Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Ferrari replacement

Drooool ... See how lovely it is!
The Panasonic Toughbook F9. Since the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) seized my Acer Ferrari last October, I had to settle for the Apple iPad, which is most unfriendly when it comes to blogging. I have given up the prospect of getting back the Ferrari, and if it's returned to me I've been advised, for my own good, to just give it away.

I have used Toughbooks before: they look good, the batts last long, and they are, er, tough. (strong enough to carry in my bike's panniers). Have a feeling that the Fab-Nine and I are going many places and doing many posts together.


  1. abang rock,
    dont u go leaving your laptops near the front door, hear?
    cos in case u dont know, these days robbers in msia come in by front doors after using sophisticated methods to pick locks.
    last time they entered by back doors, but that is soooo last century in your msia.

  2. how much did it cost?

  3. Rocky, go for macbook air! It's 11 inch, best battery for life.

  4. Anonymous12:01 am

    Dear Bro
    Sorry I am not commenting on your new ipad. I wish to draw your attention to the amendment to the Selangor Constitution.Please print the wordings of the amendment and please publicise it widely. If I am not mistaken it says that the Sultan "SHOULD" on the proposal of the Commission puts his signature agreeing to the appointment of the individual proposed. This means the Sultan has no say whatsoever and is reduced to simply endorsing the choice already made by the Commision/Mentri Besar unlike the current situation where the Sultan is given a list of several names from which he then selects. He does have the right to chose. So how can Khalid claims that the amendment is to return the power back to the Sultan when the Sultan has no say no choice but simply "should" which in legal terms means he "must" sign his acceptance upon receiving the proposal. PLEASE DO HIGHLIGHT THIS.

  5. Anonymous12:19 am

    Brader, you got replacement 4 your Ferarri?

    What about your Peugeot?

    - XXYY

  6. It's limited items bro...

    The army used them...

    Siencetis/data collector/surveyor also use them.

  7. Anonymous12:51 am

    Get a Mac!
    Make it MacBook Pro.
    You"ll never look back at any Ferrari !
    You wear jeans, right?

  8. Anonymous1:12 am

    hi sir,

    ever considered switching over to linux (maybe ubuntu?) its free, u get free web storage(about 2gb i think, upgradeable) and best of all u can run it on any computer (i'm typing this on a second hand acer that's too slow to run windows even xp). that way if anything even gets confiscated, you'd have a web copy and its cheap (this laptop is probably worth 250 ringgit nowadays, in lowyat can get old refurbished ones that will work with ubuntu). best of all there is a large network of people running linux in malaysia and the open-source community is very friendly and helpful.

    p.s. unless of course you would like to use photoshop and other windows only software (note there are always linux version).


  9. Anonymous1:17 am

    I would like to have One, but it is very expensive. Amazon is seling at more than US2.7K.

  10. Anonymous1:18 am

    Bro, the legs are lovely. I don't know about the Toughbook!


  11. QUOTE: "if it's returned to me I've been advised, for my own good, to just give it away."

    ACCEPTED, with THANKS!...and it's for your good:-)

    Note to MCMC: Please give it back to Rocky as soon as possible, ye... so he can give it to me. By the way, I hope MCMC's work culture and mentality aren't defined by glacial terms when it comes to "time" -- "as soon as possible", "quickly" = decades.

    Note to MCMC Part II (Ala Pink Floyd Shine On You Crazy Diamond etc): Hopefully there isn't any vindictive, spiteful or deceitful officer at MCMC, with a dose of "I wanna bodek Datuk Seri and fix these bloggers" ...

    It's not too difficult to copy some porn or paedophile pixs to the HDD; and turn the files' dates to, say, 27 May 2010 or whatever pre-seizure date... OR, on finding Pink Floyd's Dogs on MP3, pursue some I-want-to-harass-this-ponytailed-blogger-becos-my-dahi-is-lincin pertaining to copyright/intellectual property infringement - real or imagined.

    Oh, not that I'm saying there are people in MCMC punya hati busuk who are capable of this! NO, NO!... Jangae silap fahae, deh, abae MCMC.

  12. Is it as good as some military standard notebook?

  13. Be careful. They might, well, you know. Best of luck!

  14. Slim and slender. Very nice indeed. I am *drooling***

  15. Anonymous8:00 am

    Though you are a pro BN blogger, some BN leaders don't even trust you. Tough luck bro!

  16. Slim and slender...? That's true for the iPad but this one leans towards being a bit bulky. Or maybe my standards `are high' (the yardstick being *me*... and Rocky, Nuraina Samad etc whom I've met will attest to the fact that supermodels would kill to have my bodyweight).

    But the veins... now this the IV heroin addicts will drool over for sure:-P

  17. Anonymous9:56 am

    Yah, look tough, alright ... the calves I mean. BTW, a briefcase on fire hardly a Toughbook F9 make, does it? Looks bulky, heavy too. Just look at the tendons straining in her wrist and fingers lugging the behemoth around.

    Do I sense an iPad for sale? Am not interested ... like you said not friendly for blogging. (The 'thieves' should have done you a favour when they last did a forced entry. hehe)

    Last line ,,, cryptic. Care to elucidate?

