Monday, November 15, 2010

13 May 2011, Unity Day

ONE UNITED PEOPLE.  Zaini Hassan, the controversial Utusan Malaysia columnist, has riled some DAP politicians with his proposal that the government declares 13 May "Hari Muhibbah". Like Zaini, I believe there is need to stop using the racial tragedy as a political tool and the only way is to declare that tragic day as a day we celebrate our diversity and forge greater unity. The police reports lodged against Zaini for wanting to build something positive out of the 13 May racial riots are proof that some politicians don't want us to be united.

Sheih reminded me that two years ago Nik Aziz had also suggested something similar, here and here:
... Nik Aziz mahu kerajaan menjadikan peristiwa 13 Mei 1969 sebagai satu hari bersejarah yang diingati setiap tahun supaya tragedi hitam berhubung isu perkauman itu tidak berulang. Katanya, peristiwa yang berlaku 39 tahun lalu itu perlu dijadikan iktibar oleh generasi akan datang untuk mengelakkan peristiwa yang boleh menimbulkan kegelisahan masyarakat berbilang kaum di negara ini ... 
"Jangan sesekali bangkitkan masalah bangsa kerana keadaan ini akan menyebabkan timbul perasaan cemburu kaum lain sehingga menyebabkan orang Melayu dihina." - Niz Aziz
Why didn't those DAP politicians lodge police reports against Nik Aziz back then? Because PAS is a valued DAP partner in the Pakatan coalition. The idea died a natural death as it did not get any support from the DAP, either.

I post this to agree with the suggestion by my fellow journalist. Make 13 May our Unity Day, our Hari Muhibbah. We need to move on from 13 May 1969. We need to be one united people.

p.s. Sdr Zaini, Tan Sri Muhyiddin kata kerajaan belum menerima apa2 cadangan berkenaan ide ini. Saya minta Sdr buat suatu unjuran rasmi kepada beliau. Lepas tu, kita kerahkan tenaga untuk menjadikan 13 Mei 2011 sebagai Hari Muhibbah.

pic taken from Jebat Must Die's May 13: The Correct View Pt 2


  1. Anonymous11:32 am

    i sokong! lagi syiok, make 513 unity day a holiday la!

    same time, get that zahid fler to suggest a patriotic day and declare it a holiday oso !

    since we at it, damn awesome to declare holidays for these as well...

    a 1malaysia day?

    a muhibbah day?

    a malay & non get-together day?

    a we-are-1-family day?

    a one4all & all4one day?

  2. Anonymous11:37 am

    Yes, to 'Hari Muhibbah', but we need to make it a public Holiday. With too much public holidays in Malaysia, I don't think employers would like this idea. Why not we celebrate Hari Malaysia, only on 16th.Sept. Replace Aug.31st for May 13th. as a public holiday. If it is not agreeable, make Hari Raya Puasa & Chinese New Year a one(1)day celebration. Stop the crap that we are to celebrate Raya Puasa for 1 month, with open house. People need to take days off too for the open house preparation. Then, 1Malaysia would be more meaningful.

  3. agree as reminder 'Let Us Unite' but not another public holiday la...

  4. Anonymous1:44 pm

    Kalau namakan HARI MUHASABAH rasanya Apek tu buat repot polis tak?

    Mooncake festivals - There is a folk tale about the overthrow of Mongol rule facilitated by messages smuggled in moon cakes. Children carry lanterns sum more.. hapi hapi kasi bakar lilin walking a over the place.

    Hai Apek, hari itu kamu sampai sekalang celebelate, lu olang apasal Mei 13 talak suka itu maciam jugak ker?

    Itu cake manyiak mahal sekalang, jangan hantar sebarangan kotak kepada SiPolan, ini juga RASUAH..



  5. Anonymous2:27 pm

    dap ni kalau diwajibkan matapelajaran sejarah pun dah buat bising, apatah lagi nak disuruh mengingati 13 mei.

  6. Anonymous3:27 pm

    saudara zaini hanya menyusahkan BN.

    perjuangan dato' seri najib cukup jelas iaitu keadilan utk semua tanpa mengira kaum.

    malangnya terdapat editor seperti zaini hassan yang seringkali cukup mensabotaj dato seri najib.

    cukup jelas Zaini adalah penyokong pembangkang berada dalam jentera kerajaan untuk mensabotaj kerajaan.

    musuh dalam selimut. amat berharap dato seri najib ambil tindakan bersihkan anasir pembangkang di dalam utusan yang diketuai zaini hassan.


