Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bloggers' row: RPK vs Desi

Raja Petra: Chong then contacted me and I agreed for Malaysia Today to run it while assuring him I would protect the source of the documents -- which was Malaysia Chronicle and himself."

YL Chong: WHEN HAD I EVER CONTACTED YOU regarding following up on "documents" -- I had never received any documents I had to refer to you RPK!

BUMMER! Looks like Raja Petra Kamaruddin owes Desi one big apology to close 2010 and start a new year on a clean slate. Read it HERE.


  1. Anonymous2:35 pm

    waste time only. rpk, chong, haris, zorro, al juburi all waste time. focus on gomen, pm & put them into shape. More important. don't waste time.

  2. You you trace Raja Petra's actions and reactions for past 5 will see lots of Mahathir's arguments against sleepy PM Dollah published in his blog.
    RPK is against Dollah but support Mahathir because Mahathir kept saying his blog is most popular and important and must have paid a large sum to get RPK to support that time.
    The fee must have expired and out come his support to Anwar and Nurul..with so much exposed about Najib.
    We thought we now see the real RPK...who risked his life to do so much for the result of what we saw in the success of Nurul of being elected.
    Putting all the months aside as speculations.. which I feel he wanted to be somebody in one of PR's party ....exactly like Zaid Ibrahim....but failed and now******
    He joined MCLM with Haris Ibrahim.
    He offered candidates as "repairmen" for 13th GE.
    Haris said they are not "Third Force" but confirm few candidates offered.
    To conclude...both of them have exposed who they are working for now..and out to get as many votes away from possible.
    Such brilliant far sided ideas that they know will not work in Malaysia at this time...yet they suggested them.
    Both know we need to change the Govt....yet coming out with candidates with terms and conditions applying subtle ransom tactics... to take their candidates or face the consequences if they are so powerful.
    Actually they know PR will never agree with them...and so the "repairman" master minder....job to take away PR's voters is serving Najib's well spent money to them?

  3. Anonymous10:59 pm

    apologize to desi, pleeezzzz tell him to his face...

    go eat shit!!!

  4. Desi! A pathological liar will always be one! He has said many things about others that were and are wrong! Unfortunately Malaysians are susceptible to tall stories!

  5. Datuk,

    I have said it before in my blogs a few times, Raja Petra Kamaruddin is a 'Compulsive Liar'.

    He lied to the world In his MT's article "How The Screwee Became The Screwer" dated 13 May 2009 about how I obtained the statutory declaration (SD) that Raja Petra signed dated 18 June 2008 which was published on BigDogDotCom 0n 23 June 2008.

    I challenged him several times on this but he can never provide any shred of evidence because how I obtained the SD is the manner least he likely could have guessed!

    So he lied too in the article "What The Eyes Does Not See" on how he was convincing the rakyat to go out and participate on the 10 Nov 2007 BERSIH March and if the Police were to clamp in, "HM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuang Agong already issued an instruction of a Royal Malay Regiment based in Sg Petani to provide 'protection' ".

    (That article now has been taken of Malaysia Today).

    I know Raja Petra lied because the CO of the Regiment whose "14 armoures cars were despatched from Sg Petani to Sg Buloh" is personal friend!

    YL Chong is a respectable blogger. However Raja Petra is not. At least no loger. He lost his following and most of, credibility when he jumped bail and living as a fugitive when his case was presented at Sessions Ct in May 2009.

    Raja Petra is now a fugitive living in London.

    Of course we trust YL Chong more. We would trust YL Chong over Raja Petra, anytime of the day, any day of the week and twice on Sunday!

  6. Anonymous6:11 am

    it's funny how once he was a hero and idol to some people and now was just a frail old man. But that's life over the other side. They eat you and spit it out and proud of it.
    hey, you walk the walk and you talk the talk!

  7. Anonymous10:48 am

    Sorry off-topic but to share the need of commong goals for the nation.

    Belgium is breaking down ?

  8. Anonymous12:42 pm

    It does look like RPK's hitting below the belt in this case. It's like a breach of trust in a bandit's empire.

    Wonder how it will end.

    Usually, in a friendship, all's rosy in the begining and even farts smell sweet. But indifference sets in over time and when interpretation over truth comes to play, that's when the problem begins.

    In blogsphere, it is almost impossible to play hide and seek or finders keepers. So, as they say at pubs, outsiders smoke cigars, please.


  9. warta-wani1:35 pm

    Mamat RPK ni tak protect source dia langsung! Tak boleh percaya!!

  10. Thanks Rockybru for buying Desi more media fame than I can handle, and to fellow Bloggers/BUMmers here whho can engage in debate even we may hail from opposite sides of the political divide, take it from me, that's the spirit I was hoping to promote as Org Chair for consecutive FOUR BUM events.

    This is slightly off-topic but relevant in the SENse RPK was featured as the highlight speaker at BUM2007, and BUM2008. I promised zorro-- who has become a half-past 7 doctor at my Comments column saying Desi is "unwell" when he and RPK are really OFF-THE-ROCKERS -- I would write a lengthy post on BUM journey, evolving from Bloggers United Malaysia to Bloggers Universe Malaysia. I will sahre some insights into some key players from my personal experience, and I can tell you, as somemember of PKR, I can deal with several of you guys fromUMNO more rationally and civilly than with those "holier-than-thou" men of integrity posing as People's Parliament/SABM, then The Third Force/Farce, now MCLM -- I used the term "demi-gods -- becos I know where you peeps cometh from, and you peeps know where Desi haileth from!:) I don't know where these men of integrity cometh from, and they want 30 seats from DAP or KPR just like that.WHY THEY THEY SPEAK TO GOD?

    Another Hindraf offshoot wants 50+ parliamentNstate seats, WHY DON'T THEY SPEAK TO MIC?

    Cheers, YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual

  11. I do not think Raja Petra is a compulsive liar like what Bid Dog is saying.
    Big Dog himself have lied so many times by telling half truths to serve UMNO B as a so call good worker.
    Raja Petra is brave and dare to exposed to challenge with Najib with signed documents...published that even got Najib saying that.. they are secret documents...and how did RPK get that.
    Raja Petra hates UMNO B and yearn for change of Govt. There is no doubt about that.
    He has spoken and PR..but his track record is to keep him as a friend and not an enemy does not work.
    He needs lots of money to survive...and PR does not pay or bribe anyone.
    Now that he is a "repairman" leader in MCLM.. with Haris...taking votes away from PR...if PR do not agree to his exactly like HINDRAF talking cock to Anwar.
    Raja Petra will cannot be trusted like Zaid Ibrahim...but is far from being a compulsive liar.
    It is dirty politics they are good at...and UMNO B is the best with Big Dog too.