Saturday, November 13, 2010

Demo at Merchant Square

"Kepada semua ahli PKR, sudah tiba masanya untuk kita bangkit demi mempertahankan maruah parti dan selamatkan dari runtuhan. Kita akan berkumpul di ibu pejabat PKR di Merchant Square pada 13hb November 2010 pada jam 10.00 pagi."

This sms was preceded by a personal message: "Plse cover ..... Dato', could you arrange full media coverage for this event".

Interesting times. PkR is a political party that has almost perfected the art of street demos as a tool against its politiciak foes and the Establishment, as well as to champion causes. Now this tool is being used, increasingky, against itself. As a Malay proverb aptly goes, "Senjata makan tuan".

But will a demo against itself garner any support?


  1. Charles F Moreira8:53 am

    Dato' Rocky,

    The interesting difference between Malaysian politics today compared to the 1980s and earlier is that political conflicts are fiercest intra-party, rather than between BN and opposition.

    One example is you pro-UMNO bloggers versus Dato Seri Utama Dr. Rais Yatim, while Lim Kit Siang. PAS, PKR, etc are pretty silent on it.

    Now it's PKR vs PKR and pro-UMNO blogger Dato' Rocky is invited to cover.

    Man oh man! Syok lah Hiburan Nasional ini. Lagi baik buat drama TV bersiri, lagi hebat daripada opera sabun. Dapat ramai penuntun dan hasil periklanan tinggi.

    Juga perlu mengedarkan ke negara asing, siri bertejemah di-dalam bahasa-bahasa asing dan banyak hasil luar negeri akan masuk ke-Malaysia dan meningkatan GDP.

    Juga minta MDeC buat seri beranimasi, lebih wang masuk.

    Cerita katun ni syok lah!

  2. Anonymous10:41 am

    Planted by someone for UMNO I am 100% positive.

  3. Sad to not the infighting among leaders of PKR.Zaid, though pricipled, is a loose cannon.He should resign from the Party (instead of attacking it) and form his own party if he thinks he has support.He can then consider working with Pakatan or, like the other so-called independent frogs, be friendly with Barisan National.

  4. ape ko sebok ko memang melano jahanam .. dah bosan tak bende lain ker nak buat huh ..

  5. ape babe ade filtering lak .. tolor ada ka ..

  6. reformer1:39 pm

    selalu sangat bagi ubat kat orang...
    rasa pulak sendiri..

  7. Anonymous3:18 pm

    well u know better it can be frm BN people too as they r taking the advantage of the situation n u r one of their tools now
    i never vote for any but my vote was used by the government...i check it lst year n b4 that n when i want to vote they said i cannot vote as i have vote under post voters. It happend to me n i dont trust any now, all corrupted..pocketed 9 to the RAKYAT 1 MALAYSIA 1..

  8. Anonymous3:28 pm


    PKR - sambil berdemonstrasi, tolong nasihat Apek2 jangan suka bawa SiPolan swimming dalam bilik atas katil OK..

    Bawa siPolan Karaoke lepas tu kasi Cina Doll swimming atas katil pun kira rasuah juga OK.

    Yang berkenaan tolong jangan terlompat2 OK!



  9. Anonymous5:13 pm

    the sms sender is a fool. not even know if someone have changed the camp.

  10. Baguslah tu, rasakan, a taste of their own medicine.

  11. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Bro, here is the only way this demo will work. Ask the guys to turn up wearing their pants backwards - zip at the back. Once they get to the Square or wherever, ask them to unzip their pants at the back and bend over. Bro, I can assure you, just like a Great White shark can smell a drop of blood from two miles away, their unofficial leader will be able to smell their asses from 200 miles away.

    He will come bro, in more ways than one. Their demo will be succesful.

    Ask Zaid to drop his pants too. And bring the First Aid Kit with the sewing needle. Its always good to come prepared.

    Hj Hoegarten.

    p.s. Bro, lets do another bottoms up.

  12. chemat8:25 am

    berbeza dato, demontrasi olih pakatan di hadiahkan dengan belantan dan water canon, tetapi yang ini dengan perlindungan pihak berkuasa. tak faham lagi , bolih berhenti jadi orang.

  13. Anonymous12:23 pm


    Hah, pergi buat Demo, parking kereta kat celah mana oooiii? Ada blocking sana sini.

    apek, jalan silap letak, nanti kena saman! Nanti bila nak dapat tiket, jangan buat muka derk, buat buat selit sekeping pelantar minyak dalam lesen kamu pulak, OK..

    Terima tiket saman dengan hati terbuka, pergi dan bayar saman penuh.



  14. In my opinion , Zaid will form a political party but in the of the day will Join BN ... am i right ..?

  15. Anonymous3:24 pm


    Jaga jaga bila menonton opera sabun. Sabun licin dan boleh terpancut kemuka anda.