  7. Anonymous3:30 pm

    but should the Unity Day or Muhibbah day be the public holiday?we already have too much public holiday,hehe

    still recall the song in tv1 "muhibbah,muhibbah"

    wheres the tune long gone?

  8. May 13!!

    Don't have to say more. The impression is already there. I can see Hishamuddin and Najib too with their keris unsheathed and raised above their heads.

    You now want to give it another name? How too, when so many policies, and laws including citation for sedition by just the wrong person mentioning May 13!!

    Until the next generation or two at least, I am afraid, May 13, as constantly reminded by our UMNO friends, shall always remain a bogey man used to suppress and threaten. It is a useful weapon and more importantly tool. Just that word from Mahathir got BN the vote from the Chinese in 1999.

    So you think, UMNO will want this tool taken away? Lest we forget?

  9. Anonymous3:59 pm

    ... ha ha ha ... i would only agree if it's a holi-holi-day - i dun care ... ha ha ha ... :D ...

  10. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Those who opposed to the proposal that the government declares 13 May "Hari Muhibbah" are afraid of their own shadows.

  11. Salam Dato'

    Saya fikir memang baik kita jadikan 13 May sebagai hari kebangkitan kebangsaan. Jangan kita ungkit cerita lama yang membawa titik hitam dalam sejarah Malaysia.

    Kita bina semula bangsa Malaysia dengan melupakan peristiwa hitam itu.

    Pelwaan ini adalah bagi siapa yang mau. Bagi yang tak mau biarlah mereka mencaRI TANAH AIR BARU MEREKA selain dari Malaysia.
    cerita lama memang banyak.

    Tapi apa fardah dan untung nya ?

    Parti parituti politik yang tak mahu, biakan sahaja mereka itu tetapi sesuatu menti dibuat sapaya mereka tidak menjadi DURI DALAM DAGING.


  12. bro. this is out of topic, if u have time please check the link below. i do not really like what i read. please check, thankss

  13. Anonymous5:14 pm

    cukup setuju dengan peminat umno. saudara zaini hassan musuh dalam selimut umno nombor 1. saudara zaini tali barut pembangkang dalam umno. cuba menggagalkan usaha bn utk menang pilihanraya.

  14. Optimist5:22 pm

    Old Fart

    Please die as soon as possible.

    Sick with ever scepticism.

  15. Kylar Stern6:13 pm

    So why would Najib even want to bother with the idea of a "Talent Corporation"?

    Seems to me certain ethnicities are damned if they do and damned if they don't.

    Perhaps the Foreign Correspondents Association could invite this Zaini feller to be the guest speaker at their next confab. Let's see how good he is in selling his views to an audience of sceptical farang who are not over-awed by the gahmen.

    But then, maybe Zaini no speakee English, which is alien to all right-thinking Malaysians. No worries, he could always nominate the Perkasa dude as his proxy.


  16. Anonymous6:18 pm

    Banyak sangat hari ini, hari itu...yang untung kroni yang dapat event management punya kontrak, pembikin filem iklan, pembikin banner, bunting, syarikat iklan, media yang diiklankan hari muhibbah, supermarket yang buat jualan hari muhibbah, restoran di mana dim sum halal dan biawak goreng vegetarian dihidangkan...berapa bajet hari ini? poordahhhh...

    sri hartamas

  17. Brader Rocky,

    I beg to differ, I do not believe that we need a "Unity Day" to viably move our country towards national integrity.

    I believe what we need is simply a Sekolah Satu Aliran system.

    Let all of our children study, play and engage in activities under the same roof. Cramp our children in limited spaces together so that when Ali turns right he sees Ah Kau, when Aminah turns left, she sees Shalini.

    Let them share their laughter, despair and tears together while they're still in their young and tender ages. When they're still incapable of judging others based on race, faith or skin colour.

    When Ali looks at Ramasamy, he sees a friend and not an Indian.

    Let our children learn about the hardship of life together, while learning to tackle the hardship by relying on one another.

    When Soo Lin falls, Fatimah will run to her aid. When Ali lost his pocket money, Raju will gladly lend his to Ali.

