Sunday, November 14, 2010

Between his legs!

Engku Emran lent me his Harley helmet to wear on my Kembara Mahkota in July 08. A few days later, after I had gone to hell and back on a Dyna with the then Tengku Mahkota Johor, Emran told me to keep the "half" helmet, said I'd need one when I get myself a Harley bike one day. I'd always wanted a Harley, just like RPK. Who doesn't want one?

A couple of months back I got myself a used Softail Heritage Classic and yesterday EE and I rode with about 40 other bikers to Melaka for a Charity ride organised by the New Straits Times Press. YB Wee Choo Keong rode his Springer with us. Many of the bikers on the trip were urging him to ride his Harley to Parliament.
EE (on the powerful Dyna) and friends with Shah Khai of Shah Village in Melaka

But what I want to tell you, dear Readers, is not just how much I enjoyed the ride and that it was good of NSTP to be helping those kids in Melaka, but also the fact that Engku Emran has revived his once-popular blog "Between My Legs".

EE was Suria FM boss back then, he is now Bernama TV chief executive officer, which explains his latest posting Rethink Your World.


  1. Anonymous10:44 pm

    A dangerously fatal sport. Many big bikers have been decimated, the latest resulting in a by-election.

    Nonetheless, danger seems to be your business! LOL.


  2. Anonymous8:15 am


    A corollary to that is HE WHO PURSUES CHALLENGES LIVES LONG.

    This is of course a deduction from the saying THE GOOD DIES YOUNG.

    True, many politicians and other ball carriers, or POLITICALLY CORRECT PEOPLE (as the terminology goes in the US) often keeps quiet, sometimes closing two eyes to the wrongs in the country. But let those who want to make the public aware of and do something about the misdeeds done by public officials and others, like our Rocky here, continue unhindered.

    He needs to amuse himself and enjoy the pleasures of having something between his legs. To relax a bit in between having to answer questions by the authorities. Poor chap. Rich bike. Irrespective of being a used one or not.

  3. Anonymous1:34 pm

    Hello Bikers,

    No speeding please, kalau kena tiket, make sure pay promptly at the saman counter.

    Jangan bisik2 hulur kertas merah lima keping kat tepi jalan OK?



  4. Between the legs of men is also and organ that men into all sorts of characters.
    And if men uses the legs to be hell drivers on a motor cycle speed devil...then he is asking for trouble or seeking freedom to get away from his nagging wife.
    It can also be riding and looking for sweet young things to tompan belakang nak mian belakang.
    di lonkang.
    I ride on a scooter always thinking and loving my fat mama.
    But I do love the wind rushing to my face..and feeling the freedom I yearn for .yet reach the destination....need to work hard for the money.
    I used to see our present Sultan of Selangor ride on alone at Federal Highway enjoying himself..or leading a group for an event or simply ..or something else.
    Harley Davidson bikes are getting more and more in demand around the world.
    The only problem for all who wants it...can he afford it.
    I think the cheapest one is still one..more expansive than a Proton Wira.

  5. Agreed, every man should have an "outlet" for leisure pursuit but when the characters involved in this expedition as highlighted ie Rocky and one Wee Choo Keong, alarm bells should go off !

    Dear Rocky, I won't speculate but only the both of you know the origin of your "shared" fraternity (with Wangsa Maju that is) and alarm bells because Wangsa Maju was the input of your piece about triad links to DAP that caused some furor in the State Assembly - resulting in Beng Hock being picked up on the eve of a very happy day, and found dead between 3-6.00am break of dawn following day !!!

    Tell me what's wrong with this picture ???

    * I don't expect this post to be publish but there will be other avenues for my sentiment to be voiced, regardless. Regards nevertheless Rocky and all out there.

  6. Seolferwulg6:54 pm

    And how, precisely, do the poor and the under-privileged benefit from all this?

    It reminds of the high society glam events that are immortalized in the august pages of the Malaysian Tatler magazine and which are purported to be charity benefits to help the less fortunate amongst us.

    Why not just donate money directly to the many NGOs who shoulder the thankless task of ministering to the needy poor?

    But like that got no glam, lah!

  7. Anonymous7:25 pm

    next ride bro...

