Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ali Hashim, he can now resign in peace!

His greatest fear, or so Tan Sri Muhammad Ali Hashim said so himself in an interview the other day [Business Times, Dec 22, Why They Want Me Out], was that there were parties that wanted him out of Johor Corp so they could strip the group of its assets. Well, with the assurance given by the new JCorp CEO here Ali Hashim need not have those fears anymore and should pack up gracefully. JCorp Chairman, who is also the Menteri Besar of Johor, has also given the same assurance.

Ali has been at the top of this game for nearly 30 years. Long enough, by any measure. Way, way too long, by some.

JCorp, formerly Johor State Economic Development Corporation, started operations in 1970. Its first CEO was the late Tan Sri Bashir Ismail, a great man whose memoirs I helped edit just before he passed away a couple of years ago.


  1. My friend Rocky, I have a lot of respect for Ali Hashim for the good job he has done for Johor Corp.
    He resign because he cannot get along with MB Ghani.

    If you compared Johor Corp to Khazanah, Ali Hashim will beat Amokh hands down.In fact,people like Ali should run Khazanah instead of Amokh,a machai of the corrupt Nor Yakob.Ever since he replace Anwar Aji,Khazanah is not making money but the debts of kahzanah increase every year.

    The problem is that Umno does not like GOOD PROFESSIONAL MANAGER like ALI and HASSAN MERICAN because with them around, Umno is not able to touch the money that Johor Corp and Petronas have.

    So,the only way is to remove them from office.

    Without doubt,Johor Corp and Petronas was the BEST RUN state agencies in Malaysia. Look at Johor Corp impressive list of companies like KFC,KPJ,Kulim and QSR.
    Look at Hassan,he did a fantastic job but he was booted out because he cannot get along with Najib.

    You said it correctly that Ali Hashim can resign in peace for the good work he has done.

    Happy new year to you Rocky and Ali.

  2. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Hello if Jcorp want to sell anything then its Jcorp's pasal lahh.
    Ali Hisham is just an orang gaji Jcorp. He cannot hold Jcorp to ransom.
    Ali kalu koa nak jugak buat hal, ape kata kao bukak satuuu koperasi utk beli Jcorp?. Kite nake lihat, name hang ade umppph @ tak.
    Ali Hisham, resignla bruder, dulupun, koa naik lepai org lain kena tendang. Skg giliran hang pulak disepak mcm bola raga.

    Dj Remy.

  3. Anonymous1:29 pm

    Besides Tan Sri Ali, the other person that should resign is MB Johor, Ghani Othman. Rakyat Johor sudah lama meluat dengan ketamakan beliau membuat duit hasil rasuah dari Datuk Lim Kang Hoo, CEO Ekovest.

  4. The assurance has to be genuine.

  5. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Ismee Ismail, CEO, Tabung Haji di panggil oleh MACC no 1, Abu Kassim pada hari ini jam 1:00pm di Shangri La, Putrajaya kerana aduan penyelewangan di Tabung Haji yang semakin ketara. Antara dakwaan2 termasuk urusan haji di Saudi yang dikendali oleh Consul Tabung Haji

  6. drMpower3:55 pm

    i heard the board decided it was TIME for him to go

    why in the first place, i may ask, for that to even happen? a new, younger, better educated maybe, man at the helm?

    i thought there is an old proverb about change nothing if no problem arise.

    why fix it if it aint broken?

    his record speaks highly of the man. i am, of course, not in the position to comment about the reasons of the board.

    but i sense there is something amiss if a company of this profitable and stable, decided to dismiss the man at the top.

    ada udang disebalik mee. again?

  7. Anonymous4:09 pm

    May be the new JCorp CEO (even our Govt too) could learnt something for the Cuban -

    Nani Cheras

  8. Anonymous4:41 pm

    YBhg Datuk,

    The Menteri Besar of Johore has been there for too long, way way too long. It's time for him to pack up too and make way for new comer. We want development too in Johore (JB), if not like Singapore maybe something like in Malacca.


    We want development :)

  9. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Well, Tun Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi once promised to Tun Mahathir Mohamad that he will continue the project that Tun Mahathir started.

    We know how that goes...

  10. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Happy new year Muhammad Ali. U ni sama nama dgn peninju terkenal dari Amerika Syarikat, yg akhirnya ditumbok bertubi tubi oleh Larry Holmes. kekeke weekek hehehe. Rilek lah, tlg jgn mareeeee.

