Monday, January 03, 2011

The making of a Detroit city, South East Asia

And PASSAT to replace PROTON PERDANA? SYED Mokthar Al Bukhary is on to a Herculean task - building Detroit in a town called Pekan.

Richest Malaysians 2010
Eleven years after setting up the Port of Tanjung Pelepas at the backyard of of Singapore, the tycoon is attempting to use his tie up with Germany's VW to position Pekan as the Detroit of South East Asia, by making Pekan the main VW hub for 600 million South East Asians.
While many would laugh it off as day dreamer's dream, the Singaporeans certainly aren't one of them.
Singapore's HwangDBS Vickers Research says there is minimal execution risk for the venture, as DRB-HICOM have proven their mettle by being the first assembler of the Mercedes S- Class outside of Germany.
The venture with VW, is less than three weeks old and the tycoon has been busy pushing the German marque to the forefront. Read From Perdana to Passat. 


  1. Anonymous4:06 pm

    DRB HICOM punye saham daa NAIkkKKK.

  2. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Syed mokthar is a capable person. Both Proton and Naza have failed to deliver the goods ALL THE TIME. Yet Syed Mokthar has managed to rope in VW. He should be given a shot to buy up Proton, because unlike NAZA which is mostly AP, there still are some interesting assets that can be pursued in Proton.

  3. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Finally, a global automotive company showing confidence in Malaysia. Taniah Tan Sri from the people of PEKAN.

  4. charleskiwi6:10 pm

    Isn't Syed the surname of an Arab and has nothing to do with the Malay just like shenanigan Mahathir who grand father came from Kerala in southern India ?

  5. drMpower6:16 pm

    i thought the Fuga is going to replace the Perdanas. go paultan's website for the story

    but either way, although i think its kinda a bit late for Detroit Dream to materialized, the project is going to take Pekan places.

    i am so sure about Pekan to be the next Detroit but with AFTA is coming into fullforce sometime in near future Syed Mokhtar is thinking 5 years ahead

  6. Anonymous6:32 pm

    Harap harap memang Pekan akan berjaya. Terima Kasih Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak, orang kaya Pahang yg disegani dan disayangi.

  7. Anonymous6:38 pm

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  8. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Syed mokthar, the real NST automotive man of the year 2010. So the phony who won it in 2010, please RETURN it.

  9. Anonymous6:53 pm

    PASSAT - RM100k. Proton-RM130k. The government save RM30k a car. I say dump Proton and viva PASSAT. Clearly proton has been short chaning the government of Malaysia.

  10. Salam tuan,
    mohon dilinkkan blog Pahang-ku ~

  11. Anonymous7:30 pm

    The only reason why proton did not get VW as a partner was because of Amokh of KN and NMY. DRB got VW because of the hard work put in by Mohd Khamil Jamil and Najib Razak when he was the DPM. If not for their hardwork, VW would have been in Vietnam by now.

  12. Anonymous7:30 pm

    And why not? This should have been done many moons ago.

    If it was started,say 20 years ago, today the hub would have been 20 years ahead.

    And by the same token, if it takes another 20 years to begin, we would be, oh well, 20 years behind.

    But, as usual, there will be staunch opposers to such projects just like how they opposed the NS Highway, KLCC, Putrajaya, Penang Bridge, Proton, KLIA, Crooked Bridge and everything else under the sun.

    And if the doomsayers are to be believed, we might as well go to bed early or sit at the warong and continue gossiping about the neighbour's cat.


  13. Anonymous8:44 pm

    Hello Rocky.

    why put the poster of 10 legitimate richest man? Why don't you try putting up 10 most richest by allegedly fraudulent means as well?
    Me think you can easily find them, no?

