Thursday, January 06, 2011

Fox, a short life and a death not mourned

DEATH OF A PR AGENCY. I was not sad at all to read the Star's piece Fox to cease ops on March 31. I sense that the writer of the article, or perhaps the editor who went through the piece and approved it for publication, was not saddened, either. The thing is, Fox had an unfair advantage over other agencies during its time. It had powerful "cables".

The body that oversees the PR industry in this country should try and gain some lessons from the Fox affair. How did a new PR firm run by two ex-editors manage to get so much on their plate in such a short time, from Sime Darby's merger exercisse (well, we know what has happened to that) to the various "Corridors". Some said the Finance Minister at the time had a hand in making it happen for Fox. It's an old story so many times on blogs including mine, but surely we are curious?


  1. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Its time for sime darby to engage APCO.

    *A CONsultatant hired by DICKO

  2. Rocky he, he, he he! You are so mean and sadistic man, but I like it! Keep on digging, may be until Perth?! He, he , he!

  3. Anonymous2:38 pm

    Next is Scomi. I wonder when the Star is going to run a front page article "Scomi or Score Me?".

  4. "How did a new PR firm run by two ex-editors manage to get so much on their plate in such a short time, from Sime Darby's merger exercisse (well, we know what has happened to that) to the various "Corridors""

    How did an ex-PM's son get the Fomema contract and juicy O&G contracts from Petronas and list his companies on the KLSE and make a killing? Why did Petronas bail out an ex-PM's son's Plc to the tune of RM2 billion? How did a cell phone monopoly operator gain control of MAS and then cause it and the Taxpayer to lost $8 billion while he has walked awy scot free? Why was a crony paid gaji buta $500 million classified not a commission but for support and facilitation service when he did not not know the difference between a protoscope and a periscope? How did a local bank buy an Indon bank for $8 billion at way out valuations? How was a person who did not know the difference between a boat and a bath tub get a $24 billion contract to build naval patrol boats, get paid $4 billion and deliver nothing to our Royal Navy and has not been charged with fraud and for specific performance compensation? Guess who was Defence Minister on the last two occassions?

    If you can answer all these question with kacang putih stuff, then the answer to Fox's free run is so obvious that most M'sians know the name of the political party and Government that is at the heart of these corrupt practices.

    Let's not conveniently pretend that corruption started during the sleeping PM's tenure. It was rampant to a much larger extent during a certain Firaun's 20 year rule and is still out of control now during Rosemajib's Con-sultants didgeridoo APCO PR premiership. No amount of misdirection can fool the public into thinking Firaun was a saint while the sleeping PM was the devil!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

  5. Donplaypuks,
    The alcatel-lucent affair shows that the French are more corrupt than us but we should not be going there at this point, should we? There is a specific issue at hand here, bringing back your firaun and your much-feared Zionist apco agents is an attempt at misdirecting itself bro. So cheers!

  6. Anonymous5:00 pm

    One day there will be a reckoning. One day we will seize the passports of Riong Kali, the Plagiarists, the Blackie Beruk, the son and many others. Then we will put them on public trial and make them pay for the money they have stolen. If there is no proper evidence against them (since they are good at covering their tracks) lets use the ISA against them. Lock them up. Bentong Kali, Plagiarists, Beruk and the son - you have all been put on notice now. OK donplaypuks, we can include a few of the people on your list also. Mat Nor Yakop also. Ayub also. We will get them. Better run now.

  7. demiku5:25 pm

    Hell, yeah!

    donplaypuks -- we know you hate Mahathir and Najib. so don't go sidetracking.
    This is about Fox, the newbie that got all the plum contracts because Mr P and Dato W are buddies of a certain Dato K who has the ears of the sleeping PM.

    don't go resurrecting mahathir. he has his faults but he didnt destroy the country. he made us proud to be malaysians-lah.only supporters of opposition party would deny deny deny his contribution. F-lah..taik kucing semua ni.
    as for najib -- why so mad at him and rosmah? you want to attack him, have substance-lah! not sweeping and baseless allegations and vile tittle tattle.

  8. Anonymous5:28 pm


    Way to go bro! Keep banging away.. Now looks like whatever that 'puke' guy of so called one human race met his match!


