Sunday, January 02, 2011

KJ merajuk?

"TAKING A BREAK FROM POLITICS." Woken up this morning about this article published by the Star today and am wondering if the newspaper had made a mistake. When my friend told me about the news, I thought it was a joke. My response: "Maybe he's going to stand in a State seat". But the Star article is quite clear:

Read the entire article H E R E.


  1. Jolobak Jolobu11:29 am

    Tahu dia takut Cikgu Bad.

    KJ nak jadi MB N9?

    Dia bukan orang negeri sembilan. Dia orang kodah!

    Poei menyombah kek Mukhriz tu!!!!

  2. Anonymous11:36 am

    Dengar khabar KJ nak bertanding sebagai calon PKR kat SUNGAI BULOH.

  3. Anonymous11:36 am

    One monyet is out. 100s more to go!

  4. Tak suko MP Jolobu11:36 am

    Jolobak Jolobu ...

    Guan Eng tu bukan orang Penang pun.

    Dia orang Melaka tapi jadi Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang.

    Jadi, kalau sesebuah negeri tu tak ada bakat yang mampu jadi ketua, boleh ambil dari negeri lain.

    Mungkin Negri Sembilan dah jadi macam Pulau Pinang, dah tandus.

  5. Jolobak Jolobu11:45 am

    Tak suko MP Jolobu

    Orang sekarang sensitive pasal nakkan calun tempatan.

    Tenang tu ... kalau bukan calun tempatan, boleh masak.

    KJ tak boleh.

    LGE pun tak boleh. Masaklah anak Kit Siang tu.

  6. Anonymous11:50 am

    Elok le tu, bapa mertua dah takde, sapa nak ... lagipun dah rembat duit bagai nak gilooo...

  7. Anonymous11:52 am

    fil no more pm, kabel dah putus !

    no more projects...

    so gulung tikar balik kampung tanam jagung la!

  8. Anonymous12:06 pm

    The good guy always loose.

    Cannot see eye-to-eye with his boss, so got to go la.

    Just like his disgust with najis/mamak kutty-backed perkosa.

  9. If he is a boy of principle, he'll walk the talk or its just another cheap gimmick

  10. Parpukari

    Syabas ... perjuangan mu hampir selesai.

    Sila sedekah pisang di masjid. Banyak toyol dan monyet kelaparan. Hehehe ...

    Baca komentari kami sini

  11. nstman12:44 pm

    He is not standing because he knows he will be crushed in the next election. Simple as that, not exactly rocket science.

  12. Anonymous12:49 pm

    KJ malu pasal cerita menteri dari kampong dia buat perangai. hehehehehe Rocky! tit for tat!
    eden bukan orghagn negori. Hang mai mana KJ?
    Jolobu? hehehehhehe

  13. anon 2:06
    good guy?....
    gud guy peliarq hanggggg...
    aku rasa dia nak join anuuuuar tu...
    tengok la masa anuuuar keluarq dari jel sungai buloh dulu..
    sapa yang pi hantarq paspot anuuuar sampai kerumah.
    pak mentua suruh..menantu apa lagi...sanggup pi hantarq...
    pak lah dgn menantu dia ni sebenarqnya nak sangat bn kalah dalam PRU13 dulu.
    sebesarq bulu hidung pun aku tak pecaya dengan pak mentua dan menantu dia ni.

  14. Anonymous12:59 pm

    to be honest, he is a nice guy. i knew him personally since chilehood.may be he got other plan

  15. Anonymous1:09 pm

    A very good news for the new year. Good riddance. Hope he will be gone forever.

  16. It is more like he knows Najib will not choose him as 13th GE advised by Mahathir.

  17. Anonymous2:13 pm

    It must be the aftermath of the wikileak exposure. Singapore made a very adverse comment on Khairi. They commented that he rode on his FIL's back to position and power.

    For any intelligent man, that is a dishonorable remark that impugn your integrity and capability.

    Good for him to take a break and come back when the dust had settle and possibly when FIL is no more around. Then those snide remarks could not make their round again.

  18. Wargamas3:14 pm

    Agree with Mantra. What KJ said means nothing if not translated into action. Is he just "testing the waters" to read prevailing public mood towards him (if such a mood exist in the first place)?

    Just walk, KJ. No one gives a damn if you do!

  19. Alhamdullilah...

    Anyway, KJ should hv resign together with babba.

