Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Maid rape: Rais says he didn't do it

Singapore, 5 Jan: I posted Wikileaks: Malaysian senior politician and his maid? on Dec 23 last year. This was picked by various blogs and portals, and along the way an NGO report in 2007 found its way into cyberspace. Some of these sites got hold of some documents and based on these "evidence" they named Rais Yatim, the maid, and even a picture of the said maid. Today, nearly two weeks later, Rais Yatim issued a press statement to deny the allegation(s).

From Malaysiakini:
Information, Communication and Culture Minister Rais Yatim today refuted allegations, including of rape, made against him by bloggers and opposition political parties.
rais yatim pc 020709 02"I refute the allegations, whether they are about raping any individual four years ago (2007) or any other allegation, raised by bloggers on the Internet or by any political entity," he said in a statement.

He described the "wild allegations" against him of late in blog reports and by opposition political parties as heaps of libellous statements and awful, ugly and wicked lies.

"I state readily that any report by anyone so far related to this matter should be investigated under the country's laws," he said.

ALLEGATIONS NOT MADE BY BLOGGERS, RAIS. The Minister's statement came after at least two police reports were lodged on the NGO's report, one by PAS and the other by PKR's Chegubard. Rais is not a stranger to police procedures, having made a police report against this blogger last October, here, so he knows regardless of the statement he issued and his claim(s) to be innocent, the police will have to investigate.

I have no doubt that I will be hauled in to help with the investigation. I have always been cooperative with the police and even with the Information Ministry's own police (the MCMC) so that's not a problem. But I just feel I need to point out to the Minister that the bloggers DID NOT make up the allegation(s). In the case of my posting, I wrote of what I heard and about a report made in 2007 that was said to have been sent to the US Embassy, the Indonesian Embassy and them-PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's office. The bloggers who followed this up were quoting from the said NGO report, which I'm sure the police have now if they didn't then.The bloggers are the "messengers" just as Rais claims in his statement to be the messenger ...
"The opposition and those unhappy with the success and people's acceptance of the policy are resorting to stifle it through libel and cheap lies. They hope they can achieve their evil intention by killing the messenger," (Rais) said. -- Malaysiakini
Now, let the investigation begin.


  1. JohorMali1:17 am

    The bloggers are indeed messengers, but then again, would the messenger bear good tidings or the usual bitchy trash for the consumption of the gullibles?

  2. When have you ever hear a rapists say.."I did it. It's true I did it. Arrest me" ?
    First the rapist will sue as if he is the victim of a terrible lie.
    The matter is now under a court case and no one must say anything. is all forgotten.
    No wonder he loves the Museum so much....staying there studying all sorts of things and so many maids will be working after closing hours.
    Pick and choose dot dot with no fear. He is a Minister!!
    He cannot and dare not tarok a maid working in the house.
    It must be in the office or museum.

  3. Anonymous4:15 am

    Hey Dufus...bodoh..there is ONE
    obvious difference between
    Malaysia and Israel...former President Katsav WAS convicted
    by the Israeli Supreme Court.
    Rais ? more 1Malaysia
    Boleh Sandiwara by the Malaysian
    judicial system....better yet lah,
    Rais will get a std UMNO promotion.

    Next time, keep your stupid sarcasm to yourself...lest you
    begin to sound like Mahathir
    and "Dr" Tee....

  4. The validity of Rais denial is as good as Anwar's denial of sodomy. Except that the accusers of Anwar are, well, err....suspect!! The accusers of Rais Yatim...well, the victim herself. The victim's sister. And all this has been put down in a report by a very credible NGO, as it would seem. But then again being an UMNO man I guess Rais has little to worry about unless of course hanging him by his shoe lace might win for BN the Tenang elections. Or maybe someone in UMNO looks at Rais position as becoming vacant very soon and that means opportunity for him to rise up.

  5. Anonymous7:40 am

    Aiyah Latuk,

    Your personal grudge to that latuk alleady make you like a low class punya leporter....aiyah..ayoyo...chit..podah...

    Lama punya olang.