  9. Anonymous7:39 pm

    This PR agency had people with vast experience in IT, media, marketing, PR, event management and law. They also had academic qualifications from reputable universities both local and abroad.

    How can a PR agency, especially one with people who have many years experience in the media, fail?

    I mean, inspite of the said connections and all, wouldn't a PR agency with such talent be still kept afloat? What really happened?

    Rocky, what do you think of the PR industry here in Malaysia?

  10. Bro

    As far as I'm aware, Alcatel-Lucent is a French Plc and not French Govt owned.

    Nevertheles, I agree with you that many European (including UK) as well as USA companies bribe their way to major contracts in Asia and that the West is as corrupt, if not more so, than the East.

    Only problem is, Malaysia's name seems to be cropping up more and more frequently where under-table money is involved in mega billion $ Govt contracts - submarines (French Govt co), SD's foray in the middle east, Telekom/Axiata and more.

    And talking about corruption during Firaun's time is not irrelevant as he's still around to be held accountable and the beneficiaries of those handouts are still enjoying the fruits of ill-labour as is the case with Rosemajib's cronies which is a more contemporary and current issue. Yet only the sleeping PM who was around for 5 years should be asked to answer but not who was around for 20 years or a Defence MInister who held the position for over 10 years?

    Take them all to task and make the answer and pay back what they stole from the Rakyat! Don't be selective.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  11. Anonymous8:31 pm

    Good Riddance!

  12. Salam Dato,

    Well,'bourne free' is over.Fox will diminish and yet another one will reanimate.

    It's business cum politics anyway. Otherwise you are not able to be in the Fortune's list.

    I like to be in the list too... he..he..just wild gestures

  13. Rocky:

    IF the two editors concerned here included a former Editor-in-Chief of the Star, then the following is relevant. Otherwise, just DELETE the rest of my comment that follows, okay?!

    At BUM2009, I did inform former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad at special tea-break that I sent a protest note to PM's Department when Wong SuLong --he had a Chinese name Wing Puan Wah, but used the Malay-sounding one, I wonder why? -- became EIC of the Star when he was/still is? a permanent resident of Australia. I drew the analogy of Dr Ng Yen Yen being appointed a Senator when she was then a PR, also of Australia. My contention was that Malaysians with PR of another country are in a "conflict of interests" situation, esp when appointed to "national" positions of power.

    Later, this same half-Aussie half-Malaysian also was appointed to the Securities Commission board which I bemoaned as a person with "split" loyalties shouldNOT be honoured with such high, even sensitive", post.

    So the demise of FOX is also welcomed by Desi,another day longer is another "daylight robber" is being allowed to enjoy the country's largesse and having enjoyed the maximum, he would return to Down Under to enoy the best of both worlds. I think the word SCUM describes such type of species, neither here nor there, but everywhere when there is RM.../AUS$... to be reaped. May God/Alah help us get rid of such creatures still/steal? in our midst! One DDC used here allowed eh?!)~~ YL,Desi

  14. Rocky should be a war general.
    He will either lead all his soldiers to die like Malay Mail..or win it Savior of Najib.
    Before he gets any further with his "plan" one say the French are all truthful and uncorrupted buggers too.
    Don't be too smart to mix APCO services bought for RM77 million with people's money to serve Najib and his party..into one plate to make a rojak nonsense.
    If you can prove APCO is bought by Najib to serve Malaysians...then you have my support....but as long as it is to serve Najib and UMNO can go to hell with your smart planned.
    We are not afraid of the Jews or anyone.
    We are exposing Najib is very afraid and need the cruelest people on earth to help him...understand?
    I never like Hitler...but he got it right. Jews are dangerous people.
    Are you another Muslim that cannot feel the pains of the helpless Palestinians?
    We cannot do anything..but surely we can feel how much they suffered for no reasons..and all are Muslims.
    What's wrong with you?
    Do you good work for what you are paid to do for UMNO B...but don't cross over the line..when lives and future Malaysians are involved.
    And vast majority Malaysians.. are going to vote change of 13th GE..whether you like it or not..does not matter.
    Has your CEO contract extended?

  15. Anonymous4:23 am

    sudah makan kenyang, cabut lari la bro. Apa mau tunggu lagi?