  8. Anonymous8:21 pm

    Casper, rocky is not running a pakatan blog la. All comment can go through one. Real freedom of expression liao. Big Cat.

  9. I mean...."Between the legs of a man is an organ that the said man can get into all sorts of trouble....depending on where he open his legs..and for what reasons" ...should be my first sentence..
    Sorry Boss...not thinking well.

  10. Anonymous1:24 am

    Not so long ago, my high profile project was about to be approved by the gomen, but the "cable" told me to "donate" to a charity first (it was/is a legal charity no less, mind you). Is this the "charity" you talking about?

  11. Anonymous7:45 am

    Semua anak org kaya or tan sri2 macm doubleE ni senang je dapat high peying lukeratif job, meritokelasi le tu.tu sbb buleh beli dyna or dynaz ke.ramai lagi budak2 grad fr prestigious uni kat us & uk yg layak tapi tak diber peluang.

  12. Hate SEOLANS11:29 am

    Seolferwulg, do your bit, bitch, do not badmouth others who are doing their bit no matter how small. These guys riding their expensive and noisy bikes do draw some awareness. Without awareness, people like you may think there are no poor and needy.

    So stop being a SEOL, do some SEOL-searching, bitch, and get a life!

  13. Seolferwulg....When you get insulted in this means your truth hurts someone.
    Keep it up.
    Me..insulted many times.. and one lonely so call warrior.{PERWIRA} keep trying to get my attention to talk to him.
    He thinks he know so much about the history of China...and lure me to talk race stuffs..which actually is my root stuffs.
    I still wonder where the word "Malay" came from.

  14. Brad Pitt naik EX510:24 pm

    Woi Rocky, tak payah ride dgn mamat poyo tu la...buang masa la.

  15. Anonymous10:53 pm


    Wear a proper helmet la and not a stupid, half-coconut-shell one many HD owners looove to wear. You'll look like a soldier from Planet of the Apes la.

    You are old and have/had back problem (I heard abt it a few years ago). Wear a decent helmet, no matter how slow the bike is...


    - DOL.

  16. Anonymous8:35 am

    I totally agree with Seolferwulg.

  17. Anonymous8:43 pm

    Isteri Engku Emran ada join tak ? takde foto - foto lsgi ke??

  18. ...are these the donkeys that barrel down the highways terrorizing ordinary mortals, breaking the speed limit, and do not have to pay toll to boot? I say just shoot them on the spot. Just like that wira who drove backwards to prove there's another Malaysia Boleh idiot born every minute.

    Until they learn civility, no amount of thingys between their legs (spheroid or otherwise)will prove them worthy of the names they ride.

  19. Anonymous7:13 pm

    Mr Bodangles,

    Cars, lorries and buses break speed limits on the highways practically ALL the time too.

    Heck, express bus drivers HAVE to break the limits to make up for the time wasted in traffic congestions at their destinations and stick to their schedules.

    Similar reasons apply to lorry drivers too.

    "Terrorising"? The bigger vehicles (cars, buses & lorries) do that too and when they do it, it's more terrifying to the "ordinary mortals". Try driving on the left or middle lanes on the highways. Buses and lorries will stick to your rear bumper like limpets. From your rear-view mirror, you can see the dead bugs on their grilles and radiators.

    Bikers not paying toll? Ask the highway concessionaires' why. I have cars and bikes. I don't mind paying toll if I ride my bike on the highways. I'm sure many bikers don't mind too. But that doesn't make the inconsiderate ones more civilised. So far, there's no remedy for uncouth behaviour on the roads (highways or any road, for that matter).

    I'd rather see the traffic police equip themselves with better radar guns that'll clock speeds above 200km/h and issue tickets to such bikers.


    - DOL.

  20. Seolferwulf7:15 pm

    Hate xxx 11:29 AM

    It was a typo; the moniker should be "Seolferwulf", not "Seolferwulg".

    Anyway, what is the point you are trying to make?

    Do you mean that those big bike afioncados are driven by totally altruistic motives in making a public exhibition of themselves?

    Why not just quietly donate the money, without fuss or show?

    But then, there would be no raison d'ĂȘtre for high society balls and big bike bashes, would there?

    And no sops to people's consciences either!