are sadist bunch, eh?
    3. those being bull "ed" actually like being bull "ed", so what's the problem?
    4. weirdly, those voters in penang are the most religious and most expert in business.. eg Paris hilton boyfriend and nik aziz the ulama followers.
    5. those that guan eng bull "ed" has already gone back to india. That's why the bull"ed" worked.

  9. Anonymous9:21 am

    Who is pure shite? He is shit anyway......Do you really believe this guy? Come on.... Anyone can write and spin man!
    You were lucky THAT RICE FELLOW MANAGED TO BUY HIS WAY OUT! So its the same , you lose nothing when you twist just like that old hag Ulmi yearning for limeight from her turn on on Anwar.!After so many years of masturbating her mind she is still obsessed with him!Why??
    Nah! Guan Eng has more credibility than you guys .WHY/ YOU BLOGGERS SOLD YOUR SOUL TO THE DEVIL !At the end of the day you went back begging for a job....Yesserie my Master!!!!

  10. Anonymous9:24 am

    BN propoganda.

  11. Guan Eng again. What else can we expect from an ex-convict who was sent to jail for spreading false news and sedition.

  12. Ahmad Ismail was ostracised for mentioning a historical fact but Chinese kept quiet when Ng Wei Aik call mamak to return.

    Mamak are here way before Chinky come to Nusantara Melayu.

    Why are the Chinese not seeking Ng to be reprimand? Does that not show Chinese as the true racist race!!!????

    Why is Guan Eng refusing to answer to press on Ng? Isnt he defending a racist?

    What cock bull about being twisted and asking for written question?

    He did not answer the written question given by TV3.

    Anyone interested to follow PRK Tenang can come to our blog.

    Mintak link fellow bloggers. Inform us and we will link back.

  13. Anti Monsterball10:44 am


    your racist true self is showing its ugly color.

    if you need to spin, at least acknowledge what is fact is fact and take the fact to spin into consideration.

    if you got anything more useful to say in this world, you should meet the maker.

    monsterball must die!!!

  14. Bro, looks like this post is being invaded by DAP Guan Eng fanboys, whores and arselickers (monsterball not included, he is in his own category in his own vacuumlah), they sure sound angry that their God of Myths is being exposed.

    I find Anon 9:21am the most hillarious, ya kill the messenger attack, so outdated.

  15. Anonymous11:05 am

    it is a shame that most of the people in HUMNO like to champion on subject that they have no knowledge, look at kinzal merican, the mamak fellow a million dollar man at his young age...(just because hadari sleeping pm was a friend of his father) where did he get the wealth. i guess ini lah pencuri level 4, zaman kaki tidor jadi PM al hadari. this people do NOT fear GOD, their prayers just a show off to mislead the general public

  16. Hi ROCKY (sorry, I mean Dato'),

    No doubt LGE is doing a good job as CM but I don't think she should take credit for achievements of which is done by him & his party. What's the point, right???

    As a CM, he should instead concentrate on doing what's BEST for Penang & Penangites. Going around telling people he had achieved this & that and more shamefully taking credit when he doesn't even deserve is certainly NOT something a CM should do.

    Performing well is COMPULSORY for him as a CM & I don't see the need for LGE to go around blowing horns about his so-called ACHIEVEMENTS.

    Blowing horns & trumpets serenading tunes of achievements is NOT something CM are made to do. They are supposed to PERFORM, PERFORM & PERFORM via actions & NOT talking.

  17. I am so sorry for "eddy" ..who must be a small boy talking cock about Lim Guan Eng.
    He needs to check his facts. your heart out...eddy...ex convict is now CM of Penang......and my bet is open to you too.

  18. Anonymous11:26 am

    With Ostrich Koh at the helm, there is no way BN is going to win back Penang.

    The guy is treated with total contempt by Penangites.

  19. The Penquin11:32 am

    To me I am not too interested in all those confusing figures and charts. Never understand them. But I do 'visually' see and feel that Penang is moving forward while the state has bee rather 'stagnant' before LGE took over the administration. That to me, is what really matters.

  20. Who is Rocky trying to bull in continuing to pretend he is impartial !

  21. Anonymous11:55 am

    Well, I was bulled by this Ah Beng once upon a time in mid 1990s ... but I know not to trust DAP/PR leaders - in Penang or PJ - ever again!