    Dj Bujai

  11. Anonymous6:46 pm

    Both Ghani and Ali Hashim should resign. Dah lama sangat, hutang JCorp rm3.6bn, Ghani sebuk buat duit untuk bini, sama perangai dgn Najib dan RM.

  12. Anonymous6:47 pm

    it is all about money as powers need their own men to give hand outs to them....

  13. Anonymous7:35 pm


    Never judge a book by its cover OKAY..


  14. Dato Saleh10:33 pm

    Dear Rocky.

    My Father advice me in business you only love your mother and father.I asked what about wife and children.He said children yes but not wife.

    You dond love your shares certificate.You make money yous sell.

    In case of QSR and KFC shares.KULIM the shares holder of QSR only received a dividen about $10m every year.Theu have invest almost $350m to buy the shares.How long they need to wait until they recover their least 20 years.

    If they sell to Halim Saad or Carly Asia,Kulim will make at least $600m profit.No bad .

    I dont know why they are so emotional about the shares.I can under Tan Sri Ali like KFC because they said Colonel Sunder look like him.

    Take Quek Leng Chan,when DBS bank ofeer to buy his Dor Hing Bank for US $5 billion.He was so emotional and refuse to sell but when Roger Tan told him you have to wait 3 generation to earned US$5 billion from Doe Hin Bank dividen,then he decide to sell.

    QSR and KFC noe being run buy imcopentent CEO Jamal.Even to but stationary he need clearence from Tan Sri Ali.Now without Ali,the company will be in a mess in one year.

    Good Luck Malay Johore.Their head bigger than the brain.

  15. Anonymous10:44 pm

    Rocky! wake up please don't write anything if you are stupid.
    Kalau nak membodek pun go ahead but keep your stupidity!

  16. Anonymous10:46 pm

    Lot of respect? May u got lot of money from him.

    He is kicked out becoz his guardian is not in this world anymore.

    Ali is good profesional manager?? My foot!!


  17. What ever it is,time to say goodbye with great honor.Anything before,is just business as always!

    Wishing Tan Sri Muhammad Ali,happy and peaceful life.Not to waste his long years of experiences, knowledge,technically, business speaking;give hands,sharing and mentoring those in needs.

    Soundly,Jcorp is in the right track to move forward. If the new CEO and the former chairman could not keep their promises, rocky's bru will be around,to remind them always.

    ok bro?

  18. "Ali has been at the top of this game for nearly 30 years. Long enough, by any measure. Way, way too long, by some."

    Who and by what criteria does one decide whether a CEO or politician has overstayed his tenure? You did not call for Mahathir's or Samy Velu's resignation when corruption ran wild (still is under Rosemajib) and there were calls as far back as in the '90's for them to go.

    Again, take Warren Buffet. You think he should go? He's been heading Berkshire Hathaway for over 40 years!

    It's all about performance. Show us some verifiable FACTS and statistics that Ali has not performed. Btw, the Johor MB has been in power for 15 years. Should he go or not? And Mohd Isa, booted by UMNO for corruption and now appointed Chairman of Felda. This back-door resurrection is acceptable?

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

  19. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Hmm great subject .

    What happened to Amanah Saham Johor , and the worst DANA JOHOR ?

    ASJ are allowed to be sold back at RM1.00 after long overdue waiting to be allowed to withdraw, no interest ok.
    DANA JOHOR ? After 10 over years waiting , Johorean that invested( my mum she is weird , she invested due to her love of her state , rather than ASB which is sure dividend) is offered to sell back at 0.49 sen.No Dividend? Fine .. Capital lost half after 10 over years waiting ..Fine .... . Now there is a term that she can only withdraw 5000 units which translated to RM2,500 ( 50sen remember?) A YEAR . For RM50,000 she invested left 25,000 divided by RM2,500 a year .. mean she need to wait another 10 years ? what if she cant life another 10 years of life?I am swallowing my saliva typing this.
    The manager at Jcorp dared to tell her to dispose her share of what is left RM25,000 at RM6,000 when she SAID SHE NEED TO USE THE MONEY FOR HAJJ !!

    My mum , she is 57 now . Housewife with no income beside her house that she rented out .. you can say she able to collect 850 a month . Of course we helped her with finance but being a person with pride she try to survive with her own income.Staunch UMNO voter , of course she is from JB. But in return THIS IS WHAT HE GET FOR HER LOVE TO HER STATE.
    Now my point is , who is the big boss of JCorp this past decade ? Good Job ? Spare me the crap please , you all non Johorean has no idea what is happening here. The only one I know that keep on attacking Jcorp to return back the poor and elderly investors money is Shahrir but he seems like a fighter with hand tied to his back.
    I can curse here with all bad language but i refrain to as my mum said Doa of victimized people will be heard by Allah. Staff of Jcorp , know what kind of money you all eat daily .

