Thursday, November 25, 2010

Have you been asked to give a bribe?

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We keep saying we are so corrupt and we are so corruptible. Abu Kassim, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission boss, asked the bloggers at the dialogue here in Legend, which is on-going, if anyone had been asked to pay a bribe this year. Only ONE blogger out of 30 attending the forum said he had been forced to pay.

Abu Kassim said the test is simple. In a corrupt/corruptible nation, half the people in the room would admit to having been asked to pay bribe or have paid bribe.

"We are not as corrupt as we are perceived to be," he said.


  1. Boss Coffee12:55 pm

    On a related note:
    A friend of mine is vehemently opposed against the "corrupt BN government". I once asked him if he has ever given duit kopi. He said "Yes but RM50 does not compare to RM5 billion!".


    I think my personal experience reflects some truth in Abu Kassim's statement.

    Boss Coffee

  2. Hoi!

    Pay attention la ...

  3. something that make some sense

    would you rather pay saman 300 or kopi 50?

    would like need to spent extra time (annual leave,unpaid leave) just to go police station to settle or kopi 50?

    If you are rich and you have a lot of time, you dont mind paying saman. But somehow low waged people would still suffer.

    But for me, just play the mind game. That the saman if they offered. Dont pay anything. Wait until police taking action to me. I only settled.

  4. Anonymous1:12 pm

    Be real. MACC is only talking of retail bribery. What about the big wholesale bribery? With this kind of Abu Kassim's attitude, MACC only catches ikan bilis. What about the buaya?

  5. Anonymous1:17 pm

    so 30 invited bloggers represent general population of Malaysia?? what is the margin of error in this sampling?

  6. dear god! this guy must be a bloody idiot! surely you just can't measure the level of corruption of a nation by this ultrasimplistic test!!!

    corruption comes in many different guises!

    and rocky! your standard of spin has come to a new low... your standard is about on par with utusan malaysia...don't you find it embarrasing to pretend to be so fucking stupid? or am i misreading something here?

  7. Anonymous2:28 pm

    Ismee Ismail, the happily corrupted CEO of Tabung Haji, bragged that he is very buddy buddy with Abu Kassim. Could this be the reason why MACC has kept their eyes close on Tabung Haji?

    Abu Kassim if you are reading this, please cut the crap!

    Everybody knows that Ismee and his cronies in Tabung Haji have been asking commissions for awarding contracts/projects to third parties, in Malaysia and Saudi. Someone should start zooming on Abu Kassim instead!

  8. Buttercup2:49 pm

    You are so right Rocky.
    I have never been asked to give a bribe.
    I don't know how to react if it comes my way.
    We are not known as a nation of Punglis.

  9. Anonymous2:51 pm

    It depends on the people in the room, right? If they are the type who, for example follow traffic laws or do not have much dealings with people in a position to "fix" or "speed" up matters by the way of a bribe, they might not have any such encounters this year.

    Compare that to say someone who has many dealings with people in a position of power who are corrupt.

    It's a mistake to make a conclusion based on the replies to that question.


  10. Salam Datuk,

    IMHO, Abu Kassim's choice to illustrate corruption perception being overated, fails and is illogical.

    1. If any the bloggers had been asked, the askee would be in serious trouble (if the blogger were honorable).

    2. If the blogger had been asked and obliged the askee (if the blogger was dishonest), would he own up?

    Oh ok, I get it.


  11. Anonymous3:23 pm

    It is like asking if you have been shot by the police. Since you were there and alive and so were the rest you can say the police do not simply shoot people.
    Incidently many us conduct overselves honestly and even obey laws which we think may be unreasonable or impractically inconvenient so why do we need to bribe?
    That Abu Kassim is snakelike!

  12. UMNO B is corrupt to the core...period.
    What a smart ass MACC boss is...using a Forum to prove no bribery.
    In daily lives...the it there or non existence to some cases is not the main issue.
    It is the billions stolen by UMNO B and favoring chosen few that sucks up our country's wealth is the main issue.
    And there are so many cases during by elections that Najib opening offer bribes to get votes...and all twisted by MACC as legal rights by a PM.
    Rocky can keep trying hard to prove UMNO B members to not take bribes..and I tell him..if one is overpaid in salary with unlimited allowances to be claimed is also a form of bribe... to that person to be loyal to UMNO B.
    Closing both eyes and approving tenders from saudara saudari with ridiculous high prices are so call legal bribes.
    What a way to prove Govt is clean by this smart.... MACC chief.
    Only idiots accepts such tests.

  13. Skilgannon10664:00 pm

    Is this about the ordinary orang rakyat or the corporate movers and shakers who play for big stakes in the Malaysian nexus between politics and business?

    Why not trim the ranks of the bureaucracy and the civil service and reward those left on the basis of merit and performance?

    Or have fewer but better-paid police and armed forces personnel?

    But such thinking is anathema given the situation in the country.