  22. Anonymous12:16 pm

    uiks...?apa yang kita perlukan hujjah yang berfakta dari PR supporters...bukan hu ha hu ha..apa da..

  23. najib manaukau12:16 pm

    Surely everyone has heard of 'Like father like son',
    he must learnt from his old man how to bark like a rabid mad dog !

  24. Anonymous1:05 pm

    This racist thinks he can be the Lee Con You of Penang.

    Malays who support this ah pek must be those ungrateful idiots.

    Those malays that supported this ah pek should live in Singapore and taste the life of a minority...then come back and get their head examine.

  25. Anonymous1:20 pm

    To EDDY: Wish that young underage
    Malay girl was your OWN sister, then you will know how it feels

    To ENG HUI: Well, BN had 18 years
    under KTK. See what happens then. Misappropriation of state resources can fill an encyclopedia. They had their chance, too bad! To give them, I must be a 'fcuking idiot'

  26. charleskiwi1:30 pm

    Just like shenanigan Mahathir he too has children that speak like him, talk rubbish all the time like him and above all love money just like him.
    So don't expect a lion from a mad dog LKS , it is high time the opposition party look at an overhaul of the present leadership like lusty Anwar and mad dog LKS if they want to topple the corrupted Morons in Umno. They are only good at dressing themselves up daily like they are going to a state gala dinner with colourful handkerchief in the pocket of their suits, Why are they not habitually dressed in the baju Melayu instead as stated by Umno to be regarded as a Malay ? How often do you see the Umno ministers dressed in baju Melayu ?
    When I went on a tour to the Pacific countries everywhere their leaders go to they are always dressed in their national attires ?

  27. fucking bullshit kaninabou cibai to all you cyber losers...

    I would like to hear a rebuttal of this so call "spin"

    Data is data la bodoh.....anyone with a better data with the highest referential integrity that can counter my post....please come forward.

    I'm only using Ahbeng own references where he mentions the Auditor General what you are seeing is the data he is quoting.

    Fucking losers...tak tahu nak argue tapi kecoh sekampung....bangang nak mampus all this PR supporters...

    I'm in d mood.....

    Come over to my blog for some cyber pelempang session kalau lu AhBengs semua berani...

  28. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Hahaha....the usual BN bullshit....but the rakyat knows better. Go to the grassroots, Latuk, and find out if the people think otherwise.

    BN will never have a chance to win back Penang. Even the mamaks have decided that it is easier to support LGE than to go against him. The ones trying to undermine LGE are not from Penang - they are sitting in KL, smoking their cheeroots under the rambutan tree.


  29. Anonymous2:59 pm

    How much UMNO paid you to put up this article where the shit you attempt to throw at LGE hit the fan and fall back on you and UMNO?

    I can recommend one good target for your shit - MONSTERBALL

  30. Anonymous3:08 pm

    Oh if that is bullshit
    The crime rate has gone down now must be a fact.

    Including less cars being stolen!!

    Rocky's getting old he needs to retire. Better stay home and take care of your car cause crime rate down by 16%.

    He can't take no punches anymo.

    Lim Kuan Eng

  31. Anonymous3:29 pm

    He's just a person who likes to show off.He's better than anyone else,he's smarter than anyone else..etc..etc..Maybe in penang you can show off la LGE!But try federal?Even Anwar also get roasted!Yup,maybe in the coming GE he's still be there in Penang but please dont try to hide behind your so call CAT govt la..
    like one Malay provebs say 'diam-diam kucing,tapi kalau berak berbau juga'..hah!try figure...

  32. Ok you guys hear SatD. Go to his blog and argue your case properly. Cheers.

  33. Anonymous4:13 pm

    It is rather odd that why both EngHui and Eddy who are UMNOputra try hide their identity using a Chinese and a Christian name?

  34. Anonymous4:39 pm

    Where can these guys argue properly.
    When confronted with facts figures & truth , they become dumbstruck.
    Now lets call on their Economic adviser Tony Pua.
    Jawab la...cino kopet goblog..


  35. Skilgannon10665:20 pm


    How many of the states in Malaysia are running budget surpluses instead of chronic budget deficits?

    I am surprised that you don't praise the state governments that have the gumption to try and get their finances under control and to balance their books!