    KJ de pundewane

  16. Mustapha Ong8:12 am


    Pada hari Jumaat yang mulia ini, marilah kita bertenang, waras fisikal dan mental demi kedaulatan Agama, Bangsa dan Negara:

    Saudaramu yang sebenar ialah orang yang sentiasa berada di sisimu ketika susah dan senang. Dia sanggup membahayakan dirinya demi kebaikanmu, sanggup berkorban apa sahaja untuk kepentinganmu.

    Wahai Tuhanku, ampunilah aku, kasihilah aku, tutupilah aibku, tinggikanlah darjatku, berikanlah aku rezeki, tunjukilah aku, sejahterakanlah aku dan maafkanlah aku.

    Sebagai insan yang tidak dikecualikan daripada perbuatan dosa-dosa besar dan kecil, hidup dan amalan baik, buruk, pahit dan manis mengikut FitrahNya, di dunia yang penuh dengan ujian Illahi, hamba mohon ampun dan maaf atas Kebesaranmu.

    Kebawah DYMM Tuanku Yem yang berdaulat, patek sembah junjung kasih semoga Negeri Johor kita terus maju, makmur dan sejahtera kehendakNya. Biarlah Tenang terus akan lebih bertenang selepas Januari 30, 2011 yang bakal akan kita melalui dengan penuh harapan dan doa SEMOGA diberkati Allah swt.

    Kepada saudaraKu Arwah Sulaiman (AL-FAATIHAH) yang telahpun pulang ke Ramahtullah, SEMOGA tetap menjadi Saksi keatas apa jua yang bakal berlaku mulai Januari 15 sehinggalah Januari 30 mendatang, insyaAllah.

    Akhirkata kita semua berdoa bawahasaNya dengan Bismillah:


  17. Anonymous8:41 am

    This is the expected end to a house made of sand and shit.

    Crap-free Malaysian

  18. Ms Love10:19 am


    Like a fox, like a fox on the run.
    Don't you love that song, Rocky.
    I do.

  19. Anonymous11:50 am

    Of course lah, Brenden is machai of Kali while Wong Sulong at the time in Fox was also independent diretcor in Bursa Malaysia. How independent can he be? When Fox clients are public listed companies. Go and ask Zarinah of the SC lah!!! Btw, Pasquale Zarinah is still the boss, hang nak tunggu sampei April Fools day bila kontrak depa tak kena renew iye. Seronok lah Amrishah heheheh

    Dj Bujai.

  20. i see DPP just pointed out the most obvious direction

  21. Anonymous1:01 pm

    DPP ni ckp mcm tak pernah bribe org seumur hidup dia..


  22. Anonymous4:24 pm


    You lupa nak tanya

    "How come most of the richest men listed in Malaysia, some of them can't even speak or write in Bahasa Kebangsaan or English can become billionaires"



  23. If the French were so interested in the Scorpene story that they wanted to hear from Bala (who has absolutely nothing to do with Navy and Submarines), then I suppose they might also be interested in hearing from Consultant A & B.

    As for Fox, there are 15 more people to add to the jobless list, but I suspect they will very quickly land a job in the construction industry.

    Why? I heard they are pretty good in building corridors!

  24. Anonymous6:37 pm

    Maybe the company will be reincarnated as something else? Maybe only the name will change but the people behind it and the business remain the same?

  25. Anonymous6:39 pm


    Yes we hv a specific issue here but i know who you are shooting at. So it's not out of place for someone to 'deviate' and shoot at the bigger culprit(s). To conclude that the French are more corrupt than us merely based on Alcatel alone is too simplistic. I wud say it's the exception rather than norm there. Just look at the corruption index for Malaysia and France. It's obvious. Relax bro...

    From: rockless brew

  26. Anonymous7:10 pm

    dato Rock...your comments on dPP is right on. well done sir!

  27. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Dear Rocky

    Truth can only be arrived if we are fair and impartial.

    But since you are strongly pro Mahathir and pro Najib, it is hard to arrive at truth from what you say since you are interested party.

    I feel PKR which also has a lot of shortcomings, can be trusted slightly more. Just look at the current chief minister of Selangor and Khir Toyo. You will note the yawning gap.


