Thursday, December 23, 2010

WIkileaks: Malaysian senior politician and his maid?

ALLEGED MAID RAPE IN 07. I have not been able to lay my hands on a said Wikileaks series of diplomatic whisper in 2007 regarding the alleged rape of an Indonesian maid by a Cabinet minister then.

I can't say for sure it existed in the first place. But there has been talk. And there is this report by an international non-governmental organization which committed to paper that the rape did, indeed, happened in Kuala Lumpur some 3 years ago,. The report included an interview in July 2007 with the purported rape victim from her village in central Java. Copies of the report were said to have been given to the higher-ups in the US Embassy and the Indonesian Embassy. A copy was also sent to the Prime Minister's Office when Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was PM, a source said.

The maid had been working for the politician for eight years when the alleged rape took place. She is married and has two kids with her Javanese husband. According to the report by the NGO, the husband knew of the incident but not the children.

They, however, refused to press charge in 2007 out of fear and shame.


  1. Dato,

    Be careful of these Indonesian maids, although some stories of abuse are true, some are pure fabrication particularly those of consensual sex that turn ugly when lover turned blackmailer and extortionist.

  2. Anonymous11:39 am

    Nampaknya ada orang pasti pencen ... hehehe

    Macam mana dia konar sekali pun.

    Tak lakulah pantun cik abang

  3. If there is no charge, why the fuss? If they wanna make a fuss, come up with a charge instead of making hearsay..

  4. Bro ada "technical intelligence" would mean either they have proof in the form of pictures, videos, intercepted communication or maybe audio recordings tak. Ala macam wikileak report Lee Kuan Yew cakap pasal Anwar Ibrahim tu psst, psst.

    Kalau takda macam Bro Hantu Laut katalah consensual sex that turned ugly when lover turned into blackmailer....Husbands with maids beware.

    Anyway if turned out true then the Minister if he is still in cabinet must still resign for being a stupid a--hole, putting himself in that position.

  5. Anonymous12:32 pm

    The Minister is from Negeri Sepuluh Minus One. The same idiot who filed a Police Report against you. People dont know this but he is also implicated in the PKFZ scandal. He was Law Minister or something at the relevant time and deliberately helped to mislead the Cabinet about the value of the PKFZ land. So what bro? Nothing happens to them.

    Hj Hoe.

  6. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Glassman, harap bertenang. Ape kata, kita pinta Mentegi Penerangan, berkomunikasi dgn rakyat sama ade kebenaran dlm ape yg disebut ole Wikileaks.

    The ORPHAN

  7. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Stupid! jangan buat fitnah la Rocky!
    Ini satu lagi pembawa bala yamg akan membahaya kan negara. Penyebar fitnah adalah dosa besar!!! Ingat lah sikit woi! brother!

  8. Anonymous2:12 pm

    YTL : Y E S.

  9. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Bro Bru,

    I am greatly surprised that this deserves mention in your blog.

  10. Anonymous2:27 pm

    Najib? Muhyiddin? Hishamuddin? Mustapha Mohamad? Rais? the list is long..ministers and opposition a like.. if the leaks do not names name..u will invite 'fitnah' and anybody will implicate anybody.. ok..ok..maybe Chua Soi Lek..eem eem..see Bru.

  11. aiyah....raped and no charges...means victim is satisfied with the compensation given....exactly like one shot to death in a golf course by a harm done...when money solve all problems for poor poor people.
    You ca even buy killer/killers for few RM thousands to do a job.
    aiyah...why bring personal siok siok matters int politics like Mahathir..just because that mamak is a goody with no balls?
    Najib have commited so many sins...yet no WikiLeaks...leak anything.
    The Jews are helping Najib how to fool Malaysians like they fool Jews.. for decades...dying for nothing.
    Come's politics is not bout Malaysians.
    It is about UMNO B in day out how to win stay in PutraJaya..failing which..plan declare Emergency Rule.
    Not so easy la....but an idiot like Najib thinks so...and so are plenty half past sixes idiots here...thinking UMNO B will rule forever.
    Only idiots think like that.while those band of robbers and thieves con them wholesale...yet these idiots in this blog...are trully must tamed orang hutans do do the monkey acts that Najib wants them to do for some bananas.
    Sorry idiots...come 13th GE..most of you will have no jobs and go back to the jungle...looking for Tarzan to help.
    Who is Tarzan?

  12. Pak Nyah3:58 pm

    That sleepyhead will have to answer to Almighty ALLAH... at end of days to come!