    If showering in club premises and the like, and the soap falls, don't bend to pick it up. You'll never know what might hit you from behind.

    DAP pun ada intra-party drama la, brader. Tak baca pasal Ronnie Liu's letterhead opera ke? Dan lain lain lagi.

    One constitutional law professor commenting on certain aspects of the Constitution says that Members of Parliament in Malaysia have not reached a level of maturity or have an adequate understanding of the Constitution when talking about anything that touches on the provisions of the Constitution. What can we expect when clever sounding people like you treat discussions on the political goings on in the country as "Hiburan Nasional" and want to tell the weaknesses of your own country (u r a citizen, I presume?) abroad, as if foreign countries are free from defects and inconsistencies.

    Btw, have you read about the Australian university lecturer's article on "The Charade of Meritocracy in Singapore"? It was published in the fairfly well established Far Eastern Economic Review.

  16. Anonymous10:29 pm

    When will they start riding bicycles like the pro reformasi days?

    This goes to show that PKR leaders were simply chanting reformasi without knowing that they themselves need to reform.

    Perhaps the mob ruler himself may want to retaliate by burning tyres at Merchant Square and put the blame on UMNO/Barisan.

    Anyway, it sure looks like the inmates have taken over the prison.


  17. Charles F Moreira11:59 pm

    Anonymous number I can't count.

    Thanks for reminding me about DAP, Yes, they have their intra-party fights as well.

    As for the Hiburan Nasional thing, well I was being a bit sarcastic. I've been writing about the ICT industry for over 16 years and was just mimicking its rhetoric.

    Whatever, this intra-party infighting is already accessible to anyone, anywhere who has access to the Internet, so if a bad impression is made about Malaysia due to it, the damage is already done.

    Anyway, my point or if I may say, my musing is about how politics in Malaysia right now is more intense and vicious intra-party than inter party.

    However, that doesn't mean that such things aren't happening elsewhere as well. In fact they are in different ways

    On the silent thing, I was referring to the Rocky-BigDog-Rais-MCMC-netbook thing which none of the opposition figures nor the pro-opposition media are making an issue of, which is curious, perhaps because they see this as an intra-UMNO thing or a bloggers vs Rais thing.

    Lastly on opera sabun (soap opera), there is a Thai saying "sabu tok" - ie. "soap fell" - same meaning as you attributed.

    Quite frankly I'm getting rather tired with local politics - so purile and apparently going nowhere.

    BTW. Din & Muzza are playing at Uncle Chilis tonight. Ah! I love their 70s rock - so meaningful.

  18. Anonymous12:46 am

    Arroh Locky

    You shud now know itu Malaysian Indian can be bought with just 1st installment of 'promised' money by the Bee End.

    Ingat tak:
    a. Sugumaran of Kg Buah Pala?
    b. The bloke who 'fired' himself?
    c. That Bahyee of DAP who is now BN friendly?

    This so called demo is no big deal either.

    But Utusan has front paged this demo in its first badge. And you will agree with Utusan's message?

  19. Anonymous9:33 am


    I oso fed up with local politics, lah. Or even international ones, for that matter. Middle East problem will remain another few thousand years. Rich-poor nations divide will continue forever. US will continue to dominate and exploit the World Bank, IMF etc. They will encourage poor nations to continue borrowing as the interest paid will continue sustaining them. And Paul Wolfowitz maintaining his girlfriend. Only 1-2 nations went bankrupt and the debts were written off.

    But then, let's continue talking, friend. Nothing will improve by keeping quiet. Let's at least let those responsible for changing the situation know that we the public, the voters are concerned. Even Myanmar military junta listens to public demands. They have just released Aung San Su Kyi. Though they may arrest her again in no time.

    This thing about "street demos as a tool against its politiciak foes and the Establishment" are too much when held without Police permits. It's disturbing peace and order.

    But this time I suppose they get a Police permit. If they want to demo against themselves leading to their party crumbling, nobody would really mind.

  20. Dato'

    Most of the demo participants didn't actually know what's the real purpose they were taken to the place.

    I also received that sms, but I was told that the demo was supposed to be leaded by Zaid and Mustaffa, but in the end, it was Mr Jenapala

  21. MakYong3:54 pm

    PR spend rm300000, tiba-tiba semua "Peka"...

    BN boros rm2000000 on dubai and Morocco holidays, Semua nya "Pekak"!

  22. Charles F Moreira4:28 pm

    Dear Anonymous,

    I'm not to pessimistic about the international scene.

    I have a gut feeling something or someone will come along and stop the rot.

    People are getting fed up all over and the undercurrent is building but the western mainstream media don't report.

    Like this for example

    or this

    Maybe one day they guillotine banksters.