Tuesday, January 11, 2011

End of the road for Quasar, KFC chairman?

BURSA SPRINGS INTO ACTION. Ali Hashim, the Colonel Saunder's lookalike, may be in major trouble with the authorities if allegations against him are true.

Excerpts from a scoop by TnT:

"A leading corporate lawyer said, "With the revelation of a letter from the Menteri Besar of Johor datedd 29th November to Kulim saying it had no plans to sell QSR and KFC, Muhammad Ali's claims about an imminent sale of the two fast food operators appear to be an attempt to mislead investors.
 “This looks like a classic case of creating a false market to drive up share prices so that syndicates can profit from the sudden share price surge. They then dump these shares, causing prices to tumble and unwary retail investors losing money,“ the source said.
“Evidence of Muhammad Ali’s manipulation is clear,” says the lawyer, who cites the letter dated Nov 29, 2010 showing Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman, JCorp’s chairman and the Johor Menteri Besar clearly stating that it (JCorp) did not want Kulim to dispose its stake in QSR Brands Bhd.

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  1. Anonymous10:20 pm

    we the elders will never forget what happened to Dana Johor and ASJ . Ali smart CEO ? He is like MAIKA to MIC .

  2. Cunning look-a-like Colonel Saunder bastard.out to make fast bucks by truing to fool poor investors.
    You support him..and it will be him out to make a fool of you.
    Does that not sound like the present Govt?...out to fool all their faithful voters?
    For that...many dumb asses will never learn...as they are fed with money..worst than ganja..to control their minds and souls.
    You win some and loose some...that have minds so weak...Mahathir is most pleased his 22 years job is well done.
    Now up to Najib...to follow through....since Dollah turncoat wasted so much time.
    But all three are wellknown corrupted crooks.

  3. Anonymous2:28 am

    Lets look at things in its proper setting. The man has been helming Johore for more than 30 yrs. During this time Jcorp
    hs grown and diversified into many value generating ventures ..
    The same could not be said of other state ecomomic development corps.
    True he may have made some errors in judgement but who doesnt ? (Wall street wrangled the world's finances to the ground..and Barclays of UK is giving out 11 billion dollars in bonuses amidst tottering and stagnant UK'seconomy ). To discredit the man and hound him to the ground is uncalled for.
    But then kiicking a man who is down has become a national culture for peoplle who are forevergrinfing axes.
    I am sure Dr.M is inclined to agree

  4. Anonymous7:00 am

    when he was up there, all he could think of was himself. they even called him "sultan ali",
    now when he is down here, all the other people could think of, were him. buried him and his family for he might bring the greater Quasar and KFC, BUT he also "killed" and "manipulated" a lot of people and organization.
    "live by the sword, die by the sword"

  5. When Tan Sri Ali resigned from JCorp he should also have announced his retirement from KFCH and other entities associated with JCorp. That would be the best way to go.

    Having said that, Tan Sri Ali's more than 30years tenure at JCorp will be a very hard act to follow.

    Juggling and satisfying the needs of the State political leadership and the objective to make JCorp a successful State Government owned business entity is not easy.

    Lets not just look at his failures alone(ASJ,Dana Johor those are funds which carries risk to the investors), which are dwarfed by his successes among others like the listing of home grown KPJ Bhd, Kulim Bhd, Sindhora Bhd, Johor Land Bhd etc and lets not forget his brainchild, the Tanjung Langsat Industrial Area which is now identified as one of the main Oil and Gas Hub in the country. These successes has benefitted many more in Johor specifically and the country in general.

    Letting go of JCorp leadership is not easy for Tan Sri Ali its like letting go of a child he had nurtured for so long, that would be why he made the statements on KFCH a while ago. Unfortunately, in Malaysia its like a culture that you treat some former leaders like the plague to be avoided at any cost.

    Tan Sri Ali's many talents and achievements and sacrifice for the state of Johor and this country will only be recognised when he leaves this mortal world I suppose.

    Orang Johor dekat Larkin.

  6. JohorMali9:59 am

    SEDC Johor/JCorp performance wise building an empire, that could not be argued. Yes, it provide employment opportunities for many Johor Malays in its subsidiries.
    SEDC Johor/JCorp involvement in trying to help Johor Malays to be successful businessmen, let alone an empire;..sedih........!