  14. I live abroad and cumulatively, across the last 12 months that I have been home, I have been bribed once, at KLIA airport by a customs officer. I do not feel like the question is a fair one to pose to journalists though. It isn't the most diverse sample size, and one would postulate that bribery is more common between businessmen needing licences approved or fines waived, and of course at high levels of government when fighting for big contracts. Journalists aren't the highest paid people in the field and they aren't the most susceptible to situations that induce bribery

  15. Interesting theory here. I will try to do the same next time I meet with my family group.

  16. Anonymous5:08 pm

    it should be the opposite! most people dun admit when they (are forced to )give bribes, especially when it's so commonplace that we may even not realise that we are actually giving bribes under the pretext of special fees ot whatsoever.

  17. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Abu Kassim, my pet chimp is smarter than you, even while he is asleep. I asked a room filled with 30 perverts. Have anyone of you molested a child. And only one of them said YES. This proves that the other 29 are not, have not and so is the general public.
    Abu Kassim, maybe the other bloggers did not want to tell the MACC that they were asked to give a bribe?
    Abu Kassim, koa ni, take bole PAKAI. Logik hang tu KEPARAT. Logik bodoh SOMBONG.


  18. Rating Restaurant with Gred A, Gred B or Gred C also creating new underground corrupt economy in our society.

    IF SIRIM, HALAL, GMP, ISO or HACCP could be approved without any Gred why not the Jabatan Kesihatan & Local Council could not approve the Restaurant Rating without Gred. It is either the place is cleaned or otherwise.

    There is no HALAL A or Halal B or Halal C by Jakim. Why should Jabatan Kesihatan & Local Council throughout the country need to issue Gred A, Gred B or Gred C for the restaurant other than creating the potential "CORRUPT PRACTICE" among the civil servants.

    I do not think so that even New York City or Boston or Los Angeles or San Diego is having this kind of grading.

    Abolish the Gred A, Gred B or Gred C in rating the restaurant but just issued "APPROVED BY HEALTH DEPARTMENT & LOCAL COUNCIL".

    It is good for the nation and good in reducing the numbers of little nepoleon.

    Most of the Halal Restaurant getting Gred B and C BUT the non-halal restaurant mostly getting Gred A. We need not have to be rocket scientist to figure this out of why it is happening. It is all about give and not giving. Plain and simple.

    What else to transform IF at local level more red tape being introduced that indirectly giving a life line to these little Nepoleon.

  19. Anonymous6:23 pm

    What a ridiculous yardstick!

    Who, in his right mind would confess to having to bribe, much less to taking a bribe?

    DUHHHHHH Malaysia!


  20. Anonymous7:38 pm

    he is asking the wrong people....cannot see the elephant as usual

  21. Kudos to the one who admitted such a crime.

  22. Rocky,
    If Abu Kassim asked the same question to the members of the Association of Scrap Metal, 100% of them will raise their hands.

  23. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Stop kidding yourself, those bloggers were just being polite!

  24. Anonymous9:46 pm

    sapa nak mengaku bro, nanti kena tangkap sebab bagi..... for all those big fish, they don't call it bribe, they call it commission.

  25. Anonymous9:46 pm

    wah ! only 1 out of 30 ever gave bribe !

    either the 29 bloggers got no balls to admit or simply are liars !

  26. Anonymous9:48 pm

    If road blocks are set up specifically to check on brake lights,and those with even one light not working were asked,sekarang apa macam, what do you call that? Being safety minded?

    Give me a break!!!!!

  27. Org yg mcm kawan Boss Coffee tu pun, kalau ada peluang akan beri/ambik RM5 billion - memang idiot.

  28. Anonymous10:42 pm

    Wah, Abu Kassim kao ni pandai sgtlah mcm budak yg selamatkan temasek dari todak. Kekeehewehaha! ! ! Abu, syabas. Taniah. IQ hang satu atau dua? 30 blogger bkn satu Malaya. 30 blogger bkn satu negara.

  29. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Siape lagi bodo : 1) Abu Kassim. 2) KJ. 3) Nazri Aziz. 4) Zahid Hamidi. 5) Idris Jala. 6) Koh Tsu Koon. 7) Semoa sama taraf. Tolong undi skg di Rockybru. Dj Remy.

  30. Anonymous11:13 pm


    People who are in the right or have nothing to hide are unlikely to give in to demands for bribes - not even for RM50. I think those who succumb to bribes are themselves not innocent of ill intent.
    A motorist or a motorcyclist who has everything in order and does not break any traffic rules, has no reason to fear being made a 'target' of corrupt enforcement officers.
    I think those who claim to be forced to give bribes to crooked government officers are themselves crooked one way or another. They could be crooked contractors or crooked developers eyeing projects without wanting to go through bureaucratic procedures, like everyone else. They could be road users who don't bother about observing road tax/insurance regulations or maintaining their vehicles. They could be outlet operators who flout the law to save on costs and maximise on profits; or employers who hire illegal workers.
    So, the question that should also be asked of the bloggers at the SPRM meeting - for them to mull over - is whether they would be willing to give bribes to avoid going through hassles or to get them out of trouble.
    Also, the tendency is for the public to scorn government servants who solicit bribes but not members of the public who would keep no secrets about having been giving bribes, although in the eyes of the law, both the giver and the receiver are in the wrong and are guilty of a criminal offence.
    I would agree that corruption in Malaysia is rife and cancerous. And like cancer, it is a silent killer that plague the minds of common citizens overcome by greed and a lack of civic-consciousness, more than t does a small section of the civil service and government machinery.
    Try comparing this scourge with the illegal killing of wild animals for trading of organs etc to satisfy human vanity - "when the demand stops, the killing will stop too".
    Likewise, if people are not greedy for material gains, or are morally obliged not to cut corners or seek special treatment or have tendencies to flout the law, then there's no way anyone can demand for or be forced to give bribes.
    Education and the creation of awareness have to include every sector of society, not just enforcement officers. I hate being a parrot, but I must say all the same, that One Malaysia applies here too.


