Monday, November 15, 2010

Telcom Minister quits, in India

Bru says: I am posting this for your reading pleasure. I won't take responsibility for anyone imagining that this could happen in Malaysia ....

November 15, 2010 12:19 PM
India's Telecom Minister Resigns Amidst 2G Scam
By P.Vijian

NEW DELHI, Nov 15 (Bernama) -- India's Communication and Information Technology Minister A. Raja resigned from his post on Sunday night amidst the controversial 2G spectrum allocation scam.

The 47-year-old politician was forced to quit after opposition lawmakers demanded his resignation in parliament last week, forcing the house to be adjourned several times.

He was alleged to have been involved in corruption over the 2G spectrum allocation, given away at low prices to telecommunication operators, which had caused huge revenue losses to the Indian government.

Since the controversy surfaced, Raja defended his decisions saying they were done in accordance with the ministry's policies and that there were no irregularities.

"In order to avoid embarrassment to the government and maintain peace and harmony in parliament I have resigned.

"My conscience is clear and I have done nothing wrong," he told local media immediately after tendering his resignation to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at his residence.

Raja comes from the Dravida Munnettra Kazhagam (DMK), headed by the charismatic M. Karunanidhi, the chief minister of the Tamil Nadu state in south India.



  1. Anonymous5:15 pm

    di malaysia, rais yatim tak perlu resign. hanya perlu hantar bini dia maznah bodek datin seri rosmah.

    di malaysia hanya perlu bodek, bro nak kekal dalam kabinet

  2. Optimist5:25 pm

    Rais wont understand that. Too straight forward. Uncultured!

    It must be in pantun, gurindam, perumpamaan and simpulan bahasa.

    He is cultured even when he is corrupt.

    If he can lari on this, by the next he cant wiggle his way la ...

    Make sure you get the corrupot KSU, I can smell his sulphur

  3. Anonymous6:54 pm

    Tuan Rocky,
    Kamu ini hendak bermimpi ke?

  4. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Don't take life seriously... visit

  5. Anonymous8:46 pm

    we shd start this honorable trend that a minister or those in public position shd resign if found guilty or not living up to the expectation of the public. lets start with rais.


  6. India spent US billions in the Olympic Games...the most expensive game so far.
    All spectators need to see...everything and note....nothing compare to China's.
    Opening Ceremony does not show cost too much.
    Lets see any investigations of massive corruptions done.

  7. Anonymous10:50 pm

    itu india punya bro... ini mesia punya, lain cerita. Lagi banyak dia pelahap, lagi lama dia pegang 'telor' pm...


  8. Anonymous12:19 am

    What if it happen in mainland PRC? No less than firing squad bro...that's more cynical analogy


  9. q0l0p2:33 am

    India wat Sukan OLIMPIK?
    bila ekh...???

  10. Anonymous3:12 am

    In india the anti corruption agency is anwserable to parliment. In Malaysia its anwserable to the PM. Even if PM drops Rais, he will not spend even a day in jail. Nak takoot ape, rogol aje khazanah Tanah Melayu. Paling terokpun kena gugur bukan GANTONG. Dj Remy.

  11. Anonymous3:28 am

    Dato Rock,
    Dlm Sejarah post Malaysia merdeka, ahli parlimen hanya JB-shahrir dan menteri Zaid yang pernah berhenti. Yang lain tak ada dalam sejarah. Mungkin Utusan bleh anjurkan, hari ini dalam sejarah 'Menteri letak jawatan, bagi membersihkan diri. Rakyat.. He3

  12. ala...india lagi korup dari mesia... kisah ni satu dalam seribu... tu pasal kecoh satu dunia... nak tonjolkan kononnya ada pemimpin india mcm ni... tapi di Malaysia pun 2x5 jerk..hihi

    Khalid Ibrahim : Akibat Kawan Dengan Kapir, AlQuran Pun Tak Peduli

  13. Anonymous5:27 am

    Hi Rocky

    The telekom scandal in India was brought to light by a small newspaper and not the mainstream media which is pretty much cosying up to the Congress/UPA ruling coalition.

    Second on another , you might wish to check out a court decision on a sitaution similar to Perak's legistlature where the speaker got rid of the dissenters. In Karnataka's case, the court upheld the speaker's right

    Karnataka High Court upholds speaker's decision, 11 rebel MLAs disqualified

  14. Anonymous7:46 am

    DEI monsterball it was the commenwealth games dah.

  15. I read the headlines in the Malaysiakini link and I imagined you, bro, must be in fantasy land fantasising your MCMC Minister might take the que!! But then you beat me to it in your pre-amble. Except you would not admit that you too were in fantasy land....see what journalism does to you?.....But then again, you were referring to an Indian situation where the operating values are Indian. Mahathir always says we operate at a higher level...Malaysian Values!!! The Malaysian Values that I know of cannot see Rais resigning in the near future. And this guy, remember, has his own values writing one thing to gain his Masters or Doctorate degree, and then when promoted to a position of power supporting just the opposite of what he previously convincingly wrote.

  16. Anonymous8:49 am

    No mater what you can't fight City Hall ! You will lose! Rias will still be KING TUT!

  17. Anonymous9:28 am

    dream on Malaysians ...

    kita boleh..!


  18. Anonymous10:40 am

    Rock ..

    Only people with balls will do what the Indian minisiter did ..

    therefore, we can continue dreaming on then..

  19. Anonymous11:45 am

    Dang! I thought for a moment it would be that rais yatim. We had an even bigger scandal and he is still there.

  20. Anonymous12:22 pm

    Hi pompous monsterball, when have India ever hosted an Olympic Games?

    In many countries, ministers or individuals in position of power would resign on allegations.
    Do you think "ours" are capable these actions?
    Most probably, in Bolehland, the perception is the more corrupt you are, the higher will be the honour you receive.

  21. I was talking about the Olympic Game held in China before India la....Anon...7.46 AM

  22. Skilgannon10666:10 pm

    In India, the Supreme Court can call the PM to account.

    That is the difference!