    Good for UMNO!

  20. Reliable sources told me the reason why KJ dared to make such a statement is becos' he got wind that he will be dropped as a candidate in the next G.E.

    He knew his time is up & the best option is to declare his move before the media report him as "BEING DROPPED". It's better to RESIGN than to get SACK, right??? Common sense tells the story.

    Just like ZAID IBRAHIM. He knew he will be dropped when NAJIB takes over from Pak Lah & the best option is to CASH OUT before getting KICKED OUT.

    Politics is played this way.

  21. Funny...test of popularity...same 'political' move,I think.

    If so,wish him to be an outstanding politician one day.Long way to go.
    Forget not the Malays...Malaysia...

    Ingat pepatah melayu (kalau sungguh melayu)- 'harimau mati tinggalkan belang,manusia mati tinggalkan NAMA'- NAMA dari sumbangan besar, baik-baik untuk nusa dan bangsa.

    Bukan perkara mengagung kebencian! APANAMA Bro ?

  22. He knows, better to be crony rather than politician.

  23. Seolferwulf6:34 pm

    Maybe he will be taking a sabbatical at Oxford or Harvard?

    Way better than UM or UKM!

    And he will be back. PM Najib needs all the bright Malay talent that he can find. How else to compete with the "brainiacs" who populate the upper echelons of the Singapore political and civil service establishment?

    The bright sparks in Perkasa don't exactly make the grade. Imagine Ibrahim Ali and his protégés negotiating investments and jobs with the likes of Microsoft, Google or Yahoo!

  24. Anonymous6:35 pm

    What lah you all bising2. The monkey wants to stay 'ome and be a good daddy........ (as if). This sure got motive!!!!

  25. KJ masih muda, inshaAllah, masih sempat untuk dia insaf atas dosa-dosanya:

    1) pelan menghancurkan Islam di Malaysia dan memperkenalkan Islam liberal dibawa Barat yang menunduk atas kuasa Dajjal
    2) Menjadi barua Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim dan agen Singapura
    3) Memfitnah Najib untuk menyekat beliau dari mendapat jawatan PM
    4) Mencuri wang kerajaan hingga menjadi kaya raya

  26. Anonymous7:32 pm

    Maybe the best decision he ever made. Many talented young Malays with the same credential (ox-bridge)and caliber as him (or better) have to struggle from the ground zero. But these people end up better and well rounded (as they say in UK) persons than him. He surely has not gone through all these important experience. But never too late.

    Hope by now he knows who's his true "sahabat" which is not the same as "ramai kawan masa senang".

    So long Bro.

    True Rakyat.

  27. Anonymous8:34 pm

    salam 2 all,
    selamat lagi satu. tunggu yg lain pulak.

  28. vickyLeak9:07 pm

    this is the BEST news for MALAYSIA to usher in the new year!!!

    oii?! does DAP or PKR or PAS people got some embarrasing info about his shenanigans and waiting to spill the beans when the next GE comes around???

    i've always feel embarassed at the way umno people still suck up to this guy who many people believe nearly brought BN down in can they be so gullible?

    he already has more money than he could EAT thanks to whatever the fuck his wheeling and dealing brought him during his FIL as PM days. so go and enjoy your money and just fuck off and leave malaysia politic alone.
    that's the best favor you can do for Malaysia.

  29. He will be back when apanama ( I don't mean the blogger, but the PM before Pak Lah ) is no more. That may be sooner than many of us expect !Taking a break is an intelligent move by someone who has brain !

  30. Anonymous10:09 pm


    no more sugar daddy-in-law so the gravy line has been broken

    he can always join tony tan's team

    or zaid's new party

  31. Anonymous10:15 pm


    I guess sillywolf will campaign for kj to be pap's latest young talent

    kj should just have a white attire tailored

    to be recruited by tony tan who had earlier expressed to have such promising talent in the red dot

    sillywolf would then receive a commendation award

  32. Anonymous10:37 pm

    Datuk Rocky,

    It been casted in stone that Y.M Tunku Abdul Rahman was the first the last OXON to govern Malaysia.

    Ibrahim Kati

  33. Wahai Anak Omak, saya akan sedekah pisang kalau benar si anak omak ni resign!

    Alhamdulilah! Akhirnya doa aku termakbul juga, tapi boleh percaya ke si Kitol aka beruk dalam google ni?