    Trust me, the human race is basically good in nature, and they all appreciate the good virtues in life.

    Just my two cents.

  18. Salam Bro,

    1. 13 Mei 2011 onwards - Hari Muhibbah is a splendid idea, let us confront the ghost of our past head on and move forward. After 41 years we should be able to talk rationally about a tragic time when racism, bigotry and insanity prevailed over our tolerance and acceptance of each other.

    2. DAP's opposition to Mei 13 is purely selfish politics, they just want to make Mei 13 as a boogey man day to scare the non Malays in particular our Chinese friends to always support the DAP. If Malaysians of all races are united, the DAP becomes irrelevant.

    3. But please no need to make it a Public Holiday. God knows we have too many public holidays as it is. I am sure that there will be many group events that can held without having to declare it a public holiday.

  19. Anonymous7:27 pm

    May 13 is not a good day to choose from, according to Indian astrology this is also the birth of the God of the Pig which is most powerful on May 13. So if we choose this day it will also mean you love this animal so much that you acknowledge it as your God.

  20. Anonymous8:31 pm

    Having more holiday is not good for the nation's productivity....Malaysia has more than enough holiday in a year.

    The only way to move away from this sensitive issue, and move forward is to systematically reduce the Bumiputra perks.

    I'm a Malay. But forget about being a developed nation with these perks still intact in the decision making process....

  21. I agree fully with "Old Fat" and perhaps.."Optimist" wish me die soon too.
    These pro UMNO B toads have no manners nor able to respond with other ideas at all.
    It is always insults back..whenever anyone write intelligent comments like "Old Fat"
    Suck young futs so badly brought up.

  22. Why we people never realised that we all Malaysian actually united against the threat from outside but we prefer our privacy and freedom to be respect. Similar we all dont want our neighbours to poke their nose into our house or space.
    Why waste time , money and energy to improvise something that can backfire from this Moronic socities.
    All kingdoms fall , we are not exceptional and the past kingdoms are fsr more superior than us. If the kingdom fall we will have another hoilday . Hari Kejatuhan Malaysia . Cheers -I love my mooncakes untouch

  23. Anonymous11:43 pm

    peminat umno and anon 5:14

    nampak sah anda bukan peminat umno tapi hanya ahli politik murah yang tak ada pedoman

  24. Anonymous12:49 am

    aik, no one commented that nik aziz also proposed for may 13 to be a special day?


  25. Anonymous1:01 am

    Come to think of it,

    The LEGEND of the overthrow of Mongol rule by distributing MOONCAKES was supposedly about the rulers of China, has nothing to do with Malaysia..

    How come the Malaysian Malaysia people celebrate about the well being of another Nation's rule?

    Monsterball Lau ren must be more on the tales of someone being cursed and turned into a toad.. no wonder her mentioned toads endlessly..

    Deliver coffee packets to offices, make sure deliver betul2 cukup according to delivery order OK?

    Don't deliver less nbr of packets, then kaw team with siPolan and give him complimentary coffee packets, just to ensure you get your cheques out fast..

    That one aloso kira LASUAH!



  26. Anonymous3:09 am

    Dear Selampit.
    I too agree that 'Sek.1 Aliran' is good for unity, but we must totally restructure the system. e.g:-
    - No Religious/Arabic study.(No segregation for Civic classes. Civic must be compulsory for all primary student, instead.)
    - No 'Baca Doa' session. Therefore Ustaz's job begin only after normal school hours, when we teach religious study.
    - Finally we Malays must teach our children not to feel "jijik" about pork, so that if our friends bring fried rice with pork to school, we can still eat, our own food beside them at the canteen. Our religion only forbids consuming, rearing & selling pigs. If we came into wet contact, there is a way of cleansing.

  27. Anonymous9:46 am

    Have one unity day and by the next day we're at each other's throats again?

    Everyday is unity day.

    Destroy power, not people.


  28. Anonymous9:46 am

    PEMINAT UMNO dan anon 5:14

    Saya sokong anon 11.43 PM kata "nampak sah anda bukan peminat umno tapi hanya ahli politik murah yang tak ada pedoman". Juga saya sokong apa Roky kata diposnya diatas.

