Friday, January 14, 2011

A date with two cops

Police opens investigation into NGO report. I'm always intrigued by young Malaysians who go to varsities for their degrees and then join the police. It's not what most young people would do. I'm intrigued by their sense of duty and sacrifice, their loyalty to this nation. Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of sitting with two of them: ASP Annas, 31, a grad who joined the force 5 years ago, and ASP Watie, late 20s is my guess, who has been a cop for 7 years now after graduating from UiTM.

The circumstance of our meeting could have been different, of course. The Ampang Jaya police station where they are based has been tasked to investigate a report lodged by a PAS leader in Jelebu on the posting "Please investigate this report thoroughly" that I published on Dec 29 last year. The posting was a link to a similarly titled posting by Big Dog, here, so I guess Encik Zakhir Mohamad will also have the pleasure of meeting the two young police officers.
p.s. My daughter, 15, wants to be a forensic specialist. I was told yesterday USM offers a degree on this. Great! 


  1. Schizo Blogger10:48 am

    I fear for the two cops safety to investigate Big Dog. He could eat both of them.

    If they are pretty, he'll charm them into ...

    Suggest male policeman for him ... hehehe.

  2. many times you have be hauled up for questioning by police for this or that so call false reports?
    Where got such thing in a democratic country?
    Anyway....lawan tetap lawan...jagan takot.
    Right now...our good friend Patrick Teoh is at his usual best..hetam tetap hetam.
    Real witty man he is.

  3. Anonymous11:31 am

    Syabas! enforcement...

    I wonder, statistics of our cops with tertiary qualifications?

    To my young friends from the cops of lower rank and file, I salute them. Especially, PJJ students from USM.

    Tabik encik, soon tuan!

    More malay cops...tabik ketuanan melayu!

    Banyak aje pun tak guna gak jika tak tangkap & dakwa!

    Clean, honest & qualified, cops enforcement & judiciary, please.

    Jangan lupa sokong naikkan gaji, elaun dan banyakkan faedah untuk keluarga, yayasan & koperasi.


  4. Dear Rocky, sad to read about what happen to you but just thankful that None in your family was hurt.

    The 2 young officers should be commended for their sacrifices and loyalty to the country. Hopefully, your daughter will be like them after graduating as a forensic expert.

    How nice Malaysia will be IF UMNO and BN members are like the 2 young officers.

  5. Anonymous12:46 pm

    knowing zakhir, he got the 'zakhar' to face the police... unlike someone who refused to go to the MACC

  6. Bro

    What I can't understand is why they must interrogate you in a hotel and not at the police station. When were these hotels included in SoP? And why in M'sia do they always, always, always shoot the messenger and not the probable criminal?

    I'm also pissed off they did not investigate the alleged crime by an alleged Ministry even though it is alleged to have occurred on M'sian soil and not Indonesian (I trust that is objective enough so that Rosemajib will not censor the internet and bloggers -a move that will surely lose them the next GE!

    Register bloggers? What next, the Ministry of Truth and Big Brother? Very sad indeed for UMNO/BN!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  7. Anonymous5:49 pm

    asp annas sulaiman ni kawan gua, satu sek kt k.pilah batch 97 (kalo tak salah)..

    baik budak ni..tiada kepentingan apa2..haha

    gud day bro..

  8. Anonymous6:00 pm

    You lucky devil! You came out looking handsome.
    I can tell you of people who came out uglier. Some even came out dead!

  9. bro's,

    Bujai lu kutuk "abg" ker? kehkehkeh..

    Rocky, dother lu mau jadik what kinda phorensic[k], it could be hospital or polis or IT and etc?

    Test market...

  10. Anonymous9:44 pm

    what happened to your Ummi post?

  11. Anonymous11:16 pm

    I dulu, yang PAKAI Turban very hospitable, sampai hataq kami pi kat kereta to say pai pai..

    Last2 terkejut juga, .. Berkat doa dari 50 victims, 3 very long years, at a very special place, dia yang terkena heart attack.



  12. Anonymous3:53 am

    My neighbour's son is a PhD. holder in forensic Science from a top Australian Univesity. He has gone back. "I can't take it anymore".