    Dia nak lawan kat Kepala Batas kot?

  34. Anonymous11:48 pm

    That is the smartest move in his political career. If he is what he is, intelligent and what not, he could make it in the real world. Anyway many in UMNO welcomed his decision. Good luck really need it this time!


  35. Anonymous11:49 pm

    apo copek bona nak berihat. mudo lai. apo nak buek dio tau tak do orang nak pilih dio. sian boto.

    warih original

  36. Aplomb12:55 am

    I beg to differ. KJ's the only one with balls to get things done and carry out the PM's vision like what he recently did with Jelajah ONE Malaysia meeting the grassroots, he is still one for the future.

  37. Hmm, trial baloon je kut.

  38. You all got it wrong! I know why! He is a pseudo-Malaysian and sabbatical at Oxford or Harvard is more like it. But mainly he wants to spend his amassed fortune like going to Europe,especially to Venice and speak with people of his same dialect, Oxford English! Along the way he will meet Kali, and may be Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim somewhere along the way probably in New York or in England, they will have god scotch and beer together and plot once , to him Malaysia is just a place to be exploited for their own good. Khairy has not got that iota of Malay psyche to be a true Malay leader. In his heart hg is an Anglo, now there I have said it!

  39. Anonymous5:55 am


    ini adalah langkah terbaik KJ lakukan dalam situasi sekarang.KJ adalah Dr. M ketika muda (tapi Dr. M tiada cable macam KJ). for the sake of UMNO..sila kafankan KJ sekarang juga.


    he'll rise again later.

    -m fadhil yahya

  40. Anonymous7:00 am

    mmmm... ni macam lari dari SPRM aje ni. amende yg dia buat kene cekup ni?
    Kalau tak lari dari FBI ngan CIA.
    jgn lari sebab rogol bini org mcm ADUN PAS serling tu, dah le

  41. Wrong or right..he did try to be somebody in UMNO B and failed..and that is the fact.
    How many crooks in UMNO B do you think are loyal Malaysians?
    Go check out properties bought in Indonesia....Australia..especially .Perth..England....and even parts of USA.
    Check out the names. Most are self made multi millionaires in businesses...and UMNO B crooks in politics.
    Don't tell me Generals..high raking police officers...and those sickening ex and present UMNO B top ranking politicians are such great businessmen..that have more hundreds of millions. To top it all off...the must have false titles to go with that...thinking the world citizens will really kowtow to them.
    It is the money they keep spending that got false respects and smiles.
    Every top politician in the developed world...knows who are the UMNO B crooks...and China hates Mahathir...most.
    I guess Najib is preparing to defend Malaysia with all the fantastic up to date multi billions spent on warfare hard and soft case China come to rescue the minorities being slaughterd?
    You can never read that weird mind of his.

  42. Anonymous10:41 am

    Alhamdulillah.Biarlah anak omak nih copek baerambus dari umno.supayo BN /UMNO buleh monang bosar PRU13 nanti.

  43. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Kj MP rembau.
    Rakyat kate die KERBAU!!!!

  44. Anonymous1:35 pm

    Hello Monsterball,

    apa la lu bising2 ni. lu punya KJ sama Anwar sekalang sudah gali lubang lor, sama2 terjun lubang lor!

    UMNO B ka UMNO A ka tarak hal punya la. Semua olang korup la termasuk lu punya DAP, PAS, PKR! Baru dapat Selangor dan Penang sudah tunjok luolang pun sama saja. Sudah la Monster tarak ball. Pi balik kampung ka, Tongsan ka, india ka.

  45. Tak kerja Tapi Terkaya1:59 pm

    Kita bukan baru lepas merdeka. Mereka yang berjuang untuk bangsa adalah mereka yang berkorban.

    Ini bebudak mcm Khairi ini cuma nak dapat jawatan supaya boleh dapat komisen dari kontraktor.

    Lelaki tanpa kerja terkaya kata Lim Kit Siang. SPRM patut siasat.

  46. Anonymous3:48 pm

    good riddance! this bugger of a so called intellect should have been kick out of UMNO the moment BN lost the 2/3 majority in the last election. he was the caused of the downfall of UMNO thro his sleepy good for nothing FIL. All decisions made during Badawi's premiership was made thro this bugger's approval. The damage caused by Badawi's policies has taken Malaysia from becoming a model third world country to an almost pariah state. Who was behind those policies? the 4th floor boys!! who was the leader of the 4th floor? his bloody name is Khairy Jamaluddin aka KJ, aka Kera Jamban!