    Jamal JB

  20. Dear maae,

    InsyAllah. I'll keep an eye on these fellas. And if you're still around, please do remind me ...

    In any case, it's going to be tough to have made such a declaration publicly and not keep one's word.

  21. Anonymous4:55 am

    Muhammed Ali vs Joe Fraizer : Thrilar in Manila. Muhammed Ali vs J corp : Thrilar in Muar.

  22. bon voyage tan sri.

    maybe can follow hassan marican footstep, but for the love of malaysia.. pls tell us what is wrong in the company b4 u go there, so that we can learn and know who to vote next election.


  23. Anonymous9:55 am

    Hello Pakcik.. Makcik JCorp..

    Bila bangunan Komtar JB kat bawah tu nak siap-siap? Mungkin boleh masuk dalam Malaysia Guinness Book of Records, bangunan yang paling lama dibina.. Dah 4 tahun lebih dah brother... Apa pengurusan ini? Kalau tak ada kepakaran tu, silalah serah pada yang arif.

  24. Anonymous11:22 am


    don't be naive...too many people have made too many promises to public and yet they violate all of of it with punity.....

    Memang bedebah dan celaka bangsaku Melayu kerana pemimpinnya banyak yang dah jadi munafiqin.

    Keturunan Jebat

  25. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Johor Corporation (JCorp) is a market-driven Johor State Government-linked Corporation. It is owned by ALL johorians regardless of RACE.
    Mohd Ali's spin on Jcorp protecting bumi interest in KFC and QSR is very sinister. Pls ask the Johor MB is Jcorp belongs to all Johorians or merely sum.

  26. Anonymous12:40 pm

    Thousand of Johorean cheated by Ali Hashim in Dana Johor nobody know..Dari Rm1 per unit now 0.50 what a tremendous achivement by Tan Sly Ali Hashim.

    Kalau kata tak buat duit memang menipu..whatever it is aku akan tuntut di akhirat nanti duit aku pada kau tan Sly Ali..Pada mata malaysia mungkin Tan Sly Ali Hero Bussinessman Bumiputera..but pada Rakyat Johor dialah penyangak duit rakyat Johor..

    Anak Watan Majidee

  27. Anonymous3:26 pm

    Rocky ,
    johor Corp is in deep shit. The dividends flow aren't sufficient to cover debt servicing. It is a structural issue of how Ali organize the group. The clear option is to sell some of the assets. Followed by flattening the ownership structures such that johor Corp has direct access to cash flows. Folks seem to forget that johor Corp survived the 1998 crisis by the grace of EPF. In fact the MB shud have sacked Ali on that score alone back in 98. This guy is a pompous bureaucrat. The business jihad that he has been touting is pure crap. Cheers. Happy New Year.
    Although I feel a bit for johoreans that has invested their monies in amanah saham johor. They need to live another 20 years to get the principal back. It is one classic case of wealth destruction.

  28. Like Hassan Merican, Ali Hashim is the few good Malay leaders with business acumen that the country has produced. Let's not beat around the bush, I agree with Geoge Choo, UMNO leaders does not like Good Professional Managers. Definitely, Ali Hashim and or Hassan Merican is notches better than Azman at Khazanah.

    Good luck to Tan Sri Ali, patah tumbuh hilang berganti, jasa tuan tetap dikenang bersama juga dengan kegagalan tuan. Anyway, if UMNO don't want or don't appreciate you then go Hassan Merican way, be an independent director to the Temasek group of companies who values talents above anything else. Whatever you do jangan pencen, kerja lagi, there are much you can contribute to the nation.