  6. Anonymous8:56 am

    Yes, Rais anak Yatim. Let the investigation start.
    Will the authority concern start moving? Apa lagi polis Malaysia interrogate la Pak Menteri tu sebab dia kata dah bersedia!!!!

  7. Anonymous9:19 am

    abg rocky, saya makin gementar untuk komen bila Rais mcm ugut untuk ambil tindakan kepada sesiapa yang fitnah beliau. sejak laporan polis dibuat dan sidang akhbar oleh PR tiada media utama berani keluarkan berita ini. Dia menteri jaga media tentu semua menikus. saya rasa tak lama lagi bloggers tertentu akan dikunjungi SB.

  8. A denial by way of statements with a picture (not even video) on television is good enough for Bolehland.

    So cease and desist, all you out there.

  9. oldfolk10:21 am

    bro, u tak boleh cuci tangan. u started it with those insinuations with at least one commenter naming the minister which u approved.

  10. Anonymous10:28 am


    agree with u, lets investigation reveal the truth, yang dituduh dan menuduh keep their own ball tight under the pant. mari kita tengok sapa yang kena...

  11. Anonymous10:52 am

    I love it that Kharma is working its best for this lustful bota rapist!
    This motherf@#$@s ought to be stoned to death for this crime... Taliban style...This guy will later blame it was the itcibana girl that wanted sex....and raped him...You get the drift???
    The blame lies solely on the other virile old pm[same like him bonking his wife's sister in law.] while in office.
    Jeeze!!!!this high profile umno pukis no better than animals....

  12. Anonymous11:07 am

    Let's hear from Tun Abdullah, if what was reported is true.
    Thats where Rocky and others are doing a good job, get to the bottom of everything Rocky, fire at will until a public response is given by those allegedly responsible for these hideous crime.
    If explainations sounds ridiculous, dig more.

  13. Anonymous11:10 am

    Also, another Tan Sri like Ramon may declare he is innocent as he has gone out on a limb and already explained? Thus kaput, NFA!!!!!!!

  14. Anonymous11:20 am

    i think he's rite..ppl will neva stop condemn others bcoz they actually xhappy with others success. let jus hope t8 d truth will b xpose..n justice will be taken 4those who spread d rumors!

  15. Anonymous12:58 pm

    If I were accused of rape and I did not do it, obviously I will not only deny but certainly will sue the 'messenger' or whoever started the rolling ball.


  16. Anonymous1:15 pm

    It is obvious that this 'elite' group of bloggers who had 'broadened' this clearly defamatory campaign on Rais just wanted their efforts to be picked up by the minister and subsequently take a life of its own.

    For the minister it is tantamount to "damned if I do, damned if I don't."

    When he lets it be, they would unhesitatingly paint a picture of cowardice that points to admission of sorts, and if he had reacted from the outset, he would, invariably, be seen as admitting the same.

    And so, yesterday he finally came up with a statement - an act that not surprisingly would put the wheel into motion. The bloggers and their cohorts jumped in joy, for they had wanted the minister to do this.

    They got the reaction they wanted.

    Perhaps, Rais would know where you,rocky, and your compatriots stand in the context of a defamatory statement being carried by a third party, deliberately or inadvertently.

    As far many readers are concerned inadvertence does not come into play here as the 'messenger' as you, rocky, would like to call yourself would have known the harm and damage it may cause the minister on the first instance.

    As they say in law, 'ignorantia facti excusat, ignorantia juris non excusat' (ignorance of the fact is an excuse but not ignorance of the law.)

    To argue in court, one could go beneath the veneer or veil that cloaks the blogger's position. By amplying the issue with a mere question and eliciting comments that sometimes are blatant, is the blogger not doing something wrong?

  17. roc,

    im disagree with ur statement, u're fist man who started all this crisis...face it with dignity, police report made by idiots is not the issue...dont act as "lempang taik, sembunyi tangan"...

  18. We got to trust the quarter cooked Malaysian Police to start an investigation into this. May be only when the sun comes out from the west to morrow !