  7. Saleh Jawa.10:31 am

    Ali problem is not with J Corp or Menteri Besar or Raayat Johore.Ali main problem is with Tuanku Sultan Johore.

    Ali was vary close with the late Sultan Johore.He ignore completely Tengku Mahkota Johore.To make the matter worst,when the late Sultan mangkat,KPJ send the medical bill to Tunku Sultan.What an insult.

    What Ali should do as a loyal johorian is to apologise to Tunku Sultan for the mistake make by KPJ.

  8. Anonymous11:30 am


    Looks like Johor political machinery has found their scape goat to lay blame.

    I for one do not believe he would do manipulation of the price. He is from the old school of former civil servant like Tan Sri Aziz of MAS, the late Tan Sri Abdullah of Petronas who held on to the values of nation building and would not kow tow to political masters that are greedy bastards anyway.

    Too obvious election is already round the corner. Since UMNO wants to keep the MB no matter how dastardly he had been, they needed another high profile figure to sacrifice and yay why not JCorp CEO? After all Selangor already got their Khir Toyo.

    Ok ok who's next?

    Keturunan Jebat

  9. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Anon 2.28,

    Agree with u on the axegrinding basterds like monster with no balls! All he knows is UMNO no good and his DAP are gods but he must know that DAP is clone of PAP lead by ultra chinese LKY who is the master of LKS!

  10. Anonymous4:35 pm

    Monsterball as usual will be beating around the bush and giving comments not related to the topic. Does he know the real issue raised by Bro Bru?

  11. Anonymous4:56 pm

    Bursa springs into action ? Bila ? 2020 ?


  12. Anonymous8:43 pm


    Don't who you are but your balls are definitely not monster size. If you are here just to let go steam I suggest you go elsewhere.

  13. Anonymous8:44 pm

    He was a good man, better than many. What he had done and achieved for Johor should be appreciated and recognised.

    For all that we know, it was his sounding-off (warnings?) that what could have been didn't come into being.

  14. Jamaludin Hasan12:12 am

    Dear Rocky.

    Today tan Sri Ali to resign as the chairman of Kulim,KPJ,Damansara Realty and all the co. under Johore Corp.

    What he want is some financial compesation and Johore Cor had agree to his request.

    What a sad ending for Tan Sri.

  15. Anonymous1:27 am

    He is known to have a liking to jump the gun and make unneccessary press statements. When cornered for how he is going to fill the RM3 billion hole that he created for JCorp, he says JCopr can take the hit as JCorp's assets are more than enuf to fill it's owings. Hello, isn't it most JCorp's asset is from the State Gmnt or brought at a discount?

    Being desperate at times, he too like to bring religion into the picture when he use to says that all muslims should go on a Financial Jihad?

    Jihad? Obviouly, Dana & ASJ is part of his failure. He is the one whom caused the Bumis to trust their money with him and lost 80% of their investments.

    Businesses for Bumi companies esp for giant Jcorp is so condusive in Johore and yet he losses money?

    All i remember is that he will have the latest Merc soonest possible!

    He is really such a joke!

  16. Pak Nyah11:42 am

    Bursa and SC nyanyuk dan makan gaji buta... biasa lah cam tu!

  17. BIGCAT1:32 pm

    Pandai pun engkau Rocky dgn kawan-kawan car story yg sebenar. Tu lah, aku cakap Ghani tu baik ada yg kata aku lembu dia lah, aku bukan orang Johor lah. Sekarang korang tau mana pemimpin yg elok yg mana cuma nak jaga perut sendiri. Editor Utusan sekarang boleh tau siapa yg sebenarnya pertahan kepentingan Melayu kat Johor ni.

  18. Anonymous1:57 pm

    tak baik menuduh orang....sila teliti dulu

  19. Anonymous5:28 am

    If Johor want to solve all her problems it will have to change the government in the next GE. Look at Penang under the CAT government we have everything accounted for unlike the previous government trying to hide and all behind full of corruption.

  20. Anonymous 8.43PM...If you do not know who I am...then shut the fuck up.
    I am known as wise...smart and brave...yet idiots here think I am talking nonsense.
    Go to "NAIMAH" blog and see a real smart and brave blogger by the name of Patrick Teoh..talk facts with so much wits and puns.
    Can you pro UMNO B Melayu talk like that?
    All you know is put out a faceless nameless nick and talk big.
    Saya tak takot hantu...autau anak Saitan.
    13th GE coming soon...UMNO B and Najib finito..takot tak?