  13. Bro, the one who call himself monsterball mentioned "Aiyah....raped and no charges...means victim is satisfied with the compensation given....exactly like one shot to death in a golf course by a harm done...when money solve all problems for poor poor people" beside the contradiction that one who got shot and died being satisfied with compensation given..he also alleged some royalty did it. Suka suka je cakap tak ada back up.

    I don't know Bro but this guy could be a schizophrenic. I think he needs help.

  14. Indon semuanya mata duitan.

    Jangan lupa kes anak raja Kelantan dengan bini Indonnya yang mata duitan.

    Mulanya dia ingat anak raja itu bakal sultan. Kes tersilap cekup la ni.

  15. Off topic.

    Mr.Wake UP, it aint nice to prejudice against Indonesians like that.
    And about the Kelantan prince's wife..i dun think anybody dares to say no to a proposal from a Malaysian prince.Plus she was barely 17 then. and the prince is a drunk and swinger i think a Malaysian girl also can't stand him.

  16. kenapa ada orang emo? setau aku brader ni ckp dia tak jumpa bukti.. bukan dia yg dakwa.. aiseh.. baca lain kali spai habis.

  17. Harta, Kuasa dan Wanita sering mengabui mata.
    Dulu juga salah seorang isteri menteri kabinet memukul maid sampai lebam.
    Nak tau semua ini Kedutaan Indonesia pasti ada maklumat.

  18. Anonymous5:38 pm

    I agree with Eddy, this Monsterball guy is a a certified Opposition Machai. So whatever that comes from him must be taken with a grain of salt. He is a non-entity and Anwar's lapdog.


  19. menteri perang5:43 pm

    setuju dengan kata hantu laut tue!

  20. Anonymous5:45 pm

    If you notice Monsterball always talk like an idiot. His comments has nothing to do with the current topic or issue. Will ramble along and talk rubbish. At the end of the day not sure what is the message.

  21. Every time I put out a comment that these idiots have no either I am a racist...bodoh...or a nut.
    The fact of he matter is..I am far far more smarter and all of of you out together.
    Come on...insult more. Make my day
    well spent.
    WOOF WOOF WOOF...hahahahahaha

  22. Anonymous6:26 pm

    saya ada dengar juga cerita ni...tak tau lah betul tak betul...issshhh tak kan kot si rais tu nak buat macam tu..? tak baik tau fitnah rais..dia anak yatim

  23. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Salam Dato',

    Cerita-cerita semacam ini boleh menzahirkan serta membiakan seribu macam tafsiran,sangkaan dan tomahan yg semuanya akan menjuruskan kepada suasana yg menyegarkan amalan fithnah memfitnah,tudoh menuduh,umpat mengumpat dan pelbagai lagi amalan negatif yg biasanya segar membiak dalam masyarakat yg mengamal budaya rendah(uncultured society). Corak dan bentuk komentar yg telah dilontar sebagai respon kepada pos sdr ini telah menceritakan segalanya.Sebahagiannya merupakan tudahan liar terhadap menteri tertentu yg dilontar secara sendiran tajam.Ada pula yg menghantam tidak tentu arah.Sementara mereka yg rasional dan cultured telah memberi komen yg positif dan adil.

    Harus diingat bahawa cerita semacam ini juga akan memberi ruang bagi orang ramai untuk mentafsir dan menilai watak dan keperibadian orang yg membawa cerita.Penilaian ini biasanya bersifat negatif.Lantaran itu pastinya perkara itu akan menjejaskan kedudukan dan kewibawaan sesaorang itu pada pandangan orang ramai.

    Alangkah baiknya jika kita tidak turut terlibat dengan amalan budaya rendah ini yg sememangnya telah menjadi satu fenomena dalam masyarakat kita orang Melayu.Lain lah jika sekiranya kita ada bukti yg nyata dan konkrit terhadap apa jua perbuatan salah laku dan penyelewengan. Demi untuk agama dan negara,ayoh bongkarlah dan dedahlah sehabis-habisnya agar segala perbuatan mungkar terhapus.