  14. He has to make it profitable fast his worth of US1.3billion is peanuts to motor car manufacturing in present days.
    Look how General Motor of USA.. was first and now in big financial trouble.
    Need not to say...Proton would have gone bankrupt..had UMNO B did not save it few times...with our money....and it will go bankrupt again...sooner or later.
    Which company managed and owned by UMNO B makes money?
    Few do as they monopolized the business and so easy to become filthy rich...but leave it to the corrupted crooks to take the money out to spin it round and round all over the world...making sue all are loosing ventures to enrich themselves.
    This is a very old and wellknown trick amongst crooks that have RMbillions that can see daylight.
    UMNO B kmows educated Malaysians are not stupid.
    They are banging on the hopes to keep fooling he majority less educated and have no time to check things..for these are the majority Malaysians that need to work to survive.
    Where got time to think why they are struggling everyday like that.
    You can see in many companies print calendars....because there is no profits like before.
    You have seem Hari Raya was celebrated modestly by Muslims...and it will be the same with the coming...Chinese New Year...yet Najib want to built 100 story Tower to prove how rich our country is?
    No..he wants to have his name remembered forever with a mega project.
    That's how much he cares about his
    "People First.Performance Now" nonsensical slogan..

  15. Anonymous12:05 am

    Pekan kampong DS Najib.

  16. Anonymous12:45 am

    Detroit city, SEA bukan rayong, thailand ke?? Google lerr... jangan jadi malas...

  17. Good on you TSM, I hope the venture will be a long lasting success.

    VW hub for Asia in Pekan, Malaysia is great.

    Malaysians memang boleh punya.

  18. Seems like I need to go back to Kuantan.

  19. Anonymous1:51 am

    Mohd Kushrin Munawi : saya akui ada kekurangan berbicara dlm bahasa inggeris. Iseh bruder kalu hang x pandei speaking, elok hang bg je org Melayu lain jadi boss besau. Jgn bg maloo kat bangsa.

  20. Anonymous3:01 am



    LOL pleez, go fuck urself!!!

    Detroit? make rubber mat?

    When the s'porean say u r stupid, then u r blardy stupid k?

  21. Anonymous3:25 am

    Abolish AP which benefit fat cats like Naza, merge Proton with DRB and make the Passat our national car.

  22. Yes Rocky...put on your thinking cap and put out the 10 most richest UMNO B kingpins.
    You can start by getting records of properties or international companies bought and owned by these so call civil servants who have hundreds of millions to spend.
    You need to trace the family tree of each crook first.

  23. Anonymous7:30 am

    Rayong (Thailand) exports millions of cars every year. It is Detroit of SE Asia.

  24. NEW DELHI: Carmaker Volkswagen today reported an over 10-fold jump in its sales for 2010 at 32,627 on the back of healthy response to its latest small car Polo and sedan Vento.

    The company had sold 3,039 units during 2009, Volkswagen said in a statement.

    During the 12-month period, the company sold 27,946 units of the Polo and Vento, it added.

    "We are extremely delighted with the response received for our products. This reflects the growing customer confidence towards the Volkswagen carline," Volkswagen Group Sales India Director (Passenger Cars) Neeraj Garg said.

    During the year, the company expanded its dealerships to 70 from 40, he added

    I am not trying to promote VW but its facts.VW is taking over few great marque all over.Even the SKODA is making a good sales after being taken over.WHY PROTON REJECTED IT?
    Tahniah Tan Sri SM (Syed mokhtar).I am looking forward to drive the PASSAT CC at a Malaysian price.
    An opportunity to be a dealer..PM has created another bussiness opprtunity to all Malaysian.

  25. Anonymous7:58 am

    If indeed the Passat is priced at RM100K and Proton is priced at RM130K as reported by Utusan, then sumting is very wrong in our automotive business model.

  26. Anonymous8:20 am

    Again, Syed Mokhtar?

    Dato', too much of a good thing is bad, as they say, and this is what's happening here with our friend Syed Mokhtar.

    Someone is out to make it look like Syed is getting the juiciest projects from Najib: Pos Malaysia, PPC and now this billion-dollars project to carve out a Detroit of a tranquil Pekan.

    You and I know that there's going to be a backlash.

    People are already defining Syed Mokhtar as THE RM25 billoin DEBT MAN.

    What will this Detroit make him? RM40 BILLION DEBT SYED?

    ... concerned melayu.

  27. KipasKereta8:32 am


    Saya cadangkan pada kerajaan supaya pakai Bufori. Yang ni memang betul-betul buatan Malaysia. Saya dah pergi kilang diorang kat Kepong. Memang hebat, budak-budak local kita yang pasang kereta high class ni.

    Biasanya diorang bina kereta yang harga dekat 1 juta. Bos YTL pun pakai kereta diorang. Mungkin boleh commission kereta yang setara E-class. Cuma Malaysia ni tax mahal untuk kereta import. Saya rasa, Bufori boleh buat.

