Sunday, January 02, 2011

Apanama: A blogger unmasked

AH, FIRDAUS! So, the blogger behind  Apanama is Firdaus Abduallh, a seasoned journo who left the New Straits Times recently to be on his own. The official story is Firdaus has "taken over" Apanama, one of the blogs that contributed towards the political tsunami in 2008, i.e. short-living Abdullah Ahamad Badawi's tenure as PM. Any which way, congrats Firdaus (and the former owner of Apanama), blogosphere is the richer for this move.

Firdaus also runs Signboard and tweets with @firdyfire.


  1. Thank you Dato', for the "warm" welcome!

  2. Anonymous4:36 pm

    second day of new year, already likin arse .... apedaaa apename, lu punya original nama apedaaah?



  3. Welcome bro. About time, too!

  4. Apa lah...ingatkan Tun M ada sub-blog..perkataan ni sinonim dengan beliau..Thanks for the unmasked.

    Mohon Maaf kepada Tun.

    See you soon bro.

  5. vinnan10:32 pm

    Another Mamakthir mamak dog. What else is new?

  6. What's the brouhaha about this Apanama, I knew all along it belongs to Firdaus so what is the game here Rocky! Can I also now buy Barkingmagpie and mentioned my name! Would you splashed it on the front of Rockybru?

  7. Anonymous1:28 am

    Firdaus? What a loser.

  8. Anonymous2:05 am

    Maae, apesal hang mohon maaf? Hang x erti baca kot ataupun memang goblok. Blog Apanama baru je diserahkan kpd si firdaus yg sememangnya mempunyai hubungan yg amat mendalam dan bererti dgn unit risikan. Betol tak ASP?

  9. Anonymous2:57 am

    Welcome bro, ignore the dogs like Vinnan. Also the oldcock pasquela. some dogs could only bark, magpies try it too.

  10. Anonymous3:21 am

    vinan dan interlok talking cock . very normal for dajjal's troop. lawan tetap lawan.

  11. Anonymous3:24 am

    Haaaaa ha ha Rocky ..... semacam Pasquale is jealous kan. Pity that fella, Zorro could be a good company for the grumpy oldie.

  12. BIGCAT9:33 am

    All the best Firdaus. Never mind the detractors, they r just cowardly pussies compared to u. Kalau nak serang org, berani letak nama korang la, pukimak!!! Same as those arse licking pricks at NST who stabbed u in the back. Well, stay the course bro. Perjuangan belum selesai.

  13. Anonymous12:32 pm

    PASQUALE, its January 1 and Zarinah is still chairman. Also I have a problem with your grammer.
    U wrote : Can I also now buy Barkingmagpie and MENTIONED my name! Would you SPLASHED it on the front of Rockybru?
    WHAT kinda english is that'eh man?????????

  14. Anonymous12:55 pm

    Bigcat, kame memang takot sama Firdaooos sebab kame tau, depa tu ade dua gajeee.. Satu, Kjaaan yg bageeee ... pencen pun ade!!!!

  15. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Anon 12.32 let barking birds n dogs be as memang no substance.

  16. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Isnt Pasquale the guy who was once caught for khalwat with a Malabari muslim woman? He is also mamak mix. Yes grammar is bad. Apanama so now you are unmasked. Congrats. Why now friend? Curious.

  17. Anonymous6:51 pm

    Just saw this you tube video Is it for real?

  18. Sad part about Malaysians is the rest of the developing world has really progressed but we are still a bunch of people trying to overthrow a Malay-led government and mentally we have yet to make improvement, and many of these idiots are still Malays! What can I say!

  19. Anonymous7:54 am

    Betul lah Pasqual, kalau Cina dengan Keling atau Benggali nak jatuhkan kerajasan Melayu dan Raja Raja Melayu kita paham,tapi kalau Melayu, macam BABI dan si Gagap tu susah nak cakap lah! Grammer aku pun teruk! Grammer you Rocky pun teruk, grammer Firdaus I know him, pun teruk!

    Orang Tengah!

  20. Hey pasquale u said it about the progress part, was it the indians and chinese that were running this country for the last 52 years.Believe me there are compentent malays out there who can do the job but are not given the chance why as they are not rent seekers but guy n gals that stand on their own two feet without handouts,get it.

  21. Moga Pengikut Dajjal Tegar Firdaus Abdullah & boss besar dia MAHAthir Kutty A/L Iskandar Kutty dipanah petir oleh Allah SWT Tuhan Sekian Alam. Aamiin.


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