  19. Didn't ex-President Clinton at first also denied he had anything to do with that woman (Monica) ?
    He eventually admitted the truth.
    But that is America and this Malaysia.

  20. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Somehow, I dont feel I can believe him.

  21. Anonymous2:43 pm

    When Rais made police report against Rocky, wah the MCMC investigated right away and the police raided Rocky's home.

    Now police report made against Rais, are they going to come for Rais?

  22. Anonymous3:31 pm


    Rais Yatim sudah pun menafikan bahawa semua itu adalah fitnah jahat bersandarkan dendam kesumat pihak tertentu.. Beliau pun dah bagi lampu hijau untuk berkerjasama dengan pihak berkuasa apabila siasatan dibuat.. so kita tunggu dan lihat..

  23. Anonymous3:44 pm

    This has been bugging me to ask Rais Yatim

    'Syiok or not ????'. Anyway, you have plenty of time to go buy the lady silence and denial.

    Another question. 'How long you tahan before selesai ???' Orgasm tak ?

  24. Anonymous3:52 pm

    Isu SUK Selangor, Isu Anwar Ibrahim, Isu PKR berpecah......untuk alih perhatian umum, isu YB Dr. Rais pula dibangkitkan....semua motif politik!

  25. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Rocky ... ingatlah kepada kuasa Allah. Saudara tidak boleh membaling batu dan cuba menyembunyikannya. Kisah ini bermula daripada saudara. Ingat Blog sangat BERPENGARUH. Ianya telah berjaya menjatuhkan seorang Perdana Menteri. Oleh itu, tuduhan ini perlu saudara teruskan dengan mengemukakan bukti2. Jangan berharap pada polis sahaja. Saudara perlu ke hadapan dan memberikan bukti. Ikut Islam perlu ada sekurangnya 4 saksi. Apa2 pun jangan .. letakkan kes kepada bolgger lain. Anda yg memulakan. Be a Man !!!

  26. Anonymous4:04 pm

    Jangan nanti jadi ini pulak wahai Datuk Rocky .....low class....

    " Aiyah Latuk,

    Your personal grudge to that latuk alleady make you like a low class punya leporter....aiyah..ayoyo...chit..podah...

    Lama punya olang."

  27. Anonymous4:24 pm

    He did not do it! He said he did not do it! I think he did it! I have not seen a cat that does not eat fish or a dog does not chew bone. If a man does not like to "make love", he is not a man. I believed if there is an investigation leading to charge him in court, the verdict will be an "open verdict"!

  28. Anonymous4:44 pm

    Bro..Ini semua hanya tuduhan..Selagi x terbukti salah, xde gambar sesiapa pun patut dihebah2kan...xde sesiapa pun yg patut dihina @ dimaki hamun...takut nanti org yg dituduh yg menuduh pulak yg dapat dosa..biarlah undang2 yg tentukan...kalau iye pun yg bersalah terlepas undang2 dunia, kat akhirat nanti pasti jugak dapat balasanNya..kita ni mmg seronok bercakap psl org..sedang diri kita kita pun jauh dari buat kebaikan..Bila bercakap psl org lain, kalau benar ianya dipanggil MENGATA...kalau x benar ia dipanggil FITNAH...nauzubillah..

  29. Anonymous4:51 pm

    Hey, I thought Malaysian style and practise is just go to a Mosque and swear by the Koran and all will be hunky dory ?? Rais Yatim might just do that as a precedent has been set by his Big Boss.


    “ ... In the case of my posting, I wrote of what I heard and about a report made in 2007 that was said to have been sent to the US Embassy, the Indonesian ... “

    “ … what I heard … ”:



    “ … about a report made in 2007 … “



  31. Anonymous5:28 pm

    In hindsight, Rais yatim was very unhappy with bloggers and had suggested would take severe action through MCMC for unfouded blog. We were in the impression that he was against political bloggers,however it appears he was actully hinting at bloggers who broke this news in blogs.

  32. Ah Fook5:34 pm

    Syabas, bro!