    It seems to be symptomatic of a generally feckless attitude towards financial constraints and realities plus a resolute refusal to believe that there's no such thing as a free lunch and that nobody owes you a living.

    Unless, of course, you can rely on the likes of a Petronas to stump up 40 per cent of your revenues?

  36. Anonymous5:55 pm

    The reason why many Apeks infesting Rocky's blog think Apek Lim and DAP will continue to rule Penang for a long-long time, simply because, the Lim Apek favors the chinese, which is the majority in Penang, nothing else. It's the pro-business policy (read pro-chinese). It's a racist policy in disguise.

    I second suggestion for Kedah to take back Penang, to avoid another Singaporking of a Malay Island.

  37. Bukan Mata Sepet Maaa6:06 pm

    The blind and hypocrite penguin said:
    "But I do 'visually' see and feel that Penang is moving forward while the state has bee rather 'stagnant' before LGE took over the administration."

    Penguin, you are not only blind but most disastrous is hypocrite, a typical of DAPigs.

    Is it not Lim Guan Eng and his Papa Lim Kesian, who proclaimed the great services and contribution of the late Dr.Chong Eu to Penang's development. When Dr Chong Eu was the CM, Lim Kesian rubbished all his efforts. That's hyprocrite!

  38. why no one has rebutted SatD's case properly...aren't these DAP supporters supposed to be buttheads???rebutt lah cepat

  39. Smart ass Anon 10.44am...I must die...that is for sure.
    The point is when.
    You must die too..and that is a must too.
    The point is how old are you and can you catch up to live as long as me.
    A good Muslim never wishes anyone to die.
    It shows you are a devil in disguise...not a good Muslim at mamak.
    Talk big under Anon to insult me.....where got balls.
    Tetap lawan tetap. Hetam tetap hetam sampai 13th GE.
    U boleh tahan tak?

  40. Anonymous7:34 pm

    If UMNO CM are half like LGE this country won't go down that far. Shit! get a life, who need a tongkat if your CM is LGE?

  41. Anonymous7:47 pm

    Monsterball the small cock monster with unwashed ass. I know him. He's been a closet gay since high school.

    If you don't believe me just read his comments and you will find a tinge of gayishness all the time.

    He goes by Monsterball cause he used to brag that he got big balls, but what he didn ot say was he got small cock. really tiny.

    He also has a crush on Guan Eng, says he has a cute smile.

  42. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Hey Rocky

    It's glaringly OBVIOUS that barking dogs seldom bite

    empty vessels make he most noise eg monsterball

    the other noisy cybertroopers are too gullible/brainwashed to debate with SatD

    for a Malaccan to be parachuted to penang, what can you expect except hogwash

  43. Anonymous10:08 pm


    satD opened his challenges with profanities and you allowed his post ?

    A person where his grandfather will rightly called him kurang ajar himself !

    Any debate and argument with people like him is a true waste of time.

    To the Penangite, do you really think it matters to us how LGE save money for the state ? He created a surplus and the money was not stolen from the people ! In fact we Penangite can see how limited resources he got and how he spend it well on the PEOPLE and the STATE !

    By the way, when you willingly allow comments with loads of profanities to get through, reflect badly upon you yourself too....

  44. btw ...lets see a BIPARTISAN REPORT....

    For the second year running, Penang’s state government and civil service has won praise from Auditor-General Tan Sri Ambrin Buang, having delivered excellent management and financial performance.

    This was reflected in the recently released National Audit Report 2009 (NAR) which looked at the financial performances of the federal government, state governments, statutory bodies, departments, government subsidiaries and specific public projects.

    Of the 13 states, only Penang and Sabah state governments received the coveted “good” rating for prudent financial management.

    For 2009, three Penang state agencies/departments were returned with excellent ratings, namely the Penang Development Corp (PDC), the Penang state financial department and the Barat Daya (South West) land and district office.

    All three excellent units received scores of over 90% while the other 10 departments/agencies were rated “good”.

  45. Anonymous12:29 am

    seriously la.. wat has the fed govt done for pg all these donkey years even when Gerakan was governing PG??

    name me at least 8 major achievements under BN or Gerakan in the last 10 yrs during their reign?? Habuk pun tak nampak...