  31. Is Pakatan Rakyat that clean that they do not practice bribe or clean out the money collected from the donation of their supporters?

  32. "We are not as corrupt as we are perceived to be," he said - what thats suppose to mean ?

  33. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Aiiya bos,

    Pleez make another session with penjaja bawah DBKL ka, pemohon gerai pasar malam ka, pekerja asing yg mau masuk cari kerja dan sewaktu dgnnya i gerenti boleh dapat 90 % experience punya...kalau nak dpt free 100% why not call ex-KSU club...apa punya analogi lah...yeerr kan dato. Our culture still tie-up with favorisme...

    Yg memerhati...

  34. Are 30 bloggers representative of a country with 27 million people? Perhaps the question should have been directed at 30 BN Ministers or MP's!

    Besides, there are "small" bribes and big bribes!

    we are all of 1 race, the HUman race

  35. Anonymous11:51 pm

    On another issue, I saw a Chinese workshop today and look at his customers, most, if not all are Malays. Then I remember some Chinese forumners said about Malay of not shame taking Chinese's tax as their rice bowl. But the reason the Chinese can pay tax is because of Malay customers.!

  36. Anonymous12:19 am

    Bloggers... they are glorified stupid people who love free publicity. World must revolve around them. NO real job, no real ambition except to sell their loyalty to the highest bidder.

    Look at RPK, Ooi and now Rocky

    Free entertainment from failed msm

    Go Man Utd!

  37. Anonymous12:25 am

    Blogger kan suka nak anynomous jer. Sudah buat mengaku laaa.
    Siapa yang dijemput datang?
    usual suspects kan - Rocky, big dog, etc

    memang la mangkuk

  38. Anonymous12:38 am

    allo bro,

    your butt is smelly today, u forgot to cebuk or what ? u sounded like utusan meloya. how much jewgold did u get ?

    macc is fucktard, that's all i got to say.

  39. Anonymous12:39 am

    Dolah, an Orang Asli told me yesterday that he was stopped by police at Simpang Pulai-CH road. The police said that his Honda motorcyle has loose plastic covers here and there - tail lights, fender etc.

    Dolah was asked to pay RM300 compound but said he has only about RM150. And that was the amount he gave to the police.

    I told him that was too much and should asked for less say RM20 being very poor. He said to the police that "kita sesama Islam" to bargain but to no avail.

    The ignorant, poor and powerless are easy meat to con. The amount is small but to them RM100 is about 10 times its value.

  40. Anonymous12:51 am

    No need to ask these questions during CNY..bau pun dah terjawab..

    Once you enter MPS, .. and the whole building will smell of Mandarin Oranges..



  41. Without naming incidents...I have experiences all sorts of bribes needed to do business or drive in peace.
    But this is natural all over the world...and MACC need not try to be too smart with Malaysians.
    However ..although natural all over the Malaysia it is asked or hinted with no fear by all.
    Next MACC may say if here is no givers....there will be no takers....and this will go on and bring Malaysians away from the main issue...which is worst than taking bribes....and that is...UMNO B steal our money to bribe and buy loyalties... from voters.
    Lets hope Rocky dare to put out a post.."IS UMNO B REALLY THAT CORRUPTED?"
    That will have at least 100 comments.

  42. And why not...Anonymous 11.51pm...certain chosen Malays are getting richer and they need services like everyone else.
    Merz have always claim for more than 30 years.. their best customers are Malays.

  43. Anonymous1:43 am

    Rocky, Thank you for showing us what an IDIOT Abu Kassim is. Your reverse physco is True to form. I hope ASH CASSIM wil bite the dust, as far as his carrier is concerned. This is dumbest statement I have heard since Lim Kit Siang said the building of PLUS highway wil allow foreign invader to land their planes on the highway. Dj Bujai.

  44. Anonymous7:39 am

    dude... not a good sample la.

    I know for a fact that we are not a blatantly corrupt society. But, I know for a fact too that our people on the streets have no shame in offering bribes to enforcement officers. I know for a fact that our enforcement officers are also not ashamed to receive bribes and on occasions also solicit them.

    And I know this to be true. That there is a growing number of our populations that abhor corruption and bribery. That there is a real effort to eradicate corruption and bribery at organization level.

    Now, what we need is to educate more and more people to hate corruption etc, to refuse to engage in one, to take legal actions when they see or encounter one and to instil these good values to their children, family members, office colleagues, friends and leaders/politicians.

    We need to do more work, but these are noble ones so even if at times they look hopeless, we must persevere ...

    Come on let's fight corruption by deeds and actions instead of bad mouthing one... Rocky you are influential enough to start a campaign...

  45. Anonymous9:44 am

    If the same question was asked to 30 Zimbabwean and only ONE out of 30 said he/she had been forced to pay. Does that means that Zimbabwe is not as corrupt as the world's thought? Kah!Kah!Kah!Kah!Kah!