    So if he says he wants to quit politics and not stand for reelection, i say Hip hip hooray!! that is the best thing he has ever done for this country. that is to fuck-off!!

  47. Anonymous5:04 pm

    hey no ball monster,

    You think China bother about you chingkies minority? They already have plenty at home.. that's 1.3billion..

    what make you think you fuckheads are their special darling especially when you all are just a decendant of runaway British pariah dogs..

    They shot so many of that kind of "garbage" in Tiannamen Square..what make you think they love those similar troublemakers in Malaysia?

    If those minority cannot even pledge their loyalty under such a democratic nation belonging to a most tolerance race in the world, can they be better under communist rule?

    Hey orang tua nyanyok, you should try eating najis babi..suck it fresh from the pig's asshole.. it may help relieve a bit of your alzheimer & kaput prostate suffering..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  48. najib manaukau6:29 pm

    Now he can marry the second wife he wanted for some time but did not want to offend his father in law. Also he knows without the postal votes his father in law can 'give' him he will not get re-elected. Most important of all the reasons, without any prospect of an appointment in the cabinet he has no right to 'give' contract or better still no bribes to offer to all his cronies. This is just like the shenanigan Mahathir did with all his mega projects when in actual facts they were his 'bribe' to those who supported him to keep getting elected as President of Umno and thereby as P.M. of Malaysia for 22 years.
    So the Oxford certificate is not doing him any good, so bad and so sad the son in law of the former P.M. !

  49. Anonymous7:35 pm

    heh heh

    of all the people, teenyweenyball is championing kj


    this young man should be midgetball's sworn enemy going by minuteball's claims and noisy babbling of non-corruption and transparent stance.

  50. anon@12:06PM:

    sorry-lah. I'd never describe KJ as "good guy".
    I remember how arrogant he was when Pak Lah was PM. How his fingers were in so many pies. Using his father-in-law to get things done for him.

    Oh no no no...i haven't forgotten. and becos of him, his father-in-law became a liability to the country. of course, it didn't help that his father-in-law himself was sleeping on the job.

    good guy? please-lah.

  51. No matter how much you teach those sickening idiots...all they know is insult me..and not give their different views.
    Yes these trained orang hutans can go to Pekan and help the gorilla lost in the mist .. find him....and kiss his balls and smoother a take things easy...for all I care.
    Come 13th GE...lets see who balek this or that kampong.
    Malaysia belongs to me as much as to you....and I am a city life man all my life..traveled all over the world.
    Where have you all gone......besides chosen to study in England with tax payers money......come back....failed problem...just be "Logistic Representatives" of Govt. Depts.
    In other words delivery boys .. postal boys..van drivers...meter readers.....which jobs should belong to less educated Malaysians...but no..the grab them with no shame. These unrecognized degree may dream to be a minister in the future..that is if Najib is still the PM. Dream idiots.
    Feeling grateful to UMNO cheap scats?

  52. Damn a lot of haters in here. Sad to see this, we Malaysians seem to be really good at running people down. Hence we deserve the leaders we get. KJ to me wouldve been a diffrent politico if he wasnt Pak lah's son in law, but thats his jodoh, i hope for him and his family that he will do better.

  53. Anonymous2:24 pm

    For all you KJ's lapdog, wake up and smell the coffee. He is a goner and as far as Najib is concern KJ is a non- entity who uses his wife and FIL to get where he is now. Therefore whatever he has to offer before is gone now which is money, money, money. So sayonara KJ!

  54. Collin Abraham5:00 pm

    Assuming this statement is correct,I wish to congratulate KJ especially if his intention is to proceed for higher studies.

    In all humility allow me to recommend that he reads for the D.Phil degree at my alma mater,St Antony's College.

    Will be glad to hear from him

    Besr wishes

    Collin Abraham.

  55. Anonymous5:04 pm

    Khairy is a very inteligent Malay and it is a waste of talent to mix around with the Kampung Malay Politic -UMNO.UMNO needs very incompetent politicans, especially the ones that toe the line. It is a typical Malay simple thinking of runnning the country. Remember, Singapura dilanggar todak. They just kill the boy for being smart. Just like Anwar Ibrahim, they "fitnah" him for liwat.

