Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Najib's Korban

Stone the Devil - BBC Pix

IT'S EVE of Hari Raya Korban and I can't help but recall our kedai kopi chit-chat at Seri Pacific hotel last night. Only two other big groups were at the coffee house - one that included a former Minister of Tourism and another consisting of veteran Malay artists. We kept to ourselves and to our corner, speaking freely but sometimes in hushed tones with our host whose job is to try and know all things that concern the security of this country.

We chatted about who will likely go in Najib Razak's major Cabinet overhaul, which is eagerly anticipated to happen before year end. Our host thinks the PM will sacrifice THREE ministers. All males. All have served at least 3 PMs and must have served them well but it's time to go. Our host's 3 names do not correspondent with my 3 names but I take comfort in the fact that at least we both have one name in common.

I'm NOT saying that Najib will drop 3 ministers. It's me wishing that he would. For his own good. For the good of this country.

So let's see ...
In the meantime, I wish all Selamat Hari Raya Korban. May our sacrifices not be in vain and have the Almighty's redha. Selamat menunaikan fardhu Haji to all Muslims, especially to para haji from Malaysia including our Attorney-General, Abdul Gani Patail and my two room-mates from ITM.


  1. Anonymous11:32 am

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha, brother. May Allah's blessings be with you and the family as well as with all sincere believers always.

    Warrior 231

    P/S: As 4 the 3 "minstrels"the spiritual connotation of korban should not apply to them, that would be "sacrilegious", the literal one would be more apt for the sake of bangsa and negara.. I can guess who they are!!

  2. for the good of this country.... many more needed to be dropped. not only in the cabinet, but also in the states. it's getting way out of hands and rakyats are very UNHAPPY - IFF BN still wants to rule after the next election that is....

  3. Well Dato, najib can appoint anybody except for Kitol Khairy, the moment he appoint that chap, you will see that Najib will lose support on the ground!

    Pls la DS Najib, no matter what happen la, pls do not appoint si Kitol as this will chase away all the support you just regain..

    Seperti yang telah aku dan kawan-kawan aku janji dulu, KALAU kITOL HARAMJADAH DILANTIK ke dalam kabinet, then kami tidak akan support lagi....

  4. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Jgn lupa Douglas Uggah, menteri Sarawak takde hasil

  5. No matter who is replacing who as minister...it must always be yes men and crooks that Najib or Mahathir can find faults to jail them...if they try to spill the beans and expose all corruptions.
    And all those real good ones..that are qualified do not want to be ministers or politicians are ignored by Najib too.....as they are difficult to control.
    And if this is fast clean up to prepare for 13th GE with Rocky's concern for his Boss...he is doing a good job...but Rocky ca go on dreaming...using his words..."'For the good of this country"
    For the good of this country is always to vote against a band of robbers and thieves selling billions..from Malaysians to feed selected ones.....and apply double standards by the biggest liar so far..Najib.
    By voting UMNO B out...we vote or change in government..that's long overdue...since they is a great alternative....and not like before..where Malaysians need to tolerate and suffer in silence ..praying for some to come and free us.
    That someone has arrived and Rocky knows who that someone is.. whom I am sure Rocky also admire.
    However Rocky may have changed his mind...now that he is working under Najib.
    That's OK...he tell his side...I tell mine and we should respect each other's views and let voters decide who is more sincere to the country and people.
    Half past sixes are getting lesser and lesser everyday.
    Right now...even DPM encourage University students to take up politics.
    Under Mahathir...he hates anyone smarter than him and the truth is....so many thousands are smarter than him...but Mahathir is the smartest of all in dirty politics...and stealing with no fear.
    Any idiot can appear smart as a Dictator.

  6. Anonymous1:45 pm

    Zahid Hamidi, Nazri, Hishamudin, Khalid Nordin, Ng Yen Yen, Idris Jala, Koh Tsu Kong, Donald Lim, Mustapha Mohammed will all be retained in the cabinet. Taking three dead woods and leaving so much fuel is a recipe to be anhiliated.

    Boo Jai

  7. Anonymous2:24 pm

    selamat hari raya korban to you too Dato Rocky (selalu keliru spelling),


    Terkasar Bahasa bukan sengaja,
    Bersenda gurau usikan manusia

    SiPolan yang menunaikan korban masing-masing, harap jangan sedekah dari sumber yang tuuuu.. tak baik tau...