    Dire straits.

  46. Anonymous9:46 am

    1. how could some one being "forced" to bribe??? aren't all bribery are "voluntary"??

    2. what is then the acceptable percentage to show that "we" are corrupt or not? 10%? 20%? 50%? 90%?

  47. Eksesais9:54 am

    tim wong said...
    I live abroad and cumulatively, across the last 12 months that I have been home, I have been bribed once, at KLIA airport by a customs officer. I do not feel like the question is a fair one to pose to journalists though. It isn't the most diverse sample size, and one would postulate that bribery is more common between businessmen needing licences approved or fines waived, and of course at high levels of government when fighting for big contracts. Journalists aren't the highest paid people in the field and they aren't the most susceptible to situations that induce bribery

    4:17 PM

    Why the hell would a customs officer bribe you? To get what? It should be the other way around. You're the one who's bribing.

  48. Legitimate test. By and large, large sectors of the economy and society are free of corruption.

    But corruption is a transient phenomenon that arises under certain condtions.

    Sometimes it is a legtimate and part of the costs of operation, particularly when socially validated. (Don't we all give tips? Don't we all use resources to move things in our favour? Isn't LKY's use of family resources for example to move things in his family's favour corrupt practice? When is it corrupt and when is it not corrupt?)

    Where it interferes with fair development and operation, it is not legitimate.

    I think it is immoral when people use it suppress political/leadership talent.

  49. a bribe is a bribe is a bribe -- big or small.

    in my life time I NEVER NEVER NEVER pay or HAD to pay bribe(s).

    BUT that said -- i might have without knowing. for instance in purchasing cars, we always had to pay something to the salesman.
    back in '82 when I bought my first car, i never thought much about it. later on...i discovered that THAT fee that i had to pay (factored in the fees to the salesman) could actually be a bribe to RTD get things done quick and fast.
    I was appalled but they told me that that was already part of the whole process. That's apart from fee to runners...

    does it still happen?

    I hope i'm wrong.

  50. Abu Liwat11:20 am

    Abu Kassim patut tanya 100 budak2 MCOBA, tanya depa berapa ramai yang dah kena liwat atau meliwat. Mampus sorang pun takkan mengaku.

  51. Anonymous11:27 am

    I guess if all the commentators were in the room, that will represent the true slice of the nation being asked for bribery ....more than half???

  52. Hey Rocky,

    ramai orang yang ingat diroang pandai dari Abu kassim.

    Corruption. giving and taking of bribes -- takes TWO. giver and taker.

    in my not-so-short life, i have discovered that some of those people who scream vitriol against MACC are the very same people who give bribes to policemen for speeding for this and that..
    if they can, they'd buy their way out fo trouble.

    as for big fish and small fish...
    i'd like to believe that the MACC or whatever is doing its job to fight corruption. I know that the MACC had a few hundred successful cases which are NOT reported.

    as for BIG cases -- any damn lawyer will tell you that corruption cases are hard to convict. witnesses turn hostile, documents are difficult to obtained...etc etc.. of course, it doesn't help that sometiems officers screw up.
    and the rich corrupt people are just so clever ebcos they have clever people (lawyers and accountants) to tell them how to get away with "murder".
    more often than not, authorities find it real tough to make cases stick.

    you can blame the crooked lawyers, judges, the law...whatever.

    but to say that MACC is not doing its job -- come on..

    if you think someone is corrupt -- GO REPORT to the MACC...

  53. BAH! all these people, Rocky, pandai complain complain complain...criticise criticize criticize..

    macam diorang saja yang menyampah corruption!

    i bet you some of them....never mind.


  54. assholes some of your commenters...

    I. kalau ada road block -- apa nak takut kalau tak buat salah? takkan bodoh sangat. report lah police yang demand bribe. if you give bribes, you are equally guilty.

    2. yang cakap bloggers tak de kerja... what a stupid sweeping statement.

    3. yang kata tabung haji boss corrupt tu. -- go and report to the MACC. huh! i can bet you, there's been no report. we have a whistle blowers' act, you know.
    you assume dia baik dgn abu kassim, that;s why he's got away with it. poddaah!

    how idiotic. if you want to crucify people based on assumptions, then, you might as well don't have laws.

  55. rocky,

    sorry, i hogged the comment boxes.

    fed up with these pretenders...

    we are all against corruption. we are all fighting the good fight in our little way.

  56. Thanks Nuraina,

    Most of these people are in denial. They think it is wrong for people in authority (like the police, immigration, etc) to ask for bribes but it's OK for them to bribe these officers. Apa dah.

    If someone asked you to pay for something which the government offers anyone for free, report it. Don't pay.

    If you are caught using a handphone while driving, or you road tax have expired, or you are overspeeding etc pay the fines la. No need to negotiate for a RM50 bribe and then blame the officer for taking money from you.

    Same thing as in business, though I am not a businessman. If they ask you to pay "toll", can't you tell them to duck off?

    And report them?

    Why did you have to pay a bribe just because someone ask you to?

  57. Anonymous1:25 pm

    Yes, Malaysia is not a corrupt country, Rocky, Nuraina, whoever.

    CPI must be very, very wrong!!