    Continue doing what you do best, you brave boy!

    banyak yang palat anonymous boleh blah. pengecut!

    as i have always said, yang palat2 sini kalau jumpa you, bro, TERKENCING...

    i bet you they don't have the balls to tell it to your face!

    Lu gua tahu...ada balls!

  33. Anwar insists he sodomised no one. See what happened to him.

    So, are they going to do an Anwar on Rais?

  34. bro, have u read TAIPING MALI here...( I think u can try calling-calling HUSAM MUSA pulak!

  35. Anonymous8:00 pm

    we are so happy to hear that the police raided the fatty arse Rocky's home.

    He buat fitnah kat orang tak rasa, sekarang baru rasa lah bila Rice yatim buat laporan dan polis kacau kat rumah dia.

    Ini aku panggil retribution.

    Si gemuk Attan...biar dia mampus!!!

  36. Monsterball actually Noball10:20 pm


    Are you insinuating your own Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI). How dare you say that behind his back. Be careful with your backside...he might come charging...

  37. Anonymous10:45 pm is all forgotten.
    No wonder he loves the Museum so much....staying there studying all sorts of things and so many maids will be working after closing hours.
    Pick and choose dot dot with no fear. He is a Minister!!
    He cannot and dare not tarok a maid working in the house.
    It must be in the office or museum.

  38. Anonymous10:48 pm

    Rais is in a no win situation when many no brainers are ever willing to believe what they hear from an NGO and the so called report made by the Indonesian maid to the said NGO. Even if the police carry an investigation and clear him these non believers will claim the police has been bought and reflection of BN's abuse of power.

    It is very clear that reading in between the lines, Bro Bru prefer to believe the Indonesian maid. And Indonesians are ever willing to burn our flag, call us thief, throw shit into our embassy's compound and threaten the Malaysian team during the football game in Jakarta. I'd prefer to keep an arms length if the source is from an Indonesia.

  39. Anonymous11:21 pm

    "Bukan Gua Bikin" said the fox in the henhouse.


  40. Anonymous3:35 am

    Statement, PC, SD , sumpah laknat..sapa2 boleh buat...
    Kalau betul kena fitnah... by 'libel and cheap lies" .. apa lagi sue la..
    So many lawyers are available..just take your pick Mr Minister Sir..
    Otherwise your denial is meaningless...


  41. Anonymous9:05 am

    Hmmm. I don't know Rock... I mean i like you man, but bitching on Rais like this pass you off as having a grudge on him. That's chldish. I just think you're better than that.

    be cool Rock.

  42. Datuk Roc,

    semoga Tuhan akan tunjukkan segala kebenaran dan apa yang berlaku kat Malaysia...

    Allahu akbar

  43. Anonymous12:13 pm

    This is really malu for Rais. How can he now travel overseas and meet his peers? Questions he will get will be "Did you do it. ah? At your age, how to manage? What's the secret?"

    Aiyoh! Shame to Malaysia.

  44. Anonymous1:17 pm

    Rocky, Posted what you heard ?? That is great coming from someone of like YOU. Since when you become a POSTMAN !!!!

  45. Anonymous3:44 pm


  46. Anonymous4:13 pm

    Dont believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. you should read here , bro rocky

    case closed

  48. come on rocky. don't be stupid. you are so hung up on rais that you've become blind! i'd rather rape datin sri maznah rather than 10 indon amahs! you got no taste lah. dosa you tanggong lah sendiri tudoh orang bukan-bukan. ok kalau tak tudoh, you subahat! i lost all respect for you. nothing but a tinpot attention seeking reporter!

  49. In this regard, I have to praise our MCA president, CSL for his courage to own up his affair with that woman in the video!

    So, why can't UMNO people follow suit? 1 UP for MCA but BOO to UMNO!!!

  50. Anonymous12:16 am

    Sdr Ahiruddin,

    Insiden rumah dimasuki pencuri dan kereta hilang telah berlaku sehari dengan penafian bekas pembantu rumah bahawa dia tidak pernah dirogol Rais Yatim. Seharusnya saudara insaf tentang kejadian yang menimpa saudara. Muhasabah dirilah. Janganlah mengejar dunia sehingga terlupa akhirat. Hidup di dunia sekejap saja.