  46. Chauncey Gardener9:04 am

    One of the most compelling arguments for LGE's financial performance has been given by the country's Auditor General, who gave top marks for Penang for the past 2 years.

    I am not sure if Penang got those accolades in previoius years but surely the Auditor General did not get fooled as intimated by SatD's posting ?

  47. Seolferwulf9:41 am

    satD 1:53 PM

    Ok, let's talk specifics.

    What was the growth in Penang's per capita GDP from 1957-2007, i.e. from Merdeka till before the 2008 General Elections?

    Had the Penang State Govt been running annual budget surpluses or deficits from 1957-2007?

    Why was Penang's free port status taken away by the Federal govt? Did this result in ships
    opting for Singapore's port instead?

    Just the facts, please.

  48. Anonymous10:42 am

    There goes another smart APEK Accountant..

    Alound my brock, this one APEK charge veli cheap to help do UP your accounts, figures, at your own pleasure!

    He beli smart wan will write the accounts backward wan. Flom your imaginary taxable pelopit work up to top wan..

    First question, you determine SENDILI, "HOW MUCH PLOPIT U WAN TO DECLARE wan?" aYOYO must show little bit at least,IRD will not come disturb you..

    So, evely year family can visit uncles in ROC, can go 3weeks holidays scouting for job opportunities in Australia, children monthly tuisyen RM2,500..

    but taxable pelopit show only RM2,000 a year meh! You mayak untung.Beli gud.



  49. Anon wrote,


    satD opened his challenges with profanities and you allowed his post ?

    A person where his grandfather will rightly called him kurang ajar himself !

    Any debate and argument with people like him is a true waste of time.

    To the Penangite, do you really think it matters to us how LGE save money for the state ? He created a surplus and the money was not stolen from the people ! In fact we Penangite can see how limited resources he got and how he spend it well on the PEOPLE and the STATE !

    By the way, when you willingly allow commlents with loads of profanities to get through, reflect badly upon you yourself too....

    10:08 PM"


    Anon, satd resorts to profanities obviously because he is peeved by what he saw as blatant lies told to the people by guan eng re the state's economic performance. If you know that satd's arguments are flawed and leg isn't lying, put forth your facts and figures, and stop talking about someone else's grandpa and calling someone whose intellect you can't handle "kurang ajar, kurang ajar.


  50. Anonymous2:38 pm


    Your blog used to be a highly respectable one in the past UNTIL
    UMNO scumbags like Eddy, Eng Hui and the BIGGEST SCUMBAG of all, MONSTERBALL, post their shit. All they do is refer to some minor point in postings and throw shit at each other and the trend of the discussion is lost! That idiot monsterball used to post a lot of shit everywhere in cyberspace and got kicked out of the blogs one by one beginning with RPK's MalaysiaToday, Dr Hsu Da Ren's blog, Susan Loone's blog, Lim Kit Siang's and lately Malaysiakini. Monsterball @Goh Swee Soon thinks that by subscribing to Malaysiakini, he got the right to put his shit like what he did in MalaysiaToday. But because of the numerous complaints against his shit, I think Malaysiakini also banned him. High time you do too Rocky.

    The same thing with that "Eddy" who no better than an UMNO cybertrooper whose trash got rejected by his UMNO bosses and now he is shitting in your blog!!

    Put Eddy and Monsterball in a fish tank full of shitty water from their shit and let them fight each other to the death!!!!

    I look f/wd to more interesting postings in your blog, of course minus the likes of Eddy and monsterball!!!!

  51. Skilgannon10662:59 pm

    Perwira 10:42 AM

    You mean like how a certain Tajudin Ramli allegedly caused Malaysia Airlines to lose RM8 billion? That's a lot of creative accounting!

    Or how some blue-eyed boys at Sime Darby allegedly overrode internal controls and chalked up losses on 4 projects? Creative accounting again?

    Why not answer the question on Penang's GDP figures from Merdeka to 2007? And whether the state was running a budget surplus or deficit during those years?

    Come to think of it, how many of the Alliance/BN-controlled state governments chalked up budget surpluses from 1957 onwards?

    Stupid is as stupid does. You have just proved it in spades!