  29. BIGCAT6:35 pm

    Rocky, u check betul-betul siapa yang sebenarnya hari tu nak jual JCorp punya interest dalam Kulim, QSR dll. Lepas tu u check lagi siapa yang sebenarnya stop the sell off. Sorry la, pada aku Utusan bangang kaitkan cerita JCorp dengan politik hari tu. Punya lah nak jatuhkan MB Johor sanggup buat kerja tak beretika. Pembankang kata Utusan paper Umno tapi yang dia orang serang Johor, bukan Kelantan, Kedah, Penang atau Selangor. Pada yang kata Ghani tu makan duit Lim Kang Hor, pi check betul-betul Cina tu sebenarnya siapa punya lembu. Lepas tu kalau nak kata Ghani tu corrupt cerita sikit tang mana corrupt tu. Bagi detail sikit, jangan cakap atas angin je. Tang tu punai-punai PKR, Pas dgn DAP pun boleh buat. Kalau masih tak puas hati juga, bagi aku satu nama yang nak ganti Ghani jadi MB Johor. Aku nak tengok mamat yang mana boleh control Umno Johor yang ramai warlords ni, jaga hubungan dengan Sultan n say no to him when necessary dan handle pembangkang sekali. Kadang-kadang aku naik meluat tengok perangai orang Umno ni. Kekuatan nak tawan semula negeri dikuasai pembangkang masih belum cukup, dah sebuk berebut nak tikam sesama sendiri. ment6ang-mentang la kat Johor ni Umno kuat, semua nak jadi MB. Sedar sikit la oi!!!!!

  30. Seolferwulf9:50 pm

    Is JCorp overhyped & overrated? Has it ever been held accountable to meet it's KPIs? Does it even have KPIs?

    In a free market, JCorp would have gone the way of the dinosaur and the dodo. In an imperfect market, propping up is the name of the game.

  31. BIG CAT11:10 pm

    Sorry rocky, sikit lagi. Pada yang kata tak ada pembangunan kat Johor sebab si ghani tu lembab, mai bagi tau aku pembangunan yang macam mana lagi yang engkau nak. Nak pelabuhan? Airport? Shopping mall? Highway? Sekolah? Koridor pembangunan? Jalan kampung? Cuba cerita sikit kalau ada yang kurang nak bagi tambah. Aku tau la yang cakap ni pun bukan orang lain, orang Umno jugak. Saja la engkau orang nak ayam masing-masing naik jadi MB Johor. Negeri kaya, kubu kuat pulak tu. Senang la masyuk ya. Bingai la lu orang, kalau dah jadi macam selangor perak kedah baru padan muka. Perangai macam engkau orang la yang buat orang meluat kat umno. Engkau orang la yang buat rosak umno selama ni.

  32. Anonymous11:47 pm

    Help out the Johorean to get back their Dana Johor . Kulim , KPJ and QSR are doin well.

    Return back the money. You want to lose your votes ?

  33. Anonymous8:03 am

    Seronok tengok orang2 melayu.asyik kondem and gaduh sama sendiri to their demise.Termasuklah kaki2 melayu blogger for me tak berdisilin including you to memperkasakan orang melayu. I worked for a company headed by chinese and indians and they will cover small or big for every mistake and error their own races committed. And in fact they even got promoted. Look at Chua Sooi Lek. He got the biggest chinese dick and because of that he was appointed as MCA President. Go Meritocracy chinese style.

  34. Seolferwulf9:34 pm

    Anon 8:03 AM

    Another red herring spun by those who have anything useful to contribute.

    It's an undeniable fact that your illustrious compatriots have not seen it fit to set up the Malaysian equivalents of, say, Apple, eBay, Facebook, Google, Microsoft or Yahoo!

    Whereas the Indians have Tata, Reliance, Bharti, Wipro etc. And the China Chinese have a whole bunch of billion dollar companies.


  35. Anonymous5:21 am

    Good job? Good professional manager etc, etc? Give me a break!
    Why do I get the feeling that this is just a paid advertisement / withewash for the benefit of the man in the limelight here?

    I feel that your assessment is not shared by those that were fooled into investing in Dana Johor.
    Yes, what about Dana Johor, he was promoted like some financial genious back when he was running Johor Corp. when the Dana Johore was opened for investors.

    I for one gave my wife 50k to put
    into this sinkhole.
    (I'm not Malaysian).
    Well, it did not turn out as we were made to believe, did it?
    Not for us that did not have the right connections anyway. Now the offer is a pittance, take it or leave it.
    And for those who think that the
    common malays were favored in
    any way, they are mistaken, my wife is malay.
    Reading some of the postings here I get a sneaking suspicion that not everyone had the same shitty experience, perhaps due to having the right connections.
    If Ali Hashim's performance in DJ is supposed to be an example of financial genious, I'd hate to see one of his f..k ups.