  56. KJ better give up politics and study as much as he wants...since he has made his millions..and that is more chances under Najib.
    Furthermore...his real talents will be wasted if he really succeeds to climb the leader of dirty politics..under UMNO B. He will then..have to worship the devil...for sure
    It is a blessing in disguise which he will appreciate in later years.
    What is the use for Khairy to be money crazy...and loose his soul to the devil.
    If he is really crazy to serve the community sincerely...he should join PAS and then maybe Najib will have a mild heart attack..sort of a revenge from him.
    To do that..he must forget the differences he will be having with UMNO B and particularly...Dollah..and choose his path of life..depending on no dirty politics and corruptions.
    I think Khairy knows 13th GE is no good sign for UMNO B and Najib...and so pull out even possibly being dropped out of the race by Najib.
    He will either stay away from Malaysia for good..and give up politics totally.

  57. "McD"...they only hate and insult me...and only me.
    And I respond to tell them two can play the game.
    But sometimes...I pity these young futs.. and ignore them..and run away like before.
    That makes them happy but never regret to be so sinful to me.
    So I come back...and face them.
    So many kind Muslims have advised them...yet they ignored and continue their old ways.
    Yes...these are the products of racist Mahathir and his gang of robbers and make sure these young futs..depend on UMNO B forever like incurable drug addicts.

  58. Strange it may seem..but you go out to eating stalls and places..the young Muslims are totally different..kind to old and greet me with respect.
    And I used to talk to them.
    They listened to my fatherly advises...with thanks.
    Sad very sad...we have these kind of no manners and racists in blogging.
    That is why...I hate Mahathir so much..the father of all evils.

  59. Anonymous7:55 am

    Hello monster tak ada telor, apa ni membebel tak tentu pasal! Dah kalah tu buat la cara kalah. Semua benda nak salahkan UMNO A la B, sampai Mahathir pun kau salahkan sebab kau tu merempat tua gayut. Relak lah brader, go get a life man! Why so bitter! Take some Viagra or something! Haiyo, what a sad monster u are!

  60. Skilgannon106611:46 am

    anti whatever 5:04 PM

    Really, ah? U got the testicles to stand up and scream all of that in front of the Chinese Embassy in KL? If u get past their security, that is.

    Big talk for someone whose country is a major trading partner of China and whose govt is pushing for more Chinese investments in Malaysia!

    Penang Port, anyone?

  61. Anonymous2:45 pm

    Very few with brains in UMNO and KJ's one of them. He can think on his feet. Its 0k KJ- live to fight another day. Its hard for brighter ones to survive in a world of morons.

  62. Anonymous8:40 pm

    midgetball is deranged old man who needs urgent psychiatric help to restore normalcy

    hhmmm on the other hand it would be good fun to whack him for his delusional rantings

    which might just shove him to meet his maker

    wonder if it is UP, nahh most likely it is down

  63. You think you idiots are wacking me...with your insults?
    Let the whole world read and know who is really wacking who.
    Cannot stand criticisms on Mahathir?
    Why millions think like me...go wack all la.
    Go to Kedak and wack your own Muslims that hates him most.
    Small by-election also cannot win...and blame voters are being bribed.
    But the twp recent by-elections won through bribes are OK?
    You THINK you can wack monsterball?......hahahahahahaha
    What you are proving time and time are racists idiots till eternity...dreaming and dreaming sitting on the old sailing boat from a river of no return.
    What bloody fools you are.

  64. Anonymous11:48 am

    skewedmoron get your brains rewired lah, bodoh

    :D muhahahaha -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies- was just telling you that China has no love for overseas runaway chinese

    Why would he want to shout in front of the chinese embassy, bodoh

    skewed has no other value except economic consideration

    when you DIE, you are not taking your money with you moron

    sikit sikit tradelah, economic powerlah, duitlah, hartalah

    apa guna kalau hati tak senang dan gembira

    penang port??? hahahahahahahaha

    p.s. "whose govt is pushing for more Chinese investments in Malaysia!" - hhooiii, wherever investments come from - all are welcome, goblokmoron

  65. Latest , pada 30 Jun 2011 , Dia dah jadi Yang Di Pertua Rumah Anak Yatim dan Miskin Ulu Gadong... now what is he trying to prove, gila...

    Rumah Anak Yatim tu pun dah tak ada anak yatim , tapi ada cash ...

    Kacau , kacau