    Anda kata "saudara zaini hanya menyusahkan BN". Anda tak sedar ke DAP, malahan MCA pun, menyusahkan BN? Fikirkanlah seditious acts and utterances mereka, hingga sasaran ekuiti Bumiputera pun mahu dihapuskan.

    Keluar pula rekasi meminta hak kerakyatan mereka juga dihapuskan. Bukan kah tidak baik untuk kesejahteraan negara, merenggangkan lagi jurang keharmonian antara kaum? Maka kalau Dato Zaini mencadangkan Hari Muhibbah pada 13 Mei apa salahnya?

    Saya fikir bukan zaini hassan "yang seringkali mensabotaj dato seri najib". Tetapi orang seperti anda mensabotaj kepentingan keharmonian dan perpaduan negara.

    "cukup jelas Zaini adalah penyokong pembangkang"? Bukankah anda kalian yang berbuat demikian, yang mensabotaj matlamat keharmonian negara?

    Anda kalian menyuarakan kepentingan pembangkang. Seperti mereka yang membuat laporan Polis berkenaan perkara ini. Anda yang "musuh dalam selimut". Mengaku peminat UMNO tetapi mungkin menyamar sahaja.

    Saya juga "amat berharap dato seri najib ambil tindakan bersihkan anasir pembangkang" - yang seditious seperti menyentuh hak dan kepentingan Melayu, yang menyamar sebagai peminat UMNO (jika anda tidak, ketahuilah bahawa ada yang berbuat demikian), dan mereka yang mempolitikkan 13 Mei.

    Ada ikuti nada dan tumpuan Ahli Ahli Perwakilan UMNO dalam perbincangan diPerhimpunan Agung UMNO tempoh hari? Itu dikirakan nada yang dikawal, kalau tidak lebih lantang mereka mempertahankan hak dan kepentingan Melayu dan membidas mereka yang mahukan sasaran ekuiti Bumiputera dihapuskan.

  29. Anonymous12:00 pm

    The prost-cunt licking pig will never agrre to ur suggestion. May 13 is forever etched in their collective psyche as the day of humiliation, the day when their dreams of subjugation was crushed to smithereens by the collective might and will of the Melayu Bermaruah. To me May 13 will be remembered as Hari Kebangkitan Melayu Bermaruah, a glorious orgy of bloodletting to put scumbags in their proper places. When all our petty differences, schisms and divisions evaporated and the resulting mist congealed into a torrent of passionate Malayhood dedicated to reclaiming our beloved land, to seize again our rightful place as Tuan usurped by filthy interlopers. Remembered by us Melayu Bermaruah will it be even if there no public holiday to attest the fact. Detested it will be by the humiliated, pigcocksuckling, twatmunching globs of shit.

    Warrior 231

    p/s: Kylar Stern should use his propoer nick....hahahahaha

  30. Skilgannon10663:29 pm

    Perwira 1:01 AM

    Another gem of erudite wisdom emanating from you?

    Makes you wonder why Malaysians should celebrate Christmas? That's another "alien" festival, yes? Which has it's origins in cultures and countries far removed from Malaysia, yes?

    Or Thaipusam or Deepavali for that matter.

    Let's be thankful for the oasis of sanity down south of the Causeway, where I saw some Malay kids walking around with lanterns during the recent Lantern Festival. There's hope yet for ethnicity, wouldn't you say?

  31. Dear anon at 3:09 AM,

    So that's it huh. Islam and pork.

    And because of those two factors you think our new generation should be segregated.

    Malay children only should play with other children of the same race. The same thing applies to Chinese and Indian children.

    All because of Islam and pork?

    So all this while, we Malays have been doing nothing but shove Islam down non-Muslims' throats, while at the same time depriving them off pork eh?

    In Malaysian history, the only time a group of people had attempted to force an ideology on us was when PKM tried to turn our grandparents into Communists.

    And where pork concerns, just ask the people of Melaka and Pantai Morib something about contamination.

  32. Anonymous12:06 pm


    The Singapore Malay kids must be dumb followers..lembu kena cucuk idung, no idea what the festival is for.

    Christmas/Thaipusam/Deepavali are associated with their religious practices.

    My Chinese neighbours' kids also carry lanterns, I asked their papa and mama... they aloso donno what for, no idea, and they came up with the story of secret notes in the cakes and the Mongols!.