  52. Rocky ....please give us a to respond to satD comment who have nothing but abusive words and insults.
    I admire you freedom of speeches and rights you blog..but there is a limit to things that should be said sensibly.
    Your reasons given to protect satD is not logical..but I am willing to learn...if you van show us an example how to debate with this kind of low class person.
    Anon 9.21am is correct.
    This is pure shit.

  53. Anonymous5:18 pm

    PR troopers seem to loss the main issue here.

    LGE mentioned that the state has surplus mainly because of the dividends from anti-corruption activities purportedly practised by his administration.

    SatD exposed the real fact whereby the surplus is only due to an increased sale of land titles by him.

    In reality it has got nothing to do with any 'anti-corruption dividends'.

    This was the lie told by LGE and the PR troopers gobbled it up as the truth.

    Just look at the tables in SatD's blog. Penang has been in surplus for nearly a decade.

    Thank you.


  54. Anonymous10:58 pm


    skewedmoron has finally shown its envy of Malaysian Petronas, Twin Towers, Sepang F1 and Genting Resort

    which by the way was copied by the tiny pulau

  55. Anonymous11:00 pm

    haiya tok midgetball

    hentam lah bukan hetam

    hetam tu ketam yang kena hantam ke??

  56. Anonymous11:05 pm

    sillywolf and skewedmoron conveniently forget that their superb little island has corruption even among the charities

    the priest and the monk, the red cross, the nkf, even one teh cheang wan, the oriental gentleman


  57. Anonymous1:32 am

    niaaaaaamah lu Guan heng heng heng

  58. Anonymous1:34 am

    nepotism of the highest order ONLY in Pulau Pinang. chech who is in DAP Pulau Pinang now. orang pulau sudah kena sideline, orang melaka dan batu pahat ambil kuasa. tak percyaaaa check sundiri la


  59. fan kedai mamak lineclear3:48 pm

    Haiyoo SatD,

    sikit2 u mau cari pasal punye.

    Satistik u tunjuk tu... hasil PPinang tu naik lepas pakatan ambik.

    Kalo pakatan dan Ah Bengkia LGE boleh naikkan hasil.. tu bagos kan?

    Kalo dibawa AhBengkia LGE, MPSP yg dulu selalu rugi boleh surplus sikit.. tu bagos kan?

    Kali dibawa AhBengkia LGE, syarikat & MNC skrang nak invest kat Penang... tu bagos kan?

    Ala brader.. macam ni u pun nak cari pasai...

    Tinggal di Jakarta jual bakso blakang bemo lebih cun.. kah kah kah..

  60. Anonymous5:42 pm

    Aku dah cakap kat atas, cakap apa pun dioarang tak boleh terima punya, pasti akan dianggap usaha untuk mengotorkan reputasi "tuhan" mereka.

    Kalau nombor cakap lebih rendah, lebih rendah lah, cakap berapi pun tak guna. Pergi tengok graph balik.

  61. Anonymous9:21 pm


  62. Anonymous5:01 pm

    monsterball "It shows you are a devil in disguise...not a good Muslim at mamak." show the stupidness of monsterball

  63. kiasu9:36 pm

    Asking ultra racist kiasu monsternoball to counter and rebutt the facts and figures presented???

    better don't waste time on this racist hypocrite maa....this so-called big balls fella have no integrity maa...he talked about corruptions, but he himself admitted that he bribed policemen.

    this racist from gombak, always cursing other people with dirty words, and couldn't understand proper national language, my advise to him, go balik tongkang maa.

    in susan loone blog, i whacked him like shit, all he could do is called and curse me with dirty words.

    what a racist and hipocrite this monsterball.

  64. Anonymous11:43 pm

    Datu Rocky,
    If you think Lim Guan Eng is no good, he didn't even take a Datu for himself. The people of Sabah would love to have him as our CM, even if he works Sat and Sun here only. Sabah will never be the same again because Lim GE doesn't know what is corruption?