    Mendirikan pusat dan menghulur sedekah kepada anak-anak yatim bla bla... kesianlah mereka, Sumbang lah dari sumber yang HALAL...



  8. A Different Cut2:55 pm

    Your title, "Najib's Korban" is ambiguous, and may mean that it is Najib himself who is sacrificed. At the end of your post, you mention Gani Patail. Is he going to be sacrificed too? But you also proudly mention that you were Gani's room mate when you were in college. But there's nothing to be proud of, given what Gani Patail is. If I were his room mate I would hide my head in shame, and would pretend not to know him. I guess, Rocky, you were made from a different cut.

  9. And Selamat Hari Raya Korban to all Muslims too.
    Adam showed the finest love to Allah and Allah showed the finest love to human beings.
    So rich Muslims..slaughter cows..lamps ....even camels and give to the poor...in remembrance of the event.

  10. Anonymous8:21 pm

    Thank god, Bro. My wish list as follows: NMY, IJ, RY, NA, HH, ZH. THE OMBUDSMAN.

  11. Anonymous8:28 pm


    When are we going to have a Datuk Haji Akhiruddin Atan..hehe

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha..


  12. Anonymous11:25 pm

    ... Selamat Hari Raya Korban ... :D ...

  13. Salam Dato,

    Yang muka-muka lama tu elok benar digugurkan dan digantikan dengan yang baru. Adakah KJ akan menanggotai kabinet baru nanti? hurmm...

  14. najib manaukau8:43 am

    I think three is a very trivial and conservative number in fact it is time for the entire cabinet reviewed regardless of who they are.
    Let us move forward into the first world instead of staying in the third world and also to avoid going of joining Greece as predicted.
    Stop borrowing from China to build the second Penang bridge, instead of making use of the money to build the 100 storey tower.

  15. Mind Your Language9:38 am

    Our host's 3 names do not correspondent...


  16. Anonymous11:09 am

    My wish list:

    Rais yatim
    Hishammudin hussein
    Ismail sabri
    Nor yakcop
    Ng yen yen
    Koh tsu koon
    Noh omar
    Mustafa mohamed

    These are the non performers

  17. Anonymous11:32 am

    Ape ni Rocky, mind your language daah tarok sama hang!!!! heheheh hehehe

    Dj Remy

  18. Anonymous11:57 am

    This uncultured minister of culture has to go. Someone please tengok Finas and JKKN cepat-cepat, hancuk angkara orang-orang budaya ni.

  19. Selamat Hari Raya Korban,Dato'.

    Kita tunggu dulu apa yang akan di korbankan oleh DSN atau DSN mengeorbankan dirinya untuk orang lain.

  20. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Buat jamuan kat rumah hari ini?
    Make sure byar sendiri for all the caterings OK..Kalau APEK nak sponsor semua, say TAKNAK..

    Kemah, kerusi meja, bayar.. jangan tak bayar kalau MPS yang supply, pun bayar nuuu..Jangan salah guna kuasa.



  21. Anonymous3:15 pm

    Who is the DEVIL, you want us to STONE? Your ego? Why are you bothering me, highlighting about what I do all the time'ah. Spell me backwards


  22. Anonymous5:19 pm

    Cabinet Minister,,mana kita ada,anyway kita tunggu "Double Recession",,,,anytime bro!!!

    Tengok esok,,how's our SHARE MARKET!!

    Ramai kena korban this week!!


  23. Anonymous5:19 pm

    NMY,NMY,NMY must go first & fast.!!!! BLACK MIDAS @ TOP CAT

  24. Anonymous9:17 pm

    Kau ni bingai la A Different Cut, Rocky cakap Gani Patail dan 2 orang bekas room mate dia. Gani Patail tu bukan ex room mate dia. Lain kali, baca 2 kali, baru komen. Bingai & Bongok.

  25. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Don't be surprised if Najib hardly "korban" members of his Cabinet and it's not going to be an overhaul.

    He'd probably change Rais because Rais proved incapable of explaining to the people Najib's need to run after Chinese votes almost no matter what. Even DAP votes.