    Askar Tua

  24. i agree with hantu laut that its normal for indonesian to berlakon...its in their blood...further more...

    after 8 years of working only the minster rape...hmm..i cant understand(but i can understand if the wife just passed away or the maid eat 1tonne of "tempe" so her face become beautiful like abg khir toyo).....

    i also agree that again(as far from my concern) this is second time i read a "dosa" from u....

    long time ago i read your post(and comment) on some news that the source is really bullshit...

    as all blogger esp you that aware that we are accountable to whatever we write in the human law..

    just a gentle reminder that as muslim....we also bound to ALLAH law....."jika sampai satu berita kamu, selidikilah, jika benar maka sampaikan(post in your blog), jika kamu sangsi kebenarannya apatah lagi yakin penipuannya, maka elakkanlah"...because we will share the sin an ALLAH will punish us....and remeber...AZAB ALLAH AMAT PEDIH...JANJI ALLAH ADALAH BENAR...

    maafkan saya jika saya salah...dan semoga ALLAH maafkan bro rocky jika anda salah...amin

  25. Saya nak sentuh isu ADUN Pas :

    inilah daulat Islam yg sebenaqnya. kalau x cukup alim jgn berlagak alim serta mengaku diri lebih alim dari org lain.
    Ini mmg penyakit Pas...ini baru 2 org,,byk lg yg sebenaqnya...din puduraya dan mcm2 lg.

    Munafiq Musuh Islam...balik ambo nok buat Isytiqhoroh...Tuhe Maaf doh ke dio...inilah munafiq.


    untuk video quality HD pengakuan saksi sila ke :

  26. Bola Hantu8:53 pm


    Apa pasal lu tak mati2 lagi? Tuhan pun tak mahu sama lu ... cilaka punya mulut

  27. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Masa muda2 nakal tak terkawal, BB Park tempat berpoya2, bila dah twilight years, kata orang Melayu dah nak ke zaman kebudak2an, mula nyanyok, mula meghapu, pengalaman dulu tersembur2 dari mulut, beyond control..Silap2 berdiri kat traffic light "flashing" his MONSTERBALL for all to see FOC... hahaha

    TDM have thousands of followers/ fans.The issues he put forward will help open up the minds of our younger generations, for the love of our country, MALAYSIA.

    He not only represented Malaysia but spoke for thousands of Muslims around the world (He was even a guest of the Pope/ Vatican).

    We should have millions of elders like him around, so focused, demi Bangsa, Agama dan Negara.

    Back on this topic, sometimes 2007, there was same article, and even there was a mention from where this Minister came.


  28. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Rais Yatim?

  29. In Canada even if it is a whiff of rumour about Cabinet minister involved in a scandal - true or not - he or she must take leave until further investigation. Politic is all about perception if you are perceived as raping or fondling your maid with your wife consent or not, you who ever must admit! Show good example then may be Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim will take a cue from there to admit and repent and may be forgiven, I doubt it, but just may be!
    BTW I do know whom you are referring to and PM has seen the document pertaining to the case!
    Felis Navidad y Prospero Anno y Felicidad!

  30. monsterball is a monster without balls!

  31. Anonymous11:20 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    I heard of this case. When d poor maid reported to the minister's wife she was given slaps, shoves and had a sandal placed across her face!

    The maid was later sent home. The minister's wife knew her husband was a promiscuous hubby but had one one shut on his activities, his fav haunt being the Concorde Hotel KL....

    However, the hubby is now a former minister, no longer in the corridors of power. He resigned mid-term after hearing rumors of him being dropped from the cabinet...he even stepped down from his umno division head post, somewhere in the north...

    WikiBocor@Bukit Putra, KL...

  32. Anonymous1:55 am

    Adakah pak nuar yang melakukannya? tak puas dengan lelaki, maid pun mahu belasah.

  33. AssamJawa3:20 am

    Sleepyhead - founder of Islam Hardhari assured Najis not involved in the Mongolian's murder but he believes in sodomy 1 and 2how come? Was he zapped before?

  34. Anonymous3:58 am

    I believe Rocky is monsterball and if it is my site I will just not publish this bastard comment!

  35. Anonymous7:16 am

    It is affandi nawawi

    Anwar Ismail

  36. Anonymous8:00 am

    its a pity that an established journalist like you would highlight mere rumour. unlessyou have hard facts please refrain from making this kind of blogging.

  37. Anonymous9:08 am

    correctx3.....more interested to know regarding...did indeed from wikileaks.

  38. Anonymous9:48 am

    I always appreciate different views either from BN or PR as long it is related to the current topic. But Monsterballs will be talking about unrelated issues. And he thinks he is smart. LOL

  39. Anonymous10:04 am

    Pasquale, how can we accept your statement that PM have seen the documents. Werent you the WISEGUY who said that by end December of 2010, Zarinah wont be at the SC anymore?

    Dj Remy

  40. Anonymous10:04 am

    It's simple as that!Ini bolehland!What can the sleeping EX PM do? He was also human and they all have lust ! Remember he too was interested in somebody ...his wife"s best friend...Yaagh!!!!All on the same boat...
    Kharma will work its best even its years ago but there is no escape!
    Thanks Roc! for reminding us that one cannot escape the past especially when you hold high office!payback time they say!