    - A Malaysian -

  18. Anonymous10:32 am

    Wow...finally Latuk Locky got taste....in legs....


  19. Anonymous11:21 am

    Can you PLEASE give away your Ferari to me when they return it to you.

    Dj Remy

  20. Anonymous11:25 am

    Drooling - legs, not the toughbook.
    I hope many more tough blogs coming.

  21. Anonymous11:42 am


    bawak bike apa?

  22. Anonymous11:45 am

    Ya, very nice. The laptop's not bad as well.

  23. Anonymous12:18 pm


    Undi BN/UMNO dan anda juga sokong penghinaan keatas agama kita!

    "So what is so great about that? That is your religious value which I don't know. How am I to know about the religious values when I'm not practising that religion? I have the right to say that it's basic manners to shake hands with people. That's my values. Understand? You also must value my value, which is good manners, which includes shaking hands." - CHUA SOI LEK (MCA Presiden)

  24. Uiks? Sapa yang tolong bawak lappy tuh? :P

  25. 'Threats to the Internet, such as companies or governments that interfere with or snoop on Internet traffic, compromise basic human network rights' says Tim Berners-Lee, founder of Internet, in a recent article.

    Minister in charge of CCT (Communications and Computing Technology) claims to have met his KPI for 2010. How is this possible when our basic network freedoms are violated?

    Are not basic internet freedoms part of Vision 2020?

    Najib’s task is to build on Dr Mahathir’s legacy by openly acknowledging Dr Mahathir's failures and reaffirming his technological genius, and not by replacing it with one which pays lip service to the ‘freedom’ rhetoric but undermines basic human network rights and freedom of of internet traffic, which are the very foundation of modern democracies.

  26. Hello!

    Price of the F-9 is RM6745. Relatively cheap by Toughbook standards.

    The first Toughbook I bought was RM8k plus, in 2006. Then I got the C-19, the one they used for Desert Storm. A used one (brand new RM19k, I was told). That I lost when they broke into my car in 07.

    I switched to the Acer Ferrari because I could not get spare batt for the TOughbook.


  27. Anonymous3:14 pm

    Yup, nice legs kan...hahaha

  28. Anonymous3:27 pm

    Be carefull Rocky, your buddies in MCMC would be eyeing your new Toy, thye may pay you another surprise visit anytime.

  29. Anonymous3:31 pm

    well, my add is -
    Anak Muar,
    Muar Post Opis,
    Jalan Othman,
    Bandar Maharani,
    Muar 84000, Johor
    - if you want to give away the Ferrari. Thanks in advance...

  30. Anonymous3:39 pm

    You seem to be spending lots of $ on laptops. How much R u earning mann????

    Dj Bujai

  31. Loose this loose that.
    Why not loose your balls and get new ones...hahahahahaha
    Seriously speaking...ask for contribution..you will get donations to buy the best of the best lap top...with no sweat..where monsterball will start the ball rolling by committing RM500.
    What say you..Rocky dear friend?

  32. Skilgannon10664:38 pm

    Pity you didn't wait for the new notebooks with the new Intel chips which should be released in the March-April timeframe!

    And why Panasonic when there's Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba or H-P to choose from?

  33. Bro,
    hope you enjoy it by the way those who thought that lappy was heavy it ain't heavy it is only a miserable 1.67KG well 1 of the lightest 14 widescreen you can get in town!!!! For more info toughbook.com.my bro promo cikit ya....

  34. Anonymous7:52 pm

    Nice. (I mean the legs). Forget about laptops. Can sit on my lap anytime.

  35. Anonymous10:42 pm

    let me help carry it 4 you. my legs are longer and way shapelier.

    mini skirt

  36. Mat Cendana said... "ACCEPTED, with THANKS!...and it's for your good:-)"

    that's my quickwitted buddy! ;D

    [*MC, you just warmed up my morning... it's snowing like crazy out!]

  37. mohon link http://wicararumi.blogspot.com/

  38. Anonymous12:52 am

    I wonder who gave the ORDERS to confiscate your Ferrari..

    Dah check background depa?...advice you do.

    Pagar sekarang gemar makan padi..


  39. Anonymous2:46 pm

    kindly investigate minister trip together with mcmc and pos malaysia top management to new zealand which fully sponsored by pos malaysia amount near RM500k!! What a waste of money! Is this a threat for giving the new pos tariff?


  40. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Annon 2:46 PM,

    Betul ker siPolan semua spent RM500K?

    Just imagine, to cover that cost, it will need 1.6m Rakyat to lick 30sen stamps to stick onto each envolope!

    Jenuh tu!!



  41. Salam Bro,

    Bayar lah zakat...hmm

    You are a born fighter and the selected one,dont you agree?

    Insyaallah terlerai semua...

  42. Dear Datuk Rocky, as a fellow biker i would like to share my experience using Durabook.
    me and my son had spilled water on the key board numerous time, accidently drop if of a desk and still working fine until today (since 2007).
    It had served me well till now.


  43. can't you do a harbeas corpus on ferrari?..

  44. dont forget to encrypt your hard disk after buy new laptop