    Ingatlah bahawa memfitnah adalah dosa besar. Janganlah salahgunakan kebolehan yang Allah berikan anda untuk menulis.

    Percayalah bahawa kejadian yang menimpa saudara adalah peringatan daripada Allah supaya saudara insaf dan bertaubat. Janganlah tunggu musibah lebih besar menimpa anda. Nasib baiklah setakat kereta
    hilang. Kalau ditakdirkan saudara ditimpa kemalangan ketika memandu dan lumpuh, tentulah dunia lebih gelap.

    Ingatlah bahawa kekayaan, pangkat Datuk dan kemasyhuran sebagai bloger terkemuka hanyalah satu ujian bagi saudara. Bertaubatlah. Gunakan kebolehan yang Allah kurniakan kepada anda untuk kesejahteraan masyarakat dan negara. Bukan menyebabkan porak-peranda.

    Bertaubatlah saudara. Ini nasihat ikhlas dari saya, juga bekas editor surat khabar. Saya menasihati saudara kerana saya sayangkan saudara seagama. Ingatlah bahawa hidup di dunia hanya sekejap saja. Kembalilah kepada iman, Islam dan al-Quran. Come on brother, don't waste our precious life by slandering others. Remember that Allah is Most Forgiving and Mercifull. Crawl as close as you can to Him and repent for all the sins that you've commited. Insya-Allah He will forgive and guide you to a better life.

    PS: I don't expect this to be posted. I only expect you to read, ponder and look deeply at your inner self.

  51. hi Rocky...the maid came out to defend Rias Yatim la,
    She said she was not raped...working for Rias for 8 years. can do wonders.
    Case close...move on.

  52. Anonymous10:09 am

    Dear Dato',

    Berak tengah jalan nak mengaku?

  53. Anonymous12:08 pm

    If Rais' statement is to be believed, then everybody must also believe in Anwar. Anwar had time and again claimed that all allegations against him in the past and present are lies,fabrications and conspiracy.
    So today Rais and Anwar are 2 VVIP sharing the same fate. No?


  54. Anonymous12:49 pm

    The question that also has to be asked is if the report did make its way to PM then, why wasn't it dealt with? We know it wasn't dealt with because if it had, then Rais would simply have just said in late December that the allegations were investigated by Dollah back then and found to be frivolous. Did Dollah keep this knowledge so that Rais will toe-the-line and accept all orders without question?

    Yesterday the news carried a report that the maid has denied the allegations but I must say the report carried a picture or Robengah that was totally different from the ones circulating. Who was lying? Who fabricated which picture? Is the Robengah that denied the same Robengah? Perhaps immigration can help?

    And again we wonder if there is actually double standards in Malaysia. The authorities seem slow to act on this.

    And the current PM made a fool of himself when he questioned "why now?" One, a crime is still a crime notwithstanding when it happened (unless the law affecting it is repealed of course), and two, can we also ask why Khir Toyo and Tajuddin Ramli's cases comes up now (to make the government look good)?

    Oh well, justice (in some form or another) must be allowed to take its course.


  55. orang buat fitnah dan sebar kan fitnah sama je hukumnya.

  56. Anonymous6:42 pm

    What investigations?
    The alleged rapist denies it, the alleged
    victim also denies it?
    Wikileaks is just diplomatic rumours or
    third party hearsays.
    We needs a hard evidence to accuse
    anybody of anything.
    At most it was probably a transaction between
    willing seller and Willing buyer with proper akad .

    Please don't be an ass blackmailer .(wasaa


  57. Anonymous9:44 pm

    The police should not just stop here..

    "....Saat memimpin Satuan Tugas Pelayanan dan Perlindungan WNI di KBRI Kuala Lumpur pada 2007, Tatang mengaku menerima sendiri laporan itu..."

    Investigate and go after the above person who sent in the "so called reports".