  41. bola gergasi10:08 am


    why you don't hang around at Malaysia Today nowadays. sudah kena tipu sama RPK ka ? pity you la.

    get a life man.

  42. Anonymous11:34 am

    Is this minister the same guy who made the police report against Rocky?
    If it is, it will be an open hunting season. I am just drooling for the confirmation.

  43. Anonymous11:57 am

    Aduuuhaiii!!!!satu lagi isu panas.

    Ada yang dapat duit ni..Kes bayar dulu dan bongkar cerita karut marut.

    Indon maid tu tau boss dia kaya.Mungkin ada kaki yg jolok kat belakang suruh buat cerita.(nak pakai duit nak bayar apa2 kot)

    Macam cerita sedara kita adik sultan kelantan..Minah tu mmg mata duitan.

    Cara nak jatuhkan orang ni bermacam2.

    Pay and will get what he want.

    Siapa tukang bayar tak tau laaaa!!!!


  44. Anonymous12:17 pm

    duit burit duit burit duit burit duit burit duit burit duit burit duit burit duit burit duit burit duit burit duit burit duit burit

    zikir bru

  45. Hantutelur12:19 pm

    Monsterball has peanuts for brain. A persona non grata even at his friends blogs, e.g. Kickdafella and Susan Loone, for his slurs and psychotic remarks. Not to mention here at Rocky's Bru. Drop dead, mister.

  46. "ak u" bolgger said...
    "salam semua, jangan dilayan monsterball yang gaya tulisannya macam tahi...terlatu educated agaknya"
    Malu tak?..

  47. Datuk Rocky,

    This is even bigger Gagu-gate!

    I hope someone nail this guy. Really!

    Umo dah dokek tujuh puluh tahun pun nak buek kojo cam gini ko laieee......

    This is the heart of the new Epi-centre. (Epi, get it???)

    Gin & Tonic

  48. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Canada got snow, Malaysia got no snow, Pasquale. Canada got oil sands, Malaysia got no oil sands. So why you compare canada with Malaysia? What corelation you use? Both commenwealth nations? Use COMMEN SENCE lah.


  49. Anonymous4:42 pm

    pak lah is PM 2007.. is he coverup this case?.. ayo ayo kata mr Clean? berak Clean semua harta masuk poket meng"hantu"...betul ka Bro

  50. Hio Jangan lah Merapu.
    Bagi tahulah nama si KI Ma De Mo tu.
    Who is the fuc***

  51. Anonymous7:43 pm

    Is this the Minister who is in the habit of changing his mode, only this time he got into the wrong mode? Cover-up by Imam of Islam Hadhari, if that mode deal happened in 2007.

  52. Anonymous9:09 pm

    Will the real slim shady please stand up, please stand ..................up !.

    (_,_) o===:)
    To monsterball >>> ..l..

  53. Anonymous12:18 am

    "Kalau benar", mesti bongkar habis2an, kalo married maid with kids dalam rumah sendiri pun bole bikin,

    Bahaya ni kalo biarkan.

    Nanti tua2 nyanyok jadi traffic light partner MONSTERBALL.



  54. Anonymous2:57 am

    That monster is definitely Al-Juburi lap dog. Ignore him. He has no place in other blog except yours.

    Please ignore that Ball carrier who is turning to be an Al-juburi's monster.

  55. Aiya, Not reported by MSM so did not happen la!! Our MSM are know it all and publish it all when anything happens, right?

  56. Wow i heard this before le , turn out is true i also heard not one that rape also plenty that killed , extort , blackmail, steal and many bad thing la, hope we can see more names in future !! I tell u one thing la bro , faces and speeches can be misleading if u step on their tail your balls gone also u dont know , by the way i support statement from monsterball, but most worst is the killing with golf club why it gone unpunished what on earth we are actually in!
    Ps : Why u keep attack Rais is it if the new minister step in will benefit u and your Harley friends.

  57. Cuba Beri bayangan anda tentang syarikat/koperasi/instituisi/badan berkanun yang mempunyai sedikit lebih daripada 200 pekerja dengan statistik sebagai berikut:

    3 telah dituduh melakukan gangguan seksual
    37 telah ditangkap kerana penipuan
    19 dituduh menulis cek kosong
    17 menyebabkan bangkrupnya sekurang-kurangnya dua Syarikat GLC
    3 ditahan kerana bergaduh di tempat awam
    71 tidak boleh mendapatkan kad kredit kerana kredit over limit
    34 telah ditangkap atas tuduhan yang berkaitan dengan rasuah
    8 telah ditangkap kerana projek untuk kroni
    21 orang didakwa dan kes masih dalam siasatan.
    6 ditahan kerana memandu dalam keadaan mabuk

    Bolehkah kamu meneka organisasi ini?