    CPI was very, very right when Pak Lah & KJ were in power. Say no to Kalimoolley!

  58. Skilgannon10662:29 pm

    "Duck off"????

    Oh, dear, dear - are you resorting to sound alikes to get your point across?

    I have experienced exemplary customer service from the NRD (to get my MyKad) and the Immigration Dept (to get a new passport) with nary a runner in sight.

    Ditto for TNB and Telekom Malaysia, both of which I have had dealings with.

    Which is as it should be.

    I still reiterate my point that we should have fewer, but better paid and better qualified civil servants and bureaucrats, maybe Ministers even.

  59. Anonymous2:38 pm

    Nuraina what happened to the corruption report on Rafidah Aziz? Dont simply shoot their mouth. Maybe people dont want to report in MACC because they have no confidence in the agency, just like the same reason the JEWS didnt march to the GESTAPO and complain that some JEWS were being GASSED by GERMANS.

  60. Anonymous2:48 pm

    aiyoooo hoo hoo

    This tiny episode points to:

    #1 - Abu Kassim must have some info on bloggers being PAID to write fairy tales that lend credence to the pay masters.

    #2 - He just want to estimate the level of bribe-practice among bloggers. It is definitely not THE and ONLY test.

    #3 - He must have statistics on hand to reflect that Malaysia is not as corrupted as some POLITICIANS/foreign agents want to portray to paint Malaysia in a negative light.

    #4 - A tiny little episode can become volcanic eruption ala mount merapi for some bipolar afflicted homo sapiens.

    #5 - That the ones quickest to condemn are the ones most guilty.

    #6 - Commenters like monsterball and 'sewaktu dgn nya' are suffering from deficient intellect - plain for all to read and not worth rebutting.

    #7 - Rocky should start charging for letting space to all dementors to release their angst in his blog.

  61. salam rocky,

    do not deny this:

    almost ALL of us have been bribed ever since we are young! remember when your mother/father told you to go & buy something or things for them & what did you say? 20 sen!(more or less during my time) or they told you directly to buy yourselves something like sweets or chips for 10 sen or alike!!!! the same goes when you are paid to fast during the fasting months. some children have expectations that if they fast more, they get more...therefore, it's there in everybody's blood. it's just whether you develop it into a habit or lose it along the way as you mature...or do you still prolong it to your own children? some justify it 'ok' if it's to encourage them to do good...used to hear parents said 'takpa la bagi dia duit sebab nak suruh dia posa penuh!' some never did that...told my children god will pay you in heaven!

    please dont get mad if you've never practised it. you r truly a pious person if you hadnt!!!

    how to change social norms as key to fighting petty corruption?!! you shout out loud that you hate bribery but you never want to go way out to fight it. sincerely, how many would have asked the police officer to write you a ticket for breaking the rules? or...easy way out?

  62. Anonymous3:23 pm

    Apek2 kawasan I TAK perlu tanya...
    tunjuk muka saja...

    Tiiiiing goes the cash till... and pooooof... laju menyambar mcam the invisible man...



  63. Ah, pak skill! Duck off tuphrase yang saya gunakan masa mula2 blogging sure beats the real thing.

    As for commenter who asked what happened to report on rafidah aziz, well what happened to report on khir toyo, khalid ibrahim, ronnie liu, kj and pak lah? it comes to politicians, fellow politicians make use ofeverything under the sky to tarnish each other's names. And people like you gulped down everything they shovedown yr deep throats, depending on whose side you are on.

    Betullah, kita ni bukan nak tolong fight corruption. We are fighting the coruption fighter.

  64. bReaL4:01 pm

    will the one who gave bribe, disclose his bribing experience in front of anti-bribe officer?go figure....and why dont he ask any group of contractors

  65. Anonymous4:42 pm

    alah, macam lah those DAP and PKR bastards tak main rasuah.

    cakap berdegar-degar.

    fuck la you idiot. when you guys are lucky enough on the verge of getting a project, or buying yourself a get-out-of-jail ticket, you shit will also give bribe.

    jgn kecoh la... bodoh!

  66. Back to no takers and the story goes on and on in favour of takers...not guilty as charged.

  67. Anonymous8:37 pm

    Please read:

  68. Cucu Nenek9:26 pm

    Corruption have many forms. The smaller 'deals' usually happen at the roadside, like foreign workers being asked to hand over an amount as small as RM5 so that no further questions will be asked, or the RM50 (or is it now RM100?) when you are caught speeding. Then the medium to large sized deals, like those that usually happen in the land offices, local authorities, DBKL for permits, approval for development (even at dangerous hillside). And then the mega deals, to get payment (in millions) for work done (or not done? No problem, if things go kaput, just call us for repair & maintenance..., more monies to share....)

    Jangan tanya bloggers saja. Tanyalah foreign workers, penjaja, peniaga dll....

    A former prime minister had wryly observed, in Malaysia the corruption level is still 'under the table', not 'above the table' like some countries, but we cannot deny the existence, and neither do we want to compare ourselves with the worst.

  69. Firstly its a rather facile way of gauging corruption.
    Secondly the evidence shows that the MACC have been very selective in who they go after. And how they go after them varies wildly.
    Thirdly - a number of their cases have been so poorly prosecuted its shows a high level of incompetence in the organisation.
    Fourthly the fact that someone died in their custody in very mysterious circumstances really does no give the public much confidence.
    Last but not least - Abu Kassim seems not to be able to show a level of organsiational competence himself.