    We dont want to see repeats of PI Bala SD case, created so much problems, then bungkus keluarga lari BALIK TANAM JAGUNG ke Negara asal usul tok Nenek Moyang.


  58. Anonymous2:40 am

    bro rocky, malu bro malu...

    case closed.

  59. Whether or not Rais did it does not matter but whatv matters is that his credibility as a politician and a lawmaker is damaged beyond repair and Najib should not consider him at all at the next reshuffle!

  60. Anonymous11:20 am

    No worries man!That man is guilty as hell!Why after so long our friend in in new mode?Damage control with money in first gear lah!For money this indons will sell their mother's arse to the devil.Well the indo girl had a double whammy now so mouth is in silent mode!
    Anyway to us this rice fellow will always be a serial rapist in his house.

  61. Anonymous2:39 pm

    this will be a nasty affair were it to be pursued further damning even the victim whose identity has been publicised before court action. hypothetically, bribing the victim will be a critical issue which may still be investigated although the trails are cold.

    if the public cannot believe Rais on the strength of his doctoral thesis and discipline, and on which he has been accused by YB Kit of being intellectually dishonest, what fool will look at him twice.

    devastating lesson, but which lays bare the institution(s) Rais stewarded and of which he has been a strong advocate of for the abuses that's been heaped upon Malaysians.

  62. Anonymous11:56 pm

    Welcome to Third World Justice. He is not the first person in this so-called unique position. You see in the Third World people in similar position accused of crimes are " responsible" for the crime but they are not "guilty" in accordance with the rule by our law.

  63. Anonymous12:11 am

    UMNO politician and UMNO blogger fight in space..and now in bed.

    Let them die with a smile in their ugly faces.

    Kita gembira terus.

  64. aiya...regardless he is or not a need to suggest like a idiot to Najib to drop him out of 13th GE la.
    Rias stand...anywhere..100% looses.

  65. PAK POLISI3:49 am

    rocky, lu baca nie, menarik jugak...kira buah penutup la..

  66. Anonymous1:38 pm

    Pasquale a.k.a rusdi,

    wht you said about rais's image being damaged beyond repair only affirmed what the lot of you (wolves masquerading as sheep that have managed to infiltrate the gullible minds of the country's ruling inner circle to be the 'preferred' spinners)can wreak on the establishment.

    Ask yourself: has not damage been equally done to the very person who sustained you and your family's lifestyle?

    All the accusations against the PM were lies, too.

    C'mon guys are just a bunch of dimwitted ex-journalists who spin only for yourselves and nothing more.

  67. Anonymous11:07 am

    As far as I am concerned, Rocky did the right thing by highlighting a possible cover-up of a crime.

    Everybody lauded him when he exposed many other things, but I suppose, there are people who are selective.

    The spirit of things is that this was an allegation that needed to be investigated.

    During the Teoh Beng Hock inquest, a mysterious note came abt alleging that some senior MACC chap was responsible, do we expect the authorities to keep quiet about it?

    If we don't have evidence, but have "pointers" (in TBH's case, it was physical, that being a letter), should we just allow it to pass?

    In this case, there was actually a report lodged by the sister. Or was there?

    I am all for clearing the minister's name but I do find it baffling that NONE of the reporters who interviewed her asked WHY the sister lodged the report? WHY didn't anyone ask to interview the sister? And WHY hasn't anyone asked the NGO whether there was indeed a report lodged by the sister?

    Basic questions. WHY never ask? If the answers are negative to all these, then alhamdulillah, the minister's name would be cleared forever. If these angles are not covered, they lead to endless speculations.

    Also to point out that this has nothing to do with politics. Umno ke, BN ke, PR ke, DAP ke...this is about seeking the truth...


  68. Anonymous11:58 pm

    Please refrain from twisting and turning. You are caught red-handed with blogging unfairly. It is easy to spread malicious lies about others until you yourself is the victim.

    Bloggers like to say they heard it from someone or somewhere but you are also repeating it.

    The maid has denied being raped. You are a tale carrier and should be sued Roc. Blog responsibly.