  13. charleskiwi8:53 am

    The police force is a quarter cooked institution and as such the two graduates must also be quarter cooked. To begin with the two graduates have nowhere else to turn or go to and as a consequence they turn to join the police force.
    What are the police force famous for ?
    Murderers, robbers and most of all beating up detainees in their custody with their uniforms. Planting false evidences on innocent peoples just to be able to claim that the cases are solved. I can go on and on but what else can I call the police ? Now you know why the two graduates are joining the police force.

  14. Anonymous10:11 am

    I wonder which branch of the police did these two officers come from. That would tell the angle and interest of the investigation.

  15. Zorro Unmasked Again1:34 pm


    How come you are not defending Hata Wahari, journalist and National Union of Journalist president, from his unfair dismissal from Utusan Malaysia and Utusan's requirement that he 'does not leave home'?

    Your sense of journalistic duty conflicting with your political duty?

    Kah kah kah kah...

  16. Introduce them to Jerry Lee Lewis.

  17. Bro not just the two pegawai polis who met you at the hotel are nice, I believe the majority of our pegawai polis are nice nowadays unless of course you are rude or start to pick up a fight with them or you try to run away in your car when they ask you to pull over.

  18. Salam Bro,

    1.The truth is within yourself.They are young graduated officers with dreams in their minds.'Malay'Police Officers.

    2.Barking dogs are bound to annoy. I can 'invetigate' through the comments posted.But to thoroughly investigate,I got to know them.... correct? Always on bias thinking.

    3.And..please support your daughter to achieve her ambition.It' a pity if you couldn't make it.Long haul.

  19. More important question to you. In Uniform or not in uniform? If in uniform, presumably Watie is female. Tickle your senses or not?

  20. BIGCAT3:02 pm

    Pada yang kutuk-kutuk police tu, kalau rumah engkau kena rompak, anak pempuan engkau kena rogol, jangan report polis, report kat Karpal Singh saja. Kalau betul lah polis tu cuma " Murderers, robbers and most of all beating up detainees in their custody with their uniforms. Planting false evidences on innocent peoples just to be able to claim that the cases are solved " macam yang ada satu kiwifruitcase cakap kat atas, dah lama Malaysia ni hancur binasa. Kiwifruitcase tu aku rasa sebenarnya dulu mak bapak dia komunis dalam hutan. Komunis dah kalah sebab polis kita cekap, tu yang dia benci sangat polis. Memang la polis tu tak perfect, but as an institution it has kept this country safe throughout these years. Dah la gaji dia orang tu tak seberapa, bertaruh nyawa lagi nak jaga nyawa, harta benda korang, lagi korang nak kutuk polis. Memang dasar tak tau mengenal untung.

  21. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Monsterball mau lawan apa? Lawan bagi hapuskan DEB, hapuskan article 153, tukar negara jadi republik dan jadikan agama islam sama seperti agama lain di negara ini?

  22. Jolobak Jolobu11:46 pm


    Soreang lagi tu takut nak report pasal dia sotong.

    Den donga banyak penyamun di Kementeriaan Penerangan kebas allocation untuk blogger.

    Minggu lepas sampai jumpa sorok2 dan bayat orang untuk hentam blogger.

    Banyak orang penerangan ni menyamar dan lalang. Berbaik tapi ada niat disebalik. Sama sotong macam boss.

    Ingat orang tak tahu???

  23. A 15-year-old of today can be that specific - `forensic specialist'. Just a couple of decades ago, the average teenager then might offer `police inspector'. 50 years ago - `police'. Longer than that - `kerja gomen'. Much longer than that - No need to ask... he's already working at whatever it was. Probably planting padi, and with two children already.

  24. Hi Bodoh Anon5.47PM....nak lawan chakap2 dan lawan2 siapa boleh minang 13th GE la.
    Lu nak lawan apa?..cakap sama orang gila...tak logic ..tak boleh pakai punia comment.
    saya satu bersar bola...hentam ku..ku pinsan...gaja biak2..jagan osek saya.

  25. sitithepolicewoman4:13 pm

    you ll be suprise many beutiful girls want to be part of the police force. Its the attraction of the uniform,

    Siti nearly became one..