    Orang Sabah

  65. Anonymous11:57 pm

    the penangites have experienced life under the BN and PR rule, and at the end of the day they are the ones who decide who stays and who goes. A PR win/lost at the next GE can give us a general picture of who is the better of the two (or who has the least dumbos around!!!) Politics is a dirty game, and the people from either of the two(three or four) divide will always paint a nastier picture of the other.
    but from a personal view, a Malaysian of chinese descendant, if I may put my 2 cents in....
    -PR is young, overly ambitious (but this has to start somewhere if they want to take over the country, rite?), have a few monkeys around, but slowly gaining popularity among the middle income group, especially the nons.
    - UMNO/bn (notice how bn is not written in uppercase) has too many donkeyholes, not enough smart ones, racist.. they can harp all they want about transformation, change, fair, equality.. but what is the point of just talking. im trying my best to list down the good stuff bout bn/UMNO (just to show that im being fair) but honestly, im cracking my head to do so. pls do help.

    but i have set a rule for myself, in the next GE, i will vote for the party with the least donkeyholes, stupid people around. i will vote for myself and my country.

    p/s: btw i like wat RPK is doing. and bru, i respect ur opinion, although it does defer from mine, and would still be an avid reader of ur blog. =)

  66. Bekah PAH12:42 am

    When a forked tongue tiger of Jelutong (Penang) meets chameleon of Permatang Pauh (Penang) in a cage whose caretaker is the Lim and Sons Sdn. Bhd, surely Malaysians will get to watch the best animal show or earth, better than the Circus de Soleil, Penang will be on the world map for having heritage animals, toothless tiger singh and colourless gay chameleon, play acting on the Lim Kesian stage. To Lim and Sons Sdn Bhd, please patent/copyright the Penang Animal Show, otherwise other zoos will hijack the show. It's the best socio-politico-cultural product, with heritage taste, all in one, Penang can be proud of. Penang should import the senile orangutan to have a complete animal casting.

    Will visit penang soon....and definitely visit Penang Zoo.

  67. WOW kiasu thinks he is a hero...hahahahahaha
    I wonder does he knows what wacking is.
    The art of winning a war is not by wacking you..idiotic kiasu.
    The art is to wack until someone like and idiot like you ..thinks you are wacking the one wacking you...hahahahahahaha

  68. kiasu is claiming he is the one and only hero to wack MONSTERBALL?......hahahahahahhaha
    Come wack some more....and see whose backside feel the pain.

  69. EngHui said Lim Guan Eng is rubbish crap.
    Then he starts all his rubbish talk.
    "If only BN had the chance to rule Penang"...EngHui said.
    HAVE YOU BEEN SLEEPING FOR 20 YEARS?....or just got license to drive and talk cock?

  70. hi you low class pro BN pariahs ...insult and shout as much as you like about Lim Guan Eng.
    Bottom line...DAP rules Penang...and until all your teeth falls off...Lim Guan Eng of DAP will still rule Penang.
    kiasu wants me to migrate and he calls that wacking.
    Nice to know idiots like kaisu still thinks Malaysia belongs to one race...yet he calls me a racist.
    Can anyone honestly think he knows how to wack
    hi kiasu...there is nothing much at Susan Loone's blog to talk about...except for gossipers.
    Feeling lonely and come here to get a piece of you shit noticed?

  71. hahahahahaha ..Anon 7.47PM said he knows me and I am a gay.
    My children and grands will crush hm to death if all plied up on him....hahahahaha "Jango Ang"...3.38am?
    He said I am his Idol.
    Who said you are his idol?..Susan Loone?....hahahahahaha
    Did I thank you...Jango Ang?
    Better late than never.

  72. Musin gila sudah sampai.
    Spinning wheel keep on turning.
    Fools rushed in to talk cock about LGE and Penang.
    Previously it was twisting by Chubby Checkers....that made all UMNO B supporters groggy and angry.
    Now it is...peeling off one by coconuts to see how sweet or sour are the coconut water.
    All turned out to be filed with tapoles swimming inside.
    The book of Revealation is written by one who eats too much and sleep with nightmares.
    Najib eats too much and growing fat by the day...and keep talking cock.
    So Humpty Dumpty talk cock...all the King's men also talk cock.
    But that is the Kingdom of the Blind...Najib is king.
    So all you pariahs...frogs and toads....wake up or forever be dammed.
    Just look at all the toads insults...simply low low balls...small prick...synile...and one wish me to die too.
    Best of idiot name kaisu claims he got clobbered.
    Yes...I am extremely happy...BN toads...frogs and tamed orang hutans...are performing the expected acts of Saitan's wishes.
    Latest ...Come September.....PR Rock N PutaJaya.
    Now you most tamed UMNO B orang hutans ...try to debate and argue...or be prepared to go back to the search for food.
    Hetam tetap hetam...lawan tetap lawan..sampai 13th GE.
    I wish Mahgathir ca read from all his young members are talking ...and feel so proud of what he has done for 22 years...producing such citizens..with a river of no choice by all his corrupted crooks he made.
    He can make all sorts of excuses...but Mahathir is a real double headed snake...par excellence in dirty politics...and he feels so proud of that?