    Najib even appears to be supporting DAP. One ADUN Penang was suspended for using the words 13 Mei. Zaini of Utusan spoke for 13 Mei be remembered. Then the proposal for 13 Mei be Hari Perpaduan. 15 Nov Muhyiddin says the Government may consider it but nobody has submitted a proposal formally. 17 Nov Najib says no need for 13 May to be Hari Perpaduan. Very much what DAP wants.

    Rais cannot find himself supporting Najib on such issues. Because such were not the wishes of UMNO as he saw them at the last AG Assembly. On top of that Rais did not even ensure the MCMC explain the controversial RM 4 billion fund disbursement properly.

    Nor Mohd Yakcop would be retained if Najib wants him to continue to be the fund raiser for whoever. Nazri for bouncing off any big guns trying to shoot the boss man. Hishamuddin would of course be retained as the cousin provides unquestionable loyalty; you don't have to be brilliant as long as you are loyal. No such thing as firmness and aggressiveness. It's all about accomodating, agreeing to demands, even planning to amend the ISA.

    My one fear is that he puts in Khairy to the Cabinet, God forbid. Najib is in such a weak position that he won't even offend Sabahans and Sarawakians and let their Cabinet reps stay, irrespective of their performance. Of course he'll just accept any nominees MCA and Gerakan put forward. One might even find the chauvinist MCA Youth Head Wee promoted to full Minister; the seditious Chua Soi Lek may want Wee's status enhanced to make all sorts of demand, including the abolition of Bumiputera equity target.

    If Najib can let Chua's seditious statements be, why not agree for Wee be made a Minister. It's going to be unpleasant all round if that happens. Wee and Tony Pua will start making all sorts of Police Reports and become emboldened to touch on sensitive issues after that. Forget about BN being the vehicle for raising issues behind closed doors. Transparency is being interpreted by him that way. UMNO Supreme Council and Ketua-Ketua Bahagian need to act to prevent more Malay votes running away in the process.

  26. Izuddin11:32 pm

    Dato R,

    2 comments here didnt like the idea of YB Rembau in cabinet. I disagree. He has sat out since his deputy youth days till now. He has a few good ideas himself and many are becoming interested in this young man for the right reasons now. Of course many still pin the blame on him for BN's poor showing but i still feel KJ has a role to play in the cabinet but nothing ,ore than a deputy 1st or been taken in to JPM so PM can guide and use this young man.

    Its a good time to see Rais and the like be dropped from the cabinet and thise like sharizat and rosnah too shld be mulled over again.

    Selamat Eidul Adha

  27. Anonymous1:50 am

    My aidil-adha korban lists:

    1. Shah Hakim, Scomi
    2. Ahmad Zaki, MRCB
    3. Kamal Khalid, Media Prima
    4. Vincent Lim
    5. Tengku Zafrul, Maybank
    6. Ganen Sarvanathan, Khazanah
    7. Rahman, Ekuinas
    8. Ismee Ismail, Tabung Haji
    9. Raja Nong Chik, KL mayor
    10.Nasser Ismail, Iskandar Investment
    11.Omar Ong, Petronas
    12.Shahril Rizal, EPF
    13. Norza Zakaria, everywhere
    14.Kalimullah, ECM Libra
    15.Jamaatun Azmi, KasehDia

  28. Anonymous6:55 am

    my wish is that najib sacks his wife first, rosmah, from mingling and busy - bodying (if there's such word) from cabinet's business.
    then sacks all other cabinet's wives who knows nothing but to interfere in rakyat business. Now, for shahrizat, make sure sacks her business man husband.

  29. Anonymous7:06 am

    rakyatlah yang dikorbankan, seperti selalu!

  30. Salam Dato'. The new cabinet must reflect 1Malaysia. People First Performance now.

    Deputy Wee should never be upgraded to Ministerial Post, there will be backlash as he likes to label others not in agreement with him as primitive. Ng Yen Yen got to go, The Shanghai Expo, exposed too much shabby weakness of the Tourism Ministry, really bad for the country's image.

    Of course RTM needs fresh blood, a more PR savvy Minister. The EPU needs a new Minister definitely, new thinking. So is the Home Ministry and Defence, less talk and more action.

    There should be more Idris Jala type appointment, direct from the private sector. Less politiking and more concentrating on policies set by the PM.

    There should be less sharizat or koh Tsu koon type appointment, kalah election then get appointed as Minister. Habiskan beras sahja.