  70. Nuraina sounds pissed. I dont blame her...
    "macam diorang saja yang menyampah corruption!

    i bet you some of them....never mind." nalied them there Ena....Why?
    Easier to do business.. can get away from the hassle of paying summons..get things done faster..and many many more.

    And the perception that to fight coruption is to change the govt..thats totally bullshit!!

    As of today whether pro govt or opposition .. laymen or rich men..all mindsets are the same.

    So how to stop corruption? Simple.. Teach our children in schools and elsewhere...corruption is bad..dirty ..immoral..sinful...
    Same as prostituion .. drug- taking.. gambling..semua sama...must be eradicated..amacam boleh??..
    It took Singapore 3 PMs before they issued casino lisence ..and now they are already regretting it..trying to curb their own citizens from gambling..mana boleh..brader..
    That sure is taking steps backwards from a puritanical society dreamt by the Old Man LKY himself many years ago.

    So Malaysia Boleh kah ..lets take steps forward..lets have an all out war againts corruption..vice..gambilng..
    Cancel all gambling licenses.. close all vice houses... massage parlows..
    and lastly capital punishment for corruption.. giver or taker..China is doing why not us.Oh gua lupa ..we got human rights watch and lawyers..
    So how ??..cakap tak guna tembak tak kena..
    Jangan marah..

    Wak Segen...

  71. Anonymous11:58 pm

    Been late coming in here, been in a place lacking in internet facilities.

    Want to support taatsetia's call for Rocky to start an anti-corruption campaign. Also support what Nuraina said and and Rocky's reply.

    But really, Rocky, you have a strong following in your blog and you have a big say in the paper that cares. Nuraina has her say in the New Straits Times. It would be excellent if the the two of you start a campaign at the same time. I think 1-2 others might follow.

    We've got to get people jijik about bloody corruption the way many got jijik about dadah. Maybe coin a new word that denotes jijikness the way dadah does.

    We've got to try and get to a stage where children cry knowing their fathers are corrupt, or feel really bad when their friends ejek them when their fathers are reported in the papers being corrupt. Then we call for counselling for the children and jail for their corrupt fathers or mothers.

  72. Rocky and Nuraina, both of you thru your positions can effect change. You want to cut down corruption very simple - make it compulsory for all elected reps to publicly declare their assets. Why is this so difficult to do? No mainstream paper dare push this agenda, why? Nuraina said, if you are clean kenapa takut, same applies here.Rocky, dare take up this cause? It is one worth fighting for. Do you have the scrotal gumption? Over to you.

  73. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Anon 1:17

    This is called random. Unless you're suggesting that the bloggers' backgrounds have been studied extensively that the MACC knows all of them never settle for saman.

    The percentage might even be lower if we have a larger pool, you know.


  74. Anonymous12:18 pm

    anti bohmau,

    Your argument regarding the 20 sen for going to buy something sounds funny. That's upah, not bribe. You do something for somebody, that somebody pays you. Going with your argument, we don't have to pay the Indonesian workers in this country as they are doing everything out of free will and being good samaritans and want to contribute something to a neighbouring nation, is it?

    You can give your children money (for fasting) and motivate them to put some (or even all) of them in the masjids' collection boxes, no? To children, the concept of God can be very abstract and distant. Religion is about logic and thinking as much as it is about faith. God is great, but I think with your thinking we'll start blaming God for everything.

    OK a few scenarios along the same line of thinking (yours):
    1) a way to a husband's heart is his tastebuds = bribe
    2) writing well so it is easier to mark you test and exam papers = bribe
    3) putting your all in practice so you get selected for Saturday's game = bribe

    Then yes, we are a very corrupt nation indeed!


  75. Anonymous1:53 pm

    Sekarang who on earth will ASK for bribes? Guna body language lor...

    Some other METHODS are;
    ...Your files got lost after months of "dalam process", and you will need to resubmit applications all over again after 12months of waiting (from experience)
    ...Your report never appeared in the main computer, get your relatives fm another branch to check... ELEEEEKKK (from experience)
    ...Your lowest and best in the world product tender bids, about 2minutes before closing time, someone submit similar product at cost lower by RM0.05... hahahaha dah kena)



  76. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Said it before, and I'll say it again ......... it's time you took your Dulcolax rocky. You're so full of it.

  77. Anonymous7:32 pm

    Everybody knows how currupted are the Malaysian authories, especially the Politicans of the ruling party. May be, only the stupid MACC boss and his staff don't know! Look at the way these people spend their money....They go for expensive buka puasa dinner in hotels with their whole families, they own imported cars, big houses with high class furnitures and etc etc. I have been working whole of my life earning about RM6000-7000 a month. What I own is a small house with basic amenities and a Proton which I have to pay through my nose every month! I can only afford to go to ordinary restaurants. You tell me - How could a government officer earning the same salary or even lower, owning half a million apartment or house and imported car or cars and enjoying luxury items and expensive dinners. Politicians are worst ! They own million dollar properties and sending all their children to study in expensive schools and universities overseas.
    Where do these people get the money from ??? Every body knows la! Our MACC boss is either a stupid fellow or is he just a great stupid pretender!