  28. Mustapha Ong5:41 am


    You are right the French are more corrupt in many ways. As we have uncovered the Alcatel/TM scandal as a result of TM internal auditing by the Chairman of the Accounts Committee, YB Nur Jazlan Mohamed. Congrats to Jazlan and there should be more GLC Board Members to emulate what Jazlan had uncovered and had pressed for appropriate actions, in order to prove that TM management is still credible as a top notch GLC.

    Jazlan had given TM a piece of his professional mind as an CA and Auditor to the extent in relinquishing his position, if the alcatel issue is being swept under the carpet. This a normal unethical practice by some GLCs, including Petronas senior management and other big GLC related corporate management companies like PNB, KWSP and other state SEDCs.

    As far as Fox is concerned, the current exposure of their unethical management through rampant corrupt practices is only the tip of the ice-berg. Some very senior public officers in Home Ministry and PMO were suspected to have been involved in the issue, which had led to the closure of Fox. However, MACC should also investigate as the sudden closure of Fox is another way to escape investigations. Fox's accounts should be investigated by ROC, as Fox is not reported to bankrupt or insolvent.

    We welcome MACC to initiate other corporate sectors, who are being suspected to be involved in billion US Dollar or other Euro Dollar corruptions, through unethical contract deals in some GLCs should also be investigated.

    The current ongoing investigations and prosecutions under Sime Darby Management is also the tip of ice-berg. Although, it appeared to be to be the issue of mis-management, the entire members of BOD should also be responsible in the scandal. Why only senior management executives being charged?

    We need an answer from MACC or the Chairman of Sime Darby as the issue is not about unethical corrupt practices, but it is of public and national interest that may implicate what PM Najib and his team is trying to checkmate major corruptions. It is a serious matter subject to integrity and, accountability of that had happened during Tun Mahathir and Pak Lah's administration.

  29. Anonymous10:11 am

    Sorry bro to hear what happen to you n your family

  30. Truth Seeker10:13 am

    Obviously Fox was just a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) company to whack all major government/GLC media jobs during the you-know-who tenure as the Prime Minister. A SPV company is normally wound up after it has served its purpose. How did Sime Darby, a conglomerate with supposed corporate governance, select a newly set-up company with no track record to handle its corporate communications over the more established corporate communication companies in Malaysia? Did the then board of directors of Sime Darby were sleping on the job?

  31. Out of topic! sorry to read your house has be burgled and you lost RM150,000 worth of properties.
    I am happy somewhat you and your family were not hurt at all.
    The one month old car should be no problem for you to claim insurance.
    Take care and be safe.

  32. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Najib sepatutnya tutup sahaja projek koridor Pak Lah yang tidak mendatangkan faedah kepada rakyat. Terlalu banyak duit rakyat telah dihanguskan oleh agensi-agensi koridor untuk membayar konsultan-konsultan yang memberikan perkhidmatan "kickback".

  33. Charles F Moreira8:10 pm

    Now what does this mean for publications Fox helped spawn - Hmmmm!

  34. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Sori, lari dari topic..

    Sad to hear about the house incidence, Alhamdullilah semua selamat.

    When you lost yr Ferrari, I did warn you to be extra careful, because Ferrari tu ader tayar...

    Bukan empat tayar tapi LIMA. Yang spare tyre tu tak nampak, selalu lupa nak ambil kira..

    Take care..Group kami dah kena..


  35. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Dato Rock,
    Khabar sedih dato, saya tumpang bersedih. Apa2 pun dato sekeluarga tidak di apa2 kan oleh penceroboh berkenaan. Saya punya kisah yang sedikit bersamaan. Saya kehilangan kereta dan anak sulong meninggal dunia pada ketika yang hampir sama. Salah seorang pekerja saya buat statement 'Boss tak bayar zakat kot, tu pasal la 'Allah' ambil sedikit2. Masa tu saya punya la naik angin, kalau boleh masa tu juga saya nak cebok dia. Tapi selang beberapa ketika saya berfikir panjang saya dapati kata2nya ada kebenaran. Sekarang 'alhamdullillah' rezeki murah, fikiran tenang. Zakat tak miss, kalau sampai seru dan ada jodoh tahun mendatang sampai la saya seruan haji. Kisah nie tak berniat langsung nak camdek dato no, hanya ingatan ikhlas dari saya.
    -sender Rakyat Penang lo.