  73. Anonymous10:50 pm

    poor monsterball only can write comments in blogs to keep himself occupied

    it's a kind of therapy for a lonely neglected old man

    mr goh really loves Rocky

  74. Anonymous2:11 pm

    Ha ha ha ... monsterball sudah kalah debat, terpaksa mencarut dan meroyan untuk meneruskan perjuangan ke titisan darah terakhir.

    teruskan usaha monsterball, fikirkan boleh. ha ha ha..

  75. Anon 10.50PM read my comments and his gobolok head is stunt with my power of messages..make him feel sooooo jealous...comes out with the usual all others.
    He cannot differentiate to talk till one drop dead against the devilish government....and hetam tepat hentam all his tamed orang hutans here..trying to be funny with me.
    In a way...he is is a sort of therapy to me...feeling a job well done....and the more insults I get..the more satisfied I am ...knowing monkeys and donkeys from UMNO B ca talk too...and what fantastic comments the are giving to reader.
    These trained second rate clowns do light up my life....hahahahahaha

  76. Anonymous1:10 pm

    Apa pun, macammana pun, saya berani cakap bahawa BN tak akan dapat Penang di pilihanraya akan datang. Period.


  77. many UMNO B goboloks.
    How to teach donkeys and monkeys to understand what is right or wrong?

  78. Anonymous12:24 am

    Hahahaha...laugh `looking' how monsterball become insane...he cannot take it anymore...hahahha.. he cannot tahan anymore maaa...

    hahahahahahaa, kecian dia...his father is Lim Kesian kot?

  79. It seems all the half past sixes and crazy nuts supports UMNO B.
    How many?
    Really pity these poor souls.

  80. Skilgannon10664:37 pm

    It will take a brave Federal minister to tell the likes of Intel and Dell not to put more investments into Penang, but divert instead to more "favoured" states.

    Not with the Malaysian government pushing for more US investments in Malaysia.

    As for Intel and Dell, their regional HQs are in Singapore, so there is a limit to the arm-twisting that can be done.

    And Malaysia is not the only game in town - Intel just opened a US$1 billion chip plant in Vietnam.

  81. Skilgannon10664:47 pm

    1. Penang attracted RM12.2 billion in capital investments in 2010 - the most of any state in Malaysia. Of this, RM2.8 billion is for new projects and RM9.4 billion is for business expansion or diversification.

    2. The Auditor-General has praised Penang for the management of state finances.

    3. Transparency International has cited the state for it's more transparent tender procedures.

    4. Nazir Ariff of the Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce & Industry: "Investments slowed down in 2009 as investors were not really sure where the state government was going but they are now very comfortable with the business and political environment in Penang and that has been reflected in the investment figures."

    (from 'Malaysia Insight' by Pauline Ng,

    And that's no bull....!

  82. Seolferwulf8:19 pm

    Singapore attracted S$12.9 billion in fixed asset investments in 2010. That is expected to create about 16,000 new skilled jobs over the next few years.

    Not bad for a citystate with a population of 5 million!

    I suppose satD will claim that all these foreign investors have been "conned" by the Singapore authorities!

  83. Skilgannon10664:32 pm

    Anon 10:58 PM

    Singapore, without a Petronas, has managed a corporate tax rate of 17%, a top personal income tax rate of 20% and got some of the world's biggest companies and banks to set up shop there.

    Twin Towers? Go take a look at One Raffles Quay, Marina Bay Financial Centre and the Asia Financial Centre in Singapore to see what genuine Class A office buildings are all about. And all put up by the private sector. No need for a national oil company to step up and do national service!

    Anon 11:05 PM

    At least, these frauds and cheaters were detected, prosecuted and convicted in Singapore!

    How many frauds and cheaters are walking around unpunished in Malaysia?