    Well, I guess he did not lose any sleep over the investors that he left in a lurch, many of who had taken loans in order to invest in this disaster.
    Mat Salleh

  36. Anonymous10:07 pm

    haiya sillywolf, why not include the teeny red dot whose ministers earn TOP dollars

    has the dot produced "equivalents of, say, Apple, eBay, Facebook, Google, Microsoft or Yahoo"

  37. Anonymous4:07 pm

    sillywolf aka shitmoron..

    What say you about the red dot population that swarm all those KFC outlets..? Who own all those KFCs in the red dot?
    KFCH is now venturing to open outlets in India.. now, that is awesome 1 bil people that 90% do not eat anything red meat for KFCH market to tap.. and JCorp by then will own the most successful KFC franchise in the world!

    The red dot can't even produce its own food & even water.. some more talking about the red dot producing "equivalents of, say, Apple, eBay, Facebook, Google, Microsoft or Yahoo" in their sinking,
    name me one thing that originally a red dot's?

    Despite the recent global recession, Malaysia industrial growth rate still pacing at +1% while the red dot already down to -0.8%. Saturating perhaps..

    Tough challenge for red dot coz they have public debt of 101.2% of their GDP. Malaysia still in comfort zone at 41% of GDP.. guess which population will jump into a mass suicide if the world face another global economic crisis?

    Let see within few decades time, which nation gonna fossilized to Jurassic. LKY dynasty is coming to the end & it won't be long for the dot to have their Opposition party back..let see how they handle it that time..

    Tahniah JCorp & KFCH management.. busuk2 pun takde sekor babi pun atas kapal yg jadi board of director... good job Malays! We don't need babi like sillywolf@shitmoron here.. good riddance!

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  38. Anonymous6:12 pm

    Good that KFC and KPJ making money.So proud.So now can PJ return back DANA JOHOR's investors money in full even at 49sen?
    The retired investor dont care about anwars sodomy,pkr or even politics as general.Just return back their long overdue losing deposit

  39. Skilgannon10669:37 pm

    Anti whatever 4:07 PM

    Wowee - it must the silly season for you people! Or else why would you persist in getting swatted, like a pesky fly?

    Let's see now: DBS Bank, OCBC, UOB, Singapore Airlines, SingTel, Capitaland, Keppel Corp...the list goes on.

    Or what about GIC's and Temasek Holdings' assets versus Khazanah and PNB?

    Total market cap of listed companies on SGX and corresponding figure for Bursa Malaysia?

    Number of MNCs and financial institutions with regional HQs or support operations in Singapore? Versus Malaysia?

    Or the fact that the Singapore GDP grew 14.7 per cent y-o-y in 2010. Corresponding figure for Malaysia, please?

    Or why Singapore has AAA credit ratings from the likes of S&P, Moody's and Fitch? Drumroll - corresponding ratings for Malaysia?


  40. Anonymous4:13 pm

    Walla, came the shitmoron idiot.. now, that just confirmed this pigbrain freak schizophrenic sillywolf twin identity..

    What i mean with originality, is something like "Apple, eBay, Facebook, Google" need to come up with all those diarhoea..All those we also have lah, idiot!

    Tak faham bahasa ke bodoh? or it must the shit inside your're not even a Singaporean asshole..muhahahaha!

    The 14.7% growth of coz the dot badly need it to toe on the red hot iron with that >100% of GDP public debt! What about higher inflation and boiling property price that is killing their own population..
    Try to maintain it for the next 10yrs..see whether it can go to infinity, blackhole or asshole..hahahaha..

    :D muhahahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  41. Anonymous4:31 pm

    Happy New Year shitmoron!

    GDP talking, let us see the current standing of such growth for the last quarters of 2010! Ok bragging pigbrain?



    Who dive down to -18.7 and who still maintain a positive 2.4 growth? With 101.2% of GDP public debt on the, that is fun for red dot!

    So much for the bragging idiot pigbrain.. it's so a typical chingkiepig style..kecoh bising macam bagus last2 jadi babi usual, cina babi like you where know eat your own pigshit pie!

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  42. Skilgannon10666:36 pm

    anti whatever

    So sorry to rain on your parade, but to debunk your asinine comments, let me quote the following:

    "Fitch Affirms Malaysia At 'A-' With Stable Outlook; Fiscals Remain Weak"
    "Fitch Affirms Singapore's 'AAA' Sovereign Ratings"
    (from Fitch Research)

    You can, if you have a Bloomberg terminal, search for Malaysia and Singapore Credit Ratings from S&P and Moody's. Would you care to publish those findings in this forum?