  36. Anonymous8:43 pm

    Fox used to barge their way into corridoors. In down south in JB, they had ex journo Ravi Nambiar as their pimp.

    He tried to get Iskandar Malaysia job for Fox, but the people there were smart enough to outfox Fox.

    Fox never made any inroads there. Ravi was terminated by Fox last year.

  37. Anonymous8:38 am

    Anon 8:43pm, Fox does not get job in Iskandar Malaysia as Kamal Khalid of Level 4 has locked in FBC Media for the corridor agency there with an annual fees of RM36mn! The people there are superdungus paying the mat salleh consultants for god knows what. Bodoh!

  38. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Saudara Rocky,

    Ada yang secara berkias menyangka sdr tak bayar zakat, menyebabkan rumah dipecah masuk dan kereta hilang. Hanya Allah dan sdr saja yang tahu sama ada kiasan itu benar.

    Pokoknya, jika sdr sudah sesat terlalu jauh, kembalilah ke pangkal jalan. Belum terlambat. Allah Maha Pengampun.

    Bacalah Quran dan maksud ayat-ayatnya.

    Salah satu bermaksud:``Dan berbuat fitnah lebih besar (dosanya) daripada membunuh. - 2:217''

    Ini peringatan untuk semua khususnya para penulis. Fitnah boleh menyebabkan negara jadi huru-hara.

    Ingatlah bahawa hukum Allah amat adil. Apa jua kejahatan yang kita lakukan terhadap orang lain, kita tetap akan menerima balasannya di dunia dan apatah lagi di akhirat. Tujuan balasan di dunia ialah supaya kita insaf dan kembali kepada Allah.

    Kenali Allah. Dekatkan diri kepada Allah. Insya-Allah sdr akan merasai nikmatnya. Ketenangan hidup. Ketenteraman hati. Lebih besar nikmatnya daripada menjadi seorang bloger tersohor, bergelar Dato' dan hartawan.

    Janganlah mabuk dengan pujian dalam blog ini kerana mereka sebenarnya hanya mahukan sdr merosakkan lagi negara dan masyarakat. Mereka tidak membuat komen berasaskan kebenaran, iaitu kebenaran yang bersumberkan Quran -kitab dari pencipta manusia dan sekelian alam.

    Rugilah jika sdr tidak membaca dan mendalami isi kandungan Quran kerana ia adalah petunjuk dan panduan daripada Zat Yang Maha Agung.

    Sekian, wasalam dari bekas wartawan/ editor dari akhbar lain yang pernah bertugas (on assignment) bersama sdr dulu.

  39. nstman5:32 pm

    Fox's existence was premised on getting juicy contracts from the Dollah government. Once the gravy train was halted in its tracks, the end was inevitable. If my memory serves me correct, a number of NST senior journalists, led by Ravi Nambiar, were roped in for high profile assignments. Alas, the tsunami of 2008 drowned every plan conceivable. Wong Sulong and Brando Pereira have met their waterloo. The moral of the story: Never mess with Rocky.

  40. Anonymous9:17 pm

    Dear Bro;
    Keep it up. Malaysian need good reporters. The world has already been bombarded with so much info, therefore we need experience journalist, an unbiased reporters to report news and let ordinary people, such as me, understand the actual facts and stories.
    Your Brother down south.
    Arif de Agam

  41. Rocky

    well, settling scores are we now, we all know why Fox has been the bane of some bloggers….

    I guess in some school of thought, it might be termed - the pot calling the cattle black, ha ha ha

    Some wonder, why you hold position as adviser to 3 media groups, some say you are a……., need i say any further.

    When one point fingers at others, sooner or later, they fall into the same pit ka ka ka

  42. i think the question here should be, does anyone here has the calibre to manage such strategies, if yes, than, propose to PM, apa macam

  43. Why propose to Najib...pakpadir?
    After near 55 years....PM needs to be taught anything?
    Come UMNO B the ONLY solution.
    They are so corrupted and racists want to stay on to govern forever too?
    Then you smart ass..teach him.
    Don't expect smart Malaysians teach crooks how to be smarter crooks.