    How come they don't EVEN know the reasons why they need to celebrate?

    Thats another WONDER!


  33. Anonymous1:16 pm


    Those are not Malay-Muslim children that some pig saw. Those rae Chingk pigs dressed up in Malay garb to fool idiots abaout multiculturalism. Everyone knows Malay-Muslims dont walk around totting fire. As for Christos, at least, the hippie claimed to have died for humanity and that universalises his commemoration. How stupid some pigs can get when they cunt figure out Mongol hegemony and chingkie rebellion are site specific in about stupid sporeans, the products of low quality education.

    Yeah, why should pigs everywhere tot lanterns in memory of the motherland if their fealty should be to their country of birth. Piss on the notionlah, for in reality, these twatlicking, arsefucking pigs everywhere are only beholden to Chynnnaaah. Remember, how Chingk pigs everywhere set the 'Net afire when their embassy in Serbia got bombed by the US.

    Selamat Aidil Adha, Perwira. Dont bother about some sniffling, runny nosed pigcock suckling moron of a pifg farmhand. Its oink is not worth the trouble.

    Warrior 231

  34. Purple Haze12:43 am

    Why is there a need for a Unity Day on May 13 when we already have Malaysia Day on Sept 16 ?

    Isn't Malaysia Day to signify the unity of Malaysia ?

  35. Anonymous7:37 am

    Aiya Skillynon+13,

    Apasal lu punya kawan Apek Goh ata hatar 3 bakul dulian sama lumah siPolan?

    Wah, jenis Pino lagi, mayak mahak punya buah, satu biji pun RM30.. 3bakul mau lekat 100 biji? Waa, itu sudah mau RM3K wow!

    Oooo lu kawan Apek Goh jual buah tepi jalan tatak pakai permit ke?

    Haiya.. Singapore ini maciam bole ke?



  36. Anonymous9:53 am

    Jangan sebarangan ambil bakul2 buah durian tu! Sebenarnya tak ikhlas, ada udang sebalik batu!

    Apek duk maki hamun kamu tak renti2. You punya nama, muka, gambar rumah, bini dan anak beranak semua sudah SMS sama kawan2 APEK..dia grade you kaki Rasuah class no.5.

    Tau tak, you mereka kasi grade2 macam durian jugak. Tapi Apek pun tak sedar diri, dia pun kaki LASUAH..



  37. Why the fuss?

    Did not DAP commemorate it's chief May 13 agent provocateur Dr V David by renaming Jalan Barat Jalan Dr V David?

    We should remember people we wish not to remmember but forget May 13?

  38. Anonymous1:41 pm

    I think the dress up comment make more sense than the dumb follower one for the sake of maruah.



  39. 13Maybeneficiairies8:57 pm

    Who benefited from 13 May 1969


    1. Mahathir was expected to help common Malays after Tun Razak and Hussein Onn.

    2. PNB formed to help Malays invest.DEB launched to help Malays achieve 30 percent.

    3. Mahathir son Mokhzani become 3rd richest malay 2009 according to Forbes

    4. PNB bought Sime DArby with malay money

    5. Nazir Razak got 340 million merging PNB companies

    KUALA LUMPUR, November 27: CIMB Investment Bank Berhad
    (CIMB) has announced a proposal for the merger of Sime Darby Berhad,
    Golden Hope Plantations Berhad and Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad to
    create the world’s largest listed oil palm plantation player.
    In a landmark deal valued at some RM31 billion, the proposal involves
    the merger of the businesses of eight listed companies in which
    Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) and unit trust funds under its
    management and Employees Provident Fund (EPF) are the major
    A special purpose vehicle, Synergy Drive Sdn Bhd, has made an offer to
    acquire all the businesses including assets and liabilities of the eight
    listed companies.
    Synergy Drive is a special purpose vehicle held by two trustees for a
    charitable purpose. Synergy Drive’s directors are Tan Sri Dato’ Md Nor
    Yusof (Chairman), Dato’ Zainal Abidin Putih and Wan Razly Abdullah.
    CIMB will provide initial financing for Synergy Drive.

    6. Sime DArby too big. Nazir RAzak will get millions for demerging PNB companies.Lost 3 billions

    7. Nazir RAzak said DEB is unfair to Chinese and competition!?