  78. Hi Rocky n Nuraina,
    Please read this piece by Din Merican which he posted today.

    Now, pls share your thoughts with us on what you think about it, in particular, about what Abu Kassim should be doing. Both of you are well known journalist. Most of us are mere commenters and perhaps mere assholes or in denial.

  79. Mustapha Ong9:43 am

    Dear Bru,

    You have raised a hot topic about MACC and corruptions. I agreed with Nuriani that some of the comments had been too childish and emotional. Everybody hates corruption as it is a national issue that will paralyse the government and bring side effects to the society.

    I think MACC has not been professional in posing the question to the bloggers in his open dialogue with the force of the alternative media. In terms of corruptions, it needs two hands to clap as one hand will not give the sound effect.It is not about isolated corruption cases, rather there are many administrative and policy obstacles and bureaucratic procedures that had breed corrupt practices in our society.

    There are many levels of corruptions, the higher ups and the lower rungs which are equally corrupted to the core. It is not about the police demanding monies in lieu of summons for committed traffic offences.Drivers need to be of integrity and accept summons if they had committed any offence and pay the fines or take the police to court.

    Finally, one has to look into the many opportunity open to corruption such as subsidies, APs, issuance of licences, etc. I have found out that the City Hall and other Majlis Perbandaran are being infested by rampant corruptions, i.e permits for pasar malam, business licences, COF for renovations and buildings, health control services, etc are some of the examples for MACC to investigate and to prevent corruptions.

    It's not fair to assume that big fishes in corruption cases are being spared. What about Tun Ling Liong Sik? I believe many big guns will be prosecuted in the future. However, if all the accused former and current Ministers are corrupted, where do we draw a line among the corrupted VVIPs involved? Can we also accused Tun Mahathir and Pak Lah as victims of corruptions?

  80. Anonymous10:48 am

    as i know h** "Boleh bincang punya"!

  81. Anonymous12:30 pm

    “Sekarang who on earth will ASK for bribes? Guna body language lor...”

    Ia loh, sometime I don’t know to laugh or cry after reading such childish conclusion via simple (or stupid?) test from hmmmm….who, MACC Boss? We don’t need excellent type, just someone that have rational thought will do, or if he lacks that, he shall talk less.

    Aiya, pening la.


  82. Anonymous12:55 pm

    oooiii Anon @ 7:32 PM

    I don't have a car and I live in a wooden hut with a small backyard

    but I don't compare myself to the politicians

    hhhmmmm maybe I should compare with ananda krishnan and robert kuok

    YUP you are right, maybe these tycoons are corrupted and cheat to become filthy rich

  83. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Specially for the proton, RM6000-7000 a month, small house with basic amenities ANON @ 7:32 PM

    See how many FILTHY rich chinese there are, as compared to their population percentage

    1)Robert Kuok
    $9 billion diversified
    85. Married, 8 children

    2)Ananda Krishnan
    $7 billion telecom
    71. Married, 3 children

    3)Lee Shin Cheng
    $3.2 billion palm oil
    70. Married, 6 children

    4)Lee Kim Hua
    $2.5 billion gaming
    80. Widowed, 6 children

    5)Teh Hong Piow
    $2.4 billion banking
    79. Married, 4 children

    6)Quek Leng Chan
    $2.3 billion diversified
    68. Married, 3 children

    7)Yeoh Tiong Lay
    $1.8 billion diversified
    79. Married, 7 children

    8)Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary
    $1.1 billion diversified
    57. Married, 5 children

    9)Tiong Hiew King
    $1 billion timber
    74. Married, 4 children

    10)Vincent Tan
    $750 million diversified
    57. Married, 11 children

    Are you saying they are also guilty of corruption??

  84. Anonymous1:07 pm

    MACC senang saja nak tangkap (kalau mau) the VVIP, VIP poker faced corrupted humans..

    Send your officers, TUGAS resmi, just sit and observe by the hotel lobby or escalators..

    When one comes out, followed behind by HUNGRY, flashy-eyed eager looking ducklings...


    the more ducklings following behind, the corrupted that VVIP/VIP is.

    Semua nak menumpang makan free, because they know their boss MAKAN BESAR HARI2...

    ENJOY... you will love what you see...


  85. I really have to support Abu Kassim. He conducted a test amongst bloggers, and when 1 out of 30 responded in the affirmative to his question, he raised the required quota to 15 out of 30.

    If the bloggers sent are so stupid to be able to be hoodwinked by a simple bait and hook tactic, then please please please, let not these guys claim to be representing the people.

    The MACC Boss treated his audience like a bunch of children and these bloggers who form the coaltion of the coerced just lapped it up. Unfortunately judging by the response, the public is not amused.

    I ashamed of the MACC. If your not capable of doing the job, I, Wenger J Khairy offer myself to be the Co missioner of the MACC and I will guarantee success without the public having to be burdened by this soap opera.

  86. Anonymous1:28 pm

    Sdr Rocky and Nuraini,

    The answer is simple and all one needs to do is look at the Australian example.
    First a freedom of information act.
    Second - all MPs and Assemblyman must declare all their personal and family assets and corporate directorships and shares.
    It does not take rocket science to figure out how Khir Toyo went from humble Dentist to multi millionaire in less than 5 years on a Menteri Besar's salary...

