Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

To a momentous 2011, InsyAllah. Here's wishing all my dear readers, commenters and fellow bloggers a Happy New Year and may you and your loved ones remain healthy and happy always.

It's going to be a big year for politics, again (this is Malaysia, so every year is a big year for politics). Sarawak election must be held by mid-year and there's talk of a snap state election in Selangor to coincide with Sarawak's. More and more people are convinced Najib is going to call for general election this year though I myself believe he isn't in such a hurry, that he's looking at the slow-and-steady method to win the race. But then again, some people may see a hint in the PM's New Year's message:
"Let's not be satisfied and just sit back to be mere critics. Let's mould a better future for the coming generations.

"The power to build lies in the hands of the people. Fulfil this responsibility as best as you can," he said.
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  1. Anonymous2:31 am

    HAPPY 2011 BRO,

    we dont forget our roots... but leaders always forget the grassroots...

  2. Najib is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea that makes him becoming more unpredictable and weird.
    So convinced was he that he had 72% support to announce a hint that 13th few months away...and a dummy sucide not know when to risk his life to protect PutraJaya..which actually takes a damn fool to talk like that.
    13th GE..many predict it t be second half of the year or even at the last moment of 2012.
    Be it any time...Malaysians are getting stronger to vote Najib and the Govt. it is time to change the Govt. to let everyone know...People's Power is the Third Force.
    And by chance..if the Third Force is more racists than anything can only mean...Malaysians love Satan more than Allah.

  3. Happy New Year Rocky and family! See you next week!

  4. BIGCAT9:53 am

    Happy New Year Rocky, hope u ll drop-by Tenang later this month. I ll buy u teh tarik there. Salute.

  5. Well, there has to be a riddance of termites and vermin in the Cabinet which cannot be kept under the carpet any more. So, giving another opportunity to extricate himself or a cabinet reshuffle to rid the vermin has to be undertaken before any call for a snap election, I would imagine.

    But why on earth Selangor would have a snap election just because an UMNO lacky is appointed Sec Gen?

    Anyway, in the meantime, Happy New Year to you too.

  6. JohorMali12:27 pm

    Dear Rock,
    Regarding the case of a Minister doing the unthinkable, any new inroads to confirm the incidence? I guess the onus is on us ( including you) to pursue the matter to prove its authencity, otherwise let us celebrate the New Year with an open and clean mind.

  7. Pang Tat Ang12:39 pm

    Happy new year is a much hackneyed phrase. It's kitsch. It is banal. It is a misnomer. So a Stupid and Idiotic New Year to every stupid Malaysian. Dont forget to drink and drive as we welcome 2010 with trepidation.

  8. I want to be a billionaire without being a crony of anyone.4:03 pm

    I read this and laughed:

    Finally the ruling govt admitting that their 'opposition' friends in Penang and Selangor have done it right.

    Happy New Year!

  9. Anonymous5:49 pm


    Yang muda2 lebihkan semangat..

    Yang dah tua2, pi main dengan cucu cicit, OK...



  10. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Hi bro Rocky,
    Wishing you happy new year!
    Hope 2011 brings many more happiness and good things ahead.

  11. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Let us rock in 2011. Get more amah from Indon for your favorite minister.
    Happy new year and good health.

  12. a wonderful 2011 to you & yours, rocky!

    thank you for all the news blogged in 2010!

  13. Anonymous8:51 am

    There is so much that happened in 2010, some good some bad. Good ones eg the nkra, erm erm, that's about it. The bad ones eg media stupid self-censorship, ministers that behave like primary school senior asst, glc n govt bodies headed by stale n egoist govt elected person. Where did they get these guys? Politically connected? Go to some local banks and get their VP/directors. Thes guys can do a better job.

    Ministers shd not be administrators. They shd come come out wt new ideas, or at least facilitate new ideas. What has sport done? What has culture, info, edu or health done? How long u have to wait to just change school? The director blames parent for not using the online form. What online? Where? And on top of tgat u still need to go que at the edu office. What a joke.

    Consulted a doctor in govt hospital lately? You have to wait in sweltering heat for hours. Who goes to hospitals nowadays? Indinesian, banglas and old malays and their families. Why? No insurance la. This is the single most influential institution that impact the majority race in malaysia. And yet the govt didnt do anything. The opps just need to focus on school and health to beat najib, but they too are nicompoops. They cant think about edu n health becos the brain is too busy thinking about money generating projects. Just like BN.

    In 2011, our woes continues, no credible politician.


  14. Anonymous11:20 am

    najis speech... pordah!

    cakap tak serupa bikin... gua tolong lu, lu tolong gua???

    dickhead pm!!!

  15. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Najib said : The power to build LIES in the hands of the people.
    LIES tu tipu. Najib memang penipu