  21. BIGCAT10:48 am

    Anon 528
    Engkau ni rasanya macam reporter Star. Ya lah, compare Johor dgn Penang ni Star rajin buat. Nak promote kehebatan pentadbiran bangsa dia orang. Star tu kan Cina punya paper. Editor Star yg decision maker sorang pun takda Melayu. Heran aku ada Melayu yg beli paper tu. Nak tengok promosi iklan Giant kut. Tak pa lah, nak baca Star pun, lagi elok dari baca semi porno tabloid Harian Metro yg merosak minda Melayu. Errr...monsterball, dei berapa kali mau bagi tau, u mau tulis itu beer jangan minum banyak sangat.

  22. Anonymous12:07 pm

    eddy, did you lose 70% of your deposit in dana johor? do you know that we have waited more that a decade , still not allowed to withdraw tje balance of the 30% ? we are only allowed tp withdraw 10% of the amount yearly? ever consider those 55 years old people with illness, intent to use the fund to
    haji? what if they passed away before the full payment?
    please know that johorean dont care about politics.give their money back even at lost and no dividend for more than a decade? do i have to remind you to what Maika did to MIC?
    maybe you are a contractor to Jcorp. i dont know.but as layman that sees their money invested in dana johor and asj seeing wealth gained by the directors to Jcorp , how do you think we feel?
    be responsible.
    to do you know SAHAM AMANAH SABAH gave a way dividend at 4% to their investors this year? Wow Sabah must have more factories and business than Johor.

  23. What is the real objective of state economic development Corp, including that of Johor? If all this while Ali has deviated from that real objective, then he would be the one to blame for billion of RM of debt jcorp is incurring. If in the process of building the so called jcorp empire, he killed of so many Malay entrepreneurs he was supposed to groom, and so many kampung folks who lost their life saving for investing in high potential unit trusts that never materialize, then he is certainly not a Malay hero, traitor maybe. Do some research and be your own judge.

  24. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Either a hero or a villain, he has had his fat share for the past 30 years, mostly from folks money I supposed. The Jcorp so called empire is not something I'd be proud of as a Malay. In the process of building up so many have become victim, and in the end it just a mountain of debt. Who do we expect to clean up the mess? Using folks money again?

  25. Anonymous8:51 pm

    Dato' Rock,
    Tiap-tiap yang bermula ada penghujungnya. Itu hukum alam, patah tumbuh, hilang berganti. Ada hikmahnya org. suruh kita berhenti. Mana tahu? Yang ganti lebih hebat, buatnya Jcorp untung berkaliganda dari dulu..Rakyat..He..Penyamun sedang bergaduh dengan perompak.
    -sender Rakyat Penang lo.

  26. Anonymous1:47 pm

    Well, there goes the lid to the cookie jar. The cookies are now up for grabs! Let's see who'll put their hand in first, second and third.

    Blah blah blah, what a lot of white noise. Those still pressing for DJ/ASJ clearly do not understand the term 'investment'. It's a get-quick-rich-scheme meh? Hndak kaya tak boleh usaha sendiri kah? Understandable lah that you're sore about it, who wouldn't be? But there's more to this than some skewed notion of karma. And you speak as if the 97/98 recession didn't happen. I, for one, am still amazed that Jcorp got out of it, nyawa-nyawa ikan, and then made a big comeback with KFC.

    And I just hope Johor Corp will survive this, and perhaps even grow stronger.

    And FYI, Johor Corp has been run as a business entity, not just a gov't arm. Johor State Gov't invested millions of the rakyat's money into Jcorp? Really? I guess that explains why they take loans, yeah? Like what other businesses do when they want to expand. The old man has always been *against* dependence on gov't cheese (which is the Rakyat's money, not the gov'ts) Think a bit deeper lah before you come to conclusions.

    There will be bigger fish that will benefit from his departure. We'll just have to keep an eye out for them. But that's what Rocky's here for, right?

    I hope they'll read some of these blogs and these posts and think twice before grabbing their 'fair share of the spoils'. And somebody please close the lid again. Lest the cookies go stale.

    Just my two cents.

  27. Anonymous12:29 pm

    BIGCAT BIGCAT...u still don't get it...U r not in the circle that's why u don't get it..

    We want development