    I'm sure even you and Nuraini with your powers of investigative journalism can figure it out


  87. Heran jugak ramai yg ambik kenyataan abu kassim tu bukan main serius dan membuat rumusan 'rasmi' dgnnya.

    Bagi saya Abu Kassim hanya membuka bicara dgn soalan tu dan membuat persepsi ringkas.

    Perasuah hebat kebanyakkanya org atasan dan mereka yg berurusan dgn org atasan.

    Org bawah2 yg lebih ramai bilangannya kebanyakkannya masih relatif bersih..

  88. Anonymous2:01 pm

    Mustapha Ong

    Pls ask Omar Ong to get DS Najib to hit hard on corruption.

    Get Najib to implement a consistent anti-corruption programme, flush out all the crooks.

    Your son is buddy buddy with Najib and this is the area where he should use his influence on.

    Tell Najib not to worry - if he does - about throwing stones to people in glass houses because he is the big boss.

  89. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Rhan @ 12:30 PM says, "Guna body language lor...”


    gelek kiri for RM50 gelek kanan for RM100

    or kenyit mata kiri for RM 20 kenyit mata kanan for RM40

    how stuuuuuppppiiiiddd can you be???

  90. Anonymous9:09 pm

    Any Government Servant who has more money in the bank than his total emoluments from the day he joined service to the day investigations open has explanation to do. Do not investigate his proprty yet. He may have married it or got it from his parents.In any case that come later.

  91. Anonymous12:13 am

    Dato Rock,
    Dlm mesyuarat kabinet, PeEm nanti tanya siapa pernah ambil atau beri rasuah. Tiada siapa-siapa yang angkat tangan. Selepas mesyuarat, masa minum teh & berbual kosong, seseorang bertanya ada siapa pernah TUMBUK RUSUK, semua yg ada dalam dewan itu angkat tangan termasuk pembancuh teh. Rakyat..he3..

  92. Anonymous6:13 am

    My opinion: We are too critical of our government because mostly it is driven by opposition political parties. Their mission is to topple the BN led keRAJAan at any cost.They should have used different political platforms in order to succeed such as education, health, economy and etc. It is difficult as BN government has done tremendous progress to the country and put up good policies over the years. Corruptions are rampant in many freely elected democratic countries such as USA, UK, Germans, Japan and Australia. The only thing they cover them up and selectively target certain cases to show that they are serious when comes to corruption.If you do not want corruption, then change your political system to communism or dictatorship.Many high rankings US senators and representatives practices cronyism and awarded contracts to family and family members. USA has earmark projects. for example, they spent hundred of millions of dollars to build bridges in Alaska under Sarah Palin. And probably no one will use the bridge and bear in mind in Alaska the population is small. Go and check what is an earmark project in . Remember the one that like to scream racism is probably the most racist person to cover their acts and similarly it applies to corruption.

  93. Anonymous11:15 am

    ".. MACC. If your not capable of doing the job, I, Wenger J Khairy offer myself to be the Co missioner of the MACC and I will guarantee success .." -

    Is this fler joking or what?

    They say the fler using that blogging name is Khairy himself. If so, how shallow a mind can that be. He shd be busy getting the Malays united. Isn't that what UMNO and the Youth Section are for?

    Mebbe Oxfam breed but certainly not politically mature. How can people specualte he will be made a Deputy Minister even? Mebbe they want to pre-empt any attempt to do so.

    I also agree that the MACC Com'ner shdn't waste his time doing that kind of PR exercise. He shd just churn out the prosecution lists, one after another. Never mind win or lose in court. So long as they have fairly strong "reasons to believe" the blokes are corrupt, prosecute them. That way at least some other blokes get scared their names get out in the papers.

  94. Anonymous11:58 am

    Anon 3:40pm,

    Tak kira billions or merely RM5, each of them will need to go through same rituals, to be more precise, body language like this..



  95. Anonymous12:18 pm

    Salam bro
    i just want to know, do MACC have the power to invistagate and arrest the AG and the ministers? let say if we have a corrupt AG or a corrupt minister who is close to AG... what can MACC do? can they be charge in court of law?

  96. Go for PKFTZ RM14.5 billion stolen.
    Do you think Lin Liong Sik as Min.Of Transport dare to steal so much without consulting Mahathir?
    Go for the 2 Russian Submarines where Najib admitted RM500 million paid out as commission. Why pay commission towards obvious profits already marked up in selling price?
    Just these two first and plenty more multi millions inflated closed tenders.
    PutraJaya roof leaking on and on.. after 45 years....why?
    Come on Rocky go for the big ones and leave the small ones that are commonly found all over the world.
    You want to fight CORRUPTIONS?...fight it sincerely.
    Do not ignore when those benefited some chosen Muslims.

  97. Anonymous12:18 pm

    Monsterball lau ren




  98. Anonymous5:52 am

    just the nic 'monsterball' denotes an astute sense of insecurity

    plus a tendency of living in a fantasy-like world

    his deep loneliness prompts him to come back again and again to share his delusions with the blogospheric world

    I think it is a kind of therapy for monsterball