    Or take the Economist Intelligence Unit's Country Risk Summaries for Malaysia and Singapore (Malaysia first):

    Sovereign Risk BBB A
    Currency Risk BBB A
    Banking Sector Risk BBB A
    Political Risk BBB AA
    Economic Structure
    Risk BBB A

    So, in spite of Singapore having a public debt to GDP ratio of more than 100 per cent, the international credit rating agencies have seemingly overlooked this in assigning their credit ratings?

    If you analyse Singapore's estimated 14.7% growth in GDP y-o-y in 2010, you will note that the manufacturing sector grew 30.4% y-o-y, the construction sector grew 6.5% and the services sector grew 10.4% (Singapore Ministry of Trade & Industry).

    In fact, in Q4, Singapore's GDP grew 12.5% y-o-y and 6.9% q-o-q.

    I fail to see where you derived your statistics from, especially the -18.7 from. Care to enlighten us?

    Oh, yah - you may have Apple, eBay, Google and Facebook operating in Malaysia, but guess where their regional HQs are and where they have significant staff numbers?

  43. Skilgannon10666:44 pm

    anti whatever

    Higher inflation in Singapore? Goes with the fact that Singapore is a totally open economy, and that it's people are not cushioned by an clumsy mishmash of subsidies.

    Oh, wait - there's the strong Singapore Dollar (and the on-par Brunei Dollar). 1 US Dollar is worth S$1.28 and 1 Singapore Dollar is worth (drum roll, please) 2.38 Malaysian Ringgit.

    There's plenty of room to strengthen the Singapore Dollar to combat imported inflation.

    And so much for Dr Mahathir's dismissive comment about Singapore that there are several ways to skin the cat. Oh, boy - was he ever proved wrong? Something that still rankles, I guess.

  44. Anonymous1:20 am

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies- VS Skilgannon1066 , getting bored of these 2 duel .

    Focus on Dana Johor extremists,both of you. Regular folks dont care about both of your ranting over big numbers,GDP,rating etc.If you guys so smart,can any of you come up with brilliant solution for the poor investors of Dana Johor?

  45. Skilgannon106611:40 am

    anti whatever

    Struck dumb all of a sudden? Or is what passes for your intellect struggling to fathom the stats that I quoted?

    Let's evaluate Dr M's checklist vis-a-vis Singapore:

    - re-negotiate water supply agreements - FAIL
    - cut off water supply to Singapore - FAIL
    - promote ports in Johor as transhipment hub alternatives to Singapore port - FAIL
    - kill the CLOB share market in the hope of impacting the Singapore Stock Exchange SGX - FAIL
    - persuade Brunei to abandon it's currency link with the Singapore Dollar - FAIL
    - promote KLIA as a regional transport hub rival to Changi Airport - FAIL
    - implement the POA (as negotiated by Daim Zainuddin) with regard to KTM land in Singapore - FAIL
    - use the lure of the Multi Media Super Corridor to persuade IT companies to shift their regional offices to Malaysia - FAIL
    - position Malaysia Airlines to take on Singapore Airlines - FAIL
    - persuade more MNCs and international banks to move their regional HQs and support operations from Singapore to Malaysia - FAIL
    - restructure Malaysia's tax system to better compete with the Singapore tax regime - FAIL
    - persuade the oil majors to invest in downstream and upstream facilities in Malaysia instead of Singapore - FAIL

    Poor Dr M! No wonder he, and those of his mindset, have conniptions when they look at Singapore!

  46. Anonymous10:15 am

    BIGCAT back up Ghani giler2..lembu Ghani ker atau keje dalam unit media Ghani? :) Obviously BIGCAT bukan org Jhr n x pernah duduk jhr berpuluh tahun, so x tau cerita dalaman negeri Jhr.

    We want development

  47. BIGCAT10:45 am

    Anon 1015am
    Hoi pundek, aku orang johor la, kerja kat JB dengan private company. Aku tak makan gaji dengan ghani, orang Umno pun aku bukan. Aku lahir kat Kluang.Engkau ni yang nak pau Ghani dia tak layan tu ke?

  48. Anonymous4:29 pm

    wakaka kluang...kerja prebet...padanlah xtau crita dalam...

  49. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Anon 429pm
    Kalau cerita dalam seluar engkau memang aku tak tau. Tapi kalau setakat cerita dalam KMU punya geng engkau jgn nak temberang la. Dah, pegi baca posting rocky yg terbaru pasal Ali Hashim ni.

  50. Anonymous12:33 pm

    BIG CAT... anon what ever...Guys get ur facts rite before commenting...