    Lagi satu, para Yang Dipertua Negeri, Sultan, Raja, dan juga Yang Dipertuan Agong ni, kereta rasmi diorang tu baik juga ditukar daripada Rolls-royce, Maybach dan juga Bentley, tukar kepada Bufori. Memang kelas!! Kereta mewah, dibina oleh rakyat Malaysia.

  28. Anonymous9:12 am

    This is a scratch my back, I scratch your's deal. Najib gets development for Pekan. Syed Mokthar gets, LRT, Plus and Penang Port. Come on, this is all politics.

  29. ExPet said..."Rayong (Thailand) exports millions of cars every year. It is Detroit of SE Asia."

    So Pekan to be another Detroit of SEA? Go ahead as far as it will benefit rakyat. To Tuan Syed, don't forget to sell cheaper VW cars. We already been cheat for years.

  30. ini cantik tok.. ada kita orang malaya capat pakai kereta best..salam

  31. Do not compare Mercedez with VW as same class of buyers.
    Merz and BMW are belonging totally different class.. chased closely by Volvo.
    Volkswagen became a household name car...because it was the first car to run without water and with a trouble free engine. It was cheap and he beetle shape caught up like wild fire all over the world.
    And in Malaysia...VW 1200 saloon was selling like hot cakes by Borneo Motors.
    For decades declining in sales and now back in a good sign.
    I need not remind all.. Porsche inventor .invented Volkswagen.
    This franchise to Mokthar Al Bukhary is not all that one thinks it is.
    I am sure few richer people are thinking about it...and found it too expensive and risky .for they can make much more money with that investments..with their existing profitable businesses.
    You can also say...Mokthar is trying to make one big success out of VW and presume.. "OUTSIDE" advises...cronies of UMNO B all bad deals...guaranteed not to make Mokthar not loose money.

  32. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Anon @ 3:01 AM is namewee in action

    or an escaped resident from hospital gila

  33. Anonymous10:44 pm


    from the list, you are forgiven, if you think it is sinjiapore, hong kong, prc, not Malaysia

  34. Skilgannon106612:13 pm

    Will there be a level playing field or will Proton go crying to the govt, begging for more protection and time to get their act together?

    After all, the Asean Free Market kicks in by 2015.

    Also note that VW's regional HQ and it's regional staff are located in Singapore. What difference would it make if VW does CKD assembly in Pekan? Singapore will still get first dibs when new VW models are launched, such as the Phaeton and the upcoming new generation Passat.

    And the regional HQ in Singapore will have a big say in how much investment VW puts into Malaysia!

    I foresee that this agreement between DRB-Hicom and VW is fated for a long and rocky road ahead. That's not even counting what fresh incentives Thailand can bring to the table.

  35. Anonymous10:36 pm

    Frankly , have enough of all these filthy crooks. I use public transport, walk and bike when I can. Fly anything else but AA :) Yeah, sure, a Detroit city can help provide jobs for more immigrant workers. Msia only for the sob filthy crooks now!

  36. RoyalCommission1:13 pm

    A Royal Commission must be form to investigate the obscene wealth accumulated by the Chinese Taukehs such as Kuok, Lim Goh Tong, Vincent TAn and YTL.

    How did these Chinamen who came with only a shirt on their back from China managed to acquire so much wealth within 22 years of Mahathir rule?

    Are these Chinese untouchables. All the posters seems to touch on Syed Mohktar but what about these obscene 40 billion ringgits of Kuok from his sugar monopoly? Or Genting casino monopoly or 84 special gambling draws for Vincent Tan and MPurpose?

    These are evil projects calculated on the worst of human weakness gambling. A Royal Commission will find out how IPPs who burned 40% power every day while the greenies count the plastic bags or switch the light in one night!

    The Chinese wealth must be capped then only the Malays can catch up with them.

    Imagine the per capita of the USA is 40k while the per capita of Malaysia is 4k and yet the richest men in US only have 50 billion.

    While here Kuok and Ananda have assets worth 40billion!!

    What is wrong with the UMNO leadership? Incompetent and useless. Talking about core poverty while allowing Chinese Taukehs billions!