    Summing up,Just hope its not a crony first performance later Cabinet. Cousins and loyal supporters who does not perform in their respective Ministerial Post should be transferred to other ministerial post or posted as Ambassadors where they can create less damage.

  31. Salam Eidul Adha...Bro Rocky...

    I am a new Blogger...appreciate your comment at http://myamanah.com and http://business.tips.my

  32. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Norza Zakaria is KJ good friend? Wasn't he was earlier charged for bribery/corruptions? Thanks to his KJ connection, the court let him go, for now. But more worrying now, howcome Norza is still one of the Board member of Tabung Haji? Perhaps rocky would like to dig further into this shit.

  33. Anonymous4:56 pm

    Don't forget to include the super useless Azman Mokhtar in the korban list. He is too dungu to lead Khazanah. Puiiii..!

  34. Skilgannon10666:47 pm

    Anon 9:40 PM

    Wowee, talk about paranoia run amok!

    No worries, mate - please continue to languish in your own little ghetto (I use the word advisedly) while the rest of the world moves on to bigger and better things.

    After all, "dignity" is more important than economic and social wellbeing, is it not?

    And that the view that a rising tide lifts all boats is anathema and heresy!

    While Petronas continues to contribute 40 per cent+ of federal government revenues annually, the annual subsidies bill amounts to anywhere from RM25 billion-RM75 billion (depending on who is counting) and Singapore's GDP is forecast to overtake Malaysia's GDP for the first time since 1957.

    But all this is "pie in the sky" for the demagogues, zealots and apparatchiks amongst us!

  35. Anonymous12:24 pm


    Hope you are not KJ's cock sucker from Setiawangsa.

    WHat does KJ has to offer?

    With him powerless without slumberdol, proven incompetent to lead Pemuda, and sabotajeur, you still he has a few ideas here and there.

  36. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Skilgannon whatever

    You LKY arse licking Singaporean why must you mind the business of Malaysians? You are damn scared of saying anything in Singapore blogs and any form of mass media there, aren't you?

    You can't even say one bit of dissent against LKY and the goons out there will skin you alive. Trace you to the worm hole and have you thrown into the dungeon like the British author kena.

    So you vent your frustration against Malaysia, find each and everything tak kena with Malaysian Government and the Malays? At the same time you glorify each and everything Singapore. Very sad case of a frustrated soul, unliberated, freedom-controlled you.

    And you don't even have your facts correct. If Petronas contributes 40% to Government revenue, what about the other big GLCs like Telekom, etc. Because 30% revenue is obtained from tax paid by Malays and others including foreigners, are you saying that the Chinese pay less than 30%?

    But, really, I don't think one should listen or even bother with what you say. You will of course try to put out LKY's garbage in here. I've never heard one good thing coming from your damn mouth and sick brain. You should go to Papua New Guinea highlands and the natives there would eat you alive.

    Good bye skillshit whatever.

  37. Skilgannon106610:11 pm

    Anon 12:35 PM

    Au contraire, my deluded friend - there are plenty of online fora and blogs that criticise developments in Singapore. Why, even the esteemed Warrior xxx has referred to such a forum called the "Temasek Review".

    And why criticise Singapore if, on balance, the government there got more things right than wrong? Like possibly clocking up a 15 per cent GDP growth y-o-y this year? Or like the possibility that Singapore's GDP could exceed that of Malaysia's GDP this year? Without the benefit of a Petronas equivalent, and running a corporate tax rate of 17 per cent?

    And I didn't make up the point that Petronas contributes about 40 per cent of federal govt revenues. The point has been made by several analysts previously and has never been rebutted or contradicted by the Malaysian govt.

    And it was the PM, I believe, who mentioned the figure of RM75 billion being spent annually on subsidies. I don't recall anyone questioning him on this figure.

    What about the US$444 billion in investments needed over the next 10 years? Foreign investors must be lining up to invest in Malaysia, right?

  38. Anonymous2:29 pm

    aiya skewedmoron

    baby bonus, sdu (social development unit), parent maintenance law, courtesy campaign, clean and green, FLUSH your toilet, chewing gum ban, keep to the left on escalators, getting fathers to actively mind their children etc etc

    this makes the red dot a laughing stock - that they need to be TAUGHT something that comes naturally for other homo sapiens

    ppssst - check out also the HIV rates among singaporeans, not to mention the abortion rates