    Organisasi Ini adalah 222 Ahli Parlimen Barisan Nasional yang sekarang ni menjadi KERAjaan Malaysia. Mereka inilah yang mengubal undang undang Malaysia....mengikut suka hati mak bapak dia (UMNO).

  58. Anonymous11:46 pm

    dato bro,

    Insinuations without any supporting "surat sokong" just exposes your jumping on the band wagon grouppee attitude. Buck up man, don't go to that level.

  59. One kind hearted muslim advise fellow muslims...also these idiots do not hear.
    Betul betul educated shit fellas here and the product of their hero.....mamak.
    He can only fool and con low class weak minded Muslims...all caught in his net for him to do the devil's work.
    What a pity.

  60. Pultana11:15 am

    Dear commentators who whack Monsterball for his opinion. It proves one thing, that you are of low mentality and stuck with BN cult for eternity. If you are wise enough to read between the lines, then you would be able to make better judgement. Mocking Monsterball with barbarian comments won't make you a better person but the opposite is true. See, you are hiding behind Anonymous identity itself shows how shallow minded and coward people you are. The least, Monsterball has an identity!

  61. Anonymous11:40 am

    Sex ma...what's the problem? Suka suka..boleh kahwin empat. Tak ada duit...pinjam dari kerajaan la...susah nak bayar balik..ta apa...sebab kita ketuanan Melayu ma.

  62. Anonymous11:47 am

    Bro, as an ex-newspaper editor, you surely knows what is news, hearsay, half-truth and fiction.

    You should not post this nonsense in the first place.

    There is too much rooms for doubt. More damage than good has been done.

  63. Anonymous2:16 pm

    teringat kes Anuar dan pemandu peribadinye..

  64. Thank you wise Pultana.

  65. Pultana....I have a face too and my real name is S.S.Goh...which Rocky and I are friends even though we do not see eye to eye on so many political things...and met few times.
    But one thing about Rocky and I have things in common.
    We respect each other and I understand he needs to perform as a employee. He does not carry balls.
    Once again...thanks for trying hard to open shut minds.
    I love them as good Malaysians and try my open their eyes and minds..but keep failing.

  66. "Suka suka je cakap tak ada back up"...said "eddy" commentator.
    The problem with exactly the same ..the BN politicians. are asking......always want proofs...for this and that...when they know next to nothing.
    But for this incident....concerning the death at a golf course..details were published in all newspapers and settled put of court.
    If eddy do not keep up with the events...he better shut his mouth and talk cock to himself.
    Don't try to be too smart with me.
    He has done that to me..few times.
    I ignored....because he sounds like an idiot to me.

  67. Anonymous4:56 pm

    Indonesian Maid? My toes are laughing!. They are liars, most of them. Sky is the limit - they would do anything for money.

  68. Anonymous9:48 am

    Murder with C4 = no case.
    Blow job in video = no case.
    Rape = ? Of course no case lah!

    This is the spirit of BN's 1 Malaysia! ha ha...

  69. Anonymous12:15 pm

    rais it is

  70. Anonymous4:01 am

    I think the rapist is Datuk Seri Harun bin Idris.

  71. Anonymous4:10 am

    It is confirmed. The alleged rapist minister is Rais Yatim.


  72. Anonymous7:53 am

    website palsu apa ni babi? info dia soo soo fucking dodgy.

  73. Yes , Monsterball has an identity .He is named S S Goh . His middle name is spelt with the capital 'S' meaning Shit . Therefore , he is a ShitHead .He is the member of dummies , idiots , foolish , naive , mindless , thick-headed , half baked and above all the real dump-ass "Belakang Mati Club".You want more!! I can write a whole book about ShitHead like you and I don't feel sorry a bit .

  74. whatever it is, we leave it to GOD..if this senior politician had done the bad thing, I'm believe, he/she will get heavy punishing soon perhaps 1 week from now same goes to the indonesian maid..Allahuakbar 3X

  75. Well at the end of the day, justice still in favor of those who holds great power.

  76. I always hear negative feedback against politicians. As you can see, there are only few politicians who have morals. Maybe I just need to stop watching the news.